Sail Date: July 2013
Just back from our RC Oasis of the Seas 7-day Western Caribbean cruise, July 6, 2013 sailing. One word...AMAZING. I have been on 9 other cruises in my lifetime and it had been nearly 8 years since my last cruise, so I had missed sailing on ... Read More
Just back from our RC Oasis of the Seas 7-day Western Caribbean cruise, July 6, 2013 sailing. One word...AMAZING. I have been on 9 other cruises in my lifetime and it had been nearly 8 years since my last cruise, so I had missed sailing on several classes of ships, which made sailing on the Oasis class all the more surprising. My husband and I sailed without our children this time, we are in our late 40s. Departure: Was a breeze. We drove to the port and parked. Recommend rolling down your window when you pull up to terminal and yelling "drop off", you will be directed to the end of the loop. Pull up, double-park and start opening your trunk. A terminal attendant will help you the rest of the way unloading bags on a rack going to the ship. We tipped him $2 per bag. Then walk into terminal, with ID in your hand (requirement). We arrived at 10:30am and walked right up to a check-in counter for (Deck 9). Was through check-in within 5 minutes and into a seated holding area. Waited 5 minutes and then they started loading passengers. Was on the Royal Promenade 5 minutes later. This was the one and only time we felt like sardines since everyone was in awe of the Promenade's glitz and was hanging around there. Once we started walking around the ship that feeling passed quickly. Most people went to the Wind Jammer cafe for the big buffet. But we walked around and found the Central Park Cafe and had the most amazing roast beef sandwich and cup of fruit. It was perfect. You will have plenty of time for the Wind Jammer cafe later. Our stateroom was open at 1:30pm. Our luggage arrived at 2pm. Although our neighbors didn't arrive until 8pm. I won't go day by day, but I will give some highlights that I have not read here that would have been helpful to have known. Pre-book your nightly shows online before coming (which we did, but most didn't). The line to book shows was sooooo long. Don't miss a single show - they are all incredible. If you pre-book, arrive at show about 15-20 minutes early for a good seat. Dinner: we had the early seating 6pm. I debated about My Time Seating, but the 6pm worked out just fine. There was only one day (Jamaica) when we were cutting it close, but honestly, you can arrive late and still get served, it's no problem. We booked table for 2 which was nice, those tables are lined up side by side and very close, so the table next to you is basically your table mates. Ours were great and we had fun talking about the daily events. You can order as many of anything that you want. We typically ordered 2-3 appetizers each (they are much smaller quantities, most are a small handful size). We each would order one entree and then a third to share between us. And one dessert each. Food was fabulous. We never ate at the specialty dining... why? Packing: Ok, I admit it. Even though I put stuff back when I was packing. I embarrassingly over packed. And I'm not a rookie at this. We had 5 bags (1-26" bag for me; 1-26" bag for hubby; 1 garment bag; 1 large duffle for shoes and toiletries; and 1 large sports duffle for our snorkel gear, beach towels, and our liquor we snuck on in rum rummer bags; plus a 20-pack of diet coke). Honestly, you wear your bathing suit, cover-up, flip flops and hat during the day... EVERYDAY and then your dress and sandals for dinner. Most nights you just keep on your dress. On formal nights you change into capris and a top after dinner. That's it, really. I was NEVER cold on this cruise. The temp in the shows was fine. I saw a handful of elderly people wearing sweaters, but I never wore mine. Half of my suitcase of clothes is still clean, never worn. Excursions: We waited until getting on the ship to book our excursions since we had RC shipboard credits and wanted to use those for excursions and stuff. DONT wait in the long line on the RC Promenade deck that is open when you board. The line is long and they will be there all day and all evening that first day, so come back later. Unless you want the Bob Marley tour which I heard booked and sold out fast. We did the Jet Ski excursion at Labadee, the Dunns Falls/River Tubing at Jamaica, and in Cozumel we just took a taxi to Chaukanaub Park (a 10 minute, $11 dollar per car load ride) and snorkeled there. Jet skiing was so much fun. In Haiti all you need is your SeaPass. The food was soooooo good (jerk ribs and chicken). Bring your water shoes, because there are rocks and sea grass under the water. At first we went to the beach that you can see the zip lining from, but that is rocky and sea grass. Then we went to the family beach where the cabanas are and that was all sand. If you have snorkel masks bring them, no need for fins. Go snorkel under the cabanas near the cliff rocks, lots of tropical fish. There are lockers to rent, but you only need to rent one if you are doing an activity (like jet skiing, or zip lining), otherwise it safe next to your chair there. In Jamaica, we booked RC excursion for Dunns Falls and Tubing. You will need a Photo ID and your SeaPass to get off boat. Wear bathing suit, cover up, and water shoes off the boat. Pack beach bag with towel, water camera, and bottle of water. Drive is almost an hour. But our tour guide told us fun facts the entire ride and it went by so fast. I must say, it really does make a difference if your van mates are fun. We had a great group. You leave all your stuff (including cash, and IDs in the locked van with the driver, it was very safe and no need to rent locker). Dunns Falls was fantastic. River tubing was so much fun too. The tubing ends literally at the ocean beach and lunch was included at the hotel there. That food was authentic and pretty good, we tried jerk chicken and also the local favorite goat (not my favorite but wanted to try it). It was a buffet. Followed by the ride home which all of us rested and slept on. In Cozumel, we packed our snorkel gear (including fins, you will need them). You will need a Photo ID and SeaPass to get off ship. Walked through port to taxi waiting area. And took taxi to park. This is the same park that you would go to if you booked Dolphin excursion on boat. OK, word of advise, IF you want the dolphin excursion, don't do the boat for this one. Just take taxi and go to the park yourself. They will give you a good deal at the gate for dolphin stuff, plus then you are on your own and can do the other stuff at the park without being rushed or forced to be in a group. there are cabanas, sea lion show, snorkeling, authentic Mexican food, etc. there. We arrived around 10am and left around 4pm. Best guacamole ever. Bring cash. Chips/salsa/guacamole/2 bottle waters came to $14 plus tip. Life vests are free with ID. This port had the most shops, but the pushiest vendors. I will never complain again about a pushy vendor in the states. Miscellaneous Items: Wear a cheap water proof watch. There are not many clocks on the ship and I was always asking people what time it was. We also packed a tiny light up alarm clock, not for the alarm, but to tell the time in the room. The phone has a clock, but it's hard to see in the dark. Pack a six pack of hook close pins. There isn't a rope in the shower to hang wet bathing suits. RC towels are $25 each if you fail to return them, so be very careful. If you have kids I would suggest packing beach towels. I heard lots of parents yelling at kids for losing towels. Wear sneakers the first day coming on ship and do the zip line that first day (lines are long after that). Bring bathing suit and do Flow Rider the first day, after that it's long lines. Don't bother with miniature golf, it's hot and frustrating without any barricades to stop your ball. If you like to dance and are adventurous, take the Mob Flash Dance lessons and be part of the Mob Flash dance towards the end of the cruise. Don't miss the Quest (Day 4), the Love and Marriage (Day 3), the Battle of the Sexes (Day 6), the or the Comedians. All of them are hilarious. If you love Karaoke, there is the On Air bar that is Karaoke every night, plus don't miss the Rock-a-Rokie, which is Karaoke to a live band (Day 5). I have an IPhone, so arrival day I took lots of pictures with that while we are still in port. I then shut it totally off after leaving port so that I wouldn't be charged roaming. BIG mistake. What I should have done was turn the Airplane mode on, turn the Text and Data off, and internet off and used it as my camera the entire cruise, plus then I would have had a clock. Oh well, will do that next time. Just remember only turning on the Airplane mode is not enough, you have to turn all the other stuff off. We had $550 shipboard credit, which you would think would be plenty...NOT. Our final bill was $290. Here's how the bill broke out. Gratuities are $12/person/day = $168. Jet Skis $95/person = $190. Dunns Falls/River Tubing $119/driver = $238. That's $596 right there. And then we had a few pool drinks each day ($7.95 each), bought a Pandora-style bracelet at the ship sale for $39 (originally $135), bought a few $10 t-shirts on Day 6 during the t-shirt sale, and bought a few souvenirs. We didn't buy any pics, too expensive. One 8x10 is $24.95, yikes. There were families walking around with hundreds of dollars of purchased pics the last night. Wow. Plus don't forget we spent $99 in Cozumel ($11 taxi each way, park entrance fee $19 each with coupon, food in park, and souvenirs back at port). So be prepared for the extra expenses. And remember, we didn't do any specialty dining, drink packages, or soda packages. We mostly made drinks in our room with the liquor we snuck on and the 20-pack of diet coke we checked-in as baggage. All-in-all it was a fantastic 7 days. The cruise director, Amy and her crew were amazing. The staff on board were also top notch. I will never be able to cruise on a smaller class ship again. I am now officially spoiled.   Read Less
Sail Date: July 2013
We flew in the day before so not to have to worry about airline difficulties --- we had reservations at the Ft. Lauderdale Hilton Marina. A reasonable rate was offered and three of us stayed in one room. A short cab ride from Ft. ... Read More
We flew in the day before so not to have to worry about airline difficulties --- we had reservations at the Ft. Lauderdale Hilton Marina. A reasonable rate was offered and three of us stayed in one room. A short cab ride from Ft. Lauderdale airport under $20 with tip. Only drawback this summer which I was unaware at booking was the restaurants were closed due to renovations and the only place to eat on site was the pool bar. (Not a very good selection for lunch and supper both)We made do because after all we are fixing to go on a cruise! We stayed in a tower room which was nice and up to date and clean. Would not want to stay in the villas as they need remodeling. Next time I would stay on a higher floor in the tower for a better water view. I would stay here again. Walgreens is a few blocks down the street and my daughter and I walked it, but would not walk it after dark just a little too far and felt a touch uneasy for 2 women walking on their own. But otherwise a great place! We felt very safe on hotel property!! Woke up and left hotel at 10:30 for port. Caught cab right out front with no waiting. Fare was $10-$15 for fare +tip to port. Less than 5 minute ride. We got our luggage with a steward + tip to steward for good measure and we were off to embarkation. Walked right up to desk by 11:00am, paperwork and boarding pictures made, then to Crown and Anchor section(only gold level) for a seat to wait for boarding, was told boarding would not begin until 12:30 in an earlier email, however we were boarding by 11:15 and on ship by 11:25. Cabins were made available after 1pm. Once onboard we immediately went and purchased on premium beverage package and I would definitely do this again! We waited to purchase once on board as we had some onboard credit to use and this made it quite a deal. I am not a heavy drinker but the convenience was awesome for ordering beverages, service exceptional, and bottomless wine glass a dinner a plus. I did get my money worth as we did not get off for long at ports and I was able to use this package everyday. My next stop after purchasing drink package was to excursion desk to reserve a cabana on Labadee. Since we were not doing any excursions at the other ports we opted to renting a cabana on Labadee if available and on the website prior to boarding it stated to inquire once onboard about Cabanas ... we felt very lucky as we were told at 11:25am when I made it to the excursion desk we got the LAST cabana on Nellie's Beach over the water. It was a pure TREAT!! Will definitely do this again. We stayed the entire day on Labadee, had our own personal attendant to get our bar drinks or cokes for my daughter. The cabana came with our own bottled water, flotation mats for the beach, as well as we had a special buffet with the suite guests. We felt very pampered and will be disappointed in future cruises if we do not get a cabana. The sun can be very hot and having the shade when you want it was great! Plus they had a golf cart to take you back to the ship when you were ready to leave.We had the late dining at 8:30pm and had show reservations pre arranged for after dinner most nights. My mother in law had a difficult time making the late shows so she might opt for early dinner the next time. This was her first cruise. However, having teenagers the late shows work better for us and gives us more pool time as we do not have to come in early and get ready for dinner. There are some must shows to see ... we always enjoy the LOVE and MARRIAGE show, the broadway show, ice show, and the QUEST. We missed COME FLY WITH ME, but I heard it was great. I enjoyed the casino ... I just play penny slots, but I did win a little then lose a little but overall came home with a little more money about $100 more than I went with plus a tshirt! Yay! My favorite day time activity was lying by the pool. We chose to lay out at the beach pool which was usually crowded but we were always lucky enough to find 2 chairs side by side even when we would not get out there until 11:30 or 12:00 noon. Sign up the cruise critic Meet and Mingle ... great prizes are given away and you can visit with other cruise critic members if you choose. We did not win any prizes but enjoyed the 30 minute get together. Lunch once we boarded was enjoyed in the Park Cafe ... awesome customized salads and the delicious roast beef sandwiches ... this was my favorite lunch spot. Breakfast was good in the Windjammer of course, and they move people through for breakfast pretty quickly... I think breakfast was quicker this voyage in the windjammer than my previous cruise on Oasis 2 years ago. We also liked Johnny Rockets for breakfast (two mornings) There is NO service charge for breakfast at Johnny Rockets and you can get your basic breakfast meal of bacon, eggs, toast, hasbrowns, or sausage and pancakes. Back to our late seating eating time ... I come from the old school of cruising and have never tried my time dining but I like the personal attention received from our waiters each night when we are able to get to know them and they get to know us. We loved the new menus in the dining room and our waiters were so nice always allowing us to order however many appetizers we wanted. If they thought we did not eat enough of our entree, they were ready to bring us another one of something different as they thought we did not like it. That was never the case, as all the food was delicious and we were just too full if we did not eat all of our main course. Their desserts were not as good as in the past, but still satisfied our sweet tooth. A note on the photos on the ship ... our first cruise on Oasis was with our family of four and we had not had family photos made in quite some time. That being said at the end of the cruise I splurged and bought the DVD of all our photos for $360 (2 years ago). This time my daughter, mother in law, and I had quite a few pictures made, however the price had gone up tremendously and was not a deal. The same DVD is now over $600.00. We were given coupon books since we are crown and anchor members for buy one photo get one half off so for $99 we acutally purchased 5 photos of our cruise and took many photos on our own. I plan to make an album from shutterfly as a keepsake. We attempted to play Bingo one day, but I did not want to pay$55 for a BINGO machine, seems too expensive and takes the fun out of BINGO. I will skip this event in future cruises. The only people that would win were the people with the machines and just did not seem as fun as used to be. Also, during the day all the sales on the promenade kind of get on your nerves when strolling through that area, so I just chose to stay away until later in the evening. WE LOVED our cruise and will definitely save up for another one on one of these big ships in the Oasis Class. Any questions regarding my review feel free to reply and I will answer if possible. Disembarking was as easy as getting on the ship. Our time for getting off was between 9:15 and 9:30am and we were at the airport before 10am; Note charge cell phones and Ipads the night before as FLL airport does not have charging stations and everyone is looking to charge their phones. One thing I would like to look into before our next cruise is texting at sea. We turned off our cell phones once we left the FLL port and placed in our safe and did not turn on again until 7 days later. However, they advertised Cellular at Sea if you have AT&T service, but I was scared of charges that might show up once back at home. We have had problems when traveling to the Bahamas with getting back home with a $1000 cell bill and definitely did not want to experience that again. I noticed many passengers constantly using their cell phones so the cellular at sea may be affordable OR they may have a surprise once they returned. I bought an internet package once on board to email my husband daily and it was $24.95 for like 33 minutes. I used like 25 minutes for the week by going to the computer room on the ship on deck 14. Hope my review has been helpful ... we always had plenty to do and were rarely in the our cabin. Cabin note ... we were in a boardwalk balcony cabin 11323 and LOVED it. Will definitely do a boardwalk cabin again as we could see the ocean plus people watch. Also, we could watch aqua theater shows from our balcony or from the public balcony at the end of the hall. The only way I would choose to have an ocean balcony was if I was lucky enough to have a suite. Some people complain over noise from Aqua Theater, but that was not an issue with us. The only time you would hear noise is if you had your balcony door open. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2013
Where to start: This ship is huge, but easy to get around. It's packed with people, but hardly feels that way! Do yourself a favor: reserve all of the shows, you'll regret it if you miss one. The entertainment is top-notch. ... Read More
Where to start: This ship is huge, but easy to get around. It's packed with people, but hardly feels that way! Do yourself a favor: reserve all of the shows, you'll regret it if you miss one. The entertainment is top-notch. Hairspray was great. The ice show was so well-done that you forget that the rink is so small. Come Fly With Me was so good, we saw it twice. The Comedy show was very funny, but if you can't handle the f-bombs, there's a family-friendly version on the last night. The Dive show was like nothing I've ever seen. The level of production was incredible, especially for a ship. I've seen shows on other ships and the Oasis made them look like a preschool play. The headliner was a Sammy Davis Jr-type of show, which we skipped"not my generation I suppose. Usually in the afternoon, they show a 3D movie and at night in the 2nd half of the week, there are movies in the aqua theater. The food: Not once did we eat at a specialty restaurant! I'm not sure what some people eat on a normal basis to where they would think that the dining room food was sub par. I could cut the prime rib with my fork, the lobster was huge and the overall quality of the food was 5-star! If you want more than one item, order 2! By the end of the week, our servers just assumed we wanted several items. We basically had a buffet! My Time Dining was great! We had a table for 2 every night and had the same servers, whom we were sad to say goodbye to. The staff on the entire ship was top-notch. I don't know how they do it. We were off the ship in Labadee for about 30 minutes. We live near the beach, so we wanted to take advantage of an empty ship and were so glad we did! In Jamaica, I hired a private guide ( b/c I wanted to do more on the island than what the cruise offered. We had our own driver and he took us river tubing, Dunns River Falls and shopping. He took us to a local restaurant for authentic jerk chicken/pork. Cozumel was nothing but a money trap. Guard your stuff carefully"my wife's sunglasses were stolen and she just set them down for a second to get something out of her purse! This ship is not intended for people who just want to take it easy and read, sleep, etc. There is so much to do. The flowrider and zipline and ice skating are a blast and the lines are not that bad. The rock wall is challenging, but doable. The gym is perfectly adequate, but go in the afternoon b/c it seems like everyone wanted to get their workout done b/f 10 am. There are plenty of pools/jacuzzis and chairs available. The only complaint I had was the price of pictures. They are high quality, for sure, but 5 pics for $150 is outrageous! We took 600 pics, so we captured some good moments. If you want some photos of you all dressed up, look up a photographer in your area who can probably do it for a third of the price! Some Don'ts: 1) Don't get on an elevator just to go up 1 floor; use the stairs! 2) Don't think you're hot stuff if you can stay in 1 position on the Flowrider for a long period of time; there are people waiting. One guy just stayed in 1 position for 5 minutes while his wife took thousands of pictures to where the staff had to pull him off. 3)Don't argue with the comedians, then get highschool-hurt if they embarrass you! 4) Don't save seats after they clearly state "Do not save seats". We will definitely go on this ship again!! Read Less
Sail Date: March 2013
We had an evening flight out of Atlanta, Friday night, and arrived at FLL at about 9:00PM. Went out of the terminal and got a Taxi, ($18.00,) to the Hyatt Regency Pier 66. I booked the hotel online through, for ... Read More
We had an evening flight out of Atlanta, Friday night, and arrived at FLL at about 9:00PM. Went out of the terminal and got a Taxi, ($18.00,) to the Hyatt Regency Pier 66. I booked the hotel online through, for $189.00. I requested a King size bed, and when we arrived, we had been upgraded to a Jr suite, with a King, on the fourth floor. We had a nice size balcony with a view of the marina, the city, and the cruise port. It was a great room, so too bad we would only enjoy it for such a short time. We walked across the street to a Hess gas station, and purchased a bottle of wine and some beers, for our pre cruise party. Returned to our room, and ordered Pizza from a place I found on line, that was located not far from the hotel. It was very good. After a few drinks, and enjoying looking at the city lights, we went to bed around 1:00AM. At some point during the night, I guess around 5:00AM, I went out on the balcony. and saw the Oasis had just arrived, along with an MSC ship. I grabbed the camera, and took a picture, then returned to bed until around 8:00AM. I still had to get my Asti Spumanti for sail-a-way, and some flavored creamer for my coffee, so I took a walk over the causeway bridge, and got some great pictures of all the ships, that were now in port. I walked another few blocks, until I arrived at the Harbor shops, where there was a Publix and a wine shop. There were also lots of places to dine like, 5 Guys, Carabas, and several local places. Publix had everything I needed, so I made my purchases, and headed back to the hotel. The morning started out on the cool side, but by the time I finished my walk, it had warmed up to a comfortable temperature, some where around 70 and sunny. It was about 9:00AM by then, so there was time to take a shower and go back to bed for a nap. About 10:30, we were up and ready to leave for the port. We had intended to take a taxi, since it was just across the street, but the taxi wasn't a set rate, and went up 40 cents every minute that you waited for traffic to move, or if we traveled 1/4 mile, so we went with a shuttle that was waiting outside the hotel, and had a set fee per person, of $7.00. We waited just a few minutes, and then we were off. When we arrived at the drop off place for the Oasis, it was still busy with those who were leaving. We went inside the terminal, checked in with no waiting, and sat in the Diamond area, until boarding started at about noon. We had our picture taken and then headed up to the Windjammer for a bite to eat. We were one of the first passengers in there, so we got a table by the window, and enjoyed a nice buffet lunch. After lunch, we got a cocktail, and walked around the ship a bit, and then headed to our room just after 1:00PM, to drop off our carry on luggage. Our welcome drinks and gift were already in our room, when we arrived. We had room 7206, an ocean view with a balcony, on the end of the forward hump, Port side. The room was "cozy", but big enough for the two of us. Lots of shelves, and space in the closet. We actually only used about half of the storage space. Our suit cases went under the bed, so that left room for shoes in the closet. There was a small couch, table, flat screen interactive tv, chair and desk. There were also two pieces of art work, with accent, lighting above them. The couch was next to the closet in this room, which was nice because it gave us a little more walking space in that area. The outlets were by the desk, and behind the bed, so there were plenty of outlets, unlike what I had read on the CC boards. We met our cabin steward, Fnu Krismas. He was another very friendly person, who was always smiling, and very accommodating. I requested ice in our cooler, for the wine, and we never had to ask again. He kept our cooler iced down all week, and our room nice and neat. About the time we were ready to head out again, our luggage was in front of our door, so I quickly unpacked, and then we were off to take many pictures. Muster was held at 4:30PM, and went fine until we all were trying to leave the area, and get to a top deck for sail-a-way. It got kind of scary, just too many people in a bottle neck. We walked up the three flights of stairs to our room, to get our Asti for sail-a-way, and could see that the ship was already leaving. We rushed to the elevators, and they were still full, and not stopping. After waiting for a few minutes, we decided to just go back to our balcony, so we wouldn't miss the ship going through the channel. That was a little disappointing, since I had arranged for my family to watch for us on the port camera. I called them to let them know that we weren't able to make it up on the top deck. We had first seating for dinner, 6:00PM, so we dressed for dinner, and went down to the dining room. We realized we didn't have a table number, so we had to wait in a line to get an assignment. We were assigned a table for 4, near a window, in the VIP section, but we couldn't sit there that night, since there was some confusion with table numbers. So for the first night, we sat near where our table would be for the rest of the week, with another couple who also had no table assignment. The VIP section was a nice location, we just couldn't see anything going on in the main dining area. That was fine, since we have been on 33 cruises, and had had that experience many times before. Dinner was excellent, as were most all of our meals. I had the seafood spaghetti, which I didn't think I would like that much, but it was so good! Bill, my DH, had a Marinated pork chop, that was also delicious. We shared bites of each others food, every night. I also had a scallop appetizer, made like Escargot, (which wasn't available on our cruise). After dinner, we went to the Diamond lounge, which was open from 5:00 PM until 8:30 PM. They had a full bar set up, including beer and soft drinks, and very nice hot and cold appetizers, including chocolates. I was full from dinner, but couldn't resist the bacon wrapped scallops in the lounge. I thought that the concierge, Francis, did an excellent job, along with Dennis and Goody the bartenders. They always greeted us with a smile, when we came in, and left the lounge. There was also someone in there at breakfast, who did a very nice job, but I never got his name. After a few drinks, we did a little shopping. I bought the ship model, to add to my collection. The model was huge, just like the ship itself. We then purchased the "Beer Bag", and went back to drink and enjoy our balcony. The deal with the beer bag is you purchase this cooler like bag, with an opener, for $9.95. Then every time that you buy 5 beers to fill it, you get 10% off the price of the beers. We refilled it on several occasions throughout the cruise. Day 2 - Sea Day I started most mornings with breakfast in the Diamond lounge, since it was so close to our room. It consisted of pastries, donuts, fruit, muffins, juice, and a toaster, along with bagels, and bread. It was a very nice set up, and the food was always fresh. After breakfast this morning, was the Crown and Anchor event, held in the Aqua theater. We went and had mimosas, and listened to the Captain for a while. They recognized a person who just reached Pinnacle status, by giving them champagne, flowers, and a gift. They also brought up on stage, a couple other Pinnacle tier people, and took some pictures. This strange woman dressed in red leotards ran down to the stage, to have her husband take her picture with the captain, while he was making his presentation. It was like it suddenly became a comedy show, and I think some people thought it was all a joke. The woman happened to be sitting right behind me, so I knew it wasn't an act, just some weird twist, to the event. The Captain tried to tell her that he couldn't pose for a picture at this time, but the woman wrapped her arms around him, and the picture was taken. Anyway, we left right after that, so that we could go to the meet and mingle at 11:15AM It was nice to meet everyone that I had been chatting with, on our roll call. RCI also gave some very nice gifts, to about 5 people who won the drawling, for showing up. They also gave us all a note pad and pen, for attending, and had available some pastries, water, and juice. After all the morning activities, we decided to have lunch in the Opus dining room. A lot of people on the boards had talked about a Tuti salad, and until I had it, I thought how good could a salad be? I mean good, but... It was very good, and turned out to be one of the highlights of my day. I really enjoyed these salads! I also had a caramelized banana, with butter pecan ice cream. It was so good, I ate almost every bite. They also served olive spread in your bread basket at lunch, which was very good. We decided to walk around, and enjoy the first sea day. I noticed that the zip line had a short line, and since I was looking forward to trying this, I did. It was such a thrill, and really got my adrenaline going. I loved it!! We had a cocktail after that, to celebrate the ride, which then lead to the purchase of our future cruise credits. Tonight was our first formal night. We got to meet our waiter for the week, Alfredo, who was excellent, along with his assistant, whose name was too hard to ever learn. We also met our table mates for the week, who were very nice. It was a lady who decided to bring her Grandmother-in-law on a cruise, for her 90th Birthday. They were both very nice, and we enjoyed dining with them for the week. My dinner was scallops gratin, Banana soup, shrimp ravioli, and a lemon meringue tart, which is called mile high lemon meringue pie. It was very good, even if the pie was a tart I was the only one at the table who had the cold soups every night, and they were so delicious! The rest didn't know what they were missing! Don't think of it as soup, but as a palate cleanser, and give them a try, you won't regret it! We also had a delicious white Moscato wine, but when we looked at the bottle, and saw it was only 5% alcohol, we didn't order it again. Then we finished the meal with an after dinner shooter, in the collectible glass. Always a crowd pleaser. We went to the show tonight, which I reserved our seats for, pre cruise. It was the Oasis of Dreams, and was excellent! We don't care to go to the shows usually, but this was a high dive, water show, and really set the tone. It was so good, that we actually decided to check out some of the other shows, which were also excellent. I have been using that word a lot, and that is because this was the most excellent cruise! It was absolutely perfect! Day 3 - Labadee We didn't rush off of the ship, because our plan was to snorkel, and we wanted the water to warm up a little, before we went a shore. So we had lunch at the Park Cafe. The roast beef sandwiches really are that good! They also have the Tuti salad, even if they don't call it that, the best potato salad, fruit cups, soups, and other pre made sandwiches. I love that they serve flavored water here, and in the Windjammer. Very tasty. We then went ashore, and the water was very cold, but once submerged, it was bearable for a little while. We tried snorkeling, but didn't see many fish, so decided to get warmed up with a stop at the bar, for a Labadoozie. Mine was kind of a grapefruit flavor, which I would have preferred a strawberry one, but I didn't think to ask what flavor he was serving. We then decided to go for a swim on the ship, while most people were on the Island. It was a nice temperature, and not crowded. Sail-a-way was at 4:30PM, with a champagne top tier event, on the helipad, complete with the bagpiper. She did an excellent job, and I really enjoyed it, being of Irish decent. Dinner was smart casual dress, and Italian fare. I had shrimp cocktail, strawberry soup, chicken Marsala, sticky bread pudding. Bill had the tiger shrimp, and again everything was excellent! We spent the rest of our evening walking around, and then relaxing on the balcony. Day 4 - Falmouth, Jamaica We decided to try breakfast at the Wipe Out Cafe, since Bill likes fried eggs. It wasn't impressive, but was ok. We got there not long before they were closing, and maybe that was why it was just ok. Anyway, almost everyone was getting off the ship, so we decided to go to the solarium hot tub, and the pool for a while, until the crowd was gone. That was very enjoyable! We have been to the other ports in Jamaica, several times before, but never to this one, so we thought we would look around the new dock area, and dry off, in the sun, while looking in the shops. The new Margaritaville was open! The people at the shops here weren't pushy at all, which was very nice. We only stayed in side the fenced area, and there were lots of shops to look in, even though not everything is open yet. They are doing a good job here, and it was worth taking a look, I thought. Later, we decided to try the Seafood shack for some appetizers. We had the calamari and crab cakes. Both were good, but if we had waited, we would have had the same items for dinner one night, instead of spending $10.00 for them. We were ok with that, since we would have paid that much or more, at home. We had a relaxing day taking pictures, a nap, lunch in the Windjammer, drinks, and then a casual dinner. I had ceviche, spinach dip, mango soup, and Chinese dumplings. Bill had veal scallopini. We then went to the Headliner show, which featured a group of guys singing songs, with out instruments. One of the guys actually made the sounds of instruments. It was really something! It doesn't sound like a good show, but you have to see it, to enjoy it. Our first towel animal of the cruise, was in our room, when we returned this evening. We also had received a tray of sweets, during the afternoon, which included a little Red Velvet cupcake, delicious! Day 5 - Sea Day There are so many choices for dining on this ship. Here is a list for breakfast and lunch: Breakfast free at: Wipe out cafe, omelets and fried eggs made to order, french toast, waffles, bacon sausage, potatoes, toast, pastries. Park cafe - breakfast sandwiches, cereal, fruit, pastries. Solarium - I never went, but I heard it was a light and healthy fare. Windjammer - you know the set up, everything. I never went for breakfast though. Diamond lounge - yummy pastries, donuts, fruit, toast, bagels, special coffee. Cafe promenade - coffee, pastries, donuts, muffins. Dining room - I never made it there. Johnny Rockets - never ate there. Donut shop - coffee, donuts. Breakfast was free every where. Lunch Park Cafe - Roast beef sandwiches, other wraps and pre made sandwiches, fruit cups, bagged chips, Doritos, and a salad bar that you told them what you wanted, and they mixed it up for you. They also had deserts and flavored water. Windjammer - flavored water, lemonade, iced tea, and buffet. Dining room on sea days - salad bar, (they mix it for you,) lunch meats, and some buffet stuff, plus off the menu. Sorentos - Pizza, Cafe Promenade - snacks Sandwiches made to order on the Boardwalk Those were all free. Seafood shack - ala carte pricing. Giovanis - Italian, cost. Johnny Rockets - $3.95 cover charge. Solarium - light food Not sure if there was a charge. This morning, like most, I ate breakfast in the Diamond lounge, and had lunch in the dining room. We shared a steak sandwich, tuti salad, and a mushroom cheese burger. All were very good! Then we went to the Boardwalk and rode the Merry-go-round, and I signed up for the "wishes at sea" walk. For a $10.00 donation, you got a tee-shirt, and a chance to help a sick child and their family, enjoy a cruise vacation. We then watched the Belly Flop contest, which is always amusing to me. We decided to watch the sea go by, from our balcony, this afternoon, and we got to see some Dolphin and flying fish. This is why we spend so much time on our balcony. We just love seeing the wild life, that live in the sea! Tonight was our second formal night, so we decided to have some pictures taken, before dinner. Some of the poses they have you do, are really stupid, so after the ones we feel are right for us, we just say no more, and walk away. This was our table mates 90th Birthday, and she was very happy, as were we, that it was lobster night. I had ordered a bottle of Asti spumanti, for the occasion, and her granddaughter ordered a chocolate cake. Dinner started off with crab claw salad, peach soup, shrimp cocktail, and large lobster tails. Dessert was baked Alaska. It looked really good, but I had the Baily's and Banana creme brulee. So good! We also had a couple shooters to end this excellent meal. Day 6 - Cozumel After breakfast, we went snorkeling right at the end of the International pier, where we were docked. We bring our own snorkel and mask, so we can just walk right out and snorkel, where ever we want, and on our own time. The water was so clear and beautiful, and there were lots of fish to see here. We saw a brown and white spotted eel, Parrot fish, a black and yellow Angel fish, and lots of other fish swimming around. The water was cool, but not as cold as it was in Labadee. After we finished with our expedition, we went back on the ship, and had lunch at the Park Cafe. By that time, we had been joined by 4 other ships in port. The Crown Princess, Carnival Paradise, Celebrity Constellation, and the Disney Magic which was docked at the downtown pier. We had received a voucher for a free Taxi ride to the shopping area in town, so we decided to use it, and look around a bit. We ended up buying a couple Mexican Rum cakes. They taste like they have more rum in them than the Tortuga ones, and are just as good. We walked around town some more, and then stopped in a place for some guacamole, chips and salsa. We were serenaded by a Mariachi band, while we enjoyed the view of the water, and our snacks. I don't drink in Mexico any more, since I don't know when I have had enough Margaritas, until it is too late, so we just had soft drinks, and then headed back to the ship. We decided to go swimming again, while most of the passengers were on shore, then played some mini golf, and I went for my second ride on the zip line, since there was no one in line. It was even better the second time, since now I knew how to do this. I even looked down this time! We then went and ordered some pictures at the photo gallery, got some envelopes from the Diamond lounge to leave extra tips for all of our favorite crew, who were helping to make this such an excellent vacation, and all the crew in the lounge. They also had forms that you could use to add them to your sea pass account, but it was easier just to give cash. Dinner tonight was casual, and we had crab cakes, honey dew soup, shrimp cocktail, steak, and cherries jubilee. We then went back to the cabin to watch sun set and sail-a-way, then off to take night shots around the ship. Late that night, we tried the pizza at Sorrentos, which was ok. We also stopped at the Promenade cafe for a treat, as we did on many afternoons, while out exploring the decks. Day 7 - Sea Day I knew we wouldn't be up in time to get breakfast tomorrow, so I got breakfast for both days today. First I had my usual breakfast, than I went to the Park Cafe, and got breakfast sandwiches, and fruit cups for the next day. I put them in our cooler, to keep them fresh. The sandwiches were very good, even the next morning. One was a muffin with an over easy egg, and ham, the other one was scrambled eggs and spinach, on fecatch bread. After breakfast, I sat on our balcony, until Bill got up around noon. He missed seeing all of the Dolphin that were out there today! I tried to get a picture, and a movie, but I don't think that I captured the dolphin. At least I got to enjoy seeing them! We had breakfast in the Windjammer today. I had some really tasty eggplant parmesan. It didn't have much sauce on it, like I like, so I added some sauce that they had for the spaghetti, which made it just like I like it. We also had mashed potatoes, and pork schnitzel. It was all very good! We then went to a water show, and picked up our pictures that I had ordered during the week. We looked around at everything again, trying to make sure we didn't miss anything, then had a drink on the Rising Tide bar. That was neat. When the bar is rising, they have a fountain underneath it. Dinner tonight was casual, and I had scallops, pineapple soup, feta & clamote olive salad, and Turkey. The turkey was juicy, and served with an apple stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Bill had the Fried Fish Plate, which he liked. We then gave out our envelopes, like we used to on earlier cruises, and it was nice doing it that way, and saying good bye to everyone. We had left our tips on our sea pass, but all of our wait staff, cabin steward, and concierge staff, deserved even more than the recommended amount, so we got to use the envelopes for that. We went to the raffle in the casino, (I had won a ticket for this, earlier in the week). It was a nice package of gifts and money, and they awarded two prizes. I didn't win. We filled the beer bag one more time, walked around, and then went back to the cabin and packed. We had our suit cases out by 11:00PM, and so stayed on our balcony until we went to sleep. The next morning, Bill slept until 9:00AM, then we had our breakfast from the cooler, and headed to the Opal theater, to wait for our tag number to be called. At 10:30AM, they called our number, we were number 65 out of 77, and just after that, they called all numbers to leave the ship. We had asked for a late departure, since our plane wasn't scheduled to leave until 2:30PM, and I was glad we stayed as long as we did. Our flight was delayed five hours, total, but only an hour at a time, so we never could actually leave the terminal, and go do anything fun. Everything about the Oasis, we loved, and we can't wait to go again, or to try the Allure! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2012
Just had our 2nd honeymoon on the 7 day Western Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. November 24th sailing. This was our 2nd cruise, our 1st was on Emerald Princess. The Oasis is a marvel of engineering and architecture - the size of a small ... Read More
Just had our 2nd honeymoon on the 7 day Western Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. November 24th sailing. This was our 2nd cruise, our 1st was on Emerald Princess. The Oasis is a marvel of engineering and architecture - the size of a small city! I was wary about a ship with more than 6000+ passengers but I NEVER felt the impact of crowds in terms of lines or quality of food/entertainment. Checkin and boarding took 15 minutes - amazing! Our junior suite was spacious, a huge walk in closet, king sized bed, living room and double size balcony with table/chairs and 2 lounge chairs, just perfect! Entertainment on this ship is unsurpassed in the cruise industry, RCCL has really invested some $$$ in the production value and it shows: Hairspray - broadway quality musical, entertaining and energetic Come fly with me - really was a 'cirque' quality acrobatic show Frozen in time - entertaining ice skating show Oasis of dreams - diving and more acrobatic feats in the outdoor aqua theatre. The wife LOVED the shows and I must say that I was thoroughly entertained...we didn't bother with the comedy club as it was always sold out and I didn't care to stand in line - 4 shows in a week was enough for me! Food - I was most wary about the food quality with the huge passenger load so I booked FOUR specialty dining nights Chops Grille - our favorite spot, we dined there twice -attentive service and treatment by the management and service staff... excellent shrimp and oyster apps, very tasty crab cake app....filet mignon was cooked well, anticipate a temp grade higher than you ask for so plan accordingly...i.e if you want med well order medium. We ate the mud pie each night and each night we were given the red velvet cake to take back to the room....this red velvet cake was the BEST dessert of the cruise-amazing! Giovannis - good service, food was good, osso bucco melted in my mouth, get a pasta dish to share.... 150 Central Park - we saved this one for our last night...some reviews were negative so I didnt know what to is all about quality over quantity...several courses - salmon cooked to perfection, tender succulent lamb....all good and not too filling but altogether not as memorable as our Chops dining experience! Main Dining Room - this was a pleasant surprise - I was quite skeptical about service and food quality from reviews but overall we had NO issues....Francisco and Sandro were our favorite dinner servers....ala carte breakfast in the MDR is the way to go! We didnt eat at the Skyjammer buffett at all but did have a couple lunches at the Solarium buffet - overall good stuff. Room service breakfast is the way to go EVERY day....breakfast on the balcony is one of the highlights of the cruise for me...they were early or on time 5/6 mornings! They have a Starbucks on board! Had a starbucks almost every day - the Filipina gal there was great and made my cinnamon dolce and peppermint lattes every day to SBUX perfection! We worked out at the gym 3 times...never had a hard time getting a good elliptical and the weight machines (hammer strength, lifecycle) were all state of the art! Ports were Labadee, Falmouth Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico...had excursions booked through the ship but for one reason or another ended up canceling all of those and making our own excursions - really the only way to do it! We found Doctor Cove beach in Montego Bay - one of the best beaches there. Snorkeled at Chakanab in Cozumel, clear water, fish and reef life was amazing. Labadee is just what it is, a completely artificial commercial environment but a good beach day. Wife and I had separate Spa treatments- I had a head to toe massage with Pam, an Indian girl from South Africa - she was great! Casino was OK - slots seemed pretty loose, won a few hundred bucks playing roulette, craps and slots the first night we went....well by the 3rd night lets just say I gave it back...and then some. We took the cruise after Thanksgiving to get away from it all, blackberries, emails, work etc etc....found the Oasis of the Sea to be a very relaxing way to get away and would do it again....perhaps the Allure? We want to try another line...probably onto Celebrity next. I recommend that you definitely should get a suite and at the very least get a balcony....that really enhanced our cruise experience! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2012
OASIS DELIGHT Oct. 13-20th, 2012 Just returned from our Western Caribbean Cruise on the OASIS of the Seas, it was incredible. The ship is amazing. There is so much to see and do. We had a balcony suite with an ocean view and the ... Read More
OASIS DELIGHT Oct. 13-20th, 2012 Just returned from our Western Caribbean Cruise on the OASIS of the Seas, it was incredible. The ship is amazing. There is so much to see and do. We had a balcony suite with an ocean view and the accommodations were quite comfortable. Room service was excellent. It is easily designed and the map to it computer beside the elevators made navigating the ship a breeze. As a couple of foodies, it was a wonderful experience. We did all specialty dinning and were not disappointed. The food, wine and service were excellent. Dessert portions were for sharing. We highly recommend the red velvet cake at the Chop Grill or the tiramisu at Giovanni's. The Solarium Bistro appeared to be the best kept secret on the ship as it was never busy but had a wonderful menu and romantic ambience. The pumpkin spice, coconut soup is definitely worth trying. We pre-booked a premium wine package and learned that this list was designed for the main dining room menu. We were able to choose wines to accompany our meals. Except at 150, where we elected to participate in the wine pairing and it further enhanced the experience. Izumi's Sushi was fantastic. Everything was so fresh and tasty. Windjammers buffet was quite good, just really busy at breakfast. A must try is the roast beef sandwich in the Park Cafe. Did I mention that all the Bread is baked Fresh on the ship...Yum! The Chef's Table was a dining delight. The portions were quite generous and pleasing to the palate. We also pre-booked all the shows, which meant no line ups. The shows were terrific. We were pleasantly surprised. We learned not to book anything on the first night as luggage could arrive to your stateroom as late as 8:00pm. They were however, very accommodating when we needed to reschedule a reservation. A few other things to note: you cannot bring irons on the ship. This is a fire hazard and they will be confiscated, which could mean a visit to security. Also, do not wear white to the Aqua show. There is a risk of some debris that could possibly ruin fabrics. Watch for the daily drink specials and the Happy Hour savings offered at various locations on the ship. Express Check Off is searching for your bag. However if you have a later flight, you could be standing in line at the airport for hours. There is free WIFI so it is a good time to catch up. This was a memorable vacation and we will certainly return to the Oasis of the Seas! Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2012
First, let me say that my wife and I truly enjoyed our cruise on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. This ship is a monster but if you do your homework prior to sailing, you will have a wonderful experience. The ship's passenger ... Read More
First, let me say that my wife and I truly enjoyed our cruise on Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. This ship is a monster but if you do your homework prior to sailing, you will have a wonderful experience. The ship's passenger compliment was about 6100 with a crew of over 2300. While that seems like a lot of people (and it is) most of the time the ship did not feel crowded. The only time we felt crowded was during several parades on the Royal Promenade and in the Windjammer Market Place. Other than that we never felt like there were too many people on board. We were disappointed with the food and lack of seating in the Windjammer. Usually a great experience, the meats were often dried out and empty trays were slow to be refilled. The design of the ship was fantastic with the exception of the Windjammer. More attention should have been paid to this area. This being said, we only ate there 2 or 3 times during the trip. Our stateroom overlooked Central Park, truly a novel and fun place to spend time. One evening around 10pm we sat and listened to a piano/violin duo. Just totally relaxing and enjoyable! The Park Cafe was great. They serve a roast beef sandwich (don't ask me to spell it) that is absolutely a must try for anyone taking a cruise on Oasis. The other foods served here are also quite good and it was rarely crowded. The main dining room food and service was excellent (as usual). Our waiter (Krasen) and assistant waiter (Leonardo) were attentive and first-rate. We were seated in the deck 4 area (table 450) and every meal was great! No need to dine in the specialty restaurants but they also got good reviews from others we met on our trip. What can I say about the entertainment? Excellent. We saw Hairspray the first night and thoroughly enjoyed the show. The cast was top notch. Second night we saw Oasis of Dreams at the Aqua Theater. You cannot imagine how much fun a water show at sea can be! The headliner show, Comedians, Frozen in Time Ice Show, and Come Fly with Me were also outstanding but then again, most of the shows RCCL puts on are! We have been to Labadee and Cozemel several times but this was the first time in Falmouth. Not bad but if you venture outside the port compound be prepared to fend off locals trying to make a living. Just a bit aggressive. I did manage to find a Jerk Seasoning (Island Spice) that is almost exclusive to Jamaica and bought the store out. It was a priority for me prior to sailing. As I mentioned above, we had a Central Park view stateroom that was roomy enough for my wife and me and amid ships. The walk to the forward elevator was fairly short and a bit farther to the aft elevator but as most people know who have cruised before, a good walk after dinner won't hurt you! My wife and I are planning to take the Allure of the Seas next year and possibly take our families with us. That is a major undertaking as we will require 6 staterooms. It will be interesting to see if we catch any kind of break from RCCL for booking 6 at one time. We both recommend this ship! Read Less
Sail Date: September 2012
I suggest going the day before for two reasons: 1) just in case there is any delays on your flight and 2) to see ft. lauderdale! i would suggest going to las olas, its a beachfront street where you can walk around, see little shops and ... Read More
I suggest going the day before for two reasons: 1) just in case there is any delays on your flight and 2) to see ft. lauderdale! i would suggest going to las olas, its a beachfront street where you can walk around, see little shops and then see the beautiful beach! My husband and I went to a little crepe shop on south olas that had esgargot and gruyere cheese inside. mmmm yum! a must try for the adventurous foodie inside of you. Like other reviews before me, I would suggest not going so early (around 1 or 2 in the afternoon is good) to get to the port. You miss the crowd and in 15 minutes, you are on the ship! Another good thing about going around this time is that your stateroom will already be ready for you so you dont have to wait around and you get to see your room right away. We got a boardwalk balcony room on the ship. Some reviews said it was noisy, I found it to be really quiet when you shut the balcony door. I really liked the fact that we could people watch, still was able to see the ocean past the aqua theater, and we were able to see the oasis of dreams show multiple times from the comfort of our balcony! There was a nice breeze that passed through the open part of the ship so it wasn't so hot each day. I'm kinda glad we didn't get the ocean view, I think I would have gotten sick from it. But having the lights at night was really beautiful. If I had a choice, I would probably do the boardwalk balcony room again. I dont think I would do the central park balcony, it seemed like a valley, it was really hot in that part of the ship. Our stateroom attendant was AWESOME, per our request, he made the towel animals EVERY night instead of the 2 or 3 nights they usually do it. Also, he gave us robes to wear during the cruise, something I requested on the phone and was denied by the operator. It is true, bring a power strip if you need to charge more than one item since there is not really any power outlets in the staterooms. We actually started out with a inside stateroom and upgraded about a month prior to the embarkation date. If you are patient and willing to look for deals every so often, I would suggest doing this since we basically received a balcony room for the inside stateroom price! This saved us about $500 each, which is a good thing because you are probably going to be spending that money on the ship anyways! on that note, do NOT go on this amazing cruise if you are not willing to spend money. yes, there is A LOT of things to do that is included on the cruise but you must be willing to spend at least $500 onboard for the little things, pictures ($99.99 is there special, comes with 4 8x10 photos, a dvd recap, a picture of the front or back of the ship, and a folio to put one picture in), cupcakes, and speciality restaurants (a MUST if you are adults going to dinner with kids). We only went to the dining room once, I was NOT impressed with the food at all. The portions were great, but there was no flavor, so we just went to the speciality restaurants the rest of the week. those restaurants do NOT disappoint (and because you are paying for them, they better not disappoint!) i would suggest doing a dining package if you are willing to go to the speciality restaurants, it saved us about $30 per person! The one FREE place we did love going to was the park cafe. All the roast beef sandwiches are true, it was so good! Not only was the roast beef sandwich good, but they also have a make-your-own-salad bar and they make paninis too! the ambience wasn't bad either. just make sure you get there before 6 pm since that is when they close for the night. Lots of disappointed people came at 6:05. you do NOT want to be one of them. The seafood shack really wasn't my thing, but they did have a surf's up party that was pretty awesome. its $25/person and it comes with a LOT of food AND three alcoholic beverages. Not only that, there was a show and dancing to go along with it. Definitely worth the money. There are a LOT of food choices on the ship, and I was determined to try ALL of them (only one I didn't was the chef's table, didn't feel like having my meal narrated by the chef). But after the cruise, I only gained one pound! There are SO many things to do on this ship and you are DEFINITELY going to be doing a lot of walking so your weight shouldn't fluctuate that much. if you are a planner/organizer, or have a type A personality (or at least someone in your group is), make sure to take advantage of all the things you can do pre-cruise online so you will have a smooth trip. We made all our show reservations online and didn't have to wait in one line to get in. Not only that, you get the best seats! So make sure to make reservations ahead of time, if you want to change a time of a show, just call from your stateroom, the guest services were always willing to help. Also, make sure to sign the activities waiver before the cruise, it makes the zipline, flowrider and rock climbing lines go by fast. I didn't try the flowrider as I saw one girl lose her bottoms and I was NOT going to be a 32 year old woman that did the same thing. However, my husband did it and said it was fun. Zipline was awesome, just don't look down and make sure to remember to stop! Rock climbing was fun, remember that the purple "rocks" are the easiest and you will be fine. The ports were ok, i'm from San Diego so to me, Haiti and Jamaica were TOO HOT to enjoy :( Labadee, Haiti was fun, tried to snorkel but didn't really see anything. Falmouth, Jamaica - Dunns river falls were amazing, make sure to stretch first before going up the falls because you WILL be sore the next day if you dont. Make sure to bring your own aqua shoes, the ship charges $20 when you can buy them ahead of time for $10. The vendors are VERY VERY pushy, make sure to just try to walk away calmly if you are not going to buy anything since they will get IN your face and start carving YOUR name on their items in order for you to buy it. Cozumel, Mexico - the BEST port ever. Make sure to try the 4x4 taverns. You can drive a jeep through mexico and it takes you to the famous chaak tun caverns. SOOOO amazing, definitely a once in a lifetime experience. You get to swim in a crystal clear cenote in a cave. Its so awesome. And then you drive out to a restaurant where you eat ON THE BEACH. Not only that, its AWAY from the general public so you can relax for a couple hours under a shade that you don't have to fight for. I truly was sad to leave. I'm already planning my next one on the allure of the seas! I dont understand why people complain. If you already know that yes, people are going to try to sell you stuff (just kindly say no thank you) and yes, there are 6000 people on that ship with you (never felt crowded) then you will have a great time. Don't let people with negative attitudes bring you down. Just go with the flow and you will have the time of your life :) Read Less
Sail Date: June 2012
I really, really wanted to love this cruise. My parents booked it for our family plus my fiance for a final pre-wedding family vacation. It was dreadful! I had read so many positive things about this cruise, I was flabbergasted at how ... Read More
I really, really wanted to love this cruise. My parents booked it for our family plus my fiance for a final pre-wedding family vacation. It was dreadful! I had read so many positive things about this cruise, I was flabbergasted at how terrible it was. I even paid the .65/minute for WiFi to re-check I had read the right reviews! Getting on the boat was a breeze, everything else was a hassle. We had dinner reservations via My Time Dining the first night. Our waiter & waiter's assistant must have been having a terrible day. My mother ordered a glass of wine, they left the rest of the table drinkless to go run our Sea Pass card and bring back the receipt. My father asked for a roll and it took no less than 15 minutes for the assistant to return. The food in the dining room was mostly good but the service ruined it for everyone. The other nights in the dining room were better, but the final night a manager was walking around asking about the surveys we would get the next morning. We explained to her the trouble we had had the first night, and she literally sat at our table interrupting our dinner for the next 5 minutes trying to get us not to leave a bad review. Seriously? To top it off, the dining room manager almost got into a fist fight with a patron! The guy was clearly upset about something, slammed his table up & sent plates and glasses flying. They asked him to leave and the dining room manager literally had every curse word imaginable flying out of his mouth. I wondered if they were having some sort of serious political/religious issue because it was heated...but still funny. "Get the **** out of my dining room!" His response? "We're on a BOAT! Where do you want me to GO?!" Mornings we had our breakfast delivered to our room. We learned very quickly to specify exactly what you want, but you still won't get it. I wrote very clearly on the form that we only needed yellow sweetener with our coffee. I also had to specify which pastries we wanted with our tray, otherwise we got a plate full of sourdough rolls and no croissants. We never got yellow sweetener in our room all 6 days we pre-ordered our breakfast. Aside from the service, we spent a majority of our time waiting...mostly for the elevators. Had I not been in heels most nights, I would have used the stairs more. Want to eat at the Windjammer? Wait! My Time Dining? Wait in line, then wait in the chairs! Even when we went to empty Johnny Rockets, we waited 5 minutes for a table then another 10 in the sun while waiters stared at us and never came. We left and went to guest services. Giovanni's was by far the best food & service, waiter was amazing. The Seafood Shack was great too, a few people we met would only go there for dinner. Do not ask for ice water - it comes with complimentary snarls and eye rolls. I'm sorry! It's 90+ degrees and I can't ONLY drink liquor! I'll be 26 in August and had a hard time getting served alcohol. I look young, but a few bartenders tried trickery. I asked for a mango pineapple frozen rum drink. I watched the bartender pour juice in the ice-blendery machine and slide it over to me sans rum. He looked flabbergasted when I asked where the liquor was?! He poured Myers on top of it and charged me my $9. My 19-year-old brother had no problem being served anywhere we went though! The shows were what kept me from total insanity. The water show was dreadful though, not remotely synchronized and frankly pretty weird. They also need to fix both of the big monitors and the sound system. The last morning starting at 8:00am they blasted the beginning of a Bon Jovi song for 20 minutes until they figured out how to turn it off. Hairspray was fantastic, the comedy show was AWESOME! They spent the entire time ragging on the ship - hitting on everything we all knew to be true. Don't speak English? Here's a Royal Caribbean application! Need ice water? Here's your spit! Haiti was contrived like Disney World, but the food was better than anything we got on the boat aside from Giovanni's. Jet Skis were fun, but we were with a lot of slow, scared people so we had to drive for 30 seconds then stop and wait for them to catch up. They make a point to swing you by the canoe sellers though! Jamaica was a mess. It was my first time there and I spent it on a tube tied to 8 other people moving at a snail's pace and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Just make sure you know whether it will be high or low tide if you book that excursion, low tide is like floating through two feet of marsh mud. At least our guide sang Conway Twitty when he got tired of the generic Bob Marley. He also said during high tide, the tube ride is much faster and you get to go much further down the river than we did. Mexico was a godsend - we did the jeep & snorkeling excursion. The guides were perfect. We went all around the coast then back through the city to literally see every part of Cozumel. They even let us have the automatic 4-door jeep so our family of 5 wouldn't have to split up! All in all, I wanted to love cruising but it just isn't for me. The boat & cabins were really pretty and I appreciate what they tried to do but I could definitely tell there were 6,000 head on board and most of the crew seemed generally unhappy with life. I understand they are on the boat for long periods of time, but there are plenty worse jobs out there! If you love being in a small pool with 100 other people and waiting 10 minutes for an elevator to take you to the dining room with mediocre food, this is the ship for you! Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2012
First, let me repeat all the other reviews: this ship was more beautiful and magnificent than expected, even after reviewing hundreds of comments, pictures, and videos. It's beyond compare. I agree with all the positive reviews so I ... Read More
First, let me repeat all the other reviews: this ship was more beautiful and magnificent than expected, even after reviewing hundreds of comments, pictures, and videos. It's beyond compare. I agree with all the positive reviews so I won't elaborate more on that end. Since almost all the reviews are positive I've decided to elaborate a little on my less than positive experiences, not to dissuade anyone from missing out on a wonderful ship, but to possibly avoid some of my first time mistakes. Here's the things I would change next time. PICK A DIFFERENT STATEROOM THAN A BOARDWALK BALCONY if you are a light sleeper. We correctly guessed the views from the boardwalk would be magnificent. You can see the blue water and shows from any of these rooms. The only downside is the crowd noise is constant and gets louder as it gets later into the night. If you ever plan to sleep or nap before midnight it might not be the best room for you. I am a light sleeper so it bothered me, but not my wife. PICK A ROOM CLOSE TO THE STAIRS AND ELEVATORS if you have any physical disabilities or if you tend to come back to your room a few times a day. The long walkways can be brutal if you forget something. Then again, there were a lot of people who could afford to lose a few calories. TRY OTHER RESTAURANTS THAN THE WINDJAMMER. The first few days we went to the Windjammer out of habit. Then we discovered the wonderful Solarium restaurant and Central Park cafe. Although we had read the Windjammer was too small for this ship they seem to have responded well by posting screens throughout the ship showing how full the restaurants are. Furthermore, the have blocked the port side stairway as well as two other main entrances into the buffet making it harder to get to. There were constant announcements in the buffet encouraging people to leave as soon as they were done eating. Service in the Windjammer was excellent. We never had a problem finding a table. Why not try other restaurants anyway. DON'T EXPECT TO FIND A QUITE PUBLIC SPACE ANYWHERE. I tried reading my book in several spots on the ship. There are just too many people to really focus. There were a lot of foreigners. Not to be racist, but Italians are particularly loud. They seem to all talk at once and the one who screams loudest gets heard I suppose. I did see someone with BOSE noise reduction headphones and they are going to be on my shopping list before my next cruise. AVOID THE ELEVATORS IN THE EVENING. Kids everywhere. They seem to love riding elevators. Several times we could not get into elevators because they were full. Not to mention the elevators had no a/c so it could get quite stuffy at times. I wish they could keep people from taking elevators just one floor unless they had a physical disability. I'm sure the passes will soon have computer chips so you will be instantly recognized throughout the ship and they will be able to better track our walking patterns. This would be nice if we were looking for our kids or loved ones on the ship. It's coming soon I'm sure. THE SLOTS SUCKED! We never heard any ching ching. Lost $100 in two minutes, without winning once. WE DID WIN AT ROULETTE. I'm beginning to like that game. :) THE VENUES WERE SMALL. We were really surprised the dancing on the ship was so limited. Very few people out dancing. BOOK ALL YOUR ACTIVITIES IN ADVANCE. Everything is booked once you get on the ship. THE SPECIALTY DINING cost about as much as you would pay at home. On other ships like Norwegian, we paid a fraction of the price for excellent food. Then again, everything on this ship is a little more expensive. FACE RECOGNITION (good point). We couldn't figure out how they kept getting our pictures together in the same place even though they didn't have our room number. They use facial recognition to group all your photos into a book. Look at your room pass for your number and voila! All your pictures are in one place. DINING ROOM SERVICE WAS VERY HURRIED. We like to enjoy a drink before dinner. On most nights the menu was thrown in front of us and we were immediately asked to make a selection. We never saw a drink person unless we asked but the drinks usually didn't get there before our entree'. We learned to pickup a drink before we got to the dining room and politely, but repeatedly, asked our server to give us time to enjoy a little conversation before dinner. POOLS. The solarium is a blessing if you want to get away from the kids. It has the only fresh water pool on the ship and it gets very crowded. We met some nice people there, but unfortunately some people start talking politics and that makes me want to leave. FINAL OBSERVATION. You have to go on this ship at least once. Although it doesn't have the personal feel of some of the smaller cruise ships, it's clean from top to bottom and your jaw will drop the moment you walk on board until the moment you walk off the plank. You should give yourself an extra day or two before going back to work after this ship as it can be exhausting. FAVORITE CRUISES: NCL to Alaska out of Vancouver (1), Jewel of the Seas out of Tampa during Xmas (2), and this cruise (3). I've done about 12 cruises altogether. I prefer a little more peace and quiet but this was still great. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2012
This was our second cruise and it was also our honeymoon. We weighed going on cheaper cruises but other half insisted that we go on "the big boat". I'm glad I listened to her. Even though it cost much more than everything ... Read More
This was our second cruise and it was also our honeymoon. We weighed going on cheaper cruises but other half insisted that we go on "the big boat". I'm glad I listened to her. Even though it cost much more than everything else we were looking at, the Oasis really was worth the money. The ship was always immaculate and it feels like you're on a new ship. The layout and the decor were aesthetically pleasing and while the ship is large, no question about it, it was never really all that far to get where we were trying to go. The staff for the most part was very helpful and friendly, although for the second time, we had a bad experience at the spa on a Royal Caribbean ship (we will get to that in a minute). Specifically, one of the best things about this ship is the way the cabins are laid out. Supposedly, the sq footage of the Oasis balcony rooms is a little smaller than the balconies on other ships. However, that is either inaccurate or the way the rooms are arranged more than makes up for it. The shower in the bathroom has an odd shape that affords a little more room in the shower stall and the vanity in the bathroom is shallow which makes the bathroom feel bigger. In the cabin, again, the vanity is shallower and gives you more room in the cabin and the closets are laid out in such a way so as not to take up too much space from the living area in the room. We had a package for the specialty restaurants and by far, the Chops grill was the best. We also went to Izumi and that was pretty good. Giovanni's Table was just ok. The food in the main dining room was good and of course, if you're familiar with Royal Caribbean, the Windjammer is the Windjammer. There are only two issues I really had with this cruise. First is that the ship, while not being obnoxiously large, is big enough to affect the experience and interactions with the staff, probably because of the number of guests on board. On our previous cruise, we were able to familiarize ourself with the bartenders and some of the staff on board. On this ship, at almost every bar, there is a constant stream of people and the bar tenders don't seem to have the time to get to know the passengers. Also, the cruise director staff seemed to always be en route to the next event and didn't really have time to meet the passengers. On the whole, the cruise experience just felt impersonal compared to our previous cruise. The second issue we had was at the spa. The spa itself was absolutely gorgeous but the staff just seemed more qualified to sell you a treatment than to provide it. We had a couples massage done and while oils they use seem to be very nice, as far as the actual massage, you could probably a significantly better massage done for a quarter of the price at any massage parlor on land. Also, 15% gratuity included means that they aren't necessarily motivated to do a better job. Sadly, this was the same as our experience on our previous cruise which means we will not be getting massages on any future cruises. On the whole the cruise was still a great experience and we are excited to go again but the lessons learned are go on a smaller ship and don't go to the spa. Instead, spend the money at the bar or at the specialty restaurants. Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2011
The Oasis of the Seas is AMAZING! The ship itself is beautiful, big, and will NOT disappoint. This was our (my husband and I) first cruise so we really didn't know what to expect. I had read all the good and bad reviews on ... Read More
The Oasis of the Seas is AMAZING! The ship itself is beautiful, big, and will NOT disappoint. This was our (my husband and I) first cruise so we really didn't know what to expect. I had read all the good and bad reviews on cruise critic and was a little worried. After the first few days I will honestly say that the bad reviews really have to be from people that just want to complain. From the moment we got off the airplane, got our baggage, and got on the transfer bus to the terminal to check in, everything was smooth. The check in process was painless (less than 20 minutes), the embarkation process was easy, and within an hour of getting off the airplane we were on the ship. The Stateroom - Since we have never been on a cruise before and have nothing to compare the room to, I would say that the room was roomy enough, the bathrooms were nice, and the showers with the doors were really the best. We had room in the closet and under the bed for our luggage, and I found a place for all of our stuff. Our room attendant kept the room very clean and he was always VERY helpful with any questions we had. His towel animals every night were so cute and I couldn't wait to see what he had made. The Entertainment - The shows were AWESOME! We saw all but Hairspray and the ice skating show. I would recommend reservations (especially for the comedy show and Oasis of Dreams water show) but I do think even if you didn't have them you could still get in to most things. Richard Spacey is amazing/funny/keeps the party going and probably works 24/7 to make sure that you are entertained if you want to be. The Food - I heard a lot of complaints about the food when we were on board from people that have cruised several times (mainly that the Oasis of the Seas doesn't have seafood like a lot of the other ships), and I read the boards about the food and was a little worried. We found the food good....not amazing....but good. We normally ate in the Wind Jammer for breakfast which was fine. It was always crazy busy but we always found a place to sit. For lunch on the days we were on the ship we ate at the bistro place that has coffee on deck 5 (it has sandwiches and cookies) or we ate at the central park place with the roast beef sandwiches. Both were very good. The Solarium looked good but we never ate there. We heard the salads there were great. At night we at in the MD (5 nights), at Chops (1 night) and at The Italian place (1 night). All were excellent. I don't think Chops was as good as I was expecting but it was good. The food in the MD for the most part was excellent. They always brought us more and on a few nights we asked for double entrees and there was never a problem. If there was a complaint it was that the service a few nights was a little slow but because most of the time we didn't have anything planned after (other than losing our money in the casino) it wasn't a big deal. Service - Awesome! Can't say enough about how hard the crew works. I saw people late at night and early the next morning. They were always friendly, attentive, and helpful. We never had a problem. The guys on the pool deck especially were hustlers. We never went without beer or mixed drinks. The Ports of Call - Labadee is BEAUTIFUL! Get off the boat and go lay on the beach and get in the water! It is awesome!! Great view of the ship from the beach!! Jamaica - GET OFF THE BOAT!! We did the zip line and Dunn's River Falls excursion. We had the most fun! The guide was wonderful and full of information, the zip line experience was AMAZING, and Dunn's River Falls was awesome!! Also, we got lunch during the day and it was the best lunch I have had in forever. Jerk chicken, beans and rice, and some salad that was yummy! Cozumel - GET OFF THE BOAT! We went snorkeling. The water is so beautiful in Cozumel how could you NOT get off the boat. Leaving the ship - From the time they called our number until were were sitting on the bus to the airport = 10 minutes total. Easy. No complaints. Over all we had the best time. We met some really nice people, drank, ate, relaxed, loved, and enjoyed being together. If you read a bad complaint chalk it up to someone who wants to complain and doesn't enjoy life because you truly can't have a bad time on the Oasis of the Seas. Read Less
Sail Date: September 2011
This was an amazing cruise; entertainment aboard was really good; Music Express and the Jazz band were top of the line.Unfortunately the Pat Jenau trio lost the drummer and they kept performing without a drummer but due to the kind of ... Read More
This was an amazing cruise; entertainment aboard was really good; Music Express and the Jazz band were top of the line.Unfortunately the Pat Jenau trio lost the drummer and they kept performing without a drummer but due to the kind of music they played, like 60's an 70,s , the result of their performance was vary poor. We made reservation in advance for the shows and that worked out really nice. the shows were also top of the line. We rent i phones; this was a nightmare, everyday they had to give us another phone because the one we had had bad reception or something else; when on the 4 th day we had to go to the reference center to complain again about the phones my husband wanted to return the phones and get back our money, than Mendoza offered us to pay half the prize they had charged us. What i missed on that cruise was the ice carving night, a (midnight) bbq on the deck and at least 1 midnight buffet. There was a lot of smoking in the bars and also in the cabin next to us, i could smell it when i was on our balcony. Overall this was a great cruise. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2011
To begin, I'd like to say this is only our second cruise, the first was on the the Norwegian Dawn and while we enjoyed that cruise very much, this one was far and away our best. Possibly our best vacation period! ... Read More
To begin, I'd like to say this is only our second cruise, the first was on the the Norwegian Dawn and while we enjoyed that cruise very much, this one was far and away our best. Possibly our best vacation period! Service: On Oasis of the Seas we felt the service was top notch, all the staff are very friendly, asking about our day, sharing stories, making sure that we had everything we needed. They did a good job to remember who you were which personalized our vacation very nicely. Food: The specialty restaurants we went to were fantastic! Chops we went to twice and it was quite possibly one of the best meals we've had. Especially liked the crap cakes and our steaks were cooked to perfection. We also did the Chef's table and Chef Jane Gray from Australia was great, she did a wonderful job of explaining each dish, how it was made, what her inspirations were, etc. The waiter was also fantastic and we enjoyed his explainations of the wine pairings. We also were in a very entertaining group and had a fabulous evening. We only ate in the main dining room one night as the menu didn't overly thrill us and we were at a table with others who would have rather sat on their own which made it a little awekward. The buffet was ok, we did prefer it on last cruise. The stations they have set up don't really make sense, so you have to tour first to figure out what you want, and then go a second time to get the food. Park Cafe was our favourite for lunch and Solarium Bistro was nice for a healthy breakfast. Activities: Well you can't possibly be bored on this ship...our favourites were the rock climbing wall for my husband and the mini golf. We also tried the zip line, the flowrider and ice skating. All were fun, some we used more than others. There were many classes etc. that you could do, one week just isn't enough time. Entertainment: This was the area we were most pleasantly surprised in. I had made all our reservations at home before we left and we saw everything. The wide variety of venues and shows was fabulous! Our favouties were the Splish Splash comedy show in the Aqua Theatre and the Headliner Earl Turner. Also enjoyed the other shows and thought everything was worth seeing. Even the fountain shows at the Aqua Theatre were nice if you didn't have anything planned...the one at night was the best. Stateroom: We only had an inside, but it was plenty big enough for the 2 of us and very well laid only complaint would be the location of plugs...but it wasn't that big of a deal. Our stateroom attendant was amazing....she definately deserved the extra tip we left. Ports: Labadee was our favourite, very well set us, something for everyone and you didn't have far to go. We did the snorkel safari and felt is was well worth the price. Falmouth Jamaica....well...still unfinished and it looks like it will still be several months until it is. We only got off long enough to do a little souvenir shopping and then got back on board. Cozumel isn't overly picturesque, but there is shopping close by and we went to Chankanaab to do the Dolphin Swim, which we'd booked from home and thought it was well worth the price. We had interaction with manatees first and then were in the water with the dolphins for about an hour and got to do 5 things each as well as other interactions. Embarkation/Disembarkation: Both were extremely smooth and easy. We arrived at the pier at 11:15 and were onboard by 11:30. We did the express walk off where we took our own luggage and were curbside in about a half hour. Hotel: We stayed at the Cambria Suites Dania Beach before and after as they offer free shuttles to and from both the airport and cruiseport, nice hotel and the free shuttles were great. All and all this was a truly fabulous cruise and considering there were over 6000 passengers and over 2000 crew you never felt like there were that many people. We would both easily cruise Oasis again. Looking forward to our next Royal Caribbean cruise in March on the Explorer. Read Less
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Sail Date: April 2011
My boyfriend and I cruised on Royal Caribbean for the very first time in 2010 on the Freedom of the Seas traveling the Eastern Caribbean. We loved it so much, we wanted to experience the Western Caribbean side on the larger ship - Oasis of ... Read More
My boyfriend and I cruised on Royal Caribbean for the very first time in 2010 on the Freedom of the Seas traveling the Eastern Caribbean. We loved it so much, we wanted to experience the Western Caribbean side on the larger ship - Oasis of the Seas. We booked our cruise through Royal Caribbean and our cruise agent took good care of us. He helped us make many decisions that helped to make our cruise experience on Oasis of the Seas a greater experience. First of all, when booking on Oasis, it is important to make sure you select the stateroom that best suits your needs. My boyfriend didn't want to experience turbulence or the feeling of seasickness, so we requested a room in the middle of the ship, mid ship level. Our agent recommended room 6668 on the 6th floor. We also were very particular about having a balcony. When we sailed Freedom, we had an interior room and it was nice, but dark. Not necessarily a place you want to spend much time. So we were willing to spend a bit more to get the balcony so that we could spend some quality private time throughout the trip on our own private balcony. And it so was worth it. Take my advice and spend the extra money for the balcony. You won't regret it. We had the option to purchase an Oceanview balcony, Central Park balcony or Boardwalk balcony. We personally like privacy and the view of the ocean so we went with the Oceanview Balcony. Good thing we did because when we got on the ship the Central Park balconies and the Boardwalk balconies were very public versus private and not something we would have been happy with. The agent also assisted us with booking the flights - however, just to be safe we made sure better options were not available online. We found the best prices and the agent took care of the final details. As for gratuities, last year we paid upfront. We found that this was not the best idea because you did not get to choose who received what portion of your gratuity. It was evenly distributed. This year we elected to pay the gratuities at the end of the trip to ensure the proper persons were recognized for great service. I highly recommend you book the transfer busing that takes you from the airport to the boat and back. It cost 30 per person. This makes things VERY convenient. We booked Oasis of the Seas - Western Caribbean. Destinations included Labadee,Haiti; Falmouth,Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico. We arrived at Fort Lauderdale Airport on April 30th and easily found our way to the transfer station. We were greated by Royal Caribbean transfer agents that helped us with our luggage onto the bus. The transfer was a bit hectic as there were buses awaiting various cruise lines and hundreds of passengers for each. Nonetheless, we arrived at the dock within 45 minutes of arriving at the airport. We initially thought boarding the Oasis was going to be chaotic due to the volume of passengers (over 5000). However, it was a seemless process that took literally 10 minutes. We were on the boat around 1pm. This process was almost an hour faster than the Freedom and that boat had half the passengers. Upon boarding we got our photo id's and had our onboarding pics taken. Rooms: Our room was everything we expected. It was beautiful and the balcony was breathtaking. The set up of the room was pretty standard. The bathrooms were small, as on many ships, but the shower seemed to be a little more spacious than we remembered. The only negative was the outlets that were under the vanity and a bit hard to reach. Otherwise, the room was great. The best part about our room was that we were LITERALLY right next to the elevator. Not only that, most activities and places that we would spend most of our time were on floors 4 through 8. Our room was smack dab int he midst of all this. Food: The food on the ship was great. When we were on the Freedom, we spend a lot of time eating at the Windjammer because it was convenient and had a lot of options. However, on the Oasis, we spent very little time eating at the Windjammer. Yes, it was still convenient, but we found many hidden little treasures on the Oasis that provided for a great dining experience. Our favorite place to eat breakfast was on the balcony of our own room by ordering room service. The windjammer was the second place we frequented most for breakfast due to the variety of options. We spend many afternoons eating at the Park Place Cafe where you can get salads, fruits, and many specialty sandwiches to include the infamous Roast Beef which my boyfriend LOVED. As well as the, Tuna Melt Panini's which I LOVED. It was quick and delicious and NEVER a crowd. Another favorite lunch spot was the Seafood Shack where they had the best fried SCALLOPS I ever ate. There is a small charge for the Seafood Shack; however, if you love seafood it's a must try. For dinner, we dined in the Opus Dining Room on floor 3. We had a table of 6 and met some amazing people that we keep in touch with even today. The food at the Opus Dining Room was splendid. They had something for everyone. I am more adventurous with food than my boyfriend but even he was able to find items that he loved each night. The Surf and Turf night was my favorite. Our table guests raved nightly about the Tiramisu! Our head waiter - Ian, was great. The others were just OK. We made sure to tip Ian graciously. We also tried a couple specialty dining options. One night we dined at CHOPS with friends. My boyfriend and I had Filet Mignon and it was to die for. Very well prepared and GREAT service. The restaurant provided family style accompanying sides so we got to try many side dishes. The desserts were very eye appealing as well as tasty. The creme brulee was good but the Red Velvet Cheesecake was amazing. We also at a Giovanni's Table. This was the Italian dining option. I really enjoyed the italian style dining and the flavors but my boyfriend was disappointed. The restaurant had very little on the menu that he was willing to try. It's not like a typical Olive Garden menu by more specialty plating true to italian food. Both specialty restaurants had a small fee. Chops was $25 per person and Giovanni's was $15 per person. The service was impeccable at both restaurants. Other places to try for snacks - the Donut Shop - tasty free treats, and the Cupcake Cupboard (small fee). We heard raving reviews and had to try the cupcakes. They were good, but not great. Excursions: In Labadee, my boyfriend booked the Zipline which is the longest zipline over water in the world. This was one of the reasons we booked this particular cruise to Western Caribbean. The day of the labadee port, it was a bit rainy and windy out. Not the most pleasant weather. It got so windy that they lowered the weight limit on the zipline. My boyfriend is 6ft 5 and quite thin, but he was over the new limit. An hour later they said the winds were so high they were cancelling all the ziplines for the rest of the day. Had we been there one hour earlier he would have been able to participate. He had his money refunded. The beach at labadee was beautiful and we took some great pictures. Had the day been sunnier, we would have enjoyed it more. This is a great excursion if the winds are not high. In Falmouth Jamaice, we booked the Dunns River Falls excursion. I had heard so many great reviews about this that we HAD to do it. It was cost effective and so much fun. We boarded a bus that took us on a 45min ride to Dunns River Falls. We had a guide on the bus who reviewed landmarks and the history of Jamaica along the way. This excursion requires water shoes. Rather than pay $6 in Jamaica and risk not getting a pair that fits, buy them before you leave. They can be found reasonably at Walmart and Target. Once there we were escorted up the falls by a tour guide in groups. It was not overly physical but you had to be careful because it was slippery. All the way up the fall a cameraman followed the group and video taped the adventure. They also took pictures. You could purchase the video for $40. We decided to purchase the video and we are glad that we did. It was an amazing experience and we highly recommend it. You will however, go through a walkway ont he way back to the bus where you will be hounded to purchase items. Everyone in Jamaica also is very expressive about tipping. The tour guide, cameraman, and bus driver all follow you back to the bus awaiting their tips. They are well deserved tips but a bit uncomfortable nonetheless. In Cozumel Mexico, we booked the Dolphin Push, Pull and Swim. This was our favorite excursion. We recommend buying a water camera cause the pictures here are expensive to buy. Water cameras run about 20 dollars. They take professional pictures of each interaction with the dolphins that you can buy at the end. We had the opportunity to pet the dolphin, swim with the dolphin and be pushed on a boogie board by a dolphin. At the end of the swim, we also got to swim with a Manatee and baby sharks. At the end of our excursion it started to downpour. We were lucky because it was beautiful throughout the excursion. We had lunch at a local outdoor restaurant in cozumel. The food was ok. As I mentioned the pictures here are expensive. It is $25 per picture or you could buy a disk for $100 per person. Nonetheless, we loved this excursion and would highly recommend it to anyone even families with smaller children. Entertainment I highly recommend booking your entertainment in advance as recommended by Royal Caribbean for the Oasis of the Seas. We were able to see every show that we prebooked. If you don't prebook, it is likely you will not be able to attend the viewing of your choice. My favorite shows were in the Aqua Theatre. The divers and entertainers were world class olympians and entertainers from all over the world. The comedy shows and the comedy headliner show was funny but not gut busting. I've seen better comedians in Pittsburgh. But it was definitely entertaining and well worth the time to go. We highly recommend getting involved in the activities on the ship to include the "Quest" show (which we WON!!!), the Love and Marriage Show, the Battle of the Sexes - just to name a few. My boyfriend spent a lot of time int eh Casino in the later evening hours playing poker. This boat has a huge casino but not as many people playing poker as he had hoped for. He won a final seat int he Poker Tourney where they were giving away a free cruise on the Allure of the Seas in December to the winner; however, they were six players short to give out the cruise. They ended up playing for cash and he was the overall winner :) Spa The spa is quite expensive but I was able to get a discounted spa service by booking the "HAPPY HOUR" massage the day we were at port in Jamaica. If you book a happy hour massage, you get a 1 hr massage for $99. I was able to upgrade to $119 and get a Hot Stone Massage. This was a great deal and I enjoyed the massage. My only criticism is that they made an error in my billing. She added more to the tip than I gave and I definitely tipped graciously. This was the only billing error on the entire cruise. Other recommended activities on the ship: The zipline on the ship was fun. I cried for about an hour before doing it, but in the end I conquered my fear and it was fun. We never tried the flowriders because they looked like it could be a painful fall, but a friend of ours swore by it and said it was such a thrill to try it. Pictures This ship has many professional photographers that document your time and fun throughout the cruise. We had so many pictures taken that we decided to purchase the CD package which was 299 for ALL rights to EVERY picture taken on the cruise. We ended up with 89 professional pictures that we could have printed at our leisure. Otherwise, it costs $20 per 8x10 picture. They have a gallery where your pics are displayed and stored throughout the week for your viewing as well as an electronic kiosk to view your pics daily. Departure Departure was as easy as boarding. We did early departure which is at 6am to ensure you get to the airport in time for your flight. You basically depart the ship with your bags and board the bus to transfer back to the airport. We grabbed breakfast in the Windjammer before departing and we were on our way. This is the saddest time of the trip...and the hardest to leave. We got to the airport and couldn't remember our flight number and what airline because it was different from the trip to. We finally reached Royal Caribbean and an agent verified the correct info. The only negative piece here was that our flight didn't leave until 1:30pm and you could not check your bags at the airport until 3hrs before your flight. Therefore, we had to wait there with our bags from 8am till almost 10:30am. So you definitely want to verify this upfront. I know this is long, but I hope you find this information helpful in your planning of your cruise. This was a great experience for us on an amazing ship. We loved the Oasis of the Seas. We now have visited both Eastern and Western Caribbean. We are open to recommendations for our next cruise. Thinking Alaska at this point. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
Our reason for this trip was to experience the Oasis of the Seas, and what an experience it was! The ship was everything one could want. Since on our last cruise, due to inclement weather, we almost missed our ship, we decided to play it ... Read More
Our reason for this trip was to experience the Oasis of the Seas, and what an experience it was! The ship was everything one could want. Since on our last cruise, due to inclement weather, we almost missed our ship, we decided to play it safe and fly in (Southwest Air-non-stop) to Fort Lauderdale a day early. I had frequently read articles advising a pre-cruise day at the port of embarkation, but it always seemed like unnecessary expense. But I must say, it was good advise. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and night in Ft. Lauderdale, and it got the 4 of us into vacation mode before we ever boarded ship. We stayed at the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Blvd. It is a beautiful hotel, but we were placed in the oldest part of the hotel, and it seemed like an "old hotel" in that area. It was fine, though, for a 1 night stay, and it was clean. We enjoyed dining for lunch and breakfast at the hotel; food was very good and prices reasonable. We made it a point to get to the ship early, somewhere between 10:30 and 11:00. I didn't want to miss a moment of the trip I had long awaited. Embarkation was very organized, went very smoothly and quickly. RCI staff was friendly and helpful from the moment we stepped out of our hotel shuttle. We got on board and faced one small difficulty. I had decided at the last minute I wanted to purchase the soda package, (hadn't been able to decide if it was a good value) and so was going to purchase on board. However, it took several trys and being sent to the wrong place before I found the right one. Why guest services didn't know where to send me is strange. But after about 30-45 minutes of waiting and asking, we scored the soda package, and it turned out to have been a good deal for me. I'm not sure getting on board so early really had much of an advantage. The Windjammer was so full we couldn't find a place to sit and left without eating.Since the rooms were not yet available, we had to tote all our carry-ons around. I had thought we would be able to start enjoying the ship, but I felt so encumbered with luggage that it was basically impossible. Couldn't just leave it sitting while I went to the pool, etc. and shops are not open. We found ourselves sitting on the steps outside our hallway until we could go to our rooms and unburden ourselves. By this time, we were able to find a seat in the Windjammer and get a bite to eat. I, personally, would avoid the Windjammer completely, but my fellow travelers didn't share my opinion, so we found ourselves there for breakfast often. Usually, I didn't eat. Coffee, fruit and pastries delivered by room service was a wonderful treat, was enough for me, and so I just chatted while they ate. I find the food on Royal Caribbean is just so-so. In my opinion, it is their biggest weakness. It is passable, for the most part, but that is all you can say about it. However, Chops, is a big exception to that statement. It was wonderful, full of flavor, excellent service and worth whatever you may pay to eat there. I didn't care at all for the Solarium Bistro - only ate lunch there, and once was enough. Park Cafe, was very good - great little sandwiches and a nice little place to enjoy Central Park while you eat. Johnny Rockets is a place to go for fun meal. I know some say avoid the burgers, but I did enjoy 1. It's not everyday, and it is vacation. Service in the MDR was extraordinary. Our waiters worked themselves to death trying to make sure everything was to our liking. They went the extra mile to see to it we were out on time the night we had an early show reservation. We chose the traditional early seating. I didn't want to have to be planning every meal and trying to make reservations constantly. It was difficult enough with the entertainment, especially after our showing of the Oasis of Dreams was postponed due to wind. After having been on the ship, though, I can see an advantage to My Time Dining. That 6:00 dinner was at times difficult to work around. Next time, I'm not sure, what I'll do. I did see My Time Dining Guests waiting in line for the MDR,when we were able to walk right in to our table. Pros & cons both ways. One thing I'll probably not do again, is ask for a different table. Had not ever asked before to be reassigned and probably will not ever do it again. Our assigned table was one of the worst - way in the back corner on level 4. We requested to be moved; they offered us another table. Not wanting to offend our first waiter (very good) we decided to keep our table. Both parties received phone messages confirming that our table would remain as first assigned. When we got to dinner, our table had been reassigned, and it became an awkward situation all around. Obviously, there was a breakdown in communication somewhere. We were seated at the new table and everything was fine after that. My lesson - just sit where you are assigned. Oasis had some of the best, if not the best, entertainment I've seen on a cruise ship. There was great variety in the offerings and every production was quality. I also appreciated the fact that it was family friendly for the most part. Parades, Broadway shows, ice skating shows, swimming & diving shows, what more could one ask? It all adds up to a great experience and a good value when one considers what buying tickets to each of these productions would cost on a land vacation. RCI seems to be a cruise line targeting active individuals. This is not a ship for someone who wants a quiet, peaceful week of rest. This ship appeals to the cruiser who wants to try new things, experience adventure, and burn a few calories along the way. It offers the opportunity to zip line, ice skate, and so much more. Indeed, there is so much to do, I got all up tight because I wasn't getting it all done. Since by nature, I'm one who doesn't want to miss anything, my husband had to remind me it could not all be done in 1 week. So do what you can and know that there'll be some new things for next time. I always enjoy Labadee; just a fun day without an agenda. We tried the Dragon's Tail Coaster, and that was well worth the $19.00 we paid. Lots of fun. We were in Falmouth on the Grand Opening. There were bands, people, excitement all around. Hundreds of people from all over Jamaica had come to catch a glimpse of the Oasis. Children did't go to school, people took off work. We took the Martha Brae River Rafting excursion and thoroughly enjoyed it. We booked through the cruise line; that seemed to be the simplest, safest thing to do. In fact, when we asked on shore, we were told it had to be booked through the cruise line. Bought a little gourd "vase" from our rafter mostly to help him out. He was very kind and not pushy at all. This was a totally different Jamaican experience than I've had in other ports. RCI seems to be keeping a pretty tight lid on things in Falmouth. Because we had a late flight, we booked the Land & Sea Excursion for day 7. We also opted for the luggage valet service for $20.pp. This was well worth the $40. Luggage was picked up outside stateroom, and we didn't see it again until we landed in New Orleans. The excursion was nice and definitely beat sitting in the airport all day. It also made disembarkation a breeze, because we were taken immediately to our bus to begin the tour. My final recommendation about the Oasis of the Seas -- Go, just go! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
The Oasis is an amazing ship. All of the good things you hear about it are true. Getting on to the boat was way quicker than I expected and they kept apologizing over the loudspeaker that only one gangway was operational. I ... Read More
The Oasis is an amazing ship. All of the good things you hear about it are true. Getting on to the boat was way quicker than I expected and they kept apologizing over the loudspeaker that only one gangway was operational. I can't imagine how fast it would be with both gangways open! The only time I ever felt like I was in a "crowded" space was right after the shows, but the crowd quickly dispersed. Obviously it was also crowded at the giant dance parties on the Royal Promenade. I heard 2 people complain. One said the ship was "boring" but she later told us that she hadn't actually gone to any of the shows. If she thinks Oasis is "boring" her entire life back home must be a non-stop party carnival. One said the food wasn't good, but he refused to eat in any of the restaurants or even the main dining room - he would only eat one meal a day at the buffet. So, clearly, some people are stupid. You can look up all the details of the ship on other sites, but here are some tips & things you may not know: Balcony Suite 7130 is at the very front of the ship, so it offers a little extra privacy. That side of the ship is also the side where you get to witness the Bon Voyage sendoff from the people on the shore. They only supply shampoo and bar soap, so bring your own fancy stuff if you want it. Your suitcase may not fit under the bed. On the last day I realized that, had we left it open, it would have fit just great. The coffee table in the middle of the room doesn't need to be there. Use it as a nightstand and move the smaller nightstand somewhere that it won't be in the way. The nightclub scene is pretty lame, but the On Air Karaoke club is a riot every night. Sign up online as soon as possible for your restaurant reservations and shows. Do not wait until you are on the ship!! Don't waste a precious second standing in a reservation lineup. If you don't know how to work a computer, find someone to help you. I can't stress this enough. Go early to the dock. We got there around 11, checked in, and waited a little while before we got to load. We were among the first on the ship and it was so great... lots of time to explore. Do not bring your carry-on luggage on to the ship yourself. For your first day, dress in summer clothes and carry a very small bag with swimsuit, camera, sunscreen & anything really really valuable that you don't trust to leave in your luggage. We saw people lugging around suitcases wearing hot leather jackets and jeans. Your room won't be ready until 2, so plan to enjoy your first day without all the bulk. If you are Canadian, you will find the prices for booze to be very reasonable - downright cheap compared to buying a beer at a hockey arena. If you are American, you will probably freak out. Corona $5.50, Fancy Tropical Girly Drink $7.50 approx, but you get to keep the souvenir glass. If you don't want the glass just tell them upfront and they should be able to make you a cheaper drink with a normal cup. Wine was per glass... $9 and up. We didn't buy a wine package. If you appreciate fine food... stay out of the Windjammer Cafe. I hate buffets with a passion, but the one breakfast we had there was decent. The one lunch - not so much. We didn't eat at any of the extra-charge specialty restaurants. There are usually 2 vegetarian options every night at the Opus Dining room. Things that you must try: Lava Flow Strawberry drink. Ham & cheese croissant from the Promenade Cafe. Chocolate Mousse from the coffee bar near the On Air club, roast beef sandwich from Park Cafe. If you buy booze in port they will confiscate it, so no mixing cheap drinks for yourself in your room. However, you do get it back on the last full day - so in theory you could make your own on that day. Bring your own small first aid stuff. A bandaid costs 50 cents and finding the medical room is near impossible. Please dress up for formal night or go eat in the buffet. Don't ruin the fun for everyone else. The zipline is scary, but do it anyway. It'll build character. Climb the rockwall - try as much as you can because the week is over way too soon. The "free" drinks are water flavored with fruit. Very mild and not very good. The coffee is yuck too. You can buy good Starbucks coffee from the Royal Cafe. That is also where you will find free milk... sometimes it's good to eat healthy. In conclusion, let me tell you a little about myself - just for context. I'm 30, and very very insanely picky. Some call me a Princess. I won't eat meat, or fish, or spicy things, or curry, or any buffet foods. I like my beds soft and my champagne chilled. I'm not impressed with 5* All-Inclusive resorts in Mexico. There is nothing, nothing on this ship that I can find to complain about. If someone like me can love this experience, then 99.9% of the rest of the world will too. The ports of call...? Well, those are a different story for a different day. Happy cruising! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
This was our second cruise on Oasis this year. We travelled on Oasis on January 2 and were very impressed. This was because we thought RCI had upped there game again and had went back to the standards that we expected of them. This ... Read More
This was our second cruise on Oasis this year. We travelled on Oasis on January 2 and were very impressed. This was because we thought RCI had upped there game again and had went back to the standards that we expected of them. This time we thought they had once again lost there personal touch. The staff were fantastic all over the ship, but in general we thought that they had far to much to do especially in the main dining room.We went for breakfast on one occasion to the main dining room and the service was terrible. It seemed that the food was not coming from the Galley quick enough.We also found out that Head Waiters had to spend a lot of there time in the Galley trying to compete for service to there part of the Dining Room.We also on a few occasion's observed Head Waiters having to take orders and serve food. The Windjammer was atrocious and on the couple of occasion's we used it the food was cold,especially at breakfast.The Omelette station seems to have been done away with. My wife always looked forward to having an omelette made fresh for breakfast but this was to be no more in the Windjammer. Finally the entertainment was virtually the same as it was on January 2nd. We thought that there would be some change because of the time difference between each cruise. On the first outing on Oasis we could not get a seat in Comedy Central,thank God we couldn't because it is the worst thing we have ever seen entertainment ways on any RCI ship ever. The comedians were abysmal. Finally,Finally it was my wife and my 25th Wedding Anniversary while on board and RCI were fantastic. I would also like to thank Tyrone Howarth, the Piper I arranged through Guest Services for the beautiful set of tunes he played in the dining room the night of our Anniversary. This is something new that RCI have introduced and was one of the better things that had changed this time around. And finally,finally,finally,the stop off at Costa Maya was not a very good Port of call and I don't think RCI should keep it on their itinerary Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
We sailed on Oasis in October during one of our anniversary celebrations. Mostly the ship itself is a marvel and there isn't much one can find wrong with it.The service was good and by and large so was the food. Public areas were ... Read More
We sailed on Oasis in October during one of our anniversary celebrations. Mostly the ship itself is a marvel and there isn't much one can find wrong with it.The service was good and by and large so was the food. Public areas were enjoyable and walking through the Central park area and simply sitting around people watching was an experience.The boardwalk was definitely different from what one finds on other cruise lines and the Aqua Theatre is quite innovative.As large as this ship is, from day one, we never got lost once, which is amazing since on some other ships it takes a couple of days to get one's bearings.We enjoyed most of the shows which we had booked before the cruise together with dining reservations to match the show times.I recommend that everyone does that. RCI encourages it. reservations ahead of time will remove a lot of frustration once on board, especially if the ship is full.The bands on board were very good and since my wife and I like dancing, we had a good time. HOWEVER, there is one place, and this is on the Royal Promenade, which is always full of people walking up and down, it is called BOLERO and unfortunately RCI, decided that this place will be a SMOKING area. It is unfortunate because the music is great but the cigarette and cigar smoke coming out of the area encompasses about a hundred feet outside the lounge which even while walking by, one starts smelling it and the closer one gets to it, it becomes very difficult to breath.I think that it is unfair for RCI to have an area as popular as Bolero a smoking area. This sort of chases away the majority of non smokers from the area and maybe even from the ship(s) Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
We were very excited for this cruise. Overall we were amazed at the size of the ship and the variety for offerings. I will not bore you with repeating the information already covered by so many, I will just hit the highs and lows. ... Read More
We were very excited for this cruise. Overall we were amazed at the size of the ship and the variety for offerings. I will not bore you with repeating the information already covered by so many, I will just hit the highs and lows. Embarkation - Amazing 15 minutes curb to Royal Promenade (about 11:30) - be sur eto get your embarkation picture taken so your picture folio will be populated and you can get all of your pictures without having to search "the wall" FOOD - My wife and i are not like most. food is Fuel, we really do not get all that excited about "good food", etc. We brought formal attire, scheduled MTD and never once ate in the MDR. We loved the park cafe - roast beef sandwiches, make your won salad and breakfasts there as well. My wife also loved the solarium bistro as the healthier choices are what she usually chooses (go figure ) - she was a bit surprised when a man got all upset tone morning when he coudl not find his fired eggs there (go figure again). Vintages was also a fun "picin'" dinner. overall the food and selections were acceptable. SHOWS - highs - Come Fly with me - amazing .. Hairspray - super ....Frozen in time .. pretty good... Comedy show - lots of fun.... Oasis of dreams - OK. however this could be due to the fact that we live in the Orlando area and see this stuff all the time. However we really did not understand the featured character at all - we felt she added nothign to the show. The daytime diving show - Splish Splash _ was much better. we had a boardwalk balcony, so we were albe to watch the rehearsals all week. I was excited to see the show was for us and we really enjoyed it. Also not much publicised fountain shows were also entertaining. Cabin- as stated previously boardwalk balcony - adequate - nothing special activities - my Wife thoroughly loved the scrap booking time offered every day - Joyce was awesome (hi Joyce!!! did you find this board) - every person who shows up aget a free Oasis scrap booking packet with pages, stickers, etc. so she made me come along on day 1. We did the ice skating, zip line and flow riders - empty in the morning. Favorite spot - the Solarium - both my wife and i are early risers so every morning we would go to the solarium before 7AM and just spend some nice quiet time on those wonderful chairs to start our day. Once it started getting busy, we gave the chair to someone else. we were pleased to see the Rafael (crew member) was monitoring those chairs and would remove stuff left alone more than 30 minutes - go Rafael!!!! Debarkation - easy! we did self assist and were on the curb waiting for the parking lot shuttle by 7AM - any questions?? Final thoughts - we completely enjoyed our vacation there were 3 negatives to not though: 1. the front line crew members were all fabulous, however, if you ever needed to speak to a manager, etc. they were not helpful and very dis -engaged - this is not good 2. BE CAREFUL on decks 15 and 16 when they are wet......always... they are EXTREMELY SLIPPERY.. they should be re-surfaced with a better material before someone gets seriously hurt 3. we love cruising and because of the size and design of this ship, we felt the "connection" with the ocean gets lost. You can find it if you really try, but unless you look for it, there is no "ocean experience. This we did not like. We liked it so much , we came home and booked Allure with kids...the countdown begins again!!! Hope this helps. Questions? Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
I have been day dreaming ever since I returned from this cruise. I especially loved sitting on the Promenade Deck, and watching the other people go by. I loved the drinks at the Globe and Atlas especially the BBC, and the pizzas at ... Read More
I have been day dreaming ever since I returned from this cruise. I especially loved sitting on the Promenade Deck, and watching the other people go by. I loved the drinks at the Globe and Atlas especially the BBC, and the pizzas at Sorrentos were great! I was with ten other friends and family and we dined together every evening which made it even more enjoyable. The shows that we signed up for was fabulous and I advise anyone to sign up for the shows prior to going on the cruise as there were lines trying to get into each one. The staff was helpful, courteous, friendly. I was pleasantly surprised by the check in process, I fully expected to wait hours as I have done before with other cruise lines to board the ship. This is not the case with the Oasis. I had a balcony stateroom and it was comfortable and had lots of room under the bed for our luggage. My boyfriend is 63 and this was his first cruise and he remarked," after this there is no going backwards in our choice of cruises and cruise lines." I have been on many cruises but I can with all sincerity say this was the absolute best. I want to now go on the Allure when it is ready. I recommend this cruise with great enthusiasm. There is something for all ages. I was thrilled when I rode the carousel, and it brought me back to my childhood and happy days riding the carousel at Coney Island. This is a precious memory for me now riding the carousel on the Oasis. Read Less
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Sail Date: August 2010
We flew in a day ahead of time. Stayed at the Embassy Suites on 17th st. Less then 5 minutes from the port. We were on the 6th floor and could see the OASIS in port Saturday morning. We checked out at noon time. Took the hotel shuttle to ... Read More
We flew in a day ahead of time. Stayed at the Embassy Suites on 17th st. Less then 5 minutes from the port. We were on the 6th floor and could see the OASIS in port Saturday morning. We checked out at noon time. Took the hotel shuttle to the terminal. Cost was $7 per person. Make sure you have change or it will cost you $20. They won't have change. We dropped our luggage with the curbside porters. Then headed in. We were checked in, on board, in our room, in our bathing suits, and in the pool with a drink by 1:15pm. I was shocked. But officially on vacation. When you get your SEAPASS they will take your picture. They use a photo recognition system. It is amazing. Every picture they take of you will be placed in a file for you to look at when you want. At the end of the cruise you will have the option of purchasing a book with some of the photos taken. You get to choose the pictures you want. The book cost $99. The cd with all the photos on it cost $395. SO if you see a photographer have them take your picture. The book is designed to have photos from certain parts of the ship. If you don't have your picture taken on the boardwalk then it will put in a generic photo in that part of the book. We had formal pictures taken both nights and at three different locations. Get there early on formal night because EVERYONE will get their pictures taken. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THEM. But if you take enough of them you can get them in the book. We had an inside cabin on the 14th deck. Room 14675. Located right by the stairs and the elevators. Close to food, and pools. At the end of our hall is the hidden balcony that over looks the Aqua theater. The room was shockingly comfortable. But we didn't spend a lot of time in it. Just slept. Bed felt almost like home. All the info you need is on the interactive TV. Check dinner menus, how busy dinning places are at that moment. Check you bill, or see what is happening that night. I bought the soda package for just me. I had about 5 sodas every night a dinner. Just show your SEAPASS and you can fill up the cup they give you, or just get a plastic cup. If you don't drink a lot of soda, there is lemonade and some kind of flavored water, or ice tea in the dinning areas to drink. FREE ICE CREAM CONES. I think I had about 20 cones over the 7 days. There are machines in between the four pools and in the wipe out cafe. Yes there is a CUPCAKE STORE. Offering flavors like apple pie, root beer and CREAMSICLE. It you see one you like spend the $2.50 and get it then. They didn't last. I never got to try the apple pie. I got to ride the flow-rider during the ADULTONLY hours. OMG what a blast. I'm 47 and I was like a little kid. No wonder there is always a line. Go early and try it. The supervisors there were VERY HELPFUL in learning how to ride. Now I kinda wish I took the private lessons. Waited about 10 minutes for the zip line. Walk right in for the rock climbing, and walked right out with NUMB fingers. IT IS NOT EASY. SHOWS- all were fantastic. LOVED Come fly with me. Love and marriage show and THE QUEST is a must do. I am still sore from laughing. I only wish they did it more then one night. LABADEE-You can get off the ship and go to the beach at Labadee. Go past the GOLD CARD private beach and take a right. This will bypass the market place and bring you right to the beach. The meal on the beach had a large variety including RIBS. We rented a mat and floated all day. GREAT PICTURES from the beach with the OASIS right behind you. We were the first on the beach due to me riding the ZIP LINE at 8 am. I was told that sometimes they have to close it due to high winds in the afternoon. SO get up early an hit the beach. Take a nap on the hammock or in the SHADE. I didn't listen to my wife and got burned. BRING something for your feet on the decks. The areas around the pool and the solarium get VERY HOT. They offer towels for the pools. You put the deposit ($20) on your SEAPASS card. They take it off when you return it at the end of the cruise. You can exchange the towel as many times as you want. The WINDJAMMER was always packed during the middle of the day. We went twice. Could never find a place to sit and never went back. Johnny Rockets was $4.95 extra for lunch. I thought it was worth it. Breakfast was FREE there. As for the dinning room. We ate at the 8:30 sitting with our group. Three of the nights we were the only couple in our area of 4 tables. The menu had 4 regular items every night. I am a picky meat and potato guy. I had the chefs recommendation 4 nights and loved them all. I even had two entrees a few times. No one can due justice about describing this ship. It needs to be experienced to be believed. I miss it all ready. I thought it was funny that the two magazines in the cabin had Leonardo and Kate on the covers. COSTA MAYA-Didn't do much at this port. Could go to the beach, to rocky. But spent money. We went to Diamonds Internationals. I bought the CROWN of LIGHT. It was a 21 years of marriage gift. I got 68% off the retail value. Plus if I bring it back in a few years they will give me what I paid for it towards and upgrade. The ships shopping expert just happened to be there and helped me buy it. Said it was a great deal. My wife was SHOCKED and thats all that matters. I would have prefered a second day at Labadee instead of Costa Maya. COZUMEL-Here we did THE SECRET AMAZING RIVER. This is a must to do. It was the high light of our vacation. Discovered 4 years ago. Open to the public 2 years ago. This is outstanding to experience. First my wife hates the water if it is over her head and she is not to thrilled with tight spaces. She was skeptical about this trip. SHE WAS THRILLED that she did it. I was proud of her for trying it. You are given a wetsuit, life-vest, water shoes, and a lighted helmet. Then you go into the cave. About 45 feet underground. The water was 75. IT WAS DARK and beautiful at the same time. NO CAMERAS. They take photos for you and offer them for $59. They will give you about 70 pictures on the CD. I thought it was a good value. Great quality in the photos. They serve a small snack. Its not a lunch so don't expect much. If you can't go 6 hours without eating bring a snack from the ship. The total time was 6 hours but we were in the cave for only a little less then 2. You start off walking, at times you are waist deep, and then there is about a 10 minute time where you have to swim, but the wet suits make it easier. I thought it was easier swimming then walking. Walking in the water was the hardest because you could really see where you were putting your feet even though the water was crystal clear. I am a stay at home dad and my wife is a 1st grade teacher. DO NOT MISS THIS EXCURSION. It is something you will never forget. I PROMISE. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
My apologies for posting this review several months late, but with all the excitement over Oasis, and having done a Review for every other cruise I've been on, I wanted to type this up eventually! With the whirr of activity around the ... Read More
My apologies for posting this review several months late, but with all the excitement over Oasis, and having done a Review for every other cruise I've been on, I wanted to type this up eventually! With the whirr of activity around the wedding behind us now, I have time to get around to posting my review. TRIP TO THE SHIP: My wife and I sailed on the August 21-28 Western Caribbean sailing of Oasis of the Seas. We flew down from EWR to FLL and stayed at the Westin Ft. Lauderdale the night before. The service there was incredible. When we told the staff we were on our Honeymoon, they surprised us with a complimentary upgrade, wine and strawberries! EMBARKATION: The next morning, we caught a cab to the ship. Embarkation had a wrinkle - I had a cold in the previous week, and had to declare it on the health form we filled out. We sat for about 15-20 minutes in a designated area of the cruise terminal, until a nurse came over, examined me, and determined me fit to sail. Aside from the wait for the nurse, embarkation was very smooth and efficient - probably due to the fact that the terminal was specifically designed for Oasis-sized crowds. While we did wonder when the nurse would arrive, for embarkation to be this smooth for someone in a special situation was in itself a good thing. SHIP'S DESIGN: Once we boarded, we walked around the ship, taking it all in. This ship was amazing, and I really give the designers credit. The neighborhood design allows for the many features of the ship to be combined into truly grand public spaces. The ships' designers and Royal Caribbean in operating the ship are also very good about s p r e a d i n g o u t the 5,400 passengers by having multiple attractions located in different parts of the ship, at different times. People who want shows can go to the water show, ice show, regular show, etc., all in very different parts of the ship. Casual fare restaurants existed in Central Park, the Royal Promenade, Solarium as well as the Windjammer, spreading out the crowd for such dining that much more. All in all, the only real design deficiency I saw in the ship was vertical transportation. The Oasis has about the same ratio of passengers-to-elevators as other ships I've been on. But with 18 decks, more trips within the ship require elevator use, and the lines and crowds were longer for them than on other cruises I've been on. Of all of the parts of the ship to explore, my wife and I enjoyed Central Park in particular. The walking paths and plants come together to create a wonderful feel both by day and night. We felt nearly no motion at all the entire cruise; both of my previous cruises I felt at least some motion from the waves. FOOD: Overall the food was good, here are the highlights by dining venue: Main Dining Room - pretty good; prime rib was great, as it was on my last cruise aboard Navigator. Windjammer - not bad for buffet food. Solarium Bistro - food similar to the Windjammer, but not as crowded. Park Cafe - food was okay; they served crepes at one point early in the cruise, but my wife missed them and they didn't have them again later on in the cruise. Sorrentos - better than expected pizza, my wife was particularly happy with it! 150 Central Park - this was our big splurge. The food was excellent. The wait staff was excellent. The meal started with an impressive bread course - bread custom made to mimic the flower patterns on the curtains, served with unsalted butter and a collection of seven salts from around the world. Each course was very rich, and portions just the right size so as not to spoil the later courses. Excellent! Izumi - not bad for a "Westernized" Asian place, and it was nice to see an Asian option available on board - although having family from Japan and been raised on Japanese food all my life, the Japanese food on the menu wasn't quite top-tier authentic Japanese by my standards, it's hard to find Japanese food up to my standards outside of a few parts of the US (and of course, Japan itself). Room Service - we did this twice, once for breakfast and once for dinner. Both times the food was great and arrived on-time. ENTERTAINMENT: My wife and I decided to splurge on a couple's massage in the spa, which was well enjoyed. The staff were great. Hairspray and Come Fly with me were both memorable, and both were a notch up in terms of show quality from what we've seen on previous cruises. The Ice Show was great, but the true high point was not a skater, but the sand artist who came out in between skating acts to illustrate an entire story in real-time with sand drawings being drawn on the spot. Due to technical problems, the AquaTheater was closed for the first few days of the cruise. When it did reopen, RCI combined acts from the two shows they present in the AquaTheater (one kids' show and one adults show) into a single "Best Of" show which they presented throughout the remainder of the cruise. The diving acts were impressive, as was the synchronized swimming. While this combined show lacked the "flow" of the regularly scheduled performances, I really give Royal Caribbean a lot of credit for putting something like this together "on the fly" after the AquaTheater was restored. PORTS OF CALL: Labadee was our beach day. We made it a point to buy what souvenirs we could in Labadee in order to help the locals by supporting local merchants, knowing that they are still recovering from the Earthquake earlier in the year. By the way, kudos to RCI for their millions in donations to earthquake relief, delivery of relief supplies, and continued support of Haiti and its people. While some may wonder why cruise ships returned so quickly to Haiti after the earthquake, when one looks at what RCI did and why, I think you see a corporation doing everything it can to help Haiti recover. I stepped off the ship early in the morning and got some great photos of the ship. Later in the day, my wife and I went shopping, had lunch at the giant B-B-Q, and then spent the afternoon on the beach, where we shared "Labadoozy" specialty drinks (which were quite tasty!). One thing we did notice were that as we were walking back to the ship, several local children were hiding in bushes begging passengers for spare change as they walked back to the ship. This is unfortunate, but it does reflect the reality of this part of the world. In Costa Maya, we went to the Mayan Ruins at Chacchoben. Our tour guide was especially funny, and the tour, while hot and sweaty, was enjoyable. There is a lot of walking and climbing steep rock steps with no handrails to reach some of the best parts of the tour - so while the ruins are quite a sight, those with mobility challenges may want to pick another excursion. In Cozumel, we signed up for a Dolphin excursion at Dolphinaris, which was a lot of fun, followed by walking around the town of Cozumel, having lunch at one of the restaurants along the main road from the port, and enjoying some time on the beach. I should point out that while we were in town, Norwegian EPIC, Grandeur of the Seas and two Carnival ships were also there, and yet nothing in Cozumel felt more crowded than it did when I had been there seven months earlier on the Navigator of the Seas. OUR CABIN - our cabin was a D7 (Superior Balcony Cabin) at the rear of the ship. It was well laid out, but a little crowded with the amount of furniture in such a tiny space. As many have mentioned on CruiseCritic, the balcony door and A/C system are interlocked so as not to overburden the A/C by running when the door is open. This wasn't a problem for us, although the humidity of the ocean meant that the mirrors quickly would fog up when the door was opened. SERVICE - the service on the ship was all around excellent. We never once encountered a grumpy employee, an employee "power trip," or the like. One of the evenings I left my camera behind in Sorrentos, and went to the Purser's Desk for assistance. They had the camera - and a procedure in place to ensure it was mine! On another evening, I made some comment to my wife about there being a lot of glare in the professional photos available for purchase. Without speaking to anyone, when I returned the next day to look at pictures, I noticed they had edited out the glare in the same photo. We purchased that picture and a souvenir album frame for it at that moment. DISEMBARKATION - this went a lot more smoothly than either of the other two cruises I've been on, again probably due to the terminal being designed specifically for the ship. After disembarking we went on the Everglades Airboat Tour, which was a lot of fun. We made it back to FLL by 2pm, and waited in the terminal a few hours before our evening flight home. FINAL THOUGHTS - we disembarked from the ship thoroughly impressed. While I know Oasis is captive to the Caribbean due to port facility needs (and the flora in Central Park), I wish I could sail a Transatlantic (or similar) cruise on it, as I'd need 6-7 sea days in a row just to get around to everything this ship has to offer! We never got around to the Zip Line or FlowRider, more so because of running out of time than anything else. The cruise was a good one on a great ship, my only regret was not getting around to everything we wanted to on board! My wife and I hope to return to Oasis or Allure, although it may not be for several years, perhaps once we have kids who are old enough to enjoy RCI's childrens' programs. Oasis of the Seas is an incredible ship for almost anyone, including both us Honeymooners, and the many families we saw on board. And if this is the new "cutting edge" of cruising, I think we - both my wife and I as well as cruise passengers as a whole - have a bright future of cruising to look forward to. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
Our week on the Oasis was punctuated with the phrase "I can't believe it can be better". Each show was better then the first. From the Aquatheater to Hairspray to the Comedy Club to the "Circque" style aerial ... Read More
Our week on the Oasis was punctuated with the phrase "I can't believe it can be better". Each show was better then the first. From the Aquatheater to Hairspray to the Comedy Club to the "Circque" style aerial show...each was staged magnificently. The ship has so many little places to explore...just finding all of the art and different hidden treasures (scopes with 3D pictures) took more than the time we had in the week. There were over 6,000 people on the cruise, and it never felt crowded. Getting on and off at ports was so simple. No tenders! We were impressed with the improvements at Labadee as well. The food was very good. The waiters were attentive. We ate at Chops (which had good food, but the atmosphere of Central Park is not as romantic as the Chops on ships with the ocean view) and at the Solarium Bistro as our 2 specialty nights. During the day, we fond the Solarium area to be perfect to get lots of space, good food (best breakfast on the ship) and an area for adults. At night, we took advantage of the shows, of the Royal Promenade, and other night-club areas on the ship. I was very pleased to see that 50% of the casino is non-smoking, and is physically separated from the smoking part. The last thing is that there was NO movement of the ship. We did not feel the ocean at all while we were fact we felt movement more in port than at sea. So, we highly recommend the Oasis of the is unlike any other cuise experience you will have had. Rich and Judy Read Less
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Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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