11 Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas Gay & Lesbian Cruise Reviews

We chose the Oasis of the Seas because there was so much to offer all ages of our group, from age 12 to 68! It did not disappoint! We enjoyed the entertainment, especially the Oasis of Dreams, Come Fly with Me, Frozen in Time and the ... Read More
We chose the Oasis of the Seas because there was so much to offer all ages of our group, from age 12 to 68! It did not disappoint! We enjoyed the entertainment, especially the Oasis of Dreams, Come Fly with Me, Frozen in Time and the comedy shows. Our dining room experience in My Time Dining was excellent. Not only was Ikadek a wonderful waiter, he and the dining room staff went above and beyond to provide delicious meals for the two vegan members of our family. Ikadek made recommendations and all ten of us were very satisfied with our wonderful dinners. Our grandkids and sons-in-law all had fun trying out the flow rider, our granddaughter had her first ice skating experience, and we all enjoyed the Boardwalk and Central Park. Overall, this was a great family trip and we all will always treasure the memories of this wonderful cruise! Read Less
Sail Date June 2018
As with most holiday planning, be it on land or sea, I always follow online review websites as guidence and all too often I read negative reviews about this ship. But I don't see why, oasis is a beautiful ship, plenty of ... Read More
As with most holiday planning, be it on land or sea, I always follow online review websites as guidence and all too often I read negative reviews about this ship. But I don't see why, oasis is a beautiful ship, plenty of entertainment, plenty of bars, plenty of food. Cats and all the main stage entertainment were top class, we enjoyed the ice show the most... Such talent right before you. My only two gripes were the mdr forced dance interactions - our waiter even said he hated doing it... But was forced to dance and act a fool. It brings down what feels like a top restaurant to a basic eatery @ bulins (no I don't want to dance the 'birdie song'!) My second gripe was the need to tip on the ship... Even after paying our gratuities before boarding. To get the attentive service you want, or when someone goes above and beyond you feel the overcoming need to tip to say thank you, which coming from UK, we don't tip much... So to give someone additional on top of what I already paid doesn't feel good. Yet we done it. Our room attendant did that ''above and beyond' for my birthday - decorating our room with the assistance of friends I felt truly spoilt. Would we cruise Oasis again? Yes... In fact booked Allure for our autumn holiday. Looking forward to seeing the differences. Holidays are what you make it - go and enjoy! Read Less
Sail Date April 2018
I absolutely love this ship! I have cruised many times on Carnival and Royal but I am hooked on Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class. My husband booked us on the Harmony while we on the Oasis. Excellent cruise for all types of people. The ... Read More
I absolutely love this ship! I have cruised many times on Carnival and Royal but I am hooked on Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class. My husband booked us on the Harmony while we on the Oasis. Excellent cruise for all types of people. The crew was excellent and the food was outstanding! This was just what the doctor ordered for my husband and I. Sun , fun, and relaxation. Th adult solarium is a great place to mingle, eat, sun bathe, and cuddle with your partner. We had lunch and dinner in the Bistro and the food was delicious. In fact we prefer the Bistro over the formal dining room for a more intimate experience. Central Park is our favorite place. We were regulars at the Park Cafe and Rising Tides Bar! The Boardwalk was good too! Overall the ship had lots of nice places to eat that did not cost extra and the drink package is a must! Read Less
Sail Date June 2017
Every one was great. Very attentive and helpful. Some of them my time servers were terrible but Yatin was the best. Also , Rohan a bartender was very Good we always looked fro him. The service was wonderful. We had a great time. The ... Read More
Every one was great. Very attentive and helpful. Some of them my time servers were terrible but Yatin was the best. Also , Rohan a bartender was very Good we always looked fro him. The service was wonderful. We had a great time. The shows were great the adult programming was wonderful the adult solarium was a great place to relax we love the schooner bar and also we love the rising tide bar. I've been on several world Caribbean cruises and I love the oasis class it has everything you want and more to do. Plus there are so many places to eat on the ship so you don't have to only eat in the Windjammer you can eat all over the ship we hardly ever ate in the Windjammer and ate all of the ship and had great food. There are so many choices for breakfast and lunch so you don't have to only go to one place if you're looking for a lot of fun we are looking for a place with a lot of choices the oasis class is the best for you Read Less
Sail Date April 2017
BACKGROUND We are a British male couple who have cruised 15 times, 3 times previously with Royal, 6 with Celebrity and 6 wth P&O (British cruise line). Our cruises are usually 13/14 nighters due to the hassle of winding down our ... Read More
BACKGROUND We are a British male couple who have cruised 15 times, 3 times previously with Royal, 6 with Celebrity and 6 wth P&O (British cruise line). Our cruises are usually 13/14 nighters due to the hassle of winding down our business and as we mainly cruise from the UK it takes a day or two to actually get somewhere. We are Diamond with Royal thanks to our Celebrity loyalty which Royal match up to the Diamond level. We had thoroughly enjoyed our Anthem cruise 18 months ago but had an issue which resulted in a future cruise credit being given to us that had to be used on a cruise before April 17 and as the ex- UK Royal cruises don't get started till late April this made us look elsewhere in the world. Having experienced the Voyager, Freedom and Quantum classes our obvious next choice was an Oasis class ship. We wanted to fly from from Manchester, UK and the only Florida airport we can fly direct to from Manchester is Orlando which made Oasis an ideal choice. Given the 9 hour flight time we booked back to back cruises which covered the Western Caribbean first then the Eastern Caribbean in order to make our journey truly worthwhile. We have visited all ports (except Nassau) before so this wasn't going to be an intensive cruise for us as we are not beach people and enjoy being onboard (especially when everyone else has disembarked at a port). So no real port info to follow, sorry. JOURNEY We flew with Virgin Atlantic direct from Manchester and had reserved our economy seats on the front row of the economy section in the bubble of this Boing 747. I had researched this a lot and the bubble is split between economy and premium economy with a 10 feet area in front of the economy section so there was endless leg space. It was much quieter than the downstairs main area of the plane and service was quick and unobtrusive. The inflight entertainment is endless albeit the touchscreen is a bit cumbersome. We landed in Orlando mid afternoon and (after negotiating the always officious US Immigration and Customs Officers) picked up our Alamo one way rental car to drive ourselves on the 1 hour drive east to Port Canaveral, $1 notes in hand for the two tolls. We had booked a Premium car with Alamo and checked in online so on arriving at the Alamo desk were immediately directed to the car lot and told to choose any Premium or SUV from the lot. We were like kids at a sweet shop but went with a suitably monster sized (by UK standards) Nissan SUV. We then drove to the exit only to be held for 10 mins at the barrier while they sorted out the paperwork......so much for the online check in. We stayed in the Residence Inn by Marriott, one of the closest hotels to the port. We got a good rate since we booked 9 months ahead. We had a king studio. Have to say we were a little disappointed with our room. Being on the ground floor is was dark and a bit dated. However it was clean and only for the one night. The breakfast was nice but it's the location that sold it to us. We walked down to Preacher Bar since it was the closest bar and came recommended on Tripadvisor and we shared a table with two nice local couples. I had the shrimp which was superb but there was nothing at all for my OH that was vegetarian suitable. The next morning we drove the very short journey to the Alamo drop off which along with Enterprise is the nearest to the Royal Caribbean terminal. We had thought about dropping the cases, returning the car to Alamo and walking with our hand luggage to the terminal however the terminal was so close we just returned the car and walked with all our cases, which had wheels, and was an easy walk. A guy in a car stopped and offered us a lift as he was picking someone up from the terminal shortly but by the time we had loaded and unloaded our luggage into and out of his car we would have been there. A nice offer though. BOARDING We went from arriving at the terminal to sitting in the diamond waiting pen after check in within 10 minutes. Boarding started at 11.15 and we were onboard not much afterwards. The boarding area on Oasis brings you straight onto the Royal Promenade opposite the fountains under the rising tide bar and it was great to finally see it. There was a drinks desk right by us when we boarded. We had received free Select drinks packages when booking (now discontinued) and knew I could upgrade to the Deluxe package for $10 plus 18% per day which was a no brainer. My OH downgraded! Why, because he doesn't drink alcohol and the lesser Royal Replenish package included everything he might want that was included in the Select package plus premium sparkling water which is his drink of choice with dinner. We did go straight to the windjammer for lunch being one of the first onboard. This was one of only 2 visits to the windjammer in our 14 nights. I know there are many other options for free food on the ship but I have to get it out there.......the windjammer is way too small and poorly designed for a ship of this size. It's about half the size of a Freedom class windjammer but with twice the number of people onboard. When we left after lunch there were queues and people were being counted in and out. So whilst Oasis does have those other free venues the issue here is a) people like the choice at a buffet and b) those other venues don't have the choice or capacity to pick up the slack of the overflow from the windjammer. It's was a minor issue for us though as we did make use of the other places to eat onboard to avoid the wait at windjammer. CABIN We booked a boardwalk balcony on deck 12. I moved us twice from when we booked the cabin to the actual trip in order to edge us closer to the Aquatheatre and the aft of the ship and ended up in 12319. It was a good choice. We didn't want deck 14 in case of noise from the deck above. We've usually had balconies but traditionally not spent much time on them so this gave us a cabin with a balcony, lots to look at down below and at the Aquatheatre to the aft and gave us somewhere to dry our swimwear or gym gear. It also didn't get very windy at all so no concern about losing clothing over the balcony rail. I will say that it is noisy, both from the basketball court above and boardwalk below but we expected it so it didn't bother us. It's not a tranquil place to sit out and with the door closed you can still hear the music, basketball and kids noise. The expected lack of privacy didn't bother us either as the curtains and voiles stopped direct viewing into the opposite cabins. Our cabin attendant was excellent. The cabin was spotless and really well maintained for an 8 year old ship. Next time on an Oasis Class ship I think we will go for another inward looking balcony, but in Central Park, just not above the Park Cafe. DINING We had booked the First Night Done Right offer which equated to $15 on our cruise planner. We got a call around 1.30pm, after we had accessed our cabin, asking where we would like to dine and we said we wanted to check out the menus first so headed to the Royal Promenade and a desk that was set up for restaurant bookings. We checked the menus and decided on a Chops booking. As we were back to back we had booked the same offer for the first night of our second leg and we chose Chops again for that night. Chops was excellent. My OH is a vegetarian but eats fish and the Branzino in Chops plus the huge range of sides was well received. I had the large Fillet Mignon both times and loved it. We sat on the covered Patio in Central Park the first night and couldn't believe we were on a cruise ship. WOW. The deal was excellent and in fact we were a little embarrassed about what we had paid compared to the actual menu price. We had booked My Time Dining for all other nights and I had reserved online a 7.30 dining time. At the American Icon lower level of the dining room, there are two lines, one for reservations and one for those without and generally the line for those with reservations was shorter and moved quicker. Our experience overall was excellent. Seated pretty quickly and the menu choices were excellent. There wasn't any dish we didn't like and seasoning, portion size and presentation was pretty good all round. However, my OH is a vegetarian and that limits things somewhat especially as Royal use non vegetarian cheese in their vegetarian dishes (contains animal rennet from a calves stomach). We had one off night. There was only one entree marked as vegetarian and it had Parmesan in it. My OH asked if there was anything else available and the waiter said yes the dish with the V symbol. My OH pointed out again this had non vegetarian cheese in it and the waiter said ' I will leave it with you to decide then'. It wasn't helpful. A head waiter appeared and brought some vegan dishes which were bland, and he presented the menu for the next night. My OH said he would have the fish and the head waiter said he was told by the waiter he was a vegan. Not quite the same thing. However when we came to the restaurant the next night I specifically asked not to be in that waiters' section and we were seated in Ajay's section. After that one night we knew we needed to be seated in his section every evening. He went out of his way to ensure my OH had a proper choice and once he learned my OH liked asparagus there was a nightly order of asparagus with hollandaise sauce always on hand as an extra appetiser. We spoke to the Maitre' D on exiting and she put a note on the system for us to be sat in Ajays section. The next night we arrived for our 7.30 reservation and were asked to wait a while for a table in Ajays' section. This went on for nearly an hour with us being given a run down of the people at our table " they've just finished their Entree", "they've just got the dessert menu" until I approached the Maitre'D again and she pretty much said the wait was our fault for asking for Ajay. I did ask why she had offered to put a note on our reservation stating we wanted Ajays' section if this didn't actually mean anything. My OH walked into the restaurant and to Ajays section and could see two tables for two that were set up and free. The restaurant manager saw him coming out and enquired about the difficulty and after my OH gave him a very brief summary he said we would get us a table with Ajay at 7.30 every evening, and that's what happened. A one night glitch but at least we ended up with a server that went out of his way to ensure my OH could have a choice and was superbly professional and totally friendly. We always asked for a table for two but always chatted to our neighbouring tables and met some really nice people (apart from one night when our 'good evening' comment was met with total ignorance and 90 mins of being blanked. How can you sit for 90 minutes with a couple of people literally a foot to your side and not at least acknowledge their existence?) and really enjoyed the conversation. It was great to meet people from across the US and we found them so easy to get on with and our English accents obviously led to some curiosity. In fact I would add this was a very friendly cruise. We didn't really do desserts (I much prefer a chocolate Martini as my desert). Breakfasts were a mix. We ate at the free breakfast at Johnny Rockets around 4 times over the two weeks and really enjoyed the food and service. It's a little annoying that there is a 'wait to be seated' sign but some just arrive and take a table. As we had a Boardwalk Balcony we got to eat once per week free for lunch or dinner at Johnny Rockets and did so twice. It was ok, nothing spectacular and didn't they used to do dancing during meals? The onion rings were excellent though and my OH liked the BOGOF malt shakes that Diamond guests get as a perk. We loved Park Cafe. Eating breakfast sat out in Central Park was amazing and hassle free. I did try the beef sandwich from here one day and it was lovely. Other than that we used the Solarium Bistro for breakfast. It has a much more limited amount of choices compared to the Windjammer but a more pleasant experience. We usually wear Tuxs for formal nights but having read about the more mixed attire that Royal's Caribbean sailings attract we dropped those to lighten our luggage requirements and went with chinos and smart shirts which probably hit the middle note between the ultra casual and very smart formal wear that was seen on formal nights. Have to say I've never seen bigger queues for the official photographers than on this ship and many still loved to dress up and be photographed. BARS The bars were much quieter than we expected. It seems most US passengers don't get a drinks package as a perk plus the large number of families means the bars were pretty light on people. Our favourites were the Champagne Bar and the Rising Tide bar for cocktails. Whilst mentioning bars I have to talk about one point. We have a drinks package, we order a drink, they serve the drink and present you with a zero cost slip to sign which has a section for an extra tip. Aarrgghh. The drinks package includes a tip and if we get great service and get to know a bartender we will tip cash. But these slips are just an attempt to grab even more tips. Brits generally tip 10% so if the drinks package includes 18% tips then for us that's more than sufficient so being presented with a slip to sign and asked to include extra gratuity for exceptional service is an irritation. We personally tipped cash around $200 this cruise but never added a tip to the slips they presented to us. A few times I didn't sign the slips to be told I had to sign and I still refused. Given unsigned slips go straight into the bin this ridiculous need to sign the slips is simply a con and unnecessary if your drink is covered by your package, and they are hoping that customers are guilted into adding an extra tip. What about all that paper waste? We also found out that any tips given in this way are pooled shipwide which I'm sure many don't appreciate. This extra tipping doesn't happen on ex UK cruises with Royal and doesn't happen on Celebrity. Ok rant over. Wine service in the main dining room was a bit sporadic. With no sommeliers it's down to the waiters to ask about wine requirements. Some nights neither would ask so we would prompt them, some nights both asked. Anyway I like a Marlborough and a they have a Kim Crawford on the menu however in the main dining room it was priced at $17 but I had it in Chops the first night where it was $13, thereby within my drinks package. I checked with a food and beverage manager who checked the system and said it should be $13 everywhere. So that was my wine of choice with dinner. Note to Royal, your menus are wrong. ENTERTAINMENT We had booked our entertainment in advance on the cruise planner, Cats, Come Fly With Me, the ice show and the Aquashow, once each over the two weeks and the headliner and adult comedy show once each of the two weeks. The booking system works fine however we did chop and change a bit on a couple of shows and this worked out fine for us. The Adult Comedy Show was the hardest to get into if you hadn't reserved and we heard a few moans but it does only hold 120 people. We really enjoyed both comedy shows, 2 comedians at each show, and the venue is perfect for this. We had both seen Cats before in Londons' West End. It's never been our favourite musical but we gave it a go and grabbed seats a few rows from the front. It was the full production, extremely professional and exactly as we remembered from London. However we both agreed it's not the right choice for a cruise ship. It doesn't really have much of a story and goes off at tangents at times and quite a few left before, or didn't return after, the interval. However it was very well received by those stalwarts who stayed. I would recommend going to a matinee performance as we did since I wouldn't want to loose a full evening on board for this plus sit close to the stage or you won't really appreciate the make up or costumes. The Aquashow was excellent. We went on our very first night and we're suitably impressed. They had to cut if off before the very high dives due to the ships movement but we did get to see the end section courtesy of our Boardwalk Balcony view later in the cruise. The Frozen In Time Ice Show was also superb. Great costumes and great ice skating wrapped together with a loose Hans Christian Anderson theme. The Headliner act the first week were The Edge Effect. A 5 piece a capella group who were probably the best group we've ever seen on a cruise ship. We didn't go to the headliner on the second week as it didn't sound our cup of tea. As well as the main entertainment shows there always seemed to be something happening around the ship. Parades, pop up dance lessons, musical segments in the Royal Promenade, Dreamworks appearances etc and Royal really do well packing their cruise with entertainment and if we were on for just one week I could see how you could disembark feeling a bit tired! SERVICE We had pretty good service all round. Better inside the ship than outside. Poolside service was sporadic and I got a feeling that as we were not adding more tips to the bar slips a repeat visit from a poolside attendant never happened. Visiting a pool deck bar was often a slow process and a few of those guys looked miserable on occasion. My OH always made a point that if he was greeted with a barman just barking 'yes?' his response would always be 'Im fine thank you and how are you?' Tony the 'mixologist' in the Champagne Bar stood out as did the two ladies serving in the rising tide bar. As said, once we found 'Ajay' in the main dining room we couldn't have wished for a better server and our cabin steward was excellent. A point worth making is he didn't repeat the same towel animals each week but made different ones for a our second week. As we were on a back to back, on the changeover day we gathered in Scooner Bar and were escorted off the ship and back through immigration to then be offered a free lunch in Giovannis for all the consecutive cruisers, a nice touch. Overall we had a great two weeks. Oasis is a brilliantly impressive ship. So well designed and swallows its 6000 passengers superbly. Even disembarking and embarking at port stops was easy and hassle free which surprised us given the numbers. Yes it's a big ship but it never felt too big to us and it offers so much choice of activities and venues that it's pretty hard to fault. It has many very impressive aspects and I can see why there are soon to be four ships in this class. It's probably my favourite ship now having stole that award from Celebrity Eclipse. It really offers something for all ages and the mix of passengers works very well. We had a few glitches (that I may have over described, sorry) but nothing that spoilt our enjoyment of this beautiful cruise ship. We will return to an Oasis class ship but probably another ship next time (despite the convenience of direct flights to join Oasis) as the entertainment is static on each ship we would want to experience other options next time round. Harmony or Symphony awaits.... Read Less
Sail Date February 2017
We sailed 06 FEB 2016 Eastern Caribbean and we had a great time. I found myself loving the ship more each day. We had a oceanview balcony cabin CAT D6 cabin # 11690. Nice and quiet, bed comfy and decent size shower with great water ... Read More
We sailed 06 FEB 2016 Eastern Caribbean and we had a great time. I found myself loving the ship more each day. We had a oceanview balcony cabin CAT D6 cabin # 11690. Nice and quiet, bed comfy and decent size shower with great water pressure. We sailed with a group of 37 and all enjoyed the cruise. We boarded the ship at 12pm but had to wait until 1pm to get to our cabins. Next time I will board a little later as it was crowded with everyone waiting. We had early dining at a table for 10 and at times found it hard to hear everyone as the dining room did get noisy. Food was very good with lots of choice. We had eaten breakfast in the dining room early on but later found we like the Central Park Cafe better. Just because you could sit outside and it felt like you were in a park. Loved it! I didn't see Cats ( had already seen it) but my husband did and he left at intermission but his 2 travel buddies stayed and they enjoyed it. Loved the other shows, Skating, Aqua theatre, Come Fly with Me, LOVED IT. So well done. The comedians were so good, my cheeks hurt so much from laughing. Our first day in Nassau unfortunately was cool and very windy. Never left the ship. Friends who did came right back. We enjoyed the Solarium and the travel and shopping talks. ST Thomas we stopped at a different pier than I had been before as the ship is to large. Took a "bus" into town I think it was $4.00 one way as it a bit of a distance. Would have been very tricky to walk as at times no side walk. Weather did get warmer. Walked around and did some shopping. St Maarten, just walk about at the pier and into the town, St Phillipsburg. Easy lazy day. I did the zipline, scared but did it. I know it is a very short distance but that was huge for me. The staff were very kind helping me. Loved to walk about the ship just taking everything in. The promenade was great, the Central Park, the pool decks. Never felt crowded at all. Except when going to dinner at 6pm at the elevators, then it was busy. Otherwise really no issues. I loved this cruise so much we are already booked on the Harmony next Jan 2017. Can't wait to see the water slides! Read Less
Sail Date February 2016
I am not usually one for writing reviews of anything. However, I just had the most amazing vacation on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and I would recommend it to everyone! Some people avoid taking cruises because they feel it’s a ... Read More
I am not usually one for writing reviews of anything. However, I just had the most amazing vacation on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and I would recommend it to everyone! Some people avoid taking cruises because they feel it’s a waste of money, there would be huge crowds, there’s nothing to do, etc. I am here to tell those people they are wrong. For anyone on the other side who is actually considering a cruise, I would definitely say stop putting it off and just go! This was my second cruise. The first cruise I went on was a few years ago on Carnival Freedom. It was fun but not nearly as wonderful. Royal Caribbean definitely sets the bar high from the moment you step onto the ship. Not once did I encounter an unfriendly crew member or frustrated waiter. Every single employee was always smiling, always willing to assist, and ALWAYS working. Seriously, I don’t know how they do it. I truthfully wanted to hug each and every single person and tell them how amazing they were, but that would have been weird and awkward. Anyway, the ship is huge, elegant, and spotless. It is constantly being cleaned and well maintained. There are crew members by the pool whose sole job it is to pick up people’s empty drinks and remove spills. They are there from sun up until sun down. The bathrooms are always being restocked and wiped down. Maintenance issues are resolved immediately. My boyfriend and I are in our twenties so we didn’t splurge for a fancy room. We were in an interior room (only downside is there is no sunlight to tell you to wake up and no way to see if it’s raining out). Our stateroom attendant Jairo was always smiling and ready to help. He cleaned our room twice daily and always made sure we had everything we needed. He also gave us those fun towel animals that I love. As I said, the ship is massive. It has 17 floors including a park on Deck 8 with real trees and Rising Tide Bar (the bar actually moves up and down the floors). It features numerous restaurants as well as several floors of dining rooms. There are also a bunch of different bars all with their own unique themes. On Air is host to any sporting events on tv as well as the karaoke competition. There are also several places to dance including their club, Blaze, and for anyone who actually knows how to dance for real, Dazzles. My boyfriend and I loved going to Dazzles to watch the older couples waltz across the dance floor instead of the common bumping and grinding we see at the clubs we go to. The band at Dazzles, The South Side, was phenomenal and always had a great show. As for daytime activities, the ship is home to a zipline, arcade, carousel, surfing, casino, mini golf, rock climbing walls, ping pong, a kids activity pool, a sports pool, and two main pools. There are also many hot tubs in various places on deck (all of which are cleaned regularly). By the way, the only thing we waited on a line for (about 10 minutes) was the surfing. It’s amazing how many people are on that ship and there aren’t really lines. So if it is crowds that are dissuading you then don’t let it! This is one of the biggest ships with the most people! Now let’s talk about everyone’s favorite thing, FOOD! As I previously mentioned, Oasis is home to several floors of dining rooms and numerous specialty restaurants (including a steak house, Asian cuisine, a Johnny Rockets, a seafood place, etc). You will NEVER go hungry. If you aren’t up for paying extra for food then simply stick to the dining rooms as we did. We typically had our formal dinner there. During the day, if we were on board, we would head to WindJammer which is a buffet that is open all day and into the evening. We were Never disappointed in our choices or in the quality of the food. Dinner always reigned supreme however. Everything we got was absolutely delicious. The meat was always juicy and tender, the vegetables cooked to perfection, and don’t even get me started on the amazing desserts (go with the creme brulee!). The service, as with everywhere on the ship, was PHENOMENAL. Our waiter, Peter, was always knowledgeable about the dinner choices and could always make a recommendation. His assistant, Igusti, was on hand at all times to offer more bread or another course. We also had our drink waiter (sadly I never got his name) who had our drink orders memorized and would have them prepared as soon as we sat down. (Did I mention that almost every single crew member knew our names personally?!!) Don’t ever worry about being bored on a cruise (at least Royal Caribbean). There is never a dull moment. Besides the activities I mentioned above: take a flash mob dance class, dance to the sounds of steel drums, get your photos taken, play bingo, go gamble, sing karaoke, enter the manliest man competition, enter the belly flop competition, watch a movie in the Aqua Theater. Plus, of course, every night there’s the bars, clubs, and theater shows. My favorite was Oasis of Dreams simply because it is full of daring dives and acrobatic stunts (all in a pool). All in all I would have to give Royal Caribbean an 11/10 just because everything was so wonderful. Read Less
Sail Date January 2015
We sailed on October 29 for the Western Caribbean. The weather was perfect every day. The eight of us ranged in age from 52 to 85 and everyone left having a wonderful experience. We found the Opus dining room to be too noisy, okay food ... Read More
We sailed on October 29 for the Western Caribbean. The weather was perfect every day. The eight of us ranged in age from 52 to 85 and everyone left having a wonderful experience. We found the Opus dining room to be too noisy, okay food and sometimes slow service. We did a lot of specialty dining including the Chef's table, 150 Central Park, Vintages and Giovanni's room. 150 Central Park was the best but all were a quiet, intimate dining experience that left us feeling satisfied and forgetting that we were on a ship with 6,000 people. We ate breakfast and lunch almost every day in the Solarium. The food is fresh, healthy and the atmosphere was more laid back than the Windjammer Marketplace. We spent most of our ship time in the Solarium as well where you can find sun or shade and spend the day reading or soaking in a hot tub or the pool. The Labadee port is good to just hang out at the beach or to be active all day. I did the zip line and snorkeling. Both were good. It is nice that they have a dock so you don't have to tender in to the beach. In Falmouth we did a swim with Dolphins and the Dunnes River Falls. Both great but the tour guide was obnoxious on the bus. We screwed up in Cozumel by opting for Tulum and beach break. It was a disaster with 5-6 hours of travel and almost no time at ruins or beach with a horrible lunch and old bus. Don't do it. The gym is great and has spinning class with Lemond bikes and great instructors. The sales pitch in the spa is heavy on products. They ask your stress level so they can pitch you products. All of the employees on this ship are pleasant and wonderful to deal with and they take good care of you. They make it great. There is also a new valet service where they print your boarding pass for the airport and check your bags all the way through. We put our bags outside the door on Friday night and picked them up at baggage claim in Philadelphia. It was worth $20 per person to not have to find your bags and get them in a cab. Make sure you let them know if you have status and don't have to pay to check bags on the airline. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
We are a 53 and 71 yo domestic partner couple, Robin and Rita, who have been fortunate to be able to cruise seceral times. Most of our cruises have been out of Galveston because we live only 30 minutes from that cruise terminal. We ... Read More
We are a 53 and 71 yo domestic partner couple, Robin and Rita, who have been fortunate to be able to cruise seceral times. Most of our cruises have been out of Galveston because we live only 30 minutes from that cruise terminal. We travel often with our friends Alex and Roger who joined us on the Oasis. Our departure from Houston Hobby on Southwest Airlines was uneventful. Upon arrival we called for our shuttle to Rodeway Inn. The shuttle was prompt and the driver pleasant and helpful. Of course the Rodeway isn't the Ritz but was clean and the price was right. They were also very accommodating in that the restaurant had just closed but the manager let us in and they served us. After complimentary European style breakfast the next morning, the shuttle to the cruise terminal again was prompt and pleasant. Upon arrival at the terminal, the driver unloaded our bags which were loaded on a RCI cart and away we went anticipating long lines for check in. It was now about noon. WHAT A SURPRISE. Hardly any lines. We were aboard and trying to find our way around in less than 30 minutes. What a beautiful ship. What a LARGE ship. We had no problem finding a place to lunch and then began our exploration. The signage (sp?) is great. Electronically you can find any place on the ship at any time. The signs are plentiful and easy to use. After exploring for a while we then went to our cabin which was ready and waiting. We had a port balcony which was large enough for the two of us. COMPLAINT - The only electrical outlet in the sitting area was under the counter. One had to be a contortionist to reach it but no problem as we had brought a power strip with us. YES A PROBLEM - They confiscated our surge protector/power strip saying it was a fire hazard. Then the cabin steward brought us a cheap-o extension cord that probably really was a fire hazard. COMPLAINT - There was no clothes line in the shower. All other ships we have sailed on had the retractable lines in the shower. ACCOLADES - Our room steward was great. We never had to ask for ice,etc. Also we usually had room service for breakfast which was always prompt, warm food warm, cold food cold. Coffee was strong, strong, strong, We were fortunate to be seated at early dinner with two delightful ladies from New York celebrating their 80th birthdays (they were twins but one would never know it). The first night service was really bad but rather than raise a big stink, Robin and one of the NY ladies waited to speak to our waiter in private. That was his first night on the ship etc. but bottom line was service improved greatly although we had to ask each night for the wine glasses to be removed. The food quality varied. The lamb was superb, the beef passable. Deserts were all great. We tried Johnny Rockets and the buffets which were okay. Breakfast in the dining room was very good. Enterainment was 10+. Costuming as stunning as you will ever see. We did make reservations to the shows prior to sailing and I would recommend that to all. Our reservations to the Aqua Show was rescheduled and it was all taken care of electronically. Very painless. Ports of Call - We had been to Nassau before and we just got a cab and went to Atlantis for a while. Cked out the casino, then back on board. St. Thomas - Robin had lived on the island for a few years and visited friends then took the rest of us on a tour. Was nice going places with someone who had lived there. St. Maarten - we did a SNUBA excursion. Mixture of snorkle and scuba. Really good for those of us who love the water but aren't SCUBA certified. We enjoyed the two sea days on the way back to Ft. Lauderdale. Had time to try/watch the zip line and flow rider and check out places we hadn't seen. I was favorably impressed at the activities on board, especially for the children, tweens, and teens. Debarkation was as painless as embarkation. We had scheduled a land/water excursion in Ft. Lauderdale as our flight was not until 4:30 pm. Quite interesting and the water part was amazing. What mansions and yachts. Boggles my mind. Overall, a great sailing. The few negatives were far outweighed by the positives. Even though there were over 5000 guests aboard, I never felt crowded. RCI has done a tremendous job with their terminal in Ft. Lauderdale. Would we sail on the Oasis again. Maybe. Certainly if the prices were a bit more in line with some of the other ships. Read Less
Sail Date April 2011
I'll first start by saying that I'm writing this review to honor and thank all those who have written about the Oasis over the last year. I think I've probably read every single one of your reviews, enjoyed most and found ... Read More
I'll first start by saying that I'm writing this review to honor and thank all those who have written about the Oasis over the last year. I think I've probably read every single one of your reviews, enjoyed most and found plenty of helpful hints that made our trip even easier and more memorable. In no particular order: We sailed the Western Carribean but because of Hurricane Tomas we ended up skipping Labadee and adding Nassau on the end. Without a doubt I would tell you that my only major regret is that I didn't do the Eastern Carribean. Cozumel is okay (more later) but all in all everyone I spoke with agreed that the Eastern itinerary is much more enjoyable especially for first timers. Pre cruise advice and info: Go ahead and book all the dinner reservations and show reservations that are available prior to the cruise using the pre cruise planner. Many, many of the times are not available by the time you cruise and you'll be disappointed. I would advise signing up for each show so that even if you decide to change the time once you're underway you at least have options. Remember, RCCL let's you standy by for each show and releases seats 10 minutes prior to show time. They do swipe your seapass electronically to ensure you have a reservation. For me it worked every time. I would also recommend checking in on line so that all your documents are printed and ready to go when you arrive at FLL. Also remember to order your bag tags online as this really speeds up the process. We decided to park rather than take a cab (we live in the area) and the parking was very convenient and 15$ per day. There is a special entrance for suite guests (we were staying in the Crown Loft Suites). You are met immediately by a RCCL rep and they lead you through the very quick check in and boarding. We arrived about 1130 and were on the ship by about 1145. My advice when boarding the ship is go straight to the Park Cafe in the Central Park area for the famous roast beef sandwiches and other light deli items. It's one of the few things open and if you don't make it back later you wont' feel like you missed something. After lunch take a quick walk around the ship paying special attention to the Solarium (forward at deck 16) Central Park (mid ship at deck 8) Royal Promenade (Deck 5 and also the deck you enter and leave the ship on) and finally the aft area where the Boardwalk is (deck 6). At one the rooms are ready and you can go up and put your bags away and check out your stateroom. We stayed in the Crown Loft Suite and I can't say enough good about this room. It's located in a special card accessed area in the aft of the ship on deck 17. The room features a full bath downstairs along with a very nifty dining table (it moves back and forth so that you can stow it out of the way when not using it) along with a flat screen tv, full couch and reading chair. Your balcony is large and there are 20 foot floor to ceiling glass windows to enjoy the view. I would recommend the starboard side rooms as the view will be better while in port. There is a loft area upstairs with your queen bed, another flat screen tv that pops out of the ceiling on command, a dressing/slash make up area and a full bath with a two person shower. The shower also boats a ceiling mounted rainforest shower head as well. Really all very nice. Our cabin attendants were Cherry and Mari Sol and I can't say enough about how much they made our trip. They were always there when we needed them and suprised me on my birthday with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Other suite ammenities include access to the concierge lounge on 11. Three reasons to go. One, the best breakfast on the ship is available in the lounge cooked to order and served in a luxurious private club style. Second, there is a cocktail hour from 5 - 830 where all bar drinks are gratis along with nice cheese and fruit displays pre dinner. Take advantage of both, you paid for it and it's worth it. The last reason may seem mundane but had me returning over and over again. They have a machine that grinds and instantly brews the best cafe latte I've ever had. The machine is available 24/7 and saved me alot of extra money by preventing me from paying for specialty coffee in the other areas. Our concierge was Ricardo Mock and he was excellent (note to RCCL, consider having the concierges in the lounge for longer hours) Also included for suite guests is the ability to walk into any performance without reservations simply by showing your gold card. There is also special reserved seating in most all venues for suite guests / another big plus. Amenities for suite level rooms also include a cocktail reception with the captain and other officers. Go, it's fun and you will meet most if not all of the specialty restaurant managers that you'll be asking for help from later on. The shows: Hairspray was by far the best broadway style show I've seen hands down. I was suprised by how much we all enjoyed and everyone on the ship agreed. A must do for everyone. A very close second is come fly with me also performed in the theatre later in the week. Amazing, amazing amazing. The Ice Show is great, the aqua show was okay. Didn't make it to the comedy club although heard very good things about it. Did see the Love and Marriage game and it was a hoot. Richard Spacey is very great at what he does. At first you think he's a bit goofy but when you realize that he's working his butt off to make sure you have fun and he honestly likes to be there and do what he's doing you gain a great deal of respect for him. What energy, we should all be so blessed. The street parties on the RP were all great. Make sure you look at your cruise compasss (delivered to your room the night before) to ensure you get to do what you want when you want. The food: I'll start by saying we never once went to the dining room. I heard good and bad but can't say myself. We did visit Giovanni's (excellent, must order the hand sliced proscuitto and great value), Chops twice (best veal chop I've ever had including the capital grille) Vintages (a wine bar with spainish style tapas and a huge wine list)Room service from the suites menu (as a suites guest you get a very much upgraded room service menu which is really just awesome), Izumi for sushi (best spicy tuna roll I've had in a long time and the cooking at the table on the hot rock was very cool) and the piece de resistance was sitting at the chefs table. The chefs table is pre booked for 14 guests per evening and is served on the second floor of the concierge lounge. The fee includes a five course meal, four paired wines and a signed copy of the RCCL cookbook. The value is immense when you consider we were drinking 50 - 100$ bottles of wine and you had the executive chef explain in detail how he prepared each dish along with the sommelier who discussed each wine, how it was made, where it was grown and why it worked with the course it was paired with. An amazing experience for everyone but for foodies it's a must. Pre book it by calling RCCL ahead of time or see the concierge on day one to book it. Never, ever go to the Windjammer unless it's your only option. It's crowded and the food is okay. Do plan to go to the solarium for breakfast and lunch, simply perfect. Also remember that when all else fails, you can get a quick slice of pizza at Sorrento on the RP and small sandwiches and sweets 24 hours per day at the Promenade Cafe. We bought the water package, it was totally worth it. We didn't buy the soda or wine package and I'm glad we didn't. We had more fun ordering by the glass and trying a bunch of new and different things. Port calls We swam with dolphins in cozumel which was a very nice excursion. We had a small group, the dolphinarium is well maintained, very clean, well run and your groups are small enough that you get good quality time with the dolphin. We splurged and bought the photos afterwards because they were very well done but keep in mind that a good deal of negotiation can happen before you settle on a price. We did not go to Coasta Maya but instead hung out and enjoyed more of the boat. We walked in Nassau for one hour but got back on and did some more Oasis exploring. On departure we opted to sleep in and leave about 9am. It was a little disorganized at first but then picked up after a few minutes and we were in the car by 930 or so. If anyone from RCCL reads this I have just a few thoughts on making a great experience a spectacular one. 1. Guest services desk on 5 was not well organized. Lines were generally long, agents to assist were limited and I found myself being drawn out of my general haze of happiness when I waited for over a half an hour to see an agent when it appeared that there were a bunch of folks just reading their computers and generally trying not to make eye contact with anyone in line. Managers in charge, do yourself a favor and watch whats happening in your guest services area at 8 o clock on the last night. It's not pretty. 2. Consider other ports of call, especially with the addition of the Allure. 3. The interactive tv system worked very well and was impressive in it's breadth of offerings. One thought, it seemed that as you added and deleted reservations for spa offerings, dinners, etc the system didn't update itself thus leading to some confusion for us during the week. This is probably something fixed very easily. Final thought, all service organizations are about their people as much as their product. RCCL has done an outstanding job of picking the best people available from around the world to make sailing the Oasis the best experience possible. Good job and congratulations. Remember, these gentlemen and ladies work their butts off seven days a week with little time off to make all of us happy. Don't forget to say thank you, don't quibble over the gratuities or even adding something extra for amazing service. Richard Spacey said something at the end of the cruise that I thought was profound. There were over 8000 people on our sailing including guests and staff representing over 80 nationalities. Everyone got along, learned a bit about other cultures/languages/religions and had a great time along the way. The lesson is clear for us all. Again, to all those that posted before me and offered great tips and advice, thank you! Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
We arrived at Port Everglades around 11am. The new terminal 18 is nice, wide open spaces, plenty of room to accommodate the number of guests that will be sailing on Oasis. Layout is more logical than in some other terminals I've ... Read More
We arrived at Port Everglades around 11am. The new terminal 18 is nice, wide open spaces, plenty of room to accommodate the number of guests that will be sailing on Oasis. Layout is more logical than in some other terminals I've been in. We began boarding Oasis around noon. Boarding is done on Deck 5, the Royal Promenade deck. While boarding the first thing I noticed is that the outdoor space on deck 5 is limited to the jogging track, and is barely wider than the 2-lane jogging track. No deck chairs or space to enjoy the outdoors on this deck. There are no muster stations outside that I could see, apparently all muster stations are inside the ship, so no more baking in the afternoon sun during muster! As we walked onto the ship we entered directly in to the Royale Promenade. Very wide, spacious, and beautiful, but I'll write more about the promenade later. We wanted to head to our cabin to drop off our overnight bags. Our cabin was 9156, port side, forward so we headed to the elevators towards that end of the promenade. We were pleased to see there are 6 elevators on port side, 6 more on starboard, so 12 elevators at that end, and same at the other end, so 24 elevators that we saw, there may have been more. We got to deck 9 quickly. One cool feature at each elevator bank is an interactive screen. You can touch the screen to "Find your cabin" (enter your cabin number and it shows you on the map where you are, where your cabin is and how to get there), or you can view that day's Cruise Compass, or find a restaurant, etc. It's a very cool, and very handy feature! We had to use it more than once to find our way back to our cabin! LOL Once at the cabin the first thing we noticed is that the cabin doors are offset from the hallway a bit further than on the Freedom or Voyager class ships, and that is to allow room for the door to open out, rather than in. What genius! This small change seems to make a big difference inside the cabin. We entered the cabin and it seemed basically the same as any other standard balcony cabin on a Freedom or Voyager class ship. Right away we also noticed that the bathroom door opens out into the cabin, rather than into the bathroom - what a difference that makes! The bathroom, while probably the same physical size as those a Freedom or Voyager class ship, just seems larger since you don't have to deal with the door opening into the bathroom. It may be an optical illusion, but the bathroom counter seemed narrower and the sink smaller, but it was adequate. As on other ships, very limited storage space in the bathroom. It also has the same basic curved shower stall, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is a little bigger - not by much, but a little bigger. That may not mean much to some, but for a "fluffy" guy like me, every little bit makes a difference! On Freedom if I dropped the soap I had to open the shower door to bend down and pick it up, not so on Oasis, so it is definitely a little roomier. (And the ladies may be happy to learn that there is a foot bar towards the bottom where you can rest a foot, presumably that will make it easier to shave the legs - like I know anything about shaving legs! My only disappointment is that the shower head, while basically the same style as on Freedom or Voyager class, no longer slides up/down on a pole, it is at a fixed height. But, still very adequate, and the hot water definitely gets hot. The cabin itself has the same basic layout, it seems to be slightly longer but also narrower than Freedom or Voyager class balcony cabins. A carry-on size bag on wheels barely, and I do mean barely, could be pulled through between the foot of the bed and the wall. The closets definitely seem smaller, so for all those who like to take lots and lots of clothes (pointing at myself for one, took over 20 shirts on Freedom at the end of October!), be forewarned, there is not as much closet space here! The closet doors slide open, rather than bi-fold out into the cabin, so I found that to be nice. But, the closet doesn't seem to be as deep so there is definitely less storage space there. There is also less drawer space in the vanity area where the desk, TV and such is located. On Freedom/Voyager class you had drawers on either side of the desk, here there is only 1 set of 3 drawers. I was shocked to find that electrical outlets are nowhere to be seen on the desk area. But, after some searching, we finally found them hidden under the desk, which I felt was very inconvenient. You had to crawl up under the desk to be able to see what you're doing to plug something into an outlet. Bad design choice in my opinion. But, at least there are outlets that are functional, just a little inconvenient. Our balcony was nice sized, seemed comparable in size to the one we had on Freedom 2 weeks before, but a little narrower since the cabin itself is narrower. Was pleased to see 2 comfortable chairs and an actual patio table on the balcony - not a cocktail table, a regular height table you could actually eat at if you ordered room service and wanted to eat on the balcony. Kudos on the balcony table! When we boarded they handed out a booklet on the features of the ship, and it was a "walking tour" type booklet. First was to make your way up to the Solarium on deck 16, forward. So off we went. The Solarium is on 2 levels and very nice! Lots of open space here, a bar and a bistro cafe as well. They had these large "cabana" type covered chairs, very cool. We next made our way to the open deck where we could look down onto the pool deck. Plenty of deck chairs on 2 levels. However, space seemed cramped. There aren't wide walking paths like on Freedom/Voyager class, so it seemed a little cramped, but still comfortable. On 16, mid-ship, there is the Mast Bar on Port side, and the Sky Bar on the starboard side. Windjammer is on 16 more aft, and behind the Windjammer are the basketball courts, mini-golf, flow riders, and the zip line. The zip line just crosses the Boardwalk area, so it's a very short ride. While there we stopped in the Windjammer for some lunch. Very nice, but it is definitely laid out differently than we're used to seeing on the Freedom/Voyager class ships. Honestly, it felt rather cramped, not as much open space or seating area. However, there are many dining alternatives on board so hopefully it won't be an issue. The food was good, basically the same type of food as we've had in Windjammer on any other RCCL ship. The Viking Crown Lounge is on deck 17 directly above the Windjammer. It looked nice, but didn't seem to have that intimate feeling as in the Viking on other ships. It also was not quite finished, men were still busy doing tile work and touchups in a couple different areas there. The main pools are on deck 15 - I lost count of how many pools there are! One has a "beach" area where you can sit in lounge chairs in the water. The adult pool areas and kiddie pool areas are on opposite sides of the ship. Those without children may appreciate that more than those with children. On deck 15, mid-ship, is the Sand Bar and Pool Bar. More aft is the teen's area, Living Room, Challengers arcade, Fuel disco, etc., and behind that is the sports courts and Dunes golf. We went down a deck or two so we could see a Crown Loft Suite and a Royal Loft Suite. Both are very nice! The Royal suite is HUGE! Very large, wrap-around balcony with a hot tub. Master bedroom upstairs is very nice, large projection screen TV. Master bath is very large, I think I counted a dozen of us in there at the same time and there was still room for more. Words of caution ... don't shower in the master bath of the Royal Suite while in port! There are windows floor to (almost) ceiling, overlooking the aft end of the ship. If at sea, no big deal, but if in port you'll be giving a free show! Work was not quite finished in some areas, and the Royal Suite was one of them. I opened the door to the downstairs bath and there were 2 men installing tile and fixtures. On deck 10 (and 9) is Dazzles, a 2-level dance bar, and very nice! Dazzles has very large windows that overlooks the Boardwalk so it has a great view. Central Park is on deck 8, very lush. There you will find Chops Grille, Giovanni's Table, Park Cafe, Vintages, and more! My only complaint is that it seemed cramped. The sidewalks are narrow and this could limit the amount of traffic that could walk through at the same time. Deck 6, more forward, is the upper level of the Royal Promenade, and here you'll find the Diamond club (but we didn't get a chance to go in), the Schooner Bar, Focus (the photo gallery - where it appears all pictures will be in binders for viewing), and the Loyalty Ambassador/Future Cruise booking office. Note on the pictures ... I can see this area getting very crowded with people wanting to find/purchase their photos. This makes the option of using your Sea Pass when photographers snap your pic even more important - that way you can go to Focus, put in your Sea Pass card and pull up all the photos associated with your cabin and have them printed. Deck 6 aft is the Boardwalk, with the Carousel, donut shop, Seafood Shack, Johnny Rockets and the Aqua Theatre. Very nice area with lots to do for kids and adults alike. We got to see some exhibition diving in the Aqua Theatre pool at one point during the day, it was cool. I heard there was a synchronized swimming performance, but we didn't catch that. Deck 5 is the main Royal Promenade - very nice and spacious. The layout is definitely different from the Freedom/Voyager class. Bolleros is on the Royal Promenade, as is the On-Air karaoke bar. Schooner bar is on the 2nd level of the promenade. Champagne bar, also on promenade, seems rather understated as compared to other ships, but is still nice. The Rising Tide bar is cool and we did ride it up and down once, but there were some hiccups with it ... when we first boarded the ship and watched it go up it made all sorts of unnatural noises of metal scraping against metal. A couple hours later and they had that resolved and no more worried looks on people's faces from the noise! LOL The Cupcake Cupboard was a popular spot on the Promenade, but we never got a chance to do a taste-test for ourselves. Cafe Promenade and Guest Services are large areas and seem to work/flow well with the volume of traffic. The Opus dining room spans decks 3-5 (aft) and is very elegant. However, it is not as open and airy as the dining rooms on the Freedom/Voyager class ships. It felt a little cramped as compared, but still very elegant. The Opal Theatre is on the same decks 3-5 (forward) - we never got a chance to go in, but I'm sure it's nice. Deck 4 is the "Entertainment Place" - lots of cool places. There are several clubs (Blaze, Comedy Live, Jazz on 4 club, etc.), and Studio B is mid-ship on this deck. On the Freedom/Voyager class ships, at Studio B you can't get from one end to the other, have to go up a deck to get past it, not on Oasis. A large hall on either side of Studio B to go around it, and that is entrance to Casino Royale. Casino Royale is easily twice, if not 3 times, as big as on the Freedom/voyager class ships. Plenty of room for lots of people in Casino Royale! After our tour we had to sit and rest for a bit, so we went to Bolleros on the Promenade for a cocktail. On Thursday night Rhianna was to perform at 6pm, and the ship was scheduled to depart at 7pm. Well, not sure what happened, but I guess Rhianna did not perform until closer to 7pm, so our departure was delayed. We went to dinner around 8pm. We had the shrimp cocktail and escargot for appetizers, and for entrEe we had the filet of beef with asparagus and mashed potatoes, it was excellent! I had the strawberry cheesecake for dessert ... and a piece of coconut layer cake, but it was sugar free so it doesn't count! LOL The service in the dining room was impeccable, the wait staff very attentive and prompt. After dinner we still had not left port yet, so we met up with some folks in Bolleros, visited with them and enjoyed cocktails. Around 11:00pm I looked at one of the gals and said I think we're moving. She stopped for a second and said, "Nah, I'm very sensitive about these things, we're not moving yet." I needed to run back to the cabin for another no-doze (so I could stay up later), poked my head out the balcony door, and sure enough ... Ft. Lauderdale was in the distance, we were at sea! We never felt a thing as the ship moved along! All I had felt earlier was a slight vibration that made me think we could be moving, and we were! After meeting back up with Rick and the others in Bolleros we decided to hit the Casino since it was now open. We tried our luck at a couple slot machines, but, no big winners here. Oh, well. We finally headed to bed around 2am. Friday morning we got up at 6am since everyone was supposed to be in certain areas of the ship by 7am for the live broadcast of Good Morning America (GMA). But, we had "motivational issues" and didn't get out of the cabin until after 7:30am. Unfortunately, they closed all the dining options from 7am to 9am due to the GMA broadcast, they wanted us all to be out and about. We hung out at the Mast Bar up on deck 16 for a while, then went in to the Windjammer to wait for them to start serving breakfast again. If you watched GMA and caught the gal doing the zip line, we were standing at the window in the Windjammer directly above where she landed! The Windjammer started serving again around 8:45am so we had a good breakfast, after which we headed back to our cabin to get our things together to disembark. We arrived back in Ft. Lauderdale around 10:30-11am, and they started disembarking at about noon. We can't wait to sail on Oasis when we have a full week to explore and enjoy the ship! Being on board barely 24 hours was just a tease for us, but I'm very glad we had this opportunity. My overall impression is that Oasis is phenomenal and amazing ship with lots to see and do. Based on my 24-hour experience, I'm thinking that I might prefer the Freedom or Voyager class ships, but I'll reserve final judgment until we get the chance to actually spend a week on Oasis in October, 2010! Read Less
Sail Date November 2009
Oasis of the Seas Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.4
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness Recreation 3.0 4.3
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursion 3.0 3.8
Enrichment 1.0 3.9
Service 4.0 4.4
Value For Money 3.0 3.9
Rates 5.0 3.8

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