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The main bathroom on the first day
"The main bathroom on the first day"
Member photo by yitang0304:

The main bathroom on the first day

(May 2016)
Marks on the wardrobe - all very tired
Our room - the bed folded out for the children
Light fitting - style very cool in 1985
This was a bar server who is FANTASTIC!!  DESREY   from St Vincent  He is the reason we chose a second cruise on the same ship.   Was always cheerful, happy, helpful, and kept us in the cruise mood :)
Huge living room and the main bedroom. There are three TVs in the cabin.
The living room with a ocean view window
The main bathroom on the first day
The main bedroom was flooded with water from the bathroom.
The main bathroom was flooded with dirty, black water with a strong sour smell
The water in the bathroom spread to the bedroom and made the carpet wet
The comfortable main bedroom
The huge balcony
Sunrise at sea from our room
Room 2084 view
Happy 20th Anniversary.  Sign was there when we first arrived.
Anniversary celebration decorations purchased from RC

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The main bathroom on the first day