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Sushi in the Tamarind
"Sushi in the Tamarind"
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Sushi in the Tamarind

(Nov 2015)
Sushi in the Tamarind
Jewels of the Sea Soup in the Tamarind
Tamarind Lobster
Pinnacle Grille Lobster Bisque
Pinnacle Grille Halibut with Scampi
Pinnacle Grille Lamb Chops
Mr. Sanchos in Cozumel
At this restaurant is where  Pina Coladas were supposedly invented in Old S
Lido Market
Clever display of skill used on a sail away
The late night crew in the Crows nest.
Beautiful display of healthy and enticing salads every meal.
The Ocean Bar happy hour with a view of the non-atrium
View from Tamarin Lounge
Dutch Split Pea Soup served during our day in Glacier Bay.
MDR Appetizer Sweetbreads
MDR Main Course Supposedly Rack of Veal ( but it is not!!)
food contamination form Beef Wellington served in the dining room


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Sushi in the Tamarind