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The chandelier in the main atrium changed colors. I loved when it was Seah
 The chandelier in the main atrium changed colors.  I loved when it was Seah
Member photo by swatkins56: The chandelier in the main atrium changed colors. I loved when it was Seah (Nov 2016)
Debarkation chaos Debarkation chaos Debarkation chaos 25% VAT Water slides 6-7-8 atrium Spice grotto Vibe beach club Just cruising Making new friends Million dollar quartet John Hughes show Tenors of Rock-they were AWESOME One of the many gorgeous views around the ship View of St. Thomas entering port Aft Sunset Haven Lobby Haven restaurant breakfast bar Haven resteraunt Haven restaurant - steak and eggs Haven restaurant - mussels Tarimzu Steak Haven pool area Haven restaurant - lobster eggs benedict Escape Escape Haven restaurant Haven restaurant Haven restaurant - Lobster Margaritaville Tortula Salt room The snow room Bahama mama-I think Moscow mule The Atrium bar Menu for ordering food at Food Republic Food republic Dynamite roll Salmon roll Mai tai Calamari at Food Republic The ship from nassau port Sunday football at Spice H20 O'sheehans spinach dip The bake shop cream cheese -vanilla cupcake Kids Club Arcade wear on the mini put already British Virgin Islands Atrium with a Fantastic Chandelier Haven loungers sail away Miami view from balconey Atrium vegetable carving, also being shown on the gigantic LED screen. Sunrise over St. Thomas Beautiful sunset from the deck. Had to leave cabin at 9 am. Lines were so long to get off ship, we stood like this for 2 hours. TWO HOURS Dark, unadorned hallways. Pretty standard. Terrible upkeep... The sign is so Welcoming ;-) The Vibe Deck on the Norwegian Escape. Daily Haven snack and flowers gift. Nail salon nail/string art. Haven entry to concierge, bar and dining rm, sun decks. Nail salon view. Stairwell chandelier from Deck 6 to Casino - Deck 7. Our Cruise Group Sunset off the balcony. free surprise in room Water park is amazing Main lobby casino area sun deck The District Brew House The Norwegian Escape Back end of escape One of many animals that was made for our kids each night! Most beautiful sunsets in the Carribean!! Coki Beach at St Thomas prior to the crowds.  Great place to snorkel! Decen Chandler Elephant towel With the artist of the ship, Guy Harvey. Outside deck 8 Atrium when in port. It was easy to find seats then. At night...not so easy Overlooking Spice H2O in Miami Atrium. H20 area. For adults only area with water area, but no pool, bar and hot tub Sunrise NCL ESCAPE ! Guy Harvey Art Work On Ship Side Disney Water Slide on Left. Escape On right With Clear Plastic Tube For Vie Atrium Capt. Orin & Miss Margarita On the Escape May 2016 Lighted Stairway Next To Comedy Club & Art Gallery View from our balcony Barbershop Pilot  is busy helping us get out on the sea Me and my hubby in the hallway All of us on the deck Havens Courtyard Cooking Gilled Cheese Laundry Time on the Escape Stateroom Balcony midship Leaving Tortola Us and the Ship Tyler the Cruise Director!!!!! On deck 7 .. or 8. I forget ;) Heading into Nassau St. Thomas Yes, this was a day at sea!  Where is everyone? St. Thomas -  Local with his Lady Gaga. A view of the Escape water slides and sun deck Haven upper sun deck Haven indoor pool area Haven pool area at night Sailing away from Miami, I spotted this spectacular sunset from our balcony. Casino walkthrough Atrium view from deck 7. Sun deck level 20 forward. This is a little secret as far as sun decks go. The Haven courtyard at night. When the canopy is closed, the courtyard is a Atrium - Deck 6 Art Galleries on the Escape This was the only peaceful moment of our cruise.  This was the worst cruise ever.  Horrible staff, unhelpful crew and just an overall "I dont give a sh:t culture".  Very disappointed in this cruise.  This tile could have also been the nickel and dime cruise cuz boy do they squeeze every red cent out of you. This is a rather unusual post for this forum, but I am hoping some of you experienced cruisers may be able to help me. I was a first time cruiser on the Norwegian Escape Eastern Caribbean cruise from July 23-31, departure from Port Miami. On my second day on the ship, I ran into one of its naval officers in the Garden Cafe. We held each other My mother relaxing on Spice H2O during departure from Miami Spice H2O Spice H2O becomes a nightclub at night Mom relaxing on Spice H2O Spice H2O Spice H2O Wake view from Spice H2O Spice H2O Mom relaxing beside hot tub at Spice H2O Tyler with us just having fun. The Catacombs The Barcelona Airport The ship was beautiful, the food was ok , the main problem that I have with Norwegian is the music selection, I don Meeting the captain on the 'dress up' night Oh What A Night. Great meal and catered for my gluten allergy too After Balcony view St Thomas Harbor Charlotte Amalie Megan's Bay view from mountain. Leaving Miami Bahamas This is the exit hallway of the kids club called Splash Academy for the Nor Escape .  Greatly disappointed in this cruise.  There are limited areas to "lounge" with friends.  The "Atrium " looks like a crowded airport terminal.  Each night the crew had to wheel in stacks of folding chairs for guests due to lack of seating.   Ridiculous!   There is a $7 charge for using room service.   $75 for 100 minutes to use their WIFI!!!!.  No washer and dryer facilities on board for guests to do their own laundry.  Very disorganized.  Only plus.  Friendly staff, excellent food.  Please take me back Carnival! !! Vibe Beach Club Halloween! Halloween Decor Inside the ship show stopper it changes color at night. What Cruise With The Houle I pre-ordered the cheese tray, and it was well worth the price for a great Room service one of the mornings. Yep, Anna and Ben (me lol) got all dressed up Nov 2, to celebrate our 20th The chandelier in the main atrium changed colors.  I loved when it was Seah Picture of the front of the Escape. We have sailed in Norwegian exclusively for years. This is the first time I can say I was disappointed. I now know I do not like these huge mega ships. It is beautiful (what I got to see of it anyway). I have mobility issues and could never walk any further than the atrium. When we docked in Nassau the distance one had to walk to even get off of the pier area was so far I couldn Performers from After Midnight Wedding before cruise departs Miami. Hot tub view- spectacular View from our balcony The Brat Pack - amazing show WIFI wifi What happened NCL?  This ship was nothing like the getaway.  First, there were never enough sun chairs. People would save 5 at a time for HOURS and when we told the towel guy he said there is nothing they can do because then security gets involved and is a bigger issue.  Any other ship had a 30 min. Leave period then they would give up your chairs. One time we had to go to the very top of the deck where there is no music and super windy and they told us to leave, because of the wind but didn Sea day. Saying goodbye to the Virgin Islands. I have nothing against Its not the group that we are mad at... Its that NCL allowed them to reserv This is by the casino on the 7th floor. Sunset on the Waterfront, Deck 8 My Pet. Feeding time. Waterfront deck Solo studio hallway Tortola is GORGEOUS!!
These pics were taken on our excursion to Jost Van Dyke (Rebel Yell Catamaran) which I HIGHLY recommend doing!! One of may precious surprises when we came back to our cabin at night. Taking off and getting so excited! our last sunset sailing from Nassau to Miami shower. Sunset last night at sea View from Balcony This is the first thing I saw when arriving in the Bahamas ! This vacation was so amazing! Met some fabulous people, great island adventures (except Tortola taxis service and drivers). Entertainment was great! Even my 12 year old loved the "games" such as battle of the sexes, and the celebrity dance off. Service was Top Notch, martinis by the pool were delish thanks to Irene S., and she always brought us drinks just as I took my last sip. Mangattem Room the BEST dining spot, and the Wine Bar(Cellars) had the best Bartenders - Ronaldo and Joselyn! Love you guys! ❤️ Sunset during dinner servers, great retreat. Special touches Towel animal in our cabin Ready to sail! Towel Animal Sunset off the balcony The wonderful Haven Lounges The Haven means never having to hope there is an open hot tub space or area Chandelier in center of ship.  It changed colors. Towel art.... Haven sun deck This is a photo of us and our FANTASTIC CRUISE DIRECTOR TYLER GREY AND FELLOW CREW MEMBER THE ONE AND ONLY JACKY TANG. These guys really made our trip that much better with their uplifting personalities and constant high energy. The jacky and tyler show was one of my favorite parts of the cruise. even though my day was always great because i was on the ship, watching their show always made my day that much better better. Jacky tang was also the best bingo caller ever. He called the number at the perfect speed and even better, with enthusiasm! And don Spillage of clear liquid on the glass staircase treads, causing accident. Towel art Towel Art Celebration towel animal with champagne Atrium on Norwegian Escape View from our balcony cabin as we sailed from Miami. Love our nightly towel animals!! Sunset Departure Cozumel The Vibe Roatan Harvest Caye View of ship Royal Caribbean Cruise Director speaks to VIP guests and openly insults the Norwegian Escape The Escape's stack on a beautiful morning in Roatan Well deserve One of the many towel animals left on our bed. This is my favorite. Our crew on embarkation day! Dress up or don’t night. Picture taking all around the ship The Vibe lounge area. Wasy, washy with Rowen! So many things to do. Twenty stories of fun, food, and entertainment. Bowling, classes, pampering, pools, water slides, zip line, ropes, world class music. I was going out to diner one evening and put on all my jewelry but decided against wearing my earrings as they were quite heavy and so I left them on my table in my stateroom and by the time I came back one earring was gone and my room had been turned down for the evening. I searched everywhere despite knowing I had left it on the table before going down to guest services to report this. 

The ship called in security after I reported it missing and they first of all came searched my entire room as if to say I was lying or as if to say I was a thief. The male security was digging through our underwear one after the other despite there being a female security with him but then I did not mind because they said this was the procedure. They even took photos and then they told me they would contact me the next morning not too early.

The next day they did not contact me as they had promised so I rang guest services late afternoon only to be told by the lady they had concluded their inves Atrium Chandelier The Escape Theater The Casino Sujan was our other bartender at Spice H2O, making us amazing drinks! Photo of us arriving back to port of miami Sunset at the pool deck Gorgeous Spice H2O Sunset at sea Relaxing on deck with a piña colada!
Amazing Cruise! Lots of fun, lots of entertainment, food, drinks and nice excursions in 4 different Countries. Our family with Terry "TT" Sea Day 11/5/2017 Sea Day 11/5/2017 The view from the balcony was gorgeous - it was great waking up early and w Touring the ship in Bahamas touring ship in Bahamas, 5 other ships in port Haven Lounge, Deck 17, looking towards elevator (runs between Decks 17-19 i Totally disappointed & somewhat disgusted by the money we spent for a terrible week.  First there was WAY too many obnoxious, intoxicated, people cruising, along with too many unsupervised children. (The unlimited drink package sure didn’t impress a lot of us cruisers!!) We saw kids take food from the buffet, only to throw the food back on the buffet bar using their hands. GROSS!! There was NEVER any deck chairs available because people were “all day chair hoarders”.  Customer service told us they monitor this problem...what a joke!!!  When we used the tender boats, there were no rules & no guidance as to letting the top level disembark & then the bottom level.  Instead the bottom level ran pushing up through people, knocking people over like a wild herd of cows. TERRIBLE!!  The food, whether in dining rooms or buffet, seemed to be geared or quantity, not quality; just not tasty.  The service was very lacking & slow, compared to our other cruise. The smoking in the Casino was a killer. Seven mile beach Grand Cayman Guy Harvey Painting on the Ship Escape from beach at Grand Cayman Sunset leaving Nassau We were greeted with an anniversary cake our first day on ship! Multiple times during the week we returned to our cabin to find chocolate covered strawberries and champagne left for us to enjoy! We were spoiled!! 678 Ocean Place (Midship) Ocean View Sunrise while arriving to port of Miami on last day of cruise. Beautiful!! "Squeek", Fred our cabin steward made us a wee little mouse for my daughter Our balcony, drink/beverage, and self-made privacy created shade in the hot Bahamian sun. One of many delicious snacks sent to us from Deepak. Here is a pic of chocolate dipped strawberries, yummy! Last, but not least, the light changing chandelier on the Escape. It First step off the ship onto Jamaica land. Welcome to Jamaica! Welcome to Grand Cayman! Jamaica Just enjoying Miami Haven waiting area The Haven The Haven On our way to the casino on board that Escape. Family picture on glass staircase on ship. Center of Escape ship CHANDELIER IN CENTER OF SHIP Sailing Mini suite large balcony forward our wedding photo Bermuda (View from the balcony of cabin 9736) Old fort ship photograher Waterfront area. Relaxing! laughing is the best medicine Overlook of South Shore beaches Spice H2O Gorgeous free ferry Flooded running track 17102 suite, chilly penguin Our first gift as Gold member:  Godiva chocolates Sunset at Spice H20 Sitting on the rear deck of the spice h20 Nothing left in the prize bin in the arcade BEAUTIFUL Color changing Chandelier. Bone Fish Inn at the Dockyard cooked up our catch. Treats sent to our cabin by the Hotel Director. Sunset view from the Haven restaurant while docked in Bermuda Coral Reef- leaving Bermuda Looking out into the beautiful ocean at the amazing sky. Calm seas. GSC Great friends Girls at the pool This is a picture of the atrium on the Escape.  Note all the folding chairs Sailing from NY Sailing from NY By the beautiful chandelier Our 1st day on the ship Our first day on the ship Bermuda Middle of the ship Daily on first day Sign Hallway Waterfront Deck 7 Sunset from balcony 8736 NCL’s pre-drafted letter confirming I wasn’t granted access to the ship Thermal Suite Coki beach St. Thomas View from the ship of the sunset sailing out of st. Kitts Staff Introduction H20 Spice area for adults The deep blue sea Towel dog Titanic Shot Rough seas on the way out Upon boarding the Norwegian Escape on 12/21/18 Cape Canaveral Atrium Spice H2O Atrium Signage to get to hotel hallways. Find the interval your stateroom number i Pre-dawn arrival for early disembarkation, Pier 88 - Manhattan Cruise Termi Jamaica as seen on the Escape A beautiful sunset at Cozumel as we set sail for home Beach in Antigua The Choir of man The Choir of man show. What a bar!? View from pool chairs on deck Verrazano bridge at sunset H2O Spice Lily meets the Captain at his cocktail reception. Beverage Manager Jose/Papi, he was so nice. Live band very talented Trio and versatile. Front of ship, where are room was. Nassau Bahamas Sailing out of Manhattan under the Verrazano bridge. My favorite crew member...Mr. and beverage manager. Very Our sad faces disembarking Boarding Leaving NYC and the Verrazano Bridge arriving back in NYC: Hudson River at NYC port next to the USS Intrepid Museum

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