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Sailing from New England in Hurricane season is always a risk, fortunately, Hurricane Earl only delayed our leaving from Boston for a bit and we missed some time in Bermuda. I still love the Spirit, it is by far my favorite ship ... Read More
Sailing from New England in Hurricane season is always a risk, fortunately, Hurricane Earl only delayed our leaving from Boston for a bit and we missed some time in Bermuda. I still love the Spirit, it is by far my favorite ship with NCL. She is so special, very pretty decor, well thought out placement of venues and other things. The color-coded staircases are very helpful! Bermuda is always great, a few more showers than usual on this trip, so I will add an umbrella to my normal packing list going forward. The food is good on the Spirit, not always GREAT, but always at least GOOD. The service is excellent, everyone knows what they are doing and they are happy to do it. Our room was nice, though I prefer being on deck 8, to be near everything yet still quiet-also easy to get to everything from deck 8. On deck 6, you may have to go up and around depending on where you want to go. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
I sailed from Boston to Bermuda on the Norwegian Spirit with my family. Myself and my 2 sisters were in one cabin. My parents had a cabin two doors down. We chose to sail with Norwegian given the ease of leaving from Boston, where we live, ... Read More
I sailed from Boston to Bermuda on the Norwegian Spirit with my family. Myself and my 2 sisters were in one cabin. My parents had a cabin two doors down. We chose to sail with Norwegian given the ease of leaving from Boston, where we live, and not having to pay for airfare. Embarkation was very easy and organized. I think we only waited 10 minutes or so to check in and then very quickly boarded the ship. We boarded the ship at about 1pm and were told that the cabin would not be ready for a while so we had the option of going up to the Raffles Court for lunch. The Raffles court was extremely crowded as many fellow passengers were also waiting for their staterooms to be ready. The selection for food was plentiful however as we soon found out day after day, was VERY repetitive. More on the food-- my family and I are foodies. We love to eat, cook, and know good food. As I mentioned before, the Raffles Food Court, which is the main food court, had very repetitive food choices. The choices were also not very appetizing. The dessert selection in both the main dining halls and at Raffles food court were horrible. I couldn't get a piece of cake. Everything was either custard type desserts, puddings, or pound cakes. Couldn't the dessert chefs think of making one frosted layered cake? The dining in the Garden Room and Windows Room weren't much better either. There were some better choices in the evening however not like on other cruises that I have been on. I actually enjoyed the poolside bbq that they had every day. The casino put out a nice spread in the afternoons and evenings with little appetizers, sandwiches, and delicious cookies...why don't they serve those cookies in Raffles? So weird. Entertainment was good I think. We enjoyed the Second City comedy improv as well as Dorota and Roberto acrobatics. We also really loved the caribbean band that played poolside every afternoon. Played bingo a few times...wouldn't suggest it. It was $60 for an electronic machine and the only way to really win is with an electronic machine. One positive thing that I can say about this ship is that the staff was truly accomodating and friendly. We loved our cabin stewards, Raymondo and Brian. We also thought that service was relatively quick and accomodated us with special requests. Bermuda was so beautiful. We took the 5 hour bus tour which was a little long but we got to really see the whole island. I would highly suggest going to Horseshoe Bay for beach/swimming. It was the clearest water I had ever seen and I have been to many islands. We found St. George's to be very quaint. You can skip the capital, Hamilton, if you are short on time. I will definitely go back to Bermuda. All in all, I knew going into this that NCL is not a top tier cruise line like Royal Caribbean or Princess, however, I really wasn't expecting the food quality to be so poor. I am not sure that I will every sail with NCL again unless it is on the NCL Epic. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
Cabin with balcony, 10th deck: Having been born in Bermuda, wanted to return with my Brother to visit, together. Planned excitedly, all details of finding our family home, walking the same steps as our parents did, decades ago. Igor came ... Read More
Cabin with balcony, 10th deck: Having been born in Bermuda, wanted to return with my Brother to visit, together. Planned excitedly, all details of finding our family home, walking the same steps as our parents did, decades ago. Igor came along, week of 9/17-9/24 and they diverted our sailing down to Port Canaveral, FL for less than a day and then on to Nassau, Bahamas for, again, less than a day. Understanding NCL did not cause IGOR, nonetheless, they certainly should have been able to get us to another port for at least an overnight stay so we could have booked an excursion worth buying! The ship was so old, dirty and creaked the majority of trip. The first 3 days we could hardly walk much of the time, then in and out of port for 2 days and again, another couple "rough days at sea", not "relaxed" as they suggest! This ship should have been decommissioned years ago! Fresh paint over rust and the lack of maintenance and cleaning were signs seen all around ship. When we returned to our room (after cleaning)the room was 'picked-up' but the railings were never wiped down and had bits of sea salt and water drenched everything; last day, they came with a machine on side of ship and hosed everything down. Unlike, either Carnival or Royal Caribbean, they hand-wiped railings all over decks and in staterooms, as well as straightening deck furniture and wiping down chairs you sit in. Most of my clothes were soiled from dirty furniture and railings I came in contact with. We never got to swim in pool; couldn't get near for all the crowds! Restaurants: Buffets were as usual, nothing out of the ordinary there. We paid for dinner at Cagney's steakhouse one night and that was enough. Being with another couple, we were hoping for a relaxed evening and some good conversation. But the waiters, waitresses, hostess, etc. were constantly interrupting us. We wanted to have drinks, relax for a few minutes before ordering. One waiter took our drink order before we had all sat down at our table! Another Waiter insisted on taking our order, before the drinks had even arrived at our table! So I ended up ordering what I didn't want, I was so rattled! Then the salads came before we were done with appetizers and the dinners before we were finished with the salads and so forth! Rush, rush, rush!! We paid close to a hundred for all of that stress?! Really!! We had touted the pleasures of our experiences cruising over the years and it all fell apart on this trip. The only good part were "some" of the staff; quite memorably enjoyable and hardworking, too. Charles, our main room attendant and Nanette, bar server, were, both, quite excellent and added good memories of an otherwise miserable trip. A couple shows were pretty good but, again, with all the tossing of the ship it was distracting and the dancers were less than impressive, understandably. We will do our homework better the next cruise and stay away from Norwegian Cruise Line. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
My husand and I have cruised with other lines in the past out of different ports. It was my daughter and mother in laws first ever cruise! The port of Boston was very convenient for us, it took us 15 min's to get in, checked in with ... Read More
My husand and I have cruised with other lines in the past out of different ports. It was my daughter and mother in laws first ever cruise! The port of Boston was very convenient for us, it took us 15 min's to get in, checked in with ease and we were on board by noonish. The porters were very efficient and hats off to the Boston Police Department for keeping the traffic flowing. We were in our cabins right after the drill. We felt SO lucky to have Captain Hoyt at the helm, we left with the threat of Hurricane Danielle and came home with Earl on our heels. Only one night of so-so seas, we did see " bags " in the elevators! For a small ship, it was very sea-worthy & stable. Our adjoining cabins were clean despite the ships age, but, the door hit our bed not opening completely. We did not know that the panels between the balconies did not retract, not even doors. That was fine, no problem really, just thought it was worth a mention. The TV's are a joke, teeny, but who goes on a cruise to watch TV? altho I do like watching the entertainment that I may have missed late night. Almost every single crew member was respectful & efficient. Our stewards were the best ever. Very attentive to all our needs, they kept our cabin sparkling clean. Some public areas of the ship are not as sparkling, most notably the elevators were schmered with I'm not sure what but I wasn't going to touch the buttons and find out. This ship is OLD OLD OLD and to me, it showed its age everywhere we went. The food, well, I guess we're spoiled! I honestly can't say that it was good, not even mediocre. Jello for dessert, really? It was fun watching it wiggle. We did try a " special " on the ship for lunch featuring all the specialty restaurants, it wasn't worth the money as again, mediocre at best. Breakfast was the best with the fresh eggs cooked to order. The coffee on the ship was great. We found the buffet during high-traffic times, to be a tad " pushy " for lack of any other word. The wait staff was great helping those in need, elderly folks and those who had trouble walking. To be fair the chocolate night was yummy.... Entertainment. The Ironics are a good band. We danced a lot. Of course we do this an One other band by the pool, cannot remember their names as they were not all that great. Also, the jazz band, very good. pan flute & pianist, very nice touch for those who like this type of music. We tried to get into one of the shows, but if your not early , forget it, we left. My mother in law and daughter went to the finale show with the crew & entertainment, they thought it was spectacular. The " Dancing with the stars " show was SOOOO funny! Great!! There didn't seem to be any activities around the pool as far as games, volleyball? Sail-away parties with music, line dancing, buffets, ice sculptures lining the pool deck area? Missing..zzzzzzzzz... Trivia, again b o r i n g. Come on NCL breathe a little life into the party! The pool was closed a few times after the wave pool started, looked like fun too, but of course the cruise-line would not want anyone to get hurt. The " White Hot Party " F-U-N! The casino was okay, I only went once, won & left. My husband went a few times and lost. We played bingo, my daughter won! yay. We did the " Bermuda triangle cruise " for an excursion, it was AWESOME! We had SO much fun!! It was a glass bottomed boat that took us out to " Devils Island " and a ship-wreck. They turned the lights on to view the fish. We all enjoyed a dark and stormy night cocktail. Bermuda. Bermuda is a beautiful island. The people of Bermuda are beautiful as well. Our cab driver who took us to Horseshoe bay beach told us about his island, where he grew up and where he fished. It was a pricey ride but worth it for us. The beach was very, very crowded. We also went to snorkle park, again a very crowded beach, but fun & within walking distance to the ship ( for some ) We rented chairs on both beaches. We also shopped a lot, not on front street but at the Dock-yard & in St.George. We took the ferry to St.George, beautiful historical town, we loved it there. The ferry was nice! and inexpensive for the bus/ferry pass. We are glad we visited and had a few days to explore, wish we had seen more of the island as we have no plans to re-visit. If you get a chance to attend a CC party-do! What a blast we had, met nicest folks on the ship & hope that we see them on another trip someday! As to the rest of the ship vacationers well, I don't know what it was exactly, but I find the vibe a bit more upbeat out of Florida. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
Just got back from my second cruise so now I have something to compare with the first one. My first cruise was on the Carnival Victory to the Southern Caribbean and the second cruise was on NCL Norwegian Spirit to Bermuda. Both were 7-day ... Read More
Just got back from my second cruise so now I have something to compare with the first one. My first cruise was on the Carnival Victory to the Southern Caribbean and the second cruise was on NCL Norwegian Spirit to Bermuda. Both were 7-day cruises. I enjoyed the experience on Carnival "the fun ship" better than NCL although both had their good and not as good points. Carnival was a younger fun crowd and the ship was much nicer. The NCL Spirit was badly in need of a makeover and it felt very outdated. The cruisers were much older and many had oxygen or wheel chairs. On Carnival they prided themselves in never saying no to any customer requests and took it as a challenge to always say yes. On NCL they said NO to all the requests we asked about. 1. I needed an iron and they said only between 9am-9pm but we were catching a ferry at 9 in Bermuda so that didn't work. After a day on shore we came back and ate dinner but it was after 9 again so again no iron. Then they said we had to be in our room to get the iron and in the room when they picked it up within a specified time frame. If I had known this on the days at sea it wouldn't have been a problem. 2. There was only one electrical outlet and that said not for hair dryers. The other outlets were European and the desk had no converters because they were all checked out. Again I wish we had known to ask for an extension cord converter as soon as we boarded. We ended up buying one in Bermuda to use for my camera battery, cell phone, curlers, Ipod and flat iron and it made life easier! 3. I asked for some heavy cream (we were making Irish Coffees in our room). They said we have no heavy cream. That was untrue because many deserts had whipped cream on them but they said they could not give us any. 4. There was no laundry facility on NCL another nice addition Carnival had. 5. Asked for a fridge and was told no. The person I booked the cruise with at NCL said we would have a fridge in the room but no robes. Turns out we had robes and no fridge. 6. One thing I liked about NCL was there was no set time for dinner. On Carnival we had an 8PM set time but we were at a table of 10 people who were really fun and comparing our days off the ship was so enjoyable. We did not have to dress up on NCL but it was fun to do that on Carnival. The shows at night were better on NCL. Overall I liked Carnival best. NCL constantly had their hand out trying to nickel and dime you to pad the bill. Some of that happened on Carnival as well but not to the same extent. Tip: We saved money on drinks and brought "cruise rum runners" filled with red wine and Jameson's Irish whiskey and no one inspected our luggage (we did put locks on them). We re-filled them while in port and they passed the x-ray machine no problem. We also bought many drinks on board but it did help save some $. On Carnival we were able to buy tax and duty free liquor before we boarded the ship maybe because it was in Puerto Rico? Since we had a fridge in the room we were able to chill what we bought and had mimosas in the morning with OJ we ordered with room service. I also liked having some days at sea without being in a port everyday like we did with our Southern Caribbean cruise. You need some time to relax and enjoy the ship but I hated to miss going off the ship if we were in a new port. NCL took 2 days to get to Bermuda and 3 days to get back home so we had lots of relaxing time. The weather was beautiful every day so we enjoyed all the ship had to offer. One other tip for Bermuda: We docked at Kings Wharf and the things you could do there could be done in half a day everything else you had to take taxis, busses, or ferries. We got a three-day pass and could use the busses and ferries all we wanted. There was more to do and explore in Hamilton and St George so we spent most of our time there. Bus drivers were fantastic and helpful and the transportation was easy to use. The roads are narrow and many people were or felt car sick on the busses with the fast speed and twisty turns in the road. We stopped at Grotto Bay resort and stumbled on some caves that were beautiful. They had a walkway down into them and I was amazed at how beautiful they were. No one was in them and it was a short walk through each one but well worth it! We tried to get a drink there but the bartender totally ignored us so we walked up the road to the Swizzle Inn and had a drink there. That was a fun restaurant/bar. Another favorite was The Hog & Penny in Hamilton the prices were reasonable and the food was excellent. We went to the White Horse tavern in St George twice. The first time was a great experience our waiter was helpful efficient and the food was great. We enjoyed it so much we went back again this time we didn't have a good experience our waitress was terrible, we waited forever for food that was cold and so-so at best. I am glad I had a good experience the first time. We arrived on a Sunday and I was surprised that almost everything was closed Hamilton was a ghost town so we went back to Kings Wharf and some shops were open there. By ferry St George was about 45 minutes away from Kings Wharf. The ferries ran hourly but on Sunday the schedule was limited, to take a bus would have been 2 hours each way. Unfortunately we missed the first ferry Sunday because we didn't know the schedule and spent too much time trying to figure it out instead of just going to the ferry and asking so we missed the first one. The ferries fill quickly and once full they left even if it was before the scheduled time of departure. We found we should be at the ferry at good 20-30 minutes ahead if we wanted to be sure to make it back. All in all I enjoyed both cruises but Carnival is the line I'd choose next time I go. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
My husband and I set sail out of Boston on the Norwegian Spirit. This was our first Norwegian. We have cruised Royal Caribbean three times. We had hurricane Earl and Fiona to contend with. We boarded Friday but had to stayed tied up in ... Read More
My husband and I set sail out of Boston on the Norwegian Spirit. This was our first Norwegian. We have cruised Royal Caribbean three times. We had hurricane Earl and Fiona to contend with. We boarded Friday but had to stayed tied up in port until Saturday morning and the storms passed by. That was fine - better safe than sorry... or safe than sick! First of all - we want this review to be fair. You cannot compare Norwegian with Royal Caribbean. Two totally different cruise lines. I found myself wanting to compare - but that would not be fair as they are two different experiences. We knew that going into this cruise - we had talked to several people and read several reviews. We wanted to experience a freestyle cruise and we were not disappointed. We loved the fact that we didn't have to dress up if we didn't want to and we could eat where and when we wanted. We did however, find ourselves wanting to interact with fellow cruisers and there was no real opportunity for that. We were always seated at a table for two. I think people should have the option of being able to join another table and chat with others during the meals if they wanted to. We did not eat at any of the specialty restaurants in which you had to pay extra. We loved the Garden and Windows restaurants for the evening meals. We never made reservations and never had to wait for a table. Raffles was a great buffet. We enjoyed it for breakfasts and lunches and found ourselves going back often for the fresh fruit! The one complaint that we did have was the lack of drinking options available. Basically all they had to offer was water unless you wanted to pay crazy high prices for other drinks. On Royal Caribbean there was always fruit punch and ice tea available as well as the water. We have not been on Royal Caribbean for 7 years so maybe this has changed now too. Also on Royal Caribbean, sodas, or non alcoholic drinks were free during the evening meals. This was not so on Norwegian. Water or pay big bucks. You could purchase a drink card before boarding, but we do not drink that much soda to warrant it. We just felt that there could have been other options besides water at the buffet. One other tiny complaint is that the coffee dispensers were two spouts for decaf on one end of the buffet and two spouts of regular on the other. I always found myself on the wrong end for regular coffee. Not sure why there couldn't be a spout of each at both ends. But this is a trivial complaint really :) We had 2 days at sea going to Bermuda and 2 days at sea coming back. It was a bit rough the first day and the last, but being from and Island and riding a ferry often, it didn't bother us. The intention of our vacation was purely to relax. And relax we did. We found a lounger by the pool, took some books and read. We did not join many of the cruise activities so cannot comment on them. This was the perfect ship to simply relax as there wasn't many options of things to do like the larger cruise ships. No mini golf, rock walls, ice rinks, or simulators. We enjoyed the shows each evening and attended many of the 'game shows' put on by the cruise staff each evening. Very entertaining. We found the comedy of Second City the best. We had a balcony on the 11th deck aft. It was small, but we knew that going in. We really enjoyed the balcony and being able to step outside early mornings or sit out in the evenings to read. The room steward did an excellent job at keeping our room clean and tidy. The decor is a bit 'dated' and the pool towels were stained and dingy. Maybe they need to upgrade in that area a bit. Our bathroom smelled slightly of sewer by times and one morning it would not flush. After a phone call we found that all toilets on deck 9, 10 and 11 had a problem that they were working on. It was fixed after a short time. As far as the the ship and all it has to offer - we were not disappointed. We knew going into it that it was small and not as elaborate as the previous Royal Caribbean ships. So for what we wanted, we have no complaints. It is important to read reviews and know what you are getting when you book. There is no point in booking on a smaller ship and then complaining that it is small, or booking freestyle and then complaining because you wanted structure. Know what is on the ship before you book. As far as Bermuda. It was VERY hot! And very beautiful. We got a bus/ferry pass, but soon learned that the bus ride was a crazy experience! Fairly long waits at hot bus stops, many stops and starts en route and very twisty, turny roads! We did take the ferry to St. George, which was nice, and the bus back. We went to the Crystal/ Fantasy Caves on the way back. They were excellent and worth the visit. We also stopped at Horseshoe Bay Beach, which was wonderful! Helped break up the grueling bus ride. We found that Snorkel Beach, which was in walking distance of the ship, was the best beach and easy access without having to take the bus! A bit annoying that you have to pay $5 to go there, but no biggy. We attempted the bus one more time to snorkel at Church Bay. Wasn't really worth the hassle of getting there but did see some nice fish. We just missed the return bus by seconds so had to wait in the heat for a half hour for the next one! And the bugs were bad! Taxis are super expensive. Next time we might attempt the scooters. All in all, we had a relaxing vacation and were not disappointed in any way as we did our homework before booking. Read Less
Sail Date September 2010
My husband and I took a cruise out of Boston to Bermuda with four friends in August of 2010. First of all, embarkation was great. Quick, easy, effortless. However our cabins were not accessible so we were herded with the rest of ... Read More
My husband and I took a cruise out of Boston to Bermuda with four friends in August of 2010. First of all, embarkation was great. Quick, easy, effortless. However our cabins were not accessible so we were herded with the rest of the cruisers to the buffet dining area. I am aware that we could have opted to go to the Windows dining room, but we figured we'd go check out the buffet. I was immediately concerned by the lack of seating. Finding a place for 6 of us with carry-on luggage to squeeze into was a nightmare. Eventually we did get a table by standing near one until the people seated there moved and we did enjoy a nice lunch with plenty of different options to choose from. By the time we were done eating, our cabins were available. My husband and I booked late so we had an interior cabin. Unlike our friends who all had a rather plain cabin in the lower decks, we were given a very nice cabin (#10681) that appeared to be far more spacious and better designed than the regular interior cabins. We loved it. It was nicely designed, plenty of storage, and seemed to be tucked away from the main traffic pattern. Later we learned that we were backed up to the hallway with the daycare and dreaded the noise that was to come. That never turned into being a problem. With the exception of the door closing repeatedly in the morning, we never heard noise from the daycare at all. Nor did we hear any noise coming from the kiddie pool located outside of the door near our cabin. Our only issue with our cabin was a toilet that seeped from the bottom emitting a foul odor periodically throughout the cruise. Our room steward did an amazing job of staying on top of cleaning the leakage as frequently as possible so that we could get through the week without being driven from the cabin. There was also one point when the toilet wouldn't flush at all. We overheard our cabin neighbors complaining of the same thing, so we called our steward who called maintenance. The issue was fixed within 15 minutes. Apparently it was some sort of fuse or power issue that controlled the vacuum for the toilets. Safety drill--no issues. Quick. Easy. Best one we've ever done. Entertainment on this cruise was good (but not great) with the exception of the hypnotist who we just didn't enjoy at all. We aren't the type to get up and leave mid-show, but for that one we did. It was ridiculous and misplaced, in our opinions. LOVED the acrobats. The rest were just good. Enjoyable. Not amazing, but good enough. No complaints. The cruise entertainment staff worked their butts off to be sure that everyone was having a good time throughout the entire cruise. They did a great job. Food was fine. We did pay the fee to go to Cagney's Steakhouse and didn't find that it was any better than the food we received in the main dining room. Murder Mystery dinner was a hoot! Alcoholic drinks is where we had a problem. (a) overpriced (b) very little alcohol (c) I think they were reusing the pineapples on the day that the drink special was served in a pineapple shell. Here's why: I purchased one of the specials and it was brought to me with an umbrella sticking out of the top of the pineapple (just like all the others that they were giving out.) My husband also ordered the drink. I stole his umbrella and tucked it into the top of my pineapple so that we'd know whose was whose. Mine now had 2 umbrellas and his had none. As we were sitting there,I poked a series of holes in one of my umbrellas using my long nails. So one umbrella was now lined with a series of slits making it look latticed. I finished my drink and the waiter came and took away the pineapple shells. 30 minutes later our friends arrived and ordered the same drink. Imagine my HORROR when I noticed that one of our friends was drinking from a pineapple shell with two umbrellas stuck in the top--one of which had a series of slits in it. I confronted the bartenders and asked to be shown where the pineapple shells were being discarded. They said they were down in the kitchen and would not show me. To this day I swear they reused them. Gross. Gross. Gross. Never again! We stuck to bottled alcohol from that point on. The Pub Crawl--none of the four of us enjoyed any of the drinks offered, but it appeared that many of the others participating did. We would not participate in this again. Also the "burp" contest at the end was just crude and ridiculous. I was embarrassed for Norwegian that they would do such a thing. Bermuda--our favorite island of all that we've ever visited. Beautiful. Clean. Friendly inhabitants. Lots to do. We can't wait to go back. NO complaints whatsoever. I highly recommend the Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves as well as Horseshoe Bay. We did not purchase excursions. We instead purchased the bus/ferry pass that you can buy right out at the octagon shaped building just beyond the pier. I think we paid $30 for three days (each) and we were able to go to all of our destinations using that pass. We took buses and ferries with no issues. Despite the pineapple issue, we would gladly go on this cruise again, and we look forward to checking out the Norwegian Dawn (which has now replaced Spirit for this run.) Hope this helps! Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
We are a husband and wife from Saint John NB Canada, who along two friends, Joe & Jo-Ann, decided to drive to Boston for another trip to Bermuda. Our city hosts over 80 visits from cruise ships each year, 5 minute drive from our home ... Read More
We are a husband and wife from Saint John NB Canada, who along two friends, Joe & Jo-Ann, decided to drive to Boston for another trip to Bermuda. Our city hosts over 80 visits from cruise ships each year, 5 minute drive from our home but have to drive all the way to Boston to board a ship. We're hoping that one day, we'll be able to cruise out of Saint John. Boston is always fun and a great port. We like to show up a day early and usually stay 2 days after the cruise. This time while in Boston, we did the trolley tours with a 35 minute harbor cruise (worth $25 but not the listed $39 - hotel had a magazine that gave you $10 off). Our absolutely favorite "excursions" were the Blue Man Group & Imax theatre. When we were on the Spirit July 2009, we met a wonderful couple that have become friends. They drove hours from Philly to meet up with us. Definitely recommend lunch at Quincy Market. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in South Boston. At $199 for the first night, it provided transfers for 2 to the Black Falcon Terminal and parking during the week we were gone. We cruised NCL on the Spirit for a 12 day repo cruise in April 2009 and for a week to Bermuda in July 2009. By far, this was our best cruise on this ship. Unfortunately, the first 2 times weren't nearly as pleasant (but not unpleasant, if that makes sense. Sailing in a huge floating hotel cannot be unpleasant!). We had 3 or 4 incidents with staff in the main buffet that were rude (at one point I was so furious at this rude little woman, I almost blew a gasket), it was difficult to get a response from front desk and came home in April with a nasty rash. When I left the ship, I left a 2 page letter of complaint. But this time, everything was different. There was definitely a hugely different feel to the ship. The staff were uplifted and uplifting. You could feel their enthusiasm and Mr. Happy that greeted you each morning was a testament to this change in overall feel. The food was the same, the rooms were the same, the shows were the same but the staff clearly made this our favorite NCL cruise and we completely enjoyed ourselves. If you traveled on the Spirit prior to Jan 2010, give it a second chance. The new hotel director, Prem, is amazing!! Embarkation was very smooth, very quick, and painless. Once on board, we avoided the main buffet and had a wonderful lunch in the Windows Restaurant while waiting to get into our rooms. A relaxing and wonderful first experience on the ship. We stayed on the 11th floor, close to our favorite places - the Lido Deck and the Galaxy of Stars. I can get seasick and find that if I'm high and in an inside cabin, it doesn't bother me. The Ship has a very unique Asian decor, still retained from it's original owners (the ship was called the Superstar Leo, owned by an Asian cruise line). It's elegant and yet accessible and comfortable. It has an elegant old world feel enhanced by its accents and furnishings. In the front lobby, the round table is $100,000 and the carpet is $1,000,000. In addition to the food, the Lido Deck also has an 8 foot deep pool and 4 hot tubs. It's a beautiful decor but we're not "pool" people, so we didn't spend much time there. Where we liked to lounge was Galaxy of Stars. It has an amazing view and so comfortable!! We enjoyed the peace there enough that we missed all the shows. We tried all the restaurants and definitely recommend that. Each venue has a different atmosphere and selection. Windows and Garden Restaurants have the same menu for each meal but different atmospheres. Windows is in rich wood colors and more formal and Garden pretty and more relaxed. Raffles, the main buffet, changes it food offerings frequently during the day. Their crepes were worth a trip down before it closed. Blue Lagoon is the 24 hour restaurant with yummy wings. The selection here is very limited and great for the after the casino munchies. This time, we tried 3 of the specialty restaurants - Cagney's served the best steak I've ever eaten (1 hour start to finish). Warner our waiter in Cagney's was amazing the service was perfect. He was a giant of a man with a dry sense of humor that enhanced our meal.Even with being sat by the kitchen, the Bistro (French restaurant) was delicious!! Ohh, the desserts!! I had all 4!! Just could not help myself and they had to roll me away from the table. Service was 1 1/2 hours from start to finish. Finally, the Shogun (Asian restaurant). This was an experience vs. a meal. It was a bit over 2 hours and the food was amazing. No matter where you where, the food & service were good. Park West Galleries located a painting I'd seen on the Carnival Triumph in 2008 for me!! I shrieked with joy!! Our favorite entertainment was the Arvin & Emily Duo. We spent a most nights at the 2 for 1 martini hour in Champagne Charley's. Shore Excursions are available on the ship but we did our own, as we didn't want to do any snorkeling. For $28/person, you can buy a 3-day bus/ferry pass that can get you anywhere on the island. We visited Saint Georges, Hamilton, Horseshoe Bay, Tobacco Bay and Fort St. Catherine's. You have to visit the beaches in Bermuda!! The water is jewel blue!! One of the biggest fears when traveling August - October is the hurricanes. The weather was beautiful and we traveled between hurricane Danielle on our way down and hurricane Earl on our way back. Captain Evans Hoyt did a great job!! Under his direction, the ship brought us to our destination safe & on time. He made himself present and went out of his way to explain our weather situation to ease our minds. It let us focus on our vacation and not on hurricanes. Prem, the hotel manager, is a man of his word and exceeded our expectations. We organized the meet and greet the first day at sea and he treated us like royalty. He gave us the best cruise and a big hug when we left. Keeping in mind that the staff see 2000+ people every week for 10 months at a time, Sri is amazing. Sri & Imade were on the same team in the Garden Restaurant back in April & July 2009. They remembered us from April to July. When we boarded the ship 13 months later, Sri, now a head waitress in Shogun, not only recognized us but remembered our names & where we were from. It sure made us feel special. Today, the Spirit was in Saint John and we were lucky enough to meet Sri and treat her to the hospitality she's shown us on the Ship. Thank you NCL Spirit for a wonderful vacation!! Thank you Prem!!!! Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
This was our second time on the NCL Spirit from Boston to Bermuda, but this time we cruised with our 3 young kids (6, 7, and 8). My parents were also on the cruise in a balcony cabin. Overall, it was still a good experience, but not ... Read More
This was our second time on the NCL Spirit from Boston to Bermuda, but this time we cruised with our 3 young kids (6, 7, and 8). My parents were also on the cruise in a balcony cabin. Overall, it was still a good experience, but not without some problems. Embarkation: After a lot of concern about whether Hurricane Danielle would wipe out our cruise plans, we proceed from upstate NY to the Black Falcon Terminal in Boston. Parking was easy. Checking bags, customs, lining up--it was all smooth and better organized than last year. We were on the ship by 11:15 and eating lunch in Windows by 12. Cabin: We were in an Oceanview cabin on Deck 4 (the only one that accommodates 4 people. My son had to stay in my parents cabin.) Thats one shortcoming with NCL: not enough options for families to stay in one stateroom without breaking the bank on a suite. The cabin was large enough for the four of us, with the bunk and pull out sofa. I don't see why they don't do this in balcony or picture window rooms. The room was not nearly as clean as it could have been, and I found that was the fault of our steward Sony (more on him later.) Dining: We had most of our meals in Windows, except for breakfast in Raffles while in Bermuda (for sake of time.) The wait staff was excellent. They took special care with our kids, and made a very memorable experience for them. Here's one example: the Head Chef in Windows Barrington and his Assistant Mattie came to our table to speak with our daughters about their meals. The next day a plate of chocolate covered strawberries had been sent to our cabin and to my parents. Then, the same two gentleman arranged for all of us to get into the Chocolate Party 20 minutes early--ahead of a huge line! It made us feel special. The food was, overall, very good. Entertainment: The shows were mediocre. The magician Jorgos was very good. We spent most of our evenings in Champagne Charlies listening to Emily and Arvin. They are excellent. Not really entertainment, but we used and appreciated the Workout Rooms and Sauna. Bermuda: A beautiful country. Dockyard is a great port--off the boat by 11:15. We bought the 3 day ferry and bus pass. Day one: Crystal Caves and swam on Shelly Bay beach. Day two: Ferry to St Georges. Walking tour of beautiful town. Cab out to Ft St Catherine. Swam on Ft St Catherine Beach and Tobacco Bay. Ferry back. Walked around Dockyard and hit the Glass Store/Rum Cake Co. Day three: Saw the Maritime Museum in Dockyard, and then took the bus to Gibbs Hill Light. We were worried about not making it back to the ship by departure time, so we went back to Dockyard to swim at Snorkel Park. The fish on the reef there were great and varied. One mishap: I opened a bag of Cheerios underwater to attract fish and was swarmed by about 300!!! Got bit by an unknown assassin. My big complaint with NCL: we should have stayed over on Tuesday (like we did last year.) There was plenty of time to get back to Boston (they did 8 kts back) and it just rushed our last day. Our Cabin Steward: His name was Sony. I thought he was shifty when I first met him, but the kids liked the towel animals so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Until I picked up my bill on the last day, and found he charged me for a 4.50 bottle of water. In trying to clear this up three different times, I dealt with Guest Services and the Supervisor of the Housekeeping on Deck 4. All of these people treated me like I was being dishonest over a 4.50 charge--irregardless of our huge bill and Cruise Rewards that we bought! Sony claimed I signed for it, but noone could produce a signature. Truth was: he only put water in our room half way through the cruise b/c he was lazy and forgetful. I actually went to the Cruise Consultant David Ward to cancel our Rewards (as did my father). He more than rectified the problem, and we choose not to cancel. But housekeeping and Guest Services--they left MUCH to be desired. Disembarkation: Chose to carry our own bags at 8:30. It was a cinch and we were in our car by 9:30. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
We were first time cruisers, a family of four, sailing out of Boston for Bermuda. I went with high expectations and all of them were met. Embankment- it couldn't have been easier. We got to the terminal at 11:00 and we were sitting ... Read More
We were first time cruisers, a family of four, sailing out of Boston for Bermuda. I went with high expectations and all of them were met. Embankment- it couldn't have been easier. We got to the terminal at 11:00 and we were sitting in Windows having a nice lunch by 11:45. Cabin- we had an interior cabin which was tight for 4 people, but except for sleeping we were never in the room. There was plenty of space to put all our things and tuck the suitcases away. The room stewards, Angel and Pacifico couldn't have been more accommodating in any request we made or in keeping the room picked up. We had towel animals 5 of the 7 nights. Our cooler was always packed with ice and we had as many towels as we could need. They were both so wonderful to our children (14 ands 11) always checking to make sure they were having a good time. Food- we ate at Le Bistro, Cagneys,Tratteria,Windows,The Garden, and the buffet. ALL the food was wonderful. I can't pick a favorite as every time we went somewhere else the food kept getting better. The specialty restaurants were well worth the extra money and with the special prices, 2 for one at Le Bistro and 5 dollars off at Cagenys, free at the Tratteria complements of a drawing in the casino, the quality of the food and the amazing service were well worth the small price we paid. We liked Windows for lunch and the Garden for dinner due to it's smaller and more intimate setting. Anytime we ate at the buffet, Blue Lagoon, or pool side barbeque the food was always hot and delicious. The chocolate buffet was worth going if not to eat but to see the beautiful presentation. Bermuda- everyone should go at least once in there lives. It is amazing beautiful. From the beaches, to St. George's, to the fortress structures all over everywhere you look is amazing. The people were friendly and bus/ferry transportation a breeze to use. We never waited for either for more than 5 minutes. Horseshoe Bay is breathtaking and the water was clear as can be. Crew-I cannot put into worlds how amazing the crew and staff of the Spirit are. We meet some of the nicest, hardworking people ever. I am not sure they ever sleep. The staff was always working and checking to make sure that we were having a great time and not wanting for anything. I was also amazed at how many would meet you once and know your name the next time you saw them. From Katie who did the Muster drill and worked in the sound booth, Gede who put on a great Martini tasting, James my blackjack dealer, to Rafal, Tony and Prem the officers who were ALWAYS visibly around making sure my family and myself were having the best vacation ever. I cannot forget Mr. Naught Naughty (Kwasi Pierre) who not only kept our hands sanitized and did a great dance as a ship and dale dancer, but who took so much time to speak to my children and make them feel like they were so special and lucky to be on this ship. There were so many more crew and staff who went out of there way to make this trip special I wish I could name them all and give them each a big thank you. Entertainment- the shows in the Stardust, Emily and Arvin, Carrie Stone and my favorite the Ironics (Ling, Jenny and Glenda) were all superb. I am not sure they ever rest as we saw them over and over in different venues always entertaining and making sure the crowd had a great time. Ship- I have nothing to compare to but the ship is beautiful. The Asian decor is incredible... I had read the ship was showing signs of age but I didn't notice at all. I simply think the whole thing is beautiful. Dismemberment- we were lined up, through customs, luggage picked up and in our car in ½ and hour. It couldn't have been easier. Final notes- I had read many negatives before sailing. The pool never felt crowded. We were always able to get a deck chair, the food was always hot and delicious, and we always had a seat at a show, never saw or heard about a bingo game, never felt pressured to purchase anything, always got an elevator, and never thought the Grand Atrium looked like a flea market. The Crew and staff of the Spirit were the nicest, friendliest, most hardworking people we have ever met. They did one thing- they made our week on their ship the most special vacation my family has ever had..... Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
Husband and I cruised for our 10th anniversary and re-created our honeymoon cruise (also Boston-Bermuda on NCL). This time, we brought our 2 1/2 year old with us and splurged for a balcony. (Just for background, this was my 4th cruise--3rd ... Read More
Husband and I cruised for our 10th anniversary and re-created our honeymoon cruise (also Boston-Bermuda on NCL). This time, we brought our 2 1/2 year old with us and splurged for a balcony. (Just for background, this was my 4th cruise--3rd on NCL, 1 previous on RCI). Embarkation was a breeze and much appreciated by parents traveling with small children. We were quickly aboard and made our way to "Raffles", the ships buffet-style eatery. Raffles quickly went downhill, and by the end of the week found it completely horrific to even consider eating there. The offerings were pretty tame and not well executed. The bread was often stale. The fruit needed to be replenished at all times and usually looked as if someone chopped it with an ax. None of the food tasted any better than anything I ate in my college cafeteria. Dinner at Windows wasn't much better. The service was terrible--tons of staff standing around while my water glass was empty and dirty plates needed to be cleared. We ate cold food there one night and never went back. Meals in the Garden Dining Room were marginally better, although the service was better, though not consistent. Sometimes, the waitstaff was friendly and wonderful, particularly with our daughter. Sometimes they were pushy and we felt rushed. Other times we waited extremely long waits to get our food or to even have a drink refilled. Overall, it was a step up from Windows, though. One night we ate at La Tratoria, the pay extra ($10) for Italian food restaurant. The food was good, the service was better than the main dining rooms. Two notable differences: the food was actually served HOT, which we discovered makes a big difference, and the staff was able to bring us hot decaf coffee after dinner without a long wait. I know these seem trivial, but they also seem like basic issues in the food service industry and were lacking anywhere else we dined. For lunch we mostly ate at the Biergarten--burgers, fries, coleslaw. It was good "junk food." And, breakfast was SO much better in Windows than at Raffles. Our cabin stewards were both friendly, especially toward our daughter, and we appreciated that. However, they weren't particularly good at their jobs, and multiple times we needed to call for towels (not extras, just to replenish what they had taken away), beach towels, to ask to change the sheets that we noticed were dirty (not made dirty by us--yuk!!). I also noticed other signs on uncleanliness in our cabin and it's bathroom. Cabins & bathrooms are small, with much less storage space than on other ships we've sailed. But, we made due. And, this is often expected. However, after my daughter's pull out bed was pulled out for the night, we could not get to the balcony door and spend time out there, as we had hoped. NCL REALLY does a poor job at segregating smokers and non smokers, and several times we needed to move because we were overwhelmed by cigarette smoke. Also, no one enforces rules on NCL. For instance, there is a sign that says, "No children in diapers may swim in the pools." But, that is totally disregarded by parents, and no staff member enforces this. So, I was thrilled that my daughter was not interested in swimming in the baby pool (she is potty trained) and did not end up swimming in other children's feces. The shows that we went to were all OUTSTANDING. There was a really talented acrobatic duo who were probably the highlight of our entertainment. They were amazing! Also, many of the singers and dancers were very, very good and made for an enjoyable evening. And, the grand finale the final night was truly remarkable--costumes, music, dancing--it was all top notch! NCL clearly spends time and effort looking for talent, and for that, they should be praised. In general, I've fallen out of favor with "freestyle" because on this ship it tended to be more like a "free for all." Groups of mostly young boys (I'd say aged 10-12) ran around with no supervision, often nearly knocking over other guests as they made their way down the staircases, or through a hallway. At one of the shows, a few obnoxious boys held up an entire row of seats yelling out, "These seats are saved, you can't sit here!" But then, they got up and left 15 minutes into the show. Parents, too, were poorly behaved. We didn't send our daughter to the childcare center, but did try out a few of the "Family Fun" activities. At one, in particular, parents were nearly knocking each other down trying to see who could get ahead of another in line. Another example comes from the staff. Every day, all day you are literally harassed into buying something from NCL: dvds, towels, spa packages, bingo tickets, extra wine, extra beer, bottle water instead of tap. It gets annoying when you have to repeatedly correct a server to ask for a glass of tap water. I even had to contact the service desk one night when, after midnight, someone in our vicinity was allowing their children to scream off the balcony. This had gone on the night before, and I wanted to put an end to it before my child was awakened. The seas to Bermuda were extremely rough, and my daughter ended up being very ill, so we took her to the ship's medical center and both the nurse and doctor who treated her were professional, helpful, and patient. I was not at all reticent about paying for the extra service and I appreciated their professionalism. We ran into several nice families who also expressed similar concerns as ours. One family, in particular, who had also cruised on RCI in the past agreed that we would rather be on an RCI ship than on the Spirit (while on our 2nd day in Bermuda RCI's Explorer of the Seas pulled up next to us and we looked longingly at it!). Even the people who got off of the RCI ship seemed nicer than the majority of the people on the NCL Spirit. We didn't swim much, but the pool was always crowded--or overcrowded! The kids' pool, too, is way, way too small. Bermuda is charming and beautiful and we enjoyed King's Wharf and the close proximity to the beach and shopping. Overall, you make your own good time, and we did just that! Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
First, a little background... This vacation is on the ncl Spirit 8/13/-8/20. I traveled with a party of eleven..yes eleven...we had 2 ab suites 10500,10502 and two ac suites 10508, 10512. youngest was 18 oldest was 55. I have been on this ... Read More
First, a little background... This vacation is on the ncl Spirit 8/13/-8/20. I traveled with a party of eleven..yes eleven...we had 2 ab suites 10500,10502 and two ac suites 10508, 10512. youngest was 18 oldest was 55. I have been on this same trip from Boston five previous times with all the same people. We have been in regular cabins,and balconies on the Dream.We all love Bermuda and figured this was our last shot at a huge family vacation before everyone went back to college. Here is where it gets exciting....only my sister and my oldest son knew we had suites! I have kept this secret for almost a year!I had to hide all our luggage tags and e docs (he he )and when we got to the pier for embarkation the line was enormous and that's when the fun began! My sister got a hold of an ncl person and they tried to push us in line but then asked what rooms we were in. Within two minutes we had a porter there to take our luggage straight to our suites! I wish I could show you the pictures on the faces of my family! We then breathed through check in and were sent upstairs where we met our fabulous concierge, Bruce V. and our terrific butler "Manny".Bruce told us all the perks and we were sent with "our Butler' to see our suites.The suites were beautiful,spacious and breathtaking. 10502 has two bathrooms and two balconies (not huge but fantastic nonetheless).10500 has the biggest jacuzzi tub and huge balcony and the two ac suites had the showers facing the water, full glass!we took advantage of Cagney's for lunch and Bruce made us reservations for dinner at Windows.Our beloved children used "manny's " services quite a bit during the week and he was always a simple phone call away.Bruce saw to our every whim....need a cab waiting at the pier in Bermuda?ask Bruce...need dinner reservations at Cagney's last minute? ask Bruce...want to sit in the balcony in the theater and not wait in line for any shows or get into the chocolate buffet 15 minutes early? ask Bruce..booking a shore excursion? Bruce will do it for you....We never waited inline for anything, we felt pampered even up to the last hour when Bruce escorts you off the ship early. (again no line) and brings you right to your luggage.He was kind, friendly and always around the ship to help you with anything. Thank you Bruce! Now that i have gone on so long ( sorry) i just want to say that this experience is everything and more that i read about on the boards...i truly loved our vacation and all but the first sea day, the ride and weather were perfect. we yes, all eleven of us even saw whales last night! and we were all together on the two front balconies....what a way to end the last night of a family vacation...Oh and as a side note, my nephew won big in the casino! so ask me any questions and i hope this was helpful to anyone who like me reads the boards and is thinking about a suite life on the ncl Spirit...... Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
This cruise was planned to celebrate my Mom's 75th Birthday. 14 family members (ages 14-75) boarded the August 6th-13th cruise. We took 2 minivans loaded with 14 people and many bags of luggage and headed to the Wharf. We left at ... Read More
This cruise was planned to celebrate my Mom's 75th Birthday. 14 family members (ages 14-75) boarded the August 6th-13th cruise. We took 2 minivans loaded with 14 people and many bags of luggage and headed to the Wharf. We left at 10am, the trip took about 30 minutes and we were parked and unloaded by 11am. Embarkation was very quick and we were onboard by 11:30am. We spent the afternoon exploring the ship, eating and listening to music. Ship: This was a beautiful ship. Numerous areas had been renovated. You are greeted by a beautiful lobby with 3 glass elevators, a grand piano, fountains with dolphin statues, 2 huge stairways, customer service areas and a small fancy coffee cafe. Cabin: We had 5 cabins for our group of 14. 3 cabins we inside cabins and 2 had windows. All the cabins were near each other. My cabin was #6509. The inside cabins were #6509, #6511, #6513, and outside cabins #6512 and #6514. The cabins were smaller than other cruises but we survived with 4 in our cabin. The bathroom was bigger than expected with soap and shampoo dispensers. Sleeping was a little tight and the cabin was smaller when the beds were set up. We had 2 twin beds with a rollout twin bed that rolled out between the 2 twins. The 4th bed was a pull-down twin that was mounted on the wall. We had some minor cabin issues. Our closet door fell off, the molding on the night stand was falling off, we lost the toilet for a couple hours one day and lost the shower for a couple hours another day. We had plenty of storage for our suitcases. We slid the biggest one under the bed and the rest were put in the closet or the space at the foot of the bed. The TV was small and channel selection lousy but we weren't on the cruise to watch TV so this wasn't a problem. Itinerary Change: We were suppose to be in Bermuda by Sunday afternoon and we were leaving on Tuesday afternoon, but because of a Tropical Storm near Bermuda we didn't get into port until 6am on Monday morning. They did extend our stay until 8am Wednesday morning so we got our 2 full days. Food/Meals: We didn't find the need to eat in any of the Specialty Restaurants. We had all of our breakfast in Raffles. It was a delicious bountiful buffet with 3 made-to-order egg stations a waffle station and a crepe station. You could also eat in one of the 2 sit-down restaurants (Windows and Garden Room) or ordered Room Service. Our lunches were eaten at many different places (except the 2 sit down restaurants). There was a huge buffet lunch in Raffles, lunch in the Bier Garden, smaller comfort food meals in the Blue Lagoon or a delicious Barbecue on the deck by the pool every day. All of the buffet meals had at least one delicious meat at the carving station. We wanted to have at least one point of the day that the 14 of us could get together so we agreed to have each dinner and watch the early show together each night. We made 5:30pm dinner reservations (for the week) in Windows or the Garden Room as soon we got onboard the first day. We dressed in our casual clothes and ate a very nice sit-down dinner each night and then left directly from the meal to the 7:15pm show. All the menus had the option of trying something new or picking one of the traditional items (steak,chicken,salmon,ect) that were on the menu every day. The desserts and service were very good. We usually ended our day with Chicken Wings, dips, fries, fish fry or soups at the Blue Lagoon (23 hour restaurant). Coffee, Ice Coffee, Tea, Ice Tea, Hot Chocolate, Milk, Skim milk and water were available 24 hours a day at any bar or restaurant that was open. You could also get the drinks in raffles or room service 24 hours a day. The soft serve and hard ice cream cones and sundaes were very good. There was a white and chocolate fountain for dipping everything from muffins to fruit to ice cream into. Entertainment/Shows: We saw all 7 shows in the Star Dust Theater. We thought they ranged from a little below average to a little above average. The best show was the final show called Elements which integrated acts from the week into a central storyline. The worst shows were the Magician. Even with the elaborate props the "tricks" were easy to detect. The ships dancers were good (not great) but a little out of sync. All the onstage singing was very good. The Second City Comedy was alright, but nothing great (we saw them in 3 different shows). The M.C. for most of the big events (Kyle) was very good. Activities: There were many organized activities onboard. My family got involved in many of these and even brought home over 30 prizes. The ship had a basketball court (we used for basketball and Dodgeball tournaments). Many members of the group got involved (won prizes) in the Ping-Pong and Shuffleboard Tournaments. We won a total of 3 prizes in the golf putting tournament. My brother/Sister-In-law won numerous prizes for 1st place in the Twist Contest and my brother also came in second in the "Dancing with the Stars" competition. Nephews won the Synchronize Swim contest. We also went to seminars, used the gym daily and ran the track. We also attended and participated in Karaoke, game shows and Trivia contest. The kids played pool, air hockey and foosball. We were so busy that we never had time to waste money in the arcade. Music/Bands/Singers- From the lounge performers to the bar singers to the show musicians to the bands, the majority of the performers were wonderful. Two of our favorites were the "Ironics" and "Arvin and Emily". You could find live musicians playing any type of music you wanted at some point during the cruise. Even some of the music oriented game shows used live music to play their songs. Crew Members: I thought the majority of the crew were fantastic. Our cabin stewards weren't bad but they fell short in many areas. They never filled the ice bucket, took 2 days before changing the towels, never introduced themselves to us and an assortment of other minor issues which certainly didn't ruin our trip. I'm sure any of you who have ridden this cruise know "Happy Happy" and "Mr Naughty". They are the 2 morning people who squirt you outside of Raffles. Every crew member that served us or that we passed in the halls were very friendly and attentive. The only irritable crew member we encountered were the girls at the Guest Relations desk (ironic). Crowds: I had heard that the ship was full. There were over 600 kids onboard. The passengers were very well managed. I didn't see any unruly adults or kids. Most of the common areas were not over-crowded because of the numerous activities around the ship. I don't know if it was the early times we attended things but everywhere we went (dinner, chocolate buffet, meal buffets, pool, shows, sit-down meals, contests, ect) had fast moving lines or smaller crowds. Bermuda: This was a beautiful Island. Several members of our group took a 4-hour tour of the Island. My family stayed behind and snorkeled in Snorkel Park, an experience we'll never forget. We also walked around the Boat Yard. On our last day we all took a bus to Horseshoe Beach. Summary: Overall we had a great time on the cruise. I thought the food and musicians were excellent. The activities were very good and the theater shows good. The weather was very good and we got to see a school of dolphins swim beside the ship. Bermuda was a great destination and leaving from Boston was very convenient. We liked the ship a lot and thought the overall cruise was wonderful. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
This was the very first cruise I've ever been on. I was disappointed in what I encountered. First the positive. The Staff were all extremely courteous and attentive. I could get used to be called 'Sir James' all the time! ... Read More
This was the very first cruise I've ever been on. I was disappointed in what I encountered. First the positive. The Staff were all extremely courteous and attentive. I could get used to be called 'Sir James' all the time! And that is the end of that list. Extremely short. It was all downhill after that and I scarcely know where to begin. Let's start with the food. The Raffles Buffet was okay, by the standards of a buffet it was even pretty good. The Main Dining rooms were mediocre at best. In fact it was really just parts of the buffet, served in a fancier setting. We tried one of the Cover Charge places, Cagneys Steakhouse, ambitiously priced at $25 per person, and some of the plates were $10 on top of that. We had the absolute worst Lobster Bisque ever. Horrible, horrible. We think it had a beef stock! I had a 'beef steak tomato' salad, made with some sort of hard red object that resembled an actual tomato. It's August. If you can't do a tomato then you should just give it up. The lobster was the spiny variety, and either they're tough normally, or the chef's overcooked them. Mixed reviews on the various beef offerings. The pool on the top deck was too small for the number of people who wanted to use it. There would have been enough deck chairs, except that people showed up at 6 in the morning and "reserved' them by leaving their towels on them. Every chair was taken, but well over half were unoccupied the entire day. This I blame mostly on rude Massholes who made up most of the crowd. But the Line could have enforced a 30 minute rule and removed towels. I tired very quickly of the incessant, in-your-face, sales pitches. They were hawking everything from Jewelry to pictures to other crap and it never let up. Far too much of that. If that one bar maid asked me one more time if I wanted a "drinky-drink" on the last day when I was feeling quesy I swear I would have tossed her over the side. Luckily she caught my green palor and the evil eye I was giving her when she started approaching. The drinks were no bargain. Free beer! Who doesn't like that? Of course the NCL definition of that means by a bucket of 4 for $39 and they'll toss in a 5th. A bargain! Real aluminum bottles too. Good stuff like Bud and Bud Lite and Bud Dry. And Heniken, skunked of course. They were pushing 2-1 Martinis in the Charlie Loungue and my party was working that hard. I haven't looked at my bill, I don't know how much they were, but the second you finished the 2nd they were on top of you. If I see another martini glass this year I'm going to lose my lunch. Some of the entertainment in the longue was pretty good though. The entertainment in the big theater was okay. On sea days you had to get there quick to get a seat though. If that were my only complaint I would have been okay. Some of us played bingo. I don't but I heard that they skimmed most of the money off and offered stingy prizes, which goes against the spirit of bingo. Typical of the whole money grubbing experience. We lost part of one day in Bermuda because of a storm in the area, but they turned the last day into a full day, so I suppose they deserve credit for that. Two days wasn't enough though, wish there were more. Some of our crew were old and slowed us down, otherwise we might've got it all in. I can recommend Church Bay for snorklers. The Swizzle Inn was something of a bust. And if you were thinking of the Crystal Caves there is a free near-equivalent nearby that someone in St George told us about. Take the bus to the resort just before the Swizzle - drawing a blank on the name, might'be been the Grotto. It's fancy and it looks like you shouldn't be intruding, but stick to the left and go back by the pool and there are two free, decent caves right there. Not bad. The only other positive advice I can offer is if you're getting the 2/3 day bus/ferry pass skip that first place you can do that, right off the ship. The line is long and slow and you can head over to the visitor center and get them quicker. Read Less
Sail Date August 2010
I have to say that Norwegian cruise is my favorite cruise line. I have a small 12 pound Bichon Frise services dog her name is Tiffany. And I have taken her on a lot of cruses but this ship and everyone that works on it are wonderful. I ... Read More
I have to say that Norwegian cruise is my favorite cruise line. I have a small 12 pound Bichon Frise services dog her name is Tiffany. And I have taken her on a lot of cruses but this ship and everyone that works on it are wonderful. I never had a problem at all with the staff or the vacationers. I take tiffany everywhere on the boat. A dog should have on a vest or a collar with her tags stating she is a service dog. The ship put it in there news letter that she was coming on board and everyone was aware of it. She always went with me to dinner she lays on my lap. Never once did she raise her head to look at the table. You do not ever feed the dogs at the table and never give water to them the owner has to be considerate of the other people. They go to the bathroom on command. The love she felt from the staff at Norwegian Cruise was amazing. They truly know and understand the needs of everyone. I highly recommend anyone worried about their service dog to travel on this cruise line you will go back every year we are again going this year for my husband's birthday. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Background: On this sailing were myself, DH and adult DD. DH and I have sailed 19 times on NCL, twice on HAL. This was DD's 3rd NCL cruise. We prefer, among so many other things about NCL, the laid back atmosphere and relaxed dress ... Read More
Background: On this sailing were myself, DH and adult DD. DH and I have sailed 19 times on NCL, twice on HAL. This was DD's 3rd NCL cruise. We prefer, among so many other things about NCL, the laid back atmosphere and relaxed dress code, freestyle dining and variety of restaurants, as well as the entertainment and the wonderful staff and crew on board; obviously NCL is our cruise line of choice. In addition this was our 12th cruise to Bermuda (on various NCL ships) - we've cruised to Bermuda at this time every year for the past several years to celebrate our anniversary. Embarkation: Easy as pie. Arrived by car to the cruise port at 11 a.m.; DH dropped off myself and DD with our luggage while he parked the car. By the time he walked back to meet us we were going in the door to the terminal building. After going through security we went immediately to the suites check-in line, upstairs to meet Bruce, our concierge, and were escorted to our cabin before 11:30 (which was not quite ready, however we were able to drop off our carry-on bags). Cabin/Suite perks: We had originally booked a BD balcony (the extra-large one all the way aft on deck 10 port side) a year ago (and had sailed in that cabin last year), and added DD to our cabin about a month or so before the cruise; we knew we'd have plenty of room for the three of us. However, two or three weeks before the cruise we decided to call for an upgrade to allow more privacy and space, so we upgraded to Virgo suite #10018, an AC suite starboard side on deck 10. The suite was beautiful and we had plenty of room for the three of us, with DD on a roll-away (instead of the pull-out couch - much more comfortable!) in the living area, which was stored behind the balcony curtain. We could still walk by the roll-away to get to the balcony, which was small for three people, as are all the balconies on this ship so this was not unexpected. There were two padded resin wicker chairs, a small table and a bench seat on the balcony - if there had been regular chairs (and they got rid of the bench) there may have been a little more room; even so we spent lots of time out there (and those chairs were quite comfortable)! The suite had flat-screen TV's in the living area and master bedroom (in a cabinet at the end of the bed), as well as a DVD player and movie list in the living area - which DD loved because she likes to fall asleep with the TV on and it didn't disturb us in the least. The living area contained a couch that was pretty comfortable, two chairs, a coffee table, the TV on a stand with lots of storage, and a pole lamp that turned on via a switch on the floor. There was plenty of storage in both the main cabin area and bedroom for all our belongings. We loved the Lavazza coffee machine, and enjoyed an espresso every morning as well as one to kick-start us before dinner! Loved the bathroom (though DD was the only one who used the Jacuzzi tub), with its luxurious towels and bathrobes (and slippers that we never used) and Elemis products (though I still brought a bar of my L'Occitane soap :-)). The cabin has two safes in the closet, which we utilized. All our luggage fit under the bed in the MBR. There was no 110 outlet at the dressing table (there was an outlet that I could plug in the 220 blow dryer I brought with me even though there was a sticker above it that said "no blow dryers" - I checked with Naveen, and he said I could use it - and another outlet, with a different type of plug), so we had to use the 110 outlet at the dining area to plug our flat iron in. I suppose we could have asked for a converter, but this worked out fine. There were menus to all the specialty restaurants in a cabinet near the dining table (which seats four people, though it would be a little tight) and we had two bottles of wine (a white and a red) and a bottle of champagne, as well as two fruit baskets, when we arrived. There were plenty of various types of glasses and cups on the shelves and in the cabinets (note: the top of the coffee machine warms the cups!) and a fridge that is not pre-stocked. Our cabin was wonderfully taken care of by Jeannette, our terrific room stewardess, and Naveen, our butler. A variety of snacks were delivered to our suite every afternoon around 4-5 PM which we would sometimes supplement with cheese, crackers, pretzel bread and other goodies from the buffet to enjoy while we were getting ready for dinner every night which, with three of us, took at least and hour and a half! We didn't have any meals in our suite, preferring to enjoy the ship - and Cagney's for breakfast and an occasional lunch - so we rarely availed ourselves of the services of our butler, though he did assist with the cabin, coffee maker, etc. We did keep Bruce, our wonderful concierge, busy making reservations, saving seats in the theatre, bringing us in to the chocolate buffet before everyone else, and "sneaking" us off the ship ahead of the crowds as soon as we were cleared in Bermuda. Bruce was everywhere, always making sure his guests were taken care of, and is a really great concierge! The ship: The Spirit is my favorite ship in NCL's fleet - I love the dEcor and size of this ship, though it does have a few shortcomings, such as the small main pool, which during the first half of the cruise wasn't too crowded, but once we left Bermuda it seemed all the families wanted to be there instead of at the kids' pool aft, and the aforementioned tiny balconies. I guess if I had to comment negatively about anything that would be about it! As far as I was concerned the ship is beautifully maintained, and crew were constantly cleaning, scrubbing, and making repairs. I love the atrium on this ship, with the beautiful carpet, staircases, glass elevators and fountains. It's just a very beautiful ship, and I am sad that it will not be sailing out of Boston next year. We had moderate seas our first evening and part of the first sea day, and it was raining as we left Boston, but it soon cleared on Saturday and we enjoyed the pool deck. Restaurants/dining/food: we did not have one dinner in the main dining room this trip, opting to dine in LaTratorria, Shogun, LeBistro and Cagney's (four times!!). Being platinum latitudes members, we each had a complimentary dinner for two/bottle of wine - we used one in LeBistro (for our anniversary - it's tradition!), and the other in Cagney's, where we paid the difference in the cover charge. One night while we were in port we dined "al fresco" at Cagney's - if they offer this while you're on board, I highly recommend it! We had a reservation at around 7:45, so we enjoyed the sunset, and then a beautiful moonlit night. There were (fake) potted plants/trees set up in a rectangle on the promenade deck outside of Cagney's with beautifully set tables (not too many - maybe they only set out as many as needed based on reservations?) and there actually weren't many people walking on the deck while we ate - either that or we were having such a great time we didn't notice them! It was a fantastic evening with incredible food, great wine and wonderful dinner companions (you know who you are ;-)). We enjoyed all our dinners in each of the aforementioned specialty restaurants. We of course went to Cagney's every morning for breakfast, and lunch on embarkation day only - we don't typically eat lunch. Entertainment/shows/activities: We went to two of the production shows - On Broadway and Elements, and both were very well done. We spent many evenings in Champagne Charlie's listening to Arvin and Emily - they're just wonderful! We went to karaoke one night in Henry's - the place was mobbed! DD got up and sang and of course was excellent :-) - unfortunately that was the last evening that karaoke was offered, or we'd have gone again. I attended the second martini clinic (Gede, we love you!) and DD joined me at the last one. We had a blast! We did a LOT of relaxing - at the Bier Garden, on the pool deck, and in our cabin, and most evenings we were fast asleep by midnight! Bermuda: Aah, our favorite place! DD would have loved to drag us all over the island squeezing in every last bit of touring she could, but we just wanted to take it slow and easy. On Sunday we were among the first to disembark, hopped in a cab (crazy, I know, but DH wanted to beat the crowds) and were at Horseshoe Bay before noon. It was a beautiful day, but windy, so it was hard to keep the umbrella in the sand! We spent several hours at the beach, and then hopped in another cab back to the Dockyard. We went to the Frog & Onion (our hangout for the next three days) for some of their great brew and pub food. On Monday DD spent the afternoon with friends off the ship; DH and I wandered around the dockyard a bit, stopped at the Frog & Onion (again), and then spent the rest of the day relaxing on the ship. Tuesday morning we were off the ship early and caught the first ferry to St. George's, where we spent a few hours wandering around, visited the perfume factory, and then caught the ferry back to the dockyard. DH wanted to go back to the ship (after another stop at the Frog & Onion), and we wanted to go to Hamilton, so DD and I hopped on the ferry and shopped in Hamilton for an hour or so, arriving back at the dockyard by ferry with an hour and a half to spare. Back to reality: We stayed up VERY late on Thursday night, and awoke WAAY too early. We were eating breakfast in Cagney's by around 7:30, and were to meet Bruce in Henry's pub at 9:45 (I believe - that last day is pretty hazy...). Bruce escorted us off the ship and right to our luggage - and found us a porter while DH went to get the car! I can't recall what time we got home, but I'm pretty sure it was well before noon (and we're about an hour away). It was a GREAT cruise, and we can't wait to go back! Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
I had read many reviews of this cruise before hand and my wife and I talked to people who had recently gone on this cruise. So, we didn't have high expectations going in. We were just looking for a cheap way to get to Bermuda with ... Read More
I had read many reviews of this cruise before hand and my wife and I talked to people who had recently gone on this cruise. So, we didn't have high expectations going in. We were just looking for a cheap way to get to Bermuda with hopes of enjoying parts of the cruise. Happy that our expectation were low. The ship is nice enough, but shows many signs of being tired. Chipped paint,rust,faded carpet,a concrete ball came off the post by the pool(luckily no one got hurt), one railing was not bolted down and was vibrating rapidly as we sailed on the open water. The ship is small and felt overcrowded. It only has one pool that isn't much bigger than the one I have at home. Four hot tubs were usually spilling over with people. The only time we got to enjoy the pool and hot tub was when we were in port and most of the people were off the ship. Our balcony stateroom was ok,2 people on the balcony is almost crowded. The worst part of the room was the lack of sound proofing. You can hear everything next door,above you,below you. Wow, I have trouble hearing and I heard way too much. The best part of the room was the cabin steward, Mr. Charles, very friendly, kept the room tidy. On that note, the best part of the ship has to be the crew. Friendly, helpful, they really seem to enjoy their job and it translate well to the overall guest experience. We ate at Raffles(buffet) for breakfast and that was good. We ate at Windows and Garden for lunch and dinner. My wife and I both enjoyed the food. No complaints about the food or service, both well done. We tried the specialty restaurants two nights. Saturday was Cagney's steakhouse. The food was fantastic, fillet was perfectly cooked. Worth the cover charge. I know they advertise freestyle dining, but it would be nice if there was a dress code for the specialty restaurants, it is amazing what some people will wear to dinner. Thursday night was Le Bistro, the french restaurant. Also very good, nice menu selections. Also worth the $20 cover charge. (Note, for those on a budget----the cruise line offers specials for the specialty restaurants on port days some were 2 for 1 or had a reduced cover charge) The entertainment on the ship was ok, but not outstanding. If you want to sit in the Stardust theater, you need to get there at least a half an hour before. It keeps the theme of being small and overcrowded going. Not alot of activities on board for adults only, rather disappointing. There is no adults only night club, but there is a teen disco(13-17) which means the ship is more catered to this age group and it felt like that had free reign over the ship. The best part of the trip was embarkation and disembarkation couldn't have been any easier. The port was very easy to get to and the parking garage is just around the corner. All in all we made the best of what little was offered and had a good time. Would probably go again because the convenience of sailing out of Boston was so easy. But, if there was another cruise line leaving out of Boston the same time, I would go with whichever one that was. Not impressed with NCL. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Background Information: We were passengers on the NCL Boston to Bermuda trip which departed on Friday, July 23, 2010, and returned on Friday, July 30, 2010. The ship was the Norwegian Spirit. We were travelling with 12 other family members ... Read More
Background Information: We were passengers on the NCL Boston to Bermuda trip which departed on Friday, July 23, 2010, and returned on Friday, July 30, 2010. The ship was the Norwegian Spirit. We were travelling with 12 other family members ranging in age from 2 years (our youngest niece) to 70+ (my mother and her friend). My wife and I "splurged" and upgraded to a penthouse suite and we were very glad that we did when all was said and done. Ship Info: Passenger Capacity: 2,018 (double occupancy) Gross Register Tonnage: 75,338 Overall Length: 881 feet Max Beam: 105 feet Draft: 26 feet Engines: Diesel Electric Cruise Speed: 24 knots Crew: 949 Things that were great: Our suite was great! If you can afford it, we adamantly recommend spending the additional money to get a suite (they call them penthouses). Not only are the rooms at least "normal" hotel suite sized but the VIP services that come with the purchase of a suite make a HUGE difference and improve the cruising experience greatly. Our Butler, Naveen, was attentive and helpful and he truly waited on us meticulously. Additionally, the concierge, Bruce, rocked! He attented not only to the requests made by me and my wife but he also assisted us with special requests for my mother and her friend who both have issues with limited mobility and walking great distances. The queen-sized bed with quality linens was very comfortable. We had a mini-fridge, espresso maker, a great sitting area and a large balcony. We even had all 14 members of our party over for a cocktail before dinner one evening and we were able to fit quite comfortably. We had fresh flowers as well as fresh fruit delivered daily. We had a great jacuzzi tub and shower and we never felt cramped in our room at any time. The food in the specialty restaurants was awesome and the service received in both the specialty restaurants and the "regular" restaurants was attentive and helpful. The waitstaff made a point to entertain the little ones and we appreciated this attention to detail. Things that could have been better: Balcony and Inside Cabins - Very Small Cabins with uncomfortable beds. For our party, there were an additional 3 balcony cabins and 2 inside cabins. Both the balcony cabins and inside cabins were very, very small. Many of our relatives found themselves returning with sore backs and with reports of sub-par construction for the beds and pullout sofas. The ship needs another pool! Ship capacity is 2018. Imagine it seeming like all 2018 people were trying to share a single pool! There were many hot tubs which seemed to be teaming with children even though there was signage clearly posted indicating that children under a certain age should not go in the hot tubs. The kiddy pool area was very small and was even closed for a full day at sea. There is a single, average sized, outdoor pool for all to share. The depths of the pool ran from 5 feet to 10 feet. If you wanted to catch some rays close to the pool while at sea, if you didn't snag a chair by 7:00 a.m., you were out of luck for the day. If you prefer quiet reading while sunbathing, there were quiet sunbathing areas. However, these areas were quite a bit away from the pool. I cannot emphasize enough that the pool was constantly very, very crowded. To get an idea of just how crowded, think of a dance floor at a popular disco when a popular song is playing..this would describe what you would find in the pool. Port & Shore Excursions: Bermuda was beautiful, we couldn't have asked for better weather and we plan to fly back soon! Children's Clubs: Great attention and activities for little ones (if you want to pay extra). However, there was not much to do for teens travelling singularly. We got the impression that our 16 year-old nephew and 20 year-old niece, who are both a bit shy, would have had more fun on the ship if they could have each brought a friend along. If they had, they would have been more agreeable to participating in the many teen and "disco" activities that were offered daily. Kids could definitely find themselves in "hot water" for spending like crazy in the arcades because their room keys serve as cash for playing games. Entertainment: Excellent (we were told) My wife and I aren't into cruise type shows but our family members that attended the shows said they were quite good. Disembarkation: Easy enough Other Considerations: Even if you think you won't get sick, be prepared for the possibility of motion sickness. Being first time cruisers who have never had issues with motion sickness, we had not planned for the rough seas experienced on the first full day at sea and again when we were underway returning to Boston. We had brought the sea-sickness patches but should have put them on right when we boarded in Boston. Many members of our party as well as a very large number of other travelers complained of motion sickness. The ship ran out of dramamine and the crew placed supplies of sea-sickness bags by each of the elevators. I have been reading other reviews and it seems that cruisers in the know expect rough Atlantic seas. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
We were on the 7/23 cruise. First time on this cruise line. Other cruises include Disney and Royal Caribean. To get onto the ship was very easy. We got to the terminal about 12pm and by 12:30 we were on board and at the buffet. The room, ... Read More
We were on the 7/23 cruise. First time on this cruise line. Other cruises include Disney and Royal Caribean. To get onto the ship was very easy. We got to the terminal about 12pm and by 12:30 we were on board and at the buffet. The room, which had a balcony, was smaller than rooms on other lines but very nice. The bed seemed like a king size bed and was very comfortable. The cabin steward was very nice and did a great job. The room was very clean. The cruise line pushes freestyle dining. While it sounds great, there are some problems with it. First, you may have to wait in line depending on what time and night you go to the dining room. But our biggest problem was that you never had the same waiter twice. They didn't get to know your preferences. Other lines knew right off what you like and if you have a certain drink you like, they bring it right away. Here they couldn't do that. One night we got to dinner at 8:30 and by 11pm we still hadn't gotten to dessert. The pool for adults was closed a few times during the day. When open, there weren't enough chairs. People saved chairs at 7am so it was very difficult to find chairs to sit in. The first day, seas were very rough. Many people got sick. The enterntainment was very good. Good shows. Our favorite was the final show and also the songs by Arvin and Emily. That kept us coming back. The food was very good. We ate in the main Windows dining room most nights. They had several other restaurants that you had to pay extra for. We ate at the Italian restaurant one night. Not worth it. Chicken was dry. We sat right next to the buffet line. No atmosphere. Bermuda itself was excellent. However, the ship lands on Sunday. Don't go to Hamilton that day. It is closed!! Horshow Bay is the best. 9th best beach in the world. The 3rd day we asked the information lady to recommend a person to give us an island tour. She recommended a person and his name was Mac. He was a native and he was fabulous. A 6 hour tour for 4 people. Cost with tip was $145 per couple. Less than an excursion. He took us places tourists would never get to see. Highly recommended!!! Go to visitor booth and ask that you get Mac! Disembarkation was easy. We carried off our own bags and once they said we could get off at 9am, we were off the boat by 9:15. Easy!! All in all, very good cruise. Great friends, great entertainment, food and a great tour of the island. Plus we saw a whale on the way back to Boston!! Excellent!!! If I hadn't cruised the other lines, I would say this was great. But to compare the ship's services against the other 2 lines, I would have to say the ship services was a distant third. If I had a choice between this cruise line and the other two, no question this would be third. However, we still had a very good time and it was still a lot of fun. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Well we are back from a great cruise. Most things were excellent, though I guess I should not expect perfection. Not sure I like the freestyle dinners that much. Yes it is nice not having to arrive at a certain time but now we did not get ... Read More
Well we are back from a great cruise. Most things were excellent, though I guess I should not expect perfection. Not sure I like the freestyle dinners that much. Yes it is nice not having to arrive at a certain time but now we did not get that special feeling having one waiter all week. The waiters did not know us or us them. Most were good but some experiences were lacking. One night the food arrived at way different times - both dessert and the meal. My daughter got her meal first but wanted to wait for ours to arrive before she ate. However it must have been 10 mins before the rest arrived. The waiter explained that the kitchen was "backed up". However meanwhile the chefs still did their customary parade around the room. The food was mostly excellent, of course. However the buffet food names often sounded better than it actually was. I guess it is tough for buffets. The outdoor poolside buffets were better as people got it fast and it was replaced fast. The entertainment was pretty good. However one singer was actually rather poor. Later the crew gave performances and some were better! Maybe it was just me. Everything else was as expected - excellent. The room steward had no problem handling the four of us in the room. The only weird thing is that there was one bed hanging from the wall and the other on the floor between the regular beds. It was OK but difficult to walk around at night. Why not have both extra beds on the wall. During the day both wall and floor beds were stowed by our wonderful steward Mariano. One final note. No problem for me but the at sea days were often rocky. Some people got seasick. It was funny watching people try to play pool. My family played shuffleboard often and late at night, actually after midnight (did you see us). It kind of made the game more challenging and fun. Like I said, no problem for me but future cruisers should know about it. OK, I guess that sounded rather critical. I can be a picky pain the the butt. We had a most excellent time and I would not hesitate to go again or just re-live this past week. We relaxed. We ate (somehow I just gained 5 lbs - probably all of the activities we did). We were entertained. My wife and I woke up every morning and had a great breakfast together. Then we went for a long walk. I then usually hung around the pool trying to read my book - though people watching got in the way so too often. I may have taken a break swimming or more often in the hot tub. Then the afternoon shows, dinner, the evening shows, a club with drinks and more entertainment. Finally shuffleboard with the kids after midnight and a late snack before bed. Sleep? Overrated. Late to bed and early to rise. We miss being on board already. Actually did so as soon as we disembarked. Now back to the real world. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Background info-My husband and I took this cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary (I had told the agent and they said there would be a card in the room for me to present at dinner one night for an anniversary cake) and both ... Read More
Background info-My husband and I took this cruise to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary (I had told the agent and they said there would be a card in the room for me to present at dinner one night for an anniversary cake) and both turning 50 y/o. We had a 1 week window to take a trip due to my 14 y/o's Color Guard schedule and had a wonderful trip to Bermuda 18 years ago. We're from NC and had to coordinate getting my 14 y/o to my sisters in Indianapolis. We have been on a Cruise on Carnival about 8 years ago, and on RCCL's Jewel 2 ½ years ago. After considering all cruise options for that one week window I chose the Spirit mainly because of its docking in Bermuda for a 3 day and 2 night stay. We flew into Boston at 6pm the night before the cruise left. Boston-We had a short cab ride to our room at the John Hancock Conference Center. The building is older, but has character, and the room was comfortable. It's located close to Copley Square, and the Back Bay area. After checking in we walked around and decided to eat at Brownstone on Dartmouth St. We had one of the best meals. The Shrimp Crostini was one of the best appetizers we've ever had. Our waitress was great, the rest of our food was very good and came quickly. The windows were open and we were able to people watch. We bought a 24 pack of H2O from a 24-hour CVS. Embarkation-After a short cab ride we arrived at the pier at 11:15am. Very easy check-in process! Hint!-Listen to the nice lady who tells you that they're not boarding yet and take a seat as she suggests. Many ignored her advice repeatedly and formed a line instead of sitting. Luckily DH and I decided to listen to her. We were not going to start our vacation by stressing, so we sat. When boarding started, the nice lady had everyone sitting board while those who were standing in line who hadn't listened to her waited. By 11:45 we were signing up for our first activities and we were eating in the MDR by 12:30. Room-We were in 9160, a balcony. The bad parts-When I walked in the bathroom I found a used razor and a used bar of soap in the shower. This started me CLOSELY inspecting the rest of the room for cleanliness. I found small drops of what I'm 95% sure was blood in the sink (my husband and I are both healthcare professionals and came to the same conclusion, blood spatter of some kind). I found a piece of Dental Floss on the carpet, several large particles of the pebbly material from the balcony on the rug, long curly black hair on one towel and short black hairs on the other, the mirrors in the bathroom and over the desk were spotted badly with some kind of glob in the middle of the one over the desk , the shelving in the bathroom was not clean, and I found someone's blue tek toothbrush in a purple case under the bed. I immediately called guest services after I found the razor and soap in the shower and blood in the sink. About 20 min.s later they called to tell me it was not blood in the sink, it was just cracks. That's when I told them about the rest of the things I found. Within 10 min.s our steward and supervisor were at our room. They still said the spots in the sink weren't blood, (but they didn't look closely), but they did agree the room wasn't as it should have been and agreed to send someone to re-clean it as soon as they had someone free and the hall was clear to bring the cleaning cart and vacuum through (all those bags in the hall). The bathroom smelled musty all week (a Bath and Bodyworks Wallfower helped) and the wood in the closet smells awful (nothing to be done about that) there were other places on the ship with a lot of wood that gave off the same foul odor. I just stayed away from those areas and got my clothes out of the closet as quickly as possible and luckiy my clothes didn't pick up the odor. There was no card for the Anniversary cake(more on that later). The good parts-Our room steward was very apologetic, and within 20 min.s he had the first of our luggage and the rest within 15 min.s. He had searched through the luggage to try and get ours to us as soon as possible to try and make up for the unsat. room condition. By the time we returned from dinner the room had been re-cleaned. (I did take the Clorox Wipes I had brought with me and went over all surfaces in the bathroom for my own piece of mind). Guest services had made a follow up call and gave us the choice of 2 bottles of wine as compensation and the supervisor came by to make sure everything was fine. The room was quiet, in a great location (near the aft stairs and elevator, but far enough away), plenty large for 2 people, enough storage space for 2, the bed(s) was comfortable, loved the balcony, we always had ice, towels we'd left to be replaced (we re-use like we would at home) always replaced, and great towel animals. Food-We mainly ate Buffet for breakfast, MDR lunch and dinner. We found plenty of food to enjoy. Some was very good. There was nothing we thought was inedible or awful. We signed up for the Enchanted Dinner, and Taste of India. We did not sign up for any of the Specialty restaurants. The first night, (after we had already ordered dessert) our waitress brought out a special cake that said Happy Anniversary. A large number of the Wait Staff sang "Let me Call you Sweetheart" and made my husband hold hands and then kiss at the end. I was glad I hadn't made a fuss about not having the card for the cake in my room! Because we already had the desserts we'd ordered our waitress had the cake delivered to our room for us to enjoy later. There was no additional cost for this. Taste of India-Family style, an amazing variety of dishes. We love Indian food and this was all excellent. Well worth the $15 per person cover! Enchanted Dinner-Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! The food was outstanding. Great Jalapeno rolls, the Salmon Cream was divine, Lobster Termidor so delicious! We started with Champagne and they kept refilling our glasses if we wanted. 18 of us (2 couples arrived 40 min.s late and were too late to join us) were all seated at separate tables in the art gallery. The only problem was that the art in my view was all very disturbing and if I hadn't been somewhat immune after working in a Medical field I might not have been able to stay at that table (others walking around agreed they couldn't have stayed sitting there). Our wine glasses were refilled if we wanted whenever they got low. One of the best parts of the night though was one of the guests Marsha invited us to join their table for dessert. She invited all of the other tables to join also and we made one big group table for dessert and our final drink. One of the couples had been married on the ship earlier in the trip. They had bonded with the table next to them and were jokingly saying they were their Maid of Honor and Best Man. By the end of dessert we were all either their "Aunts, Uncle or Cousins", a makeshift bouquet had been formed and thrown, the staff brought out Happy anniversary cakes for 3 of the couples (including us), and a Birthday cake. We had made introductions and were having an amazing time. The head Chef came out and sat with us and had a glass of beer, Marsha presented him with a small gift. We were reluctant to let the evening end and so went as a group to Champagne Charlies where Paul who had played for us during dinner was playing the piano and singing. We sang, danced and continued a wonderful time adding to our "Wedding Party Family" anyone else willing to join our good time. (The "Best Man" turned out to be an amazing Bongo player). I heard later at the Taste of India that one group felt like we were too loud and overbearing. I'm sorry they felt that way. I wish that they had felt like joining us. We were willing to include everyone in our good time. Many of us felt that the Enchanted Dinner was the highlight of our cruise. Entertainment- The NCL productions were very, very good for the size of the ship. The final show Elements was very good. Paul Scally was a great Cruise Director and very funny. The game shows were fun and entertaining. Scott from the Cruise Staff is a cutey with a great personality and made any event he hosted fun. The White Hot Party was not as fun as I thought it would be. We only stayed an hour and the folks who were 14-18 or 20 y/o had a great time and danced a lot and filled the dance floor. I, for one, like techno and house party music, but I don't think many people over 25 felt comfortable getting out and dancing. It would be nice to find away to mix up the music selections. Maybe some kind of Generational Dance off that would involve all ages. I expected more from this party. My husband and I were underwhelmed. We did the Pub Crawl the first day at sea. I had trepidations about it as I am not a big drinker and was afraid I would b pressured to drink beyond my comfort zone. This was one of my husband's favorite cruise activity. He drank his drinks, the 2 I couldn't finish, and my beer, and was able to complete the cup flipping contest faster than anyone else on our team at the end. Our group was not too crazy, but I think it was partially due to how much the ship was moving. Many people were seasick on the ship and it was hard enough to keep your balance without alcohol. 2 standouts from the pub crawl were watching the whole dance floor move from one side of the floor to the other as the ship moved and watching one tiny young lady (who had consumed all of her drinks and an additional beer in the belching contest) dance and then complete multiple back flips! I would encourage anyone interested to try the Pub Crawl. It was fun! My husband did the wine and cheese pairing the last day at sea and was glad he did. Bermuda-We did not do any excursions since we had been there before. The first time we were in Bermuda we got around the island on a scooter and my husband felt comfortable doing so again this time. Our only problem was that we got a scooter that had a problem. It became apparent when we were trying to go uphill and there was stop and go traffic due to a work crew. When my husband had to use his legs to try and push us uphill while giving the scooter full power we knew we had to take it back. They gave us a new scooter and it was back to an even longer wait to get past the work crew. It seemed like they had the lights mistimed as the other size was able to get 13- 20 vehicles through at a time, but our side was averaging only 7-10 at a time. It took us 7 cycles to get through the first time, and 13 the second. Each time when we got through we found no back up on the other side. Other than that we had a great time and kept our scooter for a second day. It was easy, we just parked the scooter by ship at the end of the day and just went and hopped back on the next morning. We enjoyed going wherever we wanted whenever we wanted. We went to Hamilton, St. George, and Horsheshoe Bay. The first day we ate at Rosa's Cantina in Hamilton. The food was very, very good. Beware though, when my husband ordered another beer they automatically brought me another margarita, and when we got the bill they had charged the top shelf prices when I had ordered the basic, and brought the larger size when I had asked for the regular. We decided not to complain as they were very busy, we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch and drinks, and the total for the bill was not above the value we felt we got. The next day we ate at the Hog Penny in Hamilton and I had one of the best pieces of yellow Fin Tuna cooked just the way I like it, very rare and just seared on each side, I ever had on a very fresh summer salad with fruit and a sweet chili dressing. Disembarkation-We decided to carry off ourselves. We had breakfast at the Buffet first. At 7:30 we saw people already lined up to leave. By 8:15 the line was very long and not moving. At about 8:30 people were allowed to leave. We left our Stateroom at 8:45 and by 9:20 I was boarding an earlier flight than I had originally booked to Charlotte. It couldn't have been easier. Summary- I'm sure I left something out. We had such a great time. My daughter asked if there was anything bad about the cruise. The only thing I could come up with was the state of our room, but it was taken care of quickly. We liked the Freestyle cruising concept for meal times but did miss getting to know our wait staff and getting to know others at meals. I suggest that NCL set up 1-2 large tables and diners can request to sit at a community table. Staff it with the same waiters every night. If there's room great if not sit as usual and if not that many people want that option they can pull 2 tops off the end if needed. I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has to the best of my ability. Please no haters to this review. I appreciated all of the posters about the Spirit before I left and I hope this helps people choosing in the future. Funkygirl Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Received the cruise thru Harrah's Entertainment as a promotion to come to their casino We could have chosen to cruise pretty much anywhere but picked Boston due to the fact that the port is 10 minutes from home Embarkation was ... Read More
Received the cruise thru Harrah's Entertainment as a promotion to come to their casino We could have chosen to cruise pretty much anywhere but picked Boston due to the fact that the port is 10 minutes from home Embarkation was great! Checked in and on the ship in 40 minutes from being dropped off Welcome aboard buffet at raffles was wonderful Had a balcony room on the 11Th floor Good enough room for 2 people Bed was nice and comfy Plenty of space for clothes Bathroom was pretty spacious by cruise ship standards and the shower was a real shower that even a little larger man like myself didn't have to do the spin-a-roonie to complete the task Seas the first night was a little rough but it's the Atlantic First night welcome show was OK Had breakfast the next morning at windows. Might have been the worst breakfast in history!Windows was half full, wife ordered eggs Benedict and i attempted to order hash with poached eggs over it. The Waiter did not understand what i had requested and after trying to explain 3 times i let it go and waited to see what was brought. after 20 minutes i called the waiter over to ask where our food was and he told me that the kitchen was backed up and it will be a few minutes more. The food arrived and you knew it was bad just looking at it. my wife's was cold and the eggs in the Benedict were hard My order was not good either as the hash was hard and stringy and globed together and virtually inedible. We laughed and gave them the benefit of first day jitters Dinner that night at Le Bistro- excellent food and service!!!! Sunday dinner we tried the garden room and that was excellent also Lobster was served and it was just right (the young lady at reservations told us what day was lobster so we could plan our dinners around it good job NCL!!!) We also had dinner at the Italian restaurant which was excellent(Osso Bucco was very good) We also did the murder mystery dinner which was a little messed up due to a lack of direction from the crew running it but never the less, even though no one in our party picked the murderer, we had an excellent meal in the windows dining room Raffles buffet was hit or miss. One day good,one day not so good. I even tried the hash to see if the first time was a mistake but it was just as bad the second. Blue lagoon was OK. Good service ,food a little greasy. The Bier garden on 13 was classic customer service at it's finest! Get back from a hot day at horseshoe beach and thirsty. go up for a couple of dogs and a beer. i ask the bartender for a cup and he pulls it out of the dishwasher steaming hot! i bring it to his attention and he puts a couple of cubes of ice in it and hands it back to me, still hot. I bring it to his attention again and he runs it under the water for a second and gives it back to me still hot. I like the glass frosty, not steamy! I sign for it and he notices that i did not add on anything but the 15%. he gave me a dirty look and nothing else Bermuda was beautiful and relaxing. 3 days is perfect to see the island Somehow we both came down with something that did not agree with us on Thursday and we both spent the last day of the cruise in our cabin checking out the bathroom. What happen next is probably the worst and most unhealthy incident that i could ever imagine seeing in any food establishment in the world We tried to hold something down later on Thursday so at about 7 or so we went to the garden room for dinner. We Both had a great London broil which was very tasty. Between the appetizer and the main course my wife noticed that the asst. service pulled the knives and forks that we had not used off of the table and put them back in the bins with the other clean utensils at the service area that they use before they bring the food to the table After dinner the same waiter came by and picked up what was left in our bread basket and my wife noticed that she had once again put the basket that we had taken bread from and put it back once again in the bin that she was also taking full baskets out of to serve to other guests We were sitting at a window table at the ens wall of the restaurant and right beside the service area that i have spoken about. Even if the did not give the extra bread that was left in our basket to someone else, what are you to think? We have no axe to grind, but boy, you wonder why people get sick on cruises I would rate this cruise at about 6 or 7 out of 10 You get what you pay for Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
My husband and I just returned from a 7 night cruise aboard the Norwegian Spirit to Bermuda. This was our third cruise and our first one on Norwegian. We left from Boston which was an easy embarkation port. We were extremely disappointed ... Read More
My husband and I just returned from a 7 night cruise aboard the Norwegian Spirit to Bermuda. This was our third cruise and our first one on Norwegian. We left from Boston which was an easy embarkation port. We were extremely disappointed in the overall experience of this cruise. There were many little things that when combined added up to an uncomfortable vacation. For starters the cruise felt overcrowded as there was not enough room to accommodate all the passengers. The pool didn't have enough lounge chairs anywhere on any of the decks. We quickly learned that in order to get a lounge we needed to put our stuff down on the lounge by 7:30. That is no way to vacation especially in a "freestyle" environment. The most egregious offense was all the smoking on the ship despite designated smoking areas. The smoking areas were clearly marked but there was no signage for the non-smoking areas. The entire pool area, decks, hallways and especially the casino were overrun with smokers. The NCL staff didn't enforce whatever smoking rules that were labeled. We had trouble being in the casino for any length of time as it was always smoke filled. This was troublesome as there were many times that shows or activities were crowded and there were no seats left therefore the only place left was the smoke filled casino. Although the stateroom was clean and well attended it was tiny. The towels and bed linens were worn and old. The service aboard the ship was very good and we have no complaints. The staff was attentive and friendly. They expeditiously helped us with any questions or needs we had. The entertainment in the theater was impressive and very good. However one needs to get to the theater at least 25 minutes early to ensure a seat for any event. Some of the popular events and shows were in a smaller bar where there weren't enough seats or even standing room to enjoy the show. That was troublesome as it was added stress that one doesn't need on a vacation especially since NCL advertises a freestyle, no schedule cruising experience. The dining was the best part of the cruise. The food was delicious and plentiful. The waiters were extremely attentive and would get you anything that you needed. The specialty restaurants were a bit better than the main dining room and buffet. There are charges for all the specialty restaurants and once you are there certain charges apply for additional menu items. Overall, the food was tasty and there were enough options each night to satisfy everyone. Read Less
Sail Date July 2010
Background- My husband (33 yrs old) and I (26 yrs old) were married about a year ago and I knew that I didn't want to just wing it for the honeymoon. As the wedding date got closer I contacted a friend that is well traveled (who is ... Read More
Background- My husband (33 yrs old) and I (26 yrs old) were married about a year ago and I knew that I didn't want to just wing it for the honeymoon. As the wedding date got closer I contacted a friend that is well traveled (who is probably 20+yrs older than myself) to see if she was planning any trips in the near future that we could join in on. She happened to mention that her and her husband were going to do a group trip from Boston to Bermuda and that's when we knew where we were going to honeymoon. Although I had felt confident having done my research on the ship and on Bermuda, on top of having friends with us that had been twice before, I could not predict we would enjoy the cruise as much as we did. Hotel- N/A We all rode down in a coach bus from Yarmouth Maine and it took us directly to the port- well worth the $80 per person. Ship- The layout of the ship was practical and it didn't take but a day to feel comfortable with where everything was. Most things looked new and in good condition. Stateroom- We had a balcony on the 10th floor which was perfect. Only two floors down from the buffet and 4 floors above the main dining rooms. As first time cruisers we didn't know what to expect and I'll admit that our first impression wasn't great. It seemed small, a little unclean (hair on the wall in the bathroom and a few small stains on the bedspread), and the bathroom was not what we had expected. I'd say that by the next day we were over it and it grew on us (it served it's purpose). Travel to port- The ship left port at 4pm and that first night was fine. We were on the top deck until we couldn't see land. Then we went and walked around to get a feel for the ship and took a tour of the spa. We ate dinner, went to the show and called it a night. The next day was when we could really notice the movement. It was a full sea day and you could see no land. We both took some bonine to help. We weren't sick, but didn't feel 100%. Neither of us are huge drinkers, but we did tend to make it to the 2 for 1 martini's everynight. I'd say that the first full sea day I noticed that drinking enhanced my senses and made the semi sick feeling worse, but again it was only that day that I had any problems. The way back seemed to be a slower pace. Activities-There was always something going on no matter what kind of mood you were in. My husband and I did the tongue analysis which was kind of cool. The acupuncture man looks at your tongue and can tell you how you can improve your internal functions by making lifestyle changes. For example- my husband is "hot" inside so he should drink cold water, include mint in his diet, and do more cardio excercise so the liver is forced to filter the blood more often. It was really cool to hear what he had to say and how spot-on he was. We also went to an ammolite presentation-not all that interesting, but I won a necklace so it was worth the 1/2 hour speal. Entertainment- The shows in the evening are great and they show the same one's at 7:15 and again at 9:15. In my opinion the 7:15 had more "children" and tended to be less crowded. The only problem with the later show was you had to get there early to get a seat, and there always seemed to be people arriving late that would cause a distraction. My favorite shows were the comedy shows and the acrobat show was AMAZING! The gameshows they did at The Galaxy like the "not so newlywed" game and "sing it like you know it" were also great to watch. Service- Our room was cleaned daily - probably more than once a day. One day we took a nap around 11am and left the room at 1pm and when we came back the room was made up again. We took another nap later and again it was straightened out before we went to bed. A few times we had troubles with getting the toilet to flush (you'd push a button to flush it) we would tell the room stewards and when we got back to the room it was always fixed. The people in the dining rooms were friendly and had a sense of humor. The food arrived at the right temperature and we never felt rushed or like things took to long to get. The waiter we had everynight at Champagne Charlies would always try to do a little catch the napkin on his hand trick and sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. It was funny to watch either way! Dining- We ate at the dining rooms or the buffet (sometimes both!). Later in the week we started the bad habit of ordering room service late at night as well. We didn't pay extra for a specialty restaurant since we were both already trying new things in the regular dining rooms and buffet and the food was already superb so we didn't see the sense in paying more for food. I'd say that I liked the service and atmosphere a little better in the Windows Dining room than The Garden. The buffet had a great selection of food and we loved the fresh fruit. We ate at the Lagoon once and weren't too impressed. Room service was great and arrived within 1/2 an hour even though they always said 45 minutes. Port & Shore Excursions- We didn't book anything through the cruiseline or in Bermuda. We bought a 2 day bus pass and used it days 2 and 3 that we were there. The first day we just went to the beach right there at the Dockyard. We paid $10 a piece since on Sundays they have a band and charge $5 more. You also had to pay extra to rent an umbrella, lounge chair, or chair. We were with some friends and they paid for the umbrella (since there was only one left) and we shared that until some other people left and were nice enough to let us use their two chairs for free since they'd already paid for them for the day. We stayed about an hour and a half and already had a good tan and little sunburn on our shoulders. On the second day we caught the ferry just in time to beat the rush of the RC ship that was docking. We went to St. Geoarges and made our way to the perfume factory. I'd done my reasearch and new which street it was on. On the ferry ride over they gave us a map and sure enough Queen Street wasn't very far from where the ferry docked. We took the tour and grabed a drink at a local pub right on the water. We took the ferry back and got on the cruiseship to enjoy the pool and hot tub since the crowd had died down. The last day (day 3) we took the ferry to Hamilton and made our way to immigration to get our passports stamped. Wouldn't you know it, you have to wait in line and we had 12 people ahead of us! Even though it had AC and we were hot from walking we decided to head for the bus stop and go to Elbow Beach to cool off instead of waiting. We made the right choice by not going to Horseshoe Bay as we heard that beach was packed. When we got dropped off the bus at the stop for Elbow beach we went the wrong way and ended up going down the long entrance to a resort. The people we passed were kind enough to tell us we can continue and that when we hit the beach take a right and keep walking until we hit the "public" side. The private side was just that, nice umbrellas and lounge chairs set out in the sand with no one in them. The public side was still nice and not much different (the umbrellas weren't as fancy and the chairs were plastic and not wooden). There were maybe 20 people at Elbow beach and we lucked out again. Maybe fifteen minutes after we arrived and put our towels down a few people left us their two umbrellas and two lounge chairs. This beach was amazing and you could see right to the bottom. The water was not as cold as it is here in Maine, but it was cold enough to cool you off. The sand was pink and very clean. We spent probably two hours at the beach and then headed back to the bus stop. We took the bus ride all the way back to the dockyard. That was quite the experience in itself and we got to see a lot of the island that way. Disembarkment- We went with a group so we had rerserved the Maharini bar for an hour or so for just our group on the last night. We discussed what we would do for disembarkation and made sure to grab the same color for our luggage. The next morning we all met at Champagne Charlies and went down when they called "orange" even though our tags were gray. We all left together and once again met up with each other when we found our luggage. It went very smoothly and didn't seem to take too long. Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
Last year we were joined by friends and family for our incredible Bermuda wedding cruise aboard the beautiful Norwegian Spirit. WE FELT LIKE ROYALTY. When we shared the news with friends and family that it we had booked an anniversary ... Read More
Last year we were joined by friends and family for our incredible Bermuda wedding cruise aboard the beautiful Norwegian Spirit. WE FELT LIKE ROYALTY. When we shared the news with friends and family that it we had booked an anniversary cruise to Bermuda to spend our one year anniversary on board they were jealous! A group of nine was sooo jealous they came with us! BUT we were told by many to set new expectations because last year was "special" and our cruise this year would be very different. It was different. BUT JUST AS AMAZING! This year embarking the ship was a BREEZE there was no line! As we walked up to the desks the staff was all smiles and commenting on how happy we all looked and how great they believed the weather was going to be. After we breezed on board we headed straight to the hot tubs. In no time at all we had met other happy cruisers and talking about all there was to do (or not to do if we wished not to!) for the upcoming day. After a QUICK yet informative life boat drill we waved Boston good bye and vacation commenced. We were greeted by staff who were on the ship last year it felt like a really great family reunion. Hugs all around! We walked into Cagneys steak house for dinner one night and a young women looked at me and said "your pretty face, you look familiar... are you Miss Maggie?" I almost cried!! We had talked about Rogelizo Nanad a few times over the year and how special she made us feel the night of our reception on board and how attentive they were and how she in particular had cried when all the chefs had come out to sing to us. It warmed my heart to see she really had cared and we weren't just passing faces in her job and it was quite impressive for her to remember my name! At dinner in the Windows restaurant we each took a bite of our meals and it was almost synchronized eye rolling because we had forgotten JUST HOW GREAT the food was. Head chef Mr. Peter Hans was seen frequently throughout the week. He seems to appear no matter WHERE we ate and was genuinely interested in how each of us enjoyed our meal. One night was Lobster tail, its presentation on the plate was beautiful and it was drizzled with a sauce that made this dish to die for... THANK YOU HEAD CHEF Hans Peter!!!! You and your staff are amazing!!! There was amazing Jambalaya at Lunch! with so much seafood in it I was in heaven. I could talk about the food all day but I'm getting hungry haha. There could not have been better dining experiences. The wait staff were attentive and quick and had lots of knowledge about what was on the menu and helped us with those hard decisions, sometime suggesting we have BOTH which is why I came home gaining a lb for each day I was there! haha One night at dinner in a specialty restaurant they had found out it was our anniversary. They let us pick a bottle of wine, sang "Let Me Call you Sweetheart" the song that they had sung just a year before at our wedding and had a special cake for us to share. While they sang Hoaris, a staff member played the air violin for us JUST beautifully! When we ordered a bottle of champagne on the ship the host came over and popped the bottle for us and then came back with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! She said they paired wonderfully with what we were drinking. AMAZING service. Each and every day I became more and more amazed at all they do and how HAPPY HAPPY they are when they do it. As a side-note, Bruce van der Boon, whose title changes but whose demeanor remains the same - as if he is hosting a great party in his living room - was and is a gem. We just love him. He lights up a room and we feel lucky to know him. NCL IS certainly lucky to have him! In Bermuda we did a shore excursion for my birthday and my husband and I swam with the dolphins at Dolphin Quest right in Kings Wharf where we dock. This was a experience of a LIFETIME. I have always been in awe of dolphins and now after seeing them SO CLOSE UP ( I mean laying in my lap and "holding my hand") It has made me love them even more. It was clean ( I was surprised) and informative, and it made me feel so enriched. They touched my heart and I will forever be grateful for the experience. That was the only excursion we did (totally worth it). Our time was mostly spent at all the beautiful beaches. We were up at 8:30 each day and had breakfast (eggs to order AWESOME)! and we're off the ship in a blink to enjoy the most of our time in Bermuda. I used the game room for the first time ever and played dominoes with some friends and my husband. The chairs on the deck went quick daily but the bands were great. We also went to two shows ( something I didn't do last year ) and I really enjoyed the night they did excerpts from Broadway shows it was the best of each! My husband enjoyed the rock and roll night it was like live music videos! haha. We didn't spend much time in our cabin but our fridge served a great purpose for room service leftovers and cold drinks in the middle of the night. It was like magic how they always cleaned it when we weren't around lol with the creative towel animals and our ice bucket CONSTANTLY replenished. I felt that this year our shower had better pressure and our room at the perfect sleeping temp. I really have too much to say and don't know how to say it and if you haven't understood my rambles going through my head and out my fingers onto the keyboard.... NCL SPIRIT STAFF AND CREW AND LIVING ROCKS! haha We are now so torn about our next vacation .... do we continue to enjoy the convenience of taking cruises out of Boston and see what the next ship has in store for us? Do we follow the Spirit to its next destination so we can see our home away from home loyal staff family? OR do we test out the beautiful new Epic and all it has to offer. Anything we pick tho we know we will stick with NCL. Seriously nothing can beat their Staff and their 'The sky's the limit' attitude. They really are a heaven sent. Thanks again NCL for once again making more dreams come true. Love, Maggie Cate Read Less
Sail Date June 2010
Norwegian Spirit Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 3.0 3.8
Dining 4.5 3.7
Entertainment 4.0 3.7
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.0 3.6
Family 3.5 3.6
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.2
Service 5.0 4.1
Value For Money 4.5 3.8
Rates N/A 4.0

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