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This was my very first cruise. My sister sailed before and surprise me with this trip for my birthday. Excited! Happy happy birthday to me! The boat was late, really late. We was suppose to leave at 4p.m. We left at 6 or 7:00p.m. The ... Read More
This was my very first cruise. My sister sailed before and surprise me with this trip for my birthday. Excited! Happy happy birthday to me! The boat was late, really late. We was suppose to leave at 4p.m. We left at 6 or 7:00p.m. The line was so long,, people aggravated children crying, hungry and hot! i was disgusted! I tried to have fun but i didn't and when my sister called to complain,,, the customer service said your trip is over so would you like to book another!!!!!!!! They didn't say we are sorry, !norwegian dawn wants you to sail again so what can we do to make your experience better next time. No way! No how! We got your money! You feel me. A mess. We went to a meeting to talk about the safety of the boat, the guy instructing, he was easy on the eyes and that's all. He could not handle the crowd. No one was listening,,, it was not organized at all. After the meeting we went to use the restrooms. Good lord! Paper on the floors,, lavatory nasty, no hand towels or soap, i held it walked out, waited and waited for an elevator to my cabin. That boat rocked all night long,, we were trying to dance at the white party and people spilled drinks on my "white" clothes all night because the boat didn't allow them to stand upright! The food was cold, cabins hot! The blue lagoon food was poor. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
The 2 night weekend escape aboard the Norwegian Dawn Ship was not a fun sail for neither my sister nor me. Let's begin with the Dawn being set to sail at 4pm and not sailing until seven. When my sister called the reception to ask ... Read More
The 2 night weekend escape aboard the Norwegian Dawn Ship was not a fun sail for neither my sister nor me. Let's begin with the Dawn being set to sail at 4pm and not sailing until seven. When my sister called the reception to ask about this we were met with firm answers/attitude of dont ask just wait. Once we boarded the ship we had lunch at the Garden Cafe where I found a piece of hard plastic in my dinner. Upon further inspection, I learned the small round plastic was the Top to a condiment jar of some type! I felt really bad at this point because that was the begining of our 2 night weekend escape. The worst part is when I took a bite into my food it was in my mouth and I sister saw my face and said what is it, yes it was in my mouth. It's a good thing it was hard plastic and not something else and I didnt break a tooth. I quietly told a Supervisor who said thank you for not making a scene! Really?! On our way out of the Garden Cafe I decided to get a Souvenir from this cute machine so I swiped my card twice only to learn that it was broken. I reported that to the Cafe Supervisor she said she would get it fixed it or post a warning sign. When I returned the next day a man and what looked to be his grandson were trying to learn why the machine would not give them their Souvenir; so yes the Supervisor never posted the sign that the machine was broken. The beds in our stateroom were clean and comfortable but in the bathroom were long pieces of dark European hair in the shower and sink as well, its not hard to clean up hair. I went to a Bar on deck called the Oasis and I was trying to Order a drink from the beverage Manager Norman from Jamaica who was rude. Know that the Bar was not crowded at this time so I was not holding up the line or anything but he was trying to rush me. I decided to ask him to recommend a drink for me when 3 ladies walked up to the bar Mr. Norman abruptly turned from me and served those ladies. I Waited until he was done and I ask him to prepare the same drink for me that he had just prepared of those 3 ladies since it looked good. The Beverage Manager told me to grab a pre-made drink from a side table and he would add Rum to it? What? Why? Just prepare the drink I finally ask you for please and at this point I'm shaking my head in disappointment. I wanted to tell the manager about customer service yet I didn't want to ruin the other cruisers day. I also wanted to pull the tag from his shirt that read Manager yet as I stood there feeling angry and sad, I just walked away. The Hot White Party was the best part of the Dawn's experience but just know that with the watery dinks at the Spinnaker Lounge plus tips you will spend more than you normally do, and thats not so bad if the drinks weren't watery! The gift shop aboard the ship was pretty nice. The gift shop sold many great items especially the hot ticket item liquor! But know this the liquor you buy cannot leave the gift shop until you leave the ship! When my sister and I were leaving the ship we passed the gift shop and saw about 300 or so people in that line. My sister will not sail again. I will sail again just not on the Dawn. Read Less
Sail Date November 2014
I purchased this Cruise to Nowhere as a gift for my mother, and what I had hoped would be a very memorable and relaxing trip for both of us. I also purchased this cruise as I was planning on purchasing two family cruises to the Caribbean ... Read More
I purchased this Cruise to Nowhere as a gift for my mother, and what I had hoped would be a very memorable and relaxing trip for both of us. I also purchased this cruise as I was planning on purchasing two family cruises to the Caribbean within the next year, as well as plan a wedding on a cruise ship. I am glad I made this decision, as reserving long vacations and a wedding would have been a huge mistake, waste of money, and disappointment. My mother and I entered the ship with a very positive attitude and open minds. We did not know what to expect as weve never been on a cruise before, but weve heard wonderful things. We were excited upon entering the ship and felt it would be all we hoped for. Im writing this review for other consumers so they do not have to experience what we have. We reserved a balcony room. I wouldnt suggest reserving anything smaller because this room was comfortable for a maximum of two people. The balcony was a very nice touch, and I would say well worth the money. The dEcor is a little on the tacky side, however, what I had typically expected. Everything seemed to be going well until we had a Safety Drill. Everyone was required to learn how to use safety vests and report to a certain deck. At this time, we overheard other passengers talking about dinner reservations. We did not know we needed reservations as Freestyle Dining is what seems to be advertised, which would lead you to believe you can eat at any time. Upon hearing this, we decided to go check out the restaurants and make reservations to be safe. We went to their steakhouse, Cagneys. We were told, with about 5 other couples, that they had been booked for the entire night. One of the other cruisers advised us that all of the restaurants had been already booked too. They were upset as it was their wedding anniversary and they couldnt even find a place to eat for dinner. (Please keep in mind we were told we could only boarded the ship between 2:00pm-3:00pm, and it was literally 2:20pm.) I questioned how all of these reservations could have been made, thinking I missed something and we could have called in advance or done it on the website. I was told certain cruisers were able to board as early as 12:00 and made the reservations then. I then questioned how these people could board as early as we were not given that option. About 8 of us stood there and instead of answering any questions they decided to squeeze us into the restaurant at opening time, 5:30. I still wonder how these people made all of these reservations or got on the ship so early. Regardless, we accepted the reservation. We then decided to take a walk outside on the pool deck. I was shocked that there was only one public pool, and it was extremely small. It was definitely not the type of pool that should be available for thousands of cruisers. The entire pool area and bar was crowded and uncomfortable. I couldnt imagine being on a longer cruise with these type of amenities. This was definitely not an environment of children or anyone elderly. We sat and had a couple of drinks and tried to ignore the Spring Break environment surrounding us. We went to dinner and were seated in a nice area overlooking the water. The restaurant was empty for our entire dinner, and left me wondering how they had no reservations available. I cant imagine that many people did not show up. The service was poor as no one refilled our drinks and we werent even given dinner menus for about 20 minutes. We both ordered steaks and sides. Lobster was not available among other things. I cant say we enjoyed the food and I could have had much better in a local restaurant. The dessert was also not good. The only thing good on the ship seemed to be drinks. I was shocked as I always heard others rave about the food on cruise ships. We also tried the Blue Lagoon and a couple buffets. All that seemed available was hamburgers, hot dogs, dried and bad looking cold cuts, and salad. We still stayed positive and tried to make the best of our experience. The rest of the night was ok, Ive seen some describe the quality of entertainment as Vegas style shows, Id say it was more so that of Atlantic City, NJ. It seemed everything was over crowded and the only people truly enjoying themselves were obnoxiously drunk and unaware of their surroundings. I was surprised at the lack of free food, as I was under the impression most was included. They nickel and dime you for everything, cover charges for restaurants, service charges, and gratuity automatically charges to your account. If I would have known the amount we would spend on top of the price of the cruise itself, I wouldnt have gone. It was a waste of money. For one night it totaled around $900, and we didnt participate in half of the activities or go shopping. We had a total of 5-6 drinks together. Still, by this point we stayed positive and felt the experience was ok. This was until we decided to back to our room and go to sleep. Upon pulling the sheets down to get into bed, we saw glitter, sequins, and hair all over our sheets. I was quite disgusted. It looked as if someone slept in our bed and they didnt bother to change the sheets. I called downstairs to customer service and requested a change of bed linens. They told me they would be up shortly. We sat on a very small couch and waited. An hour passed and I called the customer service line again wondering when we could expect a change of sheets. They told me the request was never made. I insisted I called an hour ago, and was told that the girl in the earlier shift must have not written it down. They told me someone would be up shortly (again.) Another 30 minutes went by, and the customer service line called me. They said the request could not be made because we had turned our outside dial as Do not disturb. I insisted we did not touch it the entire night. I said I made this request an hour and a half ago, why am I just now receiving this call if it was a problem. She responded Well are you going to change the sign or not? Before this point, I was calm and very open minded about everything. However, I was shocked by the attitude and response from an employee, never mind customer service. I told her I will change it, but I think I should have been called earlier, and they should not take a sign as seriously as anyone outside of your room can change it, including the hundreds of kids running up and down the halls. She then hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor or someone in charge. I was told she was in charge and there was no one else to speak with. I said ok, and requested her name. She hung up on me, AGAIN! By this point I was furious. I worked in customer service for years when I was younger and never experienced or witnessed something like this in my life. I walked downstairs to the desk and stood on line with about twenty other cruisers with complaints. Many complaints consisted of room keys not working and dirty rooms. In fact, as I waited, I watched the customer service woman receive four calls regarding a change of sheets, and she responded saying their Do Not Disturb sign was also on and it is why they didnt receive the service for hours. They had a total of two women at this main desk. They should have had more employees available to fulfill requests. But more importantly, their employees should be trained on how to respond to requests and talk to consumers. We all waited on line as they answered the phones and ignored the line of people. One man commented I would have been better off going up to my room and calling and another woman said No, I tried calling for two hours and they dont answer so I chimed in and said Well, I got through, and they hung up on me! I was shocked. I couldnt believe this is what a cruise was like. Five of us discussed we had never been on a cruise, and now we most likely wouldnt want to, especially with Norwegian. When I finally got to the desk, I said I would like to speak with a supervisor or fill out a customer complaint form. She asked why. I told her I made a request for a change of sheets, and I was hung up on twice. She told me You were not hung up on. I said So Im a liar now? I walked down here to make this up? She told me I am a liar, and that no one hung up on me, and to go back to my room. I requested a complaint form, and she slammed a piece of Norwegian stationary on the counter. I wrote down her name and plan on contacting their corporate office about this rude, unprofessional, and obnoxious employee. As I would hope, this is not the type of individual they want representing their corporation. I understand you cant judge an entire corporation by one employee. However, I can judge the corporation by the fact this is the person they leave in charge of thousands of passenger requests. This is their lead customer service representative. I wanted this trip to be something special for my mother, and it was nothing but a headache and waste of money. The food was horrible, the additional charges were ridiculous, and the service was shocking. I would not recommend cruising with Norwegian to anyone. Im going to try Royal Caribbean or Princess as Ive heard better things about them. Read Less
Sail Date May 2006
Norwegian Dawn Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.5 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.5 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.4
Service 4.0 4.0
Value For Money 4.0 3.7
Rates 4.0 4.0

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