Avalon Felicity Photos

Member photo by Sheila Cammarata:
(Jun 2016)
Rhine Gorge view  from ship
The magnificent cathedral in Cologne, Germany as we approached the city at
One of the castles that we passed on the Rhine River between Rudesheim and
Cruising the Rhine gorge.
A Rhine gorge castle.
Rhine Gorge
A ttypical Rhine view
Castles and town in Rhine River Gorge
Castles in Rhine River Gorge
Rhine River Gorge
Rhine River gorge
What is this a photo of?  What is happening in this photo?  Please elaborate.
Viewed from the ship on the Rhine
Castle on the Rhine - viewed from the ship.
Beautiful castle along the way on the Romantic Rhine River cruise
Enjoying  trying to take pictures of all the castles...and realizing there were just so many...on the romantic Rhine  river cruise
One of the many castles above the Rhine River as seen from our ship.

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