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Grazing reindeer
"Grazing reindeer"
Member photo by Victator:

Grazing reindeer

(Nov 2015)
Grazing reindeer
A bevvy of sunbaking walruses
We did enjoy our day in Buenos Aires! Everything was on time and perfect!
Why should penguins, seals and whales get all the attention?
Lead elements of the 60 or so of us who made the trek break trail up 
one of many zodiac outings
The local Chamber of Commerce
A male sea lion scratching viewed from a zodiac
Clear sparkling water beach on island
Zodiac departing for landing on small island.
Leopard seal.  My wife is in the Zodiac.  She is the one in the red parka:-
Hiking Stonington Island.  I am the one in the red parka.
Approaching a manned research station on Galindez island.  It's run by
Penguins headed for their nests on the top of the hill.  Taken on Cuerville
Humpback whale swimming by one of the Zodiacs.  Taken just off of Enterpris
Gentoo penguins and elephant seal

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Grazing reindeer