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Towel Art
"Towel Art"
Member photo by cokemandude:

Towel Art

(Sep 2016)
This is a sample of what this rust bucket will look like.  

1. Rude check in staff ,  incompetent 
2. Incompetent staff windjammer staff. Had to explain vodka to two rookie servers and one manager.  Still got wrong drink 
3. Windjammer food,, yikes no Bueno
4. Fair lady staff- overworked.  Evelyn was great but surprised how hard they work.  Should be illegal
5. Ship is understaffed and worst of all full of rookies
7. Bartender
Towel Elephant
Table in the room
Stained bathroom tiles
Cabin size with King (2 double) bed
towel art different every day!!!!!
more towel art...
Towel Art
Second row of windows are outside deck 4
Third row is outside deck 3  Noti
View of the sunset from our balcony
The cabin

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Towel Art