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Cruising the Danube....incredible!
"Cruising the Danube....incredible!"
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Cruising the Danube....incredible!

(Jan 2016)
Cruising the Danube....incredible!
Night time on the upper deck of the Viking Jarl
Christmas cookies for a snack on board the cruise!
Some of the unforgettable food served!
Inside the cabin where we were left a special surprise!!
Each ship has one of the Viking goddess beautifully presented by the dining
The Hungarian Parliament House at night. On our last evening aboard, the captain took us on a cruise of ancient Budapest to see the buildings under dramatic lighting. Spectacular!
Leaving Krems Austria.
Danube River sites
Budapest surprised us by being one of our favorite cities. Aside from its beauty, there was so much to do that we will have to return, even after being there four days. The people were so hospitable and spoke English unquestioningly although we
After three Viking European river cruises, these boats seem like home to us. We
Our first lock after leaving Nuremberg!
Sites along the Danube!
Loved seeing all the alternative energy!
Top deck of the Jarl!
Wachau Valley views!
Private tour of bridge.

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Cruising the Danube....incredible!