8 Norwegian Sun Cruise Reviews for Romantic Cruises to Caribbean - Southern

Oceanview room on 6A was quiet & convenient. Most shows were a disappointment in theatre, we only liked 4 out of 11 nights. Game shows were great, very entertaining! Loudspeaker system is horrible & hard to understand what is being ... Read More
Oceanview room on 6A was quiet & convenient. Most shows were a disappointment in theatre, we only liked 4 out of 11 nights. Game shows were great, very entertaining! Loudspeaker system is horrible & hard to understand what is being said. Music on pool deck was so loud you couldn’t have a conversation without yelling. Kids took over adult pool & hot tubs & nothing was ever said to them. NO enforcement of rules on pool deck, towels on chairs for hours with no one in them. Same offenders every day, 1 person gets up to put towels on 4-6 chairs. Limited shaded area on pool deck & when barbecue happens it takes away a huge shaded area for the am & part of the afternoon. Really enjoyed ports of call, docked close to towns so easy to walk around on your own. We will not sail on this ship again due to everything mentioned above & ship is showing its age. Also paid gratuities in full & was charged again so must phone to get charge reversed, annoying. Read Less
Sail Date November 2017
My husband and I just took our third cruise with NCL, and this was the best one yet. We simply cannot wait to do another, hopefully back on The Sun. many passengers are repeat guests, and I now understand why. Here is the break-down: ... Read More
My husband and I just took our third cruise with NCL, and this was the best one yet. We simply cannot wait to do another, hopefully back on The Sun. many passengers are repeat guests, and I now understand why. Here is the break-down: EMBARKATION Super easy. We flew into Miami and planned to just grab a cab to the port, but we saw NCL in the airport and had them take us instead. $16 per person, and they get your luggage delivered right to your state room. What could be better than that? Getting on the ship was easy and fast too, and our rooms were ready by the time we finished lunch at The Garden Cafe. PORTS We visited 5 ports on this cruise, and each was great simple because of the excursions that we booked. I highly recommend comparing the NCL's excursions with Shore Trips.com, cruisingexcursions.com, and shoreexcursionsgroup.com. You can really create a great experience by looking at all of them. We especially enjoyed The St. Maarten Party Bus! My husband and I aren't huge partiers, but we were the only ones on the bus, and the staff really took care of us. We got a tour of the entire island - including Orient Bay Beach, Marigot, and Maho Bay - and we drank unlimited amounts of rum punch from our personal bartender while our tour guide/bus driver told us about the island. A really cool experience! Our other excursions inclusing an intense but really neat hike to Sari Sari Falls in Dominica, a tour of Lushan Country in St. Lucia complete with a hike through the forest with an experienced guide and fresh fruits and Caribbean food, and finally, an all-inclusive tour of Barbados that included Harrison's Cave, a botanical garden, Caribbean lunch, and a nature preserve with green monkeys. We arrived at St. Thomas with no tour in mind, but for $20, jumped in a cab and were taken all over the island for two hours, including three different mountaintops. You pay $21 just to go the mountaintop by rail. We stopped there on this tour as well and tasted the famous banana daiquiris that were apparently invented there. Not really the best drink, but we got it for the experience. ENTERTAINMENT ON BOARD We were really impressed with most of the shows that we saw, as well as the music in the lounges at night. Michael Redden is especially talented as a musician, very much like John Mayer. We really his shows. There was a piano player on board that was quite good if you like that. The Sun Production cast was the only thing that we were not impressed with. The guys were ok, and there is one brunette girl that is good, but the three blonde girls tend to yell into their mikes a lot. We didn't enjoy these shows very much. Soul Duo was a cirque show, and they were quite impressive! We also enjoyed the comedian, hypnotist, and magician. The last night offered us "Paperback Writer - The Beatles Experience," and this was a huge highlight for us. These guys were great and so realistic! The ship also offered a Beach Boys tribute band on one of the last days at sea, and they were great as well. Additionally, many of the performers offered an additional show at some point either late at night or during the day. These were good as well. THE FOOD I don't know what people expect, but I think the food in the main dining rooms is great! Yes, one half of the menu stays the same, but the other side changes nightly, and there are plenty of choices. Additionally, the two dining rooms' staples are different, so you can also switch for a change. I had a great experience in both. The first night I had my one and only disappointment when I ordered the surf and turf and my steak was well done instead of medium rare as ordered. The waitress took it back, my second steak was just as well done, and finally, a perfect steak came out. She felt bad and refused to let me eat the steak until it was done right. Every other meal after that went smoothly. My husband and I also enjoy the specialty restaurants. La Cucina offered delicious Italian, perfect steak (the first time!) at Cagney's, and our favorite is always Le Bistro. Amazing authentic French food. I wouldn't pay to eat specialty every night, but it is a nice change. We also did the Murder Mystery Lunch on the last day at sea, and this was not only really good food, but super fun as well. I definitely recommend this one! Otehr food options included a really cool Tapas Bar (Las Ramblas) on Deck 12 that no one ever seemed to go to. It was a quiet place to hang out and play cards or have a conversation while snacking on little things. They also had a three drinks for $15 special that rotated daily. Definitely a good deal! The sports bar was good as well, and we enjoyed the wings there while watching the NCAA Basketball Championship game on the first night. The only food that we weren't impressed with was the Garden cafe. It tasted good, and there was plenty of variety if you walked around to the different stations, but by the tike we sat down to eat it, it would be cold. Mind you, it was maybe a two minute walk to the table. Unless you ordered made-to-order (like omelets and pasta), it was sure to be cold. ON BOARD ACTIVITIES We really enjoyed all that The Sun had to offer us on board. Lots of trivia in all varieties, mini golf in the atrium, ban bag toss games, ping pong tournaments, movies, Bingo, and Deal or No Deal. In the evening there were a variety of fun game shows, such as a Not-so-Newlywed Game, Jeopardy, and this game where you had to run up a microphone and name the sing being played, then get your entire side of the room up there to sing with you. Silly fun. There were also some crew talent shows (They are talented!), karaoke, and lots of opportunities to get to know the staff. One night they had a really fun sing along program, and on the last song, they ushered us to the middle of atrium while we sang at the top of our lungs while balloons came down from the ceiling and we tried to keep them all in the air. More silly fun, and one of my favorite moments. THE CREW This is where The Sun really shines (Cheesy but true). Richard (the Cruise Director) could be seen literally all over the boat, and he went out of his way to know people by name. He knew mine by the second day and always took a moment to check in when he saw me (always using my name). Asst. Cruise Director Patrick was fabulous too, as were all of their staff. Lester, Sarah, Jacob, Hector, and Matt were our favorites. Great attitudes, and again, they took the time to really get to know us and give a personal experience. The bartenders were great as well. I had two favorites, and they greeted me by name each time I walked in and always gave me great drinks. I can't say that I ever met a crew member who didn't impress me. I loved them all. THE SHIP ITSELF Sure, The Sun was built in 2001 and has seen better days, but they are always painting something and making it look beautiful I couldn't walk up the stairs without seeing someone either dusting the handrails or vacuuming, The crew take a lot of pride, and it shows. It's a smaller ship with only 1800 passengers, and this gave us a really cool experience. We got to know many people well, and that's what made our vacation so neat. There were never any lines on the ship, never a fight for a deck chair, and yet still plenty to do. Public rooms were typically really quiet, and there were plenty of spots to read or play a game other than the small library. OUR ROOM We had a HUGE inside stateroom. It was handicapped (Surprise to us!), so the bathroom was big, and we had plenty of space to move around as well. Our room steward was great and left cute towel animals every night. The TV didn't show much, but we also weren't in the room much, so that didn't matter to us. DISEMBARKATION So way up at the top of this review, I wrote how great it is to use NCL to get you to the boat from the airport. However, I don't recommend using NCl to get back to the airport. We actually left the line to get on the bus, because it was taking forever and we knew that we were already running late for our 12:15 flight. We jumped in a cab instead and were quickly whisked away for $20 flat. This was definitely a better option. Just getting outside took time. Customs seemed longer than usual, and even finding our luggage was hard. Luckily, we made it home in one piece and even had a really nice person checking us in at the airport that didn't charge us for the extra weight that we accumulated in our checked bag. OVERALL I can't say enough great things about The Sun. This was truly the best vacation ever, and a great reminder of why we choose NCL. I really hope this ship isn't retired in a couple years when we take another cruise. The industry seems to be going bigger, but this personal experience really made our vacation. Thanks for an amazing trip! Read Less
Sail Date April 2014
We liked all the free exercise and dance classes! Morning stretch, abs workout, 1-mile deck walk with staff, zumba led by a professional dancer from the show and line dancing as well as other dance lessons were all wonderful. We have never ... Read More
We liked all the free exercise and dance classes! Morning stretch, abs workout, 1-mile deck walk with staff, zumba led by a professional dancer from the show and line dancing as well as other dance lessons were all wonderful. We have never had so many options in our past cruises. The food was very good, however, we found the desserts a bit lacking. There was no good chocolate cake and the same desserts were repeated with no originality. The entertainment was OK not great. The singers and dancers were all good except for the lead woman with short blonde hair. She has a screeching voice that pierces my ears and she was not very attractive. The black man was a wonderful singer and should have had more solos. The juggler was awesome. We enjoyed the comedians. We think the shows were better 5 years ago. They lack the pizzazz and grandeur that they used to have. The shore excursion manager, was not sympathetic in my excursion complaint. We took the dolphin swim excursion in St. Thomas and had a disappointing experience. We were in the water for about one hour but our "hands on" personal time with the dauphin was about 4 minutes as we were RUSHED through our pictures. We had one dauphin for 12 people. The Celebrity cruise attendees paid the same fee of $169 and got 3 dolphins for 12 people and they remained in the water about an hour longer than the Norwegian attendees with hands on the dolphins the entire time. This gave them up to one hour of "hands on" with a dolphin. She could have cared less that we paid so much and got so little. She said that the 3 Celebrity families, that we spoke to, were all lying about paying the same amount as the Norwegian group.  has very poor customer skills and offered us no refund! She said we got what we were supposed to get and dismissed me. Read Less
Sail Date February 2014
We were given VIP status on this cruise, so it was infinitely more memorable and certainly qualifies as the best cruise we have ever taken! Embarkation: We didn't know we were VIP - so we didn't skip the line, but embarkation ... Read More
We were given VIP status on this cruise, so it was infinitely more memorable and certainly qualifies as the best cruise we have ever taken! Embarkation: We didn't know we were VIP - so we didn't skip the line, but embarkation was handled efficiently and quickly. We were on the ship within 20 minutes of arriving at the terminal. Once we got on the ship, we ate lunch in the main dining room, and enjoyed a quiet meal with superb service. We then went to find our cabin. We chose a balcony cabin on deck 9, so that there would be nothing above or below us except cabins. 9047 was a very nice port side balcony. As we were walking down the hall toward our cabin, our cabin steward, Arnell, greeted us by name - and we had never met him!! He must have somehow looked up our pictures taken at embarkation? We found that our Concierge also recognized us, and called us by name without having met us! That kind of service is usually only found on the luxury lines! Inside our cabin, we found a plate of small sandwiches from the captain - and we were treated to something every afternoon: chocolate covered strawberries, smoked salmon and caviar, chocolate truffles, etc. Truly extraordinary!! We also got to eat breakfast and lunch every day in the specialty restaurant, and found the service to be remarkably caring, efficient, unobtrusive - it is difficult to find enough exclamatory words to describe how we were treated by all the staff and crew - from Tariq Fazal, Brian Wilson, and other directors like the cruise director Richard, to our concierge Leah Rodriguez, our cabin steward, wait staff, group event coordinator, etc. Everyone seemed honestly invested in making our cruise the vacation of a lifetime! I work days, my husband works nights, so even though we have been married 43 years, we NEEDED this time together, and we were blessed to have that. Meet and Greet: I was the organizer for our Meet and Greet, and was worried that I would not be able to contact the coordinator on board. She found me, and she was prepared with name tags, a roll call list that gave me everyone's room number, so that we could arrange to share tours, etc. We had a slot pull following the Meet and Greet - and although no one won really big, I think everyone had fun. Everyone who came greeted others, and it was really great to meet them after just 'chatting' on our roll call. The people on cruise critic really are the BEST!! Food: As I said, we ate breakfast and lunch almost every day in the specialty restaurant. As I said above, we loved the atmosphere, the service, and the food/menu. We did eat in the sports bar once when we were craving hot wings - and that was good once the wait staff figured out that we needed a menu and that we were not simply overflow from the buffet. We had room service only once - but the sandwich was fresh and delicious. It arrived within the 30 minutes they told us it would take to bring to us. We never ordered a pizza - so I cannot comment on that. We ate dinner in the main dining room several nights, and the food was good, came cooked as desired, and at the correct temperature. I do miss the cold, fruit soups!! (Please bring them back, NCL!!) We ate dinner in Teppanyaki, Le Bistro, East Meets West, and Il Adagio. Those meals were presented with flair that you might expect in extremely expensive restaurants and we were never disappointed in the flavor, texture, temperature, service, etc. We feel that the service charge is a fraction of what you would pay on land for a comparable meal. However - if you cannot justify spending more to eat, when you can eat extremely well in the main dining room, then you will always find something to your liking whether that be low calorie, vegetarian, healthy choice, gluten free, etc. We don't drink, so we cannot comment on the quality of wine, mixed drinks, etc. We did purchase a soda card. Sometimes we have found that bartenders may sneer at adults who only drink soda - or they may view us as a nuisance? Whatever the case may have been on other ships, we found on the Sun that the bartenders were at least accommodating, and in the Java Cafe, they truly went out of their way to come to where we were sitting and chatting to refill our soda many, many times - always cheerfully and professionally. Entertainment: NCL knows how to throw a party, and if you have never gone to the "White Hot Party", you are missing out on a lot of fun!! There were game shows, the typical broadway style reviews, a terrific hypnotist, and we heard that the comedian was hilarious - but we were too exhausted to go to the late show, and we missed the earlier one. The music groups were varied and provided something everyone would enjoy from a Beach Boys night, to a caribbean style band that was not too loud and "in your face" at the pool, to soft jazz singers, to a really talented classical pianist who played Schumann, Chopin, etc. We have found that NCL gets really great entertainers, and yet we were worried that on such a small ship there would not be the quality we have enjoyed on other ships in their fleet. Of course, we didn't have Blue Man Group - but we were certainly not lacking for variety in entertainment! Shore Excursions: We arranged for our own guides, rather than taking the ship's tours. However, those we spoke with who did go on the ship's tours really enjoyed them. I will review the guides we used on another thread. Facilities: The Sun has a fitness center, sports court, jogging track, etc that you would expect on any cruise ship. The one thing we noticed was that we could always find a seat on the pool deck. There were some chair hogs - but there were enough lounge chairs to accommodate everyone. The spa facilities are beautiful and are staffed well with professionals. On this cruise, as on most NCL cruises, there is a laundry special mid-cruise. You may have any amount of laundry you can pack into their paper bag cleaned and pressed for $25. This is terrific if you want to avoid paying baggage fees with your airline, and you are careful in how you pack!! Disembarkation: As soon as the ship was cleared, people began leaving - but we didn't see the crush of people waiting in line that we have seen elsewhere. With NCL, if you choose to have them check your luggage to your final destination, they will do that. If you are at the other end of the continuum, and you elect to carry your own luggage off, that is fine as well. We packed for the entire vacation in our carry ons, so we simply met our concierge when we were ready, and walked right off the ship. I am struggling to find anything negative to say about this ship and it's crew - but I fear if I don't find something, others may think this is a biased review. We are not complainers, although we did see some of those on board. I will say that the Sun is an older ship. She is beautifully maintained, and in St. Thomas we saw maintenance men re-painting some parts of her. On our balcony, there were a couple of spots of rust, and there was a small stain on the carpet in our cabin. Otherwise, we always saw housekeeping staff cleaning, polishing, replenishing towels, etc. There was never an offensive smell - even in the well - used public restrooms. The hair dryers are old-fashioned, but I was prepared for this and brought my own hair dryer. If I had not, I could have made the one provided work - it just takes longer. Once in a great while we chose to take the stairs because the elevators were crowded. But this was usually only after coming back aboard at a port. Fans did have to be used to dry carpet adjacent to the pool areas - especially on sea days or if it was raining. All in all, we loved the smaller size of this ship, the facilities and cabin, the quality of the food, but most of all we loved the crew who always went above and beyond their duty to ensure our comfort! We will definitely sail on the Sun again and again! Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
My wife and I booked this cruise for our 10th Anniversary. For our honeymoon ten years earlier we had booked a similar cruise out of San Juan that visited four of the five ports on this cruise. We had just as great a time ten years ... Read More
My wife and I booked this cruise for our 10th Anniversary. For our honeymoon ten years earlier we had booked a similar cruise out of San Juan that visited four of the five ports on this cruise. We had just as great a time ten years later. We flew into Fort Lauderdale the night before and stayed at the very average Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. We booked transport to the cruise terminal through SAS Transportation. Only $15 a person. Our driver arrived early and got us down to Miami promptly. We arrived right at noon, so there was a bit of a line for embarkation, but it moved quickly enough. We were soon on the ship and were able to immediately go to our stateroom. This was our 4th cruise on NCL, and the Sun is by far the smallest ship we have sailed on. It didn't take us very long at all to fully explore the ship. By contrast last year we sailed on the Epic and were still discovering new places, days into the cruise. On the whole we much prefer the smaller ships. The one negative is that there not as many options for entertainment. Our room was perfect and we loved the view from our balcony. We met our steward, Jamie and he was great throughout the entire cruise. As always the entire NCL staff was friendly and helpful One of the reasons we booked this cruise is that it had two sea days, each at the beginning and the end of the cruise. Perfect for relaxing, especially when you have a balcony. The first two days we spent on the sun decks and they were not too crowded, although the last two days we spent on our balcony. The food on the ship is good, but nothing special. Our best meal was at the Italian Restaurant. That was the only specialty restaurant we ate at. We ate dinner every other night at the two complimentary dining rooms. We looked at the buffet and it just did not seem to have as many options as other cruises we have been on. Same was true for breakfast. It was also a bit annoying that we couldn't toast our own bread/bagels. You had to wait in line to get it done. Lunches were similar as far as selection, though the pizza/pasta bar was good. The entertainment was mixed. Other than the Stardust Theater, there were no other options such as a comedy club, that we loved on the Epic. Just lounge singers and game shows. We went to the Stardust six of the ten nights. The best acts were the acrobats and the jugglers. The standup comic was also very funny. There was a hypnotist act, TerranceB, that was totally lame. It was painfully obvious that the people he was hypnotising to do silly things were faking it, especially some wannabe comic named Ted. The fact that Terrance didn't call him on his fakery was even more annoying. The last night of the cruise was a Beatles Tribute Band that was equally lame. They seemed to be tone deaf. Richard the cruise director was fantastic. He always had a funny story to tell, he was certainly one of the highlights We loved all of the shore excursions except St. Thomas. See port reviews below Disembarkation was a breeze. We carried off our own bags and we were through customs in less than 25 minutes. SAS again took us to the airport right on time All in all it was a great cruise for us. We got exactly what we wanted, a relaxing time away from our everyday life. Read Less
Sail Date March 2013
We are from Canada and love to drive down to the states to the port. We had a lovely drive down other then discovering the orange bowl was going on in Miami and no hotel rooms were available. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale in a fairly scary ... Read More
We are from Canada and love to drive down to the states to the port. We had a lovely drive down other then discovering the orange bowl was going on in Miami and no hotel rooms were available. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale in a fairly scary Comfort inn who charged us $200 dollars for a double room. Supply and demand prices. Once at the port embarkment was fast and efficient. Once on board the ship we proceeded to the buffet area for our first meal by the pool. An announcement at 1pm that all rooms were ready. That is where the first problems began. The room was not very clean. Every surface in the room was covered in dirt and dust. All the drawers had hairs and grit in them. The coffee maker had a sticky layer on film on the top and the fridge door handle had brown slime all around it. We pushed the coffee table over in front of it as we knew we would not be putting anything in there. Gross. I decided to just make the best of the room and just cleaned all the other surfaces myself. The next surprise was a note left on our door on the 2nd sea day that they needed to do "carpet maintenance" for 5 hours in our room the following day. That was the day we were docking in St Thomas so that wasn't a big problem as we had booked an excursion and would be out. We let the guest services know that 830am was fine and asked about the carpet maintenance? They gave us no other information as to what this entailed.We were extremely shocked to arrive back to our cabin after our shore excursion to find new carpet. The problem was that they had cleared all our belonging off every table,desk etc and jammed it where ever they could find a spot. Very annoying when you unpack and organize everything for your stay to have it all undone. A trip to guest services confirmed that no staff are to touch the guests belongings. I really just wanted someone to come to us and say "gee we are sorry to stress you out on your vacation." They instead sent some chocolates and wine. We don't drink so we gave it away. Our excursions were pretty good. The only horrible one was in St Lucia where we went on a beach break and the man in charge of the chairs didn't have enough for our bus (even though they were included in our ticket price). He started cursing and yelling while we all stood around waiting. Eventually it became so out of control that 3 local constables had to come. Not a relaxing trip to the beach. Lots of little things just made this trip disappointing. The dining room staff were not friendly like on carnival. Every single night we had to ask for them to fill up the butter dish as there was one little pack. In the buffet we found the food boring and salty. When we ordered breakfast from room service the fruit plate comes with melon and one half of one strawberry lol. Every single order was missing at least one item we had ordered. The coffee shop in the main lobby was a joke. No regular hours so every night when we tried to drop in it was closed. On carnival we could go late at night and get a fantastic snack. We went on this trip for our 25th anniversary and counted the days until we could get off this ship. We are pretty low key people and don't have super high standards. We just wanted a clean, fun place to unwind. We left more stressed.The one shining area of this ship is the entertainment crew. They seemed to be the only crew members that liked their jobs. They were smiling and friendly and fun. I could add many more points but there is no point. Needless to say we will never travel with Norwegian again. What a waste of vacation time and money. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
This was our 2nd NCL cruise, the first being the Dawn to Bermuda in Sept 2011. We booked this cruise as our honeymoon, mostly for the ports and length. After reading a bunch of what seemed like negative stuff about the Sun, I was a ... Read More
This was our 2nd NCL cruise, the first being the Dawn to Bermuda in Sept 2011. We booked this cruise as our honeymoon, mostly for the ports and length. After reading a bunch of what seemed like negative stuff about the Sun, I was a little leery. They couldn't be further from the truth. The Sun is a wonderful ship, doesn't show its age (like a lot of people think) and offers everything we needed. However, I think I found the people that write those crazy things. I overheard one man complain to his wife how it absolutely ridiculous you couldn't pull up your charges on your TV. Really? That's what you worry about on a cruise? I also overheard a woman tell someone else from another ship that "nothing is together onboard. It's all spread out" ????????????? First off, the Sun is almost the smallest ship in the fleet, so nothing is ever really that far. Secondly, what is the expectation? Everything to be on Deck 6? Other than that, I didn't hear too many other negative things. Embarkation - we arrived around 10:30, flew right through security and check in and then waited until 11:45 for our group to be called. Flew right in, and was on board by 12. Rooms were ready by 1:15. The crew on the Sun is awesome, simply put. Everyone smiling and saying hello, making sure that you are taken care of. Food - ranged from good to excellent. Our expectation is that not every meal is going to be out of this world. We did the buffet for breakfast 5 days and Seven Seas the other 5. Both were equally as good. We only did Four Seasons for dinner because I wanted to wear shorts and flip flops at night. Service was excellent. We did sushi one night - excellent and cheap ($17 filled us up.) We did Tepanyaki one night - best $ we spent. Food was phenomenal and the show was great. Then we did Il Addagio twice. Best value on the ship. $15pp and the food was amazing. Casino - usually smoky. As a former smoker, I finally realized how gross it is. But, its a casino, and I expected it. Had fun playing 3 card, kind of disappointed there was no Caribbean Stud. Shows - were mostly good. Terrance the hypnotist was funny. Comedian, I didn't find funny at all. The two musicals were well done with some good music. Other thoughts - The observation lounge is a beautiful spot. Plus 2 for 1 everyday from 4-6. Buckets of beer were NOT included in this (I thought they were). Pools seemed larger than the Dawn. Usual issue of people throwing towels on seats by 7:30am. Las Ramblas - disappointed in the scope of the Tapas. NCL could hit a home run with this type of place. We fully expected to go there every night for some apps before dinner, but only went once. Every ship should have a Great Outdoors. Every day in port, they would roll out a carpet, place some chairs and a couch on it, under a tent and serve water, juice and cookies. Thought that was a very nice touch to come back to. No other ship we ran into did this. Captain and staff were visible and great, except for the 3 man crew that couldn't figure out how to drive the rescue boat. The captain had spotted a life raft off the coast of the Dominican Republic. When the crew went into the water, they seemed frazzled and started going in circles, literally. The boat's steering did not work correctly. Needless to say, the life boat was empty, thankfully. Music everywhere was very well done. A little of something for everyone. Front desk was helpful in finding one of our suitcases. The new luggage tags you print out at home are not a good idea. It's computer paper. People do not handle luggage with a lot of respect. Turns out, it had come off, and someone replaced with a tag of 9033. We were in 8024. We had it by 10pm the first night, so no big deal. Overall - we loved the ship, the crew and the islands (next review). I don't think there is anything we would have done differently, or wished we had. NCL continues to be our favorite cruise line. For people wondering if you should book this cruise or this ship, well, it's up to you. It's extremely clean and well run. Do you need to see your charges on your TV? If you do, then this ship is not for you. If you can look past that, you won't regret your choice. Read Less
Sail Date January 2013
As I type this review, we are driving home from Miami, post-cruise. We took a 10 day cruise to the southern Caribbean leaving from Miami and traveling to St. Thomas, Domimica, Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Maarten on the NCL Sun. This is our ... Read More
As I type this review, we are driving home from Miami, post-cruise. We took a 10 day cruise to the southern Caribbean leaving from Miami and traveling to St. Thomas, Domimica, Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Maarten on the NCL Sun. This is our second cruise with NCL; our first was on the Star last year. THE GOOD: Some of the same cruise staff were on this ship! Jamie, the cruise director from the Star and her staff Beantown Brian and Sinful Sin were all there! They remembered us (because we had won the free cruise in BINGO a year ago) and we enjoyed seeing them and chatting with them throughout the cruise. They are fantastic, fun and really made that cruise fun!!!! BONUS: Sol Play, the most awesome band from the Star and based in Atlanta, Georgia was there too!!!! Our inside cabin was HUGE. No kidding. We were both shocked at the amount of space we had as well as storage space. Last year, we had a balcony room and we both felt this room was bigger than the balcony room. We had a full length closet, two full length floor to ceiling closets with shelves, a small dresser and another small cupboard which had multiple shelves plus the safe. That was NICE! Last year, every time we opened the sliding door, the room took forever to cool back down. This year, the inside state room stayed very cool the entire cruise. The ship itself was lovely. We both liked this ship better than the Star. There were two pools and four hot tubs on the pool deck and they were great pools! We had a very romantic dinner at the steakhouse on board and we were treated like royalty, waited on hand and foot and they even brought out an anniversary cake for us and sang. It brought tears to my eyes it was so sweet. The maitre'd (spelling?) was so sweet and thoughtful. It was the BEST meal on the ship and we did not mind spending the extra cover charge to eat there. Bar staff at the Dazzles Nightclub and Las Ramblas were FANTASTIC! They went out of their way for us, remembering our names and drink orders the minute we got to the bar. Plus, Las Ramblas, the small little tappas bar, which was intimate and cozy, had KILLER white sangria that I fell in love with. The bartender wrote down the recipes for white, red and peach sangrias so I could make them at home. Disembarkation was as smooth as a baby's bottom! NCL does a fabulous job on what looks like utter chaos to me! We arranged for 9:30 disembarkation and by 10 AM we were at our hotel loading up our car and hittin' the road. THE BAD: I sent one of my bras to be washed and after two days I asked where it was and they said they lost it. A day later, it arrived on my bed with no explanation. Yet there was a bill attached! Of course they didn't forget that! Our cabin steward Ghoni was a nice enough guy but he was a bad cabin steward. He paled in comparison to our cabin steward last year on the Star. We had to constantly ask for clean towels, the bed looked like an elephant had layed on it prior to our arrival and he acted like it was normal. The toilet had a leak in it that caused flooding onto the carpeting. When we told him about it, he questioned us as if WE caused it. We woke up and the floor was soaking wet. Not fun in bare feet. He brought a big blower in to dry it out and wanted to run it 24/7 which was like a 747 in our room it was so loud. My husband tried to explain to him that the problem wouldn't go away if the leak wasn't addressed. We called maintenance but they never fixed it. I know this is petty...but...on a ten day cruise, we got ONE towel animal. Some lady told me to complain about it but I felt it was silly to complain about it but I did look forward to it. Dress code...Okay, I get that NCL is freestyle and I love that about NCL. However, they make a big point of saying there are "dress codes" in all dining rooms except the Four Seasons and the buffets. No shorts allowed. We paid $25 each to go to the steakhouse and we were dressed formally because it was a formal night yet there were people in the steakhouse in shorts and flip flops. We also observed this in the Seven Seas dining room on multiple nights. No shorts means no shorts. We're not snobs but we like to dress nice for dinner and if we wanted to see shorts and flip flops in the formal dining room, we would have gone to the Topsiders buffet. NCL does nothing to enforce that. The Buffets...people act like it was their LAST MEAL EVER and they were going down on the Titanic so they better eat all they can! I cannot get over the commotion, pushing and shoving and rudeness at the buffets. This was no fault of NCL's but the clientele. The food on the buffets was always very nice, hot, fresh and delicious but the people accessing the buffets made it a miserable experience. THE UGLY: The excursion staff in a word, sucked. The night before we were in Dominica, we booked a 4x4 Safari expedition at $79 a person. The "excursion expert" told us we were getting the last two open seats on it. GREAT! We were excited. We were told to be at the dock at 9 am for this excursion. We were. At 10 AM, the people handling this excursion finally showed up. My husband and I were last to board it...and there were no seats. In fact, it was so full, children were sitting on the laps of their parents when they really should have had their own seats. It was an open air 4x4 (almost like a military troop transporter). They offered to squeeze me on one and my husband on another. Uhhhh, no. I'm a big girl, he's a big guy, and frankly, we didn't book the excursion to do seperately. We booked it to do together. We were both disappointed. There was an excursion coordinator from NCL at the end of the pier who credited our account and offered to give us another excursion for no charge. We asked what our choices were and at that time, there were no other choices except for a waterfalls and beach tour. BTW, it was cloudy, overcast and sprinkly. Didn't really want to go to a beach BUT didn't just want to stay on the ship either. We wanted to see Dominica so we took it. That excursion didn't leave until 11 so we farted around on the pier for 2 hours waiting for the excursion to finally leave. It was a mini van taxi that was FILLED. There was one small fold down seat that my husband sat on in the back and I rode up front with the driver. Obviously, this tour was overbooked as well and they just stuck us in there. In retrospect, we both wish we wouldn't have gone. Dominica has no infrastructure..the roads are gravel, dirt, covered in pot holes, and for the majority of the trip, the driver could not go over 15 mph. The short 15 minute walk to the waterfalls was a 1/2 hour hike coming and a 1/2 hour hike going thru the rainforest on a path that was 10x worse than the road we traveled. It was rough, difficult to maneuver at times because the path was only wide enough for one person and it POURED down rain on us the entire time. We spent 3 minutes tops at the waterfall and then turned around to come back, uphill, in the rain, no railing, no safe footing...it was awful. The beach they took us to was pure squalor. There were wild chickens and roosters roaming, garbage on the beach and the area was so poverty stricken that calling the homes shacks would be a compliment. P.S. It rained the entire time at the beach as well. The tour operator was adament we stayed the full 90 minutes there. When we finally got back to the ship and complained, the fine folks at the shore excursion desk said "Well you received it complimentary!" and they didn't care. Doesn't matter if it was complimentary if it was a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. They refused to understand that. We cannot believe this excursion would be up to NCL's standards. In fact, we know that Carnival pulled out of Dominca...we know why now! That's it for the Good, Bad and Ugly. We enjoyed the cruise, we had a fantastic time, we need a vacation to recover from it, the cocktails were wonderful, the White Hot Party was big fun and we met some wonderful people from all around the world! Read Less
Sail Date October 2012
Norwegian Sun Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 3.5 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.0 3.8
Family 3.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.3
Service 3.5 4.1
Value For Money 3.5 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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