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Hi, we went on a vacation on cruise from penang - phuket - karabi. Super star libra is said to be a gambling ship, well more or less that's true, but since it was our first experience we loved it, and we want to go on more cruising ... Read More
Hi, we went on a vacation on cruise from penang - phuket - karabi. Super star libra is said to be a gambling ship, well more or less that's true, but since it was our first experience we loved it, and we want to go on more cruising after this trip. Let me categorize my experience. Entertainment. They will have a couple of bands playing on the pool deck always, they usually sing all the top hit english songs, as it is a mutual spot to align. Well the others shows that were present when i was aboard the ship was " wonders of asia " " laugh of loud " and an adult show, and funny chang. Wonders of asia was alright, laugh of loud is only for couples, i was a single guy sitting there and they called me up stage and humiliated me. Worst night. But they try to keep you entertained. Movies on the other hand isn't hd or theater like, they have a projector and play all the downloaded copies of movies with huge chinese subs. More of less you can have your personal time happy and fun, if your the one to enjoy other entertainments on the ship and dont like to keep to yourself, this ship could be a little boring. But if your going on cruises the first time, dont think twice go for it. Cabins. We stayed in a junior suit, that means we were yellow card holders. Express check in, and check out. When we first came to the boarding station, trust me there was a que for about half a kilometer, but since we had a suit our cabin assistant took us right in. We were in our cabin before the second person checked in. That was the coolest part of the trip. Junior suit was cramped but was very much enough for three persons. They gave you a free bottle of wine and really took care of you till the last day of the trip. All i can think was junior suit has such a good care, how will executive suit have. I would suggest junior suit was more than enough but if you wanna pull your money and have the lavish experience go right ahead. Food and drinks. People who have been surfing all over internet for this info. Here you go. All around the trip i was drinking beer like water, they'll give you the access card, that is your passport and room key payment everything. I scratched it all the time. My dad had a bottle of jd brought to our cabin, drank other stuff at every other venue and still our total amount of bill was i think 700rm. And this inst big actually it includes dinners at paid restaurants, food ordered in cabin, 48hrs internet, booze and tour for two persons in phuket. Was extremely reasonable. The price of beer and liquor isn't that expensive. Outside in penang it costs around 8rm inside the cruise it costs 10 at the most. Food on the other hand was typical asian food, " no spicy " :'( we are a big fan of spicy food but it was all sweet. Not a lot of varieties in all you can eat buffet but enough to keep you filled all the trip. ( NOTE : I STARTED EATING MORE EVEN AFTER COMING BACK FROM THE CRUISE ) Dining. Bluelagoon - over rated. The other free food buffets are alright, but i never got the chance to eat at four seasons cuz their timing for bf lunch or dinner is very bad for my appetite. Activities. Deck tour - nothing great. Save your money Pool - was a good experience, it was raining and no one was there, i and a chinese kid were swimming .. Was a good experience. Shore excursions. Always book em asap. Better when the ship starts from the port run to the booking area book an excursions, cuz they are so easily over. But in karabi we were not able to book any excursions, but the place was too pretty to avoid going out. We went to the shore with the help of the cruise ships, which are free, and we planned and made our own tour. Which was extremely cheap actually. According to the cruise, it costs 270rm each for all the island tour, but we went to all the places in 200rm totally! ( wasn't added in the bill ) Smuggling 3:) We had a couple of small jw inside our bad, they dint check em, we had a big box of water, they dint check em too. If your a fan of vodka fill it in water bottle and carry it happily around, they wont mind. So smuggling was possible in our case. But your luck may run out.. :P Disembarking. Interesting thing actually. Remember the crew who took osm care of us when we boarded. They were looking to kick us out, us means all passengers asap. The cabin assistant was acting all serious and not caring at the last day, the people around start to act differently. That was a bummer. And i think if your an executive suit holder, you'll be let out of the ship before a person with heart attack. Now i dint see any heart attacks of course but it sure felt that way. For a junior suit holder. All in all, i went to have a relaxing vacation with booze and sea all around me. Got it. Cheap booze, good cabins, not too bad food. And this is was my first experience. I press the fact of me going for the first time because it changes a lot. This ship was huge to me at first, but when we were parked near royal caribbean, man we felt like the pilot boat. All over, had a good vacation. Hope it helps. :) Read Less
Sail Date June 2015

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