Avalon Felicity Photos

Member photo by Sheila Cammarata:
(Jun 2016)
7 bridges seen from the canal boat in Amsterdam.
Windmills at an open air museum in the countryside of Amsterdam.
Mt. Pilatus
Tower in Lake Luzern
Black Forest, Germany
Heidelberg, Germany
Mainz Cathedral
Zaanse Schan
The old Bridge at Heidelberg
All the colored houses on the streets of Culmer
Having fun shopping and being like a kid again in Rudesheim Germany
The night lights in Amsterdam
Enjoying the vintage music boxes in The museum at Rudesheim Germany
Enjoying a Rudesheim Kaffe
Taking a break outside of the vintage music box museum  in Rudesheim
Monet's Pond
We are on the canal cruise in Amsterdam
Stork on a rooftop in Strasburg, France.
View of Felicity from the cable car to Ehrenbreitstein Fortress at Koblenz,

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