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Norwegian Epic Inside Staterooms are a great and affordable accommodation for up to two guests. They feature a separate bathroom with shower and two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed.

Mid-Ship Inside (IB)
Decks: Deck 10 | Deck 11
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Mid-Ship Inside Cabin Reviews
Jul 2017
Loved it! By: Frugal_Traveller
We stayed in a mid-ship inside cabin on the 10th floor and I must say we were a bit nervous about how claustrophobic it could be since we would have no windows. It was our first cruise, so we were not sure what to expect. However, the room was very spacious and it did not feel claustrophobic at all! So for anyone out there that does not feel the need for a balcony and is more about saving money, an inside cabin is definitely worth considering!
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Cabin 10178
Apr 2017
It was small but was to be expected. We had everything we needed. We were rarely in there except to shower, change and sleep.
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Cabin 13139
Jan 2017
Our stateroom person was good.
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Cabin 9246
Oct 2016
Our cabin was perfect for us. Lighting could have been a little better perhaps but that is the only negative point I can possibly think of. It was in a perfect location for accessing lifts and stairs (out door, quick left, another quick left, a right and you're at the lifts which take you up to the pool area near Spice H2O Bar or down to the entertainment floors near Manhattan Dining Room, Cascades Bar, the casino etc). It was very easy for both of us to find (even after a few drinks!). Our room steward, Eva, did a great job tidying up after us and keeping it clean and comfortable. Beds are super comfy and shower is brilliant! Good storage also, with room for cases under the beds.
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Sep 2016
Good but Not Great By: Kronos
Small tidy sufficient
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Cabin 11130
Jul 2016
Cruise of a Lifetime By: pat kelly
inside cabin. yes it is small but was very clean with comfortable bed. fresh towels every day . plenty room and not a lot of time sent in the room to matter. would rather keep the extra money saved from a balcony room and spend on excusions instead. seperate toilet and shower room.
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Cabin 11203
Mar 2016
Decent size and very comfortable bed.Storage adequate and liked the bin for wet towels. Always clean and tidy and 5 stars for the cabin steward. Did not like the toilet and washing facilities, actually found the hand basin a little bizarre. The phone was really annoying. Tried turning the illumination light off but it kept turning back on some minutes later.
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Cabin 10142
Feb 2016
Too Big By: mikelewin
Very cramped and dark, insufficient lighting, has very dark brown veneer panels. Problems with heat/cold controls. Maintenance personal have to come and fix. Shower did not work correctly and fixed shower head myself.
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Cabin 13104
Dec 2015
Our cabin was a decent size, (mid-ships inside deck 13), plenty of wardrobe and storage space including under the very comfortable bed for the suitcases , fluffy towels, TV, fridge, and USA / European (but not UK) style power sockets. However, there is no bathroom as such, instead the shower is a spacious cubicle with an opaque glass door on one side of the cabin entrance door and a toilet behind another opaque glass door on the other side, with a curtain between these and the sleeping area of the cabin. It’s a curious arrangement, with the hand basin is on the ‘bed’ side of the curtain. The downside to all this is the sound of showering/toilet flushing may disturb anyone sleeping and teeth brushing is done in front of anyone in bed.
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Cabin 11110
May 2015
Cabin was perfectly adequate and immaculately clean.
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Cabin 10085
May 2015
NCL was very kind to upgrade me from a studio to an IB on deck 10. This cabin is located between the elevators banks. I was worried about the noise but red lots of reviews to the contrary. I can personally support that. Although small, the design is so very well thought out that it seems bigger. I was traveling alone and there was lots of leftover space. I travel light and NCL offered two $25 a bag laundry specials but I didn't need it. The best are some of the best at sea and I like the fragrance of the soap and shampoo NCL provides.
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Cabin 13036
Apr 2015
great layout for us, as 3 people could get ready at the same time, convenient location, close to top deck and to splash academy
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Cabin 11142
Apr 2015
The inside cabin was a bit smaller than I'm used to but they made up for it with the way they used the space given. I liked the fact that the bathroom was essentially scattered around the room! One person could take a shower while the other used the toilet or sink. This was very convenient while trying to get ready. There was ample storage for clothing, both closet and drawers. I'm happy we chose this room. We weren't in it very much so didn't miss the balcony, and appreciated the extra cash in our pockets!
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Feb 2015
Epic revisited By: mksrts
First time in an interior room. Clean but small. Didn't feel like we were on a ship. More like in a closet.
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Jan 2015
Good for kids/smokers By: magnet1640
The accessible inside cabin was satisfactory.
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Nov 2014
The smallish inside cabin on deck 12 was functional with more storing space than you might expect. AC worked well. Minor problems (light and shower drain) were sorted out quickly. There could have been more light and the sink was a bit small. Wi-Fi Internet was expensive and the connection poor, not much better in public areas either.
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Cabin 9116
Nov 2014
First cruise, a success By: Noelville
Enjoyed the cruise.
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Cabin 11167
Nov 2014
Wonderful EPIC By: Mamababa
very good size. we picked the inside cabin because we hardly ever in the cabin so no need balcony to save money.
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Cabin 11022
Oct 2014
The cabin was nice, we liked the extra closet space and the overall layout of the room. Bed could've been comfier, though. Also, the TV channels were very lacking (only three or so in English and the shows constantly repeated) and the TV was at a fixed angle so that you could not view it properly when laying down in bed (seems like a small complaint but it bothered us the entire time).
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Cabin 9116
Sep 2014
A really nice surprise By: britinsweden
Cabin was ok...didnt bother me at all the sepate toilet..sink...shower...curtain divides it from the room...housekeeper Rosalie was amazing...different towel animal every night
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Cabin 10105
Aug 2013
So So Epic By: chalky-2
Really tiny cabin with poor layout.
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Jun 2013
Ours was an inside midship cabin. Loved the size and power of the separate shower. Toilet cubicle good size. Did not like the layout of the dressing table with mini fridge over the top as I kept bumping my head on the fridge. The room was extremely dark.
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Cabin 11106
May 2013
Wonderful Ship..... By: 2cruisemoor
Cabin 11106 - Great location with easy access to all areas of the ship! Plenty of amazing storage space.... drawers, shelves, closet, cubbies, etc. Hairdryer included attached to its own hidden outlet. Designated outlet for men's shaver in the medicine cabinet. Extra outlets, both American and European under the counter-top on left hand side. (You have to look underneath to see them, but they are there!-- For once I did not need the power strip I usually bring!) No need for a nightlight... the touch screen on the phone can be left on if you need some light or you can shut it off. Individual reading lights on either side of the bed if you want to read and your partner wants to sleep. Great sign on the outside of the door to switch or turn to "Do not disturb" or "Make up the Room" or "Turn Down the Bed", etc.
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Cabin 10166
Mar 2013
Our First Cruise By: thelastword
We stayed in inside stateroom 10166, mid-ship on the Norwegian Epic. The room was small but well-appointed. Our steward kept it clean and our ice bucket full. The location of our stateroom was ideally situated for access to both the forward and aft sections of the ship. The small size of the inside stateroom ensures that you won't spend too much time in your cabin. That is a good thing because there is so much to do on the ship. I've heard that once you stay in a balcony stateroom you won't want to go back to an inside cabin. I can see why.
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Cabin 11127
Mar 2013
The good and the bad... By: smiles4U2sea
Mid ship balcony.
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Cabin 11122
Feb 2013
Epic is a Safe Bet By: Denisekv
11122 Quiet, close to elevators, lots of closet space. The rooms are a little dark on this ship. The blow-dryer is great. The refrigerator is great to have.
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Cabin 11247
Jan 2013
Last Epic Voyage By: cruisingqueen62
Inside Cabin 11247 Tiny...closet was ok for our clothes, we asked for extra hangers. They also have baskets inside closet and shelves which give you plenty of storage space...what's bad..vanity area, mirror is very low so it makes it hard for anyone over 5 feet to sit and be able to see themselves...also lighting is very poor in the cabin so it makes it hard to get ready. no space for small couch like on other ships..so if you order room service you can only eat it in bed. Not a lot of privacy to have children with you on cabin...i cant imagine having a third person on a inside cabin even a child as there is not much room to move around. It was very quiet where we were and only 1 cabin away to passage to elevator so this was perfect..don't forget this ship only has elevators in the back and middle so you have to walk a lot depending where your room is...were we were was perfect to go to the casino and the MDR; but for the Buffett and shows you have to walk all the way forward.
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Cabin 10085
Dec 2012
I did not like the separate shower/toilet due to NO privacy while using toilet. Husband liked the separation. Despite its location next to the steps/elevators, our room was ALWAYS QUIET. Bed was VERY comfortable! LOTS of storage space. Inside cabins have their benefits --- I slept 10 hours straight for the first time in YEARS due to, in part, the dark environment. BEFORE the cruise, I was disappointed in our cabin location. NOW that I've stayed in that cabin and realized how QUIET it was (that was my main concern), I would HAND PICK it due to its proximity to the stairs. GREAT LOCATION!
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Nov 2012
Epic Disappointment By: woodlandsmarc28
If you are sharing a room with someone on the NCL Epic that you are not close with you need to read this. The bathroom and shower are in the middle of the room and are only blocked by a curtain and frosted glass. You have very little privacy when taking a shower and using the toilet. The rooms have a horrible design and i cant for the life of me understand how the people at NCL looked at this bathroom and said Wow this is a great idea. The function does work.
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Cabin 11215
Sep 2012
Epic - so-so By: MJ from PA
I had an inside cabin. I was staying by myself, so it was very adequate for me. The toilet and shower are in separate areas and the sink is in the middle of the room. I think this is a good plan. The fittings in the cabin seemed cheaper than other cruise ships I've been on. The shower doors have to curve and are plastic, and are difficult to open and close. The closet and drawers were very adequate, even for two people. It was the first time I didn't have a balcony room and I desperately missed seeing the water. It was almost impossible to see from the pool deck, since there are plastic walls about ten feet high. The ship was way too crowded and chaotic for my taste, but my room was OK. Also liked the fact that there was a library, since there weren't any TV channels in English except CNBC and BBC.
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Cabin 10153
Feb 2012
Quiet area, not far from elevators and just a few floors down from Garden Buffet area, and up from Epic Theatre, Bliss Lounge.
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Cabin 11158
Oct 2011
EPIC---Awsome By: Pfg
Our stateroom was an inside mid ship one. It had a queen bed, incredibly comfortable. I actually forgot to check the brand on the pillows, Lol... so good to sleep in that bed and with those pillows!!! Enough space for two people, my husband is 6'0 tall and probably 200 lbs., and I am 5'7" and 128 lbs, and we had no problems to move inside the room both of us. I loved the way designers used the spaces. We had a closet big enough without taking too much space of the stateroom; and we had space to put everything in that closet. The way they design the counter space where the sink, the fridge, the ice bucket, medicine cabinet, and TV are, is simply awesome. The shower space excellent; the only thing is that it splashes some water out while taking a shower, but nothing that cannot be solved with mopping it afterwards with the floor towel. The water close, enclosed, Lol. With its sliding door to give privacy, and enough space inside; of course I brought with us a small can of disinfectant/deodorizer spray to help, and...it did the job. There were two small night stands, more than enough lights, and for me, the perfect location since I didn't feel the ship moving while in the room. The decoration although sober, is really nice and elegant.
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Cabin 11162
Feb 2011
Inside cabins have straight walls, no curves are better.
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Cabin 10126
Feb 2011
The By: aqz
The room had more storage space then we could use. We liked our location as it was close to the elevator but not where we got any noise from it.
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Cabin 11191
Feb 2011
Wonderful experience with NCL Epic By: wastingawayagain
Quiet rooms, huge closet, comfy beds!
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Cabin 11154
Nov 2010
Two week Back to Back Cruisers By: Life is good girl
I was very happy with the cabin. There was more than enough storage space for 2 weeks worth of luggage. I loved the king sized beds and the linens were WONDERFUL!!! You can't see the television when you are near the end of the bed. I liked the shower and sink being separate from the commode. I really like the shelves in the closet. They made a HUGE difference!
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Cabin 10174
Oct 2010
Poor lighting in the vanity area, cabinet above mirror cuts off the top of your head, not particularly into the transparent bathroom/shower doors.
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Cabin 10099
Sep 2010
Epic Sept 2010 By: Buckshot323
Small splashy Sinks Little privacy for toilet Electric outlets inconvenient location Rest of the room Fine
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Cabin 11222
Jul 2010
It was epicurious By: Abear2
Very quiet area of ship. Lots of sapce in this inside cabin. A little too far from the elevators though.
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