Coral Expeditions II

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Member photo by dirko: Diving. (Dec 2016)
Lectures on the reef and reef life. Sunset drinks The ribbon reef where we dived My wife snorkelling. Photo from Ribbon Reef 9. Diving on the reef Amazing fish and coral on Thelford Reef Ribbon Reef No 3 from top deck. Diving. Snorkelling. Snorkelling. Glass bottomed boat on Escape Reef Mysterious Mangroves at Hinchenbrook Island Sudbury Cay - 1st stop Snorkeling off Sudbury Cay 1st snorkel in 20 years - Sudbury Cay in the background Coral and clown fish Coral drop off at the edge of Yamacutta Reef Passengers in the water at Nathan Reef Green Sea Turtle at Fitzroy Island Epaulette Sharks at Ribbon #3 Octopus at Ribbon #3 Flock of Parrot Fish Clam, coral and fish Fish, fish and more fish On the Norther Great Barrier Reef Coral and conch Clown fish safe in the anemone Arriving at the next reef "Glassy" (Glass bottomed boat) returning to the back deck lift Parrot fish Reef fish A bolder snorkeler than I. 
Not that you needed to be, all the shots in th Even when it rained hard, it was still warm and we kept on snorkelling Staghorn Coral Ribbon #9 reef fish not a fish reef fish reef fish reef fish reef fish reef fish Green Coral Coral and clam