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My boyfriend introduced me to cruise vacations. We've taken 4 cruises in the past 2 years--3 to the Caribbean (twice aboard Carnival and once on Holland America) the most recent trip was my 40th birthday gift from my last month to ... Read More
My boyfriend introduced me to cruise vacations. We've taken 4 cruises in the past 2 years--3 to the Caribbean (twice aboard Carnival and once on Holland America) the most recent trip was my 40th birthday gift from my last month to Alaska on NCL's Star...I know, I'm a lucky girl. I love the experience of putting the cellphone away for a week, having date nights every night for a week, exploring new ports each day, people watching and laying out on the Lido deck. We've had a charmed experience on the past three cruise, finding insanely reasonably-priced fares, perfect weather, zero travel issues I started to think we had things down to a science. Let me tell you about the 40th Birthday cruise that almost didn't happen! I was flying out of Chicago, took the elevated train from the city to the airport which experienced some unforseen delays. What usually takes 45 minutes took an hour and 15 minutes. That loss of 15 minutes made all the difference. I arrived with just under an hour to check-in. Southwest Airlines check-in was 8 lanes deep. Security was equally packed for a Saturday a.m. At the gate I was told my seat had been given up and the plane...with my boyfriend aboard, taxied the runway. Southwest immediately put me on the next flight to Seattle and apologized for the long delays. New flight was due to arrive at 2:50pm...an hour and 10 minutes before the 4pm departure time! I should have allowed more time to arrive at the airport clearly but I really appreciated the airlines' quick response to get me to Seattle. I sat down and immediately called NCL to alert them to my situation. I've never missed a flight before. Customer service quickly told me "if you aren't at the Port of Seattle by 3pm which is the check-in cut off, you aren't likely to be allowed onboard". Trying to reason with the Rep, I said "My flight arrives at 2:50pm--at best, I could be at the Port by 3:30pm. What I'd like to know is that if I am there a half hour before the ship leaves that I'll be allowed to board?" I went on to reason with them,"My boyfriend made the flight, already preboarded us online, will likely have my luggage and can check us in at the dock...the only thing missing will be me...I'm not asking for special treatment i.e. holding the ship (which I know they would not do). At which point the Rep (now a supervisor as I was placed on hold for 40 minutes)asked "Well do you have travel insurance?". "No" "Well, if I were you I'd just start making plans to meet your party at the first port of call on Monday, I'm 99 percent sure they will not allow you to board". I was numb, absolutely devastated that I'd ruined the trip for not only myself, but my boyfriend and the other couple we were cruising with. Basically-since I had not paid for insurance, the NCL customer service department could care less what happened to me. Anyone that has cruised knows how much $$ you've already spent on the rooms, shore excursions etc. So...I got creative...this is IMPORTANT in case it ever happens to you! I googled the Port of Seattle from my Blackberry and called the cruise terminal there. Spoke calmly to a very nice woman and explained that I needed to get word to the check-in area of the Norwegian Star that my flight was delayed. She got me in touch with them--the wonderful (contracted employee) Sam immediately asked for my flight information, offered to call the airport in Seattle to alert them of my arrival and sent a Rep to the airport to meet me at the gate! I was floored...at his willingness to (find a solution) to the problem...especially after the experience I had with NCL. It's important to note that Sam was a contracted employee of the cruise terminal, doing check-in for all the cruise lines. He went above and beyond to help me make the trip. I arrived at the port at 3:30pm. Was checked in quickly, found and hugged Sam my new BFF, thanked him for everything and made my way up the gangway. The safety drill was happening so my boyfriend, and our friends were standing there watching me arrive! Thank goodness my boyfriend had the good sense to get on the plane in Chicago because he was able to get our luggage and check-in at the port--and also alert them to my late arrival. After a few tense minutes...my boyfriend still decompressing from the whole experience, the worry that he'd have to coordinate getting me a flight to Alaska, how much $$ would that cost plus hotel etc...but relieved that I made the ship...we began a very fun, amazing trip to Alaska. The scenery is tough to describe because it was so beautiful. Stewards great, the employees on the boat work hard. No problems there. Liked the English Pub on board, entertainment was same as other boats (I find it terribly cheesy on all the boats but part of the cruising experience). Criticisms of the ship--older boat, needed updating, kind of "sad", smelly elevators, rooms were fine but the tv was small and bad reception, there was constant running water in the walls of the bathroom. Biggest criticism was the food quality!!! We expected NCL to be better and more impressive than Carnival and Holland America. Really surprised us! Many of the "freestyle dining" options you pay extra for and if we weren't with another couple (who wanted to stay in the free dining rooms), we would have probably experienced at least one but I have to say that much like my feelings after hearing the comment "Do you have travel insurance"...as if, had I paid more $$, NCL would have cared about my situation, I feel like on NCL why should you have to "pay more for better service/food quality?" My boyfriend and I figured out by day two that the food was just not up to par and kind of shrugged our shoulders and just enjoyed the experience of being together on vacation. Ports of call--all great choices but Prince Rupert??! Not a tourist destination at all. I saw other reviews that said the same. I've never been to a port that had nothing to offer. No traditional Also-the times at port were very short. like 7am-1pm in Juneau. Other ships have allowed for more time. We figured it out when we saw another NCL boat follow us at each port. NCL saved $$ on docking fees by having two ships at port each day. Because of the customer service situation and the lackluster feelings about the boat, mostly the really poor food quality we won't be cruising NCL again. Carnival and Holland America were both wonderful to travel on and we look forward to cruise one of them again or another cruise line...Costa maybe? We are thinking about going next year maybe a cruise to Greece or Italy. I'll be at the airport hours before my flight...I can promise you that! : ) Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
Having cruised on Carnival in the past, we wanted to upgrade to NCL for our honeymoon, as they give the impression that they are a luxury cruise line.  What a mistake!  The food was mediocre at best, even at the pay restaurants (which ... Read More
Having cruised on Carnival in the past, we wanted to upgrade to NCL for our honeymoon, as they give the impression that they are a luxury cruise line.  What a mistake!  The food was mediocre at best, even at the pay restaurants (which almost all restaurants were).  The dining times were limited, and there was always a wait for a table at peak dinner times (530 to 8pm).  We felt like we were being sold to the whole time; before every single show, morning, noon and night, "bingo boy" would stand up and try to sell lottery tickets to the crowd.  In order to stand any chance at all at bingo (prizes were around 300-400 bucks) you had to spend $80 on a machine that played FOR you, taking all the fun out of going to bingo.  We received no information about any of our ports of call other than where to buy diamonds and other jewels, and each port had the exact same jewelry stores.  Instead of a tip added to your bill at the end of the trip, they charge a $12 per person per day "service fee" which cannot be adjusted by the guests (other cruise ships give you the option of adjusting your gratuity based on level of satisfaction with your crew).  Likely because you are not assigned the same waiter every night as you would be on another cruise, the wait staff in particular was not interested in doing their jobs well or being attentive in the slightest.  I have had friendlier service in a fast food restaurant.NCL was a complete disappointment; there were at least four other cruise ships in each of the ports we visited at the same time as us, so I know there are better options out there to see the same beautiful scenery of the Inside Passage without sailing with NCL, and I strongly suggest traveling on another cruise line. Read Less
Sail Date July 2009
Pre-Cruise After being in the air for what seemed like an entire day, DH and I arrived in Seattle late Wednesday evening to begin our pre-cruise activities.  What a lovely city.  We stayed at the Marriott Waterfront which is directly ... Read More
Pre-Cruise After being in the air for what seemed like an entire day, DH and I arrived in Seattle late Wednesday evening to begin our pre-cruise activities.  What a lovely city.  We stayed at the Marriott Waterfront which is directly across the street from the pier.  This is a great hotel with a nice view of the pier, sailboats, and ferry runs.  The weather was great, the Market incredible, but Rainier did not show its majesty.  Bummer!  Visited the Space Needle and took the duck tour which was nice, entertaining, and relaxing.  We also enjoyed a private wine tour of Washington wineries and had some VERY good wine.  Who knew?  Also rode the Bainbridge Island ferry which was an amazing experience.  Seattle is very hilly so be prepared.  We visited a number of restaurants and bars but the most memorable was the HIGHLY recommended Crab Pot.  A blast!  The most fun we've had playing with our food.  Another favorite was a place right on the pier but I forget the name.  Let me say for the record that I am scatterbrained, so I will not remember a lot of names.  lol   Saturday - June 20th - Cruise Day!  DH is tuckered out from countless hours of walking the streets of Seattle.  He's ready for some relaxing days on the ship or so he thinks.  I woke up early to catch the Star as she sailed in and I was not disappointed.  The Captain seemed to parade her around the harbor before docking.  OK, now I am bubbling over with excitement but it's too early for embarkation so I roused DH for my daily early morning Market fix.  DH is glad we're about to board the ship because his pockets can't take much more of me and The Market.  I LOVED that place.  Around noon we checked out of the hotel and had our bags transported across the street to the terminal.  Easy-peasy!  Every NCL employee was friendly, welcoming, and accommodating.  Embarkation went so fast that we didn't even know we had completed it.  After reading so many horror stories about long lines, special lines, etc., we were expecting the worse.  I brought bottles of my favorite wine as well as a collapsible cooler full of water and sodas.  After reading so many posts about the booze police I expected to be embarrassed, heckled, and shaken down.  After my bags were scanned and I stepped away to pick them up, I waited to be tackled by security...nothing...DH and I wondered if we were in the right place and waited yet again for someone to approach us.  Finally, a nice young man came over and asked me to step to a table where he explained that my "personal items" would need to be tagged so that they could be "consumed and enjoyed at my leisure".  Hello?!  Is this the same booze police I read so much about?  DH says he didn't think they had any intention of tagging my wine and the only reason they did was because I just stood there waiting on them.  I think he may have been right.  Embarkation from start to finish was approximately 15 to 20 minutes.  WOW!  How easy was that?  Time for the bubbly!   After many glasses of champagne and smiles from NCL staff, we were directed to the much criticized Marked Cafe.  We tried to go to Aqua since we had heard that it would be open for lunch.  NOT!  Doors locked and barricaded.  Oh well!  No problem.  Off to Market Cafe.  Oh, look at all the people!  Never mind...look at all the food!  DH and I struggled to put together a decent and edible lunch in this dreaded place...NOT!  I fell in love with the Market Cafe the minute I stepped inside.  We had a delicious lunch, did a little people watching, and made some new friends.  This became my favorite place to eat, believe it or not.    After lunch we wandered around until the cabin was ready.  The atrium was beautiful and spotless, but not as immaculate as one I remember from another ship.  Everything was clean and prepped.  Hard to believe people had just disembarked.  These people work FAST!  DH mastered the ship's layout right away so we quickly learned our way around and went in search of all the places we'd read about on Cruise Critic.  I had read that some of the specialty restaurants placed food samples out early on and it was true.  We had some pretty tasty treats and MORE champagne as we toured the ship waiting for our cabin.  We finally got the call and entered our aft balcony.  It seemed small at first and was relatively clean, but because I'm an anti-dust freak I knew exactly where to look for confirmation that it actually was clean.  I was right.  The cabin had not been dusted in some time.  No calls to housekeeping.  Didn't take back my auto-tip or pitch a high strung fit.  I dusted it myself then opened the balcony door to clear the air.  The coffeemaker was dusty but that's not a problem for me since I never use in room coffeemakers.  The bathroom was nice and clean, but DH complained about the size of the toilet area.  He thought it looked like a closet but after a few uses, it grew on him.  We spotted some chilled champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries nearby.  What a welcome!  Sail away was very nice.  We danced on the balcony until Seattle was far in the distance.  After about 3 hours of staring at the wake, dancing, talking, drinking, and munching strawberries we decided to see more of the ship.   The evening was nice.  After joining a ship tour that was being given by a staff member, we went to The Blue Lagoon for an evening meal.  DH loved this place because there were NO CROWDS.  I had to try the fish and chips and was not disappointed.  They were just as great as I had read here.  DH loved the salad and chicken fingers.  Blue Lagoon is a nice place.  We turned in early and decided to leave the balcony door open to hear the wake and feel the breeze.  We had just drifted off to sleep when BAM!  The door slams shut.  Oops!  Sorry neighbors.  After a couple more failed attempts at keeping it open (thanks to Captain Lars' swift turns), we figured we'd better leave it shut or risk getting put off the ship.  DH finally figured out that the door locks in place.  We're so dumb (lol).  Back off to sleep then I start to feel turns and curves like we were riding in a dune buggy on 2 wheels.  Slow down, Captain Lars! (lol).  The next morning I rolled over and caught a glimpse of the most beautiful mountains I'd ever seen.  Honey, Quick!  Get the video recorder, camera, and binoculars and meet me on the balcony.  DUH!  What time is it?  Where's the clock?  And why does my body hurt?  Yes, the mattress was too hard.  No calls to housekeeping.  Didn't pitch a fit or take back the auto gratuity.  Simply asked our cabin steward for help and he immediately brought a gadget that relieved all our aches and pains.    We spent nearly the entire day on the balcony enjoying mind blowing scenery. Then, it happened.  My stomach thought it was on a rollercoaster.  What's going on?  Yes, seasickness sets in.  Never thought it could happen to me.  We get out of the cabin to clear my head and end up in the The Spinnaker Lounge where I almost lose it.  Would someone PULEEZE stop the rocking of the ship!?  DH carts me off and as we passed thru Blue Lagoon a very knowledgeable and friendly staff member offers me warm ginger ale and encourages me to eat some crackers.  It helped, but we ended up getting Bonine from the front desk.  Caution!!  Don't take this stuff unless you want to sleep thru your cruise. It helps but it also makes you a walking zombie.   Ports of Call Arrive in Ketchikan - Quaint.  No rain which Captain Lars said was a miracle (lol).  DH loved the lumberjack show but I nodded thru the whole event.  DOH!!! To wake me up, he picked up a map and we walked and walked and walked.  This was a great idea and I have to thank everyone on CC for the recommendation!  What a way to enjoy yourself AWAY from the madding crowd!  DH went into a supermarket to stock up on ginger ale and Gatorade so I wouldn't get dehydrated and we met a young girl who provided us with a wealth of information on the best places to spot whales and other wildlife.  Her tips paid off.  Thanks Charlotte wherever you are!!  We visited a saloon in Ketchikan where we had a grand old time.  Back to the ship.  Seasickness subsiding.  Sail away seemed smoother and easier.  Forget where we ate this night and which show we saw as I was in Bonine mode.  What's in this stuff?     Let me first say that all the ports were nice and the scenery alone is well worth every stop; HOWEVER, I wish the cruise lines would leave all their diamond owned stores and gift shops ON THE SHIP and let the people enjoy the natural beauty along with the locals.    Juneau...waay overcrowded!  3 ships in port.  Don't know if I was just coming out of a Bonine induced coma or what, but everyone (and everything) seemed to be crammed into the Juneau port.  Feeling much better.  Hungry.  French toast calling my name.  Market Cafe was just what the doctor ordered.  After the tram ride up Mt. Roberts and more walking, we high tailed it out of town and had the most amazing time AWAY from the ruckus.  My advice for anyone is rent a car, hike, or hail a cab and hit the outskirts.  Mendenhall Glacier and the waterfalls were sights to behold.  We met some really nice people.  We simply did NOT have enough time in this port.  Returned to the ship in the nick of time.    Skagway...I expected Marshall Dillon to appear at any time, although Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday would have SERIOUSLY been a delicious treat!  This place really reminds me of a Clint Eastwood western.  And here we go...Diamonds International!  Wow!  Can't believe how ridiculously commercial and insane the cruise lines are.  One glorious thing about Skagway was the train ride.  DO THIS without thinking twice!  I suggest the long ride but even the shorter excursion is worth the time and money.  Another MUST SEE is the museum in the middle of town.  DH and I were captivated by the history and milled around a little longer than we should have.  Some really AMAZING stuff.   Prince Rupert...tours were cancelled for some reason.  Never did find out why.  Maybe someone will read this and shed some light on it.  That said, aside from the eagles roaming free like crows and a nice little bed & breakfast on the pier, there was nothing else to do except venture off which is what we did.  It was nice to get off the ship and walk around too.  All the walking definitely paid off.  We finally came to the REAL section of the city where people were walking, appeared to be waiting for a bus, and 2 gentlemen sleeping on the sidewalk.  We were definitely off the beaten path but it was nice to be out and about.  One WELCOMED omission to Price Rupert...no diamond or ruby storefronts!  Hallelujah!    Restaurants / Food    DH fell in love with Blue Lagoon.  Why?  No crowds! I, on the other hand, could have eaten in the Market Cafe every day and not found anything to complain about.  So what if there's a line?  I'm on vacation.  Why should I be in a hurry?  I loved everything about the Market Cafe and you will too.  I especially loved the windows.  Market Cafe faves:  oatmeal cookies!, sub sandwiches, french toast EVERY morning, pickled herring (who knew), bacon like home, fresh fruit, smoked salmon and capers, FIGS (I haven't had figs since I was little), bread (DH loved the pretzel bread) and, surprise, GRITS!...although the cooks need to master the true consistency of grits and oatmeal (lol).  Blue Lagoon faves: fish & chips (WOW...the vinegar is a must), fries, salad and, of course, cheesecake.  Escargot and rack of lamb at LeBistro...heaven!  We loved the quaintness of Aqua and the dEcor of Versailles.  The food was awesome each night and the cooking light menu was a plus for me.  Being the simple, easy to please, low maintenance person that I am, let me say that I could have gone the entire week without EVER setting foot in a specialty restaurant.  The Market Cafe is the ONLY place to find a VARIETY of good food, and Aqua and Versailles (main dining rooms) are not to be missed.  Cagney's is a must for meat lovers.  I enjoy steak every now and then but DH would have it every night if he could.   Staff Service We had the best service everywhere we went.  Our wait times in restaurants were not more than 15 minutes each time.  Even in the Market Cafe, there was always somewhere to help you if you had questions.  Our cabin stewards were absolutely on the spot each and every time we needed something.  There is absolutely NOTHING negative we could say about the Star's staff.  We were spoiled.    Shows / Activities I didn't mind bingo at all, and I rather enjoyed Sanam the Bingo Boy!  DH and I had met him one evening on deck before we knew he was part of the Staff.  He was a hoot.  Don't Miss Second City.  If you're a disco fiend like me, don't miss Band On The Run.  It had me bopping along the entire time.  The Magician (don't remember his name) was very entertaining.  I must have gone to see him post Bonine because I snoozed my head off during his performance (no reflection on him, believe me).  The juggler (don't remember his name) was funny and entertaining as well as hot with a great body! (maybe DH won't read this).  Didn't get to see Cirque Pacific.  We were probably in the Carousel Bar listening to Mr. Motown.  This guy is good.  OR, maybe we were in the casino where we managed to take home over $600 playing a 25 cent slot machine.  CHA CHING!!  The pull tab cards favored us as well.    This was the best vacation I think I've ever had.  I didn't sleep much for fear I'd miss something (lol).  I saw whales galore from our balcony and also from the windows of the Market Cafe.  You have to really perch and be patient because they are so quick.  I am seriously thinking of The Pearl next Spring, but will definitely see a doc for sea sickness patch this time.  I hope your Alaskan cruise is as great as ours was.    Happy Sailing.    Read Less
Sail Date June 2009
My spouse and I cruised with the Star May 9 to May 16 from Seattle visiting Ketchikan, Juneu, Skagway, and Prince Rupert.  This is our 4th cruise, but the first with Norwegian.  All of our three previous cruises were with Carnival which ... Read More
My spouse and I cruised with the Star May 9 to May 16 from Seattle visiting Ketchikan, Juneu, Skagway, and Prince Rupert.  This is our 4th cruise, but the first with Norwegian.  All of our three previous cruises were with Carnival which we thoroughly enjoyed.  The reason why we chose a different cruise line this time around is solely to try a new experience and to compare.  I find that cruising so often with the same cruise line takes out the variety fbecause Carnival tends to repeat it's shows (even though I cruised on three different ships), activities, and even menus.Sadly, my experience with the Norwegian Star was very disappointing.  They did not meet my standards and I felt that they do not have the need to impress their cruisers.  Oh, the ship is beautiful inside and out, but unfortunately that is not the only reason why I go on a cruise.My first clue that this cruise would be substandard was upon embarkation.  The lady helping us did not know what she was doing!!!  A 10 minute process took 45 minutes.  I will give her credit though because she kept that sweet smile on her face the whole time along with a continuous verbalization of apologies because she was new.  Note to NCL's management:  Train your staff well before leaving them alone on the counter with customers.  This is the first impression your cruisers will have of you, make it shine.Upon entry to the ship, I was impressed.  The ship as I said was beautiful!!!Until I hit the buffet.  Cafeteria style seating.  Does not reak of class (so unlike Carnival).  Reminds me of a hospital cafeteria with an ocean view.  Then I saw the food and I almost wanted to weap.  I'll be honest, my main focus on the buffet is the carving station and the dessert.  What is on the carving statiion?  Chicken!!!   The dessert?  Cookies!!!  These are items I could pick up at my local grocery store for six bucks.  So I thought to myself, well it's the first day, maybe it will get better.  Sadly to say it never did.  They had chicken on that carving board every single day of the week.  All different flavors though..., lemon pepper, barbeque, jerked and so on and so forth.  If Ralph's Market has a cruiseline, this would be it.  Oh, the desert??  Sometimes they would bring out their chocolate fountain and you can dip your marshmallow, melons, and I highly recommend dipping the banana to hide that it's all beaten up.  Let me just tell you what you would get at Carnival ok?  At the carving station would be roast beef, pork loins, high end steaks, lamb, turkey, prime rib, other wise known as "not your everyday supermarket meats".  I never once saw chicken on the carving board on any of my three cruises with them.  Carnival's dessert would be all different kinds of tasty pies, chocolate mousse, cakes, some cookies, my personal favorite napoleons, all different kinds of pastries you would not even see at a specialty bakery.  To be bombarded with chicken and chocolate chip cookies on this cruise is almost disgusting.  Let me add on this portion one particular thing you will not see on Carnival...,the Star's staff would be on the buffet line with you.  The line is already long and you see that you are following a staff.  Because this is how special you are with Norwegian.  Well, that's just the buffet though.  Ofcourse they have their freestyle dining.  If you don't want to pay a surcharge go to the Versaille or Aqua main dining room.  These two always has the same menu.  They have their staples like sirloin steak etc. and they have their specialties which differs everyday.  I never met a carbonara I did not like until I tried Norwegian's take on it.  I also think that their food is either too salty or too bland depending on your choice of cooking light or regular meals. Let's move on.  Activities.  Oh, Bingo, Bingo, and more Bingo.  I hope you like Bingo!!!  They also have that scratcher they sell for $5.00 each.  Each night from the beginning to the end of the cruise 5 guys would go to the front of the theater trying to sell them to you with the promotion of "only for tonight, you would get one ticket free"  Each night they have that promotion.  I don't know how idiotic they think their cruisers are not to get that their promo price is actually the normal price.  They have their variety shows, comedy, magic, song and dance.  Pretty good.  Yeah, except that girl balancing herself on that guy.  By the fifth show you just want to shout, "enough already!!!"Another complaint.  I booked my cruise with Priceline (which by the way I would like to post a shout out to readers to beware of), and I had a small problem with not being able to claim their special promotion of in-room credit.  I showed my receipt to the Star's finance representative and he declined to give it to me saying that this matter is between me and Priceline.  So I asked if I could use their phone so I could call Priceline and settle the matter.  He allowed me to but every two minutes he would look at me with a questioning glance of "how much longer?'  Note to NCL's manaagement:  Stop making your staff pay for the customer's phone bill.  This is the only explanation I can come up with of his behavior.  I certainly did not see a line behind me.At this time, I still have not settled that small matter of being able to claim my $100.00 in room credit Priceline promised.  Wish me luck on that one huh???Regarding Priceline.  Beware on booking your trip through this company.  As soon as you are booked with them, you are on your own.  You will be placed on hold for the longest time when you call with a problem, and if you try the e-mail route, you will have a better chance of having your letter to Santa answered.Alaska is a wonderful destination.  Beautiful.  Great experience.I have so much more to say but is running out of space.  Let me summarize.  If you are a first time cruiser and does not have a standard to live up to, go for this cruise because your next cruises could only get better from this one.  If you are on a diet, do this cruise.  The only way positive thing I could say about the food is that it is edible. 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Sail Date May 2009
Norwegian Star Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 3.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 3.9
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.2
Service 4.0 4.0
Value For Money 4.0 3.7
Rates 4.0 4.0

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