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Deck area of the ship.
"Deck area of the ship."
Member photo by Hilliard Cruiser:

Deck area of the ship.

(Oct 2017)
Program 2
Program 3
Program 4
This is one of the entrance areas coming from the outside deck into the shi
Deck area of the ship.
A picture of the Constellation.
Abu Dhabi F1 2017
CruiseCritic Post 13/2/18

Visa Warning
Warning to cruise passengers. 
Do NOT assume that if u do not have a visa required by a port of call that the cruise line will allow you to board their ship & travel to that port. 
You will be prohibited from doing so even if you agree Not to disembark & go ashore in the case of Hong Kong.
My partner was required to have a visa for Hong Kong. Celebrity did not allow her to sail to HK. 
We were only allowed to reboard the ship 6 days & nights later in another port & country. 
This caused us to loose a total of 45% or 6 nights of a 14 night cruise; plus the cost of airfare, taxis etc to the other port. 
Total cost being in excess of USD $2,000. Celebrity onboard staff maintained that HK regulations stipulate that a passenger cannot travel on board ship to HK without a HK visa irrespective of the fact that the passenger chooses to remain on board in HK. 
Celebrity attempted to exonerated itself from any culpability by referring to its Term

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Deck area of the ship.