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Taieri Gorge Railway
"Taieri Gorge Railway"
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Taieri Gorge Railway

(Feb 2016)
Groups meeting and waiting in the theatre for clearance before going on shore excursions
At Akaroa we had to get tenders (lifeboats) to get from ship to shore
Taieri Gorge Railway
Taieri Gorge Railway
Taieri Gorge Railway
Between the cars for photos
Beach stop with Diamond Prncess in the background
Kayaking the bays of Akaroa
Hirosaki Castle from Aomori
Nebuta Parade floats for the evening festival in Aomori
Lantern Festival at Akita, one of the highlight of the cruise.
Golden Lady of the Lake. Yeah they even have Pokemon.
Samurai at the samurai home.
The castle to see. Really a fort. Nice wood inside and many floor
Miajima Island.  Unfortunately the famous Torrey Gate and other shrines are
Toba, pearl diving demonstration.
Sakurajima with active volcano.
Peace Statue

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Taieri Gorge Railway