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I have done one cruise before with Disney and travelled with 3 friends, one couple who cruise often on Explorer of the Seas, and one complete newbie. Embarkation was a breeze, although our email we received days before said to show up ... Read More
I have done one cruise before with Disney and travelled with 3 friends, one couple who cruise often on Explorer of the Seas, and one complete newbie. Embarkation was a breeze, although our email we received days before said to show up between 14:30 - 15:30. We left our AirBnB in Barcelona at maybe 10:15, and were at the port shortly after. We snuck in with our friends who were in a junior suite although we were only in a CP View cabin and were given group one and told it would be a 45 minute wait or so for boarding to commence. But we were happy to have group 1. However maybe 10 minutes later they started calling group 1. By the time we made it to the elevator to the gangway they were already saying group 1-25!!! So really fast boarding. I am a complete newbie to the Oasis Class, but I did get a feeling the cruise wasn't by any means sold out though. Which would make sense at the end of the Summer season like this. The ship was impressive and lived up to the hype of the Oasis class. One thing I had read online and also that my friends who cruise on other ships also noticed along with myself is that the ship really is very interior focused, and even the few spaces on the main decks that do have windows/portholes for some reason have frosted or vinyl'd over glass. You could easily go a day on this ship and maybe only see the water once or twice. Even though the ship was two weeks away from a major dry dock and her amplification, she was in pretty good condition. Only a few niggles with the lifts sometimes not responding to button pushes. We did a few finger wipes in nooks and crannies in public areas and every-time were impressed with the cleanliness. Our cabin was fine for the two of us, although other than speaking with our steward(ess) about having our beds separated the first night, we did not really interact with her again. Dining was average in the main dining room if I am honest. It wasn't to Disney standards, and my Carbonara one night was particularly congealed which was disappointing. The wait team in the MDR were brilliant though. We also did Izumi which was great. And 150 Central Park, where the food was good, but the atmosphere and staff were a little lacking. Entertainment wise the main shows were great. Cats was a great production, but I do not understand why RCI thought this would be a good fit for the casual audience of a cruise ship. Many people left before the show even made it to the end of act 1, and even less came back. The Ice show was also great. Come fly with me made zero sense, but the cast were great. One night we ended up really enjoying which we hadn't expected to was the 70's party night in the Promenade. It just clicked and the place really came alive and everyone seemed to have a great time. Overall the service could be a bit lacking and maybe this is because the crew knew it was the end of the season and they have one more cruise after ours then a long dry dock. But that is really no excuse, in particular every time I used the Solarium Bar, I was served by the same server who seemed very unfriendly and uninterested. Shore excursions we did just one official RCI one which was Aix on your own, so it was really a commentated coach ride in and then we did our own thing (in the pouring rain sadly). Majorca was a great stop, although quick. but for me Cinque Terre at La Spezia was a highlight, stunning scenery and a great walk between two of the towns. Naples was foul, we took a train to Pompeii, but if I did another cruise that stopped in Naples, I would stay on the ship. Overall it was a good introduction to RCI, and great to be able to brag at having done one of the largest ships in the world, and the first of the famous Oasis class. Read Less
Sail Date September 2019
Chose this cruise to experience the Oasis class ship. We have tried the Voyager class before and wanted to see what the differences were. The cruise it self was fantastic. We did have some issues with weather, but that is expected in ... Read More
Chose this cruise to experience the Oasis class ship. We have tried the Voyager class before and wanted to see what the differences were. The cruise it self was fantastic. We did have some issues with weather, but that is expected in September in the Caribbean. This did impact a couple of the shows (Cats and the Aqua-theatre Comedy show). The only thing we would say is the ship itself was a bit too large for us. It took a while to get anywhere due to the size. That said, the dining was fantastic. Particularly Central Park 150. This was perfect for us, high end, great service and attentive waiters. Our room steward was great and kept our place clean and tidy. The entertainment options were great. Cats and the Aqua-Theatre are the standouts. However, we also had a great time a the comedy club and at the Jazz bar. The Jazz trio were particularly good. We would most likely go again with RCCL. However, maybe a smaller ship next time. Read Less
Sail Date September 2018
Oasis of the Seas has a great crew. the ship needs refurbishing its 9 years old. saying that I still had a great time. My only beef is that when I travel alone they set me at a table for two and I end up eating alone. this has ... Read More
Oasis of the Seas has a great crew. the ship needs refurbishing its 9 years old. saying that I still had a great time. My only beef is that when I travel alone they set me at a table for two and I end up eating alone. this has happened over and over again. if i want to eat alone i would stay home. when I book my cruise I ask for early dining and a large table. I did not like the show CATS and walked out after 30 minutes. a half hour later i saw a line 9 persons wide walking out. The comedy show was very good along with the water show, ice show come fly with me. Come fly with me had props that i have never seen in a broadway type show. it was great. I have a suggestion for RCL open up my time dining and start a large table for those of us that are single. PS being diamond plus made boarding easy with a small line. Read Less
Sail Date February 2018
As a young single senior, I sailed by myself. Overall, it was a nice cruise with the following exceptions: I found most of the bar and general staff not to be very friendly or social. Also, while the Grande Restaurant was nice, the ... Read More
As a young single senior, I sailed by myself. Overall, it was a nice cruise with the following exceptions: I found most of the bar and general staff not to be very friendly or social. Also, while the Grande Restaurant was nice, the service was marginal and the food was not quite up to par as on my previous Royal cruises. The Windjammer was lacking in variety of food and most of the hot food was cold. It was difficult at times to find a table as they were not cleared off from the previous people. I did not attend any of the shows as I have seen them on previous cruises. If history repeats itself, they are usually outstanding and should not be missed. If you want a little more peace and quiet, visit the Solarium for sunbathing and relaxing. It is for adults and provides lots of lounge chairs, a very small dipping pool and hot tub. Unfortunately, the pool was drained for repairs several days before the end of the cruise. As far as ports go, I love spending the day at Labadee. It includes a modest BBQ, water activities and zip line. I rented a small cabana with two lounge chairs for the day. I believe the price was in the mid $40 range for two and well worth it as the sun is intense. While the ship is huge, I found it manageable to maneuver. I like the late dining, however, it makes it difficult to plan your shows. Also, since dining is over so late, it made it difficult to find a seat in the more popular bars at times. Overall, I think it is a great ship for families and couples. There are tons of activities for the kids and teens. As a single female in my 60’s and traveling by myself, there really weren’t any specific activities geared towards me. However, I knew that would be the case, so I just wanted a week of relaxing and doing what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it. I did have the opportunity to talk to many people and was seated at dinner with four other single ladies in the same age group. A cruise, or any type of travel for that matter, is what you make of it. Don’t stress over the small things and just enjoy yourself! Read Less
Sail Date October 2017
This ship was absolutely amazing! There was SO much to do & we were always on the move. The employees on this ship are PHENOMENAL. They provide amazing service (as all Royal Caribbean ships do). Best service I have had yet has been on ... Read More
This ship was absolutely amazing! There was SO much to do & we were always on the move. The employees on this ship are PHENOMENAL. They provide amazing service (as all Royal Caribbean ships do). Best service I have had yet has been on all Royal Caribbean lines! The entertainment was amazing! I highly recommend booking all shows before the cruise as they are extremely popular. Comedy show & come fly with me were two of my favorites. The cruise director Ricky was AWESOME and made this cruise so much fun. Definitely go see "The Quest" & "Love and Marriage".....awesome!! Specialty dining was nothing special and have to say I was quite disappointed by it. I thought the free dining rooms had much better food. I wouldn't bother paying the extra money for the specialty dining. If I were to recommend one of the dining options I would say Giovanni's just to switch it up, but there are plenty of free options. Also, soda packages seemed to be a waste as all the dining rooms had non-alcoholic drinks available for free (windjammer/any buffet). If you are going to be drinking alcohol I would get the drink package as it truly is worth it. Read Less
Sail Date May 2015
Will keep it short since there's so many detailed reviews out there. 10th cruise, 4th on RCCL..went with a group of 33 total Pre-cruise: stayed at Embassy Suites night before; took 2 taxis at 11am for my immediate group of 6 (waited ... Read More
Will keep it short since there's so many detailed reviews out there. 10th cruise, 4th on RCCL..went with a group of 33 total Pre-cruise: stayed at Embassy Suites night before; took 2 taxis at 11am for my immediate group of 6 (waited about 10 mins), basically at $12/taxi with tip. Note that Embassy has shuttle service at $8/person, but I saw them trying to fill one up and offering $5/person. Part of group in front of us took that offer. Embark: Went very smooth at Ft. Lauderdale. I've seen better and I've seen much worse. Ship: We were on the ship before noon and headed to Park Cafe for the amazing roast beef sandwiches. Unfortunately, everybody was gong there and the line went out the door so we decided to head to windjammer. Line at windjammer but only waited like 5-10 minutes. This is a welcome sacrifice as you only get in the WJ when a table is available. It cuts down on the traffice inside immensely. I'm so thankful they do this now cause I remembering it being a madhouse in there at times. Anyway, cabin ready just after 1pm so perfect. Love the layout of the ship, and loved being on same deck as Park Cafe. Basically wake up at 11 and go get roast beef 100 feet away, ha. The only slight problem on layout is the Comedy club is so small that if you can't keep your reservations, you need to get in line at least 15-20 mins ahead of time for standby. The room only holds 90 at a time and with limited shows and 6,000 people on board, be warned. Good thing is they seem to get about 20-35 standby's in per show. Our Hairspray show got cancelled and they rescheduled it during our last dinner, so never got a chance to see that. Come Fly with Me was definitely worth seeing. Oh, loved the comedy shows. Simeon is very funny and you must see him do his snowman. Wasn't too crazy on the deck party being in the Solarium. It gets quite stuffy up there, not cool. Also, Dazzles got VERY warm as well. One bad thing about layout....our dining table was just thru the front doors on deck 4. You could smell smoke coming from the casino. That is not cool if you have the sensitive nose to pick it up so be warned. Food: Overall, it seems like the quality of food in dining room, and windjammer, is slightly lower than I remember. To me, the lentil soup and the beef tenderloin were the only dinner items worth bragging about. I also had something 'bad' one dinner as I spent the night sleeping on the toilet, doh. Service: cabin and dinner were excellent...guess services not so much....waited in line 5 times just to get extra keys made that kept failing..kept telling us it was a software problem..however, the 5th time they just closed sea pass cards and opened up new ones...they could've done that the 2nd time and saved a ton of frustration....so, if your extra key doesn't work 1st time, just tell them to close and get new cards with extra key cards at same time! The ports were all excellent, or as good as I expected. Get your beach chairs early in Labadee, Jamaica (we did Dunns River and Bamboo Blu beach thru knowjamiaca tours since first time there) was tons of fun but Falmouth is so damn far away so it take about an hour each way, and in Cozumel we did Nachi Cocum this time (well worth it). The snorkel tour out to the reefs was below expectations and a bit rough. Water was not nearly as clear as I expected, maybe it was due to rains a few hours beforehand. The big take away is this ship is amazing and I'm glad we tried this one since the wife is sick of cruising, ha. It was one of the least crowded ships I felt, even though 6,100 passengers. Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Review Prologue I am Alex and I am currently thirteen. Ever since I found out about the Oasis of the Seas in late 2009, I've wanted to go on that humongous cruise ship. Its features were ... Read More
Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Review Prologue I am Alex and I am currently thirteen. Ever since I found out about the Oasis of the Seas in late 2009, I've wanted to go on that humongous cruise ship. Its features were stunning, nothing that I had seen before. Compared to the only other ship I've taken in Asia, SuperStar Virgo, this is a masterpiece by any aspect - from design to public rooms, from cabins to ceilings, from the four pools to the Central Park - it was all too spectacular. 2010 was a traumatic year for me. But I could put all those sad memories to rest as I was headed to the United States in December, specifically to take the Oasis of the Seas. We were sailing on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary, our room being a Boardwalk balcony (we only found that out when we reached there). My family of five, which consisted of my parents, my two younger sisters, and I went along with our maternal cousins, aunts and grandmas. I've decided to sort the contents by category (dining, public rooms etc.) It took about three months to do this review due to work, laziness and stress but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it! Introduction After our break in Miami following our flights from SIN-LON-MIA, we headed to Fort Lauderdale to board the Oasis of the Seas. The ship was like nothing I've seen before - it was tremendously huge. I was truly overwhelmed. I believe I may have been too overwhelmed, because all my energy suddenly dispersed. It was too great, literally. This may have more or less affected my review. The embarkation process was fairly quick. Some minor problems we encountered here and there, but still quite quick. One thing I've noticed was that those below the age of thirteen would have to wear a wristband. I understand that wristbands are needed for staff to identify children's emergency station in the case of an emergency, however, the wristbands are sometimes a bit of a nuisance. Even though I am thirteen, I got a wristband thinking it would be useful, but it wasn't. As I had said earlier, the exterior of the ship impresses. The inside remains a mystery until I entered the gangway. There, I saw the Royal Promenade and the anticipated Rising Tide Bar. Everything that I originally saw on my desktop was true. After checking-in and settling down in our cabin (I would further discuss on this later), we headed to the Dining Room for our emergency drill. It was awkward having the emergency stations located in areas such as the dining room and the Opal Theater, probably because they needed to use safety instructional videos. A bit disorganized, but the video was useful. After which, we proceeded to do our own activities. From here onwards I shall now sort out my experience on Oasis by aspects. Dining (3) There were indeed a number of dining options onboard the ship, but for some apparent reason did not appeal to me. Maybe I am thirteen, but I have learnt how to appreciate food and I honestly felt that there could be a better variety. We opted for the My Time dining package, in which we could head to the Opus Dining Room, the main dining room, anytime between 5.30 in the late afternoon to 8.30 at night, if I am not wrong. The appetizers were, to say, interesting. Usually there would be a choice of fruits, soups or other simple platters to get the stomach going. Usually I had the fruits, which were fresh and juicy. Most of the soups, like the Onion Soup, tasted nice, too. However, there was one particular dish I would like to mention - the Raspberry and Pineapple Soup. I don't know if the Westerners drink soups that are sweet but shouldn't that be made into a drink? I was truly disgusted at such effort wasted on an idiotic recipe that has the strangest taste. Ever. I had mixed remarks over the main course. Sometimes, it would be lovely, like salmon, but sometimes it was too filling and not delicious. I usually ordered the healthy option, which I would explain later, because its description was better than the others. I guess that was Royal's way of making people lose weight. Amusing. Dessert was probably the best in the three-course meal. Fruits or Ice Cream, they excel in the art of confection. My favorite was the Sponge Cake- my first time ever tasting it. It was mouthwatering. The best food I had tasted on the ship - or maybe during the whole trip! I praise the chef(s) who made this so refined and better than the other cakes. Obviously, we could dine at other locations too. I chose complimentary restaurants that were included in the cruise fare, hoping to not cut my budget. Windjammer Cafe was good, but maybe because I somehow didn't have an appetite when I went there, I was not that pleased with the food. Sorrento's Pizza at the Royal Promenade was splendid - we could mix and match our own toppings for the pizza slices. We could also choose pizza slices already baked and prepared. It was delicious. Sadly, the Italian Sodas I tasted there were the worst I've tasted. I didn't know exactly what flavor it was, but it tasted ridiculously bitter. Maybe I'm young, but I definitely give a thumbs down for that. At Central Park, I would eat at Park Cafe that had sandwiches and desserts. The sandwiches were indeed very crunchy, and for a complimentary restaurant that is a big sandwich compared to what we have in Singapore! Wipe Out Cafe is another restaurant I tried out. It sold casual, American finger food meals. The most filling meal I've ever had, I had to say. The only specialty restaurant I tried out was the Seafood Shack. The Seafood Shack's menu was partially disorganized - the only had daily catches. Well then, I thought, I'd have the Grill Catch of the Day. What was served was good, but could honestly be better. Waiting time for dessert was somewhat long as I ordered it as take-away. At the Pool & Sports deck, they also served free frozen yoghurt. Oh, how cooling, even though it was 20 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I had an average of 2.5 frozen yoghurts a day, taking in the fact that I love it. On the contrary, there were not many beverages. Other than wine, beer and alcoholic beverages, they didn't really bother about non-drinkers that left me unsatisfied. I really wanted a mocktail, influenced by the fact that mocktails are served mainly in hotels and cruise ships. Although The Living Room and Fuel, the teen locations, did have mocktails I believe, they weren't available anywhere else on the ship. What a disappointment. Overall, good but could improve on the variety of food and dining options and the improvement of quality of food in the main dining room. Public Rooms (5) The Oasis is most praised for its state-of-the-art facilities onboard, which I agree with most. All the neighbourhoods were designed to suit their theme, all the rooms clean and well kept, and the facilities high-class and functioning well. My favorite in terms of quality is probably Central Park. Greenery on cruise ships is very rare, and the thought of putting such is not widely considered. However, Royal Caribbean really made a good job - I originally thought there would be air-conditioning, but there wasn't which makes it even better. It is both elderly-friendly and provides a relaxing atmosphere. I've got a slogan for it, too: "A walk in the park at Royal Caribbean". Ingenious. Another neighborhood that I personally enjoy best is the Pool & Sports Zone. I would explain further in the Spa & Fitness section. Small exhibits are also scattered around the ship, known as "Wonders of the World". These exhibits showcase either stereotypic once-in-a-blue-moon images or interesting items. I find this a great addition to the ship. Despite the great features, there is still one small, no, MAJOR problem - the toilets. For some reason, the toilets reek of a certain, distinct smell. Which is why I never use the toilets often on the Oasis. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the pipes or soap, but it still needs to be fixed. The public rooms, overall, are awesome. Cabins (5) I was also quite excited over the rooms on Oasis. There was such a variety. I was not in charge of the booking process, therefore, I did not know which room we were in. But apparently, we were not allowed to choose our type of room, or at least it was said to be, and that Royal Caribbean would give us our own room. It was still not a bother. We eventually got a Boardwalk Balcony. I praise the room. Some complained over the amount of space the bed occupies (which led to a 'conspiracy' that RCI had small rooms). However, this is actually a good thing. The room was well furnished, well kept and nicely organized. The beds were very comfy; maybe because I was tired each night from the activities I had for the day. Many complained on the small toilet. However, I thought it was good, compared to the only other cruise I've taken. It may have been small, in fact smaller than the one at the other cruise, but precisely because of the interior dEcor - bright and lively, instead of dark and uncomfy. Everything worked fine, amenities all good. This toilet is the only toilet that didn't have the distinct smell I mentioned earlier. Lounging at the balcony is also relaxing. One could view part of the AquaTheater from the balcony, but if you do want to get the full view, try the AquaTheater suite or the rooms nearer to it. Rooms in the Oasis, although felt small, are worthy for sleeping and resting. Entertainment and Activities - Entertainment Place (4) The facilities onboard the Oasis would obviously occupy most people's time. I had already discussed on the facilities and will move on to the organized activities and entertainment programmes. The daily newsletter on the Oasis describing the conditions, highlights and activities for the day was the Cruise Compass. The activity planner was the Daily Planner, the evening section separated as the Evening Planner. A bit confusing, but still fair enough. Maybe due to the massiveness of the ship, and my surprising lack of organization during the cruise, the activities seem to be little. There was the usual - art auctions, seminars, scavenger hunts, line dancing, fitness activities, trivia quizzes, parades and entertainment. What I think RCI could include to actually make it stand out include: • More fitness activities involving the use of the Pool & Sport Deck facilities. In which they hold more pool parties, some competitions on the FlowRider, golf course or table tennis courts. • Improve on the "parties". The parties that the cruise organized were horrible. They should have games for children to participate rather than laid-out games to play alone. They should also have some performances. This is for children who did not register for Adventure Ocean. • More social activities, such as handicraft making or "fashion shows" or anything that is active and fun. It seems that the Oasis really lacks D.I.Y. activities that most cruises, or at least what I think cruises should, offer. With the vast amount of space and the Workshop located at Deck 14 vacant for most of the time, it would be nice to hold some free activities to appeal to senior citizens. The activities I praise include fitness-related ones, entertainment that I would discuss later, Bingo and activities for the younger generation. Activities I think they could improve include scavenger hunts (instead of holding it at a remote starting point like On Air, it would be nice to start from the Pool & Sports Deck which could gain more attention. A bigger search area would be nice, too) and parties which I had mentioned on earlier. Now comes nightly entertainment. I would group them into four categories as RCI did: Theater Shows, Water Shows, Ice Shows and Comedy Shows. Spa and Fitness - Pool & Sports Deck (5) Honestly speaking, I have never tried out the spa services onboard nor the fitness center. However, I have seen other fitness options outside the Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness. The Vitality at Sea Spa, which is the biggest spa and fitness center at sea, is located on Deck 6 aft, so one may have to accept having to walk for a while. But one thing I could say is its interior dEcor. It was white - and it makes one feel relaxed. The colors blend perfectly, so at leas one thing I know is that the person won't feel uneasy due to the color scheme. There is even a kids and teens' spa called Y-SPA. From what I heard the spa and fitness center was good, but I was sadly unable to try out as I think I was too young (or that I'm just shy, not my usual self). Now, Royal Caribbean has broadened spa and fitness options on its ships. For example, those eating in the Opus Dining Room are able to enjoy a less-calorie selection of dishes. They stated the amount of calories. I don't know if it is accurate or not but based on my primary education, I could tell that slimming down does not mean eating less - it just means, having a lower calorie intake. Also to note is the Pool & Sports Deck' sports area. It is really gigantic and different from other ships. Hailing from the tropics I was not adapted to cold waters. When I step into the small lazy river in the H20 Zone, it seems icy cold. My father told me that RCI probably wanted not to use so much electricity, but a few days later, when I stepped back again, the water was hot and cozy. Strange because, when it was sunny the water was cold, and when it was dark the water was warm. The Jacuzzi is also quite comforting after participating in several activities. It was a really clever idea to have four pools catered to different people - Main for the typical swimmer, Beach to simulate beach waves, Sports especially for water sports and the H20 Zone for children. The H20 Zone is really catered to smaller, younger children. It would be nice for RCI to install better facilities such as, maybe, a water slide? As long as its not more unneeded sculptures that will be fine. That covers the Pool section. The Sports section is even more fantastic. You could really play a number of sports here. You could play football, tennis or basketball in the basketball court, have a round of golf on the golf course, take a jog or a professional run on the walking track (located at Deck 5), play table tennis in the table tennis court, surf on the FlowRiders and even zipline across the ship. It seems as if one could do almost every sport on the ship. I tried out the FlowRider, which was separated into four lanes - two for boogie boarding and two for actual surfing. Boogie boarding is a much easier way in which one lies down on the board and does stunts. I gave it a go and it was truly a lot of fun. The instructors were professional and clearly explained to us what to do. The current of the waves was so strong that it could push you back to the start if you fall off. Fear not, for there is a buffer that prevents any pain. Only one time it seemed as if the surfboard hit my head. Thankfully it wasn't a major injury, and this should be VERY rare because it seemed that the surfboard was thrown back first, then me. It was only minor and was gone soon. But I still can't believe the cruel irony that struck me. Seminars on how to cut down fats, relax and other useful fitness facts are held everyday. I'm not sure if RCI has cycling tours, but I am sure it also brings fitness to shore. All these coupled together makes the perfect fitness cruise. Family, Children and Teens (4) RCI is notable for its variety of family and children activities. Just a recap, children from five to twelve will be under the following age categories should they join the Adventure Ocean youth programme: • Aquanauts (3-5 year olds) • Explorers (6-8 year olds) • Voyagers (9-11 year olds) Toddlers aged three and below are given access to the Royal Babies and Tots community, while teens like myself could go to The Living Room, an only-teens (with the exception of trainers) hang-out spot., and Fuel, a nightclub reserved for teens and also includes a bar. Royal Babies & Tots, Aquanauts, Explorers and Voyagers' clubs are located at Deck 14, or the Youth Zone. Teens' clubs are located at Deck 15, the Pool & Sports Zone. My sister, aged eleven, signed up for the Adventure Ocean programme and commented that it was enjoyable and the staff were helpful and humorous. She praises the Adventure Science Lab, probably since she is a fan of Science. Art and music rooms are also provided. I checked the Adventure Ocean daily planners and I think it needs to have a bit more of outdoor interaction, considering the fact that most sports and games were held indoors. On Day 6, I had a choice between going to the AquaTheater to watch the Men's Belly Flop competition and the Adventure Ocean talent show. Coincidentally, the competition and several other activities were cancelled due to bad weather so I attended the talent show. I would like to note, despite this being a small matter, trying to show off a butterfly tattoo on a five-year-old girl. Otherwise the team of staff was pretty competent in doing the job. When it comes to 'parties', I got a shock. As I had explained previous, the parties were not up to standard. What's more, I don't see the staff allowing children to participate after they perform. It was a bit of a letdown, considering SuperStar Virgo, which had games and fun for all. Now to the Teens stuff. I was shy on the first two days so I didn't really go to The Living Room, the teens hangout spot on the ship. Only on the third day did I enter The Living Room and made some friends. The Living Room consists of nine Wii sets, a Foosball table, a bar catered to teens, a music studio, a miniature cyber cafe and a large television usually showing movies. It was my first time seeing a cruise ship with a teens hang-out, but as eventually I realized all major cruise lines carry such a facility. Nevertheless RCI's take was amazingly modern. The staff were professional. They were friendly and they knew how to take care of problems, although surprisingly, there weren't any. They also organized awesome activities, such as a parody of Family Feud, competitions on video games and sports such as FlowRider and Dodgeball, and other interesting activities. Also, to accompany the Living Room is Fuel. Although stated clearly on the map it is actually hidden deep. Only one door connects to it, which leads to a small room with another door that would be Fuel. Fuel is amazingly colourful. I didn't explore fully but from what I could see, teens must LOVE this place. I stress on the word LOVE, because it was a blend of art and technology. It only opens at night, though, but that's what make it all the more secretive. To conclude, RCI really did well with family activities and teen activities. I only hope they could allow the children to be more involved with ship facilities. Other than that, great I should say. Shore Excursions (4) We took a shore excursion in St. Thomas for turtle snorkeling. Apparently external vendors operate some of the shore excursions, which was somewhat disappointing with the perception that a cruise line so renowned should operate more of its own tours. Nevertheless, the snorkeling trip was fun. One could view my full review : http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g147405-d1475074-r95435778-Doubloon_Pirate_Ships-Charlotte_Amalie_St_Thomas_U_S_Virgin_Islands.html Embarkation (4) When we first boarded the ship the embarkation process was a bit slower than expected, but probably because of several arrangements in which we placed our sister in our aunt's room (due to the four-pax-per-room regulation) and RCI wanted to confirm the girl was indeed still with her parents. During our stops at the ports, I had no complaints. It was speedy and not stressful; you'd be out in the port by fifteen minutes. When we returned it was also slower than usual but I didn't blame RCI, and simply hope that they could improve on this matter. Service (5) When it comes to service, RCCI definitely excels. Their staff members were extremely friendly. I recall the Filipino waitress who served us during dinner; she interacted with us a lot and was very friendly. The headwaiter, too, was very helpful. They constantly ask us for our feedback, which is really an extra mile put forward. The staff members at the Living Room and at the FlowRider machines were professional; the housekeeper who took care of our rooms was helpful; it was all so amazing. I always love to see the staff interact with each other during the cruise, as that just proves the friendly atmosphere and the dedication they had put into their work. Value and Rates (4) It was of reasonable pricing, and taking in account that this is ONE OF THE BIGGEST SHIPS IN THE WORLD, the rates were actually quite good. Conclusion Disembarkation was swift. The staff at Port Everglades was really helpful in carrying our luggage. That marked the end of the cruise. All in all, maybe I was a bit overwhelmed at the start of the cruise which made the rest not too the extent that I was excited. I was still really pleased with RCI, and I would be glad to go back again. Four out of five. Recommended ABSOLUTELY! Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
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Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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