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don't be fooled into thinking you will get quality: we took a week long cruise on the Dawn from NYC to Bermuda. our first cruise and most likely our last cruise, especially with NCL  $250/week parking at NYC......yet another ... Read More
don't be fooled into thinking you will get quality: we took a week long cruise on the Dawn from NYC to Bermuda. our first cruise and most likely our last cruise, especially with NCL  $250/week parking at NYC......yet another rip off !  Bermuda is over priced & over rated even with it's beautiful beaches. the bermuda police must do a great job cause the island felt safe without the usual suspects lurking around even in the evening hours.i liked the top 10 list format another poster used, so i will use a similar posting format. 10- from the moment we boarded it was long lines and unorganized. we waited 1 hour on line to book an excursion. we asked for a manager, the woman smiled and ignored our request, she was selling spa packages to people waiting on endless lines and only cared about that.  There was no management present execpt those who were welcoming their own families onto the ship. there was noone to ask for help. even the front help credit desk was100 people deep. 9-found a piece of half eaten cake in the room fridge, the extra $1000 for the balcony was not worth it. the balcony was dirty and the railing had peeling paint and rotted metal under it. the glass was not cleaned in ages. the sliding door required 2 hands and a good lean to move......terrible ! 8- if you need more towels,like we did, be prepared to wait till the next day.  7- the worst food period, even the upcharge (total rip off) restaurants were awful.loaded with salt the buffest was packed with cheap foods. what a disappointment. the menu remained the same in the restaurants all week long, with only 6 entrees to choose from,this forces you to pay for the upcharge restaurants which were a joke too. 6- a 13" old tv in a $3000 room ?   again a disappointment 5- not safe or secure after dark on the outside decks, never saw a uniformed security officer anywhere. this is not safe,especially with the news reporting people missing on these cruises. 4- back to the gross food..     it was the worst , we eached gained 10 lbs from water weight due to the salt !    we maintain a healthier diet and were not enamored by the endless supply of cheap salty food.the awful buffet had long lines, good luck finding a fork and napkin...we had to ask other people if we can take a set off their table....this is ghetto style cruising !!!   the main dining rooms were packed because the ship was over crowded with 30 minute waits.  i was told 3 corporate employees were on board, i saw one man in a wrinkled shirt writing notes on a napkin, turns out he was indeed from corporate....what a joke !    these people should be fired immediately !!! the executive chef walked around like he was someone important, he did not test the temperature or taste a  single item on the entire buffet line. the food was more often then not cold or just warm. 20 minutes for an omlette in the mornings because they had one employee making the omlettes for 300 cruisers, again what a joke !!!but don't worry, if you want powdered eggs , they had plenty in the cafeteria style pans at the buffet.remember we paid $3000+++ for this cruise....all in, it cost over $4500 with excusions.the french restaurant le bistro was the worst and it cost $25+$10 extra per person to dine there. the food director of the ship is french , he needs to go to paris and actually taste real french food, for if he served that garbage to a real french chef, he would be laughed out of paris ! 3- the wait staff or servers were not professional for the most part. this is because you are forced to leave a tip at the end of your cruise regardless of your own opinion....there was no incentive for them to provide quality service. they have a guy who drank too much espresso or red bulls screaming into a microphone,this was the dawn's cruise director. he was annoying by the second day and made us feel like we were on a college party cruise,yet the crowd was mature so yet another ncl misfit. the dance company (especially the 2 russian couples )jean ann ryan was fantastic as was the piano player bernie, the comedian dave & the magician greg. 2- upon entering the aqua restaurant ,we were asked by a manager if he could help us. we asked for a table for 2....he walked outside the glass entrance door and looked inside at us and other guests standing and waiting to be seated....that is the level of service we received. there was one manager in the venetian who was professional, a young woman who should be the head manager.  1- the pool was tiny and packed with as many of the 3000 cruisers who could find an inch of room to stand in it.4 feet deep, this is not a pool, it is a joke !the carnival ship had a giant slide on it which we saw while docked in NYC, the Dawn has No slide or No real pool in reality.....packed liked sardines,loud people laying inches away from one another, you will be searching for a lounge chair everyday. this was truely ghetto and an awful experience.the jacuzzis were not hot and they were over crowded ,as they only have a few for 3000 people ?plan on being charged $150 each if you want to "swim" in their 20 foot long pool adjacent to the gym.DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED EARNED MONEY WITH THIS CRUISE LINE !!! 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Sail Date July 2009
Just got back from the 5/24-5/31 7-day NY-Bermuda on the Norwegian Dawn.  My third cruise.  First was Pacific Princess (the actual "Love Boat" for its final season in 2002 NY-Bermuda), which was fantastic.  Second was a ... Read More
Just got back from the 5/24-5/31 7-day NY-Bermuda on the Norwegian Dawn.  My third cruise.  First was Pacific Princess (the actual "Love Boat" for its final season in 2002 NY-Bermuda), which was fantastic.  Second was a Carnival megaship NY-Caribbean, did NOT like it at all.  The Norwegian Dawn was fabulous, the ship, the crew, the entertainment...pretty much everything.The FoodOthers have criticized the food.  Well, the food wasn't awful, and the specialty restaurants have better fare, especially the steaks at Cagney's (had the rib eye...superb!).  The Venetian and Aqua restaurants were just fine, and even the Garden Cafe food was good.  Are you going to get great at a buffet?  No.  But the variety was very good, and unless you want gourmet everyday, the Garden Cafe and other standard no-fee restaurants sufficed.  More than sufficed.  The pool deck BBQs were very good.Condition of shipVery, very well-kept.  6-1/2 years old (which, at least to me, doesn't sound very old at all!), and it's kept in impeccable shape.  And it's gorgeous, beautifully designed and easy to navigate (excuse the pun).  Also very clean, very impressively so.StateroomWe were lucky and got upgraded to a Penthouse Suite, #9236, one of the Penthouse Suites in the aft.  Very roomy, extra-wide teak deck, very, very comfortable, beautifully designed, tons of storage.  And the butler and concierge service...I don't know how I'll ever be able to cruise without that again!  He's mentioned elsewhere on cruisecritic, our butler Anoop was just superb!!!  Always there, whatever you want, and everything is done quickly.  Amazing guy with a wonderful personality and smile.  Our concierge Anshuman also made things happen for us.  Really, between these two guys, there was nothing we had to arrange for ourselves.  The rest of the crew also very hard-working and very pleasant.EntertainmentVery good to great.  Stardust Theatre shows were fun, not too corny.  Bollywood show had some fantastic acrobatics.  The absolute BEST entertainment on the ship...Fire and Ice.  Run, don't walk, to all of their shows!!!  Amazing talent.  Don't miss it!Pool / Fitness Center / Spa / Kids areaDidn't use spa, except for a treatment, which was very good.  Not an annoying hard-sell for products, either; no more expensive that other cruises and spas in general.  Rest of spa looked nice enough, some friends used it daily and loved it.  Outdoor pool was a good size, good amount of hot tubs.  Crowded, but not overwhelmingly so.  Seemed there were always places to sit, especially in the front "quiet" deck.  Kiddie pool was very well-done, and the kids seemed to stay there for the most part.  But not a lot of kids on this cruise.  Sure to change as season continues and kids are out of school.  Fitness center good size, got machines and equipment I wanted to use most of the time.After this cruise, I would definitely book another Norwegian Cruise.  Very satisfied. Read Less
Sail Date May 2009
Norwegian Dawn Ratings
Category Editor Member
Cabins 4.0 4.0
Dining 4.0 3.7
Entertainment 4.5 3.9
Public Rooms 4.0 4.1
Fitness Recreation 4.5 3.8
Family 4.0 3.8
Shore Excursion 3.5 3.7
Enrichment 2.0 3.4
Service 4.0 4.0
Value For Money 4.0 3.7
Rates 4.0 4.0

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