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We cruised on the Norwegian Dawn from 5/23/14-5/30/14 (Deck 9, cabin 9710). We cruised with a party of 8 to celebrate my Birthday; we all arrived at the Black Falcon Terminal around 11:00 a.m., four of us parked (1 vehicle) in the parking ... Read More
We cruised on the Norwegian Dawn from 5/23/14-5/30/14 (Deck 9, cabin 9710). We cruised with a party of 8 to celebrate my Birthday; we all arrived at the Black Falcon Terminal around 11:00 a.m., four of us parked (1 vehicle) in the parking garage across the street. Check in at the terminal was smooth and easy. We were called to begin boarding around noon. We purchased the Ultimate Beverage package and was a bit disappointed to find out we had to go to "Guest Services" once on board to receive the sticker for our room key identifying that we had purchased the package. There was a short line but it moved quickly. All (4) of our cabins were ready upon our embarkation. Our room was well decorated for my Birthday with the Birthday celebration package purchased though NCL from friends of ours that were cruising with us. We carried on 4 bottles of wine with us, we paid the corkage fee up-front of $15.00/bottle (still less $$ than if we purchased a bottle of wine on the ship and this way we knew we liked the wine we were drinking. NCL puts a little sticker on the label of each bottle identifying that the corkage fee had already been paid. I don't believe we were given an option on when to pay the corkage fee, an upfront charge was acceptable to us. We started with a nice sit-down lunch in the MDR (The Venetian), the food was very good, the service was a bit slow but the MDR may not have been fully staffed just yet. We weren't in ANY hurry and enjoyed being waited on. While we were eating lunch, we were approached by a member of NCL staff; she was looking to sell (10) seats at the "Chef's Table" which is a 9 course meal prepared by the Executive Chef and his team paired with wine. It was a $99.00 up-charge per person. All 8 of us decided to purchase it (more on the dinner later). I found the coffee to be way too strong for my taste, one of the servers at the Blue Lagoon (great breakfast buffet but the menu stays the same all week) would pour coffee "wakey, wakey" and while pouring would say, "Coffee? Fresh out of the ENGINE"...very cute. We hit the deck at the front of the ship and watched the planes from Logan fly over-head while we were waiting to pull away from the dock. That was fun and really exciting when the ships horn blew and we knew we were on our way to Bermuda. The weather was cool and cloudy but at least it wasn't raining (or snowing)! The seas were pretty rough, I heard through the grapevine 8-12 feet nothing Dramamine and Bonine couldn't handle but I think I would get the sea-sickness patch that goes behind your ear from my Dr. prior to cruising the Atlantic again. You can get them on board but you need a complete physical and it'll cost approx. $125.00 or so. We didn't have any trouble getting chairs on the pool deck the first full day at sea. While the band by the pool was a bit slow in getting started they were good and it really got you in the mood for a "tropical" vacation with the steel drums. We didn't hear "Sweet Caroline" once on the entire cruise. The outdoor BBQ offered at each bar area poolside were good, the menu varied a bit, I was content with the selection of burgers, hot dogs, chicken and french fries served by the Bimini Bar. Our favorite MDR was The Venetian, we liked the ambiance better than the Aqua MDR. We paid the up-charge to have dinner at Cagney's one evening, the food was very good, I would recommend it if you want a good steak. The Chef's Table dinner that we purchased was on the evening of Tuesday, May 27th. We were given a letter per cabin the evening before instructing us on the time and the meeting location. We met in the lounge located near the Cigar bar and LaCucina for a complimentary glass of champagne; we also met the other 2 guests that made up the 10 of us. We were greeted by the Executive Chef and his team and escorted to the main lobby for a photo session, each couple received a photo before the conclusion of the dinner. The table, china, centerpiece, food, wine and company was WELL worth the up-charge. At the conclusion of the meal we were invited by the Executive Chef to return to the lounge meeting place on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. for a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen led and narrated by him. That was something I've never had the chance to see and probably won't get the opportunity again. I LOVED IT! We found out that this offer isn't availble on all cruises and that the team was really excited to find out there was 10 of us willing to participate. It was spectacular from start to finish, if you have the opportunity to do this, I would highly recommend it. We thought it was a "sales pitch" and that there would be several tables of 10, but it really was just the 10 of us. Going back a bit, Bermuda was beautiful. We all purchased the ferry/bus pass for around $38.00/pp for three days. It's a great way to get around the island. The buses are SCARY, besides the fact that they're on the opposite side of the road, the drivers drive fast and don't have much sympathy for a moped in front of them. I found the ferry to be much more relaxing than a bus ride. We had drinks one evening at the Frog and Onion, they were good, LARGE and expensive but it was a great experience. We went to Horshoe Bay (2x), it can be a bit crowded but we found a more secluded spot by walking left toward the rocks. The water and weather were amazing!!!! There are clean restrooms, snack-bar and outdoor make-shift bar at the beach too. Beware, it's a pretty steep hill to walk down to get to the beach and then of course you have to walk back up the hill to catch the bus. Our cabin steward was Harvey, he was fabulous and made great towel animals. The monkey hanging from the A/C unit was the best! The balcony was a bit smaller than on another cruise line I was on but the two chairs and small table fit just fine. The rest of the time on the ship was nice, there is plenty to do and when/if the weather is cool and windy like our sail days, there's plenty to do inside the ship; whether it be shopping, bars, naps etc.... They were replacing some carpets in the main areas of the ship, I didn't find it to be too disruptive, I also know that's the only time they can keep her looking beautiful. I did hear some fellow passengers complaining about the new carpet disruption but like I said, that's the only time those types of repairs can be done, I think she's sailed year-round. The Dawn is an older ship and showing some signs of wear & tear but NCL sure goes out of their way to paint, polish and clean her. It's obvious how much pride they take in her (Dawn). We had a great time on the Norwegian Dawn, just be aware of the potential for rough sea days and be prepared just in case and you'll have a great time. I hope you found this review helpful. Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
As background, I am a veteran D+ of RCL, Carnival and HAL and only sailed with NCL once before. This cruise was booked for the 23rd to 30th of May, sailing out of Boston to Bermuda. The dates worked with my schedule and thought I'd ... Read More
As background, I am a veteran D+ of RCL, Carnival and HAL and only sailed with NCL once before. This cruise was booked for the 23rd to 30th of May, sailing out of Boston to Bermuda. The dates worked with my schedule and thought I'd try NCL. Travelled with my son and son's friend. We flew into Boston from Atlanta the day of sailing and took a taxi to the pier. (Taxi was approx. $35.00) We arrived at the pier around 11am and was quickly checked in and waiting. Since we had a suite, there was a specific area cordoned off for us with drinks and pastries available. We were given a pre-order form for alcohol/pillow choices which we filled out. We did not wait long before our Butler, Madel, came to greet us and escort us on to the ship. Since the rooms weren't ready yet, we were escorted to Cagney's for lunch. First impressions were awesome, from the way we were treated from arrival, to being escorted on the ship and being seated for lunch the first day made us feel special. After a nice quiet lunch (usual first days at the buffet are hectic) we went to find our stateroom. We had the owner's suite with 2 balconies. After dropping our hand carried luggage, we went to explore the ship. It's not the most beautiful ship I've seen, but it was well organized (except for the first time we went to find the Venetian) and in good repair. Yes, there are some rust spots and worn carpet in areas, but overall very well maintained. My thoughts of the Aqua were mixed. We ate there three times. The first night we were seated with Keith Campbell as our server. Service was quick, efficient and he was able to keep us entertained while covering his whole area. The second time the service was very slow. We went later in the evening and we were told that since it was near closing, the food had to be cooked to order. Unacceptable, as the food once it was brought out was cold. Had it been cooked to order, it would have been hot. The order was also wrong. My son's friend ordered the striploin, and received steak Dianne. The server started to cry, another server kept coming by laughing and pointing at her. We were made to feel uncomfortable for speaking our mind. The maitre'd came to the table and told us that we would get a complimentary bottle of wine for the next night. We only accepted with the offer if we could seat in Keith's area. The third time and last time dining in Aqua, we sat in Keith's section, and had our bottle of wine. The food in the Aqua, except for the problem with the second service, was good. Nothing on the menu was really memorable, except for the service issue, but what we had was good and there were no complaints on the quality of the food. We only went to the Venetian once for lunch. It was very pretty and we were seated at the back of the ship overlooking the wake. Food there was good. Canallato - our favorite. My son and his friend ordered the steak twice and I ordered the lasagna one night and the pork medallions the second time. I can't speak for the restaurant on board, since we ordered it in our cabin through Madel, but the food was better than Cagney's. We did try Cagney's one night and all agreed that the steaks were better in the Aqua and through Canallato's. All three of us had chewy, grisly meat. We ate at Cagney's for breakfast and lunch on several days, and it was so much better than their dinner service. I have to speak of our butler Madel Bunyi. He was absolutely fantastic and made our trip that much more memorable. I know he had other rooms to service, but he was there for us when we wanted him to be and even when we didn't know he was coming. We had a problem with our coffee maker and he took it out for repair. Since I am a big coffee drinker, until it was fixed, he brought coffee every morning, both a regular pot and the French press pot from Cagney's (he heard us say we liked it). He was very personable, efficient and professional. The casino took our money, but we had a lot of fun losing. We went to the aerial show. It was excellent. I wish we had gone to more shows, but there will definitely be more cruises with NCL. Disembarkation was quick and easy. We were able to take a leisurely breakfast at Cagney's, check our room one last time for anything that might have been left behind and had a quick exit from the ship. We are surely going to miss our time with Dawn. Overall the service was excellent, we had a lot of fun and we were sad to leave. I would definitely recommend this ship to a friend. Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
This was our third Bermuda cruise. We like the Bermuda itinerary because unlike other cruises you get to spend days rather than hours in port. That means having more time to get the feel of a place. This was our fourth cruise on NCL, the ... Read More
This was our third Bermuda cruise. We like the Bermuda itinerary because unlike other cruises you get to spend days rather than hours in port. That means having more time to get the feel of a place. This was our fourth cruise on NCL, the second on the Dawn. My partner has some significant physical disabilities and so the issue of handicap access and assistance was very important to us as we prepared for the cruise. We arrived at the ship about 1 hour before sailing time and we able to go through the embarkation process very easily. Our cabin was good size, and the handicap-accessible bathroom complete with roll-in shower was a godsend. Our cabin steward was extremely efficient and accommodating. Every night we ate in Aqua, the smaller of the two main dining rooms. Every night the menu offered a good selection. The waiter and assistant waiter we had the first night were both excellent, and we tried to be seated in their section every night afterward. My only complaint about Aqua is that when it's full it's very noisy, making it difficult to hold a conversation. For breakfast we would go the breakfast buffet on Deck 8 midship which was very convenient since our cabin was on Deck 8. The only specialty restaurant meal we had was the Jazz Brunch which was served on the first of the two returning sea days in La Cucina. In addition to a great selection of buffet items there was a choice of entrees from each of the ship's specialty restaurants. The jazz combo was excellent and their music provided a wonderful backdrop. We selected this cruise partly for price and partly for convenience (we live only 100 miles from Boston), and so we feel that this cruise was a great value. The only shortcomings I would point to are: 1) Attendants need to do a better job of picking up after passengers on the Pool and Sun Decks. (I noticed a dirty dinner plate next to an unoccupied lounge chair that wasn't picked up for 2-3 hours.), 2) The handicap access to the Venetian (the larger of the 2 main dining rooms) is poorly designed and poorly executed, and so we stayed away from eating there although Venetian is far more attractive and has a much more spacious feel than Aqua. 3) While we like the casualness of NCL's Freestyle Cruising concept I thought the Dawn was a little too hang-loose. I'm OK with dressing casually for dinner, but I think requiring men to at least wear a collared shirt of some kind for dinner is not asking too much.   Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
This will be sort of a quick and dirty of our experience on the Norwegian Dawn. About us: we were first time cruisers who were gifted a trip to Bermuda by my mother-in-law. In total, we were 9 family members spread out over three cabins. ... Read More
This will be sort of a quick and dirty of our experience on the Norwegian Dawn. About us: we were first time cruisers who were gifted a trip to Bermuda by my mother-in-law. In total, we were 9 family members spread out over three cabins. My MIL and FIL had a balcony. My husband, 2 kids (aged 3 and 1) and I had one oceanview obstructed cabin, as did my sister-in-law, her husband and her youngest daughter (aged 9). All of my inlaws have cruised with NCL before, and they were disappointed by some elements of the cruise. My brother-in-law described it as sailing with the B-team. We were none the wiser. They still enjoy NCL for the price point and the Freestyle dining. Because it was a gift and we have a pretty tight budget, we didn't splurge on a lot of extras such as beverage packages or expeditions. We ended up getting a 3 day transit pass for Bermuda and doing a lot of our own exploration which worked out fine. We ended up driving from our hometown to Boston, and ended up stopping frequently because of the kids. My ILs found a last minute flight deal from Buffalo to Boston. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Boston which had a great Park and Cruise option, and caught the very efficient Airport/Cruise shuttle to the cruiseport. Highlights for us: - Splash Academy and Guppies: I wasn't planning on putting my kids in these activities because I thought they would detract from family time. On the contrary: some of my favourite moments were chatting with the staff there and participating in the Guppies activities with my son. My daughter absolutely loved going to play "with [her] friends" at Splash Academy, and the parades and circus shows that she participated in were enjoyed by our entire group. I also can't say enough about the staff. I have to say I was a bit concerned about leaving my kids there (as we usually do a lot of homework for potential babysitters/daycare providers) but the staff quickly put me at ease. - The shows: I can't say there was a show that disliked but we were also very selective about the shows we chose to see because we were travelling with very young children. We saw the Band on the Run show, the Second City show and the Elements show. We also caught parts of the Billy Joel/Elton John tribute and hubs saw the Neil Diamond tribute with his mom. And of course, the Splash Academy Circus show was adorable! - The Kids Zone swimming pools: very underpopulated, we often had the place to ourselves! - We both really enjoyed the three course meals in the restaurants. We stuck with the basic dining and were never bored with our options. Because we were eating early (both due to the kids and to the ILs, haha) we never really had to wait for seating. My husband loved that he got to try kipper at one point during the week! I loved the Warm Chocolate Lava so much that I had to have it twice. The Sirloin Prime Rib I had was fantastic and the wings I had at the Blue Lagoon really hit the spot! Aqua was my favourite restaurant of them all, as I enjoyed the cozy atmosphere and the service there. We did the Venetian a few times but we found the service was slow. It was fine for breakfast and lunch. - We really appreciated the Freestyle dining and I don't know how we would adapt to a company with set dining hours/seatings. - I really did enjoy our stateroom. I liked the decor with the turquoise doors and colourful carpet. We had more than enough storage for all of our crap and although it was cozy to have all 4 of us in there it was really nice. I think my son was actually upset to be put in his own room upon our return. I also really liked our location on the 8th deck. Obviously it is not our bed at home but for the most part I had no problems falling asleep. - I liked that the ship was really big but it didn't feel like it was overwhelming. Once we got a basic understanding of the layout, it was super easy to navigate and everything felt like it was right next door. - The staff was super friendly with us because of our kids. So many of them remembered their names and made them feel like rockstars (and by association, us too). - I got super excited when I heard some of the announcements in French (being francophone). - I liked the self-assist option for disembarkation, so that once the ship was cleared (which took a while due to a medical emergency and a few idjits who tried to hide out on the ship) we were able to get right off (despite a long lineup) and make our way straight down to our shuttle. We got back to the hotel around 10:30 and were on the road by 11AM. Moments: - We had to wait a long time to embark on the ship. We got there at 11 and were second in line to board the escalator to the ship when all of a sudden they would not allow anyone else to proceed upstairs. We ended up waiting 1½ hours to get up to the deck, and another hour or so to get to board the ship. Apparently the previous disembark took longer than expected which filled up the gangway and the cruise port. We rushed to our rooms in order to get some lunch but by that time, everybody else was starving and had the same idea as us. As the only available dining option was the Garden Café it had insane lines while everybody tried to make up for the lunch that was missed waiting at the bottom of the cruiseport. My ILs indicated that they'd never had an issue with embarkation before this, and that this was not typical. - During the first few nights, the waiters kept apologizing for slow service because the Dawn was implementing a new menu. I didn't really notice it, but after a few nights I had hoped that they would have figured it out. There were also a few food items that I had looked forward to and ordered that had been inadvertently placed in the new menus but were not actually being offered; that was a disappointment. - When we visited the library, the crew member was sleeping behind the desk. (!!!!) - The Oasis pool was not a fun place to hang out. I really love to swim but it was was so awkward to do so, I stayed there maybe 5 minutes. There were two ledges on either side with an inch of water on top, with a sudden drop in the middle where I could not even touch the bottom. I also didn't enjoy the blaring music. The kids pool was a lot quieter, so I was able to take a dip when I took my daughter but I wasn't able to do my own thing as a result. And I refused to pay extra to use the pool in the spa! - We had to hound our steward a bit on the first night for the Pack and Play for our son, and we ended up setting up the fold down bunk bed ourselves for our daughter, which was a little disappointing (and had been told not to do...). After the wonky embarkation and the long trip the day before, the kids were zonked, so it was not fun trying to get things organized and keeping the kids calm when we were promised that it would all be ready to go for bedtime. - Disembarkation also took a while. The whole gathering Non-US Citizens in the Aqua Restaurant without options for them to go pee was not very well-thought out. Once the doors opened, however, people were being processed relatively quickly, although we were in danger of missing out on our final meal on the ship. I later found out that there were a number of arrests and there were half a dozen stowaways that held things up a bit. - There was a medical emergency two doors down from us on one of the nights. I was under the impression that the gentleman had died, which kind of put a damper on the trip. It wasn't until the end of the trip that we discovered that he hadn't died but just gotten disoriented and banged up a bit. Details were murky. I suppose it would have been nice to have the acknowledgement that the person was ok, although I get that they didn't do anything because of privacy concerns for the patient. Things we'd do differently next time: - maybe try to pre-plan our excursions a little more, although we don't really feel like we missed out on seeing anything. We were really there just to spend time with our family and we did plenty of that. Overall, we are still very pleased with our experience on the Norwegian Dawn, so much so that my husband joked that he was going to pack the car for our next cruise this morning. A big shout out to all of the staff that made this experience possible! Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
Just back from a fabulous girls week away to Bermuda. I think this cruise rockets to the top of my favourite destination ever! We flew from Ottawa to Boston to meet the Dawn. I was thrilled to see her, as the Star is one of my favourite ... Read More
Just back from a fabulous girls week away to Bermuda. I think this cruise rockets to the top of my favourite destination ever! We flew from Ottawa to Boston to meet the Dawn. I was thrilled to see her, as the Star is one of my favourite ships. In fact, my husband and I plan to do a Panama on her in 2015. One of my complaints about the Star was the lack of space to walk outside. This is because I would rather be outside any day than in a gym. I owe an apology to the Star because I obviously did not explore the ship enough to find the deck 7 promenade! I did enjoy it very much on the Dawn. We, two ladies in our 40s, found our outside cabin to be comfortable and roomy. We were well looked after by our steward who possessed magical cleaning and ice replenishing powers. We enjoyed three shows - Band on the Run (I sang along which made me happy, but maybe not my seat mates) History of Magic ( entertaining) and the Second City show which I thought was excellently paced and frenetic with energy. We participated in the Pub Hop which involved shots, cucumbers, t-shirts and some dirty dealing during competition - in fun. Romeo and Joe ran a good program and were ready to make up things on the spot if necessary or work around other ship events. They also remembered us for the rest of the cruise. This made the ship seem more of a community than my last cruise on the Epic. The ages of the hop participants were very broad which made me happy and everyone seemed accepting of one another. The games were adult in nature and only one, involving beer and straws struck me as going a little too far. Bermuda for three days was so perfect! We had rain in the forecast for all three days but did not see it. We were so lucky. We enjoyed the caves, the zoo, St. George, a fantastic tea at the Fairmont Princess in Hamilton and visited both Swizzles. The rum swizzle might be what they are known for but the piña colada with the shot of gosling dark rum was delicious after a morning at Horseshoe Bay. Now about the Dawn - a fine crew were aboard. We found people remembered us and we were often greeted by name. I do not think I have ever found a more accessible group of officers on any other ship. We met the Captain several times and were greeted by other top ranking staff as well when we were walking around the ship. The ship was in good repair. They were replacing stair carpeting which wasn't intrusive but the glue was a little stinky. Paint was being applied to all corners and crevices and our cabin was in very good shape. I have left the best for last! The food. The yardstick by which cruises are often measured. I have to say the new menu is wonderful and we only went to one specialty restaurant, Le Bistro. I also went to the dining room for lunch which I have never done before and we dined in style at the Venetian every morning for breakfast. In all I think we went to the Buffett twice. I liked the space in the Venetian more than Aqua, although both rooms are lovely, I felt squished in at Aqua. We did not have a bad meal and the new menu offers something new every night. I had a very nice salmon one night, a crab soufflé and prime rib. It seemed to me the desserts had improved as well. if you are saving space for a dessert you don't want to be disappointed. Service could be slow in the morning especially, but staff were always sure to let you know food was coming! I did notice there were many new trainees on the floor. We did have a few food mix ups but so did everyone else at lunch the day they offered a chicken salad and a chicken salad sandwich on the menu. I am assuming this was because staff were still getting used to the menu. Once the mistake was discovered sandwiches appeared very quickly. It was a wonderful trip and our husbands are very jealous so the chances of us going again are VERY good. Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
This is the second time we have been on the Dawn to Bermuda. We are Elite passengers with Princess - but have started to cruise with NCL - mostly due to the wonderful selection of Specialty Restaurants (also love the island of Bermuda - ... Read More
This is the second time we have been on the Dawn to Bermuda. We are Elite passengers with Princess - but have started to cruise with NCL - mostly due to the wonderful selection of Specialty Restaurants (also love the island of Bermuda - great golf !) We are "aft suite" lovers (no matter what ship or cruise line) - we had an Aft Balcony "Penthouse" Suite - love the suite perk of being able to have breakfast in Cagney's in the morning. We had Cabin #9736 - Deck 9 is perfect - no noise - and as I said, we love the "aft" suites - great for balcony sitting while at sea. Room is nice size - love the "walk-through" closets. Butler was awesome (sorry - can't remember his name) - on first day we told him - no fruit - afternoon snacks of chips, pretzels, cookies preferred - he wrote it all down - and never failed to delight ! Since we no longer go on all of the "high energy" (snorkeling, diving, etc.) shore excursions that we used to (we are both in our mid-sixties) - except for golf, of course - we now choose our cruises (this cruise was our 28th cruise) based on itinerary - and on-board dining. We purchased the "Ultimate Dining Package" - and used it ! (for the 14 nights that we have been on an NCL ship - we have never eaten in the Main Dining Room - we just love to be able to choose a "nice" restaurant - with quiet tables and great service while on vacation) Enjoyed Patty and Jose in the Atrium almost every evening (wonder why they don't move those 2 to the main show lounge ?) All and all, a great, awesome trip !   Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
We splurged and booked a 2 bedroom suite on the Norwegian Dawn for a 7 day cruise from Boston to Bermuda. This cruise was our 5th overall cruise and were very excited to going on a cruise and traveling to Bermuda. Embarkation went well. ... Read More
We splurged and booked a 2 bedroom suite on the Norwegian Dawn for a 7 day cruise from Boston to Bermuda. This cruise was our 5th overall cruise and were very excited to going on a cruise and traveling to Bermuda. Embarkation went well. We waited in line through security and than were led to the suites/latitudes line for check in. After we checked in we were led to a small area to meet the concierge and butler who later brought us onboard to Cagney's steakhouse for lunch. Right from the beginning we noticed how wonderful the all the staff was. This was true for the entire voyage. We have never seen a crew work so hard and be so polite and caring. We think we had one of the hardest working cabin stewards as well. His name was Chris Rempillo and kept our cabin spotless. The Suite was nice. The only thing we noticed that was a bit disconcerting was the second bedroom's wallpaper which was peeling off. Obviously someone decided to see if they could peel it off and ripped a big portion of exposing the wall. We also had a couple of cracked tiles in the shower. Other than those two issues, it was a great choice for all of us traveling. The suite can hold up to 6 passengers and also has two bathrooms and a nice balcony. The Dawn offers a variety of dining options. The two main dining rooms are The Venetian and Aqua. One thing we noticed on the cruise was that Norwegian seemed to make great improvements on their food. There is a good variety and the quality and taste were much better than our cruise last year. We were very happy with the main dining rooms. The Dawn also offers complimentary dining in the Garden Buffet, a 24 hour restaurant and the pool side bbq. Sprinkles ice cream parlor is also poolside. If you want a pizza NCL offers pizza delivery to your cabin for a charge of 5 dollars per pizza. The crust was good. We felt there was just a bit too much cheese on the pizza. Other than that it was tasty. You can also order room service. Room service during the day hours are free. After midnight there is a small charge. The Dawn also offers specialty dining ranging from 15 to 30 dollars per person. We did not eat the specialty restaurants. Once again the service at the main dining rooms were wonderful, professional, and efficient. In The Venetian the hostesses Ana Luz Garcia and Norita Q. were grace under pressure. They kept the passengers happy while waiting to be seated and always had some of the nicest smiles on the ship. Hats off to a job well done. One of the best waiters we have had on any cruise ship was Augen Salumbides. His personality was fantastic, his service professional, and he not only made sure we had everything we needed, but also anticipated our needs. He was a waiter in the Venetian dining room. The cruise director staff did a fantastic job through out the cruise. They were so busy hosting a variety of events though out the day. On the sea days they made sure everyone was happy and had a ton events from Bingo to poolside challenges. One member of this staff really stood out. His name is Romeo Ogong. Once again his personality was welcoming and a lot of passengers took to him. He was one of the few crew members that was being stopped by a lot of passengers to get a photo taken with them. We knew that the weather out of Boston and returning to Boston would be nice, but, cool. We therefore purchased a week long pass to the Thermal Suites in the spa. The Thermal suites area give you access to a large jacuzzi and hot tub, a lap pool, (yes, an actual lap pool at sea) an indoor lounging area which overlooks the back of the ship and a wall of floor to ceiling windows, and in the men's and women's locker rooms there is a sauna, steam room, hot and cold tub, showers,lockers and a special relaxation room complete with comfortable cushioned chairs overlooking the sea. The weeklong pass was just over 115 dollars and was a great place to go and relax. Herbal tea and iced water were also served. We also took advantage of a couple of spa treatments. Amber Roberts was one of the best specialists we have had anywhere. She is so knowledgeable and personable. She really cares about her clients. We were on the Norwegian Gem last year and had a couple of treatments with her. When we saw her on this cruise we were overjoyed. She remembered us and remembered our discussions from a year ago. It was just like we got off that ship weeks before this one. She remembered the struggles we were having and asked about them and went out of her way on both trips to put together an action plan to take with us and use off the ship. Needless to say we were very happy. She went way above and beyond for us and are so very grateful to her. Another spa standout was Ricardo Panuncio. He was on the salon side. I booked an "Ultimate Men's package" which is a shave, facial, hand and arm, and ankle and foot massage. Since I booked it on the first day, they also gave you a free haircut. Ricardo was great at explaining everything and his haircut was the best I have had. Very impressed with this whole treatment. So much so I booked the same treatment a few days later. Keep in mind we had one of the best crews at sea. The spa area is very relaxing and great to recharge your batteries. Go the first day and check out all their specials they offer. I also discovered that the products they use can be purchased onboard. They asked if I wanted to purchase any products and I declined. They did not hype or push them. It was not a high pressure situation. What I did discover is that the prices on the ship are better than when you get off the ship. So, if you think you may want to purchase the spa products, my suggestion would be to purchase them on the ship and save some money. We knew that the Dawn was an older ship. She did have a refurbishment in 2011. The crew did however keep her very clean. The one thing that happened on our cruise which we did not appreciate, but I am sure the next cruise passengers will, was carpet repair. Everyday on the cruise they were ripping up the carpeting on some area of the ship and replacing it. This meant staircases were being closed and the strong smell of glue was in the air. On some days it seemed like we were in the middle of a renovation project and not a cruise. This did effect us, but should not effect any other cruises in the near future. The casino was active and a lot of fun. There were many tables games, and slot machines to be had. I could not believe how packed the casino was. Smoking is allowed in the casino. Depending on your lifestyle this can be a good thing or a bad thing. There are some nice bars and clubs onboard the Dawn too. One fun thing to do is the Pub Crawl. You go from venue to venue sampling beers. The entertainment in the Stardust was very good. The best nights were the "band on the run" night featuring music from the 70's. It was a non stop high energy concert. Elements was also wonderful. This show featured a magician, acrobats, and dancers. The acrobats also had their own show on the last night which was great. The magician had his own show too. Still trying to figure out how he was able to do what he did. If you like 50's music there was also a BeeBop night which got people on their feet! Duty free shopping on board was wonderful. The prices for alcohol were about 50 percent less than I normally pay. Regular shopping was good as well. I forgot to pack some dress socks for the Norwegian Night Out. Sure enough they had some in the gift shop. Judging from the items they had to sell, there seems to be a market for sundries that people may have forgotten to pack. Overall our onboard experience was positive. The ship offers a lot of activities and the staff is excellent and hard working. The pool area seemed to have a lot of space and chairs and their is a quiet area at the front of the ship that also has lots of seating. There is a kids pool and jacuzzi at the back of the ship for family time. There were several ways to get off the ship. NCL offers a carry off program. If you want to carry your luggage off the ship and do not need any help you can simply walk off the ship when customs has cleared the ship. The suites and latitude platinum members, priority debarkation is available. Everyone else is color coded and when your color is called you proceed to lead the ship, pick up your luggage and go through customs. The crew is hard at work during this entire time getting everything ready for the next group of passengers coming aboard in just a couple of hours to start their vacation.   Read Less
Sail Date May 2014
I've had a total of 4 cruises on NCL (10/19/03 - Majesty; 10/12/08 - Dream; 4/21/12 - Dawn; 10/18/13 - Dawn) and have the 5th one coming on in 16 days (but who's counting) on 4/19/15 on the Dawn. My first four cruises have been ... Read More
I've had a total of 4 cruises on NCL (10/19/03 - Majesty; 10/12/08 - Dream; 4/21/12 - Dawn; 10/18/13 - Dawn) and have the 5th one coming on in 16 days (but who's counting) on 4/19/15 on the Dawn. My first four cruises have been to Bermuda due to the convenience of getting to Boston (nothing like getting out of the car and on to the ship in a matter of a couple of hours!) and my upcoming cruise is a 12 day repositioning cruise (first time doing this) leaving out of New Orleans and coming back to Boston. I just love, love, love cruising on NCL. It has been a great experience each and every time, even when the weather didn't want to cooperate. I found all of the staff to be extremely friendly. They are also amazing at remembering names! On a ship that has a couple thousand people, one would not expect the staff to remember your name when you walk in to a particular establishment (my husband is still tickled that one member would always call him "Sir Kevin". Made him feel like royalty!). We loved the fact that there was always something to do. Every night when we would get back to our cabin, my husband would be as excited as a kid on Christmas morning when he would see that the itinerary for the next day had been slipped under the door. There were times there was almost too much to do because we would have to pick between a couple of things that were going on at the same time. It was also nice to know that we didn't HAVE to do anything if we didn't want to (which was sometimes the option I chose). We found that the food selection was great. If we wanted to be more casual, we went the buffet route and if we wanted to be more "grown up", we would have our meal in the formal dining room. On our last cruise, on two of the nights we had dinner in the specialty restaurants (Teppanyaki & Moderno) and we had also eaten in La Cucina on a previous cruise. Even though you had to pay a little extra for the specialty dining, I definitely felt it was worth it. On our upcoming cruise, we have the ultimate dining package and have booked a different restaurant every night (except the French one...I'm not much into eating things I can't pronounce, but that is my issue, not NCL's). Our room accommodations were okay. We've had rooms with just a port window, a room with a full window and a mini-suite with a balcony. Now that we've had a room with a balcony, there will be no going back to just a window. Our rooms are small (but who cares, how much time are you in there) but were always neat and tidy. I never felt like I needed to clean the bathroom before using it (I'm a little OCD about clean bathrooms). Our bed has always been comfortable. On our next cruise, my sister has one of the owner's suites, so I'll be checking that out to see if maybe on our cruise next year (yup, already going to book for October 2016 and dragging some first time cruiser friends with us), if we might want to upgrade to the "suite" life. The entertainment was always good. I did notice that because our cruises had the same itinerary, some of the shows were the same as the prior cruise but they were still good. My husband and I are both singers, so we definitely enjoyed both karaoke and "bandeoke" and also enjoyed the celebrity status we would sometimes have on the ship from people who had seen us (who doesn't like to feel like a superstar sometime?) On our previous cruises, I never did any of the excursions but will be doing so on the upcoming cruise, so I'll have more to say on that then. I will say Bermuda is amazing! My husband and I loved exploring on our own. We always felt comfortable getting from point A to point B. I always felt very safe as well. This next cruise is the first time I will be "island hopping" and I'm not sure how I will be (I've been terrified about the ship leaving without me!), but I'm going into it with an open mind and much excitement. I really can't think of one negative thing to say about any of my cruises. Each of the ships have been beautiful and we've always been treated well by everyone. I honestly don't know if I would cruise on any other line. Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
We decided to take a cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary, without our kids. There is so much advice and information on the internet, it is almost hard to follow it all. We booked the cruise on the Norwegian Dawn, Boston to Bermuda for ... Read More
We decided to take a cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary, without our kids. There is so much advice and information on the internet, it is almost hard to follow it all. We booked the cruise on the Norwegian Dawn, Boston to Bermuda for September 6 a year in advance. We did our research, took notes an compiled a list of what we needed to bring/do going by what others have done. As we were bringing our kids and were looking for a cruise that had fewer kids than normal, our cruise person suggested this date as kids would be back to school. There were still kids on the cruise, and most were well behaved but most likely not nearly the number of kids as when school is out. Norwegian's web site is very helpful as to what you need to do in advance of the trip - identification, passports, etc. It is a very organized company. We drove from Maine, about a 3 hour ride or so, and parked in the parking garage (about $112 for the week). The garage has elevators however there is no one available to assist you with your bags so be prepared to haul them to the terminal - a short walk. Be sure to have your luggage tagged with the tags they provide you in your e-docs. Once at the terminal, our bags were taken (we kept a carryon) and headed to the check in process. We produced our ID (passports, headed through the scanners. If you bring spare batteries for a camera, they will show up looking like "bullets" so be prepared for that. Also, a diabetic kit left the scanning officer stumped on what it all was, even though prescriptions were in there we had to explain everything that was in it. We then proceeded to the desk, left a credit card for onboard expenses and received our ship cards. Don't lose these cards as you will need them for everything on the ship - coming and going, purchases, drinks, etc. Lanyards are a great idea. Once through, you will be bombarded by the photographers (be prepared as they snag you for photos of everything and no you don't have to buy them but they are annoying as heck). Then we were on the ship. You will be greeted with Washy, washy, happy, happy or something like that and the bottle of hand sanitizer. That will occur throughout the ship and there are sanitizer stations everywhere - a good thing to prevent illness. We were told our room was ready when we asked, so we headed upstairs. Elevators and stairs are across from each other. Usually faster to take the stairs. Our room was ready, clean and bright. Luggage hadn't arrived yet but anything we would have needed was in our carryon. We left the bag and set out to investigate the ship. Lunch was being served in the Garden Cafe - lots to choose from including fruits, salad, burgers, etc. We checked out the pool which was immediately busy with drinking adults. It was already chaotic up there. We didn't use the pool once while on the ship. We are relatively quiet people who just wanted to enjoy each other's company. Something creepy about older men sitting in the hot tubs with teen girls and young girls. Wished the hot tubs were for 18 and older and there were others for under that age. Our first dinner onboard was at Aqua - good restaurant and good service. We also ate at the Venetian (not so great but food was okay), the Blue Lagoon and paid extra to eat at LeBistro (French); LaCucina (Italian); Cagney's Steakhouse; and Moderno. All excellent with excellent service. Leo at LeBistro is the best! We made our reservations for LeBistro, LaCucina and Cagney's prior to the cruise and took advantage of book 3 and save. No complaints on the food at all. Entertainment was plentiful - Patti and Jose were our favorites, we loved the piano players an Jamroc as well. No complaints at all about this ship - bathroom was plenty big and the shower was roomy with lots of hot water. You do not need to bring a hair dryer. We brought a power strip as others suggested but never used it. Plenty of hangers for clothes and a safe for papers/valuables. Arriving in Bermuda was smooth. Again, have your passports and ship card ready for going into Bermuda through the security as well as back to the ship. Oh, and the photographers, they are there too. We purchased a combo transportation pass - bus and ferry but we also used the taxis - the drivers are more than willing to quote you the cost to get where you have to go and will act as your personal tour guides. The buses are fast, hot and the drivers are not always friendly or helpful. We used day 1 in Bermuda for the beach - we went to Warwick Long Bay Beach at the suggestion of a waitress in Hamilton at the Pickled Onion. Less busy than Horseshoe Beach and there is a great little cove for kids or just quiet. Most everything in Hamilton is closed on Sunday as with other towns. A trip to St. George by ferry is a must - beautiful architecture, shopping, historic sites, etc. Hamilton is great for shopping, architecture, etc. The Dockyard has great shops - Bermuda Glassworks and Rum Cake company are great. Everything is expensive. Watch your onboard tab - drinks and purchases will rack up your account. We had an $800 tab when we check out for drinks, shopping, photos (we did the formal night photos). Things we learned for next time: bring a case of water and/or soda if you drink soda as soda is an extra charge (we dont drink it); Bring a clock as your room doesn't have one, bring an over the door shoe pocket holder for the bathroom door for extra convenient storage; music (ipod and ipod dock). Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
My Husband and I started out driving 500 miles to Boston the night before. We stayed overnight and had a very speedy embarking the next morning. The only problem was the GPS wouldn't let us know that one street was blocked off. The ... Read More
My Husband and I started out driving 500 miles to Boston the night before. We stayed overnight and had a very speedy embarking the next morning. The only problem was the GPS wouldn't let us know that one street was blocked off. The first couple of days were great, it was all we expected and more, as we have been on NCL before. I can only say everything was great with the following exception which I will outline in numerical order. #1 Thanks tropical storm Gabriel for keeping us in port a extra night, Captin made a good choice, and we thank him for that. #2 Dinning at Le Bistro. A COMPLETE DISASTER. This was our 41st wedding aniversary dinner, and I do say is was sad........ Service was OK but the food sucked. Had to ask for a steat knife to cut lobster (come on Man). We ordered drinks, and thankfully they didn't charge us after they saw the mess dinner was. Our Aniversary cake was Ok, but nothing to write home about, but free so who is complaining. I will eat in the dinning room from now on and save the money for the casino. The Dinning rooms were good, prefered the Aqua, as the food seemed hotter, and the service was great. William is super, what a great guy with a great personality. Highly recommed latching on to him. Unlike previous cruises, The Veniation was not that great. food not as good as Agua. Other food venues were what we expected, and very pleased. We didn't get to meet or even see our room steward till the last day. We called him superman, because everything was always perfect, and he was always there when we wern't. Finally met ROMEO on the the last day and tipped him handsomely for what he did. I always left him a note for special things, and they were always done. If you ever go don't miss PATTY AND JOSE, as there music was fantistic. There show was in in atrium, and we watched it 4 times, as did most of the ship. Who ever herd of people standing shoulder to shoulder to watch in the atrium. even the elevator floors were packed. Great show. All in All a 5Star cruise. Read Less
Sail Date September 2013
We did have the pleasure of having a suite on this cruise. My wife has some mobility problems so the extra room was very welcome. Being booked in a suite made getting on the ship and off the ship a breeze. The cabin was forward and had a ... Read More
We did have the pleasure of having a suite on this cruise. My wife has some mobility problems so the extra room was very welcome. Being booked in a suite made getting on the ship and off the ship a breeze. The cabin was forward and had a balcony facing forward and another on the port side, which was nice when docked in Bermuda. The room stewart was friendly and kept the cabin looking like the first day every day. Our butler Jennifer was outstanding. We asked for coffee every morning at 6:30, like clock work she was there. We ate in our cabin several times and she was more than anyone would expect. She and my wife were sharing family photos during the cruise, and my wife wants to book again, only if we can have Jennifer again. The food was very good in my opinion, every meal, in every venue. Granted the Garden Cafe was not Le Bistro, but it was quick, hot and we had outstanding views. We ate Italian, French, Brazilian and American, the extra cost was worth it, we both enjoyed the food and the service. One thing I did notice, some of the people in charge of the extra cost venues seemed a little too business like, until you pull them aside and tell them what a great job the whole staff was doing. Sometimes we forget that these people are on these ships for weeks at a time, a kind word, at the right time, seemed to go a long way. Bermuda was great, weather was great. My one complaint, SMOKE. The casino was terrible sometimes our balcony was just as bad as the casino, the pool area was no better. I wish NCL would try one cruise a month as non smoking cruise. Or even do one cruise next season as a non smoking event, see how the bookings go. We did one shore excursion, the Gosling Sunset Rum Cruise, worth every penny. You get samples of all the Gosling products, Rum Cake too, along with the history of Goslings and Bermuda, Dark and Stormy my new favorite dring. We'll probably book again next year, if I can keep in touch with Jennifer and find out what cabins she is working, she was that good.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
Embarkation: After driving through a hellacious rainstorm from Queensbury, NY to Boston, we arrived at the Black Falcon Pier. Parking is a cinch and the ship is relatively close to the garage. The entire process of checking our bags, ... Read More
Embarkation: After driving through a hellacious rainstorm from Queensbury, NY to Boston, we arrived at the Black Falcon Pier. Parking is a cinch and the ship is relatively close to the garage. The entire process of checking our bags, checking in, and boarding was simple and non-stressful. The folks in Boston have it down. Stateroom: We had a "framed-in" balcony room, forward on the port side. It was perfect for the two of us. The balcony was very private, the room was plenty large for the two of us and all of our belongings. The bathroom, furniture, fixtures, etc. all seemed to be new and in good order. Plus, our room steward Rodney kept our room in great shape for the entire cruise. (Although it would have been nice to have been greeted by a couple of towel animals!) Needless to say, we enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets from the balcony. Public Rooms: The Dawn is an attractive ship. Well-decorated and laid out, the ship was clean, and the maintenance guys were always painting, scrapping, etc. Our favorite areas were the Grand Atrium, Havana Room, the promenade. For a large ship, it was never a problem to find a nice quiet spot or cozy corner when we wanted that. The Mandara Spa was amazing. Although the weekly spa pass is $$$, the hot tubs, lap pool, and sauna were great. The relaxation chairs were...relaxing! Food: We fully expected eating at one of the specialty restaurants on this trip, but after eating in the Venetian Main Dining Room we didn't see the need. The food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner was great. Unlike other reviewers, I had no complaints about the food, food temperature, or service in the Venetian. We did have one mediocre meal in the Aqua Dining Room. We usually ate in the Garden buffet for breakfast, and they had pretty much anything you wanted there. Entertainment: Meh... Bollywood was good. The 2nd City comedians were poor (I'm not easily offended or anything--these guys were just not funny.) The best show was the crew talent show, and the Fountains act. Really great. Bermuda: We didn't take any shore excursions. We just bought our bus/ferry pass and went off to explore Bermuda on our own. In three trips there, we have seen so much of the island doing it this way. My suggestion: get a travel guidebook to Bermuda and figure out your own itinerary. We saw so many people wandering around without any clue about what they were going to do! And three days in paradise is not enough, so don't waste your time. Our favorites: Jobson's Cove, Church Bay, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Crystal Caves, everything in St. George, Maritime Museum, and Snorkel Park. Service: The NCL staff is amazing. These folks bend over backwards for their guests. From the waiters to the stewards to the girls in the spa--they were the best. Now for the negatives of the cruise: Rude passengers and unattended kids/teens. More than once, we saw fellow guests treating staff rudely. Off the ship people were walking around shirtless and acting like clowns. People should read a little about the country they're visiting before they go. Also, after 11 PM, there were too many gangs roving teens around the ship, drinking and acting obnoxiously. Where were their parents at? NCL could do a better job enforcing the curfew since some people abandon their parental responsibilities while on vacation.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
Ok...so...I read all the reviews before taking this cruise, probably like many of you. I was convinced that it wouldn't be a great experience. There were lots of negative reviews on the food, entertainment, staff and general ... Read More
Ok...so...I read all the reviews before taking this cruise, probably like many of you. I was convinced that it wouldn't be a great experience. There were lots of negative reviews on the food, entertainment, staff and general appearance of this ship. Getting on wasn't terrific. Apparently, they have this thing where they give out colored tags with numbers on them. I didn't get one. I was whisked through a latitudes line, as I have before because i have sailed on NCL before, this was my 5th. I was then told to just sit and wait, that general seating will eventually be called. I must have waited about 45 minutes. Not awful, but if you are told you get first seating, why have this ridiculous ritual? Got on the ship and was very pleasantly surprised. It is beautiful. Clean, well staffed, and it was great to be able to head right over to the Venetian for lunch. Everything was going smooth, it's easy to find your way around, and plenty of smiling faces from the staff all over the ship. Now...the food. It was fantastic, at every restaurant and even the garden Cafe (buffet.) No, I am not used to eating crappy food and do consider myself to be somewhat picky. It was fresh, hot, perfectly prepared and honestly, delicious. Staff at all restaurants are incredibly professional. I waited, at most, 10 mins to get into one of the main dining rooms and this was at peak hour. I never saw any lines waiting outside the restaurants for very long. Never noticed any complaints either. The entertainment was also pretty good. Some shows were better than others, but I did enjoy all of them. You will too. They have a nice variety. The pool area needs work. This was the only area I noticed some wear and tear. As far as the music, I never found it to be awful. So many complaints from the reviews indicated that. I never heard that. It was tropically themed and people seemed to really be enjoying that. I'm not a hang out by the pool in the hot tubs person. I mainly walked through it or sat by the pool on the lounge chairs many times and I liked being able to hear the music and read my book. Bermuda...this is my 6th time here, 5 on cruises from NCL. I cannot imagine anyone not loving Bermuda. I do prefer being near St. George, though. It was better when they used to dock there. My cabin was very nice. They do a great job designing the room to have lots of storage even though the room is small. Beds are comfortable, and the shower having a sliding door instead of a curtain is really nice. I have found the staff on this ship to be absolutely incredible. I hope when they get a chance to have a vacation, they are treated as wonderful as I was (and everyone else on this ship.) So....the negative reviews need to sniffled. Enough is enough. I look forward to being on NCL again. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
This maybe a bit helpful for your cruise out of Boston to Bermuda? OK first if you are coming from out of state or out of the country it is very safe here! There are TSA, state police, metro police, Boston police, harbor police, ... Read More
This maybe a bit helpful for your cruise out of Boston to Bermuda? OK first if you are coming from out of state or out of the country it is very safe here! There are TSA, state police, metro police, Boston police, harbor police, everywhere. Also there is a parking garage literally 1 block over on the next street and the police cater to the cross walks and pedestrians which is very helpful if you have luggage in tow. Now it is very easy to get to 1 Black Falcon wharf, it is literally 3 minutes off the highway 93, there are signs everywhere to the terminal. Also there is a passenger drop off area with porters by the dozens to help you check your luggage in. Then the driver just takes there first right and you enter the parking garage which you have to pass to drop off the passenger anyway so it is very easy to see. They charge $112.00 for the entire week. Here's another tip bring your credit card with you NOT CASH! It is set up like the airport parking lots with the automated machines and the tickets with the magnetic strip on them and the machines don't take cash. So if you have cash you have to pull over go into the office to pay and that is time consuming:( Time being mentioned here's another tip take the latest time for getting off the ship which i believe is the10:00AM luggage tags. Here's why...... the traffic from everyone else is minimal at best there's virtually no one left on the ship so you walk right off, also your luggage is sitting there in a large area all alone which makes it very easy to find. Now when you get to the parking lot to get the car there's no one there either and no traffic at 10:30 AM on a Friday morning in or out of Boston's 93. You retrieve the car pull it around to the luggage pick area, you load you leave. So get up Friday morning go eat:) a lot of people do not even realize they're serving a full breakfast buffet all morning. So by the time you're done eating and checking your room one last time for forgotten items you walk right off the ship. The horror stories I hear about people fighting to get off are ridiculous! Another tip is you really do not have to buy the soft drink beverage package. You have access to the drink fountain which contains, lemonade, pink lemonade, fruit punch, ice tea, water, orange juice, apple juice, ice, hot coffee and hot chocolate. So the $50.00 per person for the entire week is unnecessary in my view. Plus remember you still have to tip the waiter for getting your drinks.....OH YEAH almost forgot the double tipping trick. The tip is included already on the invoice, So don't tip them again when you fill out the check and fill in a tip on the tip line. Look very closely they fold the check right on the tip line so you don't see it. Someone else told me this and I thought they were nuts until I saw it for myself. Just see if they do it to you too. They got me once and that was it. The gratuities are already included for the room service too. Well let me clarify there is a $2.00 room service charge for food brought to the room. So it's not like it use to be, you had to bring small bills with you to divide up for your stewards etc. and fill the envelopes it's already charged on your room $12.00 per day for 7 days $84.00 for each person for the week. Also I heard of people making restaurant reservations 2 weeks prior to the trip which is easy enough but not necessary. The restaurants always have room. Cagney's steak house is very, very, good and highly recommended! The Benny Hanna style Japanese restaurant is harder to get into because it only seats 20 at a sitting or something ridiculously low like that so maybe I'd reserve that one? The Le Bistro was just OK. The venetian main dining room, the aqua dinning room, and buffets the food was surprisingly very, very, good! Norwegian has kicked it up a notch or two for sure!!! We had absolutely no complaints about the quality of food in any of the restaurants and on this trip we won't be going to any of the pay restaurants they weren't any better in our view for the money. If you're drinking alcohol and buy the package for $55.00 a day per person the best bang for the buck is the wine and beer. The mixed drinks are watered down and literally zero alcohol from my experience. Also something else your ship card has your muster station location on it go by that not the muster station on the doors in the room. Also you do not have to take your life jacket with you anymore to the drills. They found to many people were tripping over the straps etc. and getting hurt so no more life jackets to the drills that's beautiful!:) They are skimping on towels we had to ask our steward for 2 more towels a day in our room no biggie he just changed the count. Oh they have the handi cap scooters on board, I would reserve them ASAP or you can bring your own I'm sure. The staff was great the ship was very clean including the rest rooms!!!!!!! I hope this helps the newbbies:) PS: bring some motion sickness medication I highly recommend BONNE it is pricey but 1 pill a day. Yes! check with your doctor first! Leaving again in October can't wait! Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
Embarkation and Disembark in Boston was wonderful! It was so easy and is a great port to sail out of. We chose the easy walk off and was off the ship and to our car by 930am! As for the ship, it was the perfect size....not too big where ... Read More
Embarkation and Disembark in Boston was wonderful! It was so easy and is a great port to sail out of. We chose the easy walk off and was off the ship and to our car by 930am! As for the ship, it was the perfect size....not too big where you had to walk a mile to get to your destination & not too small where it was SO crowded. The staff was very friendly & helpful. There was plenty of entertainment for every age group. The comedian, Tim Kaminski was outrageous & a must see. We saw 2 out of 3 of his shows. So hysterically fun! The food was good, however the variety of selections in the main dining rooms was lacking. We traveled with a group of 8 & never had to wait at any of the venues. TIP: try to eat before 6:30 We have two boys ages 10 & 7 who were enrolled in the Kids Club. They went 2 out of the 7 days. They felt it was very disorganized & not very fun. The young adults running the Kids Club really didn't have the pizazz needed to entertain & occupy kids. The 2nd evening my kids went it was like pulling teeth to get them to go. We ended up picking them up less then an hour later & they never went back. The one really negative thing about the ship was the smoking. It was our understanding that one side of Deck 7 was supposed to be the non-smoking side & the other the smoking side. It didn't work out like that. There were so many people outside smoking that we couldn't enjoy hanging out outside. The smell was awful & my eyes & throat were scratchy from the heavy cigarette smoke. Up by the pool, it was worse. All & all, a great time was had by all. We would sail on the Dawn again. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
We loved our trip so much last year that we decided to book the exact same cruise, on the same ship, on the same week as last year. Well...we were not disappointed! Emarkation was ok, it was busy, but what else is new. We got on the ship ... Read More
We loved our trip so much last year that we decided to book the exact same cruise, on the same ship, on the same week as last year. Well...we were not disappointed! Emarkation was ok, it was busy, but what else is new. We got on the ship in about an hour, but we were glad to be there. Our cabin was an inside, a downgrade from previous years, but we were surprised at how comfortable the room was. After this cruise we've decided that we would consider inside rooms on future cruises if a balcony isn't in the budget. We bought a spa pass for this week, and we really enjoyed using the hot tub, thalassotherapy pool and the small heated pool in the spa during the week. It was especially nice on a rainy sea day to be able to get in the pool comfortably. The price has gone up since we started buying the spa pass, but we still found it worth what we paid. We had dinner in La Cucina and in Bamboo. We liked La Cucina, but we probably wouldn't dine there again as we felt the food in the main dining room was similar, but we really liked the food in Bamboo. The pan-asian food offered there is definitely a departure from other food offered on the ship. We found the food in the Venitian and in the Garden Cafe to be very good. I know some complain that the food is a little salty, but honestly I like a little more seasoning than most people. Jose and Patti were wonderful as always, and had a huge crowd almsot every night. The shows were great although we've seen most of them already. Tim Kaminski was AWESOME. I thought I was going to have a heart attack from laughing the night he was in the Stardust, and I loved his stand up comedy set as well. And as a note about the performers....they are WONDERFUL people on and off the stage. We ran into Tim Kaminski repeatedly on the ship, and he was one of the most friendly people we've met. Patti even approached us one night in Blue Lagoon to talk about the sunset before she went on the stage to sing! I wanted to tell her to save her voice, but she was so sweet! Oh, and Keith was the most awesome coffee person EVER! He crows in the morning as he brings coffee to tired cruisers in the Garden Cafe and proclaims that once you've had his coffee you'll never be the same....and we never will be the same! We had a great time at trivia with Pearson and Jojo, and at the game shows! We were very fortunate to meet a wonderful group of lively people from the cruise critic meet and greet (always always always sign up and go!), and we were out almost every night doing different things around the ship. My only wish is that there were a few more interesting late night things to do. After kareoke ended at 12 we'd go to the Spinnaker, but it wasn't very lively and that was pretty much all that was going on in the ship the nights that the casino was closed. I can't state enough how great the Dawn is and how wonderful all the staff on this ship are. We literally had to hoard vacation hero cards to fill out for staff members because we had so many wonderful interactions with staff who go above and beyond to give us the best experience possible. Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
I would like to start by stating the fact that I have done extensive world travel, but have only been on 12 cruises. Just wanted to get that out there to inform you I'm very familiar with world travel and services of all walks of ... Read More
I would like to start by stating the fact that I have done extensive world travel, but have only been on 12 cruises. Just wanted to get that out there to inform you I'm very familiar with world travel and services of all walks of travel in other countries be it business or pleasure. The last time I took a NCL cruise was in May 1993 on the NCL Majesty to Bermuda and once I got off that ship I stated "NEVER AGAIN"! The service,shows,staff moral,and the food was dismal at best! We also had a person med flighted of the ship by the US Coast Guard who died from a diabetic medical aliment. No fault of theirs just saying. 20 years later....I tried them again. Here goes, my father pasted away not to long ago and I figured I'd take my 75 year old mother on a cruise trying to get her interested in traveling and getting her out of the house, maybe start traveling with her friends etc? I told her expect the worse and HOPE for the best from NCL! It was her first cruise and she loved it! I can not say enough about the friendly staff on the NCL Dawn! They were great! Whether you were walking on the deck in the hallways or our room steward Carl they were VERY helpful and very accommodating. The ship was immaculate! Oh I should mention I'm a clean freak! Not Monk.......but a close second. Food: We made restaurant reservations 30 days before we left because we read the pay restaurants we all booked up by the time you got on board to make them. We ate at Cagney's and the Le Bistro. The Fillet Mignon was the best piece of meat I have ever had in my entire life and that is no exaggeration and the Le Bistro was very, very good as well! Now that being said the food in the Venetian and the buffet were also very, very good! If you are on a restricted budget and money is tight the on board inclusive restaurants are perfectly fine! You aren't missing out, the food was great and the service was excellent the smallest of details were met. The second our water glass depleted they were right there to top it off. The service was excellent and I can't say that enough!! My mother spilled her water at our first sit down dinner, I felt like a parent for a week.... man that was painful! anyway I digress........the staff was very attentive and gracious and went overboard:) to clean it up and made her feel comfortable joking etc! no big deal! I usually sample all the food at the buffet to get a good feel of what they are good at and not good at. EVERYTHING was great!!!! The logistics of feeding 2,200 people in a short window of time keeping everything fresh and warm whether reheated or not and timely and good is a feat in it's self!!!! I do wish they had the menu on the TV like they do on the other cruise lines. They do have the menus in the buffet entrance for viewing. Shows: OK to be honest with you I've been to Vegas over 55 times in the past 42 years. I do have family out there and have seen my fare share of shows and been back stage etc. So that being said it's hard to compare, but I'm not really interested in them I go mainly for the significant other. The shows were as good as they get and the best I've seen on any cruise ship. They were very good and you will not be disappointed. We saw BOllywood, Tim Kiminsky the comedian twice and he was clean and very funny! Deal or no Deal was funny and so was the newlywed game show. The band by the pool was just OK.......a little loud but maybe my age is showing here? I didn't go to the other shows but did hear they were very, very good from other people we met aboard. Disembarking and embarking: Getting on and off the ship was effortless they have it down to a science! There have plenty of NCL greeters as you walk into the terminal and very helpful if you have any concerns or questions. It took no longer then 10 minutes for the both of us to get our pictures taken, ship cards issued, and paper work completed. We sat down in a designated area and were told we would be boarding in 1 hour and in exactly 1 hour we were on board. Getting off I always take the latest time luggage tags which in our case was GREEN 10:00AM, this way by the time we get off there is no waiting, no traffic and we just get in the car and drive off. We were the last 50 people or so off......out of the 2200, this seems to work great when cruising for me anyway. We were off the ship and on 93 south in under 30 minutes and I had to walk 2 blocks to get the car in the parking garage. If I used a credit card I could have saved 10 minutes but I paid cash and you have to park out side their office and walk in, it is mainly automated, little note: go to the machine just like they have at the airports and pay there with your credit card you will save a little time. Nothing to do with the cruise line of coarse. It was very reasonable $115.00 for a week:) That is a deal! NY, they charge $350.00 for the week at their cruise terminal.ooocch! One other thing the drop off is also very easy they have dozens of porters at the drop off area to help take your luggage. I suggest you wear your dress closes getting on the ship the luggage will not get to your room before the first sitting in the main dining restaurants at 5:30 and the first night is lobster and filet Mignon. They require you dress smart casual, slacks, shoes, shirts with collars. not tongs, flip flops, tee shirts etc in the main dining areas. But you will see this throughout the cruise they don't really enforce it. Our luggage arrived around 8:30.OK, here's the only thing I can say and that's it. I noticed in the buffet line they put 1 cook with 2 burners in each station in the center of the food line. He makes the eggs anyway you want them, the omelets etc. I noticed people backing up in the line and I asked them if they were all waiting for omelets..... the vast majority of people left the line and went around us. They should have the nylon dividers like at the airports that direct them omelet and egg line only. Every day this happened. Now, the other cruise lines I've been on actually have several separate cooking stations specifically for omelets, eggs,scrambled eggs,pancakes,french toast,crepes,waffles etc. separate from the buffet. They also have 4-5 cooks with burners in each station always going and the lines move very, very quick. Also watch the bills, the gratuity is already automatically added on every charge, they fold the invoice in half obstructing the view of that. I saw the total and added a 20% tip and then unfolded the invoice to see they already took it. They got me once and only once.:) These are the only things I found that could be address and suggest and I would make. I had to really think about finding any negatives. In closing it is very convenient leaving from Boston if you live in the area. Flying to connect to get on a cruise ship is added stress and expense for hotels,cab fare,limo fare,food etc. They make it very, very easy getting in and out and the parking garage is very close. There are police everywhere no need to worry about any crime problems. I would suggest bringing several credit cards to Bermuda they do not take discover, Amex and a few other cards and some stores are on the Euro chip which is different from our mag strip. Bring travelers checks when possible for safety. The gang problem has been brought under control there from what I hear and what I've read. We did not experience any problems at all! I've been there 4 times and never had any problems day or night. I suggest getting the day passes for the buses and the ferry's for $15.00 a day it's well worth it. If you buy more than 2 day passes you get a better discount. Also contact your credit card company and let them know you will be leaving the country and going to Bermuda so they do not shut the card off thinking it's fraud. Also buy the extra med flight insurance some cards offer it free of charge,Some card companies (auto enroll) automatically charge $17.00 or so when you purchase jet tickets, train tickets, cruises etc. We also purchased the cruise insurance for $85.00 each which also covers med flight,lost luggage, cancellation in case of illness etc. These med flights can cost upwards of $75,000 dollars or more and yes they have a doctor on board every flight. Because we are use to getting great health care here, you can not expect to get that in other countries and your health insurance is nor recognized in those countries generally speaking. Also fill out a (on vacation documents) with your local police department and they will keep an added watch on your home if no one is there while your gone. I never have the time, or take the time to write reviews, however, I learned a lot from this web site prior to leaving and figured I would return the favor. I hope this helps!!!! enjoy your trip safe travels! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NCL BOSTON TO BERMUDA AND THE CEO DESERVES A HIGH FIVE!!!!! He was on the undercover boss and they run it on the ship. He has done a great job! Hopefully you'll see for yourself! Bon Voyage! PS: They accommodate the handi capped, so bring your scooter! You can drive it all over the ship.:) The 4 elevator banks were always available and a bit faster than I remember no waiting lines.   Read Less
Sail Date August 2013
Back from a great week on the Dawn. This was my sixth trip on NCL. First off let me say if you don't have a good time on a cruise it's time to reassess your priorities. NCL Boston to Bermuda is "public transportation" ... Read More
Back from a great week on the Dawn. This was my sixth trip on NCL. First off let me say if you don't have a good time on a cruise it's time to reassess your priorities. NCL Boston to Bermuda is "public transportation" not first class. Food was great, shows were good and the staff was overwhelmed. Very few smiles and greetings ( but then again I'm from Boston so I'm used to that). The first night in the main dining room was a nightmare for the simple fact that people failed to make reservations. You really can't expect to walk in with a family of 19 and then complain when you do not get seated right away. With all the information that is available there really is no excuse. This is a family reunion type cruise with a fare share of large family groups. Children, children, children. Unruly little urchins with no limits take over the pool on sea days and appear to do whatever they want. Jump, dive, scream. Total lack of adult supervision or rule enforcement by the staff. Once again what you would expect on a bus at rush hour. There are just two of us, and we know what to expect. We go all the way to the bow of the ship, an area that is mostly ignored, free from tykes and blaring music . We have seen all of Bermuda, and we are returning in September to stay at the Reefs for a week. So we did not feel the need to tour, we did take one excursion to snorkel and one day we spent a few hours at Snorkel Beach which was well worth the cost of admission. Still love NCL but maybe time for another HAL cruise.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
Our family is all from upstate NY area and we traveled the night before the cruise to the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY, to cut down on driving time the day of the cruise. It was a great way to start our vacation. Friday morning, we got up ... Read More
Our family is all from upstate NY area and we traveled the night before the cruise to the Hilton Garden Inn in Troy, NY, to cut down on driving time the day of the cruise. It was a great way to start our vacation. Friday morning, we got up and hit the road by 9 AM to arrive in Boston around noon. I am not one to drive all day to get to the cruise port. Traveling in four cars with 15 people, I just wanted to get to Boston on time and not exhausted. Embarkation went well. We had all the documents required since we had children traveling with only one parent and one child traveling without his parents. Most of our party went with Birth Certificates and picture ID's, not passports. I know that was a chance we took but it worked out well. Once everyone was onboard, I was a bit more relaxed. We were celebrating my husband's and my 50th Anniversary with our three grown children, spouses, and 7 grand children between 12 and 21 and one 14 year old best friend because one grandchild was not able to go due to a new job and no vacation time. I booked through AAA. I usually book my cruises through the company or online but with 16 people going, I thought the help of a travel agent might be good. I booked 8 inside cabins and NCL booked us as a group. NCL gave each cabin $75 OBC with the group booking. They also said a special dinner would be done for us on Saturday night. When I checked that out upon boarding, no one knew anything about it so I just made a reservation in the Venitian dinning room on Saturday. We were also supposed to have a cake but that did not happen either. No big deal, just think someone dropped the ball. Once we rearranged all the rooms because we had to have a 21 year old in every room when booking, and got everyone their pass keys, the vacation started. The sailing was extremely smooth in both directions. Coming home, the Atlantic looked like glass it was so smooth. That was a special treat for me since I take Bonine tablets every day to prevent seasickness. We enjoyed the ship but the pool deck was really crowded. People came out about 7 AM and put towels on chairs to reserved them for the day. Getting a chair on the pool deck was all but impossible. The ship was very full with school being out and there were lots of kids around. The hot tubs were full of kids all day long. We ate most of our meals in the Garden Cafe. I love those Pretzel rolls. We were always able to find something to eat since we are very easy to please. I don't expect five star dining on NCL so I am disappointed. I enjoyed the penny machine in the Casino on Saturday night and took away $200 on a $5 investment. That was good. I think while we were in Bermuda, they changed the machines because I could not win anything on the two day trip home. I kept the winnings in the safe and came home with it but did loose some on the last two days. This was a wish of mine for many years-to take my whole family on a cruise. I am glad I was able to do this for them. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we did not loose any one the whole trip. It was hard to keep track of all the people on the ship and in Bermuda but every one made it home safe and sound.   Read Less
Sail Date July 2013
We set sail from Boston on Jun 14 for a 7 day cruise to Bermuda. From start to finish this was my most memorable cruise ever -- even with a "down-graded" room and a few other minor issues. I've cruised with Carnival and ... Read More
We set sail from Boston on Jun 14 for a 7 day cruise to Bermuda. From start to finish this was my most memorable cruise ever -- even with a "down-graded" room and a few other minor issues. I've cruised with Carnival and Royal Caribbean in the past. Both of those cruises offered better food and had much better dining experiences (as far as ambiance and menu selections.) On the Norwegian Dawn, the buffet was "acceptable" but really not all the great. Seating is about what you'd find in a hospital dining area. There's not a lot of variety and if you're vegan forget it. There is absolutely nothing on the menu that would cater to vegans other than the fresh fruit and a few vegetable selections. The two main cruise restaurants, Aqua and Venetian are ok...? The regular menu does not change and the specialty menu offers a little more variety, but the food was often just this side of cold and usually very bland. There are specialty restaurants, but the only one we tried was El Bistro which was excellent. It was about $30 per person. There's an all night diner -- the Blue Lagoon which is nice (and free) but the food was horrible. This was the only part of the cruise I was disappointed in. I was initially shocked to see how small the pool was. There is only one pool (aside from the spa pool which costs to use it) and it's SMALL. Just a little bigger than someone's back-yard pool. For 2200 people it seemed ridiculously tiny. However once I got in it, and discovered that it was sea water -- complete with waves as the boat rocks -- I fell in love with it. We had a small inside state room (two single beds). In the past Ive had a room with a view (RC) and a balcony (Carnival). I thought I would hate this tiny room... but it was so cute, much nicer than either of the other rooms I'd had on other cruises. and had plenty of room. The casino is super small. About 1/2 the size of the casinos on other ships. But drinks were free (for us -- not for everyone) so we spent a good amount of time there. In order to get free drinks though -- for those who were not comped through a casino or other program) you have to rack up something like 1500 points on your gambling card which is outrageous. The entertainment was mostly good.. some of it cheesy but you know they have to please a wide variety of people. The DJ and pool parties were almost intolerably loud. We didn't spend much time hanging around for those as it was just too loud. Although I don't have young children, this ship is awesome for those who do. They have a cool kid pool area complete with water slides, kid-sized (and temperature) jacuzzi and pool. They have an arcade and a lot of activities geared toward kids: cupcake contests, golf, chess, "splash zone" program, etc. Once we docked in Bermuda we got a 3-day bus/ferry pass, which is definitely the way to go. Everybody was told to go to Horseshoe beach -- and it is beautiful! But it's also very crowded. The best beaches for those who want a more secluded beach experience are elsewhere: Warwick Beach, Churches Beach, Elbow Beach, Tobacco Bay (a bit crowded but fantastic snorkeling) and Sea Glass beach -- not for swimming but for collecting sea glass which is everywhere. We also went to the Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves: $30 for both and well worth it. Overall this was a fantastic trip with a lot of different options, free-style dining, parties going on all the time and great staff and crew. I highly recommend it and look forward to taking the trip again. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
I must say, since this was our first cruise, we didn't know what to expect. Getting on the ship was not difficult at all. Once on, we were able to go up to the top deck to relax before we sailed. Everyone was in a great mood, and the ... Read More
I must say, since this was our first cruise, we didn't know what to expect. Getting on the ship was not difficult at all. Once on, we were able to go up to the top deck to relax before we sailed. Everyone was in a great mood, and the cruise staff was more than happy to assist anyone, or answer any questions. If anyone on this cruise states that they didn't have a good time, it's because they chose not to have a good time. There were activities to do throughout the day and night, and there was something for everyone. The food that was served, was very good. We did not eat in any specialty restaurants, but the food served at the complimentary restaurants was great. A large shout out to Wayne McCoy, who was our favorite waiter in the Venetian...the Blue Lagon...and the Garden Care (yes..all three) what a nice man and a great waiter!!! The staff on the Dawn were great. With the exception of one man at the front reception desk (I didn't get his name), the staff went out of their way to make sure everyone was treated great. Our cabin steward, Jose, put a different towel animal in our room each night. It was fun to come to the room after watching a show, going to one of the many parties, or being in the casino, to walk in and see what kind of towel animal we were given! Our room was always clean, and my daughter's bed was put down every night, and put back up in the morning! In the Garden Cafe, we were greeted with "Washy Washy, Happy Happy". It was really very fun, as they sanitized your hands when you walked in. Even the bus staff in the restaurants went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. Another giant shout out to Jonathan, Jo Jo, and Justin, who work on the cruise staff and were part of everything going on. They are the best. The cruise was better than we imagined. AWESOME vacation~   Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
I am a person who has never wanted to take a cruise. Being "stuck" on a boat just did not appeal to me. Another thing that I did not like was "what if I am doing something I really like and have to stop to get back on the ... Read More
I am a person who has never wanted to take a cruise. Being "stuck" on a boat just did not appeal to me. Another thing that I did not like was "what if I am doing something I really like and have to stop to get back on the boat?". After 20 years my family finally convinced me to take a cruise. Once I gave in we were on the boat in less than 6 months. No chance of changing my mind. My wife and mother in law did a great job picking out a ship and a cruise destination that would work for someone like me. A cruise a hater. She and my mother in law decided on the NCL Dawn because of the suites and the time in port as well as the time at sea. Being a VIP was most important to my mother in law and she was right. Our trip started in Tampa Florida and we flew to Boston for our trip. That's right I live in a state with many cruise ship ports that are in my backyard or within a few hours drive of my house but we flew to Boston. We left on June 6th even though our ship did not leave until the 7th. This way no worrying about the plane delays or other problems. We would meet my in laws in Boston Thursday, enjoy a nice casual dinner, spend the night and then get on the ship Friday morning. I am traveling with my wife of 20 years our oldest son (18) who just graduated high school and our 10 year old who had no idea he was going on a cruise. He thought we were going to Boston to see the history of the town. We stayed at the Hampton Inn Logan Airport.. Hotel was clean and comfortable and many of the guests were flight attendats and pilots. That is always a good sign. I travel a lot with work and used my Hilton Honors points to pay for the room. They have a small bar that serves food in the hotel. The food was not bad and we all had a good time at the bar telling stories. We had to be careful not to talk about the cruise as the 10 year old still doesn't know. He thinks that on Friday we are going to the "big hotel" for the rest of the week. We flew on JetBlue from Tampa to Boston. I would recommend this airline. They have TV's in the back of all the headrests and we watched TV the entire flight. The 3 hour flight flew by. no pun intended. When you got your drink they gave you the entire can and you got a choice of snacks. If you wanted two bags of peanuts you could. We left Tampa the morning the storm Andrea had just reached the Tampa area ans was just west of the airport when we took off. Needless to say it was a bumpy ride but at least we took off on time and we were on the way to Boston. Yeah!!!. Once we got out of Tampa we had a smooth flight. We landed at the airport and got out luggage all 6 bags. Here is a tip for everyone. You do not need 6 bags for 4 people. We had way to much stuff. but too late now. Once we got our bags I called the hotel so we could use the shuttle. The shuttle picked us up in about 10 minutes. The shuttle was a free service. i just tipped the driver a few bucks. We were early arrivalls and the rooms were not ready yet but we made ourselves comfortable in the lobby watching TV until we could go to our rooms. Friday morning we woke up excited to start our trip. Well at least the family did. I saw rain. A LOT of rain. It was coming down pretty steady. What a way to start off. Cold and wet. The hotel had a shuttle that took us to the port. $10 per person. Once at the port, about 11am, a bag handler took our bags and we started to head up stairs to check in. We were VIP's with Norwegion because we had booked 2 family suites. One on the port side and one on the starboard side of deck 12 12522 and 12028. This way no matter what side of the ship things were happening we had it covered. Once upsatairs we noticed some pretty long lines to check in. We saw a sign for VIP's and headed in that direction. We met a young lady from NCL and she saw that we were VIP's and within a few minutes we were checking in. Right to the front of the line. No waiting. I'm liking this and some of my worries about cruising are starting to fade away. We checked in and went back to the VIP area where we enjoyed some coffee and pastries while waiting to meet our butler ans concierge and be taken to Cagney's for lunch. Another benifit of being a VIP is lunch and breakfast at Cagney's steakhouse on the ship. It was about 5-10 minutes and we met Jayson our butler and he took us on the ship. The 10 year old still does not know we are going on a cruise. Even with all the "ship" signs he had not put 2 and 2 together. IAs we boarded I showed him the ship. His face lit up with excitement. "We're going on a cruise?" He was in freak mode. The rain helped to keep everything under wraps until it was time to tell him. Once on the ship we heard the term "Washy Washy Happy Happy" for the first time. They sprayed your hands so yoy could clean them beforeyou entered the ship. They have these hand stations all over the ship and we used them everytime we passed one. Once on the ship we were taken to Cagney's for lunch. From the time i stepped off the shuttle to the time I was sitting in Cagney's for lunch...about 30-45 minutes. OK I'm liking this a lot. more cruise worries melting away. Lunch at Cagney's was great. Shrimp and lobster to start the cruise. We will be coming back here for lunch again. Next up was to meet Blue Lynx from cruise critic at topsides bar on deck 12. I met Mo and she had some great cruise critic "swag" as she called it. She gave me a couple of tote bags a waterproof container for the beaches and a 8gb flash drive. The flash drive came in very handy with all the digital pics I would be taking. Thanks Mo you are the best!!!!. From there it was down to customer service to get my 18 year old parental consent to drink beer and wine while at sea and for us to purchase the unlimited beverage package. This was a great deal for us and we save a couple of hunfred dollars over the cruise. $782 for both of us. We also got the youngest the soda package. Everything is now handled and it is time to enjoy. We did not have a deck send off party because of the rain. That sucked but they did have a party at Spinakers Lounge. Cannot blame the weather on NCL and we made the best of it. How you say. Well we had ordered shrimp cocktails, cheese and crackers as well as chocolate strawberries for each room weeks before we left. Also each room came with sparkling wine. We had our own in suite send off. We had also brought a few bottles of wine with us and we just partied in our suites bouncing from one side to the other as we pulled away from boston. The rain was not going to stop us. We had a blast with our own sailway party. We went down to spinakers a little later. My oldest was able to enjoy his first legal beer. A Heinieken. He has good taste. We found a seat by a window and we watched the waves crashing outside. It was pretty cool to watch the waves. Little did we realize those waves were about to get a lot bigger. A LOT BIGGER!!! After a few cocktails we went back to our room to see if all the luggage had arrived. It did and our Butler Jayson was ready to help with the unpacking. We thanked him anyway and unpacked ourselves. there was plenty of storage in the room and our bags fit easily under the bead. A little about our room. A family suite on deck 12. We had plenty of room PLENTY. We had the 18 year old with us and the 10 year old was with Gammy so she could spoil him...and she did!!! The room had a couch that turned ito a bed as well as a murphy bed. Our oldest went with the murphy bed. The king size bead had a curtain you could pull out as well as wood wall divider for a little privacy. There was also 2 chairs and a coffee table by the couch as well as a dinner type table and 2 more chairs. There was an expresso machine and plent of counter space along with extra dishes and coffee cups. A flat screen TVmand DVD player.The room was clean and had no odors in it. the king bed was comfortable and you got to choose what type of pillow you wanted from the room steward. That VIP thing again. The balcony of room 12028 was smaller than 12522. Also I had heard that the jogging track went over room 12028. IT DOES NOT. not even close. The only noise we ever heard was chairs moving around on the upper pool decks. We could also hear the band music from the pool when on the balcony. That was very nice. Only problem was because of bad weather the band did not play much. We also had slippers and housecoats. They were very comfortable. The head had a tub plus a separate stand up shower. there were 2 sinks with plenty of drawer space and counter space. There was even a small changing area just outside the head. We had dinner at the buffet that nite as nobody was really that hungry after the super lunch a t Cagney's. The buffet food was not bad at all. I enjoyed it along with a few desserts. I had oxtail for the first time. It was pretty good. Could not pick just one dessert so I had like 3. We were back in the room when we noticed the ship really started to rock. And I am not talking music I am talking big waves. Went for a walk to see what we could see and the decks were closed. You could not go outside on deck 7 or above with the exception of deck 12. you could walk through the pool area to get from one side of the ship to the other. The winds were getting strong and the large ship was tossed around by the sea. Went to the star bar as it was the highest point we coulds access had a few drinks and watched the storms. Andrea who we had left behind in Tampa was coming back for another shot at us. Only this time we were going to sail through her. Saturday morning came and off to Cageny's for breakfast. another wonderful meal. I like this place. The eggs benedict with crabcackes was out of this world good. the seas got a little rougher throught the day on Saturday. By lunch on Saturday the seas were 12-17 feet. Have i mentioned my fear of being stuck on a boat. Well here you go only add 12-17 foot seas to it. The pool on deck 12 has now turned into a wave pool. The pool from rocking now has waves crashing against each side about 15 feet high. They closed the pool with nets by 10am Saturday because it was that bad. Saturday a full day at sea and the decks from 7 on up are closed because of the wind and the seas. We decided to go see the show at the theatre because of the rain. Apparently so did the rest of the boat. Once again being VIP has its advantages. We went to the front of the line to take advantage of balcony reserved seating for VIP's. Another wonderful perk. The comic Tim was funny as well you get the idea. We enjoyed some cocktails as we watched the show. It was a great way to spend some time. And the boat continued to rock. Back and forth up and down. People we starting to turn green and well you get the idea. They were sick everywhere. The seas are now at 17-27 feet. That right 27 feet!!!!!! and it felt it. We were very lucky as nobody in our party got sea sick unlike about 50% of the boat. One could say we were lucky. Saturday night still rainy still windy and we decided to hit a few bars and check out was what happening. We managed to do our own pub crawl. It was fun and it gave us something to do. After enough cocktails it was hard to tell what was causing you to walk funny the waves or the aclcohol. Anyway we still had some fun. Went back to the room and had Jason bring some DVD's we chose to watch. We watched a movie and went to bed. The boat rocked us to sleep except for the few times it felt like it was going to rock us out of the bed!!!! Sunday came and we could see Bermuda. Breakfast at Cagney's and then on to the island. The sun came out and for the next 3 days we enjoyed wonderful weather. We docked and we used another wondeful perk of being a VIP priority disembakation. We were one of the first off without waiting in lines. Another wonderful perk. Day one in Bermuda was a shopping and just get off the boat day. It was nice to stand on something that did not move, the last 30 hours were tough. After a few hours of shopping and walking around we went back to the ship and spent the afternoon at the pool. Very relaxing afternoon with the family. We had a lot of fun. They were service hamburgers and hot dogs at bimini Bar and grill so we had a quick bite. On monday we took the first of our 2 excursions. We booked one with the ship and one on our own. Today was the on our own. We rented a sailbaot and captain for the day. Sail Bermuda with captain Caleb. The captain was a firefighter/paramedic on the island so we knew if we needed anything we started with the right guy. good thing too. My mother in law had trouble breathing during the snorkel and captain Caleb was righ there with oxegyn. We went to a small cove almost exactly accross the island from our ship. The water was calm and easy to snorkel. Some some great fish and corals then headed back to the boat for some lunch. It was a great trip and I would absolutely recommend sail Bermuda. They did a great job putting a trip together for some great family memories. Remeber washy washy happy happy it did not work on Tuesday I felt a cold coming on. YEAH!!!! Found some cold medicine at a pharmacy on the island so it was not too bad. Also on Tuesday we had the ship sponsered excursion. We chose the bermuda triangle shipwreck and snorkel. The day we were heading out the seas where we were going were over 5 feet so we could not go there. The captain was very up front with us and told us the back up plan. We were also given the choice to back out and get a refund. We decided to go. We did get to see a shipwreck through the galss botton boat. It was pretty cool. We also got to go snorkeling. The seas were a little rough and the water was cloudy. Made for bad underwater pics but the snorkel was good. Plenty of queen angels (my favorites) along with buttefflys, tangs, seargent majors and the usuals. We had a good time. The captain was funny with his stories and made the time pass while going from spot to spot. All in all this was a ngood trip with a good crew. I would recommend it. On the downside the rum drinks on board did not have much rum and the bar charges for beers. They got us back on time to get on the ship and say good bye to the island. Up until now we have not used any of the specialty restaurants. We have eaten at the Venitian one night and the Auqua another. Plus hit the buffet a few times. We had breakfast at Cagney's every morning so far with their cook to order breakfasts. The MDR's are OK. I call it banquet style eating. The food was good and cooked to order. It is not gourmet eating. I enjoyed both my steaks up to this point and both were cooked as I asked. The wait staff was freindly and did whatever they could to make you happy. It was time for some Tappanyaki. A japanese style hibatchi restaurant. They chefs need to practice a little more on the tricks they do as the knife and fork both found there way to the table and carpet when dropped. They cleaned them before using but the were dropped. The food was oustanding and the signature martini was good. A little sweet but very good. I am also proud to say that when the chef "flipped" a piece of egg my way I caught it in my mouth. YEAH! It was a fine meal cooked perfectly. We also had some warm saki with our meal. VERY GOOD. You must eat here once while on board. Make your reservations early as it fills up fast. We used our concierge to get our resevations as VIP but even she said toward the end it is hard for even her to get people in. A Must!!! You also must eat at Blue lagoon as well. The chicken wings are great. nice light fair and it was very good. Service was outstanding and we had no problems. We also ate at Cagney's one night for dinner. It was another outstanding meal. Worth every penny of the additional $30 per person. By the night we had dinner there we got to know the service staff from lunch and breakfast. They called us by name and knew what we drank and had it waiting for us. They even knew not to put vegetables on my youngests plate because he will not eat them. by the second day we no longer had to say no veggies. They knew. They also knew one pot of coffee was not enough and supplied us with 2. To recap. The food was always good here. Again we had breakfast here everyday as VIP's and lunch a few times. Never once did we have a bad meal or bad service. Maybe I should mention here that I did tip waiters bartendes ect even though they said that the room charge of 12 per day took care of that. I found that by tipping early and often I ALWAYS got great service. ALWAYS. I am not talking about big tips (other than butler, conceirge and room steward) just a couple of bucks here and there. I had read where people complained of poor service and water downed drinks. No problem here. great service and my drinks were not watered down they were strong. Just like I like them. a little about the bars. The Bimini bar was closed much of the time from Boston to Bermuda. Bad weather. but when it was open the bartenders were fantastic. One bartender constantly would yell "Bar is closed" and the rest of us would respond "the bar is open". He did a great job and was a lot of fun. As soon as he saw me my drink was in the making. Again I did tip. At the Star Bar was another of my favorite bartenders. she was known as mom. She took great care of us everytime we went to the star bar and we also ran into her at topsiders by the pool. Great service and the perfect martini. One night she was closing up the star bar when we walked in (Wife and I) she galdly opened the bar back up and made our drinks. Now that is service!!!!! Again I did tip. Topsiders by the pool was nice but the smokers get one side of the bar and for some reason the smoke would not stay on that side. I know people have the right to smoke and I used to be a smoker but it got bad at times. Speaking of bad smells....The Casino STUNK OUTLOUD!!!!! I mean it stunk as in smelled bad. I wanted to gamble a little bit during the cruise but could not handle the smoke. It was so bad that just cutting through the casino when it was closed was bad. They need to do something here. It was BAD!!! It would have been like playing cards in an ashtray. Our final night at sea was very nice. Again the seas were rough on the way back as well. With rain and wind. Not as bad as on the way to Bermuda but still bad, We decided to let grandma have the kids and we would have dinner served in our room by the butler Jayson. Being a VIP in a suite you get a butler. He set up a table in our room. We wanted to do it on the balcony but weather put the ixnay on that. It was very romantic. We had a couple of Martinis that Jason got for us along with a bottle of wine an dinner from Bamboo room. TheBamboo room is a $15 extra charge eatery. It was very good and I would absolutely do it again. Especially the give the kids to grandma part. My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful meal and conversation while our butler saw to our every need. I could absolutely get used to this!!! I will definitley use the butler more on my next cruise. Yes that is right my next cruise. I had a wonderful time even though the weather did not cooperate other than while in Bermuda. I even participated in the men's sexiest leg competition at the pool. I did nit win but I was a finalist. For anybody that was on the cruise I was the one with the blue island shirt that Gio (cruise director) requested I take off during the competition. I must may say I had a lot of fun. I destroyed all the photos I thouight. My wife pointed out that I was on the ship TV for the next day or 2. yeah. Still though I had fun. Another benifit of being a VIP was the meet and greet cocktail reception with the captain at Spinakers. That was very nice and for 45 minutes the captain paid for the drinks. They had waiters going around with appetizers and taking drink orders. VERY NICE. We even had a professional portrait taken with the captain. My youngest had a couple of questions for the captain and he and the next in charge answered them all. A very fun and exciting function. We enjoyed it. When we arrived in Boston we had our last breakfast at Cagney's and said good bye to the staff. We said goodbye to Jason our butler and thanked him for all he did. We also said goodbye to our room steward. He did a wonderful job keeping the cabin clean and turning down the beds at night. He also had towel animals waiting for us each nite (I asked him to). They were very cute and my youngest enjoyed them. Between Jason and the room steward we wanted for nothing and all requests were handled in minutes not hours. We needed more pool towels we called and poof they were there. We could have gotten them at the pool and signed that if we did not return them we would be billed $25 but we could have the room steward do it with no problems and no worries of being chagred $25 for a lost towel. In short (I know a little late for that.) even though the weather was bad I mean really bad for the sailing part of the cruise I still had a wonderful time. The associates I met on the ship were very nice, remembered your name and took great care of you. I can count on one hand how many unhappy associates I met that were just not happy people. The ship was clean and my room was perfect. The shows we saw at the theatre were all very good and worth the time to see them. Most of the shows we went to were packed because of the weather. VIP priority seating was very helpful. The downside of this trip would have to be that I am very spoiled. My first cruise and I was a VIP. I will now always have to be a VIP going forward. The perks are wonderful. I had a great time spending time with my oldest over a beer and dinner and my youngest at the arcade. Bermuda is a great island with much to do. The one thing that I would do different would be to use the butler more for some additional in cabin dining and it would have been great to have a sunset dinner on the balcony while at sea. Weather permitting maybe next time. Our 25th anniversary is coming up..........hmmmm perhaps Hawaii or the carribean. Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
Short and too the point.  This was my first cruise ever with my girlfriend.  Very nice 5 hour drive from Montreal to Boston, easy, put in GPS. Scenic very nice. I think it is worth it to just get an inside cabin to experience the cruise ... Read More
Short and too the point.  This was my first cruise ever with my girlfriend.  Very nice 5 hour drive from Montreal to Boston, easy, put in GPS. Scenic very nice. I think it is worth it to just get an inside cabin to experience the cruise and to be onboard, a balcony would have been really nice, but for 800 per couple more, not worth it at all, hey with Vacations to go we paid 800 each all included except 12 per day each for tips, but taxes everything in + 112 for parking car. Nice ship and mega clean everywhere, can't believe how hard the crew works to please you and how they clean your cabin twice a day, amazing in that respect. The food....very, very, good. We ate in the Venetian every night and you can just keep ordering what and how much you want. 1 plate per person is not enough, so we ordered, soup, salad, and 3 main plates, we are athletes so need to eat alot as we burn a lot of calories. The food was excellent, I don't see the need to pay more for the other restaurants. The first night was rough with 13 foot waves, but got used to it and took 2 gravol before going to bed, the rest of the trip was smooth sailing and calm waters. Bermuda, we brought our folding bikes which were worth their weight in gold on this trip and to get around the island. Must visit Horseshoe beach and St George town. The water crystal clear and super clean everywhere, found logons to swim in just got off our bikes and went, very friendly people, no shoulder for cycling, forget railway for bikes waist of time. 3 days gives you a good chance to see island and is not long enough to explore. 7 days felt like 3 weeks because you forget about regular home life. great experience and will do again no problem. a bargain at 800 per person. enjoy if you go. :) Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
Some opening comments 1) this was our second year taking this exact cruise aboard the Norwegian Dawn (here's last year's review http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=105557) 2) My friend and myself ... Read More
Some opening comments 1) this was our second year taking this exact cruise aboard the Norwegian Dawn (here's last year's review http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=105557) 2) My friend and myself cruise for relaxation (both in our mid-30's). We don't go to explore the nightlife or drink ourselves silly. We go to enjoy the sun, read, relax and rest. So that's really what I can comment on. If you're looking for a review of all the activities - this one might not be for you! 3) We are of the opinion that on any cruise, if you find a ton of things to complain about you're WAY too negative and picky. Someone is cooking and cleaning for me, I really can't complain. Now, onto the review. We just returned yesterday from a lovely and sunny week on the Dawn. Clearly, since we did the same cruise two years in a row, we enjoyed ourselves. The cruise is convenient for us as we can drive to the port in Boston from our home in New Brunswick (Canada) which avoids the hassle and costs of the flight. Before: We shopped our way down to Boston and stayed the night on Thursday at the Four Points Sheraton Boston Airport. The night's stay and the ability to park our car there for a week came to $275 (taxes in) which was the best rate we found in the type of hotel we wanted to stay at. The taxi to the cruise port is about $30 plus tip each way which wasn't bad. For those of you not a fan of Boston's unique take on getting tourists lost with confusing roads and an uncanny ability to dupe even your GPS, this hotel is very easy to get to. That got a lot of points for us, we stayed in South Boston last year and went on quite the adventure to find that hotel. Embarkation: We left the hotel around 11am. Last year we arrived a little later and the lines were definitely longer. This year it was quick and easy. We were on board and eating lunch by 12:30. Rooms were ready just after 1pm. A couple of notes - we had the opportunity to watch the port staff (not NCL-employed) loading the luggage. My advice, either pack anything breakable VERY well or carry it on with you. Gentle with the luggage they are not. We had our luggage delivered by 5pm. All intact (we saw a few bags go on that weren't so lucky). Cabin: Just as last year we chose a mid-ship balcony on deck 9. We were starboard and forward this year, port and aft last year. Deck 9 is nice because there are cabins above and below. Be careful when you book to look what is above and below your room. If it is a public area it will be noisier in your cabin. I won't go into too much detail on the cabin other than to say they are smaller than other lines but well organized and comfortable for two people. Our cabin steward Margarita was lovely! The Ship: Comparatively with Celebrity and HAL, the ship isn't anything spectacular but also nothing to complain about. If the weather wasn't nice out there are very few indoor spots to relax. NCL is loaded with restaurants/bars but not a lot of seating areas to lounge and read or stare at the ocean indoors compared to other ships we've been on. Activities Aboard: There were 800 kids under 21 on our cruise (1/3 of the passengers). This really wasn't that evident to us. I'd imagine the kids programs were hopping. We took in the comedian, Tim Kaminski who was hilarious but ours was his last cruise. We also went to see Alex and Sally's performance "Ocean's Apart" - it was without a doubt one of the best performances I've seen aboard a ship. Beautiful combination of classical ballet and acrobatics. Highly recommend it. Otherwise we were more interested in reading than taking in too much more of the shows. The Weather: Beautiful. Sunny 95% of the time we were away. The first day at sea was sunny and warm but WINDY. And of course, windy on a boat means rocky. Was a bit of a wild ride, but we enjoy the ship's movement. Others I don't think were quite as happy. Nothing bonds cruisers together than greeting each other in the halls while you're trying in vain to walk a straight line. The Food: Whenever I don't have to cook, I don't complain. The food was good, with a nice variety. Not as good as HAL and Celebrity. You will never go hungry. Bermuda: I cannot say adequately how much I love Bermuda. It is a beautiful island with wonderful people. Last year we did the excursions, this year we went ahead on our own. On the Sunday we went to Horseshoe Bay by taxi (we could've taken the public transit bus but it was quite crowded). Taxis on Sunday have a 25% surcharge, it was about $40 each way with tip included. Horseshoe Bay is beautiful. You can rent umbrellas ($11 plus $5 deposit) and chairs there. There's a canteen that serves food. On Monday, we got a day transport pass ($15) and took the ferry to Hamilton and then to St. Georges for some shopping. The last day in port we just wandered around the Dockyard shops. The last two sea days were beautiful with calm seas and warm temperatures. The last night we hit fog (thick fog, couldn't see anything) which was fine. The skies were blue again in the morning as we sailed into Boston. Disembarkation: I think the majority of people choose the "easy walk-off" and carry their own luggage. If you're a non-US resident you have to go to the Aqua Restaurant for 7am to be cleared by US Customs. No non-US residents can leave the ship until everyone does this. Of course there are always those that don't follow instructions. The "easy-walk off" lines are long and wrap around almost the whole outside deck of deck 7. But we were off the ship and in our car headed home by 9:45am. Summary: NCL is not our number one cruise line, but this cruise particularly is one of our favorites because of the two nights docked in Bermuda and three sea days. We have no complaints and have been quite satisfied both times. NCL is nice if you're not looking to get all dolled up in the evening and just want to enjoy being comfortable. I'd definitely recommend this cruise (and have already to many others). We do plan on doing it again! Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
We live close to Boston, so we were in the car at 10 AM, dropped the wife and baggage at the porters' station at 10:30, parked the car and started embarkation at 10:45. We got an upsell offer that we accepted, so being Latitudes ... Read More
We live close to Boston, so we were in the car at 10 AM, dropped the wife and baggage at the porters' station at 10:30, parked the car and started embarkation at 10:45. We got an upsell offer that we accepted, so being Latitudes Platinum and being in suite check-in was so simple. Got to the VIP pen and were there for no more than 5 minutes when we were escorted onto the ship at 11:00. One hour home to being on the ship. It does not get any better than that. The suite was great. Way too much room for two people, but a great lay-out with a forward looking deck and a second starboard side deck. Three zones of a/c and a flat screen TV over the whirlpool tub. We were happy we went with the upsell. This was our 4th cruise on the Dawn from Boston to Bermuda since 2011, so we know the ship and we know what to expect. The first night is lobster night in both MDRs. Everyone seems to get hungry and heads to the MDRs between 6:30 and 7:00,so there is usually a wait for a table. Therefore, we pre-booked La Cucina for 7:00 and have a nice, quiet dinner followed by the Welcoming Show at 8:30. Sea day 1 was the flattest sea day I have seen on this run. This was our 9th cruise to Bermuda from Boston and we have seen some weather, something I happen to enjoy. But being in the front of the ship, flat was great. This was a relaxing day, around the pool and in the suite. Sunday was Bermuda day 1 and the arrival was perfect. We were in no rush to get off so we had lunch at Cagney's at noon, then got off the ship. A traditional first activity for us is the Frog and Onion Pub to have a beer and listen to Wayne, their singer. The F&O has changed hands, but it is about the same with a slight increase in prices. Two beers are about $19 service is in the price. This is Bermuda! Bermuda day two was Horseshoe for my wife and a short walk from Horseshoe up to Warwick Long Bay for me stopping at the small bays along the way. Peweather wiseeatherwise. Horseshoe was crowded as usual and WLB had only ten to twenty people. I just do not know why people go to Horseshoe and not Warwick Long Bay. Bermuda day three was Snorkel Bay for the wife and the ferry to St. Georges for me. St. Georges was as beautiful as ever, sad though that no ships dock there now days. I took the bus back to Hamilton and changed busses to get back to the Dockyard. A tour of the island all included in the two-day Bus and Ferry pass, now $25. That evening we joined in with the Chef's table. Great food, nice people at dinner and wonderful. Something I highly recommend doing once. Sea day 2 was a bit rough, nothing bad at all. Many Bermuda Flying Fish winging it out of the way of the ship in the morning and early afternoon. Most people do not believe fish can fly, but these do. Cagney's for dinner was excellent as expected. Sea day 3 is when it hits you that it is all about to end. We relaxed around the ship, took in some of the afternoon entertainment. There were many dolphins around the ship in the afternoon, but no whales. Disembarking was simple and easy in Boston. Some general thoughts. The duo "Cover Story" in the atrium were very good. Tim Kaminski the comic was also very good. The lounge band was good in the Spinnaker Lounge, but they were really bad as a pool band. The lowlight of the entertainment. Whatever happened to steel drums and island music around the pool? The production company work hard to put on a good show three nights in the Stardust Theater. We did not see any of the Second City shows nor did we go to the White Hot party. Overall the food is very good. Not real fond of the buffet, but it is quick and easy. The MDRs specialtyorestaurants speciality restraunts are worth the extra amount, especially for a party of two. The thing that always stands out on the Dawn is the crew. They work so hard to make all the guests happy. The great crew has been the most consistent feature of the Dawn. If you do not have a great time on the Dawn, you really should consider getting some professional help. We will be back aboard on Aug 9th. Counting down the days! Read Less
Sail Date June 2013
Norwegian Dawn Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.5 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.5 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.3
Service 4.0 4.0
Value For Money 4.0 3.7
Rates 4.0 4.0

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