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1 P&O Cruises Athens (Piraeus) Cruise Reviews

I am 73 and this cruise was to celebrate my wife's 70th birthday. My wife wanted to go on a luxury cruise for the sake of the experience and I was attracted by the port cities and beyond to see historic sights I had read about for ... Read More
I am 73 and this cruise was to celebrate my wife's 70th birthday. My wife wanted to go on a luxury cruise for the sake of the experience and I was attracted by the port cities and beyond to see historic sights I had read about for years. This was a perfect choice. The Nautica was large enough to be very comfortable and yet we rarely had the feeling of being amongst the masses. Our travel agent encouraged us to book Oceania cruises on the grounds that they were well-run and one really wanted to see what was available beyond walking distance from the points of disembarkation. From reading on-line reviews I realized that we could see quite a number of the places I wanted to see on our own, better and less expensively than booking the Oceania excursions. I will comment on what we did where below. An excellent policy of Oceania is that they let you cancel an excursion reservation up to 48 hours prior. We ended up taking only two of the many excursions we had booked in advance. Oceania has a great reputation for dining. Our evaluation was that the food was always good and in Polo Grill and Toscana many of the courses were outstanding. At least a third of our evening meals were outside in the informal Terrace at the stern of the ship. Buffet --- good--- with a WIDE selection of courses. Another thing that we really liked was that if we didn't finish a bottle of wine, we could just ask the staff to put it away for us and we were able to have it brought out at another meal. We particularly like the fact that you can go to the Grand Dining Room anytime you want. You can choose to sit with others at a table for 8. This is a great way to meet other people, or you can choose to have a quiet evening meal alone. We also thoroughly enjoyed 2 for 1 drinks from 5-6 in the Horizons bar at the front of the ship. The view was great, frequently as we sailed out of a port. I enjoyed my double ouzo, befitting the location, and my wife ordered two glasses of wine, one which she took with her to dinner. Finally, in the way of general comments, our concerns about washing clothes were unwarranted. The laundry is small, but if one thinks a bit about when it is likely to be less crowded, it was always possible to do our washing. The embarkation procedure in the Piraeus was well handled and the mandatory drill assembling at the life boats was the only time we felt that this was mass tourism. We set sail in the evening and at dinner in the Grand Dining Room accepted seating at a table with an Aussie couple with whom we hit it off and enjoyed a number of common experiences on the rest of the cruise. We anchored about 7 AM the next morning at Port One: Nauplion. We chose to do the Oceania excursion here to Mycene. This is a site that I have wanted to visit since I read about Arthur Schliemann in my second-year German reader over 50 years ago. At other archeological sites along the tour it was possible to find a guide at the entrance, so that setting up one's own excursion using a rental car was possible. I didn't notice any guide available here, so that might not be a possibility. The excursion guide was excellent and the group was small. Seeing the bee-hive tomb and the shaft graves where Schliemann thought he had found the death mask of Agamemnon was truly exciting. At the end of the bus trip we also visited Palamidi Castle which has a gorgeous view of the bay. Port Two: Zakynthos We reached Zakynthos by an over-night cruise, arriving around 7 AM. We were exhausted after a plane flight that had stretched from 1 PM on a Tuesday California time to 1AM on Thursday Athens time. The description of the port didn't sound particularly interesting and we didn't want to spend the money for one of the excursions, so we just spent the day on board -- did our laundry and read. The island appeared to be beautiful and I can imagine renting a car and driving around -- visiting some of the reputedly beautiful beaches. See below for specific ports which cruise critic provides for on this form. Port Five: Monemvasia. We anchored here around 8 AM after a gorgeous cruise while it was still light from Corfu. The port itself is just a small town. A major reason for spending the day here is the opportunity to take a bus excursion to the Byzantine town of Mystras. This is certainly a worthwhile site to visit, but we had visited Mystras 25 years ago and chose to just spend the day in Monemvasia. The real attraction here is the walled-old town which sits along a gradually rising road above the water. The views were spectacular and it was a lovely way to spend the day. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
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