Carnival Imagination Photos

Member photo by SparkleMeHappy:
(Nov 2016)
Ancho stuck in Catalina / pitched ship
bed bug bites
more bed bug bites
The Goodyear blimp flying over as we embarked!
Internet pricing
check in
Atrium at night, just beautiful.
Farewell towel animals! Thanks for a great cruise!
Midnight on deck just relaxing
Getting to meet Eric Scwartz, what an exciting day!
The main lobby/atrium
Staircase Used to go up 1 Floor from E101 Stateroom to:
-Pride Dinning (An
Boyfriend Confined to a Wheelchair after ATV Accident in Ensenada
Recommend the Pixel Shop Lanyard
-Clip for the Hole Punched Sail & Sign Ca

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