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I thoroughly enjoyed my cruise through the western Caribbean on the Oasis of the Seas. Wow...what a ship! The stateroom was spacious, the staff in both the cabin areas and the dining room was over the top in terms of attentiveness and ... Read More
I thoroughly enjoyed my cruise through the western Caribbean on the Oasis of the Seas. Wow...what a ship! The stateroom was spacious, the staff in both the cabin areas and the dining room was over the top in terms of attentiveness and professionalism. I went out of my way to request the same waiter each evening...he treated me like royalty. The services / activities on the ship exceeded my expectations...so much to choose from...and each so well executed. I chose RCI because of the curiosity with the 'new' ship and RCI's reputation for delivering top notch entertainment. Oasis of the Seas delivered on both fronts...big time! Hairspray was a delight...the Ice and Diving shows were remarkable and the host of the Comedy show was totally (and appropriately) irreverent. The only suggestion for improvement that I might offer is in regard to "Amy, the Cruise Director". For some reason she came across as impersonal and 'fake'....and proved it in a big way as she introduced the headliner act on Wednesday evening (which, by the way was top-notch ....an enjoyable evening of Frankie Valee music). Sitting in the front row of the auditorium was an elderly couple that had participated in the 'Love and Marriage' game the prior evening. Anyone with even sub-par emcee skills would have recalled that the elderly couple had made a big deal that it was the eve of their 60th wedding anniversary...yet when Amy spotted them in the front row of the audience the next evening (i.e., the day of their anniversary), there was absolutely no warm congratulatory wishes on her part....rather, she made a crude reference to the wife's bra size that had also been a subject during the L&M show. Clearly Amy has an edge that peeked through on occasion throughout the week...and seems misplaced as the Cruise Director for the gem of the RCI line. Just saying...... I would highly recommend the Oasis of the Seas to any and everyone! I plan to be a repeat customer. Read Less
Sail Date February 2013
We typically do the all inclusive thing so weren't even sure about doing a cruise. However, after talking to some people I work with and our travel agent, as well as doing on-line research, we thought we would start at the top as far ... Read More
We typically do the all inclusive thing so weren't even sure about doing a cruise. However, after talking to some people I work with and our travel agent, as well as doing on-line research, we thought we would start at the top as far as ship size was concerned. This ship is an engineering and design/layout marvel ! Walking thru the royal promenade, it feels like you are walking thru a mall and not sailing on a ship. The embarkation was easy enough, from curbside to the waiting area was no more than about 15 or 20 minutes. Once on board, we ventured up top to take a few photos and get our bearings and marvel at the size of the Oasis compared to the other ships in port. Our cabin attendant (Anthony) met us once we checked in to our cabin and helped out right away with some laundry needs (had to have my shirt pressed for our Chefs table dinner that night). He got that done on short notice, much appreciated ! Our cabin was a stateroom with a large balcony, which we probably didn't need, regular balcony would have sufficed. Cabin space was fine, had room for all our belongings, I also brought along a powerbar to plug into the wall receptacle(hard to get at !) which made it a little easier to plug in our electrical devices/phones etc. Only minor complaint would be having cigarette smoke waft into our cabin occasionally, so we couldn't open the sliding door. We went on 3 excursions: the Blue lagoon beach break on Nassau, it was alright, maybe a little over priced but it felt good to lay on a beach lounger in the sun !Next stop was St. Thomas for some shopping in the diamond district. Found Charlotte Amalie kind of noisy and overrun with horn honking cabs but the wife found her jewelery so all was not lost lol ! Last port was St. Maarten for a catamaran/snorkeling excursion. Great time, fun crew and lots of laughs with some people we met from Florida. We ate at four speciality dining restaurants, first night was the Chefs table 5 course wine paired/ tasting menu. Absolutely worth the extra money. Delicious meal presented by the wine sommelier. The chef would also come out to explain how each course was prepared . We sat with some great folks from Florida and had a wonderful opening evening. Next was Giovannis, very good server and excellent meal. We did 150 Central Park which I found kind of pretentious, only memorable part was the 5 salt sampler dish you could sprinkle on the bread. Last night on board we did Chops steakhouse,highly recommended, the whole meal was superb, the filet I had was cooked perfectly and very tender. Spent three other nights at the main dining room, food was decent enough, server was very engaging and funny, with the desserts being the best part of the meal, Imho. In an effort to eat "relatively" healthy, we had breakfast and lunch at the Solarium each day. Lots of healthy choices and fresh fruits/salads available. As far as entertainment, the shows were very well done, the Aqua live theater is a fantastic venue at the back of the ship, the show itself was spectacular. Hairsray was one of my wifes favorites. Comedy club had two good comedians so there are no complaints with the entertainment. On sea days the pool area was a bit crowded, everyone vying for a lounger in the sun, but we always found room. Lots of servers around to bring drinks. In a nutshell, we were impressed with size, grandeur and layout of the Oasis. The service was excellent, there is so much to do, we were sad to leave. A great introduction into cruising. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
On this cruise, we were a group of 16 people. Our staterooms were Junior Suites, Outside Staterooms with Balconies, a Disabled Junior Suite, and a Crown Loft Suite. The ship is simply beautiful. The cabins were all lovely. There is ... Read More
On this cruise, we were a group of 16 people. Our staterooms were Junior Suites, Outside Staterooms with Balconies, a Disabled Junior Suite, and a Crown Loft Suite. The ship is simply beautiful. The cabins were all lovely. There is a very large variety of different dining options. Large Group Travelling: Royal Caribbean's reservation system is quite simply a mess from a large group reservation perspective. We had 8 staterooms, and each one was treated as a completely separate reservation. Booking shore excursions, spa treatments, and restaurants was nearly impossible through the website. Contacting Royal Caribbean was no help. They told my travel agent that she was not to help us with those things, and that we were supposed to get more excited by booking them ourselves. Most restaurants are unable to accommodate large groups, so it was frequently necessary to break us up into multiple, small tables. If we needed to change a dining reservation, we had to specify exactly which of the 16 people was now not coming. Getting a dinner reservation at Giovanni's (the Italian restaurant) proved to be impossible, despite numerous tries. Dining Room Service: Overall very slow. I had one evening where it took over 20 minutes from the time I arrived in the dining room until I received the Soda I had ordered- 3 times, from 3 different waiters who came by the table. It was not unusual for a meal to last 2-2.5 hours- far longer than I would anticipate, given the number of courses involved. Also, many of the restaurants do not have kid menus, and NONE of them had a kid cup, instead putting the kids' drinks in glass glasses. We experienced multiple spills as the 5 year olds in the group tried to deal with the glasses. Service at time seemed "forced", and they were only stumping for high marks on the bingo cards, rather than focusing on actually providing the best service. Individual restaurants: Chef's table- A highlight of our trip. We had a great time. Our server, Insham, is fantastic. They bent over backwards to accommodate us. 150 Central Park- Lovely dinner. Multiple tables required here. Chops- Fantastic Steaks, and possibly the best dessert of the entire cruise. Solarium Bistro- Good meals, and some interesting low-calorie options. Multiple Tables Required Izumi- The Japanese restaurant. Great Sushi. Multiple Tables Required. Giovanni's table- We only got into this one for lunches. Good food. Generally ample portion sizes. Shrimp was fantastic, but tiny portion size (2 shrimp) Seafood shack- Good lunch choice. My husband ordered the fillet of sole, and they filleted it at the table, after it had been cooked. Quite the fascinating show! Stateroom service: Some of our stateroom stewards were absolutely fantastic. (Mine was one of the awesome ones) Others not so much. I don't know if it's a seniority issue, or luck of the draw, but it seemed that some of them were far more attentive than others. Loft Suite (My brother stayed in 1730): Nice Size. Beautiful Suite. Overlooks the zip line directly, and the back of the ship, so it is not a serene view. He had access to a concierge on the 11th floor, and was disappointed at the lack of service in general. Quite simply, it was just a very expensive stateroom, with little additional service. Spa: Manicure and Pedicure were a universal disappointment, and not worth the price paid. Facial was just "ok", compared to others I've received at other spas. The massages were universally wonderful. The finish level in the salon portion of the spa is a disappointment, especially compared to other ships. It was quite simply, bland- beige tiled floors, and beige walls. No view, no pretty pictures, no interesting details, and plastic carts holding the salon essentials. Fitness Center: Well stocked with machines, and well maintained. My tall husband appreciated that he was able to use the elliptical trainer without bumping his head (which has been a problem on other ships) Embarkation, and Departure: Were lacking. Fortunately, we did not encounter long lines, but it was quite the process to get checked in and took nearly an hour for me to get everyone checked in. In addition, I had given them a credit card for my brother's stateroom (and we had pre-entered it prior to the date), and they still asked him for a credit card. So, I had to go to customer service to fix it. Departure- experienced technical issues with the equipment, leading to long delays in getting off the ship. The entire procedure seemed to be very poorly organized, especially in light of our recent cruise on Disney. Recommendation: Royal Caribbean needs to work on all aspects. The porters were brusque, bordering on rude. The cops out front were a pain, and unfriendly. This contributed very negatively to my experience overall. Kids Clubs: My 5 year old was delighted. The other kids rated the kid clubs a B-, 5/10, and C+, respectively. They were, in a word, disappointed. They were not impressed with the kid clubs, and were quite disappointed with the engagement level of the counselors, the activities offered, and more. Also, my 11 year old observed that the counselors had poor control over the kids, and the age ranges that they specify are too wide (3 years per group, so 9, 10, and 11 year olds in one group, for instance). My 11 year old who will turn 12 in a couple of weeks did not appreciate being grouped in with the fourth graders, as she is in 6th grade, and "above" it. This surprised me given how "kid friendly" the ship is. Shore Excursions: Mixed reviews. Choose carefully. I felt poorly prepared for two of mine- too much time in the sun, and not enough warning that lunch would be extremely delayed. The first experience was the Jamaica Swamp tour - lots of great animals, but I felt captive towards the end of the tour. The kids were hot, thirsty, and there was no way to buy a drink. The Mayan Mystery tour was great, except that there were no snacks or lunch until 4:00 PM. We were starving. My father did the private tour by car in Cozumel with his caregiver, and their assessment was that it was a rip-off. My brother swam with the dolphins, the kids did the zip line/river tubing tour, the extreme sports tour, and those all went well. Size of the ship- The ship generally seemed more intimate than its size would indicate. I did hear the staff members commenting a few times that there were 6000+ people onboard, so we needed to be patient. In my opinion, that is an operations management failure on the part of the cruise line. They need to get over the "size" issue, and work on figuring out the operations kinks. Elevators: There were ample elevators on this ship, and I experienced overall less time waiting for them than I had on other ships. Bonus points for having two very large double banks of elevators. Overall- My father had a blast. My family had an Okay time. Not sure that we'll bother to cruise on Royal Caribbean again, after this experience. Read Less
Sail Date December 2012
We had this cruise planned a year in advance. I am a planner, so I did as much research as I could and I think it helped a lot to know the different opinions before getting on Oasis. As first time cruisers, we really had no idea on most ... Read More
We had this cruise planned a year in advance. I am a planner, so I did as much research as I could and I think it helped a lot to know the different opinions before getting on Oasis. As first time cruisers, we really had no idea on most of the stuff others would know from cruising before. We booked our cruise thru a travel agency which did nothing for us. Not sure if this is how everyone books cruises, but knowing we were first time cruisers, she took our money and never made any effort to talk to us again. She will not get our repeat business. At the airport, we had set up a transfer with RC thru our travel agent. I don't think we would do this again. We ended up having to push, pull and drag all of our luggage several terminals down to catch the bus they wanted us to board. The driver of the bus was a very disgruntled employee who insulted other employees and said he was quitting, as well as had several comments about other drivers (he was a scary driver himself). We chuckled about it, but it still left a negative impression. Boarding the ship was as easy as everyone has stated. We got on and went to our room to check out the view and leave our carryons. Room was small, I didn't find much space for clothing. Bathroom was ok, shower ok....no big complaints overall. We had lunch at Park Cafe. Pretty warm in the sun, but we managed. We walked around some and then headed back to the room to see if our luggage caught up with us. We found our luggage sitting with a few other suitcases in a room, so we just took them to the room ourselves. We unpacked and then headed to the muster drill. As a first time cruiser, I didn't know the Sea pass card always needed to be with me. Oops. We ate dinner in the main dining room every night. The food was ok. I do not eat fish, so the choices for me were sometimes a challenge. Mostly impressed with the dessert presentation. The service staff was wonderful and very personable. We ate breakfast at Johny Rockets, the dining room, the solarium, room service and the marketplace. I think the breakfast was best in the main dining room and Johny Rockets. Getting a freshly made omlet in both places, was great. The solarium is good if you want to eat healthy. Lunch in the main dining room was the best. They have a salad bar and several different dishes (warm). Saw the captain at lunch here, only time we saw him other than on the tv. Marketplace was ok, I didn't think selection was that great at breakfast or lunch. The pizza place was just ok. Cupcakes were stale. Donuts were not thrilling. Free yogurt was nice on a hot day. We spent less on alcohol than we expected. We bought a wine package, and honestly that could have been enough. We did a few other drinks and a few beers. Love the drink of the day, and the cabana boys walking around selling them. We only had one day at the pool, thanks to Sandy. Pools and hot tubs are nice. Plenty of chairs! We did a few shows. I am not a big entertainment person. I like the sunshine and relaxing. Comedy show was very good. Come Fly With Me was also. We attended Holy's shopping seminar and got a free coupon booklet for the ports. This is a good idea if you plan to shop for jewelry. We only stayed at Nassau for 2 hours. Really is a dump. Nothing was open (Sunday) at 7am when we docked. The people who live there are very aggressive and it just wasn't relaxing. Most people stayed on the ship if that tells you anything. St Thomas was great. Took an excursion on Bones. Highly recommend this, the people were so friendly. St Maarten we did our shopping. Could of used more time in the ports. The last two days it rained and was so windy. Tried to get sun on Friday, and it was funny seeing all the deck chairs flying around. Worse night was Friday, we had closet door slamming around, hangers banging, etc. I wish the end of the cruise would have been different. Overall, I am ready to cruise again! I will go to better ports next time, and try a smaller ship. I hear from most they like smaller better. We never were bored on Oasis, I did find many of the people around us were very rude. They don't like waiting in lines, so they cut. Lines and waiting are a huge part of this ship! Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
I chose the Oasis of the Seas for my first ever cruise. I was looking for a variety of things to do on the ship, since we stopped at only 3 ports. The Oasis didn't disappoint with plenty of things to do on board. However, two of the ... Read More
I chose the Oasis of the Seas for my first ever cruise. I was looking for a variety of things to do on the ship, since we stopped at only 3 ports. The Oasis didn't disappoint with plenty of things to do on board. However, two of the three destinations, Nassau and St. Thomas, were not to my liking. We chose beach day at the Atlantis. The Atlantis itself was beautiful, but since we only signed up for the beach, everything had extra fees and it was Sunday so the food venues opened later and we only had a partial day at Nassau. We chose the 'St. John on your own' excursion from St. Thomas and after a nice ferry ride, they dumped us off in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. We ran into several others who felt this was a complete waste of time too. St. Maarten was very nice, as we had a wonderful island tour and several interesting stops. The ship was amazing. The size was astounding. We dwarfed the other ships at ports. The Cruise Compass was loaded with things to do so you would never be bored. They had a nice casino. The pool areas were mobbed on sea days. Too much smoke. Could always find a lounge chair, though not where you'd necessarily like to be. Spa was very nice (had a facial). The service on the ship was excellent. Food in the main dining room was fair. Chops and Giovannis were very good. Park Cafe was very good too. Windjammer was not to my liking, to put it nicely. Pizza at Sorrentos was okay. I frequented Starbucks a lot. Comedy club was very enjoyable. The captain gave a fun talk on the last day. Wanted to do the ship's tour, but it was $150.00 per person. Lots of things going on in the Royal Promenade and people watching was fantastic! All in all, a very enjoyable week. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
When we arrived at the RC docks there it was - it was so big, we had seen many pictures but you just don't realize unless you stand near it. We were very pleased with our Outside Stateroom located on Deck 12 almost to the Back of the ... Read More
When we arrived at the RC docks there it was - it was so big, we had seen many pictures but you just don't realize unless you stand near it. We were very pleased with our Outside Stateroom located on Deck 12 almost to the Back of the ship, very quite, even thou there was 2000 Kids aboard. There is several areas on the ship that are public and you need to find these out, one was at the end of our hall, on deck 12 - excellent view of the Water Show - very private. If I had the choice again we would not have purchased the Gratuities in advance - we gave our Room Stewart $50 extra our Dining Staff $50 & $40 respectively. You also have to select your Dining Time not MyTime Dining. I purchased the Soda Package - it was horrible - the pop is not the same (Syrup) as a Can - very bad taste - went on second cruise (Freedom) next week same Package could not stand it - better off just to buy the cans when you wanted it. Contacted Royal when we got home and they issued a Ship Credit for both ships. Read Less
Sail Date August 2012
I hope this review is useful to those who have never cruised before, and who are considering a first time cruise on Oasis. A little background on us: we've (my husband and I) traveled all over Mexico and the Caribbean, and in the ... Read More
I hope this review is useful to those who have never cruised before, and who are considering a first time cruise on Oasis. A little background on us: we've (my husband and I) traveled all over Mexico and the Caribbean, and in the last five years we've stayed mostly at all-inclusive resorts, generally adult-only ones in Mexico. So this review will naturally be a comparison of our cruising experiencing compared to a resort vacation. Sorry, can't help it! We are in our late 40's/early 50's and traveled with my sister and her teen daughter. We were all first time cruisers, except for my sister, who had cruised on Carnival back in the early 90's. We originally were going to take a short Carnival cruise to see if we had sea legs. That short, inexpensive cruise morphed into Oasis of the Seas. In addition to simply enjoying a cruise experience, it was a dress rehearsal to see if we had sea legs for a possible Mediterranean cruise next summer. We discovered we had sea legs, but... we won't be taking that cruise. For various reasons. So, if you have never cruised before, will you enjoy Oasis of the Seas? Everyone is so different. Within our group of 4 cruisers, the breakdown was: Me: Probably never cruise again but never say never Husband: Heck no, never, ever, ever again, EVER Sister: Yes, I might like to go on the Allure, the eastern itinerary Niece: I love it so much I want to WORK on the Oasis So here are some tips for Oasis, based on my summer experience, on a capacity sailing: 1. MAKE ADVANCE RESERVATIONS Even if you choose My Time Dining, make reservations for each night. Make reservations for all shows. Otherwise, be prepared to stand in line. When making show reservations online through the RCL website, you must allow 2 hours for dinner in the MDR in order to make a show reservation; anything less than that will not allow the reservation to go through. 2. BE PREPARED FOR SMALL CABINS I have said I really liked my cabin. I like cozy spaces. If you are not a fan of small spaces and can swing the cost, get a suite. They look amazing! Otherwise, get a cabin with a balcony so that your cabin feels a bit bigger. Either an interior or oceanview balcony, depending on how you handle looking at a moving motion. Be aware that the shower is very small in a regular cabin. This might seem like a no brainer to those who have cruised, but until I actually saw my cabin, I was still rationalizing that it would somehow, miraculously be the size of hotel room. 3. RCL EXCURSIONS ARE EXPENSIVE Do some research and branch out on your own. You'll save some money and get away from the herd. Don't worry that you will miss the ship if you go off on your own. These ports of call are all used to cruisers - they know how to get you back to the ship, on time. Just pay attention to any local time differences versus ship time. 4. KEEP TABS ON YOUR TAB You can check how much you have spent using the interactive interface on your TV. Things can add up quickly, and mistakes do happen. Be prepared to be nickled and dimed 24/7. "Would you like coffee, tea, cappuccino?" Be aware the coffee and tea are included. We had breakfast with a family from Colombia who had no idea that the cappuccinos they were enjoying at breakfast were not included. Freshly squeezed OJ is extra - we stuck with the Tang-like juice in the Windjammer and it was fine - and included. "Free" is not "free." The wine at the wine tasting, the free Botox seminar - you name it - are sales pitches. Photographers are everywhere like annoying insects. Caveat emptor. The upsell is everywhere. Even down to selling you water as you disembark in Haiti - where there is no potable water. 5. JOIN IN THE ACTIVITIES My 17 year old niece had the best time of all of us. She joined in the activities. The belly flop contest, scavenger hunt, mini golf, trivia - if you like that stuff, you'll never be bored. 6. BE PREPARED FOR LOTS OF PEOPLE AND NOISE I know this sounds, again, like a no-brainer, but when Oasis is full there are close to 8,000 souls on board. Distances are great, but for an able-bodied person, not prohibitive. Be prepared to wait for elevators - or take the stairs. As noted, the Windjammer at times is overwhelmed with people, noise, announcements. There are few places to go to get away from the crowds or the noise. Although the Boardwalk area seemed weirdly empty a lot, the creepy carousel music freaked me out after a while. As I have said in earlier posts, the pool deck was Hades for me. I had a hard time finding a quiet place during the day on Oasis where I could sit outside. I'm sure they exist somewhere. Although Guest Services was not able to tell me of any when I practically begged them to help me find a quiet place. Central Park is quiet (except for noise trickling down from the pool deck), but during the day I didn't relish sitting on a park bench for hours at a time. RCL does an amazing job moving people on and off the ship. I was amazed! The only instance of mob mentality I experienced on Oasis was during a "sale" of RCL stuff in the Promenade that I ran into while going for a cupcake. People went nuts (think: door openings on Black Friday, you've seen the footage, well not that bad but...) people went crazy for t-shirts. Hint: after the "sale" is over, the merchandise is still at its sale price. No need to join the mob! On embarcation day the Promenade was as crowded as a mall at Christmas, but that was to be expected. Our cruise was at capacity. 7. WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU ON CRUISE CRITIC IS OPINION I include myself in this. Formal night is a great example. The night the ship comedian called "The GED Prom." Not my words, and not many people laughed when he said it. Lots of people are dressed in the MDR for formal night. I say dressed because I had read on these forums that everyone dresses up, there are lots of tuxs, etc... Not true in my experience. The couple sitting next to us in the MDR on formal night were, er, very casual. The man had on tropical shorts and a sleeveless shirt. I am no fashion police, but I thought those weren't allowed in the MDR at all? So... if you don't want to dress formally, don't. It is not enforced. The way I had read it on here was that it was required in the MDR. Maybe from prom goers who want it to be required, but it sure isn't. It is someone's opinion. As is this review. 8. DON'T EXPECT A MEANINGFUL CULTURAL EXPERIENCE You will be funneled through duty free shops and RCL-owned port shops that sell tourist trinkets. Everyone speaks English. You can use dollars. All of this is fine, but don't expect to really get to know Mexico from the shops that sell vanilla and giant hats. The ports are benign, sanitized, Disney-like experiences that have no basis in reality. My cruise was like a benign trip through EPCOT vis a vis an international experience. The most multicultural experiences are found on ship, talking to the staff who hale from all over the globe. Or talking to people from other countries - there are lots of them! The best food for me on the Oasis was the ethnic food in the Windjammer. 9. EXPLORE THE SHIP Take a walk on the jogging track. Explore the different areas. This ship is an amazing feat of engineering. They charge a bundle for a tour (really?) but people who took the tour say it is worth it. 10. COME BACK TO CRUISE CRITIC AND TELL YOUR EXPERIENCE Before my trip, I ate up all reviews and forum threads about Oasis. Advance information is really helpful about this ship! In summary, - My niece had a great time because she likes an activity-filled vacation. She's 17. It makes sense. - My husband resented having to have everything planned, and on a time table. He is more laid back and spontaneous. - My sister loved being able to bop into the casino and then go to a "shopping talk" to get her "free coupon book." - I liked the shows, the ship itself, and the fact that we went to three places. I think someone who doesn't mind planning (I remember reading on Cruise Critic to bring a highlighter to mark all the activities you want so you don't miss any), reservations, lots of people, and mall-at-Christmas atmosphere, who thrives on lots of people and high energy will have a wonderful time. Those who are seeking a relaxing, laid back, low key vacation should maybe look elsewhere. There were times I felt trapped. Trapped on a ship in the middle of the ocean with a lot of people. It was like being in a giant (very clean!) amusement park, on a hot summer's day. One thing I do want to say: the ship's crew are amazing. If you have a special occasion, let them know. We were celebrating my niece's 17 birthday and my 25th wedding anniversary. This information was in our reservations. They remembered my niece's birthday, and sang "Happy Birthday" in the MDR. They got her name wrong, but so what? They also gave her a 5 minute ship to shore phone call so she could call her dad. It was really nice. They forgot our anniversary. My sister went to guest services to tell them (we didn't know) and the next day we had a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting in our cabin. A very nice, amazing gesture. All in all, this cruise showed us that we will not be happy taking a Med cruise next summer - we want a bit more depth in our Europe trip so we'll be doing a land based trip with only a couple of destinations. Thank you for reading this long report. I also thank those readers who understand I am not trying to be "mean" and diss RCL or the Oasis. I am not telling you you have an ugly baby. Cruising turned out to not be my cup of tea. But I am not dissing those who love it - or why they love it. I hope you enjoy your cruises, and I hope this report is useful to people who have never cruised and who are considering the Oasis. Happy travels, however you choose to go! Below is more information on some topics that might be of interest to first time cruisers: SEA LEGS AND SEA SICKNESS This might be too much information, but I hope it will help someone who hasn't cruised but it worried about being seasick. Four of us cruised. Three of us get motion sick. Badly. My sister and I have positional vertigo. My husband just gets motion sick, even in a car as passenger; he can't sit in the back seat. My niece is 17 and never gets motion sick. My sister and I went back to the doctor for the "head shaking" treatment for vertigo prior to the cruise. I only needed one treatment. My sister needed four. We had in our arsenal: Dramamine, Bonine, ginger pills, sea bands, Scoplomine patch, and some chemotherapy anti-nausea meds. When the ship started moving my sister was terrified. Anyone who has vertigo or has been badly seasick will understand the terror. I was fine, as were my husband and niece. The first night at dinner, I could feel that I was sitting backwards and the ship was moving forwards. I could feel the motion but it didn't bother me. My niece who never gets motion sick felt it, and took a Bonine. It took care of the nausea. Two days in my sister was not feeling great so she put on a patch. Which she kept on until we were in Cozumel and I looked at her and one had almost no pupil and the other was ALL pupil. She freaked out a bit and I made her take the patch off immediately. The whole week I felt the motion. Sometimes I be walking down a hallway and I'd sway side to side. I took ginger pills I bought on Amazon - so did my husband. They worked like a charm. I never felt sick until I got off the ship in Haiti. Then I felt somewhat nauseated. In Jamaica, I felt downright gross, but that was right before I was getting back on the ship. I drank a full-sugared Coke and took a Bonine and felt fine. When we disembarked in Fort Lauderdale, I was dizzy, rocking and nauseated. Badly. Which was made worse then the taxi driver accidentally closed the taxi trunk door on my head. I remained dizzy and rocking for about 5 days. I popped a lot of Bonine. Seriously. I was not sick ON the ship, only OFF. Seas were calm the entire trip, by the way. The captain said he never needed to use the stabilizers. Ithink the rocking was excellent for sleep - I slept like a baby on the ship. FOOD I thought the food was similar to what you would find at a mainstream buffet restaurant - like Golden Corral or Hometown Buffet and its ilk. It was always hot when it needed to be hot and cold when it needed to be cold. There certainly is enough of it. Staff makes fun of how much people eat. Even the Cruise Director made a snarky comment one night as she introduced a show. There are two statues poolside of rotund bathers, almost as if RCL itself recognizes that food and is abundance is part of the cruising appeal. Food is everywhere. There is pizza, brownies, sandwiches - you name it. I thought the soups in the Windjammer were very good. As are the ethnic foods, Indonesian and Thai. Not as successful were things like toast - it tasted like it was toasted the night before. We had one meal at Chops Grill and it was excellent. Similar to a Ruth's Chris. The MDR had many of the same offerings as the Windjammer each night. The service in the MDR and WJ was excellent. Breakfast in the Windjammer was one of the least enjoyable dining experiences -- ever. They play announcements over and over asking you to eat -- and get out. Nicely. People hover over your table like vultures waiting for you to vacate the table. The up side: we met a really nice family from Colombia because we had to share a table. For those of you who are wondering what type of drinks are included: water, flavored waters (lemon, etc), iced tea, coffee, and tea Someone on CC called Park Cafe and its adherents The Cult of The Roast Beef Sandwich. Based on everyone raving about The Sandwich and the salads, we went to Park Cafe for our first meal on Oasis. The Sandwich was grisly, chewy and generally icky. The salad was a bunch of romaine lettuce tossed with some fairly pedestrian mix ins. After that lunch, I returned for pastries one day and those were very good. Breakfast at Johnny Rockets is fine if you like fried foods. CABIN We had a mid ship Central Park cabin, deck 11, 11617. I think we made the right choice with this cabin, and we chose it because we were afraid of being seasick looking at the ocean while moving. Good move on our part: looking at the ocean was a bit disorienting, and looking at Central Park helped us tremendously. Plus at night, the Park is the prettiest venue on the ship. Our cabin was small, but cozy, clean, and very well appointed. Our bed was near the closet: my sister's cabin 11615 had the bed near the balcony. Lots of closet space, and a small safe that would fit an iPad but not anything more than a notebook. I am a fairly thin, normal woman, and the shower was very narrow. I expected that so no worries. But it is really small, if you haven't ever been on a cruise ship. One downfall of our location is the noise during the day. If you are seeking peace and quiet on your balcony, forget it. The pool deck is 4 decks above you if you are on Deck 11 and it is noisy during the day. Very noisy. Announcements, a calypso band, kids yelling, games. This was the thing I disliked the most about the cruise: the pool deck (more on that later). I loved the balcony in the early AM and at night. 11617 is next to the plant wall on one side, so... only neighbors on one side. The plant wall has, well, plants and they don't make noise. POOL DECK My least favorite part of the cruise were the sea days. I know some people love them, but on Oasis, the pool deck was insane. The flow riders were packed. The pools were packed. The one area of the pool deck that wasn't insanely crowded was the smoking area. I used to be a smoker so I am really not all that bothered by smoke. But it smelled not so great because it was not totally open air, but partially enclosed by windows. For me, it was the sheer number of people and noise level for which I was unprepared. I was no able to spend any length of time on the pool deck without my iPod. And because of feeling motion sick, I wasn't able to spend a lot of time up on the highest decks. And the adult only area was hot, because it is mostly enclosed. Lots of people thrive on the energy, action, and noise of the pool deck. Not me. And as I said, this was the least favorite part of the cruise for me. I felt like there was nowhere to go outside to find some peace, and have a comfortable chair. I could have one or the other, but not both. There are many Jacuzzis on the ship. And four main pools. Which were insanely packed. One pool was closed due to "biohazard" at one point --an adult pool, not a kiddie pool. There is a nice, quiet area aft, off the running track. There are some wooden deck chairs. You can get to the area easily from the Boardwalk area, over near the Aqua Theater. There are stairs. Follow them down to the aft area. Peace and quiet, if you seek it. LABADEE Labadee disappointed me and I felt trapped on a giant money-making Royal Caribbean island. Columbus Cove beach was insanely crowded and is a very narrow beach. The water is clear here, but there are tons of people. No water shoes needed for this beach. It was a lot like the pool deck in terms of sheer numbers of people. The other beaches (the ones under the zip line, Adrenalin Beach?) were so rocky you needed water shoes to get in the water. The water was murky, and replete with straws, cups, and other debris. If you wanted to walk between the two beaches you could walk a gauntlet of vendors shouting at you to buy! buy! buy! Royal Caribbean brings food from the ship, and it was fine. The whole thing had a cheesy summer camp-like feel to it. I would never return - there are too many other better ports. Tip: bring water shoes, and small bills to tip the guy who sets up the chairs for you. We sat on Adrenalin Beach and it was less crowded. There is shade under trees. FALMOUTH We ended up booking transport for $20 per person through Jaital round trip from Falmouth to Montego Bay. 30 minutes after we docked, we found the Jaital driver. The four of us along with another couple from Oasis (who had booked separately) went to Mo Bay. It is around a 20 minute ride, very easy. We were dropped at Doctor's Cave Beach and agreed upon a pick up time and place (4 pm, in front of Margaritaville). Remember: stay on ship time and not Jamaica time! It is $6 per person entrance to Doctor's Cave Beach, and $6 for an umbrella and $6 for a chair (a wooden/canvas deck chair). In hindsight, we didn't really need the umbrellas because there are shaded areas in the back portion of the beach. Clean bathrooms, showers, a deck area for food/drink, and beach service. I am a jaded, nit picky beach person. This was one of the most beautiful beaches in terms of the water - that I have EVER seen. We hung out in the crystal clear water for about 3 hours until we got hungry. I wasn't feeling great - the land was rocking a rolling so we walked down the street for a Burger King snack. Doctor's Cave Beach will give you a stamp for entry. We decided we had had enough beach, so we headed down to Margaritaville - about a 5 minutes walk from Doctor's Cave. Margaritaville is a bit pricey, but it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours eating and swimming. They have a water slide on the top deck and it shoots you out to the bay below. The slide is fast and a bit freaky. Falmouth port is very clean and very RCL World - the same jewelry stores, etc.. that you find in their ports. They are building a Margaritaville - right now there is just a t-shirt shop. I think our "Jamaica Day" was well worth it, and was easy to plan. We were back in port by 5:00 pm. COZUMEL We went to Chankanaab National Park for snorkeling. They have sea lion shows and stuff, but we just wanted to snorkel. From the International Pier where Oasis docked, it was a $10 taxi ride for four people. I had a coupon I had printed off the internet, so it cost $19 per adult for entry. We had our own snorkeling equipment so I don't know if they charge. There are lots of palapas and wooden chairs. You need water shoes - the bottom is made up of rock and ironshore. There are steps to get in, except for one zero entry kiddie area. The snorkeling was okay, not stellar. Lots of the same type of fish - not a lot of diversity. But lots of what there is. T here is a really pretty lagoon too - not to swim in, but to look at for a backdrop for photos. If you plan to snorkel, they give you a flotation vest. No need to pay, but you do need to leave a driver's license. There is a restaurant on site that was about $12 per person for some tacos. Not bad. Thanks for reading this long review until the end. Happy sailing to you! Read Less
Sail Date July 2012
I really, really wanted to love this cruise. My parents booked it for our family plus my fiance for a final pre-wedding family vacation. It was dreadful! I had read so many positive things about this cruise, I was flabbergasted at how ... Read More
I really, really wanted to love this cruise. My parents booked it for our family plus my fiance for a final pre-wedding family vacation. It was dreadful! I had read so many positive things about this cruise, I was flabbergasted at how terrible it was. I even paid the .65/minute for WiFi to re-check I had read the right reviews! Getting on the boat was a breeze, everything else was a hassle. We had dinner reservations via My Time Dining the first night. Our waiter & waiter's assistant must have been having a terrible day. My mother ordered a glass of wine, they left the rest of the table drinkless to go run our Sea Pass card and bring back the receipt. My father asked for a roll and it took no less than 15 minutes for the assistant to return. The food in the dining room was mostly good but the service ruined it for everyone. The other nights in the dining room were better, but the final night a manager was walking around asking about the surveys we would get the next morning. We explained to her the trouble we had had the first night, and she literally sat at our table interrupting our dinner for the next 5 minutes trying to get us not to leave a bad review. Seriously? To top it off, the dining room manager almost got into a fist fight with a patron! The guy was clearly upset about something, slammed his table up & sent plates and glasses flying. They asked him to leave and the dining room manager literally had every curse word imaginable flying out of his mouth. I wondered if they were having some sort of serious political/religious issue because it was heated...but still funny. "Get the **** out of my dining room!" His response? "We're on a BOAT! Where do you want me to GO?!" Mornings we had our breakfast delivered to our room. We learned very quickly to specify exactly what you want, but you still won't get it. I wrote very clearly on the form that we only needed yellow sweetener with our coffee. I also had to specify which pastries we wanted with our tray, otherwise we got a plate full of sourdough rolls and no croissants. We never got yellow sweetener in our room all 6 days we pre-ordered our breakfast. Aside from the service, we spent a majority of our time waiting...mostly for the elevators. Had I not been in heels most nights, I would have used the stairs more. Want to eat at the Windjammer? Wait! My Time Dining? Wait in line, then wait in the chairs! Even when we went to empty Johnny Rockets, we waited 5 minutes for a table then another 10 in the sun while waiters stared at us and never came. We left and went to guest services. Giovanni's was by far the best food & service, waiter was amazing. The Seafood Shack was great too, a few people we met would only go there for dinner. Do not ask for ice water - it comes with complimentary snarls and eye rolls. I'm sorry! It's 90+ degrees and I can't ONLY drink liquor! I'll be 26 in August and had a hard time getting served alcohol. I look young, but a few bartenders tried trickery. I asked for a mango pineapple frozen rum drink. I watched the bartender pour juice in the ice-blendery machine and slide it over to me sans rum. He looked flabbergasted when I asked where the liquor was?! He poured Myers on top of it and charged me my $9. My 19-year-old brother had no problem being served anywhere we went though! The shows were what kept me from total insanity. The water show was dreadful though, not remotely synchronized and frankly pretty weird. They also need to fix both of the big monitors and the sound system. The last morning starting at 8:00am they blasted the beginning of a Bon Jovi song for 20 minutes until they figured out how to turn it off. Hairspray was fantastic, the comedy show was AWESOME! They spent the entire time ragging on the ship - hitting on everything we all knew to be true. Don't speak English? Here's a Royal Caribbean application! Need ice water? Here's your spit! Haiti was contrived like Disney World, but the food was better than anything we got on the boat aside from Giovanni's. Jet Skis were fun, but we were with a lot of slow, scared people so we had to drive for 30 seconds then stop and wait for them to catch up. They make a point to swing you by the canoe sellers though! Jamaica was a mess. It was my first time there and I spent it on a tube tied to 8 other people moving at a snail's pace and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Just make sure you know whether it will be high or low tide if you book that excursion, low tide is like floating through two feet of marsh mud. At least our guide sang Conway Twitty when he got tired of the generic Bob Marley. He also said during high tide, the tube ride is much faster and you get to go much further down the river than we did. Mexico was a godsend - we did the jeep & snorkeling excursion. The guides were perfect. We went all around the coast then back through the city to literally see every part of Cozumel. They even let us have the automatic 4-door jeep so our family of 5 wouldn't have to split up! All in all, I wanted to love cruising but it just isn't for me. The boat & cabins were really pretty and I appreciate what they tried to do but I could definitely tell there were 6,000 head on board and most of the crew seemed generally unhappy with life. I understand they are on the boat for long periods of time, but there are plenty worse jobs out there! If you love being in a small pool with 100 other people and waiting 10 minutes for an elevator to take you to the dining room with mediocre food, this is the ship for you! Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
We hosted a family cruise for my husband's 70th birthday. The family consists of 4 granddaughters, ages 5-7-8-10, and our two children & their spouses, ages 30's-40's. Our balcony rooms were 3 in a row and the ... Read More
We hosted a family cruise for my husband's 70th birthday. The family consists of 4 granddaughters, ages 5-7-8-10, and our two children & their spouses, ages 30's-40's. Our balcony rooms were 3 in a row and the partitions unlocked to fold back which gave us lots of space and convenient access to each other's rooms. The Adventure Ocean activities looked great, but our girls had so much fun on the ship with the carousel (we all did!), the balloon man, the parades, dancing to the music throughout the ship, the rock climbing wall etc. that they only attended once. And how they loved the shows! We did not miss a performance. Dining was a fabulous experience. The dining room staff outdid themselves to keep both the children and the adults happy. Our children are firt-time cruisers and they could not get over the attention they received. Good for you RC! Excursions: Labadee was a wonderful, relaxing day. In Jamaica we took the Raft Trip. This was just fascinating for all of us as we learned about the rain forest, a banana plantation and how to make a Pina Colada :-). The rafters were entertaining and informative, climbed into the trees to get coconuts to taste, let the girls bunt the raft etc., but we felt we were being primed for major tipping. When we did tip-4 separate times on that excursion: raft driver, banana man, Pina Colada man, and our tour guide, three out of four were openly unhappy with their tips. Our tips came to almost as much as the cost of the entire tour. This put something of a damper on the day. In Cozumel we made our own arrangements for snorkeling as RC's policy puts an age limit of 8 for snorkeling and our 7-yr. old wanted to try snorkeling. We used Island Marketing Cozumel Glass Bottom Boat Snorkeling and it was fabulous. Because there were ten of us we booked a private tour, which cost 1/2 of the ship's excursion! Our youngest was able to see fish through the glass bottom and the rest of us snorkeled. (Parents took turns sitting with her.) After the snorkeling we ate at Poncho's Backyard. Great food, beautiful venue, pricey. But you can go online and get coupons for free Margaritas. No one was EVER bored. It was a great trip. Read Less
Sail Date June 2012
I booked this cruise for my graduation from college. There were four of us my fiancee and parents. I was a little nervous when I booked the cruise because I did not know what to expect. I had friends tell me that I was going to have fun ... Read More
I booked this cruise for my graduation from college. There were four of us my fiancee and parents. I was a little nervous when I booked the cruise because I did not know what to expect. I had friends tell me that I was going to have fun and that I could not in my dreams think of the fun I was going to have. When we got to the cruise port and the sheer size of the ship got me excited for our vacation. Boarding went smooth and we were on the ship in about a half an hour. When we boarded the ship it was more then I could imagine the ship is huge and there is so much to see. It is as you almost walked into a mall and not a cruise ship. We went to out rooms which they said would not be ready until one but the rooms were ready by 12. We dropped off our carry on bags and went to explore the ship. The first place we went was to Johnny Rockets. The food was good and more then enough to fill you up. We went back to the rooms and our bags were there already. After getting everything situated we went to find a seat for the festivities. After we found a seat we were told we had to go to our assembly stations for the emergency drill. This was very smooth and not life jackets had to be put on. Just watch a film and then back to having fun. We quickly went back to our spot for the party. The ship is so big you barely feel it move. The pools on the ship were great the one problem we had and it was not the companies fault were a few guys in the solarium that took over the pool as their personal party pool for the first too days yelling and drinking. They must have been told to take the party elsewhere because I never saw them in there again. You could always find a chair to sit in and with so many people on board you would think that the pools would be crowded and have no room I never experienced this. The restaurants were great the service that we had in the main dining room was more then I could have asked for. The servers June and Nining always remembered what we liked and we never had to ask for anything. The food at times was good but not the best I had ever had but what can I expect from food coming from a kitchen that is cooking for so many. We ate at the windjammer for breakfast and lunch and it was awesome!!!. We also ate at chops grill and i would say the steaks were great. I warn you though the baked potatoes at HUGE!!!! The viking lounge was great for watching sunsets and the service there was top notch. On the ship you never have to want for anything. All you have to do is ask whether it be a drink or help finding something. The shows were good and i do recommend making reservations because they fill up fast and the stand by lines get long and there is no saving of seats so if you are in a large group make sure everyone has reservations. The diving show was my favorite although a little hard to follow but the dives were awesome. The deals that are on the ship are really no better then what you would find at home and that was my only negative thing about the trip. When it came down to the last night we were given our tip vouchers and envelopes. if you pre pay for your tips be aware that the tips are divided between everyone and do not just go to your head waiter and assistant. So if you think they did a great job do as I did and give them a little extra on the side. The night before we were given tags for our bags for the time we picked to disembark. Getting off the ship was effortless and we were off in less then 15 minutes. We collected our bags and made it through customs in about 5 minutes. All in all I would say it was a once in a lifetime trip and glad that it turned out like it did. My fiancee and I are planning on taking our honeymoon on the sister ship the Allure. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
Before we went on this Cruise, we scoured the Web for different information sources for cruising... We were quite at sea and a little trepiditious....went on a number of travel blogs and travel sites, including this one. This review ... Read More
Before we went on this Cruise, we scoured the Web for different information sources for cruising... We were quite at sea and a little trepiditious....went on a number of travel blogs and travel sites, including this one. This review will focus on the overall cruise and ship itself. First off, the ship was awesome and an engineering marvel..With a capacity for 8000+ people, it is a small township on the waters. It boasts off umpteen dining room options, entertainment venues and kids zones...All of which you can review off the RCI website. We have some in our party that are motion sick so equipped with Quell and Sea Bands(amazon-very good), we hardly felt anything at all due to the scale and layout. What I want to share is the underlining aspects of Customer Service and Operations that went a very long way to make us feel comfortable and taken care. What amazed us the most was the Operations were smooth from the get go. Every personnel is extremely well trained, smiling and willing to help. 65 countries are represented in the staffing and the feeling of being part of a global whole is a palpable one all around. Of particular kudos is to the entire Food and Beverage team the ship over, from the Main Dining Room, to the Windsurfer to the smaller outlets all through the Ship....Excellent, excellent all the way. Food choices included lots of fresh fruits, salads, healthy choices all throughout....We are not the All You Can Eat folk, though and enjoyed the intelligent options laid out each time, every where. Central Park is for the more discriminating with a more upmarket feel, fresh air and plants all around as well as the Vintage Bar. Now there, we ran into some bad weather with the young hostess lady who did not pay enough attention to the proper and correct priority seating at a wine tasting that could have gotten ugly at the table due to her very poor Hostessing skills.....We simply chose to leave the place to avoid a scene. The Spa was also very well run but then here again, very low marks for them trying to upsell a treatment once you are in the massage room and then also, trying to sell you products which is in stark contrast to anything else on the ship and so, stands out very poorly. Room Service is an option always, polite, timely and courteous, though a bit hurried on the phone. However, they seem to be over generous with dishing out Milk, Condiments etc, almost all of which we experienced and saw wasted along the corridors in trays later. That can be mitigated by a review of your order each time you place one. Our teen and young kids were all over the place and enjoyed the amenities, the Teen Zone and the various options for them. We were a couple of families together and here, I want to say that More is Merrier especially for the Teens and Tweens where freedom reigns so bring as many in your family and friends group along for the ride. It will be more memorable for them then. My suggestions for next time: Do pack some munchie snacks that the family likes: Pita chips, Frito Lays, Gummie bears, granola bars etc.....Even with all the food choices on board, it is nice to have some in your back pak and in room. Bring Magazines and reading material....They have a wonderful library on board and I read two books but they have no light reading like magazines etc.. Read Less
Sail Date April 2012
You never imagine the size of this queen of the seas until you actually see her nd stand looking up, she is huge. I always get sea sick and didnt at all not even a tablet needed in case. Very rarely do you feel the ship rock a little. We ... Read More
You never imagine the size of this queen of the seas until you actually see her nd stand looking up, she is huge. I always get sea sick and didnt at all not even a tablet needed in case. Very rarely do you feel the ship rock a little. We had a balcony stateroom on deck 6 towards the back of the ship just off the exit out to the Boardwalk. No noise could be heard whatever was happening on the Royal promenade or boardwalk or from next door cabins and with your balcony door shut there was just a gentle hum. Room spotless, beds so comfy and sheets like silk, There were 3 of us but room enough for the room use we did. Dwayne our room attendant was polite and went the extra mile with the little towel animals that appeared on our bed some nights. If anyone complains about the food they are being really ridiculous as the choice is more than enough for the fussiest, biggest eaters. We were in Opus 4 for evening meal and our waiters Mac and James were so nice and friendly and deserve bonus's for their warmth and attentiveness. Windjammers choice was more than you could want and the quality of food everywhere was superb. Park Cafe beef rolls are melt in the mouth as are their salads and tuna sandwiches. Johnny Rockets (free for brekkie) does real american diner food and gorgeous pancakes with maple syrup and eggs,sausage,bacon. Wipe Out cafe you have got to try their tacos, chilli dogs and chips are the best. Queue just after lunch on sea days goes down fairly quickly. Book all your shows ahead of your cruise. Hairspray and Come Fly with Me were brilliant.You will walk miles in a week as its a long way back to the cabin from the theatre etc but I have no complaints whatsoever and will be doing the Western Carib at some point. Blue Lagoon Island (Nassau)was nice but it was very windy and the sea was choppy but being so close to dolphins was amazing even though it makes me sad that they dont swim freely in a huge ocean. St Thomas we did a RC trip (expensive) to Sapphire Beach the sea was warm and the beach beautiful but it was too choppy to snorkel for long. St Maarten was hot hot hot and beautiful, we did our own thing as they are so organised and you can get a bus taxi with others to any of the major sights for 9$ p.person each way. We went to Maho Beach where the planes come over head, small beach very crowded water blue and warm, then back to main port lovely shops, sea like a bath and great atmosphere. We cried when we left the ship and wish we had done a back to back, but we will be back to Oasis in the future. She's AMAZING Read Less
Sail Date February 2012
We were invited to cruise with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. We had taken a RCI cruise in 1992 and were not impressed. The pluses - the ship is magnificent, clean, well run, and well staffed. Cabin was adequate with an ... Read More
We were invited to cruise with my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren. We had taken a RCI cruise in 1992 and were not impressed. The pluses - the ship is magnificent, clean, well run, and well staffed. Cabin was adequate with an outside balcony. Cabin attendant did a great job and was rewarded for same. MDR service was excellent and the waiter/assistant waiter did a very nice presentation. Food: For the most part the food was good; not excellent, and not up to my expectations. The buffet had overcooked and old food on display. One day I selected an egg salad sandwich that, apparently, was a bit old. I paid for it by running to the toilet all night. MDR food was OK, some not hot enough or undercooked. I was greatly disappointed in the room service offerings. Very limited breakfast, very unhealthy dinner and lunch selections. Like the reservations get seated first for the shows policy, but do not like choice seats saved for gold or diamond members or whatever they are. I also did not like the photographers bothering us every night at dinner to take photos. Very annoying as they wanted to rearrange the seating for the shot. I finally told them to get lost. Overall the staff was very congenial and friendly, did not meet a nasty one in the bunch. Embarkation/debarkation was a snap and went smoothly. A nice surprise. We all had a good time and would consider going again. However I would prefer driving through Austria in a rented Audi. I believe that the cruise was a bit pricey and would look for a more reasonable alternative. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
This was my first cruise ever and it was awesome! There were some cons to the trip but overall it was amazing! Our suite attendant Christopher was great. It seemed like every time we left our room and came back, our room was cleaned. ... Read More
This was my first cruise ever and it was awesome! There were some cons to the trip but overall it was amazing! Our suite attendant Christopher was great. It seemed like every time we left our room and came back, our room was cleaned. I'm a smoker and upon asking for a list of all the places on the ship I could go to smoke, I was given a special ashtray for my balcony. We only ate in the main dining hall three times, both of the formal nights and then we went back for our final night because we wanted to say bye to our waiters. We didn't know who our head waiter was and didn't really see him until the last evening, but our waiter Edguardo and his assistant Angelo were amazing. My husband goes by his middle name and I have an extention on my name. We told them once and they remembered what to call us each time they saw us. They were very professional and yet made you feel like Kings and Queens of the boat. We really enjoyed eating at the other establishments. I liked the the variety at the Windjammer and we ate there often. We really liked Izumi's sushi, Johnny Rockets, Solarium Bistro (for dinner), and the free room service. Unless you're a health food eater, I wouldn't recommend the Solarium Bistro for breakfast and lunch. We're not really into the turkey sausage and such so we went to the Windjammer afterwards for more food. The Ice Cream at the Ice Cream parlor and the cupcakes in the Promenade we excellent! I think our biggest bummer was the Seafood Shack. We should have known when there wasn't ever a big crowd there. The service wasn't that great and after a while my husband and I figured out what appeared to be the problem. The service was slow but our waitress was very sweet and friendly. We noticed she was waiting on just about all the tables and we didn't really see anyone else waiting on tables. She seemed to be getting scolded by the others but none of the others were doing much. We felt really bad for her. The food was ok, but we didn't go back. There were so many activities and shows! We really enjoyed Hairspray and the ice show Frozen in Time. We thought Come Fly with Me was not that great and the diving show Oasis of Dreams was ok. We were supposed to go to the Comedy Show, but were having so much fun at The Quest game that we skipped out on the comedy. I would definitely recommend The Quest! Get there early to get a good seat front and center. The belly flop contest was hilarious, and the bars and nightclubs were a lot of fun. Offshore excursions: Make sure to do your research and homework regarding these. My husband and I went to Atlantis and did the Sea Lion Encounter. It was AMAZING!!! Very intimate setting with a small group (probably because it's so expensive), we thought it was worth the money until we found out through another couple that was there that it's $100 cheaper to book directly through Atlantis and not the cruise. In St. Thomas we went on the BOSS underwater diving tour. I'm afraid of the water and when I first went into the equipment underwater, I became claustrophobic and hyperventilated and had to get out. The diver asked if I would like to try again and I really did. So he walked me slowly through the process again and stayed with me the entire time under water to make sure I was ok and felt safe. It was awesome and the staff were superior! I would definitely do it again! In St. Maarten we booked a tour to go to a private resort for a day at the beach and then a short shopping tour. When we got to the "resort", it was a joke. You could rent equipment but at a VERY HIGH COST! We took a taxi back to the ship and just went shopping on our own. Over all, our offshore experience was great until we got to St. Maarten. I would recommend paying $6 once for the water taxi (which is good all day as long as you keep the band on) and just go shopping. My husband bought me a really nice Tanzanite ring there. The Concierge and Concierge Lounge: We liked having access to the lounge as suite guest where they served breakfast and lunch. Before going down to dinner, we would stop in the lounge for complimentary alcoholic drinks and snacks. We weren't too thrilled with the concierge service, we could never get them on the phone and they seemed a little arrogant, but the wait staff in the lounge were wonderful and friendly. Vitality Spa: this is probably our biggest and only true complaint of our experience during our entire trip. We booked a couple's massage and it was great! They even threw in a free mini facial. What we didn't like was after the massage, they ask you to put on your robe and wait in the massage room for them to return. When they came back, it was a total sales thing going over all these expensive products that they try to push you into buying. It was very uncomfortable and ruined our relaxing massage. Overall, we loved our cruise and would definitely do it again very soon! Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
This was my families first cruise ever. We selected the Oasis of the seas because we had heard from other friends that this was the best ship to go on if you are afraid of sea sickness. While my group was lucky enough not to suffer from ... Read More
This was my families first cruise ever. We selected the Oasis of the seas because we had heard from other friends that this was the best ship to go on if you are afraid of sea sickness. While my group was lucky enough not to suffer from this, I want to put out there that while I read other reviews state that you can not feel the motion of the ship....that is wrong! You can definitely feel it moving. While we did have some rather windy days at sea, even calm waters you know it's moving. I took dranamine every day not knowing what the sea was going to be like. Having now sailed the largest ship in the world, I don't think I will be going on any other ship or cruise line because Royal Caribbean made it impossible for the experience to be any better! From beginning to end they made the trip so easy and care free. Starting with Embarking: So easy!! There are signs telling you exactly where to go, the lines were supper short, and they keep the crowd moving. We arrived at the ship around noon thinking it might be too early to board, but there were plenty of people already there boarding. We kind of worried about leaving our suitcases outside on the street with only 2 guys watching them, but they arrived at our staterooms a couple hours later. The Food: Incredible! We reserved My-time dining. I would definitely recommend doing this so that you don't have to wait in lines if you want to use the dining room every night. There were nights where the lines were getting quite long. I don't know how long the people had to wait. I loved that our waiter was the same every night. There were 2 nights where my sister and I did not go to the dining room because of mid-day snacking and our waiter asked several times the rest of our party where we were and if we alright and if they could do something better if the reason was we didn't enjoy the dining room. There are plenty of choices at the dining room each night. If you can't decide between some of the options, they bring you both. There were several nights where we couldn't decide about which desert to get, and the waiter didn't even ask or hesitate....he brought them all for us to try! For the rest of the places, we really enjoyed the WindJammer for breakfast and lunches. The Wipe Out cafe was really nice for those mid afternoon snacks. And the random ice cream machines on the pool decks were the best! We did not try any of the restaurants where you had to pay extra. We felt that what was provided for free was good enough. Sorento's pizza was okay....not my favorite. Park cafe gave some nice healthy choices. The Royal Promenade cafe had the best chocolate chip cookies ever! Entertainment: We saw a show each night to see them all. Hairspray was a must see! However it is quite loud.....so don't sit too close! The comedy show was okay, not my favorite. The Aqua theatre show was very good. However if you've seen a Cirque show, you might be kind of disappointed. Come Fly with me was probably my favorite. The night we went to Come Fly with me though, they were having some technical problems, so they had to cancel the show and have it at a different time. Thankfully we had another day at sea we could go see it because it's definitely a must see! Overall, the entertainment team on this ship are really talented! Other: Our stateroom attendant was really great! He would come clean in the morning and at night. When he came at night he would make towel animals and leave an itinerary and chocolate on our bed. The itinerary's were really nice to have and we found ourselves looking forward to them every night. In them it gives the hours for places open the next day, and a run down of activities around the ship. I also liked that on the t.v in your stateroom, there is a channel that tells you where you where the ship is and how fast it's going. The days at sea you have no idea where you are and it's nice to look on the t.v. and know what track we were taking. We had a ocean view balcony stateroom. I would recommend this to anybody! It was so nice waking up in the morning and going out on our balcony. Also at night it is really nice and staring at the stars. I was told that with a ship as big as it is, it doesn't feel like there are 6,000+ people on it....and for the most part I would have to agree. However the days at sea, it is hard to find chairs on the pool decks, meal times are crowded, and show if you don't get there early you won't find a seat sitting with the rest of your party. With people from all over the world going on this ship, there are language barriers and I got tired of everybody being so pushy and rude. The staff of the ship were great, some of the other people cruising with us were really rude. It was also hard sometimes to get an elevator. We found ourselves climbing the stairs a lot just to avoid the wait. The gym facilities were great! A little crowded all the time, but we never had to wait for a machine. I really liked the outside track going around the ship. The ports of call were great! Although I wish we could have stayed in the Bahamas a little longer. But to get to St. Thomas in time the next day, we had to leave at 3. The thing that kind of annoyed me was that they tell you you're going to port at a certain time, but then they don't let you off the ship for another hour. So in the Bahamas we had an excursion right away in the morning for Atlantis, and we wanted to get going because we had to be back on the ship at 2:30 but they wouldn't let us off until 8 or 8:30. It makes for everything to run behind schedule. I realize they have to get clearance to let us off, but it makes you have to shorten up your excursions because of it. They also canceled one of my parents excursions with no explanation. They re-booked another similar excursion automatically without even asking....which I guess is okay, but it was one that was half the price so they didn't get to see as much as they were hoping. Disembarking: Super easy! We chose to keep all our luggage with us since we had to get to the airport right away. No trouble at all! The immigration officers on land were really unpleasant people, but that had nothing to do with Royal. Overall I would recommend this ship to everybody! I can't foresee myself or my family going on any other ship because Royal set the bar really high. Read Less
Sail Date January 2012
This was my first cruise as I was very skeptical about cruising. I finally got on the boat and was absolutely amazed. The boat was beautiful and I found it to be extremely clean and well kept. We chose the my time dining thinking we would ... Read More
This was my first cruise as I was very skeptical about cruising. I finally got on the boat and was absolutely amazed. The boat was beautiful and I found it to be extremely clean and well kept. We chose the my time dining thinking we would enjoy the specialty restaurant. We ate at Giovanni's the first night as was very impressed with the service and the food. We were basically dinning alone maybe one or two other tables. The next night was formal night which we opted for the dinning room. We then ended up eating at the dinning room every other night. It was very good quality food and service. I'm not an adventurous eater and do not usually like buffets but the Windjammer had a great selection and the food was good. Even with the amount of people on the boat we were always able to find a lounge chair to enjoy the "drink of the day". We had a stateroom with a seaside balcony and it was well worth the money. We enjoyed the balcony the whole trip. I could not believe the attention to detail there was on the ship. From the restaurants to the venues to the shopping it was all perfect. The shows were outstanding although we ran into rough seas and several were cancelled. They were all made up by the end of the cruise. Well by the end of the trip I am now a cruiser! Everyone should experience this ship. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Just got off from the oasis of the sea this morning and can't wait to write a review about it.. Embrakation Unbelievely fast.... We got to the port at around 11:30am and by noon we are already on the ship. They have so many ... Read More
Just got off from the oasis of the sea this morning and can't wait to write a review about it.. Embrakation Unbelievely fast.... We got to the port at around 11:30am and by noon we are already on the ship. They have so many counters to process checkin and there was no line up. Everything is so well organized. Our room was ready at around 2 pm and are luggages was arrived shortly after. Room We had a ocean view balcony room. It's roomy enough for two and the bed is quite comfortable. Our housekeeper did a great job to tidy up the room in such short period of time as well. Food We didn't go to any of these restaurants that needs to pay because we were happy with the complimentary ones. We had breakfast at the Johnny Rockets, Main Dining room, Park Cafe, Windjammer, Solarium. We highly recommend the English muffin at the Park Cafe and the variety of selection at the Windjammer. Breakfast selection at the Johnny Rockets are limited and we only go there because it's order to make. For lunch, we mostly went to the Park Cafe but we were at the Windjammer and Solarium once. We loved the roast beef sandwich at the Park Cafe. In terms of create your own salad, I've to say I like the Solarium better in terms of selection. Crepes at the Solarium are one of my favor. If you prefer light and healthy choices, you would opt for the Solarium. Fish, chicken, miso soup are all done well. Selection at the windjammer are so many and so irresistible. We were so glad, we didn't stop by at the Windjammer for lunch until the last day of our cruise, otherwise, we would gain at least 10 lbs by end of the cruise. Service at the Main Dinning room are exceptional. We were orginally booked with a table for 6 and they are being so accommodated and managed to find us a table for 2 at a nice and quite corner. Our waiter and assistance Waiter were so wonderful. I only had to ask for a glass of warm water (the regular is ice cold water) once and it's on my table every day. I mentioned to them about finding the food being a bit salty, then they let me pre-order my food a day ahead so they could prepare my dishes with less salt. Entertainment We saw all shows except the comedy live. We loved Hair spray and Frozen in time the most. Even they recommended to pre book the show but if you don't mind waiting at the door 30 minutes before the show, then you would find an empty seat for sure. Other than the show, there were also some other events happening around the ship like movies at the Aqua Threater, live band at the pool and the Royal Promenade, dance class, towel and napkin demo, late night parties, parades, pub and bars. We had a drink at the raising bar and it's quite an experience, should definitely try out. Labadee It's a private island own by RC. It's a small island and really not much to do. The beach is ok but no comparison to the one at Mexico. Falmouth Hot hot hot. We went for an ATV adventure. It's was funny but too short. This new port started using by RC since Feb therefore it's still developing. Cozumel Another hot hot day. Tones of stuff to do. Only thing I don't like about the port is, it's kind of not close to everything. It took a 30 minutes boat ride before getting to the bus terminal for the excursion. We were at the 6.5 hrs excursion to Tulum and spend almost 4 hrs on waiting and traveling. The beach at the Ruin is so beautiful and too bad we didn't have any extra time to explore. Overall, I was amazed by how RC handled the crowd. Our ship was fully booked but we didn't find it being over crowded at all, may be only when the parade are happening. In terms of getting off the ship, again it's so organized and it only took 30 minutes to get us from Studio B to the bus that get us onto our excursion. Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
We booked this cruise thinking that if we were going to do this once, then do it on the biggest.....We now know this is probably the BEST, even though we have no other experience to go by. We would not want to try any other cruise at the ... Read More
We booked this cruise thinking that if we were going to do this once, then do it on the biggest.....We now know this is probably the BEST, even though we have no other experience to go by. We would not want to try any other cruise at the moment. I have spent MANY hours reading reviews and tips before setting sail. Some reviewers here must have nothing better to do than bitch and moan! It was the BEST time myself and Margaret have EVER HAD on holiday!I work in the leisure industry, and this was by far the best service we ever had.Many a 10am Saturday morning was spent on www.portevergladeswebcam.com watching Oasis sail into port, and 10pm for the sail out. We 'requested a wave' months before we left home! We booked back in January through a local agent. Would deffo book myself in future for what little they did! The flights changed several times, the last being THREE WEEKS before departure! It was decided to go a day early from the start as we were due to land 21.35 on the Friday and we wanted to spend a day in Fort Lauderdale before boarding.Got to FLL to be met by one of the RCCL meet and greet. They had a bus on standby that we did not know about as we were told by the agent it was our problem to get to the hotel!! I told him of the original plans and he even trollied our bags up to the Hertz counter and stood with the wife while I sorted the car! Great service. Hire car through Hertz was changed from a Ford Mustang convertible, (Gutted!) to a top spec E Class Mercedes... (better than a kick in the gonads I suppose). First night (at our expense) was spent at the Best Western Oceanside on Holiday drive. Great value for money and breakfast thrown in! Was booked it without realising it was next door to the Sheraton beach, Our room booked for the Friday by RCCL. VERY handy!!!! Top Tip. DON'T bother going to the Sheraton, Waste of money! I got up at 4am to walk down the beach to video the ship sail in. Had been watching it sail in on webcam, so wanted to see it in the flesh!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXdZgGC8Hf0 We went back to the Best Western for Saturday breakfast at $10 a head.Brilliant service by the western staff. Even the meet and greet guy recommended it. Transfer to port very smooth and we were on board from getting off the bus within 15 mins! Was on board shortly after 12 noon. Lovely air conditioned atmosphere as soon as you board and the wow factor hit us straight away! First stop was to drop the carry on in the room. What a great room and a decent view to the rear of the ship and boadwalk area. Very little noise through the double glazing,even when a show is in full swing! Then up to the wipeout cafe for a little bite. Not fantastic fayre, it could of done with a soda fountain and not the 'tinted water', but more than adequate. Back to the room for a few hours before making our way on top deck for the sail off, with a drink in hand, Union Jack tied to the rail by the Flowrider for the 'wave' at the port everglades webcam for all at home to see ;-). It was probably due to us being VERY tired, but the main dining room (my time dining) menu did not tempt us,so we asked if it was OK just to leave it. Andie the head waiter was very accommodating and was trying to offer something off the menu and the waiter Alvin and assistant waiter Roy were great. These guys bent over backwards for us and never disappointed! They were worth the extra tip we put into the envelopes at the end. Food was absolutely fantastic for the rest of the cruise. Another one worth the extra tip was Frederick the room attendant. Treated the wife like a princess! Sunday sea day was spent touring the ship. We had breakfast at the Windjammer every day as we ate very well and rarely needed to go for lunch. Some days when we had a late evening meal, we would snack at wipeout and once had lunch at windjammer. I went on the Zipline. A comedy show was booked for the evening but we decided to cancel as we were still tired and had Labadee in the morning. Labadee was good. I took part in the seadoo excursion. the beaches were nice, though the Artizans market people were VERY VERY pushy!!!! One tied a bead bracelet round Margaret's wrist so tight she could not take it off so she ended up paying for it! RCCL really need to stamp on these hustlers! It sort of spoilt the day somewhat. I know the islanders have had it tough, but surely more stuff would sell if there was a more relaxed attitude! In the end, we went back to the ship earlier than expected! Would not be disappointed if we went again and it was cancelled! Falmouth Jamaica was next. Nothing planned, so left the port for a stroll round. Met a taxi driver that had some good reviews on here, BABA. for $120 (all day!) he took us on a sight seeing tour on the way to Montego bay through a plantation where Johnny Cash had a house. Then to White Witch golf club for photo session. Onwards to Mo'bay to a hillside hotel/function place for more views/photos and some Red Stripe;-). Then to Doctors cove beach for an hour or so, (as long as we wanted) for a nice swim and several more Red Stripe! Back to port, some shopping and a soak in the Jacuzzi! Wonderful people, want to go again. Another sea day. Some bingo played and the headliner show was good. We don't do theatres or such as a rule, but this was good. The Oasis of Dreams was viewed several times from the balcony. For Cozumel, We did the Jeep/Snorkel safari. Snorkeled near port, then on to the jeeps to El diablo, a little bar on the beach, then to a Tequila Hacienda, followed by a poolside lunch before heading back to port for some shopping. 5 1/2 hours of fun and would not do again, simply because we have done it! The guides were great! Another sea day with bingo, shopping etcc and the final evening meal/waiter cabaret act. A drink on the rising tide bar and a water show rounded off the evening. Then back to port Saturday for the rough trip home. Sorry there were no reviews of other resturants and such, WE DID NOT NEED TO TRY.If they were better than the ones we went, then ou are in for a treat! Please do take the negative reviews on here and elsewhere with a big pinch of salt. Do plenty of research before you go. We did not see as much of the ship in a week as we thorght we would. Two weeks would be better. I did not think I would enjoy cruising, am now considering selling the caravan to do it once more!!!!! Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
After reading some negative reviews here, we were a little apprehensive about our cruise on the Oasis. Also, it was our first cruise so we really didn't know what to expect. We need not have worried, however. From the minute we ... Read More
After reading some negative reviews here, we were a little apprehensive about our cruise on the Oasis. Also, it was our first cruise so we really didn't know what to expect. We need not have worried, however. From the minute we boarded to the minute they dragged us, kicking and screaming, off the ship it was nothing but FABULOUS. FOOD: We ate most breakfasts at the Windjammer, and always found plenty of food that we liked. We never had a problem finding a table, the staff was helpful and cheerful-never pushy. Lunch was generally Park Cafe for sandwiches and salads or Windjammer again. The desserts there were wonderful! We also had room service for breakfast and lunch. It came right on time, the food was hot and good. The room service desserts were also delicious. We had all dinners in the Main dning room. I just can not say enough about the staff or the gorgeously presented meals - excellent on both accounts! ENTERTAINMENT: We saw every show, and loved them all. The water show, Oasis of Dreams, was absolutely amazing!!! Come Fly With Me just took your breath away, wow!! What a skilled group of performers! Hairspray was an absolute delight. The comics were very funny!! I wasn't as impressed with the Headliner show but have never been an ABBA fan. Others were, though, and they loved the show. CABIN: We had a balcony room on Deck 7. My husband loved being out on the deck at night watching the water. We slept with the balcony doors open every night. The wind and sea sounds were so, so relaxing. Our cabin was plenty big enough for two, and had good storage space. The interactive tv was so helpful in letting us know what shows we had booked on any given day, what restaurants were busy, and what my shipboard account was. The bed was unbelievably comfortable! Omar, our room attendant, kept the room spotless,replaced towels,replenished ice, and made cute towel animals for our entertainment every night. SHIP: Everything on this ship is fantastically designed. My husband is an architect - he was extremely impressed with all of the unique design features and expert workmanship. It is simply stunning! I had some fears about boat motion and, indeed, could feel the boat moving quite often. However, it was minor and I never felt sick. I found that taking a 12 hr Bonine tablet each morning eliminated the problem completely and it doesn't make you feel drowsy. PORTS: Labadee, Haiti has a nice beach right there. If you walk down to the farther end of the beach, there are less rocks and much better swimming. It was fun watching the people come down on the zipline! The comlimentary bar b que was nice, very enjoyable spot. Falmouth, Jamaica was broiling hot. We had not scheduled an excursion so walked around and checked out the little shops and went back to enjoy the empty boat...awesome! Cozumel, Mexico we rented a scooter at the dock for $55 for the whole day. We drove around the peninsula (island?), stopping at little secluded beaches for a swim, little oceanfront bars for an ice cold beer, etc. There is only one road so you can't get lost and it was an absolute blast! We loved the Solarium on sea days, never had a problem getting seats. The hot tubs were pure luxury every evening - and never crowded. In fact, the boat never felt crowded, period. Wonderful, wonderful vacation in every way. If anyone has questions feel free to email me ekb2004@comcast.net Read Less
Sail Date November 2011
Took our first cruise with Royal Carribean. When we arrived on the ship with much ease in embarking we were met with total sensory overload. We were totally blown away with the ship. Our cabin with balcony was very nice on level 8 where ... Read More
Took our first cruise with Royal Carribean. When we arrived on the ship with much ease in embarking we were met with total sensory overload. We were totally blown away with the ship. Our cabin with balcony was very nice on level 8 where Central Park is. It was in the middle of the ship and very quiet. Our room steward was awesome. My husband had been having trouble with his knee and we asked the steward (Gregory) to be sure to have ice for him every day so he could ice his knee. Every morning and night a bucket of ice appeared. Room was cleaned immaculately every day and night. Mattress was outstanding. We had such a good sleep every night. We had My Time Dining and really liked this option. We could eat anytime between 5:45 and 7:30 and we were usually able to get the same table with the same waiters, both of whom knew our names and greeted us every night. We never had a bad meal in the dining room, except for the one night that we didn't eat there and ate at Johhny Rockets. Worst hamburger ever and we had to pay a $4.50 cover charge each. Breakfast in the dining room was also first rate. As far as the breakfast buffet in Windjammers forget it. It was total chaos and something resembling scrambled eggs was on the buffet. When we first went in the door we were asked if we would like fresh squeezed OJ (there was a charge and it was not mentioned). They should inform you of anything that there is an additional charge for. We only ate there once and that was on the first morning. The Park Cafe for lunch was another great place. Good salads that were made up and tossed for you with your choice of ingredients. We had heard about the famous sliced to order roast beef sandwiches. They were the best! Ate at the specialty restaurant Chops Grille (the steaks were excellent) as was everything that accompanied it. Service was top notch there as well.The shows were the best and we never even saw all of them. We could have used another week on the ship to see everything. We want to take another cruise in 2012 but are torn about going on any other cruise line, when it seems like we took the best of all the rest. We would like to take a cruise to Hawaii where we could leave from a West Coast port, but unfortunately RCCL does not leave from the West Coast. We would have to choose from Princess, Celebrity or NCL. It will be hard choice to decide. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
The Oasis of the Seas is AMAZING! The ship itself is beautiful, big, and will NOT disappoint. This was our (my husband and I) first cruise so we really didn't know what to expect. I had read all the good and bad reviews on ... Read More
The Oasis of the Seas is AMAZING! The ship itself is beautiful, big, and will NOT disappoint. This was our (my husband and I) first cruise so we really didn't know what to expect. I had read all the good and bad reviews on cruise critic and was a little worried. After the first few days I will honestly say that the bad reviews really have to be from people that just want to complain. From the moment we got off the airplane, got our baggage, and got on the transfer bus to the terminal to check in, everything was smooth. The check in process was painless (less than 20 minutes), the embarkation process was easy, and within an hour of getting off the airplane we were on the ship. The Stateroom - Since we have never been on a cruise before and have nothing to compare the room to, I would say that the room was roomy enough, the bathrooms were nice, and the showers with the doors were really the best. We had room in the closet and under the bed for our luggage, and I found a place for all of our stuff. Our room attendant kept the room very clean and he was always VERY helpful with any questions we had. His towel animals every night were so cute and I couldn't wait to see what he had made. The Entertainment - The shows were AWESOME! We saw all but Hairspray and the ice skating show. I would recommend reservations (especially for the comedy show and Oasis of Dreams water show) but I do think even if you didn't have them you could still get in to most things. Richard Spacey is amazing/funny/keeps the party going and probably works 24/7 to make sure that you are entertained if you want to be. The Food - I heard a lot of complaints about the food when we were on board from people that have cruised several times (mainly that the Oasis of the Seas doesn't have seafood like a lot of the other ships), and I read the boards about the food and was a little worried. We found the food good....not amazing....but good. We normally ate in the Wind Jammer for breakfast which was fine. It was always crazy busy but we always found a place to sit. For lunch on the days we were on the ship we ate at the bistro place that has coffee on deck 5 (it has sandwiches and cookies) or we ate at the central park place with the roast beef sandwiches. Both were very good. The Solarium looked good but we never ate there. We heard the salads there were great. At night we at in the MD (5 nights), at Chops (1 night) and at The Italian place (1 night). All were excellent. I don't think Chops was as good as I was expecting but it was good. The food in the MD for the most part was excellent. They always brought us more and on a few nights we asked for double entrees and there was never a problem. If there was a complaint it was that the service a few nights was a little slow but because most of the time we didn't have anything planned after (other than losing our money in the casino) it wasn't a big deal. Service - Awesome! Can't say enough about how hard the crew works. I saw people late at night and early the next morning. They were always friendly, attentive, and helpful. We never had a problem. The guys on the pool deck especially were hustlers. We never went without beer or mixed drinks. The Ports of Call - Labadee is BEAUTIFUL! Get off the boat and go lay on the beach and get in the water! It is awesome!! Great view of the ship from the beach!! Jamaica - GET OFF THE BOAT!! We did the zip line and Dunn's River Falls excursion. We had the most fun! The guide was wonderful and full of information, the zip line experience was AMAZING, and Dunn's River Falls was awesome!! Also, we got lunch during the day and it was the best lunch I have had in forever. Jerk chicken, beans and rice, and some salad that was yummy! Cozumel - GET OFF THE BOAT! We went snorkeling. The water is so beautiful in Cozumel how could you NOT get off the boat. Leaving the ship - From the time they called our number until were were sitting on the bus to the airport = 10 minutes total. Easy. No complaints. Over all we had the best time. We met some really nice people, drank, ate, relaxed, loved, and enjoyed being together. If you read a bad complaint chalk it up to someone who wants to complain and doesn't enjoy life because you truly can't have a bad time on the Oasis of the Seas. Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
Our first cruise was so exciting! We chose one of the largest cruise ships on the planet to try cruising and we are so glad we did! While Liberty Travel was the worst agent ever, Royal Caribbean made up for that and then some! We will ... Read More
Our first cruise was so exciting! We chose one of the largest cruise ships on the planet to try cruising and we are so glad we did! While Liberty Travel was the worst agent ever, Royal Caribbean made up for that and then some! We will book all future cruises with RCI and have already booked another cruise for 2012. If you know you can afford it, do all that you can to rebook while on board your boat. Labadee is a hidden gem, get off the boat as early as possible. Make sure you hit the roller coaster and the zip line. This place is magnificent, more than enough to do. Falmouth Jamaica, we did not think was so good. Chukka Zip Line and Dunn's River Falls fell short of our expectation. Water shoes must be closed toe, we wont ever forget that again. The Zip Line was ok but not as exciting as it is portrayed. Dunn's River Falls is ok, very small compared to any photos we saw. Friends went on a guided river tour and had a much better day. We won't go to Jamaica again. Cozumel, we had a great time on the ATV tour - excellent excursion with good price. DO NOT SHOP NEAR THE SHIP IN COZUMEL! They all set their own exchange rates and will try to rip you off! Go to the shops the cruise line recommends. We had a balcony room port side 12322. The best thing was being able to walk out the cabin door, turn right and head out about 15 steps to a back deck overlooking the Aqua Theatre - AWESOME place to be when the show is on and when leaving ports. We found the best place to eat is the Solarium right when it opens. Also when you board the ship head to Central Park Deli and get that roast beef sandwich - OH MY GAWD WHAT A GREAT SANDWICH. Chops is a must do! Also we absolutely loved Quest - be prepared to see anything happen there! HA HA!Our room attendant was Rudy, that man was so wonderful. He took care of everything. Out table mates, we got lucky were awesome people. We will, however, do MY TIME dining on the next cruise. This allows for more freedom on excursions. We learned the hard way to avoid the Windjammer unless you can get in there immediately when it opens. The windjammer was crowded, hard to find a seat and noisy. I will say this, there are computer touch screens near the elevators which will tell you how busy areas of the boat are - VERY HELPFUL! We used the stairs more than the elevators which was faster especially on Port Disembarkation and around meals at the Opus dining room. Also, we did not know that passengers are ALLOWED to smoke on their balcony. That made me angry, I had to put up with the carcinogens and couldn't enjoy my balcony as much as I liked. Next to us were two fellows from Europe who chain smoked 24/7 - so gross. RCI should outlaw smoking on the balconies so everyone is safe from second hand smoke. When cruising it was lessened but if someone up wind was out smoking, you get a face full of it. GROSS and UNHEALTHY. I urge you to take as many photos as you can, the cruise ship photos are very expensive. We did buy some - cost us $195.00 Toiletries on the boat were limited. I also learned that you can get 11.00 nail polish on the pool deck shop but the woman in the Promenade shop tried to tell me she had the only polish at $26 a bottle! WHAT!? Make sure you bring the little things.Things like nose spray, allergy medication, Tums, nail polish remover are not in abundance. In fact there was Drystan but I wanted nose spray. The first two days my allergies were awful and my meds were only a partial help. Don't over pack. You will spend a lot of time in bathing suits and sarongs. DO make sure you bring enough nice outfits for dinner, business casual. Also, I was worried about formal dinner, but I got a nice long black cotton dress and it was fine. No need to treat it like a Prom - overkill to me! Also Did you know you can eat with the Captain? We heard you can buy a seat as his table, wonder if its true, we saw people eating with the Oasis Capt. Every morning about 11 am boat time the Captain addressed the boat - very nice. On the TV is a channel to see where the boat is and the statistics. We caught amazing photos off our balcony of thunder storms and amazing sunsets and sunrises. MAKE SURE YOU ARE UP AND SEE THE BOAT COME INTO PORT! AMAZING!Oasis is so huge and to watch the docking and get early morning photos of port is fun. The staff was pretty friendly, hard to get near the Cruise Director... funny guy but did not seem too approachable as he walked the ship. We got more interaction with an internal IT officer - very nice young man. We never had to fight for a deck chair, rarely saw kids and rarely felt crowded. Smoking on pool decks is limited to Port side - avoid that side if you want to breath! Above all HAVE FUN! WE LOVE RCI! Cant wait to get on the Allure in 2012 Read Less
Sail Date October 2011
This ship was just...wow. I have never been on a cruise before but this truly amazed me. There is no doubt that I had fun 24-7. I see some negative reviews on here, but honestly I saw nothing wrong with the ship. What more do people want ... Read More
This ship was just...wow. I have never been on a cruise before but this truly amazed me. There is no doubt that I had fun 24-7. I see some negative reviews on here, but honestly I saw nothing wrong with the ship. What more do people want out of life?I had fun with various activities on the ship which I will give tips and examples!When you get on board, most people only have their carry on with them. The ship brings all luggage to the staterooms so you don't have to! The luggage comes very quickly! Our 2ND luggage took a little bit longer, but it wasn't a big deal. As soon as you get on board, you can start eating! I definitely recommend exploring the ship on the first day!You use a SeaPass card for everything! Including entering and leaving from the ports of call!For breakfast, I only went to the Windjammer located on Deck 16. I would've tried other places but this place was complimentary and delicious! The buffet had so many choices! Everyone, no matter what their pallet, will find something to enjoy. It was clean, the waiters were nice and the view was gorgeous! I definitely recommend you try a little bit of everything if you are the type of person to experiment and try new things.For Lunch, there are many great places! The Park Cafe was my favorite! There was a delicious "make-your-own-salad" bar, soups of the day and tasty desserts!This was located in Central Park, Deck 8. On Deck 15, there is the glorious Wipe Out Cafe. You can pour your own frozen yogurt and get french fries, hot dogs, burgers and more! But hurry, get there before 5PM, which they close for dinner and don't open until the next day.One thing all these restaurants have on the ship are complementary drink machines. There is mango, lemon lime and strawberry-kiwi. They are refreshing and not overwhelming!Sorrentos has delicious pizza! There are many nice dessert places on the Royal Promenade, Deck 5.For dinner, my family always went to the Opus, located at the end of Deck 5, opposite of the Opal Theatre. The food was just to die for. Everyday there was a new menu! The portions were the perfect size to avoid sickening. You get an appetizer, main course and dessert! Wanna know the best part? It's complimentary! I would definitely request the waitress REYNA when you get there. Sometimes you can call ahead for the reservations, sometimes you can't. I don't know why this is. But, 7-9PM the Opus is at its busiest. To assure quick seating and getting Reyna, I would go between 5 and 7 PM. Reyna was just amazing! Her assistants and the maitre D were also very kind and welcoming! They talk to you and treat you like they've known you! But, WARNING: Try to stay away from the back of the restaurant and try to stay within the waiter's eye. We got stuck in a secluded area once and received not so good service. I was with my parents and we stayed at table 701,near the front, great table! Reyna never disappointed! And don't be afraid to try new things! I tried escargot! It wasn't my favorite but it was bearable. It was like a salty mushroom. Be adventurous! Also, bring formal clothes! There are 2 formal nights on the ship.The ships have different shows so you might not see what I saw. I saw Hairspray at the Opal Theatre. I recommend you go see a show there, it was just amazing! I also saw an ice show at Studio B. It was beautiful. Now, the water show at the AquaTheater books up quickly. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO GET A SEAT. You can enjoy this magnificent show on Deck 15. It's near the Zip Line. You get an aerial view and it's still amazing! There's a table and chairs next to the glass wall so you can enjoy a drink while watching this nice show!One fun thing to do is hit the Solarium Jacuzzi when the ship is leaving port. It's so nice to relax when you are watching the ship leave!Activities wise, you'll never get bored!Definitely try the Zip Line. Even if you're an adult! It's extremely nerve wrecking when you're getting ready, but once your on, it's one of the greatest feelings!Rock climbing was also fun! It's not as easy as it looks though! For these activities you will need sneakers and socks. If you don't want to pack bulky sneakers in your suitcase, you will be provided sneakers. You just need socks!I am all for recommending karaoke! It was my favorite club on the ship! They start at all different times but family karaoke is first and adult karaoke is later. Come in 10 minutes to 10 PM to get a good seat! It is also a bar so you can enjoy a drink while watching people make fools out of themselves! It was just hilarious! Me and my father still laugh about it! Makes a funny story to tell your friends! If your a good singer, you should go sing! If you mess up, you won't be seeing these people after the cruise is over!There is mini golf and it usually isn't crowded! I do recommend doing it at night to beat the sun burning on you. Don't be like me and try the flow rider! I never got the chance but it looks fun!There is a chapel and hospital. One big thing to watch out for is sitting through boring seminars that aren't for you! There is a shopping seminar that promises free stuff but there is nothing complimentary. Unless you plan to do lots of shopping, don't go! Boring and a waste of time!The pools were fun to swim in! There are a lot of people in them though. What I recommend is for you to go in the pool with the least amount of people. Eventually it'll clear up. A good time to go swimming is after breakfast. The pools aren't too deep! The pictures the cruise takes are very pricey. A CD costs about $300. Individual pictures are $20 for a large and $10 for a small. I have a way to get around this with the workers so just ask me on twitter. My twitter is lovecloudnine. Or email me at xemyyloveesyouu@aim.comThere are lots of game rooms other fun attractions. There is a basketball court and specialty restaurants! I only went to Johnny Rockets. Many people wonder this, so I'll confirm it right now. You feel LITTLE to NO movement on the ship. You feel a little bit in the bathroom but that is about it. It isn't enough to make you sick. I took Boniev in case, but I didn't need it. There are lots of little places on the ship to go to, so like I said, spend the first day exploring!As for departure, if you have to fly, here's what I did.We exited the ship about 8AM. Our flight was booked for 1:30PM. This is a huge gap and there is really nothing to do at Ft. Lauderdale Airport once you are checked in. I would try to get a flight for no earlier than 11AM. The bus ride from the ship to the airport is no more than 10 minutes. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at xemyyloveesyouu@aim.comI will be describing the ports of call next. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
This cruise was definitely worth the money! The ship was spotless which is near impossible for holding over 6,000 passengers. While some of the crew were a bit short, they were overall super friendly and there was always someone around you ... Read More
This cruise was definitely worth the money! The ship was spotless which is near impossible for holding over 6,000 passengers. While some of the crew were a bit short, they were overall super friendly and there was always someone around you could talk to if you had questions. We had four people in our party and split between two cabins, one with a balcony facing Central Park and the other with a balcony facing the ocean. Both cabins were spacious and the extra bonus is that they are made up twice a day. One of the best parts of the cruise was the cruise director and activities manager Mike and Amy. They were at every show or dance and truly made the experience better. They were always enthusiastic and were willing to answer any question. I greatly recommend going to some if not all of the shows( the only one we did not go to was the water one). They were all beautifully done and you could tell how much work was put into them. You should book reservations before the trip because some of the show times fill up at the beginning of the cruise. One of the few downfalls of the cruise was the teen club. While it was a perfect place for younger teens to hang out, there were two 17 yr olds in our party so it wasn't really good for them. It seems to cater to a younger age. The outdoor areas were super nice and even with so many people there was always space to lay out by the pool. The gym was large and there was always space to work out. The dining choices were extensive and the food was a lot better than our expectations. Our favorite was the pizza place which was open until 3 am. I recommend buying the soda package especially if you have kids because it was super nice being able to get soda quick without having to pay. The specialty dining(which comes with a cover charge) was also great but you have to make reservations early because they fill up quick. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
We are a young couple (age 27) and this was our first cruise and we were BLOWN AWAY. This cruise was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. They had activities for every age. (I organized by review in sections so if you are just ... Read More
We are a young couple (age 27) and this was our first cruise and we were BLOWN AWAY. This cruise was amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. They had activities for every age. (I organized by review in sections so if you are just looking for info on one part you can just read that section.)SHIP & STATEROOMS: Yes, the ship was big & beautiful but it was easy to navigate. They have touch screens all over the ship in which you can find directions, what activities are currently happening, etc. We had a balcony (oceanview) stateroom and were very satisfied. It was clean, bright and cozy. It was small but workable. RCI designed it well with hooks, cubbies and other space-saving devices. The balcony was decent size, too. We enjoyed the balcony but if we sail on the Oasis again we'd get an interior room. We spent so little time in our room (because there is so much to do and see) that, for us, it wasn't worth the extra money having the balcony. The rooms are very quiet - barely heard anything. And we only felt movement on the ship once (on a super windy day and even with that, the movement was very minimal). Other than that I would have thought we were on dry land. Also, for having over 6,000 guests on the ship we never felt crowded. The art and dEcor on the ship is beautiful - we did a brief art tour and it was fun to find out more about the history of the ship and its art.ENTERTAINMENT: Go to the shows!!! They are GREAT and of super high quality. The Aqua Show was spectacular. Hairspray was very well produced & entertaining. The Headliner Show for our cruise was Mosaic (an acapella group who took second on "America's Got Talent") and they were amazing. "Come Fly With Me" was impressive with all the acrobatic talent. The "Love & Marriage Show" was hilarious and is hosted by the cruise director who is very humorous & entertaining. I'm not a fan of stand-up comedy but I laughed so hard & highly recommend attending. Also, the ice staking show was geared towards the younger crowd (the show revolved about Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tales) but was very impressive &, if you have an extra 45 minutes, I would recommend seeing it. The "Quest" Scavenger Hunt was also a lot of fun. Hosted by the quirky and hilarious cruise director (Richard Spacey) it requires audience participation and if you get offended easily - don't go. But if you like to laugh & have a great time - go. A lot of the "top" shows (Hairspray, the Aqua Show, Headliner Shows, Comedians) offer the option of making reservations. I would recommend making reservations -- if you can't attend for some reason, it's no big deal but at least you are guaranteed in if you do go. But on the same hand (despite what some other reviews say) if you don't have reservations we found it was fairly easy get in. Also, there are a lot of lounges/clubs throughout the ship that every night played every type of music - RatPack & oldies, BigBand, Latino, modern, hip-hop - that appealed from pre-teens to seniors. FOOD: The buffet style food (namely the Windjammer & Wipeout Cafe) was average. It was, well, buffet food. However, the variety is great and if you can't find something you like then there is something wrong with you. The Solarium Bistro was always less crowded (often it was hard to find a table at the Windjammer) and offered a more healthy fare. The main dining room's food was average, sometimes above average. We found it good, but not great. The best quick (& complimentary) food we found was at the Park Cafe in Central Park. They have great roast beef sandwiches and really good "make your own salads" in addition to items like wraps & paninis. Sorrentos Pizza wasn't great but no one really seems to care. Basically, if you don't like something, don't eat it. There are many others places where you can find something to satisfy your tastes. We never used room service so I can't comment on that. We did My Time Dining which worked well for us. Even with My Time Dining they try to seat you with the same waitstaff like you'd experience with scheduled dining. You can still make reservations with MyTime Dining but even without reservations the longest we waited for a table was about 10 minutes. We always requested a table for two, which they always honored. SPECIALTY RESTAURANTS: They offer several specialty restaurants for, of course, an additional charge. We only tried Chops Grille and Giovanni's Table both of which were AMAZING and well worth the additional cost - especially Chops Grille. They had the best (and biggest at 10 oz) filet migion I have ever tasted & their appetizers and desserts (especially the red velvet cake) were superb. Just be aware there are other places (like Johnny Rockets, the Ice Cream Parlor and Seafood Shack) which may appear "complimentary" but charge you additional to eat there. BEVERAGES: My husband got the "soda" package which entitled you to unlimited soda for the week. It cost around $50 which I thought was a rip-off because I feel soda should be complimentary. We were disappointed by the lack of soda selection (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite & Ginger Ale) and thought for $50 there should be more choices (like Mellow Yellow, Root Beer, etc). The only "complimentary" beverages were water, flavored water, milk and some watered-down juices. Of course any type of alcohol is an additional cost & they add an automatic 15% gratuity. GYMS/SPA/POOLS/KIDDIE AREAS: We walked through the spa which was impressive but we weren't about to shell out $150 for a massage. The gym had a lot of equipment and looked nice but we didn't use it so I can't say much about it. They had a run/walking track on deck five which was separate from other areas so runners didn't have to dodge other guests and vice versa. They had a lot of hot tubs and four pools (one which was a kiddie pool). We liked the Solarium which was a kid free zone (age 16+) and had a great view in the front of the ship. Here's an insider tip: Go to deck 14 in the front of the ship. There is a great deck there with great views and is sparely visited. Very beautiful, quiet retreat. You have to walk through the stateroom hallway on the portside of the ship on deck 14 (go all the way to the front) to get to it. The pools were crowded but it didn't bother us. We never had a problem finding a lounge chair. They had a great "Adventure Zone" for kids - always bustling with activity and games. They also had a SportCourt, PingPong and mini-golf course where kids and teens often congregated but it was nice because these areas were all clumped together. We never felt overrun by children which is a testament to RCI's ability to keep them busy in their own independent areas. SERVICE: The service (no matter where you were) was AMAZING. They are always, always eager to please and very accommodating. RCI I think really prides themselves on customer service. One night in the main dining room we were seated next to an Indian family who had very specific diet requests that were accommodated without hesitation. The people walking around the ship offering you drinks were polite & not pushy (which I appreciated). Our stateroom attendant was very attentive. Everyone was friendly and even if they didn't like their job, you never knew it. PORTS OF CALL: The true destination on this cruise is the ship itself. We enjoyed Haiti but since it was a private island owned by RCI it seemed a little limited. We didn't do any excursions but laid on the beach which was nice. In Jamaica we did the Dunn River Falls climb which we enjoyed but the 45-minute crazy car ride was a little setback. Cozumel we thought was the best out of the three - we did snorkeling & parasailing which we enjoyed. We don't like to shop so I can't comment on that. However no matter where you go the vendors are quite pushy. You get used to firmly and politely saying "No thank you" if you're not interested, no matter what "good deal" they'll give you.Overall it was a GREAT cruise and we will definitely cruise with RCI again!! Hope some of this info helps! Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
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Cabin 4.0 N/A
Dining 4.0 4.1
Entertainment 5.0 4.4
Public Rooms 5.0 4.5
Fitness & Recreation 3.0 N/A
Family 5.0 4.3
Shore Excursions 3.0 N/A
Enrichment Activities 1.0 N/A
Service 4.0 4.4
Value for Money 3.0 N/A

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