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Magellan at Eidfjord
"Magellan at Eidfjord"
Member photo by MrsMichy:

Magellan at Eidfjord

(Oct 2015)
The wonderful buffet magnifique
Games on deck
main cabin 4007
ante room cabin 4007
cocktail of the day
table for 2 in Waldorf Restaurant
Magellan at Eidfjord
Queue for breakfast in front of us - doors closed
Queue for breakfast behind us
Magellan from the Top of the Rock, Gibraltar
Magellan with Queen Elizabeth and Black Watch in Tenerife
Bay of Biscay
Our lovely lady at the bar
Us on board on our way to Madeira
The beauty of the Fjords
Ice carving on board demonstration
Heading home...


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Magellan at Eidfjord