Harmony of the Seas

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Frogs legs on the carousel haha!
 Frogs legs on the carousel haha!
Member photo by vici.ramsay@yahoo.co.uk: Frogs legs on the carousel haha! (Jun 2016)
Kids water park The entrance to the Ultimate Abyss, a nine-story slide that is as thrilling The Ultimate Abyss slide itself. Escape from Rubicon: a well-themed escape room experience. Boardwalk, Ultimate Abyss Ultimate Abyss Luckey Climber Royal Promenade on 90's dance party night View from Ultimate Abyss Zip Line Glass floor on bridge wing, next to solarium Rock Climbing Wall boardwalk carousel ping pong fun Frogs legs on the carousel haha! They Abyss Theatre Theatre The abyss slide Crazy golf Bottom of the abyss slide 1887 Ice show Rear of shop from Boardwalk, showing promenade cabins and Ultimate Abyss slides View of mini-golf and zip-line from Windjammer cafe The slides water slides-there are 3 mini golf Abyss slide Abyss by Night Abyss-Heart Flowrider, 12 year old A selfie during the parade Step off into a 10 deck drop. I did the zip line Parade Abyss high slides water slides Flow rider Looking down abyss Getting into abyss Husband ready for the Abyss The Abyss Aqua Theater show The Abyss The Abyss - starts on Deck 15 and ends on Deck 6 Sport deck 15 harmony dunes, zip line, flow rider, ultimate Abyz much more Crown anchor society event with Captain Johnny Casino Royale amazing! Meeting with Facebook friends in real-time Skating studio B On boardwalk with our famous cruise director Abe Hughes the parade for the holidays View of The Abyss on Royal Caribbean A beautiful morning on Royal Caribbean The Perfect Storm trio of water slides on Royal Caribbean The flowrider onboard, deck 16, The festive parade on deck 5. The aqua theater on deck 6. The bionic bar preparing my drink. A show at the aquatheater. Art gallery area.  You may find a display of the ship on all floors. Flowrider Aquatheater, just great This is a photo of the ABYSS.  A giant slide that goes down several stories Looking down on the boardwalk. Great view of the Abyss Enjoying the pool but then we got splashed on so many times we had to move Amazing Royal Theater.   We were there for Grease. Free skating Quest Game Show 90s dance party The Highest Slide on a cruise ship - this is the entrance Slides on the back of the Harmony of the Seas Rock Climbing wall on the back of the Harmony of the Seas Mini Golf on the back of the ship of Harmony of the Seas 2 slides available The Abyss slide at the back of the ship. a drop of 10 stories. This is not The safety drill before you leave Minigolf. Aqua Show - tightrope walker high above the audience Minigolf Zip line Ultimate Abyss at night Hubby just coming off the Abyss the water dual waterslides the Ultimate Abyss The Flowrider Mini golf Looking down over the Boardwalk and Abyss slide. Two of the exciting water slides flower rider Rock Climbing The Attic we visited beatifull islands sorprices everywhere, the pianist was in the elevator beatifull places Central Park, one of the best places in the boat Decilious drinks everywhere Fun on at the Promanade Abyss 10 story slide I think we rode the carousel 40 times Ready for Grease! Aquatic show we had so much fun at the golfing area, although the courses were a tad bit Watchin a Movie. Slides in the back of the ship. GREASE! Amazing Set... Amazing Performers! A great production!! Nasty, unprofessional face painters. (They are using poor activity staff me Nasty, unprofessional face painters. (They are using poor activity staff me Art Auctions are a JOKE! Zipline is FUN! We loved watching movies on the big screens (at the Aqua theater) A galley tour! What an impressive organization!!!! Ultimate Abyss Theater Aqua Theater Slide near the back 17 story Abyss slide on harmony of the Seas Is he going to jump?  See the Fine Line to find out! Teen area on Harmony of the Seas Grease is the word The ship captain gave it to me after I just won the raffle from the Cruise Critic Meetup on this sailing. I am definitely hosting a cabin and cabana crawl for next Halloween on the Anthem of the seas (I’m booked in a suite for sure). Bottomless Galley Tour was wonderful but it’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Picture of the huge Solarium on 4 deck levels! 1 of 2 FlowRider areas! Water slides on the ship Rock Climbing wall and the Aqua Theater Carousel in the Boardwalk area. This is the parade on the ship Abbys Fun belly flop show Family Science Activity on board the ship Aqua theatre Aft. 1887: A Journey in Time Ice show. 1887: A Journey in Time Ice show. Sons ice skating. Weeee! Bon Jovi tribute band. Took me back. Quest! Fun! Ship Boardwalk merry go round and meet and greet Columbus musical AquaTheatre Parade Hide-Away Heist in the AquaTheatre Super Bowl!!!!! Fine Line show on back of ship. rising tide bar moving up and down rising tide bar moving up and down Columbus, best show on the ship. Parade down the Prominade The Ultimate Abyss My better half discovering she still has a little girl still inside. The Abyss slide for fast adventure lovers Water slide Water show The carousel on the Boardwalk. The Abyss, it's 11 stories high. Flow rider Ship Zipline Abyss Mini golf. The water show The Fine Line Water show Water show Water show Water show, Water show Water show, walking across on a rope. Water show Water show Water show Water show The ice show 1887 Mini golf on the Harmony. Abyss slide fish head at night. Slide is fantastic but be sure to pull arms and legs in. Friction burn from slide is not fun Looking out at the Ultimate Abyss My 9 year old looking for open basketball opportunity. He just doesn’t re Ice skating show! It was a stretch from a storyline perspective but the per The Abyss Photo Central Park The Abyss slide The Ultimate Abyss Aquatheater view of the abyss slide. Ice Skating Show . Love and Marriage Game Show Slides I’ve skating on the ship was fun Rock climbing was challenging and a fun activity Rock climbing was challenging and a fun activity Great aquatic show! Intense Love those WOW bracelets. Wife and kids with the Trolls The Abyss on Harmony of the Seas Kids watching the Fine Line Columbus the musical Show on ice Show on ice Celebration Parade on Pomenade The Abyss. Awesome slide. Zip line on the ship Rock climbing wall Sushi Making Class! View of mini golf to Abyss View from inside ship from the boardwalk to Abyss Walking track at sunset Greaae  show Mini golf Kid heaven We cruised as a group of 10 friends (five couples.) This is a picture of me Having lunch Heading back to ship Learning to make guacamole. Enjoying the boardwalk Horrible Kids Club King of the World lookout on Solarium deck. My son loved this! The Big slide The fine line—-really good Family theme-night xoxo Family theme-night xoxo Family theme-night xoxo Family theme-night xoxo Family theme-night xoxo Dreamworks breakfast was a hit!!!! Grease Grease view of ultimate abyss slide from BW balcony Parade in the main promenade Michael Bolton concert. Michael Bolton in concert. This is the full sized Carousel on the Boardwalk. Harmony of the Seas - Gingerbread houses on the deck 5 promenade for Christ Central Park at night - piano player playing wonderful music! The tubes were Fun, even for us old folks! Merrygoround The Abyss Abyss Slide Ice skating show Boardwalk view of the Abyss slide exit at night Harmony waterslides Boardwalk Boardwalk The open up the rink for leisure ice skating! One of three water slides. One of two rock walls The Abyss slide Flow rider claims another victim. Carousel Abyss slide, that drops 10 floors. Great fun

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