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bathroom vanity A426
"bathroom vanity A426"
Member photo by Bigsportsfan2:

bathroom vanity A426

(Dec 2017)
Rolled out of bed, never woke up and slept on the floor
room - B320
closet B320
Bathroom - B320
Bathroom B320
Door decorations - Happy Birthday!!
Good Morning Bar Harbor Maine.  Beware the skywalk above the Marina Deck if you take photos.
shower/tub in A426
bathroom vanity A426
queen bed in A426
Couch/pull out of A426
View of room from balcony of A426
Light fixture above bed in A426
Bathroom for A426
Couch/Pull out bed for A426
Balcony view A426
Balcony view from A426
These are three balconies opened up to my three families.
That was best to have.
Loverly port vie from balcony

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bathroom vanity A426