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Sail Date: August 2010
We flew in a day ahead of time. Stayed at the Embassy Suites on 17th st. Less then 5 minutes from the port. We were on the 6th floor and could see the OASIS in port Saturday morning. We checked out at noon time. Took the hotel shuttle to ... Read More
We flew in a day ahead of time. Stayed at the Embassy Suites on 17th st. Less then 5 minutes from the port. We were on the 6th floor and could see the OASIS in port Saturday morning. We checked out at noon time. Took the hotel shuttle to the terminal. Cost was $7 per person. Make sure you have change or it will cost you $20. They won't have change. We dropped our luggage with the curbside porters. Then headed in. We were checked in, on board, in our room, in our bathing suits, and in the pool with a drink by 1:15pm. I was shocked. But officially on vacation. When you get your SEAPASS they will take your picture. They use a photo recognition system. It is amazing. Every picture they take of you will be placed in a file for you to look at when you want. At the end of the cruise you will have the option of purchasing a book with some of the photos taken. You get to choose the pictures you want. The book cost $99. The cd with all the photos on it cost $395. SO if you see a photographer have them take your picture. The book is designed to have photos from certain parts of the ship. If you don't have your picture taken on the boardwalk then it will put in a generic photo in that part of the book. We had formal pictures taken both nights and at three different locations. Get there early on formal night because EVERYONE will get their pictures taken. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THEM. But if you take enough of them you can get them in the book. We had an inside cabin on the 14th deck. Room 14675. Located right by the stairs and the elevators. Close to food, and pools. At the end of our hall is the hidden balcony that over looks the Aqua theater. The room was shockingly comfortable. But we didn't spend a lot of time in it. Just slept. Bed felt almost like home. All the info you need is on the interactive TV. Check dinner menus, how busy dinning places are at that moment. Check you bill, or see what is happening that night. I bought the soda package for just me. I had about 5 sodas every night a dinner. Just show your SEAPASS and you can fill up the cup they give you, or just get a plastic cup. If you don't drink a lot of soda, there is lemonade and some kind of flavored water, or ice tea in the dinning areas to drink. FREE ICE CREAM CONES. I think I had about 20 cones over the 7 days. There are machines in between the four pools and in the wipe out cafe. Yes there is a CUPCAKE STORE. Offering flavors like apple pie, root beer and CREAMSICLE. It you see one you like spend the $2.50 and get it then. They didn't last. I never got to try the apple pie. I got to ride the flow-rider during the ADULTONLY hours. OMG what a blast. I'm 47 and I was like a little kid. No wonder there is always a line. Go early and try it. The supervisors there were VERY HELPFUL in learning how to ride. Now I kinda wish I took the private lessons. Waited about 10 minutes for the zip line. Walk right in for the rock climbing, and walked right out with NUMB fingers. IT IS NOT EASY. SHOWS- all were fantastic. LOVED Come fly with me. Love and marriage show and THE QUEST is a must do. I am still sore from laughing. I only wish they did it more then one night. LABADEE-You can get off the ship and go to the beach at Labadee. Go past the GOLD CARD private beach and take a right. This will bypass the market place and bring you right to the beach. The meal on the beach had a large variety including RIBS. We rented a mat and floated all day. GREAT PICTURES from the beach with the OASIS right behind you. We were the first on the beach due to me riding the ZIP LINE at 8 am. I was told that sometimes they have to close it due to high winds in the afternoon. SO get up early an hit the beach. Take a nap on the hammock or in the SHADE. I didn't listen to my wife and got burned. BRING something for your feet on the decks. The areas around the pool and the solarium get VERY HOT. They offer towels for the pools. You put the deposit ($20) on your SEAPASS card. They take it off when you return it at the end of the cruise. You can exchange the towel as many times as you want. The WINDJAMMER was always packed during the middle of the day. We went twice. Could never find a place to sit and never went back. Johnny Rockets was $4.95 extra for lunch. I thought it was worth it. Breakfast was FREE there. As for the dinning room. We ate at the 8:30 sitting with our group. Three of the nights we were the only couple in our area of 4 tables. The menu had 4 regular items every night. I am a picky meat and potato guy. I had the chefs recommendation 4 nights and loved them all. I even had two entrees a few times. No one can due justice about describing this ship. It needs to be experienced to be believed. I miss it all ready. I thought it was funny that the two magazines in the cabin had Leonardo and Kate on the covers. COSTA MAYA-Didn't do much at this port. Could go to the beach, to rocky. But spent money. We went to Diamonds Internationals. I bought the CROWN of LIGHT. It was a 21 years of marriage gift. I got 68% off the retail value. Plus if I bring it back in a few years they will give me what I paid for it towards and upgrade. The ships shopping expert just happened to be there and helped me buy it. Said it was a great deal. My wife was SHOCKED and thats all that matters. I would have prefered a second day at Labadee instead of Costa Maya. COZUMEL-Here we did THE SECRET AMAZING RIVER. This is a must to do. It was the high light of our vacation. Discovered 4 years ago. Open to the public 2 years ago. This is outstanding to experience. First my wife hates the water if it is over her head and she is not to thrilled with tight spaces. She was skeptical about this trip. SHE WAS THRILLED that she did it. I was proud of her for trying it. You are given a wetsuit, life-vest, water shoes, and a lighted helmet. Then you go into the cave. About 45 feet underground. The water was 75. IT WAS DARK and beautiful at the same time. NO CAMERAS. They take photos for you and offer them for $59. They will give you about 70 pictures on the CD. I thought it was a good value. Great quality in the photos. They serve a small snack. Its not a lunch so don't expect much. If you can't go 6 hours without eating bring a snack from the ship. The total time was 6 hours but we were in the cave for only a little less then 2. You start off walking, at times you are waist deep, and then there is about a 10 minute time where you have to swim, but the wet suits make it easier. I thought it was easier swimming then walking. Walking in the water was the hardest because you could really see where you were putting your feet even though the water was crystal clear. I am a stay at home dad and my wife is a 1st grade teacher. DO NOT MISS THIS EXCURSION. It is something you will never forget. I PROMISE. Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
My apologies for posting this review several months late, but with all the excitement over Oasis, and having done a Review for every other cruise I've been on, I wanted to type this up eventually! With the whirr of activity around the ... Read More
My apologies for posting this review several months late, but with all the excitement over Oasis, and having done a Review for every other cruise I've been on, I wanted to type this up eventually! With the whirr of activity around the wedding behind us now, I have time to get around to posting my review. TRIP TO THE SHIP: My wife and I sailed on the August 21-28 Western Caribbean sailing of Oasis of the Seas. We flew down from EWR to FLL and stayed at the Westin Ft. Lauderdale the night before. The service there was incredible. When we told the staff we were on our Honeymoon, they surprised us with a complimentary upgrade, wine and strawberries! EMBARKATION: The next morning, we caught a cab to the ship. Embarkation had a wrinkle - I had a cold in the previous week, and had to declare it on the health form we filled out. We sat for about 15-20 minutes in a designated area of the cruise terminal, until a nurse came over, examined me, and determined me fit to sail. Aside from the wait for the nurse, embarkation was very smooth and efficient - probably due to the fact that the terminal was specifically designed for Oasis-sized crowds. While we did wonder when the nurse would arrive, for embarkation to be this smooth for someone in a special situation was in itself a good thing. SHIP'S DESIGN: Once we boarded, we walked around the ship, taking it all in. This ship was amazing, and I really give the designers credit. The neighborhood design allows for the many features of the ship to be combined into truly grand public spaces. The ships' designers and Royal Caribbean in operating the ship are also very good about s p r e a d i n g o u t the 5,400 passengers by having multiple attractions located in different parts of the ship, at different times. People who want shows can go to the water show, ice show, regular show, etc., all in very different parts of the ship. Casual fare restaurants existed in Central Park, the Royal Promenade, Solarium as well as the Windjammer, spreading out the crowd for such dining that much more. All in all, the only real design deficiency I saw in the ship was vertical transportation. The Oasis has about the same ratio of passengers-to-elevators as other ships I've been on. But with 18 decks, more trips within the ship require elevator use, and the lines and crowds were longer for them than on other cruises I've been on. Of all of the parts of the ship to explore, my wife and I enjoyed Central Park in particular. The walking paths and plants come together to create a wonderful feel both by day and night. We felt nearly no motion at all the entire cruise; both of my previous cruises I felt at least some motion from the waves. FOOD: Overall the food was good, here are the highlights by dining venue: Main Dining Room - pretty good; prime rib was great, as it was on my last cruise aboard Navigator. Windjammer - not bad for buffet food. Solarium Bistro - food similar to the Windjammer, but not as crowded. Park Cafe - food was okay; they served crepes at one point early in the cruise, but my wife missed them and they didn't have them again later on in the cruise. Sorrentos - better than expected pizza, my wife was particularly happy with it! 150 Central Park - this was our big splurge. The food was excellent. The wait staff was excellent. The meal started with an impressive bread course - bread custom made to mimic the flower patterns on the curtains, served with unsalted butter and a collection of seven salts from around the world. Each course was very rich, and portions just the right size so as not to spoil the later courses. Excellent! Izumi - not bad for a "Westernized" Asian place, and it was nice to see an Asian option available on board - although having family from Japan and been raised on Japanese food all my life, the Japanese food on the menu wasn't quite top-tier authentic Japanese by my standards, it's hard to find Japanese food up to my standards outside of a few parts of the US (and of course, Japan itself). Room Service - we did this twice, once for breakfast and once for dinner. Both times the food was great and arrived on-time. ENTERTAINMENT: My wife and I decided to splurge on a couple's massage in the spa, which was well enjoyed. The staff were great. Hairspray and Come Fly with me were both memorable, and both were a notch up in terms of show quality from what we've seen on previous cruises. The Ice Show was great, but the true high point was not a skater, but the sand artist who came out in between skating acts to illustrate an entire story in real-time with sand drawings being drawn on the spot. Due to technical problems, the AquaTheater was closed for the first few days of the cruise. When it did reopen, RCI combined acts from the two shows they present in the AquaTheater (one kids' show and one adults show) into a single "Best Of" show which they presented throughout the remainder of the cruise. The diving acts were impressive, as was the synchronized swimming. While this combined show lacked the "flow" of the regularly scheduled performances, I really give Royal Caribbean a lot of credit for putting something like this together "on the fly" after the AquaTheater was restored. PORTS OF CALL: Labadee was our beach day. We made it a point to buy what souvenirs we could in Labadee in order to help the locals by supporting local merchants, knowing that they are still recovering from the Earthquake earlier in the year. By the way, kudos to RCI for their millions in donations to earthquake relief, delivery of relief supplies, and continued support of Haiti and its people. While some may wonder why cruise ships returned so quickly to Haiti after the earthquake, when one looks at what RCI did and why, I think you see a corporation doing everything it can to help Haiti recover. I stepped off the ship early in the morning and got some great photos of the ship. Later in the day, my wife and I went shopping, had lunch at the giant B-B-Q, and then spent the afternoon on the beach, where we shared "Labadoozy" specialty drinks (which were quite tasty!). One thing we did notice were that as we were walking back to the ship, several local children were hiding in bushes begging passengers for spare change as they walked back to the ship. This is unfortunate, but it does reflect the reality of this part of the world. In Costa Maya, we went to the Mayan Ruins at Chacchoben. Our tour guide was especially funny, and the tour, while hot and sweaty, was enjoyable. There is a lot of walking and climbing steep rock steps with no handrails to reach some of the best parts of the tour - so while the ruins are quite a sight, those with mobility challenges may want to pick another excursion. In Cozumel, we signed up for a Dolphin excursion at Dolphinaris, which was a lot of fun, followed by walking around the town of Cozumel, having lunch at one of the restaurants along the main road from the port, and enjoying some time on the beach. I should point out that while we were in town, Norwegian EPIC, Grandeur of the Seas and two Carnival ships were also there, and yet nothing in Cozumel felt more crowded than it did when I had been there seven months earlier on the Navigator of the Seas. OUR CABIN - our cabin was a D7 (Superior Balcony Cabin) at the rear of the ship. It was well laid out, but a little crowded with the amount of furniture in such a tiny space. As many have mentioned on CruiseCritic, the balcony door and A/C system are interlocked so as not to overburden the A/C by running when the door is open. This wasn't a problem for us, although the humidity of the ocean meant that the mirrors quickly would fog up when the door was opened. SERVICE - the service on the ship was all around excellent. We never once encountered a grumpy employee, an employee "power trip," or the like. One of the evenings I left my camera behind in Sorrentos, and went to the Purser's Desk for assistance. They had the camera - and a procedure in place to ensure it was mine! On another evening, I made some comment to my wife about there being a lot of glare in the professional photos available for purchase. Without speaking to anyone, when I returned the next day to look at pictures, I noticed they had edited out the glare in the same photo. We purchased that picture and a souvenir album frame for it at that moment. DISEMBARKATION - this went a lot more smoothly than either of the other two cruises I've been on, again probably due to the terminal being designed specifically for the ship. After disembarking we went on the Everglades Airboat Tour, which was a lot of fun. We made it back to FLL by 2pm, and waited in the terminal a few hours before our evening flight home. FINAL THOUGHTS - we disembarked from the ship thoroughly impressed. While I know Oasis is captive to the Caribbean due to port facility needs (and the flora in Central Park), I wish I could sail a Transatlantic (or similar) cruise on it, as I'd need 6-7 sea days in a row just to get around to everything this ship has to offer! We never got around to the Zip Line or FlowRider, more so because of running out of time than anything else. The cruise was a good one on a great ship, my only regret was not getting around to everything we wanted to on board! My wife and I hope to return to Oasis or Allure, although it may not be for several years, perhaps once we have kids who are old enough to enjoy RCI's childrens' programs. Oasis of the Seas is an incredible ship for almost anyone, including both us Honeymooners, and the many families we saw on board. And if this is the new "cutting edge" of cruising, I think we - both my wife and I as well as cruise passengers as a whole - have a bright future of cruising to look forward to. Read Less
Sail Date: July 2010
We (my partner and I) are experienced cruisers (60's-Platinum members) and have cruised RC and other lines many times and just had to experience the Oasis of the Seas..and we were DELIGHTED with her !!!. We drove to Ft. Lauderdale ... Read More
We (my partner and I) are experienced cruisers (60's-Platinum members) and have cruised RC and other lines many times and just had to experience the Oasis of the Seas..and we were DELIGHTED with her !!!. We drove to Ft. Lauderdale the day before embarkation and stayed at the Hyatt Place North on 10th st. and loved it. They offer a shuttle in the morning to get you to the ship by 11am. We will give you brief descriptions of our impressions of the ship and then some suggestions to make your cruise on this incredible ship even better. First of all...the Oasis raises the bar on cruising to a very high level as their customer service, attention to detail and offering amenities unmatched on other ships made our cruise one to remember and it will be hard to settle for anything less. So here are some short comments: Embarkation: Arrived at 11am, on board at 11:20am..incredible ease. One of the first ones at Windjammer...loved the food..toured the ship until room ready at 1pm. Luggage was at room door when we arrived. Cabin: We had a Boardwalk Balcony cabin on the 14th level and this became the ONLY disappointment on our cruise: The cabin was fine but the NOISE level was awful. You felt like you were in a canyon and all the screams, music and crowd noise was amplified..and when the parties continued after midnight..it became a real problem especially if you are a light sleeper,also bring earplugs. We strongly suggest that you select either a Central Park balcony or especially a sea-view balcony cabin to eliminate this problem. BTW: the Beds were wonderful. Entertainment: Best we've seen on all our cruises. Definitely book your shows when you make your reservations for the cruise as they fill up fast. If you miss out, you can wait in a standby line and they will let you in 10 min before showtime if there are empty seats. Food: We ate in the Opus dining room at the 6pm serving and LOVED the food and service. The selection and quality of the food was the best we have experienced while cruising and our head waiter 'Sylvester' and his assistant 'Roger' were fabulous. We only ate in the Windjammer on our first day as we heard that finding seating was a problem, so we ate our breakfasts and lunches in the Solarium and found the food wonderful and seating was always available. Debarkation: We would suggest doing the early "walk-off" with your luggage if you want the quickest debarkation. We opted for an early time and packed our luggage the night before and found some congestion at the luggage pickup area, but overall we were off the ship and back to the hotel in one hour. Some suggestions: -Look for a great viewing area off the fantail of the ship at the end of the 14th and lower levels. Very private with nice lounge chairs for romantic viewing. -Explore ALL areas of the ship early on...as we missed some great areas until ready to leave. -Bring some of the 3M peel off hooks as there seemed to be a shortage of places to hang clothes, etc..especially in bathroom. -Bring a 2-3ft elec powerstrip as the Elec outlets are very inconveniently placed under the desk requiring you to be on your hands and knees to find the outlets. -Definitely plan to spend time in the Solarium area (adults only)as it is so beautiful and peaceful with great hottubs and pool. It became our refuge. -We only ate at one specialty restaurant (The Solarium Bistro)and we were VERY impressed! The food was incredible and our server Ruivah from India was the best server we've EVER had. -DO NOT bring an iron..they will find it while security scanning and you will not get your bags until you go to security later and open your bags for inspection and they keep the iron until you debark the ship. -On sea-days, get up to the pool decks early as prime location seating fills quickly, although there are PLENTY of lounge chairs around various locations on the ship. -Elevators: RC figured it out..no waiting, plenty of elevators and their electronic maps next to the elevators were fabulous to figure out where you needed to go..and what was going on. -Shore excursion: Definitely do the helmet dive in St. Maarten with SeaTrek. Great staff and a neat experience. -Ships Internet-was very slow and ate up most of our minutes just trying to get our email and favorite sites. TV was also problematic (no volume and channel glitches). -Jogging track was great..walked 4 miles each day. -Artwork around ship was wonderful and worth the time to look for. -Did Wine tasting at Vintages...loved it and learned a lot. -Dancing venues were all good, especially loved 'Dazzles'. Overall Comment: This ship is AWESOME!!! especially if you have kids (we didn't), but were prepared for them...and found a strong international "flavor" of the guests with many from Latin American countries..and they were all so delightful to interact with. For such a large ship...we were rarely inconvenienced because of it's size..in fact..the "extras" were worth it. We congratulate RC on this ship as their attention to detail showed. Hopefully, other ships will raise their quality to the Oasis level and we will ALL benefit. It was our BEST cruise yet! You will LOVE the OASIS!! Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
Embarkation was a breeze. Very well organized. When we got on the ship, my first thought was WOW! This is GORGEOUS. From Central Park to the Promenade to the Boardwalk and other areas, the ship is beautiful. I felt like I was on EPCOT at ... Read More
Embarkation was a breeze. Very well organized. When we got on the ship, my first thought was WOW! This is GORGEOUS. From Central Park to the Promenade to the Boardwalk and other areas, the ship is beautiful. I felt like I was on EPCOT at sea. The pool areas were also beautiful. They have a gorgeous children's pool as well as pools for people of all ages. There is an adult only area, the Solarium, which has glass over it, making it unbearable hot in June. Maybe this is a good idea in the winter, but it was terrible this time of year. The fitness center and the spa were fabulous. The first thing we did is try to arrange the shows. We booked late and were unable to book the shows online. Fortunately, we arrived at about 11:30. If we arrived at 2PM (as the cruise line suggested), the line would have been enormous and we would have been shut out of some of the shows. We managed to book everything that we wanted, but the times were not great for us. We booked some things in the afternoon and some as late as 10:45PM. You really have to book the entertainment and then work the rest of your schedule around it. We then got on line for MyTime dining. We managed to get 8 o'clock each night. We also decided to book one of the specialty restaurants (Giovanni's) to see how the food compared. THE CABIN: We were able to get to our cabin at 1PM. We had a Central Park View on the 9th floor. The cabin really had no view. It has a porthole, but when you look out of the window, all you see is a glass enclosure which is over parts of Central Park. If you wanted a Central Park Balcony cabin, I would want to be on deck 11 or higher for any kind of a view. The cabin must have been designed for skinny midgets with little clothing. You were able to slide 2 suitcases under the bed easily. The cabin had 2 drawers, 6 shelves and a few tiny shelves behind doors. Even the nightstands had small shelves instead of drawers. The 6 foot wide bed was very comfortable and dominated the cabin. You also get a couch. The closet has a safe but here comes the problem. Because the safe and shelves take up so much room, the door only opens about 12 inches for you to hang your long clothing. Since they give you two bathrobes, you really only have about 8 inches for long clothing. On the other side of the closet you have two bars for hanging short clothing (shirts, shorts, folded slacks, etc). They give you a desk with a beautiful mirror but the 2 outlets are under the desk. You either have to crawl on the floor to plug anything in (or stand if you are the aforementioned midget) or, if you are smart, plug in the extension cord that you cleverly brought with you so you don't have to do this every time you want to use the outlet. The bathroom has a shaver outlet and everything else you need. Sort of. The sink is about 27 inches from the floor. The 16 inch by 10 inch oval sink was fine for the aforementioned midget, not for full size people. The shower door opened about 20 inches wide. Many people would not fit. There were 2 hooks in the shower to hang bathing suits, not a clothesline which works much better. The water pressure was fair at best. The room came with an interactive TV (no instructions). You could check your folio on the TV (I'm glad I did. I found 2 mistakes. Make sure you check it daily). You can also check the restaurant menus, the restaurant availability and the shows that you have booked. This was a VERY nice feature. There was a master switch in the cabin which must be on before you can turn the other lights on. Again, no instructions. The safe, of course, had no instructions either. ENTERTAINMENT: Even though the scheduling of the entertainment was annoying, the ship had the best and most varied entertainment that I ever experienced. We saw the musical Hairspray, ABBAcadrabra (an ABBA tribute concert), the Frozen in Time ice show, The Oasis of Dreams diving and synchronized swimming show, the Come Fly With Me production show with music and high flying acrobats and a comedy show in a 120 seat comedy club. There was plenty of other entertainment in the many different lounges around the ship as well. With a jazz club, a piano bar, a Latin dance club and other venues, there was plenty to do at night. It was all very well done. ACTIVITIES: Depending on your age and interests, they were either great or awful. They have a camp for children. All of the participants looked like they were having a wonderful time. They have a carousel on the Boardwalk. For active people, they have ice skating, full court basketball and/or soccer, rock climbing, a zip line, 2 flow rider pools, belly fop contests, miniature golf, table tennis and more. For the 50 and over crowd, there were few activities during the day. They had an art auction, bingo and wine tastings. Nothing free. DINING: In general, we were disappointed in the dining. The Windjammer cafe was set up in stations (which I like), but I found quality of the food disappointing. There was a Thai station, a station with mediocre cold cuts, a Pasta station with poor pasta, a station with international food (fair) and an area with poor burgers, hot dogs and french fries and a dessert station. By far the best food in the buffet was the salad bar. The Solarium had healthy food. The Park Cafe was good but VERY crowded. The Promenade cafe had mostly finger food. Sorrento's pizza was supposedly NY style but was much worse than anything I ever had in NY. The toppings were fresh but the crust was poor. If you wanted to pay for lunch, they have Johnny Rockets, a Seafood Shack and several specialty restaurants. That is where people had to go if they didn't want to wait on lines. The prices were fair, but you shouldn't have to pay for lunch. The breakfasts were also not particularly good. Water, lemonade, flavor enhanced water and iced tea and coffee were free. If you wanted fresh orange juice, it was available for $4.55 per glass. Most people found the coffee unbearably strong. I saw them sipping and making faces. Dinners were better. They had two seatings in the Opus 5 restaurants, 6PM and 8:30PM. They also offer MyTime dining where you can eat any time from 5:30 to 9:30. With the MyTime dining option, you had different waiters and different tables each time. I prefer to have the same waiter and table each time, but that was not available for me, as I booked at the last minute. Fortunately, the service at all meals was wonderful. The food was okay, nothing special. The desserts were not too good. We ate in one of the specialty dining rooms (Giovanni's) for the reasonable surcharge of $15 per person. I didn't feel that the food was any better there than in the dining room. Most of the specialty restaurants are in Central Park. If you plan on going to one, make sure you take an umbrella because it is all open getting to the restaurant. If it rains, you will get wet. Free frozen yogurt was available on the pool deck. If you weanted ice cream in the afternoon, they have an ice cream parlor on the Boardwalk where you may purchase ice cream. They did not have a midnight buffet. They did not have baked Alaska. CROWDS: This was the biggest problem. The ship has 2700 cabins. We had 6,093 people on the cruise. There were lines everywhere. Even with dinner reservations, we had to wait for our table at each dinner. One night, we had to wait about half an hour to be seated. They did bring free champagne to the people standing on line. If you didn't have reservations for a show (or dinner), you could stand on a long standby line to try to get in. There were many times you would go to a restaurant or a bar and have to leave because it was so crowded. Many nights, it was tough to walk from one end of the promenade to the other because of the pedestrian traffic. By the pools, chairs were jammed in one next to the other, making it difficult to get up and move around. There were ample chairs in the shade in the morning, but as the day got later, they were few and far between. SUMMATION: As with most cruise ships that I have been on, it has its strengths and its weaknesses. This ship might be right for some people but not for others. I found the crowds unbearable. I didn't like being on a schedule all of the time. One day, we had a 5:00 show, an 8:00 dinner and then a 10:30 show. Some days we had NO shows. You had to plan your schedule in advance and stick to it. If the ship wasn't filled to 113% capacity, it might have been better. If you are looking for a beautiful ship with excellent entertainment and great activities for people in their early twenties and below, this might be for you. If you are older and want better cabins, better food and a less hectic schedule, I would consider something else. Read Less
Sail Date: June 2010
Our week on the Oasis was punctuated with the phrase "I can't believe it can be better". Each show was better then the first. From the Aquatheater to Hairspray to the Comedy Club to the "Circque" style aerial ... Read More
Our week on the Oasis was punctuated with the phrase "I can't believe it can be better". Each show was better then the first. From the Aquatheater to Hairspray to the Comedy Club to the "Circque" style aerial show...each was staged magnificently. The ship has so many little places to explore...just finding all of the art and different hidden treasures (scopes with 3D pictures) took more than the time we had in the week. There were over 6,000 people on the cruise, and it never felt crowded. Getting on and off at ports was so simple. No tenders! We were impressed with the improvements at Labadee as well. The food was very good. The waiters were attentive. We ate at Chops (which had good food, but the atmosphere of Central Park is not as romantic as the Chops on ships with the ocean view) and at the Solarium Bistro as our 2 specialty nights. During the day, we fond the Solarium area to be perfect to get lots of space, good food (best breakfast on the ship) and an area for adults. At night, we took advantage of the shows, of the Royal Promenade, and other night-club areas on the ship. I was very pleased to see that 50% of the casino is non-smoking, and is physically separated from the smoking part. The last thing is that there was NO movement of the ship. We did not feel the ocean at all while we were moving...in fact we felt movement more in port than at sea. So, we highly recommend the Oasis of the Seas...it is unlike any other cuise experience you will have had. Rich and Judy Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
Arrived in Fort Lauderdale on May 7 and we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 in the Tower rooms which was great (12 th floor with view of the Intra-Coastal Waterway and a perfect view of where the Oasis Of The Sea, docks.) We used Starz ... Read More
Arrived in Fort Lauderdale on May 7 and we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Pier 66 in the Tower rooms which was great (12 th floor with view of the Intra-Coastal Waterway and a perfect view of where the Oasis Of The Sea, docks.) We used Starz Limo and Car service for pickup and departure at the airport, to the hotel and the ship. They were very reasonably priced, on time, and we found this to be much better than waiting around to get a cab, especially after you depart from the ship. We arrived at the ship on Saturday about 12:30 Pm and check in was quick and orderly. We walked onto the ship (Promenade Deck) and went right to the Eighth deck to the Park Cafe for those Roast Beef Sandwiches. We did wait about 5 minutes to get a table, but it was well worth it. We went to our Balcony room (mid-ship) about 1:20 Pm and met our cabin steward, Patricia. The rooms are just a little smaller with less storage space for your clothes,etc. A Real Problem here is that it took quite a while for the room to cool properly. Another poor feature is when you open the door to go out on the balcony, the air conditioning in your room shuts off, even when you close the door behind you. The door must be closed from the inside and Sealed shut before your air conditioning goes back on. The ship itself, is just beautiful. Central Park is located on the Eighth deck and is really a sight to see, especially at night. There are a number of pools, a really nice Solarium, and plenty of lounge chairs, but it does get very crowded on sea days aboard the ship. The night clubs were nice and the entertainment was excellent. The food in the dining rooms was really a bit above average than normal, and the speciality restaurants (although somewhat noisy, had outstanding food quality.) I do remember from an earlier posting that Formal night was on the SECOND and SIXTH Night. Most guys were in a tux or a suit, but people are starting to get away from that due to the extra luggage charges the airlines have imposed. If you are interested in eating at any of the speciality restaurants, make reservations about 3 months before your cruise. The shows on the ship were for the most part, were excellent. Again, you must make reservations months before you go on the cruise or there is a good chance you will not be able to see the show. For Diamond and Diamond Plus members there were drinks served on Deck 4 at Blazes between 5Pm and 8:30 Pm daily, which was very nice. On the Fifth day of our cruise, there was a very foul waste odor at the rear of the ship (inside) around the elevator corridors on deck 7 and 8, which lasted about a day and was gone, nothing said. Lower room balconys just above the Boardwalk could get a bit noisy from activity in that area. In summary this ship is really BIG and BEAUTIFUL and is worth experiencing but after this one time we rather be on the smaller ships. Thank you to all our Cruise Critic members who have been updating information on the Oasis Of the Seas, it did help us a lot in our planning of activities. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
My husband and I sailed 5/22-5/29. It was our best vacation ever! The ship was gorgeous and there was plenty to keep us occupied. In fact, there was more to do than we could possibly fit into a week. Room As advertised, check in was ... Read More
My husband and I sailed 5/22-5/29. It was our best vacation ever! The ship was gorgeous and there was plenty to keep us occupied. In fact, there was more to do than we could possibly fit into a week. Room As advertised, check in was painless and took under 15 minutes. It was 2pm and we went straight to our room. Our central park view (window) stateroom was small, but adequate, with a couch near the closet and bed near loveseat/bay window. There were only a few feet between the couch and closet, so I used the restricted space side without issue (I'm an average sized woman). Storage was abundant for clothes, sundries and toiletries, and suitcases fit under the bed. We loved sitting on the loveseat and people-watching before dinner. There was some creaking at night, possibly of the window. It didn't bother us enough to call maintenance - the ship's rocking put me right to sleep. Our stateroom attendant was great! She was usually around and said hello morning and evening and fixed up our room as soon as we left, so it was always clean/ready when we returned. Food/Beverages Dinners - We had my time dining 5 nights with reservations for all, but went earlier or later some nights without issue. We only waited about 10 minutes one night, because we requested a specific waiter whose section was full. They gave us champagne while we waited. All nights but one service was excellent (one night was very slow). Food was always very good. We also had dinner at Chops and 150 Central Park and loved both. The wine pairing at 150 CP was $75 each, so we shared it and there was plenty (the equivalent of a bottle altogether). We enjoyed the 150 CP 6-course gourmet meal immensely, but were too full for the cheese and fruit platter at the end (with the bread and flavored salts to begin and cheese and fruit to end, it is really an 8-course meal). Other meals - We had lunch at Giovanni's and were again very pleased. The prosciutto is sliced fresh and the best I've ever tasted. Some have reported very large portions, but we found them reasonable at lunch. The Windjammer was always full and it was very hard to find seats for breakfast or lunch. The food was fine, but there were better alternatives. We had breakfast in the main dining room and Johnny Rockets and enjoyed the made to order eggs and pancakes at both. Lunch in the solarium bistro was our favorite. It was nice to have healthier, lighter meals in the mix. Park cafe was also good for lunch and breakfast (yes, the roast beef is very good). We had made to order pizzas at Sorrento's and they were pretty good, but not our preferred type of crust. There were plenty of other places to get complementary snacks (promenade cafe sandwiches were good, pretzel dogs in wipeout cafe were so-so, corn dogs on boardwalk were tasty but greasy, chocolate covered doughnut was delish, soft serve on pool deck was a nice treat). Wine/soda packages - We got a wine package in advance and had a bottle with dinner each night. It really helped to keep our bar bill down, as did the soda package which we used throughout the day. Shows/Other Entertainment Scheduled shows - We scheduled all shows and dinners in advance to ensure we could do all. It can take a little juggling to fit everything in, so I recommended using the online reservation system. Although not our reserved time, we went to Oasis of Dreams the first night it was performed, because I'd read about cancellations and didn't want to miss it. There was a long line for non-reservation entrance, but it moved fast beginning 10 minutes before show time and we got in with a seat (many were standing for the show). It was absolutely excellent and included a lot of acrobatics I didn't expect, along with high dives and synchronized swimming. Our later scheduled show was cancelled due to rain, so I was glad we'd gone early. They moved our reservation to the following day, but it conflicted with a specialty restaurant we had reserved. Our favorite was the ice show, which we saw twice. Come fly with me was also very entertaining, although I would have preferred more aerial acts and less dancing. The performers in all three shows were true athletes and a wonder to see! Both comedians were very funny. Comedy Live is small and you cannot get in without a reservation (except a few midnight shows), so do it online in advance, if possible. We did not like the Headliner, Kenny James, and left half-way through (many did). We never made it to Hairspray. Other shows/activities - We went to Comedy Live for an improvisation show (cannot be reserved, but there were plenty of available seats), which starred some of the cast of Hairspray. It was a lot of fun. We also went to the 70's party on the promenade and had a great time. The Love and Marriage show and Sexy Legs contest were replayed on the TV and we saw parts of these getting ready for dinner - both were very funny. We rode the rising tide bar once, which was fun. We went to Dazzles, the Viking Crown Lounge (great view of pools), and a pub on the promenade a few times for a drink, but stayed near the doors where there was less smoke. We also avoided the casino due to the smoke (the smell was bad wherever you were). Usually if we went to the boardwalk during the day the performers were practicing at the aqua theater, so we sat and watched them a few times, along with rock wall climbers nearby. It was also fun to watch people on the wave riders, who really got slammed against the padded walls, so we decided not to try it. We also didn't try the zip-line, golf, or table tennis (I wanted to do all, but there was just so much else to do). Common Areas Central Park - this was our favorite place to just sit and relax with some wine. It was usually comfortable during the day, with a breeze and just beautiful to see, with not only trees and flowers, but sculptures and great architecture. The park is peaceful at night and has several specialty restaurants, so you see many people nicely dressed for dinner. Boardwalk - this was mainly geared toward children, but we did try the carousel once, which was fun. We liked the area mainly for the aqua theater. Royal Promenade - this was where a lot of activities were held and was a good place to shop. We saw both parades, which were fun, but people were very rude about getting in your way. Pools - they were crowded on sea days. Even so, we got two chairs together near the main pool most days for a few hours. People did come and go and there didn't seem to be much "saving." The pools were too small and crowded to really swim, but were a relief from the heat and a comfortable temperature. Most days there were not many children splashing in the main pool, so we didn't go to the solarium pool, because we found that area too hot (not much of a breeze with glass panels overhead). One day the ship was really rocking and it was like a wave pool, which was fun. Ports Bahamas - we went on a glass bottom boat ride, which included a tour on the way to the reef and a rum or fruit punch. It was a very pleasant ride and viewing the reef was one of the highlights of our trip. There were hundreds of beautiful fish, many of which we recognized, since we have salt water aquariums at home. At the end we were dropped at the straw market, which did not appeal to us, but I did want a new beach bag, so found a nice, inexpensive one quickly at the entrance and we returned to the ship through a very controlled area where ID was checked several times. St Thomas - unfortunately, a crew member went overboard on this cruise, which caused us to backtrack in a search, missing this port. We were disappointed of course, but it couldn't be helped. Luckily, this beautiful ship is a destination in itself and we thoroughly enjoyed our extra day at sea. St Martin - we booked the afternoon beach break at Orient Bay Beach. The drive over was comfortable on air conditioned buses and interesting. Although not a tour, you did get a feel for the area (plants, people, housing) on the drive there. Orient was a gorgeous, sandy white beach. We were only there a few hours, so did not engage in water sports, but did enjoy the complementary rum punch, swam, and relaxed on our lounges. It was a very relaxing afternoon. Note that there are women selling jewelry and other wares on this beach. A simply no thank you sends them away, but they do come back multiple times. Ultimately, my husband bought me two bead necklaces at a low price. Departure - this was as smooth as embarkation. We were off, found our luggage (easy with number coding), and were through customs in 15 minutes. Read Less
Sail Date: May 2010
My husband and I along with another couple, sailed with Oasis to celebrate our anniversaries in May. My husband and I got a great deal because we booked this cruise a year in advance while sailing Liberty OTS. So not only were we able to ... Read More
My husband and I along with another couple, sailed with Oasis to celebrate our anniversaries in May. My husband and I got a great deal because we booked this cruise a year in advance while sailing Liberty OTS. So not only were we able to book a balcony room, but we were given an onboard cedit for early booking. The Ship: breathtaking, we quickly learned to navigate around the ship based on the promenade,central park, and the boardwalk. We enjoyed taking the stairs EVERY night. There was always something to do every minute. We skipped the formal dinner nights after realizing from previous cruises, that you miss great shows and activites eating for 2 hours. We got dressed for our pictures, hit every last photo stand, returned to our cabin, changed clothes and ate at other areas. We loved the Wipeout, Park Cafe, Cupcake cuboard,Solarium bistro and the multiple areas to get frozen yogurt. The Wipeout had a frozen yogurt area that was away from the dirty hands of children playing by the pool.(thumbs up!)Park cafe had wonderful salads, the cupcakes were delicious,the doughnuts left a lot to be desired. They were dry. The corn dogs and popcorn hit the spot! A Carnival agent told our friends you have to pay for food on RC, Oasis made them into an even bigger liar. If you can't find a free place to eat of 24 dining options then the problem is you, not the cruise line. They even had fruit in the gym and a low calorie menu at the Solarium Bistro. Unfortunately, there were a few downsides. I didn't like the layout of Windjammer, it was too jumbled. We don't smoke and the Casino area was covered in it. We had to walk through it to get to other areas of the ship, and the smoke was terrible. The on air club, should have been built larger. We reserved seats for the comedy show but it was too cramped and small. I had to watch the show in sitting in my husband's lap. Some people did not control their kids. They were everywhere. We tried to find quiet cozy spots to cuddle, but everytime we looked up, someone's kid was watching us. Some people even brought their kids to the Solarium (adult only) area, and despite the warning from the cruise director, some people had their children at (adult only) game shows. People need to respect other adults' privacy. You may love your kids, but they are yours, we shouldn't have to see or deal with them. We met lots of wonderful people and big props to Oasis for candid picture shots. They grouped all our pictures without our seapass cards to identify us. Kudos for the personalized photo albums. I hated looking at thousands of photos of other people trying to find our own. It was wonderful to have all our pictures already in a folder. The photo back drops could've been more scenic. They were really boring. It would be nice to have a self service laundry area, we hate taking dirty clothes home.We loved the chocolates on the pillows and soft comfy bathrobes! Blankets by the pool on windy nights would be a nice add as well. We are Gold members right now, but we are well on our way to accumalating more points. I'm hoping for more perks for Gold members though. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2010
The saddest part about this ship was that we had to leave. My husband and I truly enjoyed and appreciate the royal Caribbean treatment onboard. We flew to Ft. Lauderdale Saturday morning in anticipation of stepping on board. We booked the ... Read More
The saddest part about this ship was that we had to leave. My husband and I truly enjoyed and appreciate the royal Caribbean treatment onboard. We flew to Ft. Lauderdale Saturday morning in anticipation of stepping on board. We booked the cruise on July 5, 2009. Pulling up to the terminal you could clearly see that she was making her mark. Embarkation was a breeze. At the terminal by 11:00 am and onboard the ship at 11:15am. We stepped on to the promenade deck which is on deck 5 and was blown away. WOW, WOW, WOW, is all that I can say. We found a seat at Cafe Promenade and waited til the rooms were open. We enjoy one of many cupcakes and signed up for the cupcake class. We watch the fountains under the rising tide bar dance to the music, enjoy a slice of pizza and then it was time to go to our cabins. Our stateroom was 11319, which is an inside balcony. The room was spacious for both of us. The bathroom was a little small, but we did not plan spending much time there!! The balcony overlooked the boardwalk with an incredible view of the ocean and aqua theater. We went to the sports deck to sign up for the zip line which was surprisingly no line. We also sign up for an excursion in st. marten. The muster drill was at 4:15 pm and consisted of us walking down 6 flights of stairs to the dining room and watching a video about the evacuation procedures. We ate at various venues such as Johnny rockets which is free for breakfast and all you can eat for lunch and dinner for only 4.95, the seafood shack which was great as well. Park cafe not only have good roast beef sandwiches but also really good salads and they are free for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We has reservations at Giovanni's for lunch on Sunday. It was 10.00 per person, but there was a lot of food, which as awesome!! The main dining room was outstanding, the food was superb and service was top notch. Windjammer was good, not a lot of selections, but with soo many restraints on board, you don't have to worry about eating there every day!! We love the nachos from wipe out cafe and the pizza was good from Sorrento's. The cupcake cupboard has interesting flavors. I dined in coca cola, red velvet, root beer, and bubble gum cupcakes!! I love the ice cream shop with the fresh baked waffle cones. My husband stayed at the donut shop which serves free doughnuts all day long!! The room service was great. You can order from your tv in your stateroom and have varieties from the different restaurants around the ship!! The shows are a do not miss!!! My husband thought hairspray was for women, but he was into it more than me!! The aqua show was amazing, and we fell in love with the Frozen in time show. Another show that was awesome was the Come Fly with Me show!!! We participated in the men's sexy les contest where I was a judge and my husband was a participant. I felt like a kid again on the merry go round!! There was a lot of activates to do on board so you never could say there was nothing to do. I love the fact that with 6200 people on board, you never felt crowded unless a show was ending which is typical any where you go. We also took a break and soak up in the hot tubs and relax and napped in the solarium. Drinks were very plenty and there was not an issue with finding a bar, since there is one everywhere you go on the ship as well as servers!! From time to time we donated to the casino and I am sure they appreciated it!! The stops that the ship made were to st Thomas, st marten, and the Bahamas. We got off in St. Thomas to look around but stayed close to the ship. In st Maarten, we went to orient beach which was nice!! We got off for thirty minutes in Nassau but quickly got back on the ship. Getting off the ship was as easy as getting on the ship. There were plenty of taxis there to take you where ever you needed to go. We stayed two days at the Atlantic Hotel on the beach and enjoyed the hotel as it rained our stay there. A couple of tips that I would give for going on this ship is to make sure you pack smart and pack a travel iron to knock out wrinkles. Also bring a surge protector so that you can have multiple outlets as there are only two outlets total in the room. Make reservation for the dining room even if you will not eat there every night. We did and there was some nights where we decided to go and had the reservation there just in case. There is line for guest without reservations, but you are not guaranteed a seat, many people were upset but it could have been resolved if they made the reservations online. The same goes with the shows, even if you think you are not going to see it, still reserve a spot, because you may change your mind later. If not, you may be left standing for the entire show. The only down side we experience on the cruise was not from the ship and crew but form the other passengers. We got a lot of stares as if we were weird from foreigners. Not that I have anything against them, but they always look like they were upset and looked at you crazy if you smiled or looked like you were having a great time...so we stared right back at them!!! Overall, we had an awesome experience. We are planning to go back in January on the sister ship!!! If you are thinking about...just do it!!! Just let go and enjoy yourselves!! Read Less
Sail Date: April 2010
Royal Caribbean does an excellent job of getting passengers on and off the ship, including at ports of call. There are several security checkpoints each time, but everything ran smoothly, with no real waits in line. Just be prepared for ... Read More
Royal Caribbean does an excellent job of getting passengers on and off the ship, including at ports of call. There are several security checkpoints each time, but everything ran smoothly, with no real waits in line. Just be prepared for airport-level security, and don't forget your Sea Pass card and photo ID, especially in Nassau. We had a stateroom with a balcony overlooking Central Park. In retrospect we should have chosen an ocean-view cabin. While a park on a ship is a novelty, I can see trees anytime in Ohio; I can't see an ocean or tropical islands ! The stateroom was very nice, not as small as I thought it would be (though the bathroom is tiny!). I thought there was plenty of closet space too. Soundproofing is excellent. Even though the Oasis is huge, you WILL feel the ship moving in the water; staterooms on lower decks have less movement. The movement was never enough to be a problem, though, even with ten-foot swells. Note to first-time cruisers: In the stateroom there is a small step up to the bathroom, which can take some getting used to. For the first couple of nights, I put a white washcloth on the floor in front of the step, to remind me it was there. The Solarium area at the bow of the ship on Deck 15 is the "adult" area, with the pools and whirlpools there reserved for adults only. There are lots of deck chairs, but if you want a good spot, get there before 9 am ! You cannot just claim a chair with a towel and leave it unattended for hours, however - a "deck patrol" comes around every 30 minutes to make sure all the chairs are actually being used. There are shady areas near the restaurant with comfortable chairs. A good place to watch the ship come into ports is the forward area of Deck 14. This deck is accessed through the stateroom corridors, so it is not immediately obvious as an open deck area. Booking shows: Try to avoid booking a show for early Sunday evening. That is when the Captain greets the passengers in the Grand Promenade. Be sure to take your Sea Pass card with you to the shows; they are your ticket to get in, if you have made reservations. DO book ahead for the "Headliner" show that is done later in the week, which has no specific act named ahead of time. On our cruise, it turned out to be Beatlemania, which sold out soon after it was announced during the cruise. We were able to get stand-by seats, but it is best to just automatically book this "headliner" show before the cruise to ensure the best seats. Our favorite show was "Frozen in Time", the figure skating show. It is NOT a "kiddie" version of skating, despite the fairy tale theme; this is a top-notch skating show. Two of the acts are child-oriented but overall this was as much or more of a treat for grown-ups who enjoy figure skating. "Oasis of Dreams", the aqua theater show, was good - but basically just a demonstration of diving, synchronized swimming, and gymnastics. There was a vague attempt at a storyline but I don't think anyone in the audience could figure out the plot ! The other big show on board, "Come Fly With Me", has excellent musical numbers and Cirque du Soleil acrobatics. We did not go to see "Hairspray" but heard it was good. In the Opal Theater, there is excellent seating in the front row of the first "balcony" (NOT the upstairs one; the one at the back of the main floor). You are about halfway back but up high enough that a tall person in the rows ahead of you cannot block your view. You don't want to sit too close to the stage for Come Fly With Me or you will be craning your neck to see the aerial performances. Also, on shows like Beatlemania, when the performers are imitating famous people, it is easier to keep up the illusion if you are NOT seeing them close up ! If you want to do the Zip Line, be sure to bring good walking shoes to wear. You are not allowed to ride it wearing sandals or flip-flops. Don't miss the two parades done at the beginning and end of the cruise, in the Grand Promenade ! Get a viewing spot early. A good place to watch is in the area in front of Sorrento's Pizza. Try to attend the Captain's Talk in the Opal Theater. You will learn interesting facts about the ship, and he has an excellent sense of humor! You can also ask him questions about the Oasis. Dining The food is excellent ! If you choose the "My Time" dining option, you will be given the same dinner table at the Opus dining room for the entire week, so you get to know your waiter and assistant waiter. There is also a breakfast buffet at the Opus, but the Windjammer buffet has a much larger selection. We ate a lunch at the Wipeout Cafe in the Sports Zone of the ship; it has pizza, hamburgers, etc. Be sure to try the pretzel hot dog ! The restaurant at the Solarium offers health food selections at its buffets. Interesting, but again not nearly the selection as at the Windjammer. The few negative comments I have about the Oasis are minor issues: We were disappointed with the Guest Services desk, as they seldom answered a question clearly, and while most employees speak good English, the accents can be so heavy that they are difficult to understand easily. I was disappointed to hear that Oasis's sister ship, Allure of the Seas, will apparently have the exact same "theme" of Central Park and Boardwalk. I would have preferred a tropical theme, or at least something a bit more exotic than another representation of places in New York and New Jersey - which are nicely done, but frankly not all that exciting a concept. Also, much of the photographic artwork on our Deck (Eleven) had a winter theme, which seemed odd on a Caribbean cruise - unless they are trying to remind you of what you are escaping in winter by cruising in the tropics? I do wish the food selections at the Windjammer had included a short description of the food; some of the international dishes were a mystery to us, with only the name given. This was our first cruise on Royal Caribbean, and it will not be our last. We were very impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the overall quality of the cruise. Read Less
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