Sail Date: November 2018
We had a wonderful time on the Gem! We’ve met new friends along the way also the ship has a friendly crew. The Gem seemed like it was lacking crewmen. Service was somewhat subpar in some cases. Service at Cagneys on our second specialty ... Read More
We had a wonderful time on the Gem! We’ve met new friends along the way also the ship has a friendly crew. The Gem seemed like it was lacking crewmen. Service was somewhat subpar in some cases. Service at Cagneys on our second specialty reservation was awful. Any ways we had a great time on her. I was not impressed with the casino staff, I had requested my points to be transferred from the other ships but only one was forwarded. Gem is a beautiful ship! I’m not sure if I wanna sail on her again. It’s a maybe or maybe not... Gem had a great refurbishment. I love Osheehans it’s my go to bar lol! I’m not sure why the bar stops serving alcoholic beverages at 2am. Osheehans service could can be on a slow side during lunchtime, and around the wee hours. I would suggest the Gem to my friends and family... Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2018
Let's just start off by saying that the customer service was awful. No one offered to assist in any way for anything, snapped my sail pass card out of my hand several times, never greeted you in passing, and the lines to even get a ... Read More
Let's just start off by saying that the customer service was awful. No one offered to assist in any way for anything, snapped my sail pass card out of my hand several times, never greeted you in passing, and the lines to even get a drink at any of the bars was too long to even bother - no waiters going around either. The food.. awful. Cafeteria food unless you go to the Specialty Dining - which is an extra cost. We did not have the drink package but each time we purchased a drink it was wrong on our account - as in, if it was a 'drink of the day' it should have been $8.95 and it would show up on the account as $14.71. I spent a lot of time at the guest service desk each day to rectify my account - great way to relax. Activities... if you don't play BINGO or Gamble, then just don't even bother. I never thought a cruise could be so disappointing - I felt nickeled and dimed the entire time. Just DON'T.. Norwegian is terrible. Read Less
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Sail Date: November 2012
We booked a 9 day Eastern Caribbean cruise with NCL in February 2012. This being our 5th time cruising exclusively with NCL. Scheduled to depart on October 29th. Unfortunately hurricane Sandy decided to pay us a visit and our cruise was ... Read More
We booked a 9 day Eastern Caribbean cruise with NCL in February 2012. This being our 5th time cruising exclusively with NCL. Scheduled to depart on October 29th. Unfortunately hurricane Sandy decided to pay us a visit and our cruise was delayed. The coast guard had closed the port of New York, and NCL had no information on when it was expected to re-open. We had lost power had no TV, internet, or cell phone access. We would charge our cell phone and call NCL up to 2-3 times a day, to see what the status of our cruise was. Sometimes the customer service rep was downright nasty, being short tempered. Finally towards the end of the week, we found out our cruise was cut to 5 days, with a day and a half in Bermuda. We had already been to Bermuda, and figured we had our vacation planned, lets go. NCL gave us pro-rated on-board credit for the 4 missed days. If we chose to cancel we could get our 4 day refund, and 5 day credit. Booking 9 months in advance I would periodically call NCL to see if there were any upgrades, always being told that we had a 4 category upgrade for a balcony. If we wanted any upgrades we needed to pay additional fees. The day of our embarkation arrived. There was no power in the Terminal, feeling cold and damp we were anxious to board the ship and find some warmth. We waited for our turn in line to check in. (having completed the on-line check in prior to Sandy.) We handed our e-ticket and passports to the agent, she looked at her computer screen and said "I'll be back", and left with our documents. Waiting for over 15 minutes I asked the supervisor if she could help us. Totally ignoring my request, "your agent will return soon". 10 minutes later the agent finally arrived and told us we were not in the computer. How can that be we asked? Having our e-ticket. I need to go and make your room keys now. We were finally able to board the ship, had some lunch and went to our stateroom. Very disappointed at the size of our room, and the balcony being "enveloped" by the ship. This was a 4 category upgrade?!?! We went to the customer service desk, finding out the ship was only half full I asked for a different stateroom. Willing to pay additional if needed I was told there was no other available rooms. And the ship was only half full???? We had 1 sea day, went to Bermuda arriving on a Sunday. (All the shops were closed), we decided to visit the zoo/aquarium on our own and not pay the $89.00 per person shore excursion fee. (cost of 2 day bus/ferry pass $40.00 for the 2 of us). We did a little shopping Monday, and needed to be back on board by 3:30 for a 4pm departure. We felt that the meals and entertainment were cut short. One comic boarding the ship while we were in Bermuda. There was also a comic hypnotist. We never had a lobster night. The dinner choices were just mediocre. Being latitude members we never received the ships pin, or discounts at the photo or gift shops. It seemed to me this cruise was done to satisfy those passengers who "demanded" a cruise vacation. I should have been one of those who cancelled if I had only known what was ahead for us. NCL should have sucked up this cruise as a loss and canceled the whole trip. As I mentioned earlier, this was our 5th cruise with NCL. Maybe it's time to try another cruise company. I would have loved to say "Wow what a trip". This cruise surely did not meet my expectations. Read Less
Sail Date: April 2012
Embarkment: It was very easy, lines clearly marked, wonderful people directing. We arrived about 11:30 were showed to the VIP line, and we were eating lunch at Cagney's before noon. We met our special waitress Josephine on the first ... Read More
Embarkment: It was very easy, lines clearly marked, wonderful people directing. We arrived about 11:30 were showed to the VIP line, and we were eating lunch at Cagney's before noon. We met our special waitress Josephine on the first day, and had a wonderful week, seeing her smiling face, and cheerful spirit. She spoiled us, I wanted to take her home in my suitcase. They had a wheelchair to help my mom who is almost blind and has trouble walking to help her get up to the ship. We ate dinner at Magenta, and enjoyed lobster, visiting with friends and a wonderful start to the cruise. Enjoyed the show, and was looking forward to the week. Most of my dinners for the rest of the cruise was in the Grand Pacific with our favorite waitress Rezchel, she was great. Every Night she exceeded our needs and made wonderful suggestions. Don't miss the lemon ginger custard, it was the best dessert I ever tried. We ate in the Asia restaurant, and of course teppanyaki and enjoyed it very much. The shows were amazing the show around the world and the comedian was so much fun, lots of energy and laughs. Also enjoyed the piano player and music around the ship. Deal or no deal, might have been more fun if I won, the winners were happy. OUR MEET AND GREET: Met Cherry the group event coordinator on my last meet and greet I organized on the Gem. She was still there and it was wonderful to see her again. We had many staff members come to our meet and greet and they were very happy to meet us, we had a wonderful turn out, almost everyone made it. They gave us an organized card with their numbers on it. It is wonderful to see how NCL treats their employees. It is wonderful to see great workers rise in the ranks. For example I met Jenny the first time when she worked at the reception desk, now, not that many years later, she was the hotel director. It was wonderful to see her again, have a cup of coffee and talk. I told her about a wonderful room service worker who went beyond the call of duty, he set up a standing order every night for tea and pitcher of water. He called and confirmed it. She made sure to recognize him and even the Captain called him. This reminds me, fill out the style cards when someone does something for you special. They get recognized and get raises based on them. Great waitresses can go from main to specialty rest. so write those cards. I also got to see my favorite concierge Florentina, she is wonderful, not only does she do a great job, she goes beyond to make your cruise special. She will be leaving to do the most important job, a full time mom. She will be missed. We had an amazing room steward Abdul, he really was amazing, our room was spotless, he always greeted us with a smile and made our day special. He helped my mom with some special needs and I appreciated it. Bermuda was amazing. We took a tour with a taxi driver recommended on CC boards and it was excellent. Wed. it rained a little but it was OK we just shopped at the Wharf. Unfortunately all cruises must end, this was too short, missed a day. We took the last tag of the morning as we like to let the crowd get off, and take our time with breakfast and stuff. It was a wonderful cruise.   Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2011
NCL GEM to Bermuda October, 2011 "When good is just what you had in mind for your vacation." This was cruise #34 for me, with most on RCL/Celebrity/Cunard. So, I've been on my share of ships. The only other NCL ship ... Read More
NCL GEM to Bermuda October, 2011 "When good is just what you had in mind for your vacation." This was cruise #34 for me, with most on RCL/Celebrity/Cunard. So, I've been on my share of ships. The only other NCL ship I've done was the Sky, on a full-ship charter when it was new. So, this was like trying out a new line for me. I travel single, and booked a last-minute deal on an outside (porthole window) cabin on deck 4. THE CABIN I booked cabin 4564. If you look at the deck plan, the big space to the aft side is the gangway - so for a lot of trips, that'll be a noisy location when you're in port, and you'll want to pull your curtains closed for privacy - people literally walk past your window en route to the entrance. On the plus side, the cabin has incredible storage space - a wonderful combination of drawers, hanging space and shelving.... this cabin would hold everything needed for a round-the-world cruise. Seriously - it's like the designers of the Queen Victoria (which really DOES world cruises) never looks at this layout. I'm not a fan of the 3-compartment bathroom. Those glass sliding doors might provide the illusion of privacy, but nobody's really going to be fooled. I wanted the beds put together. If the steward does that, you have no room between the desk and the bed to walk - the room is narrow enough that there is no space. I pushed the bed to one wall, which made it a little harder for the steward, but actually useful for me. Compared to other ships, basics were missing. No pen, no paper in the room, one side of the soap/shampoo dispenser was missing/empty. Bring your own soap/shampoo/conditioner from home. The TV in my cabin was 1" larger on each side than an 8.5x11 piece of paper. Literally true - I held a paper up to the screen. That means it was impossible to read the account statement from the normal lying-down position on the bed. I can't imagine they sell very many pay-per-view movies on that screen. On debarkation morning, the toilet backed up, so I felt sorry for the cabin steward. DINING Most of the folks I met chose NCL partly for the Freestyle Dining. They seemed to think that meant they could eat when they wanted, and avoid the "hassle" of an assigned dining time, like 6:30 or 8:30. In reality, if you try to get a table at 7:30 (when lots of folks want to eat) you're going to wait - I saw wait times of 30-45 minutes. So, as a practical matter, you don't need to choose between 6:30 and 8:30, but you shouldn't expect to show up at 7:15 and get a table anytime real soon. On the buffet, most evenings I visited, only 1/2 to 2/3 of the stations were attended. So it was hard to get in and out quickly, depending on your choice of food. It's the most singles-unfriendly ship I've ever been on. Without assigned tables, if you show up at the dining room without company, there is no one else who is looking to share a table. SO - unless you're traveling with all the company you want for the voyage, you're going to have a tough time. Dining room food was the equivalent of good-quality banquet food. (Emphasis on good - not great, not excellent.) As one fellow told me - the big benefit is you can be in and out in under an hour, and move on with things. I wore dockers and a polo shirt, and most nights I was well-dressed for dinner. Shorts, t-shirts, gym wear were all in evidence. So, if you don't want to dress up more than you would for a summer BBQ at home, the NCL dining room is for you. I had one specialty dining night - at Cagney's with a friend made on-board. With a martini, 1/2 bottle of wine and the cover charge, it was more than $65 for one person. The ribeye steak was tasty, but tough. The rest of the meal was excellent, though. And the staff were terrific. But again, that was an expensive upcharge. I was a fan of the Great Outdoor cafe - really terrific tea-time scones... and all the time chocolate cookies. SHIP DECOR If you're looking for understated or contemporary elegance, you're headed for the wrong ship. A visit to the Ultralounge (really - they still call it that....) made me think of a cross between a bordello and an opium den. Overall, it's loud, a little worn, but very clean. EXCURSIONS This was the Bermuda trip, and the only tour I booked thru NCL was the Island Drive Tour. It was the worst excursion I've ever done. The driver spent about 1/2 of the five hour tour explaining to us in detail all the problems of the island - the drug problem, the three gangs on the island who infest the schools, the shooting in front "of a busload of tourists", how the police station was built with integral hearing rooms and cells, so that suspects couldn't be gunned down on the street when they were going from lockup to courtroom. She went on to explain how one woman (whose kids were in boarding school elsewhere) had made it a criminal offense to spank you kids, and how she'd beat her own kid if he ever called 911. All this was LITERALLY part of the narrative. Some folks in our group admired how "she kept it real." I was horrified, and that's what I told the excursions desk. When I told Soloman at the tour desk - That's not the tour you described, half the time was spent telling us about how awful life here is, and it made me wonder why anyone came to Bermuda, the response was -- We won't give you the full amount back - because you did TAKE the tour. I eventually got 25% of the cost back. So - lesson learned - the standards for NCL excursions are almost non-existent - if you take the tour, it doesn't matter how bad it was; they feel entitled to keep most of the money. OVERALL It felt as though every design, food and service decision was made with the principle of "Good is good enough" in mind. The food on Cunard, Royal, Celebrity are superior to every meal I had on the NCL Gem. The decor on those lines was more attractive than what I had on the Gem. The staff on the Gem, though, were terrific - everyone was friendly - friendlier and kinder than required. Dining staff were all terrific, and moved at the pace of the guest; so if you wanted in and out in under an hour, they did their best. The staff overall were just amazing. I rarely say never, but it'll be awhile before NCL becomes my first choice for vacation again. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2011
Back from Bermuda (2 days at sea, 3days in Hamilton, 1 day at sea) on NCL Gem from Manhattan. Overall really enjoyed and needed this vacay! We are late 30's with a 3yo. We cruise annually, usually with whomever has the right price! ... Read More
Back from Bermuda (2 days at sea, 3days in Hamilton, 1 day at sea) on NCL Gem from Manhattan. Overall really enjoyed and needed this vacay! We are late 30's with a 3yo. We cruise annually, usually with whomever has the right price! Booked a balcony portside -â€" 9524 A few thoughts 1) Parking at the port is $30/day. We found a garage at W 53rd (port at 49th) and lugged our stuff over ($140 for 7 days). Embarkation smooth and easy 2) Super fun cruising out of NY harbor -â€" beautiful! 3) If you love the sun, I would recommend a starboard side balcony out of NYC. The noon and afternoon sun will be on your side for the trip down AND you face Hamilton when you are docked at the Royal Naval dockyard 4) The kids club is AWESOME. Our 3yo loved it. On sea days they have activities all day long (cupcake decorating, pirate parade, lego building, one night they take the kids to dinner, etc) -â€" no fees. From 10:30pm-1:30am, each child is $6/hr at the kids club. During this time they have activities for the first ½ hr and then pop in a movie. I guess the kids fall asleep (or don't) on the beanbags. We thought we'd take advantage of the late night but our little one was just exhausted from no naps and full days of fun! 10:30 is way past our bedtime anyway... On Port days, you could also leave your child there for a fee. Sign your child in the first day and then when you drop off throughout the week, they ask you where you will be in case they need to come find you. Our child is potty trained so she could use their childsized bathrooms. Not sure the policy on diapers. 5) We really lucked out with the weather in Bermuda. The first 2 days -â€" really perfect beach weather, the last day with scattered light showers and overcast. I would have done beach the first day if the forecast was correct! We purchased the $28 3-day pass (for ferries and buses) for the two of us. Kids under 5 free. We actually didn't even use the pass on the 3rd day but overall spent the same as if we paid for individual fares. The ferry schedule is every hour or so with the last one at 8PM (not super convenient). The buses come whenever (also not super convenient). NCL has figured out a way to avoid tendering and help the local economy! Day 1: took the ferry to Hamilton (25min) and then the bus to the aquarium/zoo (25min). Admission is $10 per adult (kids under 5 free) and our daughter enjoyed this. We spent about 1.5 hours then walked around Flatts (not much to see but the inlet) and spent 25 min waiting for the bus back to Hamilton. Walked around Hamilton then walked over to the Fairmont for tea. Tea was fair (food somewhat stale tasting)... the Fairmont is beautiful. Then back to Hamilton to catch the ferry. Unfortunately then next ferry (6pm) wasn't for 45 min so we wandered a bit more down front street. Day 2: Took the bus to Horseshoe Bay (30min). Spent a wonderful 3 hours there (this is the only beach with bathroom, umbrella rental, snackbar) and then took the bus back into Hamilton (another 30min wait). Grabbed a snack at the Hog Penny, bought some souvenirs -â€" took the 6PM ferry back again. Day 3: This was a short day (all aboard at 4:30). My daughter wanted to look for seashells since there were none at horseshoe (the sand is soooooo soft). We took her to sea glass beach (thx for the directions cruise critics) around noon -â€" high tide. All the glass comes from the upshore trash incinerator plant. Lots of glass but also.... some trash. She enjoyed herself... I was a little grossed out even though it wasn't that bad. We then walked around the Naval Dockyard. Wonderful stone bldgs with lots of history that now house -â€" clocktower mall (great for souvenirs), clayworks, glassworks, rum cake tasting. Then over to snorkel park (they actually charge $5 per person). This is probably a great place to party at night -â€" the beach is rock hard but apparently lots of fish. Of course the 3 yr old loved it... 6) I do wish NCL would dock at Hamilton -â€" definitely more centrally located. 7) There was an AIDA ship that pulled in next to us for one day. As Europeans I guess this excursion might be more popular than for us americans but.... It was biking to Horseshoe bay. Really seemed lovely!!! Now we would totally do this except for the 3 yo AND the fact that they don't have a lot of pedal bikes (as they call it) to rent in Bermuda because its not so safe to bike around on your own. It seemed like AIDA carried bikes on board, and a lot of them because as we drove by on the bus it seemed there were groups and groups and groups of bikers. I do wish an American line would offer biking excursions -â€" we don't normally go on excursions but this is something we would do in a heart beat. 8) Last day at sea was really rough. My daughter actually got sick at the kids club and they tried to come find us but didn't. They took great care of her though and as per usual we went to check on her after leaving for an hour and a half or so... It didn't help that there was a storm coming in and we also had to make up time since we added the sailboat rescue to our activities for the day! I can't imagine even in the best conditions that sailing that day is smooth but ours was extra rough 9) I thought the food was fine. Some people complain that they never change breakfast but I'm not sure what else they could provide. I mean EVERYTHING you would have on a brunch menu was provided EVERYDAY: waffles, pancakes, benedict, omelette station, hot and cold cereals, pastries, all sorts of meats and hash, bagels and lox, fruits, even rice porridge (I had this everyday and loved it!). We usu had lunch at the buffet as well. Dinner in Magenta with one night at le bistro which was lovely. They only have crepes upstairs at the buffet for dinner -â€" we were there (almost) every night for my dessert! They also have a kids café at the back of the buffet which is great! The food is standard stuff kids like (mac and cheese, hotdogs, nuggets, mashed potatoes) but I just appreciated the small tables and chairs and kids type atmosphere it provided. Most of the time it was easy enough to find a place to sit but on the last day with the wind, it was soooooo crowded for bfast and lunch. We actually just brought our stuff down to the blue lagoon and ate there. 10) Our room was smaller than our solstice balcony last cruise but it was fine. The balcony is not long enough for 2 to lay out 11) We had a great time even though I had some reservations (food, "nickel and diming" that some people talk about on NCL, rooms, even shows). All of these turned out to be not an issue at all. And the kids club really clinched it for us. Before we went on the boat I told my husband the next cruise would probably be on the oasis but now we'll have to see what kinds of deals the EPIC has to offer!! Thanks ncl - think about getting those bikes!!! Read Less
Sail Date: October 2011
Background Information: This was my first NCL cruise and my first Bermuda cruise and my first solo cruise. All three were better than I ever could have imagined. I booked very last minute--only nine days out--and honestly only chose ... Read More
Background Information: This was my first NCL cruise and my first Bermuda cruise and my first solo cruise. All three were better than I ever could have imagined. I booked very last minute--only nine days out--and honestly only chose NCL because it left from the port I wanted to leave from (NYC) and went to the place I wanted to go (Bermuda). After this accidental trip, I'm confident that I will be on many future NCL cruises. Travel To Port of Embarkation: Because I live only 70 miles outside of the city, there's very easy public transport into Manhattan. I took a $44 commuter bus to Port Authority Bus Station. I then took a $7, ten-minute cab directly to the port. I could have walked if I wanted to roll my suitcase behind me. I have never experienced a more painless way to travel. I arrived at the port at around 10:50 and was all checked in and waiting to board by 11:10. The only confusion was at the luggage check area outside the terminal--it was crowded and disorganized, but I think that's because they were just finishing up disembarkation from the previous cruise. Even so, it wasn't a major issue. We were able to board right at noon--and all of the rooms were ready at that point! What a pleasant surprise! Stateroom: Because I was traveling solo (and on a budget) I chose an inside cabin. I was in room 10007, which was on deck 10 almost all the way forward. The room was clean and well equipped. I was surprised by the efficient use of space--there would definitely have been enough storage even if I had been traveling with my husband. The wood finishes on the built-in furniture was nice and the bathroom was clean and modern. It was nicer than many NYC hotel rooms I've stayed in (and only a little smaller!) Ship Info: The Gem is a beautiful ship. I continued to marvel at the attention to details. The public rooms were lovely, the furniture was made of quality wood and fabrics. I particularly liked the chairs and pillows in the Star Bar as well as the funky velvet-covered loungers in Spinnaker Lounge. The only public space that I did not love was Bliss Ultra Lounge, but that could be because I'm really a 65-year-old living inside a 31-year-old body! I'm sure the 20-something crowd enjoys lying on a canopy bed in a public lounge (see what I mean about being an old soul?) The main dining room--the Grand Pacific--was the quintessential ship dining room--big, beautiful chandeliers, a dual staircase entryway, a baby grand piano, and huge windows spanning the entire length of the wall all the way aft. It was lovely. But more than anything else, I was shocked by how clean everything was. At one point on day four of the cruise, I sat down on the edge of the pool to put my feet in. I realized that I was somehow sitting on perfectly dry, perfectly clean wood. I don't think I've ever been to a pool anywhere that allowed for muck-free edge seating! Dining: I had very low expectations for the food on board the Gem, as I'd read that NCL is not a cruise line that you select to experience fine dining. Of course, it was not fine dining--but it was perfectly enjoyable food. In fact, I'd have to say that I had several dishes over the course of the week that were far above average. The buffet had better quality and selection than I was picturing--and I'm a person that typically hates buffets. The breakfast options were vast and varied--you could have beans and broiled tomatoes with your eggs, or bacon and sausage, or lox and cream cheese on a bagel. I very much enjoyed the chocolate croissants--I had one every day of the cruise--and the has browns were quite good, particularly when drenched in the bernaise sauce found over by the eggs benedict. For lunch, the selections became even more varied. I'm a huge fan of Indian food, and I was honestly shocked at the quality I found on the buffet--and the dishes changed each day, to prevent boredom. The only reason you'd have to eat the same thing twice is because you really liked it! The food in the main dining room wasn't gourmet, but it was tasty, well-seasoned, and beautifully presented. I tended to enjoy the appetizers and dessert more than the main courses--but then that's fine, as you can order more than one of each (though I never did.) The desserts were excellent--I can't think of one main dining room dessert that I did not absolutely love--and I'm typically not a sweets person. I visited three of the specialty restaurants--Le Bistro, La Cucina, and Tequilas. Of the three, I enjoyed Le Bistro the most. The rack of lamb that I ordered (during the 'Best of' lunch) was the entree highlight of the cruise. La Cucina offered up the best dessert--a panna cotta 'tasting' that was much (MUCH) better than the panna cotta in the main dining room (and that panna cotta wasn't bad, either!) Tequilas wins the prize for the best appetizer and the best salad--the spice rubbed ahi tuna was really, really good, and the ensalata tostada was a wonderful little salad served in a crispy fried tortilla bowl (yum!) topped with the most tasty strips of grilled beef I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying (double yum!) Activities: There was more to do on board that any one person could possibly hope to enjoy. I played trivia every day, attended an improv workshop, and enjoyed two tastings--a martini tasting and a French wine tasting. The trivia was great (even more so because my team won the week-long progressive match), the wine tasting relaxed and informative, and the improv workshop would have been fun if I'd chosen to participate rather than watch (my mistake!) I cannot recommend the first martini tasting of the sailing, however, because it was so packed with seemingly already drunk people that it was more like being in a crowded, noisy bar than anything else. However, drunk passengers are not the fault of NCL and, additionally, there were two more martini tastings later in the week. I walked by during one and there were maybe eight people present--that likely would have been more my speed. Though be warned--you will drink WAY too much vodka in WAY too short of a time. But it's almost all worth it to see the staff play around whilst mixing the drinks. At one point one of the bartenders placed a tray full of (full) glasses on his head and stood on one leg! And this was during the most rough day at sea--I was quite impressed! Service: I have never experienced this high level of service--ever. I've only cruised once before--on Celebrity--and while I wouldn't call the service on Celebrity lacking, I have to say that the staff of the Gem went way above and beyond. At times I actually felt badly--I'd like to think that I have good manners, so when someone with a tray of dishes crosses my path, I get out of their way! But the staff on the Gem won't have this--they step aside for you! I accidentally knocked over my iced tea one day at lunch, and while I tried to clean it up, a man actually took my napkin out of my hand and did it for me, saying 'you're on vacation'. My room steward learned my name and made it a point to greet me by name whenever I passed him in the hallway. And, it is important to note that I was a solo traveler in an inside cabin--yet I felt like I was being given the royal treatment. Bravo, Gem staff! Entertainment: Honestly, I'd almost cruise on the Gem again just to be able to enjoy all of the Second City performances. I attended every single one, and they only got better (and as the week went on. In addition to all of the 'included' entertainment, I also enjoyed the for-a-fee murder mystery lunch on the last sea day. It was probably the best money I spent on board, as the food was basic yet very tasty, and the entertainment was fantastic and well-timed with the meal. Port & Shore Excursions: How can one complain about Bermuda? I certainly can't! It's beautiful, easy to navigate, and the people are warm and welcoming. While I did not book any NCL excursions, I found it simple (and cost effective) enough to tour on my own. A $28-three-day transportation pass, purchased right as soon as I got off the ship, allowed me to see the island at my own pace. I took a ferry to St. George (a MUST DO), walked to Tobacco Bay Beach ($10 for snorkel equipment for one hour was the best money I've ever spent), and took the ferry back. On day two I took the ferry to Hamilton, toured Hamilton, then used the bus system to get to the Botanical Gardens (not great) and to Horseshoe Bay Beach (the most stunning sandy beach I've ever seen!) The only time I encountered a crowded bus was that afternoon coming back to the Dockyard from the beach. The bus was full of school children and really, they could not have been more well behaved or polite. When I'm ok with being smushed onto a bus wiht lots of kids--they MUST be great kids! On my third day I thought about booking a snorkel excursion, but decided to have a leisurely breakfast instead (all of the NCL snorkel excursions left at 8:15 that morning.) After slowly wandering off the ship at around 9:30, I checked at the ticket kiosk and found a snorkel cruise just about to leave--so I bought a ticket and hopped on the boat. It was GREAT. I don't even know the name of the company, though I know that the name of the boat was Coral Princess and that it was staffed by three very nice (very cute) very personable young men (ok, they were probably my age or older, but remember--I'm an old soul!) It was an excellent way to end my visit to Bermuda. My only regret was that I didn't spend more of my in-port evenings at the Frog and Onion pub. I visited for happy hour on our last day in port, and was truly sad when I had to (and I mean HAD TO--it was less than an hour to sail away!) go back onto the ship. The Frog and Onion has great (read: STRONG) rum swizzles, and during happy hour a man plays the steel drums. It was also filled with lots of happy people that were more than happy to socialize. On my next Bermuda cruise (yes, I'll be going back) I'll be sure to spend some of my evenings off the ship and in the port. Disembarkation: Because I was only traveling with one small rolling bag--and because I really wanted to be on the 9:00 bus home from Port Authority--I chose self-disembarkation. I rolled my bag down to the atrium at 7:15 and was maybe 30th in line to exit the ship. I stood--or, rather, sat--in line (there were window seats lining the area where I waited) until around 7:50, chatting with the people around me. And then we were allowed to leave the ship. One last scan of my card and I was making my way into the terminal, through security, and onto the street. I was standing at the gate for my bus in Port Authority (after taking a taxi from the terminal) by ten after eight in the morning. I have no complaints about disembarkation whatsoever! It was as quick and painless as the embarkation process. Summary: What more can I say? This was a great cruise. I admit that I had very low expectations--so of course they were all exceeded. I also admit that I mainly chose to take this cruise as a way of getting to Bermuda--not as a cruise experience in and of itself. But life aboard the Gem surprised me, and now I understand why people love cruising. I'd like to return to Bermuda this summer, this time with my husband. And honestly, while I don't typically repeat things, I don't see why I'd try to fix something that's not broken. Thus, it is more than likely that I'll be sailing with NCL again! Dollar for dollar, it was one of the best trips I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2011
We just got back from Bermuda on NCL"S Gem this morning . We cruise to Bermuda every fall , our favorite island of them all. This was our 4th on NCL . First two were on the Crown , third on the Dawn and this was our first time on the ... Read More
We just got back from Bermuda on NCL"S Gem this morning . We cruise to Bermuda every fall , our favorite island of them all. This was our 4th on NCL . First two were on the Crown , third on the Dawn and this was our first time on the Gem. Overall we really had a great time. Embarkation in NYC was a breeze. Ship was delayed in it's return but it didn't affect our sailaway at all. We were very pleased with our mini suite on deck 11. Cabin 11112 was awesome. This deck is all mini suites. Above us was the tail end of the garden cafe. We never knew anything was above us it was so quiet. The cabin IS bigger then normal balcony cabins and the balcony definetly deeper . We had 2 chairs and a recliner plus a small table. We enjoyed our room service coffee and juice out there each morning. The mini suite also had a full bath . While I enjoyed it I have to say if you have any mobility issues the tub is high. My DH threw his back out friday morning and he was nervous getting into to shower this morning. The toilet didn't work a few times and we had to call for that. Something was also leaking by the tub and toilet daily , we got tired of calling and wiped it up ourselves. The phone needed a new cord as you couldn't hear who was on the other end but they fixed that right away. They changed our pillows as the ones on the bed were not comfortable. If you ask nicely you get anything with a smile. No need to be rude to anyone. These people work 7 days a week with a break during their days. God bless them all . I have a strong work ethic but couldn't do what they do. I admire them all. Cabin had plenty of closet space and loads of drawers. We had a flat screen tv in our room and friends we met on board ( who won the free cruise last day at bingo) had a balcony cabin on deck 8 and had a small older model tv. TV channels are horrible. We had Fox news, msnbc, espn and the cruise ship channels. We didn't do alot of the shows but our favorite was definetly Man from mars. AWESOME for everyone. Food is always subjective so let me start off by saying we didn't starve . Food was plentiful. In the past we loved the specialty restaurants on the Dawn (we didn't like their MDR"S) . We'll we were disappointed with LeBistro and La Cucinas. My escargot in Le Bistro had too much of what tasted like oregeno in them. I couldn't eat them and I was so looking forward to it. I ordered the Filet Mignon and paid the add'l $10.00 for the lobster tail. While the beef was like butter the lobster sure wasn't. It's scooped out of the shell like cauliflower and cooked in butter and returned to the shell. Doesn't look good and it was over cooked. La Cucina on the Dawn was fantastic, not on the Gem. It was good but not great. The buffets were good but I found alot of repeat foods that I got bored with. I did have their Roast turkey last night and it was GREAT ! Caeser salads at the garden buffet were the best. Some days they had fresh pulled chicken to add to it. Blue lagoon was much better on the Dawn as well. I was so looking forward to the tomato soup and on the Gem it tasted like tomato paste. Buffalo wings were still good though and that Cheesecake YUMMY. Chocolate buffet was good too. Some things were good , some great. We found service to be a bit slow in specialty restaurants BUT the service was very good. Service throughout the ship was excellent! They couldn't do enough to please you. We are not breakfast eaters BUT on our days in Bermuda we both enjoyed fresh omelets from the Great outdoors. This place is never crowded so don't wait in line at the buffet . I loved my eggwhite omelets w/ fresh spinach, bacon and cheese while DH enjoyed a regular omelet filled with everything.Only real disappointment was food at the buffet was not always hot. Great outdoors also has burgers etc... in the afternoons . It's a pretty peaceful place to enjoy the views. Theres also a bar with tv in center. Bermuda is Bermuda . Peaceful and beautiful ~ Island and their people. Horseshoe bay beach is still our favorite but I will say I was pleasantly surprised by all the new additions to snorkel park by the dockyards. We went into hamilton friday morning for our shopping and spent the rest of the day at snorkel park. They've spruced it up alot and I now am a fan We spent wednesday walking around the dockyards and spent the afternoon at their museum which we've never toured. Looks are deceiving. GREAT place to visit. They also have the dolphin discovery there. Our Cruise director Johnny Cash Sanchez was really a great guy, lots of fun and just so down to earth. We chatted with him several times throughout the cruise and really enjoyed time spent with him. We had a bit of a problem getting DH off the ship this morning as the back was really acting up. They went above and beyond to make him comfortable while exiting the ship, brought us hot chocolate etc. Again, service was outstanding. Had some final farewell pictures taken with him and also the captain before leaving. I will tell a funny story that I shared at our cruise critic meeting only with Johnny Cash Sanchez as I didn't want to freak out the other cruises. One night we walked around deck 7 (only deck you can fully walk around the ship) and DH was enjoying his cigar. I was getting quite chilly and decided to use our tub and take a hot bath. When I got out of the tub I heard noises coming from our balcony so I assumed it was DH trying to scare me. Thank God I didn't just open the balcony door as I normally would have but I pulled back the curtain , threw on the balcony light and IGOR was on my balcony. The bird looked like a hawk ! Not a parakeet a HAWK ! I knew DH would think I was drinking if I didn't catch it on pictures but luckily for me he walked in as I was sitting on the couch talking to this bird with claws I've never seen up close before. His eyes were wide looking at what I was staring at. I have some great shots I shared with the cruise director and even he was shocked. I have to post them on his Facebook (his request). When I scared the bird he scared me back with the size of his wingspan. We usually always sleep with the balcony door opened. Not this trip. Imagine waking up with Igor in the middle ! Johnny Cash Sanzhez called the head of housekeeping to come clean up Igors mess ! Not pretty . FYI.... Tips / Gratuities are now taken from any OBC"S . We had almost $400.00 in OBC"S and the $12.00 per person / per day are deducted each day from your total OBC. We got a print out each day to play it safe and on day one onboard we asked at guest services and they explained it to us. IN the past you couldn't use it for that. Now anything you give your key card to comes off your credits daily. Also , latitudes members automatically gets 10% off on your ships shopping which was a nice touch. We're home, pictures (over 300 and we go each year ! ) downloaded already , all unpacked and now I'm hungry again I did forget to mention our sailing on the way home from bermuda was a bit rocky. A full day of 21.3 ft. seas (as it said on our tv ) and 58 mile an hour winds. I even captured all that on the camera (from the tv) If I think of anything else I'll add to this. Any questions ... feel free .. Carrie Outstanding service on the Gem from top to bottom Thanks NCL Read Less
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Sail Date: October 2011
I traveled this time with my teen-age daughter and my husband. This was our 4th NCL cruise together. Previous sailings have been on the Dawn, The Crown (our favorite) and the Spirit. I found the Gem to be the most attractive of the 4. The ... Read More
I traveled this time with my teen-age daughter and my husband. This was our 4th NCL cruise together. Previous sailings have been on the Dawn, The Crown (our favorite) and the Spirit. I found the Gem to be the most attractive of the 4. The color scheme is jewel tones. Yellows, greens, purples,reds, blues... Bright but inviting. There is a stunning glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly adorning the stair case in the Atrium, as well as a 2 story video screen on the forward wall that plays tranquil scenes most of the day. We watched Sunday football and the World Series on this screen and even played Wii on it one afternoon at sea. The Java Cafe is located opposite the staircase and makes a nice central meeting place. There is ample seating of assorted shapes, sizes and colors in the atrium and we found it to be occupied most of the day and into the evening rather than being a showplace to simply walk through and admire. This made the ship feel more welcoming. Our stateroom was a B2 family balcony. Our cabin steward Ronald was fabulous! He knew our names from the moment he met us and used them when speaking with us in a friendly yet respectful manner. Our cabin was always clean and he worked so quickly, we never returned to find that our request for making up or turning down the room had not been met. We found plenty of room for all of our things on shelves, and in drawers and the closet. The over the door shoe bag was a tremendous idea I picked up off this site and I would highly recommend bringing one with you. We placed the water bottles, coffee mugs, sunscreen, souvenir glasses and all those little things you want handy, but don't have counter space for in it. The balcony was spacious enough for two chairs and a table and is great for adding a little extra living space to the cabin. The split bathroom is a good Idea, in theory, but unless you are under 5 feet tall, there is really no leg room in the toilet area if you close the sliding door. The bed was extremely uncomfortable which was unfortunate because the bedding was so plush. The comforter was thick and fluffy, there was an abundance of fluffy pillows and the sheets were soft. I wanted to climb in at the end of the day and sleep late, but I felt as if I were sleeping on a kitchen table with a yoga mat on it. Didn't sleep, and got up early just to be out of pain :( It didn't ruin the cruise though...! The dress code in the main dining rooms according to the NCL web site, is resort casual and the Grand Pacific is said to be the "more formal" of the two. This is apparently not enforced. We entered the Grand Pacific on the 4th night of our cruise and encountered a man wearing a red t-shirt with the Kool-aid face on it, a red baseball cap turned backward on his head, shorts, and carrying a bucket of beer. The beer I understand, but I wouldn't allow my son to walk into the local diner with a hat on, never mind backward. When I asked the hostess about it, she told me that they want to accommodate everyone. We travel on NCL because of the Freestyle cruising, We don't want to have to "dress up" for diner either, but a pair of dockers and polo shirt shouldn't be too much to ask for in such a nice eating establishment. I still believe there should be a minimal dress code in order to show respect for your fellow passengers. The decor in the restaurants was upscale and quite beautiful. The Grand pacific was in fact grand and Magenta was bright and uplifting. LeBistro was very nice, but the choice of art on this ship was odd for my taste. I was hoping for Monet but found more of a National Geographic theme throughout lol. The Orchid Garden/Sushi/Teppanyaki area was crisp and nicely done, Cagneys was masculine elegance, as was Maltings pub area. The Garden Cafe was along one side of the ship and felt a little too long of an area. Seating was a little tight in the morning, but the food throughout the ship was wonderful...the only exception was the sushi which is on par with the grocery store variety and not worth the extra $$ to purchase. The wait staff was friendly and accommodating. The bars are everywhere so you never have to walk far for something to drink. The bartenders by the pool are delightful as are most throughout the ship. The only problem we experience at all was at the Java Cafe trying to order a frozen coffee drink. after 3 days of trying and failing to get what we wanted, someone finally said to ask for a Frappuchino...which is NOT on the menu they keep putting in front of you:) Bar central (3 bars attached to each other on deck 6) was where my husband could be found most sea days because of the seating and televisions. My daughter and I got a kick out of the oddly shaped yellow chairs in the Spinaker Lounge on deck 13 and we lounged in them for an hour or so on one sea day as well. The Bliss lounge is probably the strangest area of the ship. It houses a 4 lane bowling ally, some video screens, lots of velvet chairs, and couple of red velvet beds amongst the dim lighting. It resembled a brothel more than a night club LOL. other than the movie trivia events, and bowlers, it was unoccupied. I never saw anyone in Tequilas which overlooks the atrium opposite the Blue Lagoon. BTW, the blue lagoon puts Mozzarella on the potato skins instead of cheddar which makes them quite bland, but they apparently have great wings because I saw lots of people carrying plates full of them to other areas of the ship. I found the entertainment on the ship lacking something. Perhaps it was because the regular cruise director, Sinan, was on vacation. I'm sorry I missed him because I heard he was wonderful. We had his replacement, Johnny Cash Sanchez who didn't really make the cut. He was more of an MC than a party starter. We did find out that he has an amazing voice at the farewell show, but I don't see him moving into the cruise director spot anytime soon...sorry Johnny. The hypnotist was alright, the big dance show, was OK, the magician/juggler and his hula-hooping wife were a lot of fun. The second City comedy was top notch though and I unfortunately missed what I heard was the best act on the cruise, the comedian. The music by the pool was quite good and some of the lounge singers were very good as well, but none made me want to stop walking though to sit down and listen. I found this surprising because I've always found the entertainment on NCL to be amazing. Bermuda was absolutely beautiful this time of year and would return in October in a heartbeat. The weather was perfect. 78 degrees felt like 85 to a Jersey Girl and the water, while a little cooler than summer months, was absolutely swimmable. We had a cab drop us off at the glass beach by the dockyard to pick up some of the sea glass washed ashore there, then asked him to come back for us in an hour to take us to Warwick Long Bay. From there we walked backward toward Horseshoe Bay stopping at Jobson's cove, Stonehole Bay, and Chaplin Bay on the way. Walking along the horse trails gave us the opportunity to see some beautiful views that we would not have seen otherwise. We also entered the beach at the far end away from the usual entrance. Most people don't walk the length of the beach and miss the beautiful rock formations at this end. We spent the rest of our day there then easily caught a cab back to the ship. We did two shore excursions through NCL. The first was the Rising Son catamaran cruise and snorkel which I HIGHLY recommend and the other was the glass bottom boat tour and snorkel which was very nice but not quite as invigorating as the catamaran. The pool area was very nice though I'm not a big fan of the split pool areas. It was either little kids or adults and each pool seemed smaller than it would have been had there been one central pool. The adult pool was empty. I had my teen age daughter with me who was afraid she wasn't allowed in the adult pool, but didn't want to swim with the splashing 8 year -olds either so she didn't go in at all. perhaps if the weather was warmer the pools would have been more fun. Then of course there are always the hot tub hogs...parties of 5 or 6 who have waiters bring them drinks all afternoon and spread out in the hot tubs so that no one else may enjoy them. My husband was hoping to hop in for 20 minutes to relax the kinks from the uncomfortable bed, but the adult area tubs were full all day and he preferred not to go in with unsupervised children in the kids pool area. I much preferred the pool set up on the Dawn. Large pool in the middle with 4 hot tubs on the corners. The teen club was an enjoyable experience for my daughter. Since there were only 24 teens on the ship, and they expect only 1/4 of the population to attend, they only expected 6 teens. I think they actually got 7 but my daughter did not attend until about 3 days in when she received a personal hand written note inviting her to join the Mafia game. She ended up having a wonderful time with the couselors and her new friends who were very well-behaved and didn't sit in the stairwells like I've seen teens do on other cruises. They had an organized late night hot tub party and attended the White Hot party together as well as have diner and attend shows together. It was a nice bunch of kids and I felt uncharacteristically safe allowing her to stay out with them until after mid-night! We turned around about mid-day Saturday to rescue a 39 foot sailboat that sent out an SOS...While it made the trip exciting and gave you a little boost of pride to know that the collective "we" aboard were part of a rescue operation that saved 5 people, it put us behind schedule. The captain in an attempt to make up time, really opened her up on the trip back to NYC after that so we were really feeling the movement. I have video of the wind chimes in the gift shop clattering non-stop :)I don' get seasick, so it didn't bother me or my family, but we could hear the poor people in the cabin next to us were having a rough night of it. Disembarkation was EXTREMELY slow once we got back to port. I've never seen anything like it. What is normally a very quick, easy and smooth process took hours. We had luggage tags for 9:40am departure which were delayed due to the rescue by about and hour. We anticipated, for the person coming to pick us up, that we would be outside waiting for them at about 11:00am...I think we finally got out there at 12:30pm. did not ruin the cruise. We sat comfortably in the Garden Cafe over looking the Intrepid and watching people brush snow off there vehicles while we waited for out luggage tags to be called. While it seems I've thrown a lot of negatives in, this was absolutely the best cruise ever! We wanted to relax, enjoy Bermuda and each other's company and that's exactly what we did. I would sail again on the Gem in a moment's notice. She's a beautiful ship and the crew was fabulous. Read Less
Sail Date: October 2011
We're 40- something couple, have enjoyed NCL freestyle and decided to try an aft penthouse suite to maximize our relaxation on our first visit to Bermuda. After reading alot on CC about the NCL suite experience, my DH and I felt ... Read More
We're 40- something couple, have enjoyed NCL freestyle and decided to try an aft penthouse suite to maximize our relaxation on our first visit to Bermuda. After reading alot on CC about the NCL suite experience, my DH and I felt well equipped to anticipate what it would be like. I guess that even with all that we read, there's still a "learning curve" to adjusting to the suite perks, but admittedly it's an easy adjustment! We were on a much needed vacation... Before mentioning anything else, I want to say that we were on the cruise where the distressed sailing ship rescue of 5 people occurred on 10/29 in the middle of the sea. What a dramatic event that was to experience (and we were just watching!), and NCL should be extremely proud of the captain and fantastic crew and their efforts!!! Way to go! OK, here's our review... NYC: we arrived 2 days early and enjoyed NYC, went to a broadway show, saw Lady Liberty and Ellis Island, the Occupy folks (quite interesting, lots of police presence), and were able to go into the 911 Memorial, which was of course very moving. Great food, both fine dining and street food. Embarkation in NYC: We purposely stayed in a hotel that was walking distance to the port, and walked there to arrive around 11 am. I knew that we'd get checked-in at the VIP lounge, so specifically mentioned to the NCL check-in attendant that we were in a suite... unfortunately, for whatever reason she directed us to the Latitudes line, where the check-in lady eventually then escorted us to the VIP lounge where we got our keys and waited to be escorted on board. While we were there, we could hear that our original group number to board had been called, so we could have boarded earlier if we just kept on going ourselves in the Latitudes line... a small thing, but then it was compounded by the fact that I needed to help show the escort to where our cabin was located (aft.... penthouse, no, that way...), so not the best embarkation experience by comparison to what we were expecting. However, we made our way to Cagneys and that's where the magic began...breakfast and lunch there every day was fantastic. Suite experience: We met Gaurav, our butler, and he answered all our questions and was great to meet, however he clearly had just come down with a cold and sounded and seemed to feel miserable, so that made us feel so sorry for him - - and I think that impacted what we asked him to do for the rest of the cruise (NCL, maybe allow for a substitute if a butler is ill??). Through the cruise he responded to our very few requests, however there were days that went by when we never saw him, so we were surprised by that (and concerned that he was feeling more ill, didn't want to bother him, etc.). The concierge David was excellent in the few times we asked him to do anything - - remarkably, early on in the cruise he recognized us in the atrium as we were killing time with our pager, waiting to get into the MDR; and he said "follow me" back to the MDR and got us seated immediately - - that felt VIP indeed! Our steward Eduardo was the highlight for us, extremely attentive, always around, and commented to us that we were so EASY - what else could he do for us?? He really went out of his way for us, and he's a Gem (no pun intended!)! Food: Cagneys for breakfast and lunch is by far the best part of suites from our perspective - we never set foot in the buffet on this cruise (this is a good thing from our perspective), and we SO enjoyed the incredible food and service, and the solitude of that space. It made us both get up earlier than usual on vacation, which is saying alot! The Cagneys team is fantastic. In MDR, it seems that NCL has definitely scaled back in food quality from our previous NCL cruises (e.g., don't offer a steak if the one you'll present is thin and disappointing); but service was always great! We scaled back our food expectations, but sadly. For room service, we ordered the $5 pizza one night and were disappointed - sure it's big (too big), but so few choices and so uninspired! NCL, please improve/expand the 'zza menu, and it will be so much better. Late night grilled cheese from the kids menu was fantastic - - definitely recommended! Blue Lagoon was great for catch-meals, and our Anniversary dinner in Teppanyaki was "the bomb". Too bad that MDR doesn't come close. Other onboard thoughts and suggestions: - fitness area was great! Well equipped, and we could always could find an available treadmill. - seas were rougher than we anticipated, be sure to bring bonine or other meds to ward off any missed fun on the ship! - on sea days, the Atrium becomes a tacky marketplace with gold-by-the-inch and watches. Please discontinue this, NCL. - we always enjoyed the captain's announcements, but oftentimes he would end with an 'advertisement' for some onboard thing like a special lunch or bingo event - - NCL, please let him focus on communicating about navigation and weather, only! We felt bad for him, and it reflects poorly on the cruiseline to have him do it. - entertainment: we went to a few shows, liked Brenda Kaye the hypnotist and Justino/magician and wife acrobat very much! Second City was good, I think improv can vary and have good days/bad days so we'll cut them some slack. Music we heard around the ship was always very good. Pub Crawl counts as entertainment, great fun as always! Beautiful Bermuda: it really is. Weather was great, snorkeling at Tobacco Bay was our highlight, and the sea-glass beach by dockyard was an unexpected cool experience, too. Ferries seemed much better than the buses, and we might take a taxi tour next time to manage our time even better. Bermudians are so friendly, and as the ship was leaving Bermuda, people were standing at the dock waving and saying "come back to see us again!" We'll be back. Disembark: due to the exciting and dramatic rescue of the day before, and the rough seas and storm, we got into NYC later on Sunday morning than expected - - the suite perk of priority disembark came in handy and allowed us to get off the crowded ship much sooner...a real blessing. All in all it was a great cruise with some unexpected ups and downs, all relative when you factor in the perspective from having been in a suite and the expectations that come along with that level of stateroom... thank you for reading my review, we highly recommend Bermuda as a cruise destination! Read Less
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