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Sail Date: April 2011
My boyfriend and I cruised on Royal Caribbean for the very first time in 2010 on the Freedom of the Seas traveling the Eastern Caribbean. We loved it so much, we wanted to experience the Western Caribbean side on the larger ship - Oasis of ... Read More
My boyfriend and I cruised on Royal Caribbean for the very first time in 2010 on the Freedom of the Seas traveling the Eastern Caribbean. We loved it so much, we wanted to experience the Western Caribbean side on the larger ship - Oasis of the Seas. We booked our cruise through Royal Caribbean and our cruise agent took good care of us. He helped us make many decisions that helped to make our cruise experience on Oasis of the Seas a greater experience. First of all, when booking on Oasis, it is important to make sure you select the stateroom that best suits your needs. My boyfriend didn't want to experience turbulence or the feeling of seasickness, so we requested a room in the middle of the ship, mid ship level. Our agent recommended room 6668 on the 6th floor. We also were very particular about having a balcony. When we sailed Freedom, we had an interior room and it was nice, but dark. Not necessarily a place you want to spend much time. So we were willing to spend a bit more to get the balcony so that we could spend some quality private time throughout the trip on our own private balcony. And it so was worth it. Take my advice and spend the extra money for the balcony. You won't regret it. We had the option to purchase an Oceanview balcony, Central Park balcony or Boardwalk balcony. We personally like privacy and the view of the ocean so we went with the Oceanview Balcony. Good thing we did because when we got on the ship the Central Park balconies and the Boardwalk balconies were very public versus private and not something we would have been happy with. The agent also assisted us with booking the flights - however, just to be safe we made sure better options were not available online. We found the best prices and the agent took care of the final details. As for gratuities, last year we paid upfront. We found that this was not the best idea because you did not get to choose who received what portion of your gratuity. It was evenly distributed. This year we elected to pay the gratuities at the end of the trip to ensure the proper persons were recognized for great service. I highly recommend you book the transfer busing that takes you from the airport to the boat and back. It cost 30 per person. This makes things VERY convenient. We booked Oasis of the Seas - Western Caribbean. Destinations included Labadee,Haiti; Falmouth,Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico. We arrived at Fort Lauderdale Airport on April 30th and easily found our way to the transfer station. We were greated by Royal Caribbean transfer agents that helped us with our luggage onto the bus. The transfer was a bit hectic as there were buses awaiting various cruise lines and hundreds of passengers for each. Nonetheless, we arrived at the dock within 45 minutes of arriving at the airport. We initially thought boarding the Oasis was going to be chaotic due to the volume of passengers (over 5000). However, it was a seemless process that took literally 10 minutes. We were on the boat around 1pm. This process was almost an hour faster than the Freedom and that boat had half the passengers. Upon boarding we got our photo id's and had our onboarding pics taken. Rooms: Our room was everything we expected. It was beautiful and the balcony was breathtaking. The set up of the room was pretty standard. The bathrooms were small, as on many ships, but the shower seemed to be a little more spacious than we remembered. The only negative was the outlets that were under the vanity and a bit hard to reach. Otherwise, the room was great. The best part about our room was that we were LITERALLY right next to the elevator. Not only that, most activities and places that we would spend most of our time were on floors 4 through 8. Our room was smack dab int he midst of all this. Food: The food on the ship was great. When we were on the Freedom, we spend a lot of time eating at the Windjammer because it was convenient and had a lot of options. However, on the Oasis, we spent very little time eating at the Windjammer. Yes, it was still convenient, but we found many hidden little treasures on the Oasis that provided for a great dining experience. Our favorite place to eat breakfast was on the balcony of our own room by ordering room service. The windjammer was the second place we frequented most for breakfast due to the variety of options. We spend many afternoons eating at the Park Place Cafe where you can get salads, fruits, and many specialty sandwiches to include the infamous Roast Beef which my boyfriend LOVED. As well as the, Tuna Melt Panini's which I LOVED. It was quick and delicious and NEVER a crowd. Another favorite lunch spot was the Seafood Shack where they had the best fried SCALLOPS I ever ate. There is a small charge for the Seafood Shack; however, if you love seafood it's a must try. For dinner, we dined in the Opus Dining Room on floor 3. We had a table of 6 and met some amazing people that we keep in touch with even today. The food at the Opus Dining Room was splendid. They had something for everyone. I am more adventurous with food than my boyfriend but even he was able to find items that he loved each night. The Surf and Turf night was my favorite. Our table guests raved nightly about the Tiramisu! Our head waiter - Ian, was great. The others were just OK. We made sure to tip Ian graciously. We also tried a couple specialty dining options. One night we dined at CHOPS with friends. My boyfriend and I had Filet Mignon and it was to die for. Very well prepared and GREAT service. The restaurant provided family style accompanying sides so we got to try many side dishes. The desserts were very eye appealing as well as tasty. The creme brulee was good but the Red Velvet Cheesecake was amazing. We also at a Giovanni's Table. This was the Italian dining option. I really enjoyed the italian style dining and the flavors but my boyfriend was disappointed. The restaurant had very little on the menu that he was willing to try. It's not like a typical Olive Garden menu by more specialty plating true to italian food. Both specialty restaurants had a small fee. Chops was $25 per person and Giovanni's was $15 per person. The service was impeccable at both restaurants. Other places to try for snacks - the Donut Shop - tasty free treats, and the Cupcake Cupboard (small fee). We heard raving reviews and had to try the cupcakes. They were good, but not great. Excursions: In Labadee, my boyfriend booked the Zipline which is the longest zipline over water in the world. This was one of the reasons we booked this particular cruise to Western Caribbean. The day of the labadee port, it was a bit rainy and windy out. Not the most pleasant weather. It got so windy that they lowered the weight limit on the zipline. My boyfriend is 6ft 5 and quite thin, but he was over the new limit. An hour later they said the winds were so high they were cancelling all the ziplines for the rest of the day. Had we been there one hour earlier he would have been able to participate. He had his money refunded. The beach at labadee was beautiful and we took some great pictures. Had the day been sunnier, we would have enjoyed it more. This is a great excursion if the winds are not high. In Falmouth Jamaice, we booked the Dunns River Falls excursion. I had heard so many great reviews about this that we HAD to do it. It was cost effective and so much fun. We boarded a bus that took us on a 45min ride to Dunns River Falls. We had a guide on the bus who reviewed landmarks and the history of Jamaica along the way. This excursion requires water shoes. Rather than pay $6 in Jamaica and risk not getting a pair that fits, buy them before you leave. They can be found reasonably at Walmart and Target. Once there we were escorted up the falls by a tour guide in groups. It was not overly physical but you had to be careful because it was slippery. All the way up the fall a cameraman followed the group and video taped the adventure. They also took pictures. You could purchase the video for $40. We decided to purchase the video and we are glad that we did. It was an amazing experience and we highly recommend it. You will however, go through a walkway ont he way back to the bus where you will be hounded to purchase items. Everyone in Jamaica also is very expressive about tipping. The tour guide, cameraman, and bus driver all follow you back to the bus awaiting their tips. They are well deserved tips but a bit uncomfortable nonetheless. In Cozumel Mexico, we booked the Dolphin Push, Pull and Swim. This was our favorite excursion. We recommend buying a water camera cause the pictures here are expensive to buy. Water cameras run about 20 dollars. They take professional pictures of each interaction with the dolphins that you can buy at the end. We had the opportunity to pet the dolphin, swim with the dolphin and be pushed on a boogie board by a dolphin. At the end of the swim, we also got to swim with a Manatee and baby sharks. At the end of our excursion it started to downpour. We were lucky because it was beautiful throughout the excursion. We had lunch at a local outdoor restaurant in cozumel. The food was ok. As I mentioned the pictures here are expensive. It is $25 per picture or you could buy a disk for $100 per person. Nonetheless, we loved this excursion and would highly recommend it to anyone even families with smaller children. Entertainment I highly recommend booking your entertainment in advance as recommended by Royal Caribbean for the Oasis of the Seas. We were able to see every show that we prebooked. If you don't prebook, it is likely you will not be able to attend the viewing of your choice. My favorite shows were in the Aqua Theatre. The divers and entertainers were world class olympians and entertainers from all over the world. The comedy shows and the comedy headliner show was funny but not gut busting. I've seen better comedians in Pittsburgh. But it was definitely entertaining and well worth the time to go. We highly recommend getting involved in the activities on the ship to include the "Quest" show (which we WON!!!), the Love and Marriage Show, the Battle of the Sexes - just to name a few. My boyfriend spent a lot of time int eh Casino in the later evening hours playing poker. This boat has a huge casino but not as many people playing poker as he had hoped for. He won a final seat int he Poker Tourney where they were giving away a free cruise on the Allure of the Seas in December to the winner; however, they were six players short to give out the cruise. They ended up playing for cash and he was the overall winner :) Spa The spa is quite expensive but I was able to get a discounted spa service by booking the "HAPPY HOUR" massage the day we were at port in Jamaica. If you book a happy hour massage, you get a 1 hr massage for $99. I was able to upgrade to $119 and get a Hot Stone Massage. This was a great deal and I enjoyed the massage. My only criticism is that they made an error in my billing. She added more to the tip than I gave and I definitely tipped graciously. This was the only billing error on the entire cruise. Other recommended activities on the ship: The zipline on the ship was fun. I cried for about an hour before doing it, but in the end I conquered my fear and it was fun. We never tried the flowriders because they looked like it could be a painful fall, but a friend of ours swore by it and said it was such a thrill to try it. Pictures This ship has many professional photographers that document your time and fun throughout the cruise. We had so many pictures taken that we decided to purchase the CD package which was 299 for ALL rights to EVERY picture taken on the cruise. We ended up with 89 professional pictures that we could have printed at our leisure. Otherwise, it costs $20 per 8x10 picture. They have a gallery where your pics are displayed and stored throughout the week for your viewing as well as an electronic kiosk to view your pics daily. Departure Departure was as easy as boarding. We did early departure which is at 6am to ensure you get to the airport in time for your flight. You basically depart the ship with your bags and board the bus to transfer back to the airport. We grabbed breakfast in the Windjammer before departing and we were on our way. This is the saddest time of the trip...and the hardest to leave. We got to the airport and couldn't remember our flight number and what airline because it was different from the trip to. We finally reached Royal Caribbean and an agent verified the correct info. The only negative piece here was that our flight didn't leave until 1:30pm and you could not check your bags at the airport until 3hrs before your flight. Therefore, we had to wait there with our bags from 8am till almost 10:30am. So you definitely want to verify this upfront. I know this is long, but I hope you find this information helpful in your planning of your cruise. This was a great experience for us on an amazing ship. We loved the Oasis of the Seas. We now have visited both Eastern and Western Caribbean. We are open to recommendations for our next cruise. Thinking Alaska at this point. Read Less
Sail Date: March 2011
Our reason for this trip was to experience the Oasis of the Seas, and what an experience it was! The ship was everything one could want. Since on our last cruise, due to inclement weather, we almost missed our ship, we decided to play it ... Read More
Our reason for this trip was to experience the Oasis of the Seas, and what an experience it was! The ship was everything one could want. Since on our last cruise, due to inclement weather, we almost missed our ship, we decided to play it safe and fly in (Southwest Air-non-stop) to Fort Lauderdale a day early. I had frequently read articles advising a pre-cruise day at the port of embarkation, but it always seemed like unnecessary expense. But I must say, it was good advise. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and night in Ft. Lauderdale, and it got the 4 of us into vacation mode before we ever boarded ship. We stayed at the Riverside Hotel on Las Olas Blvd. It is a beautiful hotel, but we were placed in the oldest part of the hotel, and it seemed like an "old hotel" in that area. It was fine, though, for a 1 night stay, and it was clean. We enjoyed dining for lunch and breakfast at the hotel; food was very good and prices reasonable. We made it a point to get to the ship early, somewhere between 10:30 and 11:00. I didn't want to miss a moment of the trip I had long awaited. Embarkation was very organized, went very smoothly and quickly. RCI staff was friendly and helpful from the moment we stepped out of our hotel shuttle. We got on board and faced one small difficulty. I had decided at the last minute I wanted to purchase the soda package, (hadn't been able to decide if it was a good value) and so was going to purchase on board. However, it took several trys and being sent to the wrong place before I found the right one. Why guest services didn't know where to send me is strange. But after about 30-45 minutes of waiting and asking, we scored the soda package, and it turned out to have been a good deal for me. I'm not sure getting on board so early really had much of an advantage. The Windjammer was so full we couldn't find a place to sit and left without eating.Since the rooms were not yet available, we had to tote all our carry-ons around. I had thought we would be able to start enjoying the ship, but I felt so encumbered with luggage that it was basically impossible. Couldn't just leave it sitting while I went to the pool, etc. and shops are not open. We found ourselves sitting on the steps outside our hallway until we could go to our rooms and unburden ourselves. By this time, we were able to find a seat in the Windjammer and get a bite to eat. I, personally, would avoid the Windjammer completely, but my fellow travelers didn't share my opinion, so we found ourselves there for breakfast often. Usually, I didn't eat. Coffee, fruit and pastries delivered by room service was a wonderful treat, was enough for me, and so I just chatted while they ate. I find the food on Royal Caribbean is just so-so. In my opinion, it is their biggest weakness. It is passable, for the most part, but that is all you can say about it. However, Chops, is a big exception to that statement. It was wonderful, full of flavor, excellent service and worth whatever you may pay to eat there. I didn't care at all for the Solarium Bistro - only ate lunch there, and once was enough. Park Cafe, was very good - great little sandwiches and a nice little place to enjoy Central Park while you eat. Johnny Rockets is a place to go for fun meal. I know some say avoid the burgers, but I did enjoy 1. It's not everyday, and it is vacation. Service in the MDR was extraordinary. Our waiters worked themselves to death trying to make sure everything was to our liking. They went the extra mile to see to it we were out on time the night we had an early show reservation. We chose the traditional early seating. I didn't want to have to be planning every meal and trying to make reservations constantly. It was difficult enough with the entertainment, especially after our showing of the Oasis of Dreams was postponed due to wind. After having been on the ship, though, I can see an advantage to My Time Dining. That 6:00 dinner was at times difficult to work around. Next time, I'm not sure, what I'll do. I did see My Time Dining Guests waiting in line for the MDR,when we were able to walk right in to our table. Pros & cons both ways. One thing I'll probably not do again, is ask for a different table. Had not ever asked before to be reassigned and probably will not ever do it again. Our assigned table was one of the worst - way in the back corner on level 4. We requested to be moved; they offered us another table. Not wanting to offend our first waiter (very good) we decided to keep our table. Both parties received phone messages confirming that our table would remain as first assigned. When we got to dinner, our table had been reassigned, and it became an awkward situation all around. Obviously, there was a breakdown in communication somewhere. We were seated at the new table and everything was fine after that. My lesson - just sit where you are assigned. Oasis had some of the best, if not the best, entertainment I've seen on a cruise ship. There was great variety in the offerings and every production was quality. I also appreciated the fact that it was family friendly for the most part. Parades, Broadway shows, ice skating shows, swimming & diving shows, what more could one ask? It all adds up to a great experience and a good value when one considers what buying tickets to each of these productions would cost on a land vacation. RCI seems to be a cruise line targeting active individuals. This is not a ship for someone who wants a quiet, peaceful week of rest. This ship appeals to the cruiser who wants to try new things, experience adventure, and burn a few calories along the way. It offers the opportunity to zip line, ice skate, and so much more. Indeed, there is so much to do, I got all up tight because I wasn't getting it all done. Since by nature, I'm one who doesn't want to miss anything, my husband had to remind me it could not all be done in 1 week. So do what you can and know that there'll be some new things for next time. I always enjoy Labadee; just a fun day without an agenda. We tried the Dragon's Tail Coaster, and that was well worth the $19.00 we paid. Lots of fun. We were in Falmouth on the Grand Opening. There were bands, people, excitement all around. Hundreds of people from all over Jamaica had come to catch a glimpse of the Oasis. Children did't go to school, people took off work. We took the Martha Brae River Rafting excursion and thoroughly enjoyed it. We booked through the cruise line; that seemed to be the simplest, safest thing to do. In fact, when we asked on shore, we were told it had to be booked through the cruise line. Bought a little gourd "vase" from our rafter mostly to help him out. He was very kind and not pushy at all. This was a totally different Jamaican experience than I've had in other ports. RCI seems to be keeping a pretty tight lid on things in Falmouth. Because we had a late flight, we booked the Land & Sea Excursion for day 7. We also opted for the luggage valet service for $20.pp. This was well worth the $40. Luggage was picked up outside stateroom, and we didn't see it again until we landed in New Orleans. The excursion was nice and definitely beat sitting in the airport all day. It also made disembarkation a breeze, because we were taken immediately to our bus to begin the tour. My final recommendation about the Oasis of the Seas -- Go, just go! Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
Overview: This was our 4th cruise on Royal Caribbean and our focus was to experience the Oasis - so we did not do much site seeing on any of the ports (did some shopping) as we spent the majority of our time experiencing the many offerings ... Read More
Overview: This was our 4th cruise on Royal Caribbean and our focus was to experience the Oasis - so we did not do much site seeing on any of the ports (did some shopping) as we spent the majority of our time experiencing the many offerings on the ship. We had a blast experiencing the oasis - everyone should cruise this ship at least once. The ship is huge and a wonderful feat of engineering, entertainment and comfort - we truly enjoyed the ship, but have decided that the smaller ships (Voyager) offer a bit more intimacy and personal touch. When we sailed we had 5800 on board and the following cruise was going to have over 6400 - there are over 2000 crew and the majority of the crew stated the ship was "too big" and liked the smaller ships for the same reason mentioned above. The food was good in the main dining room (we had My Time Dining) and we asked to keep the same wait staff - we were accommodated almost every evening. Entertainment of Hair Spray, Come Fly With Me, Water Show and the Salsa Band (Royal Promenade) were super - rest of the entertainment was very good also. Tip: We booked our show tickets online before departing and this worked very well - recommend you do too as well. We were able to set our dining times and schedule our shows/entertainment via RCCL website...saved time and made our trip that much better. Embarking - best I've seen. We were on the ship in less than 25-minutes from the time we pulled up and were dropped off. We flew into Miami airport and took the shuttle to the ship ($58/one way for two persons) and arrived by 1030 and were on the ship by 1100. Ship - HUGE and wonderful, so much to see....the two Flow Riders; over 20 bars (one that goes up and down like an elevator between Central park and the Promenade). The boardwalk has Johnny Rockets, Seafood Restaurant, Donut Shop, Merry Go-Round.....and big water theater..... Cabin - very nice and spacious; we had a cabin overlooking the Boardwalk so we could watch the water show from our balcony (tip from previous reviews) and also see the people at night on the boardwalk. Worked out very well. Our cabin attendant was Zerwin and he was super - always with a smile and always took good care of us. Food - ate in the Windjammer; food was good but filled up very fast in the morning for breakfast. One great aspect of the Oasis is the numerous Touch Screens (one in room via TV) around the ship that allow you to see the various wait times for the restaurants. We used these a lot and allowed us to quickly navigate to a place that was not very crowded. The dining room had what I'd call above average food and we were never disappointed...however, it does seem that the quality of food (for a large ship) had gone down given how many folks had to be fed. But still we had great meals and were always accommodated if we wanted to change plates. Only disappointing meal we had was in Chops' (Steak Place) as my steak was actually very bad....when I complained I simply got a "yep, we know and the waiter went on his business. I did write this up and actually sent a personal e-mail to RCCL on this. Other places - there are soooo many places to snack & eat..... Ports - recommend you read another review to get great info on the ports...we went for the ship. Ship - the gym has to be the best I've seen on any ship. Size and amount of equipment made were very nice and there were a lot of classes to participate in. The pool areas are many (up front Solarium for quiet and relaxing) and the two huge hot tubs that hang over the ship on both sides are no to be missed. There are two flow riders and two rock climbing walls - on days that the ship is in port there are no lines and even while we were at sea the lines were not too long. Where we did notice the crowds, were in the Royal Promenade (during the Captain's Reception) and days at Sea by the pool. We never felt that we were in a huge crowd - but you did notice that there were lots of people on the ship. But for the most part RCCL did a great job in making sure the flow of folks worked around the ship. Tip: Set up your cruise and book your shows and special dining experiences before you get on-board (the lines at the Guest Relations were super long on departing) - you can always delete/change if needed. We never did. And then use your TV and calendar to manage your day (very nice touch). Also you can sign your Zip Line and other waivers before getting on the ship. Disembarking - we were off the ship in 20-minutes after they called our number. Very easy. Experience - we had fun experiencing all there is to do on the Oasis...you don't know how big the ship truly is until you park next to a ship in port and then you experience the true size. We will now go back to the smaller class ships to get the more personal and smaller experience...we are sailing on Voyager in two days. Read Less
Sail Date: February 2011
The Oasis is an amazing ship. All of the good things you hear about it are true. Getting on to the boat was way quicker than I expected and they kept apologizing over the loudspeaker that only one gangway was operational. I ... Read More
The Oasis is an amazing ship. All of the good things you hear about it are true. Getting on to the boat was way quicker than I expected and they kept apologizing over the loudspeaker that only one gangway was operational. I can't imagine how fast it would be with both gangways open! The only time I ever felt like I was in a "crowded" space was right after the shows, but the crowd quickly dispersed. Obviously it was also crowded at the giant dance parties on the Royal Promenade. I heard 2 people complain. One said the ship was "boring" but she later told us that she hadn't actually gone to any of the shows. If she thinks Oasis is "boring" her entire life back home must be a non-stop party carnival. One said the food wasn't good, but he refused to eat in any of the restaurants or even the main dining room - he would only eat one meal a day at the buffet. So, clearly, some people are stupid. You can look up all the details of the ship on other sites, but here are some tips & things you may not know: Balcony Suite 7130 is at the very front of the ship, so it offers a little extra privacy. That side of the ship is also the side where you get to witness the Bon Voyage sendoff from the people on the shore. They only supply shampoo and bar soap, so bring your own fancy stuff if you want it. Your suitcase may not fit under the bed. On the last day I realized that, had we left it open, it would have fit just great. The coffee table in the middle of the room doesn't need to be there. Use it as a nightstand and move the smaller nightstand somewhere that it won't be in the way. The nightclub scene is pretty lame, but the On Air Karaoke club is a riot every night. Sign up online as soon as possible for your restaurant reservations and shows. Do not wait until you are on the ship!! Don't waste a precious second standing in a reservation lineup. If you don't know how to work a computer, find someone to help you. I can't stress this enough. Go early to the dock. We got there around 11, checked in, and waited a little while before we got to load. We were among the first on the ship and it was so great... lots of time to explore. Do not bring your carry-on luggage on to the ship yourself. For your first day, dress in summer clothes and carry a very small bag with swimsuit, camera, sunscreen & anything really really valuable that you don't trust to leave in your luggage. We saw people lugging around suitcases wearing hot leather jackets and jeans. Your room won't be ready until 2, so plan to enjoy your first day without all the bulk. If you are Canadian, you will find the prices for booze to be very reasonable - downright cheap compared to buying a beer at a hockey arena. If you are American, you will probably freak out. Corona $5.50, Fancy Tropical Girly Drink $7.50 approx, but you get to keep the souvenir glass. If you don't want the glass just tell them upfront and they should be able to make you a cheaper drink with a normal cup. Wine was per glass... $9 and up. We didn't buy a wine package. If you appreciate fine food... stay out of the Windjammer Cafe. I hate buffets with a passion, but the one breakfast we had there was decent. The one lunch - not so much. We didn't eat at any of the extra-charge specialty restaurants. There are usually 2 vegetarian options every night at the Opus Dining room. Things that you must try: Lava Flow Strawberry drink. Ham & cheese croissant from the Promenade Cafe. Chocolate Mousse from the coffee bar near the On Air club, roast beef sandwich from Park Cafe. If you buy booze in port they will confiscate it, so no mixing cheap drinks for yourself in your room. However, you do get it back on the last full day - so in theory you could make your own on that day. Bring your own small first aid stuff. A bandaid costs 50 cents and finding the medical room is near impossible. Please dress up for formal night or go eat in the buffet. Don't ruin the fun for everyone else. The zipline is scary, but do it anyway. It'll build character. Climb the rockwall - try as much as you can because the week is over way too soon. The "free" drinks are water flavored with fruit. Very mild and not very good. The coffee is yuck too. You can buy good Starbucks coffee from the Royal Cafe. That is also where you will find free milk... sometimes it's good to eat healthy. In conclusion, let me tell you a little about myself - just for context. I'm 30, and very very insanely picky. Some call me a Princess. I won't eat meat, or fish, or spicy things, or curry, or any buffet foods. I like my beds soft and my champagne chilled. I'm not impressed with 5* All-Inclusive resorts in Mexico. There is nothing, nothing on this ship that I can find to complain about. If someone like me can love this experience, then 99.9% of the rest of the world will too. The ports of call...? Well, those are a different story for a different day. Happy cruising! Read Less
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Sail Date: January 2011
We just returned from our cruise wedding! It was amazing! We had 28 people who sailed with us. We were on Oasis of the Seas with stops in Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. It was out second cruise we had previously gone on ... Read More
We just returned from our cruise wedding! It was amazing! We had 28 people who sailed with us. We were on Oasis of the Seas with stops in Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. It was out second cruise we had previously gone on Carnival Liberty and loved it so much we decided to get married on a cruise. The Thursday before we left on the cruise we were offered an upgrade for $100 each to a Junior Suite. We jumped at it. We were not sad by this decision at all! HOTEL: I like to get a big bang for my buck so we stayed at Sleep Inn in Dania. Sleep Inn provides free shuttles to and from both the cruiseport and the airport. It also has a complimentary breakfast which was decent. The hotel has a pool and hot tub and a fenced in pool area. Our group sat out there both nights we stayed. The hotel itself was reasonably priced if you book well in advance. The suites were roomy. Our king room on the main floor seemed a bit musty. RENTAL CAR: Book way in advance! We landed in Tampa Airport and spent a few days in Florida first. So we rented a car at Dollar. We were really happy with our Ford Fusion - Sirus Satellite Radio, leather interior, only 300 miles... Dollar is located right outside the cruiseport and they have plenty of shuttles to bring you right inside. Someone met us right away to drop off the car and then we got right on a shuttle. EMBARKATION/DEBARKATION: Getting on the ship was super easy and fast. We decided to get off on our own and it was very fast. Don't get off the ship when the ship docks at port. It's crazy! The busiest time I experienced on the ship was the first day when no one had a room yet. The Windjammer also got pretty busy at breakfast time especially on Port days. STATEROOM: Junior Suite with Ocean View Balcony - definitely a great upgrade. We had 8-10 people in our room before dinner each night and we ordered room service appetizers. There was plenty of room including a large walk-in closet which fit all of our clothes and suitcases nicely. The bathroom also had a tub! SHOWS: We didn't make all of the shows. You really have to sign up way in advance online for the shows especially the comedy club unless you want to stand in line. The comedy club is super small. Even though they have 2-3 shows a night there is still a line up starting 45 minutes before and half of the people don't get in. Hairspray was excellent! Even my husband liked it. The songs, costumes and dancing were fabulous. Oasis of Dreams - sucked. Unfortunately, I just came back from Vegas and Cirque du Soleil "O" and had to compare the two. I would have thought that because the Aqua theatre was signature to RCL that they would have spent a lot more on this show. The costumes were simple and at no time was anyone in the show synchronized. The ship slowed right down to a crawl during the show and the dives from high up were heart stopping but they really need to put a lot more work into this show. Everything else on the ship was so elaborate (even the parade had super fantastic costumes) that I would expect the same from a show that has the ships name in the title. I didn't see it but I guess the comedy show at the Aqua theatre was quite good. Frozen in Time - I loved this show. The costumes were great the skating was good, there was plenty of room for everyone (even those who didn't sign up in advance) and the stories were really fun. They had a guest during the show, who did sand art on a projector and it was truly amazing. She created a story with art that was jaw dropping. Comedy - Lots of laughs - decent Up in the air - a fun show, loved the plane - worth seeing CRUISE DIRECTOR: Richard Spacey has so much energy! I don't know how he does it week after week. He is excellent. I don't much to compare to but from the reviews I've read his is probably the best around. He's funny and very in tune with his body.. ACTIVITIES: Zipline was fun and so was rock climbing. I had a wardrobe malfunction on the flow rider - wear a full bathing suit! The lines for the flow rider were decent. We waited an hour for the zipline and only about 15 min for the rock wall. We had a rain day and we spent it in the Schooner lounge playing card and every few hours they had trivia. RESTAURANTS: Johnny Rockets: My sister-in-law had a bad experience for breakfast a Johnny Rockets. But lunch there was fattening but delicious. Main dining room: Food and service were really good but 2 hours for dinner is way too long. Windjammer: Really busy at breakfast - always lot of choice. Enjoyed dinner there - just as good as dining room, more choice and only 30 min. Giovannis: Excellent - worth the $15 - better to go with a group though as you'll get way more food. It's family style Italian. You can get a few appetizers and main courses to try. Park Cafe: Didn't go there until the last day but wish I had discovered it before. Lunch was terrific. They make a salad for you with whatever you want in it - the paninis are terrific and I had a bite of the roast beef which was good but salty Wipeout Cafe: Good for a fat filled lunch - everything was in the wrong order though Solarium bistro: Good, healthy (not as tasty as other places but you get that with food that's not fried) GROUP: As for being on a cruise with so many people it was a bit difficult to meet up and find each other so I'd suggest everyone bring walkie talkies. I found it difficult to book group dinners before hand with RCL. You can't book tables more then 10 and 2 people weren't in our group so I wasn't allowed to book dinners from them online. I wasn't able to book all 28 of us in the dining room before the cruise but it was no problem when I got there. For the wedding day I booked us in Giovanni's. They had said they weren't able to book more than 20 people at once so they made us book half at 5:30 and half at 6pm - and they made a huge deal about it. The restaurant had no problem when we all showed up at 5:30 - no one said a word. So if you are booking large groups for dinner and RCL is giving you a hard time - when you get on the ship it'll all be good. PLACES ON THE SHIP: SOLIRIUM: I thought that it would be super busy being the only adults only place but it wasn't too bad. VIKING CROWN LOUNGE: a great place to go for big groups. Not too busy, not too loud, great service. SALON: I got my hair and makeup done in the salon before the wedding. They did an excellent job. My cousin came in to take pictures and my hairdressers said she should put a few pins in her hair. She's a student and decided before the trip that she wasn't going to get her hair done she would do it herself. It took me 40 minutes to get my hair done and then I went on to makeup. He put a small bun in her hair and it took 10 minutes. He charged her the same as me ? We went back the next day to get her a refund but they made it really difficult and they wouldn't do it.. It was costly too... $86 WEDDING: The weddings the ship provided seemed expensive, short and unchangeable so I decided to find one myself. I picked St Thomas to get married in as they seemed to have the best wedding planners there. I used cruise critic boards to find my wedding planner - Leslie from Perfect weddings - there wasn't one think bad about her on the boards. I got a cruise package for 25+ people that included everything - decorations, transportation, food, drinks, photographer, videographer etc.. A good tip for getting married in the Caribbean is to look at bride's maid dresses. They are nice and light and easy to travel with. The men wore Hawaiian shirts and shorts. We got lots of compliments on their outfits! We all went bare foot! We got married at Magen's Bay Beach in St. Thomas. The weather was beautiful, the water nice and warm. We had a pavilion, to block us from the sun and to eat under. It was perfect! They brought my husband to the court house with the guests, then me with my parents and maid of honour. We did the ceremony, pics, cake cutting, champagne toast. Then we had a really nice lunch. We were going to do speeches after that but it was way too nice so everyone changed into their bathing suits and we hung out at the beach until it was time to leave. We then had dinner at a specialty restaurant on the ship - Giovannis - dinner was only $15 a person and we also bought wine. We did speeches throughout dinner. I made up a gift bag for every couple coming with us and they we a hit!! I put everything I could think of in them - bandaids, wet wipes, razor, body sponge (puff), body wash, pens, highlighter (every night they give you a schedule for the next day so you can highlight what you want to do), lanyard (guest services can punch a hole in your card and wear it around your neck), chap stick, hand sanitizer, sticky paper, and much more - most of this stuff can be bought at the dollar store. The bags I used I got for $3 - they were colourful bags that fold up and go in your purse but they had big handles - most people were using them as a beach bag. I made luggage tags for every person with my laminator. I gave everyone a welcome letter with all of the activities for the week and a list of everyones room numbers. OTHERS: Don't buy souvenirs on ship till last 2 days... things go on sale! SMOKING! There is smoking in most of the clubs. It was disappointing. Oasis of the Seas was a fabulous ship - I would recommend it to anyone. I found the service equal to Carnival but the ship is amazing. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2010
SHIP I had never been on a cruise before but my girlfriend had been on some with her parents, she told me she couldn't wait to see my face when I saw the ship.....she was right, I was speechless! I couldn't put into words ... Read More
SHIP I had never been on a cruise before but my girlfriend had been on some with her parents, she told me she couldn't wait to see my face when I saw the ship.....she was right, I was speechless! I couldn't put into words how big this thing is so I won't try...you just have to see it for yourself! It made most other ships look like lifeboats! The interior was just awesome, take some time to look at some photo's online! CABIN We stayed in a seaview cabin right in the front of the ship on deck 10. The room was very nicely decorated and of very decent size with a king sized bed and double wardrobe. All rooms have big flat screen TVs on the wall where you can look through all the days events and entertainment, book trips and shows and keep an eye on your accounts! (as well as watch TV if you want to miss what's going on around the ship) The woman who looked after our room was amazing and the workers who were doing the rooms around us were friendly too. We even tipped one of the ones who didnt do our room because he was so friendly and nice! FOOD STUNNING AND ENDLESS - enough said! All our waiters were brilliant and so friendly all the time! We were treated like royalty! Juanito, Jorvey, Vyecheslav and Hui are all legends! ENTERTAINMENT Constantly something going on whether its going to see a show or climbing a wall or surfing the flowriders (there are 2) or watching the international bellyflop competition (so funny) or proposing to your better half in the comedy club in front of 100s of strangers! The guest services woman Kristina and the comedy show compere Simian were fantastic in helping me set up my proposal, there really is nothing that the staff on this ship won't do to make your day perfect! All shows were brilliant and there was also karaoke every night for a laugh! TIP: BOOK SHOWS BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME TO AVOID LONG QUEUES AND DISAPPOINTMENT! 1 SMALL SNAG We cruised back to back and the transition day could have been a bit smoother. I would say Royal Caribbean need to review the procedure! Don't take this as a really bad thing as everything else was near perfect I just felt I had to put something down here to stop you thinking I'm a shareholder in Royal Caribbean! Basically we had to get off and back on but wait in the same queue as passengers who were going home which was a long process! OVERALL AMAZING holiday when all is said and done! Honestly cannot think of a better place to get engaged to my beautiful girlfriend! We have such good memories of our first cruise and met some very nice people who we are keeping in touch with! I came home with the best prize I could ever wish for, a beutiful girl who had agreed to spend the rest of her life with me! She came home with a nice prize too... jewellry is absolutely STUPIDLY reasonably priced in St. Thomas and St. Maarten! I never give anything a 10/10 so this holiday is getting an 11!!! Read Less
Sail Date: November 2010
This was our second cruise on Oasis this year. We travelled on Oasis on January 2 and were very impressed. This was because we thought RCI had upped there game again and had went back to the standards that we expected of them. This ... Read More
This was our second cruise on Oasis this year. We travelled on Oasis on January 2 and were very impressed. This was because we thought RCI had upped there game again and had went back to the standards that we expected of them. This time we thought they had once again lost there personal touch. The staff were fantastic all over the ship, but in general we thought that they had far to much to do especially in the main dining room.We went for breakfast on one occasion to the main dining room and the service was terrible. It seemed that the food was not coming from the Galley quick enough.We also found out that Head Waiters had to spend a lot of there time in the Galley trying to compete for service to there part of the Dining Room.We also on a few occasion's observed Head Waiters having to take orders and serve food. The Windjammer was atrocious and on the couple of occasion's we used it the food was cold,especially at breakfast.The Omelette station seems to have been done away with. My wife always looked forward to having an omelette made fresh for breakfast but this was to be no more in the Windjammer. Finally the entertainment was virtually the same as it was on January 2nd. We thought that there would be some change because of the time difference between each cruise. On the first outing on Oasis we could not get a seat in Comedy Central,thank God we couldn't because it is the worst thing we have ever seen entertainment ways on any RCI ship ever. The comedians were abysmal. Finally,Finally it was my wife and my 25th Wedding Anniversary while on board and RCI were fantastic. I would also like to thank Tyrone Howarth, the Piper I arranged through Guest Services for the beautiful set of tunes he played in the dining room the night of our Anniversary. This is something new that RCI have introduced and was one of the better things that had changed this time around. And finally,finally,finally,the stop off at Costa Maya was not a very good Port of call and I don't think RCI should keep it on their itinerary Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
We sailed on Oasis in October during one of our anniversary celebrations. Mostly the ship itself is a marvel and there isn't much one can find wrong with it.The service was good and by and large so was the food. Public areas were ... Read More
We sailed on Oasis in October during one of our anniversary celebrations. Mostly the ship itself is a marvel and there isn't much one can find wrong with it.The service was good and by and large so was the food. Public areas were enjoyable and walking through the Central park area and simply sitting around people watching was an experience.The boardwalk was definitely different from what one finds on other cruise lines and the Aqua Theatre is quite innovative.As large as this ship is, from day one, we never got lost once, which is amazing since on some other ships it takes a couple of days to get one's bearings.We enjoyed most of the shows which we had booked before the cruise together with dining reservations to match the show times.I recommend that everyone does that. RCI encourages it. reservations ahead of time will remove a lot of frustration once on board, especially if the ship is full.The bands on board were very good and since my wife and I like dancing, we had a good time. HOWEVER, there is one place, and this is on the Royal Promenade, which is always full of people walking up and down, it is called BOLERO and unfortunately RCI, decided that this place will be a SMOKING area. It is unfortunate because the music is great but the cigarette and cigar smoke coming out of the area encompasses about a hundred feet outside the lounge which even while walking by, one starts smelling it and the closer one gets to it, it becomes very difficult to breath.I think that it is unfair for RCI to have an area as popular as Bolero a smoking area. This sort of chases away the majority of non smokers from the area and maybe even from the ship(s) Read Less
Sail Date: October 2010
We were very excited for this cruise. Overall we were amazed at the size of the ship and the variety for offerings. I will not bore you with repeating the information already covered by so many, I will just hit the highs and lows. ... Read More
We were very excited for this cruise. Overall we were amazed at the size of the ship and the variety for offerings. I will not bore you with repeating the information already covered by so many, I will just hit the highs and lows. Embarkation - Amazing 15 minutes curb to Royal Promenade (about 11:30) - be sur eto get your embarkation picture taken so your picture folio will be populated and you can get all of your pictures without having to search "the wall" FOOD - My wife and i are not like most. food is Fuel, we really do not get all that excited about "good food", etc. We brought formal attire, scheduled MTD and never once ate in the MDR. We loved the park cafe - roast beef sandwiches, make your won salad and breakfasts there as well. My wife also loved the solarium bistro as the healthier choices are what she usually chooses (go figure ) - she was a bit surprised when a man got all upset tone morning when he coudl not find his fired eggs there (go figure again). Vintages was also a fun "picin'" dinner. overall the food and selections were acceptable. SHOWS - highs - Come Fly with me - amazing .. Hairspray - super ....Frozen in time .. pretty good... Comedy show - lots of fun.... Oasis of dreams - OK. however this could be due to the fact that we live in the Orlando area and see this stuff all the time. However we really did not understand the featured character at all - we felt she added nothign to the show. The daytime diving show - Splish Splash _ was much better. we had a boardwalk balcony, so we were albe to watch the rehearsals all week. I was excited to see the show was for us and we really enjoyed it. Also not much publicised fountain shows were also entertaining. Cabin- as stated previously boardwalk balcony - adequate - nothing special activities - my Wife thoroughly loved the scrap booking time offered every day - Joyce was awesome (hi Joyce!!! did you find this board) - every person who shows up aget a free Oasis scrap booking packet with pages, stickers, etc. so she made me come along on day 1. We did the ice skating, zip line and flow riders - empty in the morning. Favorite spot - the Solarium - both my wife and i are early risers so every morning we would go to the solarium before 7AM and just spend some nice quiet time on those wonderful chairs to start our day. Once it started getting busy, we gave the chair to someone else. we were pleased to see the Rafael (crew member) was monitoring those chairs and would remove stuff left alone more than 30 minutes - go Rafael!!!! Debarkation - easy! we did self assist and were on the curb waiting for the parking lot shuttle by 7AM - any questions?? Final thoughts - we completely enjoyed our vacation there were 3 negatives to not though: 1. the front line crew members were all fabulous, however, if you ever needed to speak to a manager, etc. they were not helpful and very dis -engaged - this is not good 2. BE CAREFUL on decks 15 and 16 when they are wet......always... they are EXTREMELY SLIPPERY.. they should be re-surfaced with a better material before someone gets seriously hurt 3. we love cruising and because of the size and design of this ship, we felt the "connection" with the ocean gets lost. You can find it if you really try, but unless you look for it, there is no "ocean experience. This we did not like. We liked it so much , we came home and booked Allure with kids...the countdown begins again!!! Hope this helps. Questions? Read Less
Sail Date: August 2010
I have been day dreaming ever since I returned from this cruise. I especially loved sitting on the Promenade Deck, and watching the other people go by. I loved the drinks at the Globe and Atlas especially the BBC, and the pizzas at ... Read More
I have been day dreaming ever since I returned from this cruise. I especially loved sitting on the Promenade Deck, and watching the other people go by. I loved the drinks at the Globe and Atlas especially the BBC, and the pizzas at Sorrentos were great! I was with ten other friends and family and we dined together every evening which made it even more enjoyable. The shows that we signed up for was fabulous and I advise anyone to sign up for the shows prior to going on the cruise as there were lines trying to get into each one. The staff was helpful, courteous, friendly. I was pleasantly surprised by the check in process, I fully expected to wait hours as I have done before with other cruise lines to board the ship. This is not the case with the Oasis. I had a balcony stateroom and it was comfortable and had lots of room under the bed for our luggage. My boyfriend is 63 and this was his first cruise and he remarked," after this there is no going backwards in our choice of cruises and cruise lines." I have been on many cruises but I can with all sincerity say this was the absolute best. I want to now go on the Allure when it is ready. I recommend this cruise with great enthusiasm. There is something for all ages. I was thrilled when I rode the carousel, and it brought me back to my childhood and happy days riding the carousel at Coney Island. This is a precious memory for me now riding the carousel on the Oasis. Read Less
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