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Blue-footed bobbies doing mating dance
 Blue-footed bobbies doing mating dance
Member photo by daveahl: Blue-footed bobbies doing mating dance (May 2016)
Galapagos giant tortoise Blue-footed bobbies doing mating dance Red-footed booby. Male Frigatebird trying to attract a mate. Iguanas were on most Galapagos islands. Up close and personal with a sea lion. Baby sea lions playing. Sea Lions sunning Giant tortoise The prettiest beach you will ever see Just one of the many "hikes" San Bartolome island from the ship. Sea Lions in Santa Cruz.  You will get quite blasé about seeing these thin On the equator Marine Iguanas posing. Playful Sea Lions Darwin's Lake and ship in the background Sally Lightfoot Crab Giant Tortoise Galapagos penguin Orca Sea Lion Sea Fish Rays White tipped reef shark Kicker Rock sea turtle hatchling droped by a Frigatebird and immediately released into Marine iguana Land iguana giant tortoise Pinnacle Rock on Bartolome Sally Lightfoot Crab Darwin Lake Santa Cruz Galapagos Land Turtle Kayaking was a popular activity Nasca Booby Crabs were everywhere Blue Footed Booby - very funny to watch them dance! Frigates were also everywhere Everyone loved seeing the giant tortoises Sea lions were very entertaining! This marine iguana found himself in the wrong place Beautiful ship traveling amazing islands!