26 Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Holiday Cruise Reviews

I can say I now have cruised on the Oasis. Let me start by saying it was Thanksgiving and RCCI can't control the weather. This was our sixth cruise on Royal Caribbean and 2nd Thanksgiving cruise. Their were 13 in our group. Overall ... Read More
I can say I now have cruised on the Oasis. Let me start by saying it was Thanksgiving and RCCI can't control the weather. This was our sixth cruise on Royal Caribbean and 2nd Thanksgiving cruise. Their were 13 in our group. Overall it was a good experience. I still have a problem with Royal Caribbean's dress code for the formal dining and then not enforcing it. Either do away with the dress code of enforce it, even formal nite we saw men with shorts on. The other problem we ran into was the saving of seats for shows. We went to the diving show one day at sea and 3 people had the whole side of the area reserved for their family. The one thing that we liked was on the TV you could see the Daily Planner of events that you had scheduled for the day. Again though we had problems here, we had booked a character breakfast for the grand kids. It was on our planner, but when we showed up they said they didn't have our reservation and that they could try and find us room. No, we had a reservation and were going in, period! The Oasis is a nice ship to say you did it once, it is showing age and is scheduled for drydock Dec 2014. If the weather is bad, which it was, you have a lot of people in one area. One of the other things we didn't like was for breakfast different food options were offered through out the ship, for example if you wanted omelets or fried eggs they are no longer in the Windjammer, you have to go to the Wipeout café to get those. And one last thing, make your cabin reservation for midship or back, ours was in the front of the ship and we got a lot of exercise walking from front to back of ship everytime because most activities are in the rear of ship. Read Less
Sail Date November 2013
On this cruise, we were a group of 16 people. Our staterooms were Junior Suites, Outside Staterooms with Balconies, a Disabled Junior Suite, and a Crown Loft Suite. The ship is simply beautiful. The cabins were all lovely. There is ... Read More
On this cruise, we were a group of 16 people. Our staterooms were Junior Suites, Outside Staterooms with Balconies, a Disabled Junior Suite, and a Crown Loft Suite. The ship is simply beautiful. The cabins were all lovely. There is a very large variety of different dining options. Large Group Travelling: Royal Caribbean's reservation system is quite simply a mess from a large group reservation perspective. We had 8 staterooms, and each one was treated as a completely separate reservation. Booking shore excursions, spa treatments, and restaurants was nearly impossible through the website. Contacting Royal Caribbean was no help. They told my travel agent that she was not to help us with those things, and that we were supposed to get more excited by booking them ourselves. Most restaurants are unable to accommodate large groups, so it was frequently necessary to break us up into multiple, small tables. If we needed to change a dining reservation, we had to specify exactly which of the 16 people was now not coming. Getting a dinner reservation at Giovanni's (the Italian restaurant) proved to be impossible, despite numerous tries. Dining Room Service: Overall very slow. I had one evening where it took over 20 minutes from the time I arrived in the dining room until I received the Soda I had ordered- 3 times, from 3 different waiters who came by the table. It was not unusual for a meal to last 2-2.5 hours- far longer than I would anticipate, given the number of courses involved. Also, many of the restaurants do not have kid menus, and NONE of them had a kid cup, instead putting the kids' drinks in glass glasses. We experienced multiple spills as the 5 year olds in the group tried to deal with the glasses. Service at time seemed "forced", and they were only stumping for high marks on the bingo cards, rather than focusing on actually providing the best service. Individual restaurants: Chef's table- A highlight of our trip. We had a great time. Our server, Insham, is fantastic. They bent over backwards to accommodate us. 150 Central Park- Lovely dinner. Multiple tables required here. Chops- Fantastic Steaks, and possibly the best dessert of the entire cruise. Solarium Bistro- Good meals, and some interesting low-calorie options. Multiple Tables Required Izumi- The Japanese restaurant. Great Sushi. Multiple Tables Required. Giovanni's table- We only got into this one for lunches. Good food. Generally ample portion sizes. Shrimp was fantastic, but tiny portion size (2 shrimp) Seafood shack- Good lunch choice. My husband ordered the fillet of sole, and they filleted it at the table, after it had been cooked. Quite the fascinating show! Stateroom service: Some of our stateroom stewards were absolutely fantastic. (Mine was one of the awesome ones) Others not so much. I don't know if it's a seniority issue, or luck of the draw, but it seemed that some of them were far more attentive than others. Loft Suite (My brother stayed in 1730): Nice Size. Beautiful Suite. Overlooks the zip line directly, and the back of the ship, so it is not a serene view. He had access to a concierge on the 11th floor, and was disappointed at the lack of service in general. Quite simply, it was just a very expensive stateroom, with little additional service. Spa: Manicure and Pedicure were a universal disappointment, and not worth the price paid. Facial was just "ok", compared to others I've received at other spas. The massages were universally wonderful. The finish level in the salon portion of the spa is a disappointment, especially compared to other ships. It was quite simply, bland- beige tiled floors, and beige walls. No view, no pretty pictures, no interesting details, and plastic carts holding the salon essentials. Fitness Center: Well stocked with machines, and well maintained. My tall husband appreciated that he was able to use the elliptical trainer without bumping his head (which has been a problem on other ships) Embarkation, and Departure: Were lacking. Fortunately, we did not encounter long lines, but it was quite the process to get checked in and took nearly an hour for me to get everyone checked in. In addition, I had given them a credit card for my brother's stateroom (and we had pre-entered it prior to the date), and they still asked him for a credit card. So, I had to go to customer service to fix it. Departure- experienced technical issues with the equipment, leading to long delays in getting off the ship. The entire procedure seemed to be very poorly organized, especially in light of our recent cruise on Disney. Recommendation: Royal Caribbean needs to work on all aspects. The porters were brusque, bordering on rude. The cops out front were a pain, and unfriendly. This contributed very negatively to my experience overall. Kids Clubs: My 5 year old was delighted. The other kids rated the kid clubs a B-, 5/10, and C+, respectively. They were, in a word, disappointed. They were not impressed with the kid clubs, and were quite disappointed with the engagement level of the counselors, the activities offered, and more. Also, my 11 year old observed that the counselors had poor control over the kids, and the age ranges that they specify are too wide (3 years per group, so 9, 10, and 11 year olds in one group, for instance). My 11 year old who will turn 12 in a couple of weeks did not appreciate being grouped in with the fourth graders, as she is in 6th grade, and "above" it. This surprised me given how "kid friendly" the ship is. Shore Excursions: Mixed reviews. Choose carefully. I felt poorly prepared for two of mine- too much time in the sun, and not enough warning that lunch would be extremely delayed. The first experience was the Jamaica Swamp tour - lots of great animals, but I felt captive towards the end of the tour. The kids were hot, thirsty, and there was no way to buy a drink. The Mayan Mystery tour was great, except that there were no snacks or lunch until 4:00 PM. We were starving. My father did the private tour by car in Cozumel with his caregiver, and their assessment was that it was a rip-off. My brother swam with the dolphins, the kids did the zip line/river tubing tour, the extreme sports tour, and those all went well. Size of the ship- The ship generally seemed more intimate than its size would indicate. I did hear the staff members commenting a few times that there were 6000+ people onboard, so we needed to be patient. In my opinion, that is an operations management failure on the part of the cruise line. They need to get over the "size" issue, and work on figuring out the operations kinks. Elevators: There were ample elevators on this ship, and I experienced overall less time waiting for them than I had on other ships. Bonus points for having two very large double banks of elevators. Overall- My father had a blast. My family had an Okay time. Not sure that we'll bother to cruise on Royal Caribbean again, after this experience. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We boarded the boat on the 22nd. The boarding process is so easy. RCCL has this down compared to Disney and Carnival. Debarkation was less than 10 minutes from the ship to the car and that includes locating 4 suitcases. The ship was ... Read More
We boarded the boat on the 22nd. The boarding process is so easy. RCCL has this down compared to Disney and Carnival. Debarkation was less than 10 minutes from the ship to the car and that includes locating 4 suitcases. The ship was massive. Highly recommend this boat, there is plenty to do for everyone. We were on for 7 days and that was not long enough to do everything. Our teenagers had a great time. We cruised last Christmas and liked it so much, decided to do it again this year. The shows on board were great and had something for everyone. We missed the adult comedienne. Make sure you get your reservations before you board and write them down. I knew I had made reservations but sometimes, they would not show up on the TV. Having them written down helped. As for the food, we did feel that it is going downhill compared to past cruises. But, we are foodies and have higher expectations. We did several of the pay restaurants and were pleased with them. Although, the food was okay at 150 Park, I do not think it was a good as others have said. The salt varieties with the meal was a pleasant surprise, since my husband had read a recent article on this trend and wanted to try it. The dessert was excellent, but the meal itself, was just okay. Solarium Bistro was much better. We were never able to get into Chops. If you are a Coach person like I am, they actually have several handbags that you can only get on board the ships internationally. That was a nice surprise. As always, we enjoyed Quest for adults and our kids enjoyed the teen version. The Meet and Mingle was fun and hubby even won a bottle of Merlot. Jamaica was fun and so was cozumel. We hired a private driver in Jamaica. Dwaine's Tours. He is great and we tubed down the river and did Bamboo rafting. He will do whatever you want. Message me and I will be happy to send his contact information. He is much cheaper than a RCCL tour. We felt totally safe. Price was $100.00 for all day driving. We also tip well on top of that. But, your stuff is safe in the car and he drives us around so that our kids can get a feel for the island. This is the 2nd time we have used him and have referred others to him. You have to meet him outside the gates, since RCCL charges them $45.00 to enter the property. He is happy to do it, but will pass that cost on to you if he does. We emailed him months earlier and planned our day with him and it worked out great considering it was Christmas Day. We even went armed with gifts for his kids, since we felt bad taking him away for the day. In Cozumel we did Ek Balam tour of the ruins. We had done Tulum before and wanted to see something different. This definitely fit the bill. It is a long drive, but well worth it. You can actually climb to the top. This is the only ruins that do this in Mexico. I am sure, once it gets bigger they will stop that. I was terrified, but glad we did it. Everything was fun and the cruise was great. Highly recommend the Oasis for a Christmas vacation. Now to plan our next cruise.... Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
This was our 2nd cruise on Oasis. We thought it would make our grandson's grad trip a very special occasion as the Oasis has so much to offer for dining and entertainment. A few tips if you go on Oasis: Learn which end of the ship ... Read More
This was our 2nd cruise on Oasis. We thought it would make our grandson's grad trip a very special occasion as the Oasis has so much to offer for dining and entertainment. A few tips if you go on Oasis: Learn which end of the ship the dining rooms, windjammer and theater are located.You can't look out and see where you are so this helps. Cigar Bar is located up outside steps above Solarium.Chairs for relaxing and my husband said very quiet at night. Deck 5 is the jogging track. There are wooden chairs on aft and a beautiful place to sit and watch and listen to the wake. Plan your entertainment so you don't miss a show. Especially enjoyed Splish,Splash(mainly diving show) from public deck 11-you have to walk through stateroom hall to get here. Extra comedy show for family was added Friday night. Both comedians were great. Front elevators seem to be faster. If you have to go length of ship use the promenade or Central Park. Not as boring as walking through hallways. We loved Amy Fickert as the cruise director. She has lots of energy and didn't waste our time talking too much after shows. Food was good but still think Carnival has better desserts. I think the bread has improved. A bread of the day was featured each day and very good. We ate in Main Dining room both formal nights and first night. Enjoyed the Windjammer(at back) and Park cafe. Got snacks at Promenade cafe and Sorrentos for Pizza. New Year's Eve was like being in Times Square. We watched the crowd from above the promenade in and near Diamond Lounge. We enjoyed being up above the Promenade in different areas(photo shop stairs,Diamond Lounge, Schooner Bar) for parades and parties. Easier to see. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
Our extened family was on this past New Year's sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. I should preface my review with some background information about my family to enable my readers to gain better insight into my review. We are a family ... Read More
Our extened family was on this past New Year's sailing out of Fort Lauderdale. I should preface my review with some background information about my family to enable my readers to gain better insight into my review. We are a family of 4, DH, DS(16 yrs), DD(13 yrs) and myself. We have been on 6 cruises over the past 10 years: Disney Magic, Golden Princess, Splendour, Brilliance, Celebrity Equinox (Summer 2011) and finally the Oasis. We have always reserved in a suite, this time was no exception as we had a Grand Suite connecting to an OV balcony (10260-10262). We travel extensively and do appreciate luxury surroundings and fine service. Okay, so now you know that I set the"bar"quite high....... PRE-CRUISE STAY: Hampton Inn Ft. Lauderdale Airport North Cruise Port. We arrived very late into FLL. Based on TripAdvisor reviews and cost, this hotel provided outstanding service, very clean rooms (I am very fastidious in this department), and great transportation options. For what we needed, this hotel delivered. I would not hesitate to use them again as a pre-cruise hotel. EMBARKATION: We arrived at the port in the complimentary Hampton shuttle (be sure to pre-reserve the previous day) at 11:15. We were on the ship by 11:30 with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine in hand. WOW, that was amazing. I should mention that we were in a separate line for suite guests, actually it wasn't a line, it was more like we were escorted to the counter. We never did see the Suite Lounge for pre-boarding as we just kept walking right onto the ship! Absolutely painless. WOW. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The Oasis is well, massive! The promenade on the 5th floor is exciting and high energy, filled with temptations of food, drink and entertainment. Our family quickly set about discovering our new home for the next week as well as connecting with our relatives ( who somehow managed to beat us to the ship....they were staying at the Renaissance.) A big thank you is in order to all CC members who have posted before, as their insight helped us with our preliminary navigation around the Oasis. Our kids pulled us into the Windjammer, tempted by the allure of so many offerings. For interested readers, this would have been at around 12:00Pm and we walked right in. We continued exploring the ship after lunch making sure to check our MDR table (great), sign up for the spin classes in the gym (this is a must, as they filled quickly), found the pools, concierge lounge, concierge sun area, restaurants, etc. Our excitement level was high.....but could the Oasis deliver the product we were hoping for without us feeling crowded with 6000 passengers onboard? SUITE & CONNECTING OV BALCONY: As I had mentioned previously, we were in a Grand Suite connecting to an OV balcony (for our teenage children). This was an ideal arrangement for a family with older children. We had 2 washrooms, plenty of space, very extended deck (the partition was opened upon our request), and best of all, some privacy. The suite and stateroom were found to be exceptionally clean and well organized. The bed and bed linens were divine...yes folks, DIVINE. That is high praise coming from someone who adores her Frette linens. We knew that were would be more than comfortable for the next week. I should mention at this time, that we had just sailed on the Celebrity Equinox in the Med this past summer (I know, I know...where is that review...? It is coming), and I have to say the Royal Suite on the Equinox may have been a bit more luxuriously appointed in the wood and marble department, but our suite attendant (Kathiar (sp?) more than made up for the little less in décor. WOW, he was amazing! He never failed to leave our room absolutely spotless and reorganized. Kathir was by far the best suite attendant I have ever had on any cruise. He always had a smile for us, always delivered the best towel animals, and quite simply he was a kind man who took pleasure in a job well down. WOW! DINING: This is certainly a subjective topic, as literally, everyone's taste varies. Here are my thoughts: MDR: Absolutely the best ship food in a MDR, ever! Now having said that, the courses were not always served as hot as I would prefer, but certainly very good for such a large dining venue. To put this in perspective, the Oasis MDR trumped the Equinox MDR and all previous cruises, hands down! Some of the highlights in the MDR included : great Caesar salad, great lobster tails, great chicken, great chocolate soufflé, great crab cakes......OK, you are getting the picture. It was good! Waaaaaaaay better than what I was expecting. However to be clear, it is not the same as going to a fine restaurant. I was not expecting this, so I went with reasonable expectations and in my estimation, Oasis more than delivered. A special thank you to our wait staff, that contributed to making my parent's 50 th anniversary recognition and my Dad's 80th birthday so special. Thank you to Meriam and Marco, and our maitre'd (forgot His name...he was from France). Our servers were nothing short of outstanding, simply the best that we have ever experienced on any of our cruises! WOW! Chops: WOW...on sea or on land, this restaurant was fantastic! Service was perfectly executed by Keisha and her assistants. The dinner was amazing....everything start to finish. Really! (my DH and I are foodies and have dined at some of the world's notable restaurants.) This venue is well worth the cover charge. Enough said! Central Park: Good, but not as great as Chops. Great service. Giovanni's: Missed this one, but my brother and his family (very discerning, as well), declared this restaurant superb! Seafood Shack: Had lunch on the last day. It was great for deep fried fish. Excellent calamari and shrimp! We tend to avoid too much fried food, but had to try it once. Park Cafe: Missed this one, too. I know, I know...the roast beef sandwiches! Too much food, too little time! However, My Dad and Mom went there several times for lunch and loved it! Solarium Bistro: Lunched there one day. Fantastic! Izumi: Lunched there.....pretty good. We are suishi connoisseurs, so we have very high expectations when it comes to raw fish. I would still go again, for light alternatives. Windjammer: We never experienced any waits, but then again, I only visited WJ on embarkation and for one lunch. It is what it is...buffet. Lots of choices. In-Suite Dining: We had breakfast delivered every morning for myself and the kids. The fruit plates and the salmon were amazing. I think the ship had a salmon farm hidden within the ship, for all the salmon that my DS was able to consume. Easily this was the best food, the best service, and scored high marks for managing to get our orders correct all of the time. ALSO, this was the best breakfast Food and service on any ship, PERIOD!. I will always mention that my husband and I purchased the Platinum wine package. Average selection, some better than others. ACTIVITIES: The first day out, DH, DS, DD had a flowrider lesson with Jeffrey and Phillip. They had a blast, thanks to the fun and kind guidance of these 2 amazing instructors. Thank you! The rock climbing wall was also a hit (been there, done that on previous cruises).Never did try the zip-line...looked fun but very short. Tried our luck at Bingo, my nephew managed to win 4 times in a row! We were thinking that he was going to need security detail to escort him out of the theatre, after that triumph! (P.S. He won on the bingo machines, not on the cards. ? ). I managed to win a couple hundred of dollars at Blackjack over the course of a week.....I do not play big, hence my meager winnings. I also managed to squeeze 3 spin classes at the gym. Great instructors, cheap bikes, and lack of cold air circulating for such an intense class. RCCL should look into this! ENTERTAINMENT: The Oasis triumphs in this department! We loved Hairspray (fantastic), Come Fly with Me (amazing), Oasis Dreams(who could imagine!), and enjoyed the Headliner. We appreciated the diverse range of music offered in different areas of the ship. In my estimation, this is what sets this large class of ships into a league of their own. There are able to offer great productions, because they have the numbers to validate the cost of these venues. This totally worked for us. As an aside, do make your ressies prior to arriving (ASAP) for first choice on entertainment and specialty dining. EXCURSIONS: St. Thomas. I reserved a private excursion aboard the Nightwind with Captain Rick and mate Nicki. This is a must do anyone who enjoys sailing and snorkeling. This is a first rate outfit. Highly recommend. St. Maarten. I had prearranged a day room at the Westin for 109.00 +taxes. Our family took a 15.00 cab ride over to the Westin Dawn Beach. Had a fantastic day on the quiet beach and pool and was able to shower in our room before departing. Highly recommend. Nassau. We arrived 2 hours late, due to strong system that slowed our travel. No problem, Our family has been to the Bahamas numerous times, we did not have anything booked, so DH and kids walked into town for quick look while I lounged on the concierge sun deck with my parents. Sweet! CONCIERGE LOUNGE & STAFF: Beautiful lounge with gracious staff. My DH enjoyed a couple of breakfasts in here. We also enjoyed some quite delicious martinis and cosmos served by 2 wonderful waiters. I also have to mention Natalia, our most dedicated, personable and lovely concierge. Without a doubt, this lady would do well in any St. Regis, Four Seasons, or Peninsula hotel. Obviously, her love of people and her job showed. Nothing was too much to ask of Natalia, she always delivered. I noticed that even though she had queues for her services, she always responded diligently and with enthusiasm to each guest. WOW. DISEMBARKATION: We did the self-disembarkation as we had a 10:15 Am flight. We left our room at 6:50. , went to the 5th floor promenade, walked off the ship ?, through customs, into cab at far left of terminal, checked in at airport around 7:15. Sitting in Delta Sky Lounge, 10 minutes later. Flawless. WOW. CONCLUSION: My extended family chose this cruise because we thought that there would be something for everyone of all ages. It certainly did not disappoint. I was concerned that with 6000 people onboard, that we would feel crowded. I want to dispel that thought at once. Never, did I have that feeling that the Oasis was more crowded than other ships that I have previously sailed. The only time I felt some congestion was after shows, but the same could be said of all ships. I believe that RCCL has created enough venues to allow great flow of traffic. Kudos, RCCL. I also have to mention, that I have never received such gracious and willing service on any ship, ever. I liken the service onboard to a great Four Seasons hotel (of which I am a fan). Always, always, I was greeted by any employee with a smile and then was asked if I was enjoying the cruise and if there was anything they could do to improve my vacation. This included a gentleman (from Dominican...Wish I could remember his name), who was vacuuming the carpet by the elevators. As I was the only one at the elevators, he turned off the vacuum and asked if I was enjoying my time onboard. WOW! Even the cleaners had the right attitude. Folks, something is definitely working here.....I had one of the best vacations, ever! Royal service is alive and well. My family and I experienced it firsthand. I would recommend this class of ships for anyone that enjoys great service, lots of entertainment, high energy and the high seas. WOW.... I am a Oasliever ! Happy and safe travels, everyone. ? Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
We went on the holiday (Dec 24-31) cruise on the Oasis with my 3 boys (18-23yo) and my parents in their 80's. It was wonderful. The best part was the crew. Everyone we passed in the hall or anyone we had contact with had a smile ... Read More
We went on the holiday (Dec 24-31) cruise on the Oasis with my 3 boys (18-23yo) and my parents in their 80's. It was wonderful. The best part was the crew. Everyone we passed in the hall or anyone we had contact with had a smile on their face. They made eye contact, said hello and asked how they could help. What wonderful training RCI has for their staff! The ship is big and we had 6200 passengers on board but honestly we never really felt crowded. There are so many venues to hang out and people do so many different things that there are no crowds. Even the check in at the terminal was incredibly efficient. (btw, we got on at 11am. Don't believe the 2pm arrival time. You can start your vacation 3 hours earlier!). The only time we had an issue with crowds was waiting for an elevator at dinner. That took quite some time but I can think of no other time we felt overwhelmed with people. Again, the staff was great. My dad was having trouble walking around so we asked for a wheelchair. With no questions asked, we received one from Guest Relations. When it didn't work well, one of the cabin attendants noticed (not our attendant) and called on his walkie talkie and another one was sent to the room. The dining room food and service was wonderful. We ate there every night. Our waiter was great and entertained us with card tricks on a few nights. Amazing staff! The nice thing about the Oasis is all of the other restaurants available. My parents really liked going to the Park Cafe and just hanging out in the Central Park Area. It was very relaxing. A couple nights they had a violin and piano duo playing. It was very classy. In Labadee we went on the wave runners (our third time). It was great. The instructor/leader was really funny and made it lots of fun. A really fast ride! The shows were all top notch: Hairspray, Come Fly with Me, the Ice show and the comedy show. The Headliner was "The Nelsons" which I didn't think was quite up to the standards of the other shows. Half of the show was just video montages of their father, Ricky Nelson. All in all, a wonderful ship. Brand New. Tons to do. Great food and shows. Most of all, a wonderful, caring crew!! We would go again without question. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
We are in our 40s and have been on over 40 cruises, so we know what cruising is all about. We are also Diamond members of RCCL. This review has a summary then paragraphs following to expand on each summary item for easy of reading. ... Read More
We are in our 40s and have been on over 40 cruises, so we know what cruising is all about. We are also Diamond members of RCCL. This review has a summary then paragraphs following to expand on each summary item for easy of reading. Cruise on the Oasis if you like 1. to be herded like cattle everywhere you go 2. enjoy standing in lines for everything you do 3. enjoy waiting all day for elevators 4. enjoy waiting more than an hour every time you need to speak to customer service 5. to pay for almost everything as an extra 6. have the worst main dining room food of the major cruise lines, just as bad as carnival main dining room 7. be told to GET OUT of the buffet while you are eating 8. been bombarded with sales pitch for everything on top of all the other extras they charge you for 9. have disgusting food as your only only 24 hour food option in the Promenade Cafe 1. to be herded like cattle everywhere you go 2. enjoy standing in lines for everything you do We sailed Christmas week and there was over 6,300 passengers and almost 3,000 crew on thse ship, that is over 9,000 people. There was not one place you could go to get away from crowds, except the cabin. Everywhere we went there was a line. 3. enjoy waiting all day for elevators Waiting for the two sets of elevators, one set at the front and one set at the back was always a tiresome. Most time by the time the elevator got to the floor we were waiting on, it was packed, so you have to wait for another elevator or a 3rd elevator. Many people just got on any elevator regardless of the direction. 4. enjoy waiting more than an hour every time you need to speak to customer service Seriously, 5 to 6 customer service reps for a ship with over 6,300 passengers, do the math. It would not be so bad if they didn't mess up every request we made. Customer service should be at least 3 times the size, but RCCL doesn't care about customer service, they only care about charging you for everything they can. Also, once to do get to a customer service rep, they are very rude, they could at least act as if they cared about our concerns. 5. to pay for almost everything as an extra Remember these words before you get on board HOW MUCH IS THAT, as they charge for everything, even room service. They even have paid food from the specialty restaurants on the main dining room menu, a first on any cruise ship. But they dont put that first in the brochures or on the web site. 6. have the worst main dining room food of the major cruise lines, just as bad as carnival main dining room The food the whole week was almost inedible. I actually lost 3 pounds on this cruise and I normally gain 5 pounds on other cruises. That is how bad the main dining room food is and that is why they add paid items to the menu from the specialty restaurants. To get good food, they force you to go to the paid speciality restaurants. More ka ching for RCCL. Also the food in the much heralded Central Park Cafe is OK, but not great, but when you don't have anything good to eat, it becomes great food. 7. be told to leave the buffet every 15 minutes while you are eating One day while we were having breakfast in the windjammer buffet, they were blasting an announcement on the speakers so loud we couldn't even talk. IF YOU ARE FINISHED GET OUT. I couldn't believe it, another first RCCL doesn't place in the brochures or web site. The nerve of RCCL, everyone paid a lot of money and I mean a lot of money to sail on the ship and to be told IF YOU ARE FINISHED GET OUT repeatedly is ridiculous. 8. been bombarded with sales pitch for everything on top of all the other extras they charge you for It is impossible to take a walk in the promenade without been asked to buy something. Come on RCCL, cut down on the sales and send more people to actual provide customer service to the people sailing on board. 9. have disgusting food as your only only 24 hour food option in the Promenade Cafe I have a real beef with the only 24 food option available on the ship. Promenade Cafe is a small pick your own food restaurant. First there is never any place to sit, RCCL only has 1 overloaded person cleaning the tables, everyone else is selling. Second, the small sandwiches that are served are completely disgusting. No one that is starving would even eat that food. The only other option is room service, but wait for it, they charge you to deliver the food to your cabin. More ka ching for RCCL. We paid 35,000 for 4 balconies on this ship. What a waste of money and a waste of a week of our lives. Never again RCCL. Read Less
Sail Date December 2011
My wife & I have just returned from a back to back cruise on The Oasis of the Seas. And we have had a brilliant time. Reading the reviews on here prior to our holiday we were a little worried about how the reviews were criticising ... Read More
My wife & I have just returned from a back to back cruise on The Oasis of the Seas. And we have had a brilliant time. Reading the reviews on here prior to our holiday we were a little worried about how the reviews were criticising almost everything about the ship. To anyone about to sail on this ship don't worry, it's fantasic. The food is good with great choices, the Windjammer is better than people have said, alright it may get a little crowded at peak times but you can still find a seat. The speciality restaurants are great value, try Giovanni's and The Solarium Bistro, you won't be disappointed. The Bistro says healthier eating, check the menu if in doubt, but the steaks are great, try the Bison. Even with over 6000+ people on board there was still room for any one wanting a sun bed on deck with plenty of room around you. We dined second sitting (8-30)and found the main restaurant comfortable and relaxing.The waiters were excellant and service second to none. Choice of menu was wide and varied. If it helps, the formal nights are Sunday and Wednesday on the Western cruise and Sunday and Thursday on the Eastern cruise.You had a large amount of people dressing up for this which was nice to see. We changed cruise directors after the first week, Richard Spacey is no longer on the ship. He was very good at his job and gave a great performance. He has been replaced by a lady called Amy. Being in a position to compare both cruise directors on this cruise we gave Richard the edge for better quality of shows. But that is just our view. To give you some idea of prices for drinks, two spirits and a mixer(can) came to $15-81, inc grats. A bottle of Bud was $5-69, inc grats.Wine was a little expensive but for that special occasion maybe worth it. In the duty free shop on board, on the Friday of your cruise, you can buy spirits mid afternoon as this is your last day, price example, two one litres of vodka came to $20. The cruise overall was brilliant, don't be put off by some of the reviews on here, they are just being negative about anything. Some people just moan about anything. If we did have to find fault with something it would be that the wardrobes in the cabin were a little small, my wifes pet hate. We were on this ship for two weeks and that was the only fault we had. We could put up with that. The ship does not change, only the passengers. Some hate it, some love it. Some are polite, some ignorant. Some quiet, some noisy. It is your cruise so go and enjoy it. Some advice if you are on a back to back cruise, Royal Caribbean take care of you on change over day, you get a complementary meal in Giovanni's if you wish at lunch time and if you are changing cabin's, all you have to is empty your drawers and bathroom of personal items and they empty your wardrobes and move other items to your new cabin. Also there will be a meeting on the Friday afternoon , with a glass of champagne, to explain other information to you. We have had 13 cruises and by far this was the best. The entertainment for Halloween night even beat the entertainment of the Millennium cruise we had. If you have even half the fun we had on this cruise then you will enjoy it. If you go looking for faults you may find them. Look at the good bits, thay are all around. This was our first cruise with Royal Caribbean, it won't be our last. Enjoy your cruise. We did. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We booked this cruise thinking that if we were going to do this once, then do it on the biggest.....We now know this is probably the BEST, even though we have no other experience to go by. We would not want to try any other cruise at the ... Read More
We booked this cruise thinking that if we were going to do this once, then do it on the biggest.....We now know this is probably the BEST, even though we have no other experience to go by. We would not want to try any other cruise at the moment. I have spent MANY hours reading reviews and tips before setting sail. Some reviewers here must have nothing better to do than bitch and moan! It was the BEST time myself and Margaret have EVER HAD on holiday!I work in the leisure industry, and this was by far the best service we ever had.Many a 10am Saturday morning was spent on www.portevergladeswebcam.com watching Oasis sail into port, and 10pm for the sail out. We 'requested a wave' months before we left home! We booked back in January through a local agent. Would deffo book myself in future for what little they did! The flights changed several times, the last being THREE WEEKS before departure! It was decided to go a day early from the start as we were due to land 21.35 on the Friday and we wanted to spend a day in Fort Lauderdale before boarding.Got to FLL to be met by one of the RCCL meet and greet. They had a bus on standby that we did not know about as we were told by the agent it was our problem to get to the hotel!! I told him of the original plans and he even trollied our bags up to the Hertz counter and stood with the wife while I sorted the car! Great service. Hire car through Hertz was changed from a Ford Mustang convertible, (Gutted!) to a top spec E Class Mercedes... (better than a kick in the gonads I suppose). First night (at our expense) was spent at the Best Western Oceanside on Holiday drive. Great value for money and breakfast thrown in! Was booked it without realising it was next door to the Sheraton beach, Our room booked for the Friday by RCCL. VERY handy!!!! Top Tip. DON'T bother going to the Sheraton, Waste of money! I got up at 4am to walk down the beach to video the ship sail in. Had been watching it sail in on webcam, so wanted to see it in the flesh!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXdZgGC8Hf0 We went back to the Best Western for Saturday breakfast at $10 a head.Brilliant service by the western staff. Even the meet and greet guy recommended it. Transfer to port very smooth and we were on board from getting off the bus within 15 mins! Was on board shortly after 12 noon. Lovely air conditioned atmosphere as soon as you board and the wow factor hit us straight away! First stop was to drop the carry on in the room. What a great room and a decent view to the rear of the ship and boadwalk area. Very little noise through the double glazing,even when a show is in full swing! Then up to the wipeout cafe for a little bite. Not fantastic fayre, it could of done with a soda fountain and not the 'tinted water', but more than adequate. Back to the room for a few hours before making our way on top deck for the sail off, with a drink in hand, Union Jack tied to the rail by the Flowrider for the 'wave' at the port everglades webcam for all at home to see ;-). It was probably due to us being VERY tired, but the main dining room (my time dining) menu did not tempt us,so we asked if it was OK just to leave it. Andie the head waiter was very accommodating and was trying to offer something off the menu and the waiter Alvin and assistant waiter Roy were great. These guys bent over backwards for us and never disappointed! They were worth the extra tip we put into the envelopes at the end. Food was absolutely fantastic for the rest of the cruise. Another one worth the extra tip was Frederick the room attendant. Treated the wife like a princess! Sunday sea day was spent touring the ship. We had breakfast at the Windjammer every day as we ate very well and rarely needed to go for lunch. Some days when we had a late evening meal, we would snack at wipeout and once had lunch at windjammer. I went on the Zipline. A comedy show was booked for the evening but we decided to cancel as we were still tired and had Labadee in the morning. Labadee was good. I took part in the seadoo excursion. the beaches were nice, though the Artizans market people were VERY VERY pushy!!!! One tied a bead bracelet round Margaret's wrist so tight she could not take it off so she ended up paying for it! RCCL really need to stamp on these hustlers! It sort of spoilt the day somewhat. I know the islanders have had it tough, but surely more stuff would sell if there was a more relaxed attitude! In the end, we went back to the ship earlier than expected! Would not be disappointed if we went again and it was cancelled! Falmouth Jamaica was next. Nothing planned, so left the port for a stroll round. Met a taxi driver that had some good reviews on here, BABA. for $120 (all day!) he took us on a sight seeing tour on the way to Montego bay through a plantation where Johnny Cash had a house. Then to White Witch golf club for photo session. Onwards to Mo'bay to a hillside hotel/function place for more views/photos and some Red Stripe;-). Then to Doctors cove beach for an hour or so, (as long as we wanted) for a nice swim and several more Red Stripe! Back to port, some shopping and a soak in the Jacuzzi! Wonderful people, want to go again. Another sea day. Some bingo played and the headliner show was good. We don't do theatres or such as a rule, but this was good. The Oasis of Dreams was viewed several times from the balcony. For Cozumel, We did the Jeep/Snorkel safari. Snorkeled near port, then on to the jeeps to El diablo, a little bar on the beach, then to a Tequila Hacienda, followed by a poolside lunch before heading back to port for some shopping. 5 1/2 hours of fun and would not do again, simply because we have done it! The guides were great! Another sea day with bingo, shopping etcc and the final evening meal/waiter cabaret act. A drink on the rising tide bar and a water show rounded off the evening. Then back to port Saturday for the rough trip home. Sorry there were no reviews of other resturants and such, WE DID NOT NEED TO TRY.If they were better than the ones we went, then ou are in for a treat! Please do take the negative reviews on here and elsewhere with a big pinch of salt. Do plenty of research before you go. We did not see as much of the ship in a week as we thorght we would. Two weeks would be better. I did not think I would enjoy cruising, am now considering selling the caravan to do it once more!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
CABINS The best cabin I've ever had on any cruise ship, period! We had a balcony room (10278) which had the good layout with the bed by the balcony door so we had plenty of room to access our closet. The bathroom is well laid out ... Read More
CABINS The best cabin I've ever had on any cruise ship, period! We had a balcony room (10278) which had the good layout with the bed by the balcony door so we had plenty of room to access our closet. The bathroom is well laid out and felt spacious, and the balcony was the largest we've ever had. The balcony was wide AND deep and extremely roomy. I also appreciated the extra drawer space and cubbyholes all around the stateroom. The closet even had two racks for hanging and we had plenty of room for all of our clothes and gear. Bring an extra outlet plug for phone chargers, etc. since outlets are scarce. SERVICE - CABIN The service on a whole was excellent. Our cabin steward was incredible. I am difficult to impress and he impressed me. I won a bottle of champagne in the casino raffle the second night on the cruise. I wanted to save it to drink at Thanksgiving so I set it down in our stateroom. When we came back in, our steward had brought 2 champagne glasses AND a large separate bucket of ice for the champagne. We also never had to ask for anything more than once. The first night I requested 2 extra pillows and an extra towel and we had them all week. Another amazing feat: we were called / greeted by name all week long. SERVICE - FOOD OUTLETS The My Time Dining service was a bit spotty. We sat at the same table every night and had the same waiter / assistant waiter but they just weren't very good. We were practically ignored several nights (waited 20 minutes just to place an order, never got items we ordered, received the incorrect entrees, etc.). Several nights I sat with an empty water glass for over 15 minutes! On "lobster night" I ordered the lobster and a steak since I thought surf and turf sounded good and I asked for them to be served together. Alas, I was presented with the lobster first and only after I finished, they brought my steak -- but they removed my dirty silverware from my plate and set it down on the table to use with my second entree! I was taken aback by that. Normally waiters will bring fresh silverware. I've cruised with NCL many times and they truly "get" the freestyle concept. Royal Caribbean does not. I would not recommend My Time Dining since it's not "eat whenever you want." You have to have a reservation if you want to avoid waiting for a table -- and what's the point if you have to eat at a set time? The bar staff was friendly and the service at the specialty restaurants, including Johnny Rockets, was fantastic. FOOD It's no secret that I think RCI has the worst food of any cruise line. I'm sad to say that the Oasis is no different. The food is just not good. The food in the main dining room was edible but not very tasty. I made a point to try everything on the "available every night" menu. The sirloin steak was adequate but had a weird texture. The roasted chicken was moist and tasty. Only the salmon was actually inedible and I had to order something else. Some of the menus were better than others, and some of the selections were better than others. Sugar free ice cream is offered in the dining room every night and the flavor changes daily. Food is subjective but RCI still has the worst food in the business. The Windjammer buffet is absolutely disgusting, and I do not say that lightly. I took photos of the food and I wish I could post them here because a pictures really is worth a thousand words! The food was cold, bland and generally unappetizing. The Windjammer has the same soups / desserts as the main dining room on most nights so if there's something you liked at dinner, stop by the buffet if you need a midnight snack! Sorrento's pizza had a good variety of pizzas and a made to order pizza bar. Promenade Cafe had poor quality cold sandwiches and desserts. Solarium Bistro had good vegetable options at their lunch buffet and a decent salad bar. Room Service was okay. The spinach dip and caesar salad were the best items on the menu. Avoid breakfast; we ordered it once and the bacon was served practically raw. The Boardwalk donut shop was really bad, but it was free. The roast beef in the Park Cafe was good and I enjoyed the tossed to order salads (these salads aren't as good as the tossed to order salads in the main dining room at lunch time; go there and get big shrimp and premium ingredients like roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes and more). The service here was exceptional as well. We couldn't get reservations at most of the specialty restaurants but we did get to go to Giovanni's Table and Johnny Rockets several times. The food at Giovanni's was very, very good. Johnny Rockets had typical burgers but it was fun to munch on them while sitting out on the Boardwalk. Service was stellar at both. The best kept secret on the Oasis is Vintages, the wine bar! They have an extensive tapas menu of very tasty appetizers. We went there on several occasions. Ask for Ramona, she is wonderful and took great care of us. We were in Vintages almost every single night (Caymus cabernet by the glass for $25; combine that with a Gold member 2-for-1 coupon and it's a deal)! ENTERTAINMENT I didn't like having to make reservations for all of the shows. I made them before we left home for all of the shows but we only ended up going to Hairspray. I didn't like having a set time that I had to be at a show, so we just stopped going. Hairspray was good and fun; not Broadway quality but good for a cruise ship. The sets were awesome! We also enjoyed the improv show (no reservations required) and of course Quest! As an animation fan, I was always excited to see the DreamWorks characters roaming about. The characters pay attention to the kids as well as the adults so I got some great photos. The Dreamworks parade was a ton of fun, and it was a thrill to take a flash mob dance class and then get to join in as the entertainment one evening! Ride the carousel, listen to karaoke, mini golf, flowrider, play music trivia...there was so much to do we didn't have time to do it all! The casino, the nicest I've ever seen at sea (and I live in Las Vegas!), was large with a non-smoking side and lots of fun slots. The Aqua Theater shows fun movies at night (the Grease sing-a-long was a blast). I was sort of surprised at the low quality of the lounge acts and house bands. GOOD I was most impressed with, aside from the sheer awesomeness of the ship, the attitudes of all of the staff we encountered! Every single employee we dealt with, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, was happy, friendly, smiling and seemed very eager to please. I really feel like the crew of the Oasis tried really hard to make sure we had an awesome vacation. I did not encounter even one disgruntled employee. Not one. That is very rare on any cruise ship and I have never had that happen before. What really surprised me is that the ship never felt crowded. Embarkation and debarkation was easy, and our luggage was delivered to our stateroom about 30 minutes after we boarded. Amazing! BAD Aside from the food, my only major complaint was the time it took to get back on board after being in port. It was ridiculous, especially in St. Maarten where it took us over one hour to get back on the ship! RCI is serious about security, however, and they x-ray everything and wand you down before you get back on. Don't even think about trying to bring alcohol on board, they are crazy about stopping you from doing that. It was the worst liquor patrol I've ever seen on any cruiseline. I also hope the Oasis will start to sail different ports because our itinerary was overcrowded and not that fun (Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten). Of course, we've "been there, done that" so we were going mostly for the ship! THE FREAKING AWESOME Select pools and hot tubs are open 24 hours! Yes, 24 hours! We went swimming at 2:30 in the morning and it was awesome (the pools are freshwater, so no nasty salt in your mouth). There was also NO pushiness about shopping or recommended stores or any of that nonsense! I didn't hear one solicitation all week. I also majorly loved Vintages wine bar. SUMMARY All in all this was a great cruise and I'm ready to sail the Oasis again. One thing is for certain: it is going to be extremely difficult to ever go back to a ship that's not an Oasis class! This ship has spoiled me. Take the Oasis: you won't be disappointed. It is truly an amazing vessel. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
The review is for myself - female age 55, and my husband age 53. This was our fourth cruise, having sailed on Monarch twice and Freedom once, all in the past 18 months. We are booked for Liberty next month, Freedom in May and Allure next ... Read More
The review is for myself - female age 55, and my husband age 53. This was our fourth cruise, having sailed on Monarch twice and Freedom once, all in the past 18 months. We are booked for Liberty next month, Freedom in May and Allure next November. We drove down from Orlando the morning of the cruise and parked at a local off site parking facility. Quick and easy van drop off and shuttle to the Port Terminal. We were near the beginning of the line to enter the terminal. It took about 20 minutes to get checked in and up to the area to wait to board. At about 11:15 they started letting us board the ship. I must mention that the ramp to board was very steep, and an elderly gentleman in front of us was have a hard time with his walker. So perhaps there are alternate ways to board that those with mobility issues should look into? For us it was just preparation for the thousands of stairs that we would be climbing over the next seven days!! (Got to burn off those desserts somehow!) We entered the ship on level 5 - the Prommanade deck. WOW! Everything is so much larger then you see in the photos! The Rising Tide bar was right in front of us and is very unique, going up and down between the Prommanade and Central Park on deck 8. There was lots of room on the Prommanade which is a good thing as most of the events throughout the week were held there. Our only complaint with this area would be the horrible smoke coming out of the Bolero's Bar all the time. We are very smoke sensitive, and quite honestly starting avoiding that end of the the deck just to avoid the awful smell. Our next stop was deck 8 - Central Park to have lunch at the Park Cafe. Yes, the roast beef sandwiches really are that good! The made to order salads were even better in my opinion and we had lunch here several times throughout the week. Husband had a panini one day and said that it was very good. Central Park really is amazing. Very quiet and serene and overall just a nice place to sit and chat or read a book. By the time we finished up with our lunch and wandered around a bit our rooms were ready. We had the very last cabin on the Boardwalk - 10329. Our cabin was a sufficient size and very clean and functional. They made use of every last inch of potential storage space. Our bed was next to the balcony, and this made closet access easy. For anyone using a CP machine, there is an additional electric plug underneath the mattress on the right hand side of the bed. DH was happy that he did not have to have an extension cord running across the floor like he has needed on other ships. The view from our balcony was great. We were practically IN the Aqua Theatre! The two huge screens were our own personal big screen televisions! And the view of the ocean and wake were awesome! When we were docked in Labadee, the view was spectacular! Now, would I book a Boardwalk room again? Probably not, but it was fun to have one time since it was such an unusual view. The bonus was that smoking was not allowed on these balconies, so we had clean fresh air all the time! We had My Time Dining with our travel companions each night at 6pm. In hind sight, I should have booked it later, and we will do that on our upcoming cruises. The first night we had a waiter named Dwayne. He was awful. I am sorry to say this, but he was pushy with his opinion on what we should order and even tried to change what our friend had said he wanted. The next night we asked for someone different and we were seated in Bongay's section. WOW! He was awesome!! What a difference a waiter can make to the enjoyment of your dining experience! We ended up going back to Bongay's table every night. The food overall in the main dining room was very good. One night I ordered the salmon, and it was soaked in butter and very under done. I did not say anything (not my style to complain) but Bongay noticed that I was not happy and without being asked brought me a new plate with well cooked salmon and no butter! The Solarium was a wonderful area. Adults only, and it really was adults as I never even saw a child walk through the area! There was a fresh water spa pool that had jets that could massage your back and arcs of water that you could walk through. There was also a large hot tub with water that was hot enough, but not so hot to feel like you were cooking. There were plenty of nice chairs and lounger available through out the Solarium on two different levels. If you wanted sun, you sat downstairs. Shade, then upstairs under the roof. The glass window roof seemed to catch the breeze and make the area very pleasant and comfortable. The Solarium Bistro was fantastic! We had breakfast there several mornings as well as a couple of lunches. The food was a more healthy type and seemed more upscale then the offerings at the Windjammer. The Windjammer. Well, it is the same as every other Windjammer! Not my favorite place to eat. Lots of choices - some of them better then others. The staff were helpful in finding you places to sit and getting you coffee and water refills. We only ate there a couple of times since there were so many other restaurants that we found we preferred to eat at. The shows were GREAT!! Every single one of them was awesome in our opinion. Hairspray was so entertaining and fun to watch. The cast really did a splendid job on this. Both of the diving shows at the Aqua Theatre were dramatic and very well done. Those high divers had my blood pressure rising for sure! The production show Come Fly With Me was incredible. We liked it so much that DH and I went and saw it again on stand by. The headliner for our cruise was a Abba act. They were good and quite enjoyable, especially if you like Abba music. Our travelling companions liked it so much they went back a second time. Our cruise director was Richard Spacey. This was his final cruise on Oasis, so I imagine it was a bitter sweet week for him. I am so very happy that we got to have Richard as our CD. We really enjoy the added fun the CD's bring to the cruise and Richard did not disappoint! He made the Love and Marriage and The Quest shows absolutely hilarious! The look on his face when the guy in the kilt bared all during The Quest was priceless! Halloween fell on day 3 of this cruise. OMG! We woke up that morning and the Prommanade had been transformed into a ginormous haunted house! Huge decorations were absolutely everywhere. I am so glad that DH and I decided to go all out and dress up for the event - not something that we have done in the past 35 years or so! There were literally thousands of people dressed up in costume for the party! So much fun. They had several professional photography 'sets' that were Halloween themed set up and we got some really cute photos. They even had a haunted house that you walked through down in a deck three conference room. A huge amount of work went in to making Halloween on the Oasis a truly memorable experience. The Sports Deck activities on Oasis were awesome! I did the zip line twice, the rock climbing wall once and the Flow Rider many, many times! The instructors at all the sports activities were very kind and patient and really knowledgeable about their sports. I felt completely safe on the zip and rock wall. The flow rider staff were so nice to work with. I had never tried to do stand up surfing, and I actually managed to stay upright by myself for five hole seconds!! Do not let age stand in your way of trying something new and exciting. I am so glad that I tried everything that the ship had to offer. We stopped at three ports on this Western Caribbean cruise. The first one was Labadee Haiti, the private beach/island area that RCI rents or owns from Haiti. Now I love Coco Cay, so I was optimistic that Labadee would be just as good, and it was, but in a different way. While Coco Cay is more tropical, Labadee was very mountainous and dramatic. The beach itself where we were was sort of rocky, but the water was nice once you got in. My friend and I did the Dragon Coaster twice and it was lots of fun. You paid $19 for one ride, and you could have two people in the car up to a weight of 360 pounds. Since our husbands did not want to ride, we each bought a ticket and got to ride twice together. It was lots of fun and very fast! For our next two ports of Falmouth, Jamaica and Cozumel Mexico we just browsed the shopping areas close to the ship and then returned to use an empty ship! This trip was primarily for us about the Oasis, not the ports of call. All and all we had a wonderful cruise vacation on Oasis of the Seas. The staff were great. The food was very good. The activities were fun. The entertainment was awesome. The ship was incredible and definitely a must see for anyone who enjoys cruising. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Check-in at Ft. Lauderdale was smooth. 100+ check-in counters. Why, Oh why cannot ASDA, Tesco etc not realise the customer satisfaction derived from NOT queueing. On board, welcoming staff but to be honest, the ship has such a wow! ... Read More
Check-in at Ft. Lauderdale was smooth. 100+ check-in counters. Why, Oh why cannot ASDA, Tesco etc not realise the customer satisfaction derived from NOT queueing. On board, welcoming staff but to be honest, the ship has such a wow! factor you'd be hard-pressed to be excited by a welcome from Poseidon himself. I've been on Voyager, Adventure and Liberty and Oasis is in a different league. Specifics: even with 6000+ pax you feel this ship is NOT overloaded. We arose each morning at a sedate 9am and found the upper deck (15) to be very unoccupied. We'd no problem in securing a couple of loungers exactly where we desired - starboard side (port side is the smoker's area). Breakfast options were varied - but we stuck with the Solarium (healthy style food in a conservatory style setting at the front, upper section of the ship_ or the main restaurant (decks 3 and 4, aft, lower, internal section). The former is self-service, the latter being either buffet or waiter service - you choose at point of entry. Quality of food is better than many cruises we've enjoyed and to be honest, when they *ocked-up my eggs Benedict (in the main restaurant) it was changed in a jiffy - the replacement being perfect. Lunch options were even more varied. The main dining room offered a buffet or a waiter-served option: the latter split into a guaranteed 30 minute service or a more leisurely service. God bless the Americans..... who else can sully a leisurely experience with a 30minute service? That said, quality was high, service great and speed ....... as you dictated. Dinner? Better than many cruises including other Royal Caribbean ships although the menu choices seemed to deteriorate slightly as the week progressed. You could (I did) try two starters if you were unsure as to what to select and on the one occasion a steak was returned for correct cooking it was solved speedily and without drama. Good. We ate in Chops (speciality steak restaurant) one night. We were wise to book this on embarkation day, shortly after settling in to the ship. I think it's difficult to get a booking several days into the cruise. At $30 each this is an experience to be savoured. Sadly, the steak sauces and the desserts failed them...but overall, sitting "outside" in the glass-encompassed street-side area was worth the cost. The steak was good too (although M&S have better - you UK readers may know this). Entertainment: We'd pre-booked several shows at the "90 days before sail" point. DO THE SAME. There were "wait-lines" for the popular events such as the comedians, the Ice Show and the Aqua Show. All three were good - particularly the Ice Show. The "QUEST" is also worth attending - Richard, the Brit. cruise Director making this a laugh a minute. Ports of Call: We took the Eastern Caribbean route. Nassau is really worth missing. Seriously. Stay on board or buy a trip but Nassau is dire. St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands is pleasant enough. we've taken trips there before and it is a "nice" place but the harbour/town (Charlotte Amalie) is full of jewellery shops. It's a tough call to say St. Maarten is better - but I'm saying it. St Maarten is a little more "cosmopolitan" - has the cheapest fags in the Caribbean, good for cigars and jewellery and is, in my opinion the best of the three ports-of-call. Overall, this ship is fantastic. The decor, cleanliness, SIZE was impressive. Staff were attentive but I got the impression they were overworked. Waiters in the main restaurant were busy to the point of not having time to converse. They had some good offers: Wine - three levels of package offering a modest choice to a quite varied choice and quantities of 5 - 7 - 12 bottles. For the setting the prices were not outlandish. Beer offers - domestic (US) beers in a cooler-bag (with ice) on the upper-decks for approx. $3 a 16oz long-neck. Acceptable. Soft-drink package - get ONE member of your party to subscribe and free soft-drinks then available for the duration when the sea-pass card displayed. The "sea-pass" card is a combination. ID card, room-key and drinks/etc purchase authorisation card. Think of it as your "on-ship-credit-card". they stick a label on it to indicate you've purchased the Wine or Soft-Drink "package". Finally, I feel they've brought the level of service back to the level they offered in 2008. Some of the ships in this fleet have lately slipped in quality. Oasis corrects this. I'm curious to know if this is a fleet-wide move or specific to Oasis but I can say.......I'd sail on Oasis and Allure in the future. I do however feel they need to widen the route choice somewhat. Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
My wife and I got married on Oasis of the Seas. The wedding was nice and small with family and friends. Royal Romance is the company that does the weddings. By the end we were calling it Royal Rip Off.....lol It was what we wanted to do ... Read More
My wife and I got married on Oasis of the Seas. The wedding was nice and small with family and friends. Royal Romance is the company that does the weddings. By the end we were calling it Royal Rip Off.....lol It was what we wanted to do for our wedding but found the cost to be very high for what you get. They were trying to get us to have some food following the service. They wanted $20 or so per person to provide this service. We declined and took the family to the buffet. We took a couple of tables that were in a cluster and had just as nice of a time with out any extra cost. After the wedding we took many photos all over the ship. Oasis is just amazing in every way. For it's size, it is amazing how it feels like there is very few people on the ship. The only time it felt like there was 5000+ people was during the muster drill. Some nights we went o the Solarium and we were the only ones there. My wife and I love Royal but we did notice that the service was a bit less personal on Oasis due to the size. Over all, it was a great cruise and I married the woman I love. We will remember this for the rest of our lives!! Read Less
Sail Date September 2011
This was our third cruise but our first on RCI. First a little bit about us - I was traveling with my husband, my 10-year old son, and my mother and father in law. We are in our early 40s and booked this cruise mainly to experience the ... Read More
This was our third cruise but our first on RCI. First a little bit about us - I was traveling with my husband, my 10-year old son, and my mother and father in law. We are in our early 40s and booked this cruise mainly to experience the ship, as the ports of call were not all that appealing for this 5-day sailing (Cozumel and Nassau). We booked a Grand Suite on the 8th deck and a connecting balcony stateroom. I write wordy reviews, so consider yourself warned. EMBARKATION: After checking out of our pre-cruise hotel we grabbed a cab and headed to the pier at about 10:30. Traffic was very light, and check in was amazingly fast as others have noticed. Our baggage porter was friendly and we tipped her without being asked, but the same was not true for my in-laws. Although we checked in at the suite area, our mother and father in law reported a very quick and easy embarkation process as well. We waited in the suite area. There were no beverages (coffee, etc.) available in that area, but our wait was very short as they began calling suite passengers at approximately 11:05. WINDJAMMER: As one of the first to board we thought we might try it once as we didn't plan on going there at all. We were able to pick a very nice table on the port side windows. The food was fine - basically what you would expect from a cruise buffet style venue. It did become noticeably more crowded after about an hour, but they opened a new section which relieved the crowding a bit. However, the tables are simply placed way to close together. The availability of the free flavored waters is a nice plus. THE SHIP: We took some time and explored the ship a bit before the cabins were available, and booked that night's dining for my husband and I at Giovanni's. The ship is simply amazing. Pictures do not do it justice. The Central Park area is beautiful, and is a great way to move from the front to the back of the ship without traversing what seemed like miles of stateroom corridors or the Royal Promenade. We booked on deck 8 and our cabins were very close to the aft elevators. Most of our activities, dining venues, etc. were aft, so it was easy to either grab an elevator or take the stairs to our desired location. I would recommend this to those wishing to shorten their walking distances a bit. On the rare occasions when we needed to go forward, Central Park made for a pleasant, short walk there where you can catch the forward elevators. No sewage smell as has been reported in some of the common areas. Some have complained that there's not enough exposure to the sea on this ship, but we did not get that feeling. Unless you plan on spending most of your time in the Royal Promenade or the casino, there are plenty of places to get your sea-fix. Our cabins were available at 1:00 as usual. Our Grand Suite was amazing. There is so much storage in this room and a nice, big closet with lots of hangers. I chose this room because I love a nice, big bathroom and it did not disappoint. HOWEVER, although this room is twice the size of a regular balcony stateroom, we could only find two outlets in this room. The lamps on the living room side are hard-wired. So husband gets to gloat about his preparedness in packing the power strip, which did save the day. There's no outlet at all in the bath. The interactive TV services were great - we could check current restaurant capacities, order room service (but not the special suite menu), book reservations & shore excursions and check our balances from the comfort of our stateroom. The regular balcony staterooms are a bit on the small side, but my biggest concern is a lack of bathtubs. I love my baths, so it will be hard to cruise on RCI again unless we can again afford a suite. ADVENTURE OCEAN: We took our son up to Adventure Ocean for signup the first day. Being a pre-holiday cruise, we expected a crowd, but that place was a zoo! They had tables setup in the small Adventure Ocean theater for signups where they punched your child's seapass card and gave them a lanyard. That took about 20 minutes or so to make our way to the front of the line. Due to the short nature of the cruise, our son only attended two sessions. MDR: My husband and I dined only twice in the MDR - formal night and lobster night. We all had MTD on Deck 5. We asked for a table for just ourselves, and received that as requested. When not dining with us, my MIL & FIL (and on two nights my son as well) made their own MTD reservations. Like the Windjammer, I believe my expectations were about right for the food quality. Do not expect high-end restaurant fare here - keep in mind that they are cooking for thousands each night. The service in the MDR was great. Keny, our Assistant Waiter, graciously volunteered to cut my son's steak on formal night. They were quick to provide attention to our table and were very friendly and engaging. Our Main Waiter did a fine job, just wasn't quite as engaging. When we did not join them, my in-laws sat in a different section and had a waiter (NieNie sp?) that they loved. They had our wine to the table within 5 minutes each night. WINE PACKAGES & ALCOHOL POLICIES: Here's where I'll preface my comments by admitting that I dropped the ball in my research. I knew that bringing your own wine aboard was prohibited. Being a rule follower, no trips to the naughty room for us. I pre-ordered our sailaway sparkling wine and non-alcoholic sparkling wine from Gifts & Gear, and they were waiting in our room at 1:00. So good so far. I had also researched the packages in advance and knew that we would save a little by purchasing the multi-bottle platinum wine package. I had remembered, vaguely, a few threads on the availability of the wine packages. So, I asked the gentleman manning the table if we could get the wines other than the MDR and Windjammer, as I knew we planned on checking out a few other venues. Sure, he said, "any restaurant and room service". Not only was that not true, he forgot to put the sticker on my card (which our MDR waiter graciously handled for us that evening). Here's the deal - you may only get wine package wines from the MDR, Windjammer and Specialty Restaurants, and only during the hours they are serving and only if you are dining at the same time. Therefore, if you have a few bottles remaining on your allowance and you decide to have a bottle in the afternoon for sailaway (or for suite room service lunch) you are out of luck. I know it has been discussed in the boards (in research after the fact). Even the Concierge could not obtain a bottle prior to 5:15 in the MDR. This whole process just seems strange. Along with RCI's procedures of putting in wonderful bars into their suite rooms but nothing to put in all those pretty glasses - but don't get me started on that. GIOVANNI'S TABLE: Carpaccio, Antipasti w/Prosciutto, Pappardelle & Filet...is it dinner time yet? VINTAGES: Vintages is a wine/tapas bar in beautiful small room off of Central Park. Nice wine selection and great service. They host numerous wine tastings (get there early). PARK CAFÉ: From reading past reviews, I'm clearly in the minority here. I found it to be loud, crowded, and the food did not live up to my expectations. My husband was not impressed by the famous roast beef sandwich, my son thought his Cuban was O.K. and my wrap was so-so. My husband did like their breakfast offerings, but brought those back to the room. I did visit them many times in the afternoons for a glass or three of the flavored waters, but otherwise I chose to avoid this one. EMBARKATION/DEBARKATION AT PORTS: Press the "Gangway" button in the elevator, take a few steps over to the escalator, and you are on the pier. No lines at all when we went. No lines at all waiting to reboard the ship - great, efficient security. SPORTS/POOL ACTIVITIES (POOLS, SPAS, FLOWRIDER, ETC.): We noticed the Pool Deck Patrol in force, but never really saw a need for them. We were a full sailing, but I think a couple of coolish days kept the chair hogs in their barn. We did spot children in the Solarium, but they weren't there for long. Yes, the lines for the zip line, flowrider and climbing wall were longer on sea days. Do them early in the morning on port days to avoid the waits. CHEF'S TABLE: My husband and I pre-reserved the Chef's Table for the last night of our cruise. This is a must-do for foodies. The food was on par with many fine restaurants. It's a fixed menu with wine pairings, so picky eaters need not bother. It is an intimate setting in the Concierge Lounge with a great view. We did find, contrary to earlier reports from the boards that the wine pours were free-flowing - we more of a wine tasting pour than a wine dinner pour, but the food alone is worth the price of admission. We received a signed copy of the cookbook from the chef. SHOWS: We're not big on shows, so we booked only the Oasis of Dreams and the Comedy Show. Oasis of Dreams was interesting - we liked the divers although they weren't exactly synchronized. However, the comedy show was fantastic. Make reservations if you want to see it, because it is held in a VERY small venue and the lines for those with no reservations were long. Also, if you are thirsty, get a drink elsewhere. We had the worst service on the ship in the comedy lounge. We were 20 minutes early, and were told twice by our server to "get the next server". ROOM SERVICE: We had a special suite menu, so our experience is likely different than most. We ordered room service for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for an afternoon cheese tray. Although there was a minor hold time when ordering on occasion, the service was quick and accurate, and the food selection was great. ROOM STEWARD: Jin, our room steward, introduced himself at approximately 1:30 on our first day bearing our luggage. We were very impressed with the quick service. We asked him to bring us some ice, open the balcony divider between our cabins and unlock the connecting room door, all of which he completed immediately. He then asked if we would prefer ice each day, and he provided it as requested. DEBARKATION: Maybe this was a fluke - I haven't done enough research on it to be sure, but our debarkation experience was a bit of a mess. Around 8:45, my MIL & FIL headed to the MDR on Deck 5 to await their group call. We headed up to the CL to await our call as well. I completed the guest surveys and decided to head down to guest services to drop them off in advance. There was mass chaos in the Royal Promenade/Opus 5 deck area. Apparently, they were running very far behind in disembarking groups and some people (likely those with early flights) were crowding the area wanting to get off. I literally could not make it to guest services area because of all the people. My MIL said they soon made an announcement that because of safety issues, everyone must return to their designated areas and they did get it cleared up. Not liking crowds and comfy in our chairs, we decided to sit tight in the CL until our group was called. Finally, and almost all at the same time, the rest of the groups were called. We waited a few more minutes as we figured this would mean long lines all at once, and were the third to the last to leave the CL at around 10:15 or so. No lines at the ramp to depart, but once you get into the pier building, there were huge lines. We finally got to our luggage and then had to wait in VERY long lines for U.S. Customs. If you were non-US, there were plenty of lines open. We walked out of the customs area at around 11:05. SHORE EXCURSIONS: We typically book shore excursions through the cruise line as I am a worrier. However, we wanted to spend some port time on the ship in Nassau and booked our own reservations to Nachi Cocum in Cozumel. OVERALL IMPRESSION: Would we sail on Oasis/Allure again? It depends. Probably not at the rates they are currently demanding, and partly because of the itineraries as we would prefer a Mediterranean cruise the next time. We did not feel that she was too big, nor did we run into more crowding that experienced at times on another cruise line (with the exception of disembarkation, which you can tell has left a bad impression with us). She is a large, beautiful ship. I do think it is critical to do your homework for a ship this size, make reservations for the things you really want to do and be fully aware of policies & procedures that differ across cruise lines. 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Sail Date December 2010
We are repeat cruisers (eight RCCLs so far, have done all three Freedom class) in our early 50s with two boys 18 and 20. We had an Ocean Balcony and our boys had a Boardwalk Balcony all on deck 10. Boys were seven balconies in from the ... Read More
We are repeat cruisers (eight RCCLs so far, have done all three Freedom class) in our early 50s with two boys 18 and 20. We had an Ocean Balcony and our boys had a Boardwalk Balcony all on deck 10. Boys were seven balconies in from the stern. The ship was at capacity with 1700 under 18 cruisers. About 1/3 of the passengers seem to speak English. Lots of Asians and Brazilians onboard. We flew to FLL the night before and stayed at the Hyatt Airport North (thank you to those who recommended it). Publix was across the road where we purchased Diet Pepsi caffeine free and Diet Seven Up, which we put in a carry on sized wheelie and checked at the pier. No problems getting to our stateroom. The ship is INCREDIBLE! Freedom Class on steriods! Thanks sooo much to everyone who has posted tips and tricks, they were extremely helpful. We were the first Platinum group to board at 11:30 a.m. We went straight to Park Cafe for the infamous roast beef. It lived up to the hype! Then we checked out the ship. We went to sign up for ziplining, but was told that was no longer necessary, just show up when you wanted to do it. I kept repeating to myself all week while onboard, "I am on a ship!?" The ship is just under a 1/4 mile long and we logged in many miles onboard. At 1 p.m. people were heading to their staterooms, and away we went. Our luggage showed up shortly afterward, with everything intact. We did sailaway above the Bridge -- what a great place to sail away from! We had main seating in the dining room and I had requested a window side table for four ahead of time and that's exactly what we got. I also made all of our show reservations as soon as I could online (just before final payment). The first night we had reservations for the two comedians, who my husband and I thought were mediocre. The next night we had Hairspray reservations, but my guys wouldn't go, so I thought I could see it later in the week, but there was no other show after then. The Aqua Shows were THE BEST. Come Fly With Me was GREAT! The ice show was excellent, as was the magical sand artist lady!! "I am on a ship!?".... The headliner show was a History of the Temptations group, which were good, but they didn't have all that acrobatic flash that the other shows had. We had been to all the ports before, and the weather was on the cool side (high of 68 in Cozumel), but we had a great time in each port going to the beach (Costa Maya), or just hanging around the port (Cozumel). Santa was ziplining on Labadee on Christmas Day! We made some purchases from the craft booths near the back, since they had less traffic, and gave them a nice additional Christmas bonus. Our stateroom attendant was excellent, and our waitstaff was okay (and that's a first for us). The assistant waiter's first day was the first day of our cruise, and he didn't understand English. The waiter was proficient, but we really didn't feel we could have a conversation with him in English. We addressed our concerns about the assistant waiter with the head waiter and he made sure that things were better from there on out. I think the assistant waiter really aimed to please, but lacked enough training by management before he was put into the dining room. We all thought that the food in the main dining room was excellent and the other venues also. We did end up going to the Windjammer for breakfast most days after trying Johnny Rockets and not being really impressed by what was offered there. We are used to the Windjammer's variety and really didn't have much of a problem with crowds, since one of us would get a table while the others were getting food. We did ziplining and Flow Riders. Although we did the waivers online, getting the wristband the first day was an exercise in patience. My tip would be to get it as early in the day as you can, since most people had not done the waivers and that really, really held up the lines (and they didn't have enough help to deal with it). My boys hit the clubs at night and had great times. They didn't return to their staterooms until 3 or 4 a.m. It was nice having both staterooms (although pricey....) as we could have the tranquility of the ocean from ours, and we could see what was happening in the Aqua Theatre area. We also enjoyed going to the public aft balconies on 11, 12 and 14. Always empty, although one day someone had reserved chairs but were not there..... The BEST thing about the ship (okay, well one of them) WAS THAT YOU COULD ALWAYS FIND A CHAIR ON SEA DAYS. That has always rubbed us the wrong way on prior cruises. We would head up to the sports deck around 10:30 a.m. and would have our choice of loungers. When we walked by the other pools, there were always available loungers and chairs there too (even in the sun). GREAT JOB WITH THE AMOUNT OF CHAIRS RCCL!! (Now could you add some more to the other ships????) We never saw the bagpiper, but we did hear him once. My husband and I loved the cantilevered hot tubs after our show of the evening. Not many people in them, and FOOTBALL showing on the tvs above them every night (nice touch RCCL). Did the luggage valet when we left and that was great. Didn't see our bags until we got home. Booked another cruise on the Freedom next Christmas, since the Oasis is even more pricey next year at that time, and that's the only time we can all go. Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
Introduction: My husband and I had a last-minute opportunity to go on a cruise for the New Year's holiday and we were both extremely excited to be able to get a cabin on the Oasis on such short notice. We booked the cruise directly ... Read More
Introduction: My husband and I had a last-minute opportunity to go on a cruise for the New Year's holiday and we were both extremely excited to be able to get a cabin on the Oasis on such short notice. We booked the cruise directly via Royal Caribbean approximately 3 weeks prior to embarkation. We booked a Central Park View Stateroom (cabin 9649) which we were apprehensive about since we normally elect an ocean view balcony. Being that this was a last-minute cruise we decided to book this cabin anyway since availability was scarce. After doing some research on this website we took other member's suggestions and booked all of our entertainment shows in advance. Being that the cruise was less than 3 weeks out, we surprisingly had all of our first choice options for shows so we were relieved. Day One: Embarkation was beyond a breeze. In fact, it was the quickest and most efficient embarkation we had ever had. From curbside to check in we were literally on this ship less than 18 minutes after getting dropped off at the port. This included giving the porters our bags, applying luggage tags, going through security, checking in, taking a mandatory photo and asking a few questions along the way. Upon first stepping on the ship we were greeted with an ice-cold glass of tasty champagne. Since this was a New Year's cruise we were also given information on ordering a bottle of bubbly along with chocolate covered strawberries to be delivered in-cabin on the 31st. Prices for champagne were about what you would expect from any restaurant and they had different branded bottles to suit every budget. We quickly ordered a bottle of Veuve ($77), had another two (yes, two!) glasses of champagne before we made our way around the ship. When you first walk on-board you find yourself in awe at the massive size of the Promenade deck. My hubby and I felt like we were in New York City--minus the skyscrapers--We just kept looking up the entire time we walked around. Since this was a holiday cruise, there was a giant and tastefully decorated christmas tree and the entire Promenade was aglow with giant snowflakes and lights which really added to the holiday cheer. I was taken aback by the beauty of it all. After wandering around we made our way to the room. We loved the giant interactive guides by each bank of elevators. It made it so easy to navigate our way around this massive ship. Room: When we entered the room we were pleasantly surprised that the square footage of the Central Park View Stateroom was larger than that of a regular Ocean View Balcony. The set up of the room was different being that the bed was first and then sofa and vanity were on the far end of the room. This really made the room feel larger. There was a generous sized bay window overlooking central park that I really loved having. The bathroom and shower were slightly larger than most cruise bathrooms but nothing to get excited over. The bed was large and super-comfy. Linens were crisp and clean and changed often. The room was really, really, really clean. I am a stickler for these things but I would still bring a travel sized can of lysol to disinfect everything just to be sure. Overall, the layout and the decor of the cabin and bathroom were beautiful. Some things to take note of: There is very little drawer space for clothing and not enough convenient outlets for electrics (camera's, PDA's, etc). I recommend you bring a small power strip, extra hangers for your clothes and a clock (the time is on the phone, but it does not light up and it is teeny-tiny and hard to read). There is plenty of vanity space and deep shelving in the closet. Luggage stows conveniently under the bed. Ship: So the Oasis is massive, for sure, but to be honest--because the ship is so thoughtfully designed, I never once felt that it was more crowded than any other Royal Caribbean ship I have ever been on. In fact, because there are so many common areas to choose from even when venues were "busy" they were never over-crowded. This was true for almost all venues with the exception of the pool during peak times and the wind-jammer between 10am-3pm. To be fair, even at the pools during peak hours--even when every chair was taken, you truly did not feel like you were swimming in a sea of people. Was is full and hard to find a chair? Yes. Was it different than any other cruise I have ever been on? No. As a matter of fact, because the pools are segregated into areas I never felt like I was looking at more than a few hundred bodies at a time. Yes, there are chair hogs...don't let it ruin your vacation and complain...We always found two chairs in the sun as long as we were out there by 10:30. Food: Food on this cruise was EXCELLENT for a cruise...don't forget the second part. It is what it is. I think they do a heck of a job feeding 6000+ passengers. They have such an enormous variety of choices to choose from in the main dining room, always ask your waiter for his/her recommendation and you will never go wrong. Will you have to send something back? Maybe. But they will always bring you something else that will surely meet your expectations. FOR THE PRICE--the service and preparation is unparalleled in the industry and we found most things on the menu absolutely delicious. In the main dining room try the wild mushroom soup if it is available, it was to die for!!! For breakfast (and most lunches) we ate at the Park Cafe. The food was your typical grab-and-go variety. For breakfasts they had panini's and bagels with a variety of shmears. Almost every morning we would grab our breakfasts and find a cozy nook in central park to dine al fresco and people watch. It was one of the nice changes of scenery from your typical run-of-the-mill cruise. For lunches, Park Cafe offers several sandwiches and panini's and even custom tossed salads. My husband loved the roast beef au-jus. I personally loved the fresh cut fruit cups that I would grab and take out to the pool to have a healthy juicy snack while I perfected my tan lines. The Solarium Bistro was a nice off-the-beaten path dining option for both breakfast and lunch. I personally enjoyed lunch at this spot more so than the Park Cafe. The wraps were so delicious, even though I was hesitant to try some of the more exotic sounding ones, there was not one that I didn't love. I also loved stopping by for a midday snack of hummus and pita after beaching it by the pool. The Solarium was a beautiful and relaxing dining option that quickly became my favorite spot on the ship when I wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the pool deck. Grab a book and curl up on one of the plush loungers and take a midday nap to the sound of sparkling water after lunch! It was absolutely heavenly. Specialty Dining: We chose to dine at Giovanni and Chop's and Izumi this cruise. Giovanni's was great. The service was excellent and the food was very good. For $15 I think that this is a great choice for a quiet and intimate evening away from the main dining room. Do not miss the Blue Cheese Gnocchi or the Tomato Risotto. The Tiramisu was delicious as well! Chop's was great as well. It was well worth the money. Steak was tender. We even requested creamed spinach (not on the menu) and they made it for us. It was out-of-this-world. I ordered the mushroom bisque thinking it was the same as the one in the main dining room but it was not, the one in the MDR was actually way better. Best steak I have ever had? Definitely not, but pretty damn good considering that my entire dinner was only $25. (I personally love Ruth's Chris, and while Chop's certainly is not Ruth's Chris, I must admit that I enjoyed scooting out this door for less than $150 for two). My opinion: Five Star Dining with Four Star Food. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a juicy steak and fancy-shmancy service. The apple dessert was excellent. Izumi. Food was really good but I probably would not dine there again next cruise. Everything is a la carte and prices were just about what you would pay at a local sushi spot back home. We ordered the hand roll trio, a specialty roll a few pieces of sashimi each and a bottle of sake. Dinner was on the pricey side (almost twice what we paid at Giovanni's) and service was nothing compared to the other restaurants. For the money, I'd say pass on this one and enjoy top-notch dining at one of the other venues. Overall opinion: As for the specialty dining, I highly recommend you do AT LEAST one. The food is great and the overall value makes it sooo worthwhile. Enjoy your vacation and splurge on the dinner, you will thank me later. I laugh when people think even contemplate the cost of the dinner. A crappy lunch at Carlos N' Charlies will cost you about the same topside and I promise you the food on the ship is waaaaaaay better. I loved the fact there were so many specialty dining options, I wished we could have tried them all but we also really enjoyed dinner in the main dining room so we opted to only try these three. Seafood Shack: We went one day for lunch. This is one option I do NOT recommend. In fact, I think the quality of the food was an embarrassment to the level of quality found elsewhere on the ship. The food was greasy and bland. The presentation was cute but definitely not worth the money. I'd skip this option all together. ENTERTAINMENT: We never found a moment when there wasn't something to do. On this 9-day cruise, we actually found it difficult to find the time to get bored. This is one way traveling on the Oasis is a delightful departure from your typical cruise and the main reason I think this ship is ideal for younger cruisers and families alike. I personally loved that each night the entertainment shows were in different venues around the ship. I liked the intimacy of the Comedy Club and the On-Air Studio (karaoke bar). I also liked that the Blaze Nightclub was set up like a lounge. Going to these venues made you feel like you were in the hippest spot in town versus a gigantic generic space that is typical on the "normal" sized ships. We had a blast every night and I am sure you will too. Dazzles was a more relaxing Jazz Club atmosphere and the Viking Crown Lounge was a great spot to pre-game (drinks) before starting the night. CASINO: CHA-CHING!!!! Casino was nice but anytime you had to walk into the place the odor of cigarettes was disgusting. I found that once inside the smell wasn't so bad but going in or out of the place definitely required a strong stomach. Slot machines offered a good variety but too many video varieties and not enough classic one line slots. We played for a bit every night after dinner before our shows. I came in second in the slot tournament and had a blast. PORTS: On this 9-day cruise we visited 4 ports: Labadee, St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau. I won't get into the ports themselves because there are many reviews of them here on cruise critic. We did enjoy the lazy day in Labadee. This was our first time there and there is not much to do but relax and become a beach bum for a day but it was nice that food was all-inclusive and that we could charge drinks on our Sea Pass. I felt like I was on a little piece of deserted-island paradise with the amenities of the ship. Getting off the ship in any port was a breeze and getting back on was also, so long as you didn't wait until the last-call. In St.Maarten was the only time we had to wait in a gigantic line to get back on the ship due to the silly security tents Royal Caribbean set up. Other ships in port did not have a security checkpoint and guests on those ships just walked on their ships so...why we had this additional "security" was baffling to me. Even so, the most we waited that day to reboard the ship was approximately 35 minutes which wasn't too bad considering the line to reboard was literally the entire length of the ship. However, RCCL should reconsider this added "security," it was more than a nuisance than a benefit and it infuriated many passengers. OVERALL IMPRESSION: Cruising on the Oasis of the Seas was a great experience and I would not hesitate to do it again. It is as expertly run as possible and the minor kinks of traveling on a ship of that magnitude were only VERY minor hiccups, in my opinion. If you are the type of person who wants one-on-one service and attention and you are willing to pay through your nose for it, by all means, a private yacht charter may be more up your alley, but if you are like me, and you are looking for unparalleled service and value for your money then the Oasis is the only way to go! My final advice for any traveller is to be realistic with your expectations...this is the hottest ship on the sea right now and if any of you have been to the hottest club in South Beach or even the most popular ride at Disney, you should know by now that sometimes you have to wait and be patient to experience the biggest thrill of your life. The Oasis is well worth the minor inconveniences others complain about. Me? I paid a lot of money to go on this vacation and I will make sure that I get my monies worth and ENJOY every darn minute of it. To the nay-sayers and Debbie Downers who want to complain about nit-picky stuff, I say relax and go with the flow or book your own private ship and let me enjoy my cruise! While it is true, not every meal is going to be an out-of-this-world experience but like my hubby said...if we were at home he'd be eating shake-n-bake or spaghetti (my specialty, haha!) so he can deal with a less than stellar meal once or twice on this cruise without getting all bent out of shape. I promise that a truly bad meal will be hard to come by and that a truly bad experience will always be the exception, not the rule, on board the Oasis of the Seas. Sometimes I have wonder what the "other" unhappy cruisers live like back at home...I just know that THIS happy cruiser and her husband had one of the most unforgettable and best vacations yet and we are already looking forward to our next cruise on the Allure! Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
We've sailed on Royal Caribbean and our last trip prior to this was on the Liberty of the Seas. We had a Jr. Suite and was very pleased. We decided when we booked the Oasis to try a Grand Suite in celebration of our fellow traveler ... Read More
We've sailed on Royal Caribbean and our last trip prior to this was on the Liberty of the Seas. We had a Jr. Suite and was very pleased. We decided when we booked the Oasis to try a Grand Suite in celebration of our fellow traveler (sister) successful cancer treatment. This was gonna be a BIG party! I have always looked forward to those award levels like Diamond and Diamond+. Let me tell you - there is NOTHING to compare with the treatment and service when you go with a suite! As they told us, we pay the most and they honor that level to the hilt. From the embarkment, we were met at the separate SUITE entrance by an RCC agent that personally guided us through security and seated us at our suite waiting area. We boarded first and initially toured the ENORMOUS Oasis. You can read about the Oasis on other posts, so my experience will be mainly the suite goodies we found while on board. Our cabin was indeed grand. First time we had more drawers than stuff to put in them. Balcony very nice with lounge chairs. The concierge room overlooks the back of the ship and we made a lot of use out of it. We had a leisurely breakfast every morning. Not any crowd and very nice! Prior to dinner, we would go to the concierge room and play cards and have free snacks and drinks. There was always a concierge person at the desk for anything you wanted to know or anything you wanted to do. When we had an issue with the photo studio, she was the one who took our issue and got it fixed. Nice! There is also a private sunning area and bar (17th floor) that is only for suite members. The lounge chairs are upgraded with a full length pad to rest on. How decadent! We had a private Captain's meeting with more food and drinks. We also had reserved seating for all shows. Nice not to have to muscle in for seats. We did find that if we arrived early enough, there were better seats than the reserved ones. The ice skating seats however were ringside! First row! again - Nice! It is more expensive to book a suite, but I certainly will try to save enough and look for any last minute bargains to return to this level! Read Less
Sail Date December 2010
So here we go, we traveled the Oasis of the Seas over Thanksgiving week. We traveled with a 7yo girl and 4yo boy. GETTING ON THE SHIP: We got there about 10:45 started the process, it was really quick. It would have been quicker but ... Read More
So here we go, we traveled the Oasis of the Seas over Thanksgiving week. We traveled with a 7yo girl and 4yo boy. GETTING ON THE SHIP: We got there about 10:45 started the process, it was really quick. It would have been quicker but I told them that both my kids were on antibotics for ear infections. They had us wait in the terminal until one of the nurses could come down from the ship and check the kids temperatures and find out what medicines the kids had been on. This took about 30 minutes. We then boarded the ship.Yeas, it is as spectacular as everyone says. We spent some time trying to fing the royal connect phones, which were not working. We then went up to the kids club to let the kids check it out. In the kids theatre they were issuing out DECT phones for kids in the 3-5yo club and younger. These were great b/c these phones can call other DECT phones, the rooms or any extension on the ship. These are the ones the crew members use. THE KIDS CLUB: I had a kids in the 3-5 yo group and the 6-8yo group. To sum it up my kids LOVED it. They had scheduled activities and put on plays and parades, made pillowcases and a million other things. The kids club is not open on the first day or night. When at port it is open all day to leave your kids there when you go to port, which we did not do but should have in Nassau, b/c all we did was quickly shop. At sea days the kids club opens in the morning at 8 I think then closes from 12n-2p unless you pay 6.95 for them to take them to lunch and play for those two hours. The club also closes from 5p-7p unless you opt for them to be taken to dinner. It is free at dinner. We liked to feed the kids but ran into problems when we had dinner reservations at one of the nicer restaurants at 6p as we had no where to take the kids. Fortunately we were able to move our reservation times to 7:30p with no problem. They also have a late night zome from 10p-2a. During this time they charge 6.00 per hour. My kids begged to do it so I let them do it one night and they loved it. CABIN: We were in 3837 DO NOT get this room! There was a compressor for something that kept turning off and on all night and day! This was a large interior room (LOL!) they are tiny. The bathroom shower is round and I am 5'4" and average weight and I was comfortable but any bigger and it might be a little rough. Make chicken wings with your arms and stick your elbows out, both of my elbows touched the walls. No bathtub, so al little wet showering the kids and we had some problems regulating the water temperature, would get hot then cold. Our cabin had the fold out sofa along with the bed. After the first night we had them not open the sofa. With the sofa open it leaves you about 12' between it and the desk, which means no where to dress the kids in the morning. All four of us slept in the bed and it was really big and comfortable so no problems. They also left the sofa closed and left sheets on it in case someone wanted to sleep on the closed sofa. Definately bring a power stip if you are going to plug in more than one thing as it is under the desk. No outlets in the bathroom. The BEST THING I did was bring two shoe organizers. One to hang on the door in the bathroom, to put all my makeup, hair stuff, brushes, hairdryer, etc...b/c limited counter and cabinet space. They do provide bar soap and a dispenser in the shower w/ shampoo. Also one to hand on the closet door to put all of our shoes in. The was the room is arranged there ia bout another 12" between the sofa and the closet so you can only reach stuff in about half ot it. DEFINATELY put the coffee table in the back of the closet as it you don't need it and it adds more room. It does have shelves in the closet which are nice and three small drawers in the vanity/desk area. They also provide a hair dryer. We took all of the stuff for charge out of the refrigerator and put our own stuff in it. We put their stuff on the shelf on top so the kids would not inadventently open it. Call in your room service, much more reliable then leaving the card on the door. We had coffee and milk for the kids delivered every morning, and it was forgotten a few mornings until we started calling it in. FOOD: Skip the Windjammer buffet. We did it twice and the food was good, and not too packed, but we did it when everyone was at port. People said it was a zoo otherwise. Park Cafe was THE place for us for breakfast. Oatmeal for the kids, a bagel bar, great breakfast paninis, and free. Lunch was also really good there, salad bar and great paninis and yes fantastic roast beef sandwiches. We did Giovanni's on the boarding day, we had reservations for 12:30 which was great b/c everyone else was going to the buffet. Service was good the food was ok. $10/per person for lunch. Skip the steak, it sucked, the potato leek soup was really good, antipasti, good, the kids pasta was severly overcooked, the kids would not eat it. The salads were average. 150 CENTRAL PARK $35 per person. service was good, server kept apologizing b/c they were really busy. The best part of the dinner was the tasting salts. Really cool idea. To me the food was just ok, not fnatastic but not bad. There was a table of 8 next to us that walked out of their meal b/c they hated the food. My sister and BIL liked it. CHOPS, $25/person, I think, was AWESOME. From the appetizers to the dessert it was great! The filet is by far your best bet, and don't miss the mud pie for dessert. By far the BEST FOOD EXPERIENCE was CHEF"S TABLE. 14 people a 5 course menu narrated by the chef that made t and paired with wine. The sommalier comes out and explains the wine to you and about the family who produces it and why it pairs well with the food. I can be a food snob and don't know hardly anything about wine, but man, those wines were good and the food was incredible. $75/per person and worth every penny. You also get a cookbook signed by the chef and a chef's table apron. The only way you can get into this is to email or call RCI. It is not advertised. IZUMI: Sushi was amazing. We asked the chef to just make a specialty roll for us and he called it the Firecracker and it was awesome! The champagne lobster roll was also really good. We did the hot rock. Fine for the experience but wouldn't do it again. Main Dining Room: The most painful experience. Two solid hours everynight!! The waiter kept telling us it was disorganized and when we complained to the head waiter he also apologized about the disorganization, and serice picked up a little But a solid two hours with young kids is a nightmare!! Food was nothingI care to revisit, soggy duck skin, over salted food. You know it is bad when the waiter tells you not to order a dish b/c it is too salty. Note to everyone, some people though it was fine. I have to remin myself that they are trying to serve a hell of a lot of people at one time, but i still want good tasting dishes. Apple pie was likeappleasuce on the inside it was soo overcooked. However all breads are made fresh on the ship and they were awesome everywhere! Skipped Johnny Rockets (can get it at home) and Seafood Shack (no point for me). Didn't do any other for pay stuff. Corndogs were good in the boardwalk and didn't try the pretzel dogs and wipeout. SHOWS: The were all incredible we say Come Fly with Me and THe Dive Show, both were amazing and everyone raved about the iceskating, and comedy show. I also heard not to miss the Scavenger hunt/quest they do with the passengers everyone said it was hysterical. So much to do so little time!!! Note, all restaurant experiences including Giovanni's for lunch were a solid two hours. A little extreme for lunch, we had to hurry the waiters along. Everyone talks about a disconnect with the ocean, it was really rough so we stumbled around the ship for about a day and a half and we felt very connected with the rough seas!!! It was so rough they deactivated the doors on certain decks so you could not go outside. All the way forward on Deck 14 is two small decks that are always empty. Also the solarium was a good view was leaving ports and the deck below it was always almost empty. The interactive touchscreens are awesome for finding your way around. The elevators have the day of the week on the floor. On deck 3 and 4 on the elevators always push down, b/c it was priority, no matter which was you are going! In your room you can check your reservations, change them, see how packed the restaurants are, check the menus and go over your seapass card charges. It is awesome! All on your TV. Never felt crowded on this ship. Absolutely recommend it to others. I know this was crazy long, but hopefully some useful info, I will add more as I remember it. Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Thanksgiving Week: November 20-27th, 2010 Eastern Caribbean - Bahamas, St Thomas, and St Maarten I just want to start by telling you that this ship is Incredible! It is huge and beautiful and RCI really thought of everything when ... Read More
Thanksgiving Week: November 20-27th, 2010 Eastern Caribbean - Bahamas, St Thomas, and St Maarten I just want to start by telling you that this ship is Incredible! It is huge and beautiful and RCI really thought of everything when they designed this ship. Now for the details: ARRIVING IN FLORIDA: Our family (my husband and I are in our early 40s and we have two teenaged sons (13 & 14) arrived the night before and stayed at the Renaissance Hotel near Port Everglades. It was a very inexpensive shuttle ride ($6pp) to the Port. GETTING ON THE SHIP: We got there a little before noon and boarding was very quick. We only had to wait behind one family and before we knew it they were snapping our "Welcome Aboard Photo" and we entered the Royal Promenade! Talk about smooth - my husband and I couldn't believe how easy it was to board. By 12:20 pm we set out to explore the ship (NOTE: There were signs posted that cabins were not available until 1pm so we did have to carry our small bags with us!) THE TEEN CLUB: As I mentioned earlier, I was sailing with my sons who are 13 and 14 years old. They went up to the teen area as soon as we boarded the ship and by the end of the first night were hanging out with a group of 10 other teens. In a nutshell: they LOVED the teen program! While we had dinner with our kids every night and spent all day with them when we were onshore, we pretty much didn't see them for the rest of the cruise. There were several "Meet & Mingle" activities for the first two days and they made friends with about 15 others kids their ages. All the kids spent all of their "free time" together -- either in their teen only areas (The Living Room & Fuel), the Pool/Activity Decks, or at one of the eateries on the Royal Promenade. Teens have a ship curfew of 1am UNLESS they are in the teen lounge which has a curfew of 2am. Let's just say that my sons made the most of every minute! CABINS: We were in adjoining rooms 9694 and 9696. These are balcony view rooms and seem comparable to other balcony rooms I've stayed in before on other cruises. Each room had two beds (hubby and I had ours made into one!) a sofa, and a vanity/desk area with a few drawers and a refrigerator. Bathrooms are tiny and the showers are round. You should bring a power strip if you are going to plug in more than two things under the desk since there are no other outlets. They do provide bathrobes, a hairdryer, bar soap and a dispenser in the shower w/ shampoo. The closet has two bars for hanging clothes and several shelves too. Our suitcases fit nicely under the beds who created extra space. Interactive TVs let you check your reservations, check out restaurant crowds, and review your charges amongst other things. We also had a wonderful stateroom attendants who made sure everything had a place. She also left some wonderful towel animals with our cruise information every night. POOL / SPORTS AREAS: The kids loved the main pools and my husband and I loved the Solarium area (ages 16+ only). The ship was sold out and it was sometimes hard to find a place to "sun" but we always found some place to keep out stuff and enjoy the hot tub even if it was a little shady. Get out there early if you want to tan. The Zip Line was crowded but popular and so was rock climbing. There were two FlowRiders on this ship which made the waiting time much better. (NOTE: We arranged for our sons to have a private flow rider lesson. It wasn't cheap @ $60 each but they both said it was one of their favorite moments on board!) FOOD: We found the food to be comparable to the other Royal Caribbean ship (Freedom) we have been on. We were located on the first floor in the dining room (Opus 3) and had the 6pm seating. The ship does hold 6,000 passengers and while there are places that you may find yourself alone, the main dining room is not that place. The tables are rather close together and we found ourselves weaving through tables the way you might have to do at a big wedding. Our servers were excellent. The waiter learned our names on the first day and our assistant waiter knew our favorite drinks and breads and kept them coming. While some reviewers complained of slow service we had quite the opposite experience. Our dinners were usually done between 7:15pm - 7:30 pm and that is with appetizers, entrEe and dessert. We chose to eat at two of the specialty restaurants- We had a wonderful lunch at Giovanni's (we especially loved the fried calamari!) and 150 Park was absolutely fabulous. (NOTE: 150 Park is a pre-determined 6-course menu - you try it all!) The Chef came out and met with us and our waiter was wonderful and really KNEW what he was presenting to us (my son said he described the food like the chefs who present their food to the judges on Iron Chef). It was worth the $35 charge. Also, while we didn't eat at CHOPS, my son was able to order their filet mignon and have it served in the main dining room for $15 (the Chops fee is $25). He said it was delicious and ate it along side the lobster tails on seafood night! The Windjammer buffet is a typical buffet. We did it twice and the food was good. Even at its most crowded, we were able to find a place to sit. Park Cafe was a wonderful spot for lunch and the Promenade Cafe had great snacks all day long. For a small charge, we also visited Johnny Rockets which was just as good as the one at home. Also the Mondo Coffee Bar made some great drinks. Our favorite spot however was the Cupcake Cupboard which even offers a decorating class on sea days! SHOWS: Before I boarded, the most frustrating thing about this cruise was the fact the shows required you to reserve your tickets in advance. I arranged for mine two months before I sailed and still didn't get all the times I had wanted. LUCKILY there was plenty of flexibility once I boarded. I was able to see all the shows I wanted to AND I saw two shows earlier than I had reservations for. What I thought would be a huge hassle turned out to be nothing. The shows we saw were all incredible. Best shows I have EVER seen at sea! Hairspray was fabulous as was Come Fly with Me and Oasis of Dreams (the Aquatic Show). They had to reschedule that show a few times due to rough seas but it was worth the wait. Hubby and I also loved the adult comedy show and we loved the improve show "Throw Me A Line" on the last night as well! SHOPPING AND BOPPING AROUND: I liked the shopping on the ship (having a Coach shop was a nice surprise) and I loved the new system of seeing your photos taken on the cruise. Everyone is assigned a binder and all your photos are placed inside it. Additionally you can view all your photos on a screen just by swiping your seapass card! There were so many bars and clubs on this ship that I couldn't name them all. On Air had karaoke late at night, Boleros had latin dancing, there was an adult club, a jazz club, a club called Dazzles that had themed nights (80s music was my favorite!), etc. Definitely something for everyone! Finally Interactive touch screens are located at the front and rear of the ship on each deck and make finding your way around effortless. Also the screens let you know what there is to do so you can never be bored! The elevators have the day of the week on the floor. And there is a gangway button on the elevator so you no longer have to guess which floor to go to when you want to disembark for a shore excursion! MY FAVORITE AREAS: Central Park for quiet time. Beautiful day and night! Royal Promenade for shopping and snacking. Solarium for relaxing; the Vitality Spa for a great massage! And the theaters for the amazing shows! The only NEGATIVE experience I had was on the last day of the cruise. We had signed up for luggage valet service and somehow our forms were "lost" and Guest Services said there was nothing they could do. There is nothing worse than having a relaxing vacation for 6 days and getting upset on day 7. I was persistent in my complaining that it wasn't acceptable and finally the Guest Services agent sent a supervisor from housekeeping (it was my stateroom attendant who took the form from the room) to speak with me. He then went with me to see the Guest Services supervisor, and he "took care of things" within 3 hours. Because of that one little glitch, I would give this cruise 9.5 out of 10 stars. I would definitely take Oasis again! Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
About Us - I'm in my 40's, husband in 50's traveling with 2 girls 5 & 8, & my sister, her boyfriend & niece & nephew 7 & 4 for Thanksgiving. The ship was fully booked this week plus 1250 kids on board, ... Read More
About Us - I'm in my 40's, husband in 50's traveling with 2 girls 5 & 8, & my sister, her boyfriend & niece & nephew 7 & 4 for Thanksgiving. The ship was fully booked this week plus 1250 kids on board, but it never felt crowded. We did early dining because of the 4 kids. Departure- We traveled from Texas, so we arrived the day before & stayed at the Extended Stay America on 17th. Great value for the $ & very close to port & numerous restaurants. We went to Mai Kai for a bday dinner & Polynesian show for my 8 yr old & had a great time. The restaurant can be expensive, but they have heavy 1/2 price appetizers (chicken, beef,shrimp, etc.) & drinks from 5-7. The show at 7 was $10.95 (my husband was free with a coupon from the hotel kiosk, & kids were free, so it was a great deal!) Great atmosphere, cool show - we ordered the most awesome flambed dessert experience I've ever seen during the show, very cool bathrooms, & tiki garden. Worth the trip! Embarkation - Embarkation was the easiest of any ship we have ever been on. We arrived at 11:00 & there were virtually no lines. We were on fast! Boarding pictures are used for the facial recognition system for all on board photography, so don't bypass the photos. Photography - Take advantage of the photographers on the ship at each location throughout the ship. We avoided them the first two days, not wanting to pay $20 a picture, then realized that you can purchase an Oasis of the Seas photo book for $99 that incorporates professional photos & stats on all areas of the ship with pictures that you've had taken in each neighborhood. The first day, we turned away the photographers at the Sail Away party. I was surprised to see a picture of my 5 year old grinning between our legs. Thanks to their facial recognition system, it appeared in my photos when I scanned my Set Sail pass at the photo kiosk. You only get to choose 1 family photo for each port, but there are numerous other spots for Boarding, Promenade, Central Park, Dining, Formal Night, Entertainment areas, etc. They are automatically grouped by area, so you can select which pictures to put in each section of the book. Cabin- We were in Cabin 8729, a B1 Boardwalk Balcony. I would absolutely book this cabin again. The view of the Aqua Theater was fantastic. You could also see the ocean behind theater, & a great view of the boardwalk. There was some evening noise from the huge TV screens on the back, but it was not unbearable - the kids didn't even notice. We loved watching the shows & Boardwalk activities from the balcony. Anytime we were in the room, it was great to open up the door & let the breeze in & hear what was going on outside. This was the kids favorite spot to sit out & eat late night room service snacks & watch a show. We had a really rough day at sea - winds at 30-40 mph & we could really feel the ship rocking. My husband gets motion sickness on every dinner cruise, sightseeing boat, etc. but it did not bother him. They actually deactivated the sliding doors on the top decks preventing people from going outside with a sign warning of "Dangerous Winds"! The water in the swimming pools was sloshing back & forth out of the pools. The shows in the Aqua Theater were canceled as the water was flying of of the pool flowing 10 feet up across the viewing area! That was something to see! They quickly brought up the floor to keep the water in. Dining Venues - We tried just about everything this ship had to offer. The 1st day I'd heard that the Windjammer was packed, so we went to Central Park. GIOVANNI'S was great - we sat outside & relaxed after boarding. Our favorite place on the ship was PARK CAFE. With our Cabin on 8, this was a great place to go in the mornings for bagels & cream cheese, breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, grits, & muffins. I LOVED sitting out here with a cup a coffee before the kids & husband were up! Also for lunch do not miss the Roast Beef sandwich. Everything they say about it is true. It's hand carved & has more of the consistency of tenderloin than typical roast beef. They also have salads, other sandwiches & soups. I never felt like I overate here. MAIN DINING ROOM food was very good. The first night, we felt service was extremely slow with kids. We complained & surprisingly, everything was much faster for all other meals & we had no more issues. Thanksgiving was the least impressive of the meals with traditional turkey, dressing & pumpkin pie. Hubby & I did CHOPS GRILLE - great steaks & 150 CENTRAL PARK. We really enjoyed the set 6 course menu here & did it with the wine pairing. The menu featured really unique items like lager soup with caramel corn accent - bizarre combination - but it totally worked! The wine pairings were fantastic. By the time we left I was very tipsy! You may be better off sharing the wine as it is a full 5-6oz pour per person per course! IZUMI was really different. The kids loved the concept of cooking on the rocks. We had a small glitch here as we made our reservation online for 5:30, but they don't open until 6, which caused us to have to rush to make it to our show, which was frustrating considering that this restaurant is extra $. Guest services sent complimentary cupcakes from the CUPCAKE shop, but being a baker, I was not impressed with the icing, although they looked great.(I complained about the reservation problem to RCI upon return (how can the times be wrong online when the ship has been operational for a year)& received a $100 onboard credit for our upcoming cruise!)They send confirmations to your cabin for specialty restaurants, but we upgraded our cabin 6 weeks before sailing & 3 of the 4 sent it to our old room. We did WINDJAMMER for lunch on our first sea day - it was really packed, & avoided it except for one breakfast. We also did various snacks like Pretzel Dogs at the WIPEOUT BAR, sandwiches at PROMENADE CAFE & MONDO's, etc. MONDO's in the Promenade has great late night desserts. The donuts on the Boardwalks were surprisingly good. Hubby & the kids did JOHNNY ROCKETS. It' really hard to go wrong on this ship with so many dining options. SHOWS- Definitely do all your reservations online in advance. I heard people complaining because they could not get reservations on board. I had the wrong time for the ice show, but was able to get in on standby with no problem. Come Fly With Me was really good & packed, so don't wait on that one, or the Aqua Theater shows. ENTERTAINMENT - There is so much to do here, so I'll just mention a few things. The kids did ice skating. They provide the skates & helmets. Make sure to bring a pair of long pants & socks to take advantage of this. My 7 year old did the rock climbing. Get there at the start of the session to avoid big lines. They will close the session right at the time designated, even if you are already harnessed up, so get there early. My daughter freaked out when this happened to her- they closed when the Belly Flop Contest started. They were really nice & wrote her name down. When we came back later, she went right to the front of the line. DECK PHONES - We were given a deck phone at Adventure Ocean because my youngest is 5. These were great to have because I could communicate with my sister (she also had one)& the room. I was really worried because the Royal Connect phones were not available this week, but the deck phones were free & worked great. I believe you can normally get these at Guest Services, however since they were at capacity, they were only available at Adventure Ocean. ADVENTURE OCEAN - We went to the open house on Day 1 to register the kids & I was very worried when they said there were 1250 kids on board. Surprisingly, the kids club was never really crowded! My kids did the Kids Club on the Disney Cruise last year, & my daughter did not want to get sent "where the kids have to go when the parents want to do things without kids". Amazingly, they LOVED the kids club much more than on the Disney Cruise. Sessions were very well organized with different activities from science experiments to crafts. There are 3 "sessions" through out the day, with the last one ending at 10pm. After 10pm, there is a charge. The girls were excited about going & did not want to miss special activities. My niece wanted to use her spending money to close out the club 10pm-2am in the Late Night Party Zone! She was up later than her mom! DEBARKATION- On debarkation day, we went to Park Cafe, for a last relaxing breakfast waiting for our number to be called. We were number 34 & were called at about 8:10, but left at about 8:30. They were a little behind schedule due to immigration - this is the first big line we encountered the entire cruise. We were off the ship & at the airport by 9:30. There was no line outside the airport, so we checked our baggage in very quickly. We went inside & were surprised to see a big line at the Continental counter! Read Less
Sail Date November 2010
Just spent one week on Oasis. Wow is the word that comes to mind. She is so very big and has so much to offer. The new neighborhoods were great and fun to visit. We especially loved the entertainment venues and being able to book online ... Read More
Just spent one week on Oasis. Wow is the word that comes to mind. She is so very big and has so much to offer. The new neighborhoods were great and fun to visit. We especially loved the entertainment venues and being able to book online pre-cruise. Earl Turner as the Headline Entertainment was fantastic! The diving and skating shows were great as was the Comedy Show. "Hairspray" was great, though we have seen it before. We did sign up for My Time Dining (as we usually do) but only at their 3 times. We wanted to try the new restaurants which were very good, especially Giovanni's Table...fabulous meal! We at "150 Central Park." The food was very good but it was a very long meal and is a set menu, which we did not realize prior to booking. The Seafood Shack was great for lunch but our favorite lunch spot was the Park Cafe in Central Park. Great salads and panini's! We only went to Windjammer once on the first day. Very crowded and food choices are much better elsewhere. We also had dinner at the Japanese Sushi restaurant which was a very pleasant surprise. Cruise Director is amazing and so full of energy. The crew was friendly and service minded. The ship is quite big and there are lots of people! However, I can say we did not have lines and were able to get seats by the pool every day. The size of the ship handles the crowds quite well. We are doing Allure next year. Loved Oasis and keep saying it was too big and I would prefer a smaller ship but then I think of all the venues and really did find this to be a perfect experience! Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
Although a bit skeptical due to over 6,000 passengers and what we thought would be droves of people everyone couldn't be farther from reality. This was our 40th cruise on RCCL. And as much as I hate to admit it, Bigger is Better. ... Read More
Although a bit skeptical due to over 6,000 passengers and what we thought would be droves of people everyone couldn't be farther from reality. This was our 40th cruise on RCCL. And as much as I hate to admit it, Bigger is Better. The ship is stunning, still having the new car smell. If you were to blindfold someone and put him in the middle of the promenade, they'd never guess they were on the world largest cruise ship. Its spacious and thoughtfully laid out. Enough elevators never to wait more than a minute. RCCL really did their homework not missing anything on this monster ship. The boarding and disembarkation was seamless and took literally minutes to get on and off. Our luggage showed up within a hour onboard. A huge benefit to Diamond Plus members is access to the Concierge lounge where you can cooked to order breakfast and lunches besides the normal cocktail hour in the evening. A must, if available is the Chef Table dinner. At $ 75 a head, its worth every penny. A private room with max 20 people with a sommelier, waiter and the Chef explaining everything you are eating and drinking. Fabulous Caymus Family Wine was included. A real treat. Izumi was ok ... the soup was very salty and its a Ala carte menu so for the 7 of us including wine and sake was almost $ 200. Giovanni's was a nicer Portofino .. however they actually have Italians working as waiters. For $ 15 pp, worth it. Central Park 150 was another fine dining experience. At $35 a head plus wine, not sure if I'd do that again. Seafood Shack was good as was Johnny Rockets.. worth the few extra dollars. The real find was the Solarium dining room for lunch, a lite fare with salads, wraps and Asian inspired food. I missed the dinner there .. for our next cruise. We ended up eating in the dining room only 3 times which was very good. Shows .. Hairspray - Great Aqua Show - Great Temptation Tribute - Missed it .. saw it too many times Ice Show - slow start, great finish Main Show - Cirque du Soleil style - Good Comedy Shows - very good but you can't get in if you're late On Air and Atlas Globe Pub - Lots of fun The ship docked at a distant dock in St Thomas which was a bummer as no real shops around .. $ 4 pp to get to main street. Didn't get off in St Marten and took a quick stroll in Nassau. (It was fun docking at noon next to a small Carnival Ship .. The Oasis was the main attraction at the port) Rooms - We opted for the Owners Suite .. nice and roomy plus you get access to a private deck for suite guests only .. nice feature especially on sea days. My in laws had a junior suite and the sons had an Central Park view cabin, just what you'd expect. The Gym/Spa is on the 6th floor forward and your looking out of port holes instead of the big windows that I'm use to. Additionally some machines were already broken and the TV's didn't work. The Casino is split in half .. Smoking and non Smoking .. Not sure what it is but the casino is missing something I can't put my finger on. The Cruise Director, Richard Spacey seems to need a vacation ... if you want to play a game .. count the number of times you hear him say "Ladies and Gentlemen" ... got to be close to a 1000. Don't Miss - - outdoor movies in the Aqua Theater day and night - $ 2.95 cupcakes - Chef Table Dinner - Purchase the water option - Sorrento's make your own pizza - Go online before your cruise and make reservation everywhere. Saves you lots of headaches. It will be hard to go back to another class of ship after sailing on the Oasis of the Seas. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
On March 20th, 2010 my family and I took a much anticipated cruise of the Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. This cruise was planned months in advance and there was so my hype that myself and the rest of my family counted the days ... Read More
On March 20th, 2010 my family and I took a much anticipated cruise of the Oasis of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. This cruise was planned months in advance and there was so my hype that myself and the rest of my family counted the days until we departed. The ship, Oasis of the Seas, was magnificent. It was beautiful from stem to stern. Everything was first class. My question to Royal Caribbean is.."why would you allow people to smoke almost everywhere and not enforce your no smoking rules?" All of the bars were filled with cigarette smokers, no special ventilation to carry the smoke out of that area. It flowed into the public areas "Central Park" and "The Boardwalk". They had a wonderful, creative floating bar which moved from the lower Boardwalk and upward. You could smell the stench of cigarette smoke everywhere. If that wasn't bad enough, I had $ 700.00 stolen from my cabin. I phoned to let Royal Caribbean know and their Customer Service person said if I didn't make a report before leaving the ship, there is nothing they can do about my "alleged accusation of theft". I put my primary purse with Credit Cards, passports, etc. in the Safe provided. I had a secondary purse that I put in the dresser in our Cabin with odds and ends,including $ 700.00 Canadian money. It did not occur to me that the Oasis of the Seas Staff would go through our personal belonging that were out of sight. I did not realize the money was missing until we arrived home and I looked for money to pay our taxi fare here in Canada. On board ship, I only used our room card for any charges that were needed and put on my credit card. When we went off ship, we used US dollars. When I told my husband of the money missing, he said that the couple in the next cabin to us asked him if anything had gone missing from our Cabin. Unfortunately, my husband didn't say anything to me or I would have checked and would have found the money missing. I never in a million years thought that someone would steal Canadian money, however, I now realize that our money is on par with the US dollar. My thoughts now are that I would like to make everyone who is cruising to lock up everything in your safe because there are dishonest people working on those ships. Oasis of the Seas is a beautiful ship. Don't let smokers ruin it for everyone else!!! When a client has a complaint, don't as much call them a liar. Read Less
Sail Date March 2010
My family and I (11 of us) spent 12/19 - 12/26 on the 3rd cruise on the new Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. It was simply amazing. This cruise was the 14th that we have taken, mostly on RCC. Not to bore anyone with info that they can ... Read More
My family and I (11 of us) spent 12/19 - 12/26 on the 3rd cruise on the new Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. It was simply amazing. This cruise was the 14th that we have taken, mostly on RCC. Not to bore anyone with info that they can read on the RCC website but most days on the ship, you would be very hard pressed to believe that you were on a cruise ship. We had dinner at Chops one night (which was fantastic). Chops is on the deck with the Central Park which is to the sky. Sitting is Chops, we looked out the window and saw trees, bushes, and flowers blowing in the wind....increadible. This is a ship where the ports really don't matter because you really don't need to get off the ship. Getting on and off the ship was a breeze. We carried our luggage off and from our room to the car, going through Customs, wasn't even 10 minutes. Also, the only line of the ship that I ever saw was for Bingo. In short, the Oasis has reset the bar for cruising. Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
RCL obviously knew people would be skeptical about the size. Our room was great, and we had a regular rooom! You walk in and the bath is on the left - bigger than usual, the bed (VERY COMFORTABLE) in front, followed by a cozy couch and ... Read More
RCL obviously knew people would be skeptical about the size. Our room was great, and we had a regular rooom! You walk in and the bath is on the left - bigger than usual, the bed (VERY COMFORTABLE) in front, followed by a cozy couch and desk - if we felt lazy, sometimes we snuggled down and watched TV! - nice balcony overlooking Central Park. The "communities" are so well-designed and separated, so you can enjoy each one and yet easily move on, when you want. You forget you are on a ship, as you sit in Central Park, surrounded by trees and flowers, hearing the birds sing! It was a wonderful design to have the center of the ship open to the sky, yet you can stroll the Promenade beneath a glass ceiling, so if there happens to be a bit of rain, it doesn't stop the fun! We loved going to the kids area as they had so much going on. It is done top notch, by the way - the teen center and hangout is cool! The water sports are so amazing that you want to go to watch, even if you don't do any of them. The first day, we dozed in the wonderful swivel chairs in the adult solarium (a great feature for when you want adult time), watching the ocean. Then, refreshed we had to ride the marry-go-round - the Boardwalk is so much fun! The shows are great (except the comedians - need new ones, please!)! The spa and fitness center was very nice, but watch out in the fitness center - the floor is not all one level and you can trip by some of the machines. The food was wonderful - we did anytime seating - we never had to wait and no matter where we went, they knew we were honeymooners and we got our own table! The restaurants on the ship were really good, but we did only one - the Italian (Giovanni's) for Christmas, which was great!. We did only one because the dining food was really good! The buffet was nice, except breakfast needs to be taken up a notch; not bad, but not great. Getting off for excursions was so easy! Get into the elevator and push the yellow button. When the doors open, you turn and go off the ship! There is no finding out how to get to the other end of the ship - from any point, you go all the way to the left or right, by the rooms, and go all the way down the halls to the other side - sometimes it is fastest! They need new photographers - the lighting was awful and the poses standard. We were disappointed and didn't buy any. The staff is great. A well-thought out ship - so much to do, yet doesn't feel busy and overwhelming; if you want quiet time, it is easy to find. I highly recommend it. It is a lot of people, but RCL knew it would be and ensured their ship design allowed for it. When we sat in our favorite lounge (Viking Crown) at the top of the ship, it was cozy, quiet, and intimate and we knew it was the best choice for our honeymoon! Read Less
Sail Date December 2009
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.9
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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