Grand Celebration

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very old ship, probably about 50 or 60 years old I'd guess by the inter
 very old ship, probably about 50 or 60 years old I'd guess by the inter
Member photo by rachelep352: very old ship, probably about 50 or 60 years old I'd guess by the inter (Dec 2016)
Front entry Main hallway Hot tub..after a rain Refreshed Port of Palms The Beautiful Ship GRAND CELEBRATION Room service Grub was ok Grand Celebration Ready to set sail Ship Upper deck stern Stern bar upper deck Pool on the cruise ship Our ship. Restaurant on ship. One of many. Sail away party This was the absolute worst cruise line I have ever been on from all that I experienced! And the service was the worst out of all too! To maintain your sanity, you should avoid this cruise line like the plague. To begin, let me explain the room.... We were told that it holds 4 people - 2 sets of bunk beds. When we arrived, the room had one bed that they said comes apart and the other beds would be rollaway beds. We went to the customer service desk, & they found it funny that everyone was complaining about the same thing. Then, we went to the manager booth at the port, before the ship departed, & they too were unhelpful. They said to call the 800 number to reach customer service. The representative was unhelpful & would not transfer me to a manager either. Pics take by cruise staff When first arrived having lunch and drinks by the pool.  Hanging with the Captain having the most delicious meal! Arriving at port in florida Going through port to board boat The first and only time ate at restaurant ! Couldnt get reservations. Martini flight in the piano bar Sunset on the ship of the Grand Celebration The Grand Celebration at the port in Palm beach On the deck of the ship My Damaged luggage My damaged luggage My damaged luggage
my damaged this is the ocean view they give you.. On of the sunsets. Like  I said, workers were friendly, but they do charge anything extra they can find, and the ship is older. I just wish we knew up front all the charges they add on. 12$ per night for "service" fees, 12$ per night per person for "fuel" surcharges. We already paid upfront, hate that they added all this on and didn Pool on back deck Dancing Martian Martini Tasting Event BBQ while docked in Freeport Casino Cabin view Captains dinner The view was breath taking! If you have the pleasure of having Tino in housekeeping you Pool center deck. Fine dining on board. Oceanview cabin. between a  rock and a hard place Welcome on board the Grand Bahamas The Grand Celebration out in the Bahama seas, sitting pretty. Clean and great service! Courtesy plate of sweets was in our room! Rear pool and hot tubs from the Dancing Martian Mid ship pool...karaoke and entertainment here Clean bathroom, hot water and great water pressure A LOT OF SPACE and GREAT view Made friends at the Admirals part of the miserable trip! boarding smaller ship to head to Bimini Suite V7 main bed Sofabed in Suite V7 Balcony in Suite V7 Out by the pool very old ship, probably about 50 or 60 years old I'd guess by the inter Standing on the pool deck with my first drink Ship docked offshore Leaking ceiling in main dining room, our ceiling vent. My Cabin, Cabin U5 Another view of Cabin U5 This was at the port in the Bahamas This is our cabin showing the balcony This was at the Stellar Prime Restaurant. Suite bed, was comfy. By the front pool when we arrived. Buffet area. My husband and I posed for a picture after a great dinner onboard the Grand My husband and I excited about our evening meal with other guests. We made Took 3 hours to find luggage due to staff putting the incorrect room number on the tag. Undercooked chicken in buffet. Paid extra for the specialty dining with a request for a well done steak. Steak was delivered medium. In an attempt to make it right, they overcooked the steak, thereby making it rubbery and chewy. With that, they still tacked on 18% gratuity. First cruise where I had to hunt down our room attendant to clean our rooms. Even with that, we never had the proper amount of towels and washcloths. There was 3 of us and this is what we got. I guess we paid close to $1000 for dessert because that was the only thing that was decent on the menu if paid extra to eat in their specialty restaurant.