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Two lower beds convertible to 1 queen-size bed, shower. Approximately 151–233 sq. ft.

Standard Interior Stateroom (MM)
Decks: Deck 8
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Standard Interior Stateroom Cabin Reviews
Cabin 8126
May 2016
Cabin was an inside standard cabin on the Navigation Deck, Deck 8. Lots of storage space. Plenty of room for two people. Very quiet and easy to get rest.
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Cabin 6147
Mar 2016
Always clean with fresh linen and I really enjoyed the mints, cruise info and of course the different animals made out of towels!
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Cabin 8012
Jun 2013
8012 is maybe not the greatest cabin if you are prone to seasickness.Turns out my husband and I are, and as the ship sailed south after our day in Sitka, AK, it was absolute hell. The ship was tossing to and fro so violently, we abruptly had to leave dinner in the dining room and attempt to get to our cabin to lie down. This was no small task, as we stumbled and lurched all over the hallways, clutching the railings for dear life. Fortunately, we found some discreetly placed containers of vomit bags near the elevators. (We would fill 3 of them by night's end.)But the location of our cabin (8012) didn't help; we found out later that a cabin on a low deck, most toward the center of the boat, would have the least motion. If this is true, then we were seriously out of luck--8012 is nearly the most forward, and on the highest cabin deck. The cabin itself was lovely; however. We didn't mind at all that it was a small, interior room. It was private and quiet, clean, and had tons of closet space. I was afraid we might feel claustrophobic, but we didn't at all. The bed was very comfortable; we had no problems sleeping. The bathroom had plenty of space, and the shower was spacious enough, had a detachable showerhead, and high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel in convenient dispensers. One problem we noticed with the room, however, would occur in the afternoons and early evenings (we took a lot of daytime naps because of the Dramamine we had to take for seasickness)--there would suddenly be a very strong odor of some kind of chemical--it smelled like turpentine--that would fill the entire cabin and linger for hours. We smelled it all over the boat at various times and guessed it to be a cleaner or polish of some kind.Our toilet clogged one night for no apparent reason, but we called it in, and the repairman promptly came and fixed it. No problems after that. He was also quite helpful and showed us how to make our shower water hotter--the shower knobs were odd, and we hadn't realized that you could turn them counter-clockwise 360 degrees to get more hot water (still no idea what the red button is for). Our room stewards, Komang and Gede, were terrific. I can recall only a couple instances during the entire cruise that we did not see Komang somewhere on our hallway, joyfully calling out greetings to us by name. When we left to go to breakfast, we'd return to the room less than an hour later and find they had slipped in Ninja-style and cleaned already.We would probably not want to stay in 8012 again, due to our seasickness problems. But if you don't have issues with that (and if you stay out of the room in the afternoons when that cleaner is used), I would certainly recommend this cabin.
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Cabin 8129
Jan 2012
J-8129: Good size; great bed; shower, no tub; plenty of closet space. Eating a full meal in-room requires some forethought since there is no couch...just one chair, a small table, and a vanity stool. No clock, and no window to see daylight means you have to wake up on purpose.
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Cabin 8008
Jun 2010
Lessons Learned: Alaska 2010 Review By: snorkelingsearchers
Adequate size and storage - a bit rocky but not bad. Great location to elevators!
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