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With two lower beds that convert into a queen-size bed, these Mid-Ship Inside Staterooms can accommodate up to two guests. They also feature a separate bathroom with shower and access to some really great amenities. And because they are mid-ship staterooms, you'll have easy access to everything on board.

Mid-Ship Inside (IA)
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Mid-Ship Inside Cabin Reviews
Cabin 12122
Jul 2017
Really nice room, small as expected, but we were only there to sleep! Toilet could have a fraction more privacy was the only monitor negative.
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Cabin 10010
May 2017
Meh. Nice bed. Super dark, love it. Layout interesting. Hope you're comfortable pooping in front of each other, because that sliding door ain't much in the way of protection. don't lock the smells in our out either. Showing signs of wear and tear. not much, but since I'm scrutinizing. TV was small and old.
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Cabin 9147
Mar 2017
A lot of great storage room. We put the luggage in the closet, but it would have easily gone underneath the bed if needed.
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Cabin 12150
Mar 2017
The Cabin was so dark no pictures on the wall you need to leave your key on a slot by the door if you want the lights to stay on.
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Cabin 12097
Feb 2017
Hurry Up and Wait By: drlfoust
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Cabin 12142
Jan 2017
Too small, too dark, no chair (no room for it), bad mattress. Poor bathroom set-up.
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Cabin 13105
Jan 2017
Cabin 13124
Dec 2016
My husband and I and his parents booked 2 standard inside cabins. Their room was on deck 14 forward and ours on deck 13 midship. My in-laws room was located between the 2 sets of staircases and we were concerned that the room would be loud, however they reported that their room was nice and quiet. We were very pleased with our room. I thought that the size was perfect for the 2 of us. We felt spoiled coming from the Majesty of the Seas where the room was so small that you could not get off of both sides of the bed and my husband would have the crawl over me if he needed to get out in the middle of the night. The bathroom was a little strange and I would not want to sail in that room with anyone except for my husband, but it made no difference since it was just the two of us. It was nice that the different floor plan provided for, it seems, a slightly bigger shower than we have seen on other cruise ships although the round tub/shower on DCL is still my favorite. I was really impressed by the bed. It was nice and firm and very comfortable. We could hardly even tell that the bed was 2 twins pushed together. The pillows were full and soft. I do wish that the comforter was a little thicker or that they provided an extra blanket. I was disappointed with the TV. We do not spend much time in our room during cruises, but we do enjoy watching a movie before bed and there was very little to choose from. The TV was also so high that you could not see the screen well when lying on the bed. Our room steward, Bernard, was awesome. One day we slept in until 11am and I thought that we wouldn’t have our room attended to until that night, but less than 2 hours later, it was spotless! Whenever he spotted us in the hallway he always greeted us by name. In fact, we never passed one stateroom host without a smile and greeting.
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Cabin 11158
Oct 2016
Fabulous Food By: kathycornwall
Like the cabin. Spotless and big shower with hot water at all times
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Cabin 14040
Jun 2016
One of the best placed cabins I have ever had. Situated on Deck 14, there was only our cabin and next door in a little side corridor by the lifts which meant it was very quiet despite being right beside the kids club. Also excellently placed for the buffet and pool deck. Very spacious, good sized bed and very comfy. The unusual shower and toilet set up wasn't a problem and meant space was used well.
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Cabin 10003
Feb 2016
First Cruise with NCL By: bdon257
Our inside cabin was more than adequate and comfortable but the sink is tiny and impossible to keep water in it while shaving. The lighting for shaving/makeup is poor for a new ship and this could be easily addressed with 2 more LED bulbs suitably placed. Wardrobe space is decent and cubby and other storage was plenty for us. Temperature control is good but there is no provision to increase/deacrease air flow.
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Cabin 13072
Sep 2015
Overall Review By: Theridge
The cabin itself for an inside cabin was more than adequate, the toilet area was slightly compact but no real problem. The cabin staff were excellent, very accommodating and friendly, even when we were locked out of our room for 20 mins due to a faulty lock and missed the first half of the show!
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Cabin w11119
Jun 2015
First Timers By: mark.allwood2
Cabin was very good.
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Cabin 13036
Jun 2015
Epic sucks! By: lady travel
Tiny with bizarre round sliding doors to the shower and the toilet
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Cabin 10114
May 2015
The room was clean and neat. My wife would of like a better lighting arrangement to do her make-up. Bed was comfortable, plenty of storage, flat screen worked well. It was quite and close to the elevators. The shower/bath arrangement didn't bother us.
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Cabin 11142
Apr 2015
Cabins are small but well laid out. Well maintained.
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Cabin 12183
Jan 2015
12183 is a Handicapped Accessible room. It's extra wide so you can get a walker or wheel chair in. Some people had powered scooters provided by the line, but they did not fit in the rooms and had to be taken to a central area to charge over night. The room could be converted between one full or two single beds and had all the standard amenities. There was no balcony, but I'm sure there are other accessible rooms which do for those who can afford them. The bathroom was fully accessible with bars, a shower seat, and a panic cord. It was perfectly nice for a windowless room that wouldn't hold still. The only bad part was that they had gotten the extra space from a feature of the layout midship and that put us about equidistant, and therefore as far as possible from both the fore and aft elevators. We managed, but it was trying at times, especially coming back when mom needed to lie down.
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Cabin 13131
Dec 2013
EPIC By: DavidTran15
Cabin was unique. I say this because the mirror and sink were in the room while the shower/toilet were a separate section. Normally, you would see these three combined into a single room called the 'washroom' but this was the not case here. I can understand efficiency, if you're a couple because one person can shower while the other can do make-up but this does not work out very well when you're not a couple. A friend and I, were sharing the cabin so it was kind of awkward at times. I personally would have preferred the traditional washroom style. Closet was spacious and locker available inside. Plenty of drawers for the desk area. Reading light by the bed and a fancy Mitel IP Phone that was more annoying then good.
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Feb 2013
The winter getaway By: saymonkey
Enormous amount of closet space, loved the inside brackets to toss stuff. Hated the hard to detach hangers. Mid ship was close to both elevator banks. Quiet! I did notice an air purifier in one of the hallways of my floor (room 12300s?), it did have a funky smell in the hallway when I walked by. I actually like the sink being detached to the rest of the "washroom". There was plenty of counterspace to put belongings so nothing got wet from the sink. TV was TINY!
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Cabin 13237
Jan 2013
The cabin was inside, the first time we ever got an inside, and it was clean, and I must say quiet. It was a block of cabins at the elevators and stairwell. Easy to find. Otherwise this ship is a maze to walk around. There were carts in hallways food trays etc. But this little block of cabins are kind of isolated. We were in cabin 13237.
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Jun 2012
It met all of my expectations. I don't understand what the big deal is about the toilets; you can pull the curtain if you need more privacy. But I did hear others complain about it. The beds were comfortable. Housekeeping services were great. Appreciated the safe. The TV channels are a bit limited, but I liked the classic movies. Pay per view movies weren't outrageous.
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May 2012
We let Norwegian choose our inside cabin and it was a bit out of the way. We were on deck 12 forward. We already knew that Norwegian has small cabins so we were not surprised. What did surprise us was the sink inside the room and the shower on one side of the room and the toilet on the other. We did not like this arrangement at all, especially since the enclosure was a smoked glass and we felt we didn't have enough privacy. Nor was there enough light in the room.
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Cabin dk 10
Apr 2012
The cabin was small but perfect for a child and adult. two twin beds in 10-101. it was right by the elevator and mid ship. the bathrooms are equipped with hair dryer, shower gel and shampoo only.
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Cabin 1104
Mar 2012
We really liked the new cabin style, but can understand how people wouldn't be comfortable with the translucent glass between the room and the commode. But we were fine with it. I like the shower, but someone who weighs over 250 pounds probably can't wash below the knees. The only complaint we had is that the mirror needs a light. I was looking around the mirror on our last day when I discovered that it opens into a medicine cabinet. I wish I knew that on Day-1, so maybe NCL should put a sticker in the corner to say "open me".
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Cabin 13239
Feb 2012
OUR LAST NCL CRUISE By: cruzcruzcruz
13239 TERRIBLE Design
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Cabin 12244
Sep 2011
Epic pretty good By: subevo
quiet.nice.wife prefers a bath.no complaints.
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May 2011
Nice cabin, smaller than similar on other cruise lines, tiny sink, adequate shelf and drawer space, no seating facilities other than bed, TV only can be seen from bed.
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Cabin 13086
May 2011
Quick and Dirty review By: OneFoot in Sea,One in Sky
The EPIC interior cabin looked like any other cruise lines interior. No wavy wall. The flat screen TV was non-movable. The only viewing angle that did not distort the picture or colors was standing on the bed in the opposite corner of the room. The "lightly frosted" glass shower enclosure was way too translucent for a family ship.
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Cabin 12202
Apr 2011
The room (inside) was one of the biggest disappointments of the cruise. Space was relatively tight and we were constantly (we are not Twiggy's) moving each other aside to get to something in the room. My husband could hear me flushing on my 3-4 trip to the bathroom each evening. We missed the cabins where there was a heavy door with the sink, toilet and shower in one room. The card in the door to put on lights were interesting. The last day, we figured out we could use the casino card to keep the lights on.
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Cabin 12154
Feb 2011
Room is small, but good location as elevator to garden cafe is close by
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Cabin 12191
Dec 2010
Room 12191 No complaints. Bed very comfortable, room quiet. Love the unique style.
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Cabin 13036
Oct 2010
Our room (13036) was exactly what we had expected. The only complaint would be the sink is small
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Cabin 13143
Oct 2010
Our cabin was pretty small. There was only about 2 feet in between the bed and the wall on each side. The shower and the bathroom are separate which is nice, but the set up is strange the sink is in the room on the desk so you have to be careful not to splash water on your things, because this desk is the only flat surface except for 2 small nightstands. One of the jokes that Second City told during the Murder Mystery lunch was about the cabin size and the sink location. We opted for a mid ship cabin and it was a long walk to the cabin from the stair wells, but the ship was very easy to get around on.
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