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Star to Alaska 7/2/11-7/9/11 Background: there were 9 of us travelling Balcony #1: Uncle, Aunt and Cousin (12yr old) Balcony #2: Me, Aunt, Niece (11yr old) Balcony ... Read More
Star to Alaska 7/2/11-7/9/11 Background: there were 9 of us travelling Balcony #1: Uncle, Aunt and Cousin (12yr old) Balcony #2: Me, Aunt, Niece (11yr old) Balcony #3: Grandma, Grandpa and Cousin (16yr old) Half of us were seasoned cruisers taking a few first-timers on a cruise. EMBARKATION AMAZING. We stayed at the Waterfront Marriott, basically across the street from pier 66; the bellhop loaded all of luggage onto 2 luggage carts and brought it all over for us, including my grandfather who was using a wheelchair from the hotel. We didn't even have to wait on line; a porter came right to us with a cart and took it all. And another employee met us with a wheelchair for grandpa. Then we got on line to check in. Super smooth, right to the wheelchair accessible desk. Pretty easy check-in, considering how many of us there were ?. There we made another wheelchair switch (not quite sure why) but our check-in agent was very nice and shocked that I had the correct paperwork for bringing a minor that wasn't my own on board. Then we stopped for the photo and WALKED RIGHT on. Wow, that has never happened cruising out of New York. We were headed for Versailles we they announced that the rooms were ready (another pleasant shock) so we went and dropped off our carry-ons. Two of our rooms (9088 and 9090) were next door so we asked the room steward, Joseph, if he could open the balcony, he said yes, after the inside passage because it would be too windy (and he remembered and did it with no reminder.) My grandparents' room was 9110 and a little closer to the elevator. The accessibility at sea people delivered his actual wheelchair that we had rented ($75) while we were admiring the rooms. Only problem came when one of our bags didn't show up by our room, I found it myself at the opposite end of the hallway. RESTAURANTS: Versailles - Meals- Lunch Day 1, Dinner Day 1, Breakfast Day 2, Lunch Day 2 and Dinner Day 2 (I think) Okay so the main problem with Versailles is stairs. If you are travelling with a person in a wheelchair it can be a little tricky because only one elevator goes to the correct floor, but getting that elevator to stop for you and have room was impossible. Also the Maitre D was located at the top of a staircase, but you are seated a level lower, so if you do not have able bodied people with you, you are basically out of luck. ***Please note we eventually received a special wheelchair accessible key card that made it so the correct elevator opened and you could go to Versailles, but it came after so many failed attempts that we ended up eating most of our remaining dinners at Aqua. I'm not sure why the special key card took so long to get to grandpa, or why it wasn't given at check-in. We were thankful to have so many problems at Versailles, because then we experienced Aqua and it was incredible!! While Versailles had decent food, it had extremely slow service. Forget getting coffee with dessert, buy the time it came, you were already done. Aqua - Meals - All the rest of our dinners (except 1) Great food, very similar to Versailles, but they called it more contemporary. Amazing wait staff, Jonolito was incredible. Friendly, efficient. Never had a problem getting a table at 8:30 for a large group. The only restaurant where we were actually told what the Chef Specialty was every night. I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed Aqua. Endless Summer - Thursday Dinner - ½ Off Night The only reason we decided to try endless summer was the promotion of ½ Off. And it was well worth it. The best meal of the entire trip, but let me say it wouldn't have been worth $90 for us, but for $45 it was great. We had very special service because of a food allergy, the only restaurant that offered to make something special because of it. Best of All (at La Cucina) Friday Lunch $15 each The idea is you get a sampling of the specialty restaurants, while the food was good; there was nothing there that inspired me to go to any of the restaurants featured. Market Cafe - All the time ;) Interesting selection, part of the group really enjoyed the Indian buffet. Took us a while to figure out that at lunch time the first two sections are the same, but the 3rd is different, sandwiches, etc. The Grill - At breakfast they have an omelet station and a waffle station. At lunch they have burgers, hot dogs, wursts, etc. Blue Lagoon - The only restaurant where I ordered soup and it came out hot. I didn't like the set-up compared to the Spirit and Dawn. PORTS: Ketchikan 7/4/11 There is plenty to do and walk to easily on your own. We walked through town and picked up all of our free jewelry and then walked over to Creek Street. Creek Street is an easy walk (hard to find a bathroom,) there's Dolly's, some shopping and a tram up the mountain to a hotel. The tram is $2, well worth it for the bathrooms!! There are some totem poles and you can walk back down to Married Man's Trail, if you go right you will end up at the fish ladder to see the salmon as well. In town there are the normal cruise shops, nothing spectacular. Highlight there is a pharmacy right on the main street where you can pick up sundry items for a lot less than on the ship. There was a town parade, but the rain got so bad we watched it from our balcony. Juneau 7/5/11 We took the free shuttle into town. Again the normal cruise shops and also a lot of tours available to book on your own. We took the 3 hour Shrine, Glacier and Town Tour through M&M tours. Well worth it. We had an amazing local guide (Kevin) who showed us all through town, the creek where they first found gold, small churches, the state house, governors' mansion, etc. Then we went to the lake that Mendenhall Glacier feeds, we got to grab some glacier ice and eat it, it was very cool. Then we were off to the Shrine at St Therese, http://www.shrineofsainttherese.org which seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere. There were seals, eagles, salmon and I guess sometimes whales, but we were there at low tide. It was a great tour because we got to see the "valley" or "banana belt" where the regular people live and we learned a lot about the marine highway. NCL Excursion: Tracy Arm Glacier!!! AMAZING!!!! You leave the ship around 1pm and board directly onto a waiting catamaran. It was really cool to walk through the crew areas. The first 20 minutes are boring, take a nap, just sailing to....WHALES!! I think we saw about 7 total whales, the captain was very generous giving us lots of time with them. We saw a humpback jump and quite a few whale tails. Once you start going up the arm you really get to admire the beauty of your surroundings. There are beautiful icebergs, waterfalls, eagles, etc. We got to spend about an hour at the actual glacier; we saw a few small pieces drop and then a huge drop about 20 minutes before we left. There was also a seal swimming about. The girls on the ship were really informative about the area, native people and wildlife. They gave us free hot chocolate and coffee. Bring warm clothes, gloves; it is so beautiful you will want to be outside as much as possible. Skagway 7/6/11 $2 Shuttle into town or $5 for an all day pass which includes ride to gold fields, gardens and cemetery. Well we were suckers and bought the all day pass, just so you know you need to pay an entrance fee at those places, or the cemetery you have to talk more than .5 miles from the bus stop. The main town was pretty cool, nice shops, some authentic. We left Skagway late due to a medical emergency, Paul kept us very informed and we still (unfortunately) got to Prince Rupert on time ? Prince Rupert 7/7/11 Waste of a stop, some really cool stores, but nothing I would buy on a cruise. The only highlight was the eagles. GENERAL THINGS I DID NOT LIKE: Spinnaker Lounge - it's at the back of the ship, no windows, bad acoustics and all one level. Very dark and depressing and/or loud. As previously mentioned, it is hard to get anywhere with a wheelchair Spa - While my treatment was incredible, the entire experience was lacking. They don't do the whole robe, changing room, etc experience that they used to. They bring you to a waiting room (with a great view) and have you fill out a form and try to sell you add-ons. Then they bring you directly to the treatment room where you disrobe and get on the table. At the end of your treatment you are told to relax, get up when ready and put your clothes back on!?! (My clothes on my oily, just massaged body?!?) Then they come back with water and a sales pitch. My massage therapist gave me a great massage, but when she tried to sell me $300 worth of lotion, I immediately regretted even having a treatment. Other family members were also having treatments so I waited for them in the spa lobby, which was freezing cold. White Hot Party - in Spinnaker lounge which is already disappointing, but on top of that the music!! Spinnaker is all ages until midnight, so please explain why they played explicit music at 11:30? I'm talking incredibly explicit. "Shots" by LMFAO and "On a Boat" by Andy Samberg. http://www.metrolyrics.com/shots-lyrics-lmfao.html and http://www.metrolyrics.com/im-on-a-boat-lyrics-the-lonely-island.html So explicit I'm only giving links because they are really bad songs. Chocolate Buffet - perhaps the most disappointing thing the whole trip, but only because I have experienced 3 others on NCL cruises that were phenomenal. There were 2 ice carvings, no chocolate sculptures, no fruit carvings, and the worst desserts we ate all cruise. No Quest?!?! At every show they would say "no flash photography" and then this crazy chick with a laser pointer would go insane if you took out a camera. If you mean "NO PHOTOGRAPHY AT ALL" say that. WRAP UP We had a great time. Paul Scally, the cruise director was incredible. Jonolito at Aqua was by far the best waiter I've had on all my cruises. Arnold, bar staff, at the pool, stardust and spinnaker remembered our drink order after the very first time, so we always looked for him. The kids swam every day. The shows were great. And I would go again in a heartbeat, but I wouldn't have a spa treatment. Read Less
Sail Date July 2011
This was our 2nd cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines.The first was fantastic aboard the Pearl and the 2nd was very disappointing aboard the Star. Embarkation in Seattle was very smooth, as well as debarkation in Seattle. We ... Read More
This was our 2nd cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines.The first was fantastic aboard the Pearl and the 2nd was very disappointing aboard the Star. Embarkation in Seattle was very smooth, as well as debarkation in Seattle. We had a party of 12 on this cruise and had booked through Norwegian Cruise Lines direct. Some minor problems with the booking director is where the first disappointments started. Once aboard the Star we were dismayed at the condition of our cabin. Our cabin had worn and wrinkled carpets, the beds were extremely hard and was equipped with only one electrical outlet, soap dispensers in the shower did not work the whole trip and we found that very inconvenient.We had mentioned to the steward the problem, but was never addressed. After the Star,just going through a reconditioning a few months prior to our trip, we thought that the cabins would be in better shape than they were. We feel that Norwegian should have focused on the cabins prior to the reconditioning, instead of just making new cabins on the 12th deck where the Spinnaker Lounge used to be. The stabilizers seemed in need of revamping too, we always had a rocking motion on this cruise. Smoking needs to be limited to one side of the ship or lounges only. We enjoyed the Spinnaker Lounge on the Pearl as it was a place where people could gather and watch the scenery or just go and relax. The Spinnaker Lounge on the Star is now in the back of the ship and no windows to view from, just another lounge and not a place where one could go to relax. The Stardust Theater had some good entertainment, although the sound level needed to be brought down so people could enjoy it. Many of the seats were broken and very uncomfortable. The main buffet had decent food although some of it could have been cooked longer. The restaurants were better and the food was always hot and the service was OK. The ports were as follows: Ketchikan - very good Juneau - very good Skagway - loved the port, but a disaster for handicapped persons - Handicap ramp was closed after people disembarked and then when people returned to re-board at least 3 people(possibly more) in wheel chairs were carried up step stairs by crew members, until someone realized the danger to both the passengers and the crew members. There were at least 17 people that we saw waiting, that had wheelchairs or were using walkers and finally a forklift was used to hold the ramp in place so these people could re-board. We were not very impressed with the way Norwegian Crew handled this hazardous situation. Prince Rupert - very good The crew for the most part, were very pleasant, but almost seemed like they would rather be somewhere else. We think it would be better if the passengers had the tipping control rather than it being charged to you room each day automatically. Last but not least, we feel that when passengers have complaints, the people in Public Relations should at least return the phone calls or letters, if nothing more than to show and keep good customer service. In our opinion, it seems like money wins out over customer service. Being in Customer Service for over 30 years myself, I am very disappointed in Norwegian this time around.We will really have to think about taking Norwegian for our next cruise. Read Less
Sail Date June 2011
Background: Our group included 4 newbie cruisers and the veterans, my wife and I. We decided to get together to provide a cruise as a birthday gift for my 85 year old mother, and introduce my brother and sister in law, and my sister, to ... Read More
Background: Our group included 4 newbie cruisers and the veterans, my wife and I. We decided to get together to provide a cruise as a birthday gift for my 85 year old mother, and introduce my brother and sister in law, and my sister, to cruising. The NCL Star was repositioning for the summer Alaska cruising season, with an itinerary I would not normally choose ... 4 days at sea and only 2 days in port. This less-than-ideal itinerary was exacerbated by the cooler weather expected in early May. These potential shortcomings were known, but the departure from a local port, and the slower pace of this cruise seemed appropriate for my mother (who needs a walker to get around). Ship: 7 out of 10.The Star is one of the oldest ships in the NCL fleet, built in 2001. She was supposed to undergo a refit in 2010, but I suspect that was a refit of the public areas only if it happened. While the public areas met our expectations of a NCL ship, the cabins showed their age; the upholstery was faded on the couches, the beds were the old style "hard" mattresses, and chipped paint and missing chunks of the balcony non-skid distracted from the experience. I was disappointed that the balcony glass was not cleaned prior to sailing, with notable water spots (this may have been a nod to our upcoming 3 days at sea, as they did clean the balconies in our first port). The ship also has an older design, where some decks are interrupted by restaurants, and you have to go up or down a level to cross over them, then down or up again to resume your journey on that deck. But that being said, the ship is still in better shape than any of the Princess ships I've been on. (In this category, Disney is always the winner among the three cruise lines we've tried, with an attention to cleanliness unique among mass market cruise lines.) Food: 9 out of 10.Cruise food is often described as ranging from horrible to acceptable, but its obviously subjective. For my money, NCL has really outdone the rest of the mass-market cruise industry that we've tried. Every entree I had was very good, prepared as ordered, with acceptable presentation. Because of my diet, a modified Atkins-style diet, I was more limited in my choices. I enjoyed the omelets in the morning, along with fresh chilled melon, coffee and crisp bacon (one morning's omelet was a 6 out of 10, as it was cooked just a bit too long). I ordered the NY Strip Steak several times for lunch, and had it prepared it differently (medium rare, medium), and each time the result was as ordered, and very good. Dinner saw good presentations of other entrees such as salmon (9/10), prime rib (9/10), and beef stroganoff (my brother said it was good, but alas, the noodles makes it incompatible with my diet). I was interested to see how my brother and sister in law would react to the food, as they have wide experience both creating and enjoying different dishes. My brother recognized that its "resort food", created for a large customer base rather than cooked to order. But he and my sister in law were complimentary of the taste and substance of the dishes, with the occasional concern that some dishes were prepared with unorthodox ingredients (the hollandaise sauce on the eggs benedict included mustard, we think, making it yellow rather than cream white). With few exceptions, everyone else found the food good to very good. A few entrees had either too much fat in the steak, or unexpected ingredients as noted above. Our foray into the highest rated specialty restaurant, Cagney's Steakhouse, disappointed: our expectations were set high for a "premium experience", but it was not far enough above the usual main dining room experience to be a good value. As an example, the filet mignon I had was very tender, prepared exactly as ordered, and tasty. But it was on a level of an Outback Steakhouse entree rather than the lofty heights of a Ruth's Chris entree. (My wife and I enjoyed Cagney's for breakfast and lunch on our Euro cruise as part of our suite package, and liked it very much then; we may have hit them on an off night.)Because of the cool weather, the outdoor dining options were not available, and there were times when our group could not be seated immediately in the main dining rooms. I timed the wait times, and we never waited more than 20 minutes for a table. I would rate the food on the other lines we have tried this way: Princess 3/10 and Disney 6/10. NCL wins hand's down in this department in my opinion. (The exception: Disney's Palo specialty restaurant, which served the best steak I have ever eaten, and a best-ever chocolate soufflE.) Entertainment: 5 out of 10. Cruise lines have three types of stage entertainment; in-house productions, contract productions and specialty acts (magicians, comedians, etc.) Most of the time it is simply awful, on the level of theme park entertainment. On this cruise, the Star had a contract production called "Extreme Vegas", featuring a husband and wife team that performed magic acts, quick change costumes, acrobatics and self-promotion for their DVD. It was enjoyable, but marred by a pulsing, pounding intro sound track that went on far too long. On its own, I would rate this as a 5/10, a high score for cruise line entertainment. The in-house production on the first night appeared to be similar to the awful show we dubbed the "Mormon Tabernacle Choir Gets Down and Funky with Motown" on our last NCL cruise, so we skipped it ... and conversations with fellow passengers told us we did the right thing. Everyone we talked to either hated it or walked out on it. I can't give it a score, of course, but I can say that I'm glad we missed it. A contract comedy troupe from Second City was horrible, a 1 out of 10, for poorly timed and excruciatingly bad comedy skits and all-to-predictable improv. We walked out on their show after suffering far too long, and I hope these folks go back to bussing tables for a living. Or get thrown overboard and eaten by sharks. The awful performances were doubly bad since the usual stand up comedian was missing from the entertainment line-up because of them. Usually the stand ups are at least a little bit funny. The in-house "Elements" stage show was nice, a 4 out of 10, with pretty enjoyable routines. It was marred by a change in the sound system that make the music tinny and raspy, like they had blown out speakers (or tomatoes were stuck in them from the prior night's Second City performance). The show featured two couples including the one from "Extreme Vegas", as well as the in-house entertainers. I never felt like retching or running for the exits, so for a cruise line show, it was pretty good. The final production was a crew talent show, featuring only members of the crew from the housekeeping, restaurant, guest services and engineering departments. As can be expected, the show has acts of varying polish, but that's the appeal: these are not professionals, but room stewards, waitresses and even the ship's fireman. I enjoyed this show most of all,and give it a 6 out of 10 for pure entertainment value. It was surprising to see these workers belt out diva-esque tunes, perform traditional folk dances from their home countries and work together for comedy dance routines. Itinerary: 7/10 for our group; 4/10 overallFor our group of first time cruisers, the itinerary with more sea days than port days allowed them to get a feel for cruising without too much distraction. But my wife and I prefer port-intensive cruises, and realized that without the rest of the family there, the three sea days would have been pretty boring. Especially when combined with the poor entertainment options and the colder weather that kept most people inside the ship. The weather also limited night-time outdoor options (midnight buffet, BBQs, dance parties under the stars, etc.) But a 7 out of 10 for a group cruise seems appropriate, as the extra time allowed us to meet for nearly every meal and enjoy some quality family time.Ports visited were Juneau and Ketchikan, and our excursions were arranged separately, as NCL was late in getting excursions scheduled for this trip. For Juneau, we visited the Mendenhall Glacier ($16 per person for round trip bus fare). We chose a Duck Boat tour of Ketchikan as a starter, then each couple went "on their own" to explore the town. We all enjoyed the ports. Because we had limited activity due to a disabled member of our party, we did not seek out more the more adventuresome activities available in these ports.We attended the Cruise Critic Roll Call meeting on board, and had the option to sign up for a tour of the bridge. That was a nice perk, and we enjoyed the time given the group by the Captain, first mate, and the rest of the officers on the bridge. While I didn't time the visit, they were generous with their time, and answered several questions. This was very nice, indeed.Conclusion:Overall, this was a good introduction to cruising for the newbies, and enjoyable for us (hey, we weren't at work!) Freestyle dining fits well with our group, allowing us to modify our schedule at the last minute to accommodate anyone in the group, and still eat together. Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
First let me say I was really worried reading the reviews on this website prior to my cruise with NCL, frankly pretty harsh for most cruises. It seems folks are pretty serious about complaining and I was preparing for a difficult time. ... Read More
First let me say I was really worried reading the reviews on this website prior to my cruise with NCL, frankly pretty harsh for most cruises. It seems folks are pretty serious about complaining and I was preparing for a difficult time. However, I must complement NCL for making our cruise a stress-free and enjoyable family jaunt. Since there were three of us, Mom, sister and I, we chose the Pearl Suite in the AB category. It provided two separate sleeping areas and two separate bathrooms. There was plenty of storage, a refrigerator we could use for Mom's insulin and even a sharps container was supplied to us for the used syringes. The master bathroom was magnificent with a ceiling to floor window over the tub and in the shower, two sinks and separate vanity table. This was critical with 3 women! My mother, who is a full time user of 02 and travels with a Sequel Eclipse POC, had no problem getting around the ship and our embarkation was very smooth. We were provided a steward who pushed my mother around in wheelchair until we were safely checked in and in our room, as process that took about 45 mins. A wheelchair and steward was also provided at the end of our cruise. Every morning our breakfast was delivered by our wonderful Butler John and our room steward Johnny provided help when we needed it, and a smile every day. In fact, every one of the crew members greeted us, and smiled as we made our way down the corridors of the ship. These folks work very hard, 7 days a week, and yet they were professional and helpful. When we were waiting for a table at one of the restaurants (we only ate at the non-cover charge venues), the host noticed my mom struggling a bit to stand and he found a table for us immediately. It was this kind of care that we really appreciated and was available to us. We were invited to a cocktail hour with Capt Lars (for all suites) and he actually came to our table and spent some time with us, signing our card. Truly a thrill for Mom! My thrill came one morning alone in the spa when a bald eagle soared past the windows. We purchased a spa pass for 2 (150 dollars) at the beginning of the cruise and had access to the hot tubs, steam rooms and the lap pool. Truly worth the extra money. I would not recommend a massage as it was quite expensive and then is followed by the therapist recommending some product to purchase. Not a relaxing ending, but I'm sure encouraged by the NCL marketing dept. The food in the sit-down restaurants was adequate and for the most part fine for the average American pallette. The environs in the Market Cafe was a bit too much to tolerate, not really NCL's fault with the exception of the food temperature being too cold. The place was like a 'feeding trough' and other cruisers were at times rude, pushing into line. We ended up on one night, asking Mom what she would like to eat and just bringing it back to her. Very helpful staff who covered our food to keep it warm on our way back to the room. All in all, the trip was a wonderful success, the one shore excursion to Mendenhall Glacier with a trip to the hatchery (very informative) and Salmon bake truly enjoyable (don't miss the waterfall behind the picnic tables at the Salmon bake). The other stops we just walked around on our own and had a great time (don't miss the rock shop in Skagway). The true highlight of this cruise was the trip through the Tracy Arm Fjord. My mother could cuddle up on the sofa with a comforter and watch the most amazing natural scenery. Sis and I out on the balcony videotaping this magnificent place. I recommend the Norwegian Star to Alaska for a family vacation no matter what the abilities of the vacationers! Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
My husband and I sailed on the NCL Star on June 20, 2009.  We are both in our early 50's and had looked forward this trip for a very long time, (saving up a lot of reward points and airline miles along the way).  And what a ... Read More
My husband and I sailed on the NCL Star on June 20, 2009.  We are both in our early 50's and had looked forward this trip for a very long time, (saving up a lot of reward points and airline miles along the way).  And what a wonderful trip it was!  Alaska is certainly a beautiful place to visit, and the NCL Star is a beautiful way to get there! We flew Miami-St. Louis-Seattle on American Airlines -  flew First Class by upgrading our economy seats with AAdvantage miles, well worth all those months of saving miles for the long flight!  Arrived in Seattle on Friday night at 9:50 pm and stayed at the Radisson Hotel Gateway Seattle-Tacoma Airport - used ThankYou Network points to pay for the room - and found it to be quite nice.  The hotel is only a long block from the airport.  We saw some people actually walking down a small hill to get to the hotel, but since we had 3 large bags we chose to use the complementary shuttle, which picked us up within 5 minutes after we called them.  The hotel was nice and clean, the 'sleep number bed' was very comfortable, and the restaurant served a very good breakfast buffet.  I think this hotel was a much better value than the Holiday Inn SeaTac where we stayed on our return, but more on that later.  Our shuttle driver told us about a Cruise Shuttle available for $12 pp, which we booked at the reception desk.  We were picked up at 12:00 noon Saturday morning and were at the pier by 12:25 pm. Check in at Pier 66 was a breeze.  We dropped off our luggage on entering and went through a long but very fast line to the security check.  Since we had a Mini-suite, we qualified for Priority Boarding, which meant we did not have any wait to check in - even though the regular line seemed to go very quick also.  Upon boarding we were greeted by friendly waiters offering champagne or orange juice - I got one of each so I could make myself a mimosa - it was a great beginning to a wonderful cruise.  We were told our cabin would be ready by 2:00 pm.  We took a quick tour of the ship, had a burger by the pool and settled in at the front of the ship to watch the beautiful view of Seattle's waterfront.  The go ahead to go to the cabin was given at about 2:00 pm, and our luggage was delivered to the cabin about 30 minutes later. Our cabin,  a mini-suite on deck 11 forward, was spacious and very comfortable.  The closet was a very nice size - thanks to a previous post I had read I found the light in the closet (red button in the back under the top shelf) - with lots of shelves and plenty of hangers (Yes, I over-packed and had too many clothes)  There was a king sized bed, a sofa, a small table and two chairs.  A wall unit housed the 13" TV, a coffee maker with supplies for regular and decaf coffee (that were replenished daily), and  refrigerator/mini bar which was well stocked with beverages which were priced comparable to the bars.  We had a full bath, including a regular sized bathtub which was a nice surprise!  The toilet was separated by a sliding glass door which provided some privacy if two people wanted to use the facilities.  The best part of the cabin was the shaded balcony with two lounge chairs.  Our sliding glass windows provided magnificent views, even from the bed!  Our room steward, Romulo, was great, the room was made up the minute we stepped out to breakfast every morning, and we had turn down service everyday- (including the cute towel animals and the chocolate mint on our pillow)  I found the staff on the NCL Star to be great.  Everyone we met was always eager to help.  Frankly I found the $12 service fee charged by NCL was a fair amount for the kind of service we received on board. Since it was quite windy and chilly on deck, The Spinnaker Lounge with its floor to ceiling windows became our home while at sea.  They had Bingo everyday - you may want to wait to the last day to take advantage of the "jackpot" - as well as various shows at different times which were generally fun to watch.  The shows at the Stardust Theater were very good, we specially enjoyed "The Music of the Night" which was a tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber showcasing his most popular hits sang by the members of the ship's show cast.  The Chinese Acrobats and the Magic show were wonderful also. Freestyle dinning is one of my favorite parts of NCL Cruises.  I love being able to eat wherever and whenever I chose.  My husband and I had breakfast and lunch at Versailles Restaurant most days, and had dinner at Acua or Versailles.  We had visited Cagney's and Le Bistro on previous cruises, and found them to be excellent, however we were very pleased with the food at the two main restaurants and found no need to spend the extra money on this cruise.  There was a "Chocoholic Buffett" at the Marketplace Buffett one night which was fantastic!  By the way, Versailles Restaurant has Staircases going down from the 7th floor Elevator Exit, but if you are unable to take stairs, simply take the Center elevator down to the 6th floor and enter through the side entrance - this tip was given to us by a helpful waiter when he found out my husband could not take stairs due to recent knee surgery. The worst part this cruise was that it ended too soon!  We returned to Seattle on Saturday and stayed at the Holiday Inn SeaTac on Saturday and Sunday - booked using WorldPoint rewards -  This hotel was disappointing, as it does not compare favorably to the Radisson Gateway.  This is an older hotel and it shows.  The halls were musty, the bathroom was tiny, and the service was fair.  The hotel restaurant is understaffed and the prices are high for the quality of the food. All in all we had a great time.  Getting to Alaska was the best part of the trip, traveling the Inside Passage you get to see snow capped mountains, luscious forests, waterfalls, quaint little towns, and the ever changing seascapes.  The Star went up the Tracy Arm Fjord, which was magnificent.  Even though we enjoyed the Shore Excursions, there was enough to see just sitting on our balcony to make the whole trip worth it.  This was truly the trip of a lifetime, and the NCL Star is a beautiful way to get there. 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Sail Date June 2009
Norwegian Star Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 3.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.8
Public Rooms 4.0 3.9
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.7
Family 4.0 3.7
Shore Excursion 4.0 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.2
Service 4.0 4.0
Value For Money 4.0 3.7
Rates 4.0 4.0

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