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Great for up to four guests, these staterooms come with two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed and additional bedding to sleep up to two more. Because these are mid-ship staterooms, you'll have easy access to everything on board.

Mid-Ship Inside (IE)
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Mid-Ship Inside Cabin Reviews
Cabin Inside 5063
Jun 2017
First time with NCL By: morco50
I picked this cabin mainly because there was no restaurant above it and no noise to keep you awake. It took three selections before I got it right. The staff in Sydney office picked the first two cabins and I checked the deck plans myself and came up with the cabin I had. Lesson here do your homework first and don't let the staff pick your cabin.
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May 2017
Great romantic get away By: Dancefloor
The cabin was a bit smaller than some, but well laid out and had a real shower door rather than a curtain. The refrigerator (for minibar service) was handy to have and the safe was larger than some we have run into.
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Cabin 6593
Feb 2017
Thoroughly Enjoyable By: Godfrey
Down a dead end far from anywhere! A perfectly good room with, as mentioned, better bathroom facilities that one usually gets at this level. For some reason the air conditioning in the room and in the corridor outside are a little noisier than elsewhere, but it didn't stop us sleeping ...
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Cabin 6551
Jun 2016
Happy Cruiser By: hamhert
Our cabin was very comfortable and roomy Wayan looked after us wonderfully.
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Apr 2016
The cabin was small and we had an issue walking round the double bed as they was not enough room due to the edge of the table and the sofa at both ends of the bed. There was plenty of storage and drawers and the shower was excellent one of the largest we have seen for an inside cabin . The bed was comfortable .
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Cabin 10101
Apr 2016
This was our first interior cabin, it was a little cramped but comfortable. Very large bathroom with a large glassed shower with good pressure and hot water. The air conditioning worked well and it seemed well ventilated. My only complaint would be the hallways can be quite noisy, especially with kids running up and down the hall- it was not very soundproof.
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Jan 2016
Ample in size, and at a reasonable rate for our room in the lower portion of the ship on the inside. That's where the least cost for a room is found -- low in the ship and on the inside. Thus no balcony or port hole. For me, that's where the best rooms are. The higher up your room is, the further forward or rearward it is, and the further to the outside it is, the more motion you have. Down low in the center of the ship is the smoothest, and that's where the cheapest rooms are found.
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Cabin 6069
Nov 2015
Fantastic Cruise By: Nclcruise1415
Cabin was clean and everything was is a good working order.
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Cabin 5597
Oct 2015
There wasn't anything special about the room, but we didn't have any complaints either. One item I did really like was that mid cruise they offered a laundry special. The special made it more affordable and thereby allowed us to have our clothes cleaned. The clothes were handled appropriately too.
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Cabin 4551
May 2015
Loved this inside cabin. Good position for getting off the ship for day excursions. Stay dark for late sleeping on sea days! Enough space in cupboards for two people's clothes. Remember pegs for clothesline! Soap & Shampoo dispensers, as well as a hairdryer. Plugs are 220 V & 110 V.
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Cabin 6565
Oct 2014
An indoor cabin, a bit small but we can live with that. The shower was good and I appreciated having a sliding door instead of a curtain. The toilet was a bit awkward, we had to push the button several times to make it flush. The reading light behind the bed was very awkwardly placed. It’s not possible to lay back and read as the lamp is right at your head level. We were on deck 6 which is very poorly laid out. I had chosen that deck as I thought it was just a short stroll to the dining room but it is blocked off. You have to go up to deck 7, then across to the end of the ship and back down to your choice of Windows or Garden Room. I think we were right under Henry's Pub and a couple of times I was woken by chairs scraping so we started leaving the tv on low volume all night to provide white noise.
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Cabin 5057
Jan 2014
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Cabin 6559
Jan 2014
The room was perfect for us.....a lot of spaces to store everything, a lot of space in the shower and everything worked well...
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Cabin 6065
Mar 2012
An honest opinion By: fmegan961
6065 - Slept 4, noisey location, clean, beds are terrible, pillows are flat, room itself was tiny, bathroom is a good size.
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Cabin 5087
Feb 2012
Had a great time By: fredsmith
Our room was a typical inside cabin and it worked very well for us. The shower was larger than I have had on similar inside cabins and there was enough room for our luggage. No refers was a hassle but Mary the Steward kept us in Ice all trip so it wasn't a big deal.
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Cabin 6093
Feb 2012
Cabin 6093 Avoid ALL of Deck Six. There are substantial safety issues with this floor. only ONE of the three sets of elevators/stairs goes to this floor. In the event of an emergency evacuation, there will be a substantial bottle neck. Also, if you are located in the rear section of this deck, you have to walk to the fromt of the ship, then walk back the entire length of the ship just to get to the main dining room.
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Cabin 4567
Jan 2012
Spirit review By: carlakruz
we had an inside cabin on the 4th deck (4567). We love the cabins on 4 as when you come back on the ship, you are already at home. We usually select inside so we can cruise more often.
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Cabin 5579
Aug 2011
Nice location, equidistant to each elevator. A little small and a little worn, but since we didn't spend much time in the cabin aside from sleeping it served us just fine.
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Cabin 5087
Jul 2011
The beds in the stateroom were very comfortable and there was plenty of storage space. I do not like that I could not use my hair dryer in the room. I use the cool shot on mine when styling my hair but you could not plug a hair dryer in or it would blow a fuse so I was stuck using the one in the bathroom that they provided. The retractable string for hanging wet items on in our stateroom was missing. I asked the cabin attendant about it which he indicated it would be replaced. This was on the second day. By the last night of the cruise, it was still not replaced
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Cabin 5095
Mar 2011
good location midship, small but cozy. Nice sized bathroom.
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Jan 2011
Quiet but small. Shower was roomy. Room stewards were great!
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Cabin 6905
Aug 2010
Cabin: We had 5 cabins for our group of 14. 3 cabins we inside cabins and 2 had windows. All the cabins were near each other. My cabin was #6509. The inside cabins were #6509, #6511, #6513, and outside cabins #6512 and #6514. The cabins were smaller than other cruises but we survived with 4 in our cabin. The bathroom was bigger than expected with soap and shampoo dispensers. Sleeping was a little tight and the cabin was smaller when the beds were set up. We had 2 twin beds with a rollout twin bed that rolled out between the 2 twins. The 4th bed was a pull-down twin that was mounted on the wall. We had some minor cabin issues. Our closet door fell off, the molding on the night stand was falling off, we lost the toilet for a couple hours one day and lost the shower for a couple hours another day. We had plenty of storage for our suitcases. We slid the biggest one under the bed and the rest were put in the closet or the space at the foot of the bed. The TV was small and channel selection lousy but we weren't on the cruise to watch TV so this wasn't a problem.
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Cabin 6081
May 2010
Inside Cabin 6th deck.. pretty easy to get to elevators, but (stairs helped us keep the weight gain down). With inside cabins it's always dark, so need a lighted clock, or flashlight and watch, or you'll sleep late in the morning. Bathroom, closet,entrance way, a little tight.. but comfortable for 2 people. I think more than that would be a little cramped. Hallway was quiet through entire cruise.
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Cabin 6093
Mar 2010
We had an inside cabin. The room was small, but the bed was big. There was a big closet with a lot of storage shelves, and we were able to store all our gear out of the way. It was forward at the end of a long hall and was very quiet. The shower and bathroom was large enough. Good steward service on this deck.
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Feb 2010
The inside stateroom was perfect for us.
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Cabin 4517
Jan 2010
Cool Cruise By: blue diamond
Quiet location. Excellent room
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Cabin 6567
Sep 2009
Best NCL cruise so far... By: meliss1285
The room was good except for the fact that it is located below a kitchen I believe and there is a constant noise problem. Not too bad but can be annoying. It sounds like they are rolling carts all night long, but no one seemed to have a problem sleeping.
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Cabin 4551
Jun 2009
Would cruise again By: filam497
The stateroom was laidout in a great design the rooms are small, but that is expected on ships. For the price you could not beat what service was provided. In someways the price attracts to many people, who have no concept of the cost or the value of the service. The ships crew took great care of us, my kids speak the language of the most of the crew so that helps. I also noticed to many of passengers are too demanding, they act like the character played, by Billy Zane in the movie,Titanic. This cruise had too many civil servants from New England on the ship which tells me they are overpaid or the price of the cruises are too low. If their was a way to increase the standard of the behavior of the passengers it would be nice. The passengers were primarilary from Boston which also explains their behavior. The Boston behavior was appearent in Raffles, which is the ship buffet, they turned it into a feedbag. The food was good, we agte breakfast in Raffles everymorning in port because we were off the ship by 8 am. This was a good time becauses it was not crowded, we were in and out within an hour. Eggs to order are the way to go, the kids would try many different foods. I love the everything omlette. I was afraid I would fall into the glutoness mind set of eating. Lunch was eaten at 3:30  after taking a break from touring the island. We explored the island on our own the tours were too expensive for too short of a time. We would then go out touring more of the islands. We would eat dinner in Windows, this dining room had a great view off the aft of the ship.The portions were a nice size. The entrees were delicious. The service was attentive one reason we ate before the crowds and were not demanding. Our boys who are 7 and 9 ate off the adult menu. They can have chicken tenders, hot dogs, hamburgers and pizza at anytime. I like to eat but did not gain weight because I stayed out of the buffets with civil servants of Boston who want the feed bag mentality.We signed up the boys for the day care they went the first night my oldest son's leather belt was torn in two pieces, the boys called the other kids savages. My kids are no angels but are well disciplined, but then again we are talking about civil servants kids from Massachuesetts. They never went back to the day care center again. The daycare staff seemed clueless and immature. I would go on a cruise on the Spirit and the crew of NCL anytime, anywhere except Boston and New York. The shows were great the Magican was great he has been in Gunissess book of World records 12 times for the tricks he performs. The CatsPajamas were a great show they will be on NCL cruises out of Turkey in  a few weeks. The show on the radio was fair, and Second city were also fair. If you go out of Boston be careful for the kids jumping into the Tivoli pool, on our cruise one little monster landed on a womens head and hurt her neck. This pool is one area where there is no camera. Around the pool area you have people who leave their towels on the chairs all day to claim the seat. That is no problem just use the towel to wipe your feet and sit on that lounge chair.  I did this if no one went back to the chair after 15 minutes. I would sit for an hour at a time and no one ever stated anything. There was young man 17-19 who asked me where are the girls, I am late forties and have young children, I did report him to security, I never saw him again so I hoped they removed him from the ship.  
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Cabin 6087
May 2009
Our inside cabin on deck six was the smallest we've ever had after fifteen cruises and our dinner mates felt some fixtures were designed for an Asian clientele since this ship was first built and operated by Star lines. By this they meant things were smaller. The cabins do show some age and wear in the shower tiles, room carpeting and the closets. The closets must be securely latched shut or they will open and close on their own during the night. The cabins were not adequately sound proofed and conversations, televisions and drawers opening and closing could be clearly heard. Several times I was awakened at night wondering who was walking about in our cabin when the noise was from next door. Thankfully we had considerate and quiet neighbors.
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Cabin 4559
Apr 2009
Hard as rock beds, needs some detailing in the bathroom, but fantastic location because of ease of getting off and on ship in ports, and quiet area.
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Cabin 5079
Mar 2009
Loved the NCL Spirit for Spring Break! By: newbiecruiserandhooked
Enjoyed having 4 beds in 1 room when traveling with kids!
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Cabin 5051
Feb 2009
The inside cabin was nice. Clean, good quality matress and linens, large shower, All in all one of the nicest inside cabins you will find. One hint that will help alot. If you don't prefer a double bed have the cabin steward separate the beds and there will be so much more room you will think you were moved to a bigger cabin. Wit the twin beds pushed together there is a problem ducking under the wall mount and apart there is a walkway between the two beds. Togetherness is nice but comfort is important too. Also I sleep better without someone snuggling. Just my opinion but closeness is nice but sometimes so nice it causes problems. It's not that hard to slide them back together for some close time.
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Cabin 6093
Jan 2009
This wasn't great By: chrisparmerlee
Cabin was fine, small, but what did you expect... for being an older ship it only had a small piece of rust in the bottom of the shower.
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