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As committed Freestyle cruisers, we expected to enjoy our first trip on the Norwegian Sun and we were definitely not disappointed. The itinerary was most unusual but that only heightened the appeal and we were delighted to discover ... Read More
As committed Freestyle cruisers, we expected to enjoy our first trip on the Norwegian Sun and we were definitely not disappointed. The itinerary was most unusual but that only heightened the appeal and we were delighted to discover fascinating places not usually associated with luxury cruising. The Sun proved to be a great ship with wonderful staff and the relaxed, almost quiet, atmosphere made it very pleasant (although we heard later that the cruise had undersold by mnre than 300 passengers). First stop after leaving Copenhagen was Bergen where the rain barely stopped, much to the delight of the American majority who said it was so welcome after a long, hot summer in the States. Alesund in Norway was much the same but we did an NCL trip which was most enjoyable thanks to an entertaining guide. The treeless (not quite) Shetland Islands provided numerous photo opportunities but they proved to be nothing compared to the bleak but beautiful Faroe Islands vistas which had the photographers working overtime. We overheard one snapper admitting he had taken 300 pictures and the tour still had some distance to go. We also had a chuckle at dinner that evening when the "Regional Speciality" was pork chops despite the fact there are no pigs on the Faroes! Iceland was indeed the Land of Ice and Fire but the Blue Lagoon wasnt quite its magical self as the rain came down torrents. Even the captain made a joke about it, saying tongue in cheek that it would be better in the next country - Scotland! Little did he realised just how big a success Greenock would be. This port pulled out all the stops to give a real Scottish welcome with the quayside arrival hall a blaze of tartan, Scottish souvenirs and even free whisky tasting. A group of volunteers persuaded dozens of passengers to savour the delights of nearby attractions rather than go monster-hunting to Loch Ness. Many people did not realise that Nessie is only spotted at the start of the tourist season every year!A group of Scottish entertainsrs including bagpipe players and Highland dancers, packed the Sun theatre in late afternoon and received a thunderous standing ovation. And there were hundreds up on the open decks for the sailaway as a pipe band paraded up and down the quayside as local people waved their Scottish flags. A truly memorable send-off. The final stop was a very busy Dublin which must hold the world record for traffic lights per square mile. We did the hop on - hop off bus tour but were glad to get back on board. The food on the Sun was excellent no matter where you ate. We tried the Bistro, Moderna, Adagia and East Meets West and enjoyed every single meal. We also went to the tasting sessions for sangria and wine and whisky. Whoosh - after five large drams in 30 minutes it was time for the only afternoon nap of our cruise. We spent some time in the casino but never saw any big winners despite the dollars flowing into the slots. Enteretainment wise we tended to listen to singer Shane who was a quality act. Finally, the biggest secret on the Sun has definitely been exposed on Cruise Critic. Instead of going to the crowded buffet, we were advised to try the Moderna instead for a relaxing breakfast. Unfortunately too many on the ship had read reviews on this site and it was pretty busy, but not as much as the buffet. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
This was a late last minute booking for us. I had seen this cruise offered a couple of years ago, and filed it away. When I had to decide on a vacation with little time, I jumped at this. So glad I did. This certainly isn't a ... Read More
This was a late last minute booking for us. I had seen this cruise offered a couple of years ago, and filed it away. When I had to decide on a vacation with little time, I jumped at this. So glad I did. This certainly isn't a cruise for first time cruisers. The ports are for those looking for something different,and understanding the possible weather in the north Atlantic in late September. That being said, in all the ports the weather cooperated. We had one rough day at sea, but again, to be expected this time of year in the north Atlantic. As for the Sun. In a word wonderful. This is our fourth time on the ship, the first since the updating. The food has stepped up since our last cruise about two years ago. A great variety, especially with fish dishes, much appreciated. On our last cruise, we ate much of the time at the specialty restaurants because, to be blunt, the main restaurant's offerings were bland, not so this time. As is typical for NCL, the staff was excellent. In particular, the cruise directors staff. My stepson, who traveled with me needs extra attention. The staff recognized this, and went out of their way to make him feel welcome. I took the behinds the scene tour, which sure gives you a great overview of all it takes to make a great vacation experience. As for the ports, our favorite was Alesund, Norway. We took the trolls path tour. The scenery was drop dead gorgeous. The fjords were amazing. The Faroe Islands had great sea cliffs, while the Shetlands were haunting. In Scotland we went to Loch Lomand. In Iceland, many thanks to Toby from Cruise Critics for putting together a Golden Circle tour. We took three ships excursions, those being in Alesund, the Faroes, and the Shetland. Others were were on our own. Worked out well. I have only a couple of constructive criticisms. One was the overall temperature in our cabin in particular, and the ship in general. It was warm. When I made a comment, our cabin was attended to. But I heard comments from several others who felt the overall temperature of the ship was too warm. Second, the audio sound level of the production shows being too loud. Again, I heard this from several people. On the behinds the scenes tour about 6 people made comments how they felt the sound was too loud. We were told it was mixed to a level lower than on Caribbean cruises, to a level of 85 decibels. I am a radio engineer, and on my smart phone I have a sound level app. I measured it that night at 98 decibels. Being the last night on the ship, I couldn't come forward and say anything. In a word, if you have done many cruises, and are looking for something new and different on a great cruise line and ship, jump when this cruise is offered for the one time per year, you will not be sorry. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
I am still smiling about our cruise experience on the NCL Sun from Copenhagen to Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scotland and Ireland. My wife and I had a great time and here are the positives and unfortunately one negative: POSITIVES: ... Read More
I am still smiling about our cruise experience on the NCL Sun from Copenhagen to Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scotland and Ireland. My wife and I had a great time and here are the positives and unfortunately one negative: POSITIVES: - NCL came up with a great itinerary which appealed to it's Latitude Members (who have already taken all the Med, Carib, Alaskian cruises and need more ports to explore). Iceland and Norway were superb but my favorite was the Faroe Island which had some stunning scenery. This was an unexpected jewel. - NCL Sun staff were very focused on customer service - excellent crew - Freestyle cruising where dining is restaurant style is done best by NCL. I liked the food and variety but I did hear some negatives here from other cruises wrt other cruise lines. However, I liked the options - especially the fish options. - Oddly dance opportunities were expanded by the NCL Cruise Director to accommodate the demand for these fun classes. My wife and I participated in Tango, Salsa and Samba classes. We enjoyed the excellent instruction and fun cruise staff Gabi and Anastasia who did an excellent job teaching classes to novices and helping us progress. An unexpected positive for this fun cruise. - Music at the Bars (Latin Group and Exotique) were excellent. We had fun dancing to tunes with both evening entertainers. NEGATIVES: - The Ship's main dancing and entertainers for the main shows were very disappointing. The Encore show was adequate but the Shout and the We Will Rock You shows were just awful. The singers lacked soul and authenticity and the dancers didn't seem engaged with the music. After most songs, the audience remained silent but some did give a polite applause at the end of NCL crew shows. NCL should consider getting singers who can sell a blues or rock songs -they lacked intensity and could not sell the songs. NCL Jade has a stunning show called Elements which was the best I've seen on the sea but NCL Sun shows are quite disappointing. Thankfully, the imported shows (not NCL cast members) were good at providing the variety and performance quality to provide an overall good experience. Read Less
Sail Date September 2012
This was our 4th cruise with NCL so our expectations of a Freestyle Cruise and an exciting itinery were very high. Owing to the cruise being at the end of the European Season the passengers were somewhat elderly but that was not a problem ... Read More
This was our 4th cruise with NCL so our expectations of a Freestyle Cruise and an exciting itinery were very high. Owing to the cruise being at the end of the European Season the passengers were somewhat elderly but that was not a problem and we just had to be patient when it came to standing in line and moving around busy areas. The ship looked a little 'tired', although the crew did their best to keep it clean and tidy. I suspect a re-fit isn't too far away. I agree with the review from Roxy84 that the overall design of the ship is pretty poor. We too had problems finding our way around. We were on deck 10 so it was always a challenge finding the lower deck amenities. It was particularly unpleasant having to go through the smoke filled casino on several occasions. During bad weather it wasn't an option to use the Promenade Deck. The seating and buffet arrangements in the Garden Cafe were particularly poor with insufficient seating, even with the adjoining extra spaces, particularly at breakfast and lunch. A fellow guest summed it up well by saying that this ship is a summer ship with plenty of outside eating spaces which could not be used on most days on this stormy cruise. We were very disappointed with the on-board activities programme. I know this itinery was a one off for NCL but I am sure they could have employed a visiting speaker or speakers to give something about the places we were visiting even if it were something to do with glaciation and plate tectonics. One film on Lief Ericson was the sole contribution towards an itinery which offered so much. All 3 of our previous cruises offered so much more which also applied to the other activities on the Sun which seemed to centre around bingo, trivia and mainly paid for activities. Consequently we spent more time in our stateroom than we anticipated. The service we received was exactly what we expected. Friendly, helpful and of a very high standard in all areas of the ship. Our stateroom stewards were outstanding and they seemed to be genuinely friendly and they enjoyed interacting with their passengers. They said it was a happy ship and well lead by the captain who was very popular amongst the crew. With the exception of Greenock we went on the ship's excursions in all ports of call. Yes, they were expensive, but then we were visiting expensive countries. Overall thay offered very good value for money since the guides gave so much information which you couldn't get if you went solo. Also there's no chance of missing the ship. Hardanger Fiord from Bergen was good but cloud over the mountains and in some of the valleys spoilt the overall effect a bit. Walking tours of Alesund and Lerwick were interesting and the Golden Circle in Iceland was excellent. The Geysirs were fun to watch and the waterfall stunning. We were also lucky in having an excellent and very amusing guide. Giant's Causeway from Belfast was also a very worthwhile trip as was our trip to Powerscourt and Dublin. It was a bit of a crush in the Stardust Theatre waiting for your tour to be called but everyone was patient and eventually made it safely to their coaches and guides. We were pleased with our stateroom. It was our first time in a balcony and the extra room both inside and on the balcony was great. I spent quite a bit of time on the balcony and looking out to sea through the windows on the rough days and we spotted diving gannets, dolphins and whales. It was well worth the extra money. On paper, the dining options looked good and we particularly enjoyed eating in the Four Seasons. We didn't feel the need to pay the extra for the specialist restaurants. On my 60th birthday my wife arranged for me to have a birthday cake in the Four Seasons and the waiters gathered around to sing happy birthday. A nice touch! We then went to the chocolate evening in the Seven Seas, mainly to see what it was like, but ended up sampling a little of what was on offer. Apart from a few days suffering from sea sickness we mostly ate in the Garden Cafe. If you went after 7.30 in the evening it was very quiet so you could take your time over your choices. Unfortunately the buffet food was not as varied or as good as on previous NCL ships, particularly the deserts. This also applied at lunch. Entertainment was very mixed. Most of the main events in the Stardust Theatre didn't appeal to us and from what we heard we didn't miss much. We were disappointed to miss the comedian due to sea sickness but thoroughly enjoyed the MacDonald Brothers and the follow-up presentation by Bob Arno. The visiting Scottish and Irish Folk shows were also good. Embarkation was very quick due to us being latitudes members and disembarkation was just a stroll off because our car was parked at Dover and we were not tied to any particular time. In summary, we thoroughly enjoyed our ports of call, the crew were excellent, the activities and entertainment not up to the usual NCL standard, the food excellent in restaurants but disapointing in the buffet and the sea too rough in the North Sea and the North Atlantic. Would I cruise with NCL again? Yes because we prefer Freestyle Cruising. I am not sure whether I would sail on the Sun again unless the Garden Cafe was redesigned. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
This was my first cruise with NCL. We chose it because of the amazing ports in which the ship called; Bergen and Alesund Norway, Shetland Island, Faroe Island, Iceland, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin. The ports did not disappoint! They were ... Read More
This was my first cruise with NCL. We chose it because of the amazing ports in which the ship called; Bergen and Alesund Norway, Shetland Island, Faroe Island, Iceland, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin. The ports did not disappoint! They were beautiful. Ship: The overall ship was in pretty decent condition considering this cruise was supposed to be a dry dock instead. Overall the ship was well maintained, some minor carpet and painting things that needed to be updated. The overall design of the ship was poor - no hallways (so you had to walk through the restaurants, bars, lounges or casino to get to other places). If you want to go to Seven Seas restaurant on deck 5 aft, you need to go either to deck 6 or deck 4 (on starboard side only) to get to it. The buffet design was a mess (only one buffet line) and entrances on either side of it plus minimal seating. Many of the spaces on board were dark feeling either due to lack of natural lighting or dark interior colors. Room: We were in an inside cabin on deck 4. There were only two of us and found that the room was fine in size. In retrospect I think I would have enjoyed an outside view or balcony better, we assumed that we wouldn't be spending much time in the room because of the ports and all the activities on board, but we found ourselves in the room more then we thought. We only had minor issues with the room (one day the toilet was stuck in vacuum mode, the shower track broke off and needed to be replaced, and a light that was out that was never replaced by crew). our room stewards were friendly and good although the last couple nights we noticed that our turn down service was skipped (the service hours were 6-9, we were usually in the room until 7:30 getting ready). This wasn't a big deal for us, so we didn't talk to anyone about it. Food: As previously mentioned the buffet was a mess. It was constantly busy in there and the design was so poor. One sea day, I saw two women just sitting on the floor eating since there were no more seats (and none in the adjoining overflow restaurants nearby). The women were mad. We always found seats in the outside areas around the restaurant, we just always dressed for cold weather in case we had to eat outside. Otherwise we usually dined at the 4 seasons dining room as it was closer and more convenient for us to get to. The menu is the same as the other dinning room anyways. We didn't do any of the other pay restaurants as the menus didn't appeal to us. The food in the main dining rooms for dinner were fine, they have a side menu that is the same every night, which was nice to know those staple foods were there. My partner only ordered off that menu once (out of 14 nights) and found all the dinner food to be good. I on the other hand am a vegetarian and had many problems with the menu. First it wasn't laid out quite well - many of the descriptions left out main ingredients and there were no notations of vegetarian food (minus the main course where one every night would be labeled vegetarian). On three occasions I ordered something of the menu that didn't state it had meat/seafood in it but did - even after letting my servers know that I didn't eat meat. After this I would always ask my servers for clarification on what did have meat in it and they would nervously get the manager to come explain the menu to me. Crew Service: Overall we found that the service from crew was inconsistent especially in the dining rooms. Although I liked the freedom of freestyle dining the one thing we missed was the service and interaction from the servers. We did have a few servers that were good - they followed up when we didn't like a dish, interacted with us well and were friendly. Most of our servers did their job but didn't interact with us - they asked the usually questions about our day but didn't make eye contact, didn't take time to get to know us. I think part of the reason is that we had different servers every night and the other part is the automatic service charge - the servers aren't motivated to get to know you or serve you well as they probably won't serve you again in the cruise and they already have their tips so their is little incentive to do more then the minimum. We recognize that they do work hard, but it takes little effort to smile, make eye contact or engage in conversation. Entertainment: Overall we felt the entertainment was inconsistent as well. I didn't find many of the activities in the daily interesting and those that we did they really weren't great. We did a couple of trivia games, they were fine but nothing overly special. We played bingo which was fine. We went to do one of the Wii events one day and it didn't even run due to a movie that was scheduled a half hour beforehand still running. We actually ended up playing a lot of cards on the sea days as there was very little else going on. The Assistant cruise director Nikki was great, very outgoing with the passengers and lots of energy. The rest of the cruise staff seemed pretty unhappy most of the time and didn't interact with us at all. The stage shows were hit and miss as well. There were some great entertainers brought on board in the second half of the trip - mostly a contortionist, a pick pocket expert and the MacDonald brothers (from Scotland). These acts were excellent and very entertaining. The other guest entertainers were good, not really our style. The permanent cast of dancers/singers were a mix matched group - normal dancers, singers, a ballroom pair, a lyrical/acrobatic pair, and a guy that did the silk rope. The dancers were fine and the silk rope guy did great. Their shows were amateur at best - the singers sang out of their range and destroyed a couple songs (I nearly walked out of the broadway review one because it was that bad). The acting was poor, the set design and costumes were also again amateur - I literally felt like I was at a high school production. Shore Excursions: We did excursions in the first 5 ports; Bergen, Alesund, Lerwick, Thorsavhn, and Reykjavik. Our tours were all great, very informtive and great tour guides. We had two minor problems the first in Bergen - the bus that we boarded off the ship had been recently vommitted in, although they still boarded us and made us wait for 10 minutes while a housekeeper was called to clean up, they credited us 10% refund which I thought was more than fair. The second issue was in Iceland on the golden circle tour - our guide gave us unclear directions for where we were eating lunch and we asked around with waiters and they either ignored us or 'didn't know' where our bus table was. We ended up being 5 minutes late, and my partner and I were left with only single seats at different tables. The waitress was not impressed and gave us a hard time when we asked to be seated together and finally the tour guide stepped in. He first tried to persuade us to sit at the empty seats separate but we refused as we had payed $170 per person for this tour and we should be able to dine with each other. The finally found us a place to sit together but the tour guide then acted very distant with us the rest of the day. The tour was great otherwise but it really dampened our experience. We didn't get much help from Shore excursions when we got back to the ship and we still had 3 more ports with no excursions booked, so we decided to do the remaining ports on our own (which actually saved us money and we got to see more). Disembarkation: We found that getting on and off the ship was a mess. Big lines, slow security, and disorganized routes. The one day in Iceland the tide went out and we needed to embark on deck 5 up a steep ramp - this was no fault of NCL but wasn't a pleasant experience for most. We also felt that the shore excursions meet was disorganized - you go to the stardust theater and wait until your tour is called, and then you proceed to stand at the exit for 10 minutes while they check your tickets and give you a sticker. Meanwhile many of the tours were late and sometimes you couldn't find a seat in the theater so they would send you to the balcony. The one day we were in Scotland, we disembarked on deck 5, but the line circled the atrium, went up the center stairs and all the way back through dazzles on deck 6. We waited for 20 minutes to get off the ship, and when we got down the stairs, there were all these people cutting in line - which was all observed by the guest service crew members and they didn't do anything. Overall: We chose this cruise for the ports of call and we very much enjoyed them. The rest of the experience left much to be desired. Would I cruise NCL again? Only if it was a port heavy cruise with ports of call that I couldn't get with another cruise line. I really love the idea of freestyle cruising but in practice it meant that we had lacking service and had mediocre entertainment. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
Norwegian Sun Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.5 4.2
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 3.5 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.0
Fitness Recreation 3.0 3.8
Family 3.5 3.8
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.7
Enrichment 3.0 3.3
Service 3.5 4.1
Value For Money 3.5 3.8
Rates 4.0 4.1

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