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Leak outside our cabin
"Leak outside our cabin"
Member photo by Matlily:

Leak outside our cabin

(May 2017)
Enjoying drinks on our balcony
Relaxing on the balcony and enjoying an amazing sunset
Here is my 6 year old daughter celebrating her birthday on the Carnival Valor. As you can see in the picture, she absolutely LOVES Camp Carnival.
Great Towel Animals on Carnival Valor
A bit grainy but a great size room
Dressing room before the bathroom.  Heaps of cupboard space
Leak outside our cabin
Leak outside our cabin
Loved our towel animals every day they changed
The balcony was very relaxing
Cabin with our "Happy Anniversary" decorations.
One of the Towel Animals our Steward left in our room every day (this one i
Towel art left by our room steward.
The bottles of wine
Some trash.  Bottles of water without the price tags.
The beach towels with crust on it.
Balled up blanket in the closet.

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Leak outside our cabin