6 Carnival Glory Cruise Reviews for Romantic Cruises to Bahamas from Norfolk

This was my 4th time taking pretty much this same cruise on the Carnival Glory. They finally upgraded the ship, which was really great. I had gotten bored with the ship and had kept hoping they would dock a different one at the Norfolk ... Read More
This was my 4th time taking pretty much this same cruise on the Carnival Glory. They finally upgraded the ship, which was really great. I had gotten bored with the ship and had kept hoping they would dock a different one at the Norfolk port because of that. But, though I ended up on the same ship I've been on multiple times before, the upgrades made it much better this time around. Before I go into that though, I want to voice a major complaint in hopes that Carnival reads these reviews. We are very, very unhappy about Carnival pulling out of the port of Norfolk, Virginia. We've been cruising Carnival out of this port about once every year and a half and Carnival leaving this port means that we will probably take very few cruises in the future. The airfare cost to other ports makes them too expensive - expensive enough that I'd rather do something else instead of cruise, or end up cruising on another line, which I know Carnival doesn't want. That said, Carnival, please, please, please come back to the Norfolk port!!! Okay, now back to the rest of the review. On the upgrades: First, they put in Guy's Burger Joint. The burgers on the ship used to be so-so at best. These are significantly better. They're a little more along the lines of 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Yummy. They also upgraded/changed/added a few bars. The most memorable for us were the Red Frog Rum Bar and the Alchemy Bar. They also had a new tequila bar. I just don't drink tequila, so that wasn't my thing, but the menu did look good. Going back to the others though: The Red Frog Rum bar had some great choices. One of my favorites was the Caribbean Colada. It was the best colada I've ever had and great for days out on the deck. The Alchemy Bar is right next to the piano bar and, during previous cruises, that bar had very little business. Now, with this upgrade and becoming the Alchemy Bar, it was really busy every night. The drink concoctions were great. This bar had the best drink menu I've ever seen and we tried almost everything on the menu. We weren't the only ones either. The bar also turned out to be a great place to meet people, a lot because there were so many conversations that started out with, "Ooh, what's that you're drinking? Really, mine's a ???" and so on. The 3 girls that worked behind the bar every night were fantastic as well. Speaking of drinking, we splurged for the Cheers program. It's Carnival's new program where you pay roughly $50 per day per person and can drink up to 15 drinks a day, both alcoholic and non. If we didn't get the program, we would have had a lot less to drink because we would have been far more cognizant of the money we were spending. The program allowed us to not think about that and just enjoy what we wanted, so it worked out for us. I'd do it again just for that care-free feeling. But, at $100 a day for 2 people, it really would depend how long the trip was. I don't think I'd spend that much per day for a much longer cruise as I wouldn't want to drink a lot on a daily basis for much more than a few days anyway. The thing that convinced us to go with the program this time though was the fact that we didn't have to get it until the second day on the ship. That was huge because I felt like it would have been a waste for the first day on the ship since you're only really able to enjoy yourself from about 5:30 p.m. onward. We had great service pretty much every night in the dining hall (we had my-time dining in the Golden). After the first night, we asked for Yudi's (or Yuli?) section every night. We got him as a waiter the first night and he and his team were so good to us that they were actually part of the reason we ate at the dining hall as many nights as we did. The entertainment and shows changed since the last time we were on board... thankfully. I can't stand it when I take the same cruise ship a year or year and a half apart and the shows are the same. I was really happy to see the change this time. They had 3 new big shows in the Amber Palace; a Latin show, a Diva show, and a Motown show. All were great. All of the performers were really good, but one stood out for rme; Aaron, who has the most amazing vocal range and ability. With ability like his, I'm honestly surprised he's not a famous Broadway performer or something. The cruise director and his side kick (don't remember his name), were a blast. Those two really work together well to get people going and having a good time. They're both just the right amount of crazy and both know how to flirt and schmooze with the ladies as well. I'd say, whatshisname (good looking cruise director dude with the English accent) was probably the best cruise director I've had over the course of several cruises. My apologies for not remembering his name or most others only 2 weeks later. As had been the case in the past, the piano bar was one of our favorite places on the ship. Dave was the piano player this time and I think he ended up being our all time favorite, and we've seen several over several cruises. He got to know people's names throughout the course of the cruise. He also had instruments (maracas, tambourines, etc) for people to play, and he played some games with the audience too. One night, he had slips of paper with 20 lines. He'd play the first bar or two of a song, and we had to guess the song. We liked that game a lot because we won it! :) But seriously, what a great time this bar is when there is a great entertainer behind that piano. My only complaint to Carnival would be to set up the piano bar a little differently because you don't really feel like you're part of the action if you don't get a seat directly around the piano itself, which was a challenge this time because the bar was so busy. The other seats in the lounge should all be higher up so you can still see the entertainment. It's the only flaw of this bar and has been that way for years. Still a great bar despite that flaw though. As usual, we enjoyed some time on the Serenity deck this time. It's one of the only places you can get away from constant loud noise on this ship and the loungers are very comfortable there. It is, however, exceptionally windy quite often on this deck, which is not great if it's October and you're too far north. We also enjoyed the adults-only hot tub this time. In general, we like the adults-only pool/hot tub area in back of the ship and the adults-only Serenity deck in the front. We just wish that they would change things up a bit so that those weren't the only two adults only areas and so that the only two adults only areas were not at complete opposite ends of the ship. What else? Service: Consistently great from our room steward to our wait staff and everyone else throughout the whole cruise this time. Food: About the same as it has been in the past (which was always pretty good, and very good in the main dining rooms). Guy's Burger Joint improves things. Pizza Bar was good. Burrito Bar was a nice improvement as well. Still like the Red Sail - not the the greatest food in the universe, but some pretty good stuff, and convenient. Cabin: Bed seemed more uncomfortable than it ever has on a Carnival ship. I don't know if we just had an old bed or what, but it's usually more comfortable. There are never enough pillows and the pillows they do provide are way too small. I brought a couple of my own this time, which helped. Other than that, the cabins haven't changed; compact, but efficient, and had enough place to store our stuff. Always like having the safe for my photography equipment when it's not in use. Disappointing: We only had one formal night. That's because they cut this cruise down from 6 nights to 5. That is disappointing as well. In the past, they sailed out of Norfolk 4 times in October, I believe with two 4 night cruises and two 6 night cruises. I'd like it if they sailed out of Norfolk 4 times with one of each, a 4, 5, 6, and 7 night cruise, each with different ports. Give us some variety to choose from, Carnival! Read Less
Sail Date October 2013
When we got in line, the cruise did not start boarding until 1:30 PM on Sunday. The line was long and it was a hot day but the excitement seemed to make the time go by fast. It took about an hour and a half and we were dropping our bags ... Read More
When we got in line, the cruise did not start boarding until 1:30 PM on Sunday. The line was long and it was a hot day but the excitement seemed to make the time go by fast. It took about an hour and a half and we were dropping our bags off in our room. The muster drill was long and drawn out. We were packed 5 deep and at least 3 people around us passed out due to the cluttered mess. The Muster drill took about 30 min. The first night we went to the steakhouse (FREE BOTTLE OF WINE) and paid $30 a person. The food was one of the best meals I can remember. Would have easily paid twice the amount. Ship was very nice, and room steward was friendly (only for the first few days, even after we tipped her everyday). Food for lunch was great all around. Smoking on one half of the ship was ok (we are smokers) and never really had a problem finding a table to smoke at. There were two downfalls for this trip. First the itinerary changed and we were only in Freeport for 6 hours (7am-1pm). We loved what we saw just wished we were there longer. The second problem we had will probably make us choose a new line. The food in the Main dining room was HORRIBLE! We went twice and could not take it anymore. I ordered Bow Ties with Alfredo sauce and roasted turkey breast. The noodles were not cooked and the "Roasted turkey breast" was a slice of deli meat. The second night we went was elegant night (had a guy with flip flops and a hat on sideways next to us) and we ordered the lobster and prime rib. Lobster was over cooked and couldn't even cut through it with my knife, and my medium rare prime rib was well done, tough, and they put gravy on it. Now I am not snobby and being a veteran of two wars I know bad food, but if I was anywhere else I would have sent the food back and refused to pay. Everything else on the ship was great. Very friendly staff, movie under the stars was great, and the rest of the foods were very good. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
This was my first cruise and I plan on calling my travel agent to book this cruise again and this time bring friends and family. The ship is beautiful, clean, enormous and fun. The ambassador of fun Big Sexy along with his sidekick are ... Read More
This was my first cruise and I plan on calling my travel agent to book this cruise again and this time bring friends and family. The ship is beautiful, clean, enormous and fun. The ambassador of fun Big Sexy along with his sidekick are fun, warm and work hard to guarantee you have a wonderful experience. The ship is clean. My stateroom was wonderful. I had a window view. The room was quiet and cozy. The location of my stateroom gave me and my husband easy access to the elevators. There should have been a better selection of food at the buffet. I preferred eating in the restaurants. The lines for the food at the buffet could get long and by the time your got there some of the dishes were cold. Use the dinning rooms your food will be hot and you are served by a wonderful staff. The entertainment was wonderful there was something to do all day and well into the night. Here is some advice I can give first time cruisers. It is important to pace yourself. Do not try to do everything. Use your fun ship news letter to map out your day. Try to make it to the shows they are wonderful. Be careful with drinks they add up. Make sure you have comfortable shoes to wear while exploring the ship. This ship is a small city and if you have on uncomfortable shoes you will not be getting to far. Be prepared to take tons of pictures. They have photographers all over the place taking pictures. I advice you to take as many pictures as possible so that you will have a large collections to choice from when you go t purchase your photos. I really enjoyed my cruise. I wish I knew how wonderful it could be, I would have been cruising sooner. Read Less
Sail Date May 2012
BACKGROUND: We drove to Norfolk, VA from upstate New York State to spend some time in Norfolk before the cruise. After calculating gas prices, airline rates, and hotel rates etc, it seemed we could drive down and spend 5 nights in motels ... Read More
BACKGROUND: We drove to Norfolk, VA from upstate New York State to spend some time in Norfolk before the cruise. After calculating gas prices, airline rates, and hotel rates etc, it seemed we could drive down and spend 5 nights in motels at a slightly lower cost than taking a plane and renting a car. The scheduled itinerary was 2 sea days, Half Moon Cay, Freeport and then 1 sea day. Intro: We're always on the lookout for the best deal so we booked an aft balcony cabin a deck below Lido (and the casual buffet eateries). That way we're close to the food but always use the stairs so we do get some exercise. Normally that works out well BUT on this cruise, our cabin was right below the pizzeria where they have a 24 hour a day contest called "Let's move as many tables and deck chairs as possible and tick off the cabin dwellers below". OMG- scrrrrrrrrrapes and squeeeeeeeeeals all hours of the day & night. If you consume alcohol continuously 24/7 or can remove your hearing aid, it's not bad but for normal people its gets very grating on the nerves. Next time I'll look at the deck plan a bit closer before I make a final decision for a cabin - LOL {*_*}. ARRIVAL: We parked at the Cedar Grove site (run by the Port Authority). The cost was $15 (cash or credit card) per day BUT that includes the shuttle to AND from the ship. Considering transfers or a taxi would be probably $5-$15 anyway, that comes out to $10-$12 a day. To me that was a good deal and it was a smooth easy process. We arrived at the pier a bit after noon and the process seemed mostly orderly. NOTE: make sure you have all your paperwork ready (ID, boarding passes etc) to make things easier. You can fill out your CDC health form while in line so have a pen ready. We were on the Lido deck ready to eat by 1:45 (after dropping off our carry on bags in the cabin). By 4:00 our "big" bags were delivered. Relatively smooth - in my opinion. THE CABIN: We were on Verandah deck aft (one deck below Lido) with a regular balcony. The room had a Queen bed and a convertible sofa. Because of the sofa, the closets are perpendicular to the cabin door and if you weren't careful, you could clobber the open closet door with the cabin door or the bathroom door. Took a little getting used to but it was OK. Plenty of storage space was nice. Bed was comfortable and I brought my own pillow so I was sleeping well. The TV is a flat panel but not a huge one - we were able to watch ABC, NBC, and CBS along with some cable and paid movie channels so there were enough choices. Bathroom was adequate as was the shower so no complaints there. Since this was the Verandah deck, there were no people above us to look down. Except for the Pizzeria area chair/table moving above us, there was hardly any noisy foot traffic down the corridor. A few cabins had really young children but luckily there were few crying episodes. THE FOOD: We had late dining 1st floor and only went to the dining room for the one formal night. Our waiter (Ms. Dilyana ) was very good and there was enough time to make the meal feel enjoyable and not rushed. The offerings were many and we especially enjoyed the lobster tails and prawns on that formal night. The Lido offered most of the same food as the Dining Room so you can eat according to your own schedule. OTHER EATERIES: The sandwiches from the Deli were very good - it was open quite a few hours during the day but be sure to check the schedule before you work up your appetite. The Wokery section was a great alternative as were the Burrito, Pizza, Fish + Chips and Grill areas - just be sure to find out when these are open since it might be just 2-3 hours a day. We dined at the specialty Steakhouse restaurant (Emerald Room) for an extra $60 (plus drinks) and I enjoyed the surf + turf while the wife was under impressed with the lobster ravioli. We never used room service so I can't comment on it. There are so-o-o-o many places to eat and so much to eat that it would be hard to go hungry unless you're very picky. PORTS OF CALL/SHORE EXCURSIONS: Freeport - Nautical Catamaran Sail and Snorkel. It was a 48' catamaran but not overcrowded. We sailed out to "Treasure Reef" - a snorkel spot that was good for novices but passable for more advanced snorkelers. On the trip back to port you could buy beer and soda while water and lemonade were complimentary. It was enjoyable but the crew could have been more helpful in giving snorkeling instructions beforehand and assisting snorkelers out of the water & back on board when snorkeling was over. Rating = 3.5 out of 5. Half Moon Cay: - We planned no excursion or activity. This is a beautiful island that is also used by Holland American Lines. Carnival now sends many of its cruises here and it's easy to see why. Prior to departure for Half Moon Cay, the passengers meet in the theater and are assigned to groups. When the tenders are available, passengers (by groups) are brought ashore by double deck boats rather than by the lifeboats. You can rent floating toys, snorkel, parasail, or just sit on the beach that is composed of sand so fine that it feels like powered sugar. We found a semi shady spot under a scrub pine and later had the BBQ lunch. There are "real" restrooms here and you can buy souvenirs as well as alcoholic drinks. I'd go there again just for the chance to sit in a beach lounger in the shallow water and let the small waves wash over me. Rating = 5 out of 5. OTHER SERVICES/MISC: The ship may have thousands of people but it's big enough that we never felt crowded. Just don't wait until "rush hour" to eat or go to the shows. It was easy to get from "here to there" and hardly had any contact with cigarette smoke except for the area of the casino, the Ivory Bar (where the internet terminals are located) and the occasional inconsiderate person on the Lido deck. We didn't use the Spa although I used the gym in the late mornings, afternoons and early evenings so I had no issues with finding an open machine. The machines/equipment are top notch. Internet Cafe is on deck 4 in the Ivory Bar (cigar and cigarette smoking allowed) BUT there is a door to keep out most of the cigar/cigarette smoke. There aren't a lot of computer terminals but I never had to wait for access. The Passengers' Service desk was helpful and I detected no "attitude" from the people there. There were some really outrageous/dumb requests from passengers and the staff kept their cool. We did attend one show in the Amber Palace Theater (Justin Illusion) - it was a combo magic and dance show which we enjoyed quite a bit. Didn't go to any of the clubs (not enough time) but we listened to music in the Atrium which was a nice touch. Our room steward (Mr. Joel) was very pleasant and helpful and spoke English well so there were no communication issues. DEBARKATION: We had general debarkation and our zone # to leave the ship was called approx 10:15 and so by 10:45 we were out the door, down the gangway, thru customs and on our way to the shuttle. No muss, no fuss - easiest debarkation in a long time. OVERALL: The ship is 8 year old and showing a bit of wear and tear but it's well kept and clean. Maybe we're too easy going to notice the picky-picky stuff but if we leave out the deck chair scraping above us, it was a GREAT time and a GREAT value. Carnival may be cutting back a bit (no more free Carnival pens in the cabins) but times are tough for everybody, cruise lines included. I can't say enough good things about the parking/shuttle service in Norfolk - it made the embarkation process so much easier. We're happy with our experience so we'll be back on Carnival next April headed to Bermuda! Read Less
Sail Date May 2011
I have cruised with Carnival one other time for my Senior class trip back in '92. This was my wife's first cruise. We really enjoyed the cruise, mostly good, a little bad. Let me get the bad out of the way first. We had the ... Read More
I have cruised with Carnival one other time for my Senior class trip back in '92. This was my wife's first cruise. We really enjoyed the cruise, mostly good, a little bad. Let me get the bad out of the way first. We had the worst day on the way to Norfolk. We were traveling from upstate New York to Norfolk, VA on train. Let me point out our bad travel experience had NOTHING to do with Carnival. We were supposed to take a train to Penn station in NYC then switch trains to Newport News, VA. We could not take our first train to New York because of a bridge fire in upper Manhattan. So we had to drive to another town, catch the train to Grand Central Station. We took a "cab" to Penn Station where we got ripped off by the cab driver. Here's a word of warning if you have to take a taxi in New York City. Please make sure it says taxi on the car. The driver asked us how many of us there were and where we where going. He put our bags in the trunk. The car was a plain blue car with no writing on it, no meter running, no taxi driver's licence displayed. He charged us $120.00 to go from Grand Central to Penn station! I know it doesn't cost that much. We missed our connecting train at 1:05 PM and had to catch the next train at 3:00 AM. Again, this was not Carnival's fault. The only thing bad about our cruise was the Steakhouse. We don't really have any complaints about it, we just didn't enjoy it as much as eating at the Golden Restaurant. The service was good in the Steakhouse. The presentation was excellent. The taste of the food was just ok. We will not do the steakhouse again, however we do recommend that everyone should try the steakhouse at least once. Your experience might be different from ours. The rest of the cruise was great! I think every one should cruise at least once in their lifetime. We ate dinner at the Golden dinning room. We had the BEST wait staff. Our waiters were Alfredo, Agus, and Dickson. They were very friendly and always remembered our names. On the last night of the cruise they brought out an ice cream pie with 2 candles on it and sang Happy anniversary to us. Saijai, who took our drink orders, always had our sodas waiting for us. Every night the wait staff would either sing or dance or both. The comedy shows were hilarious. We enjoyed all the shows we went to, especially the legends show, where the guests would dress up and sing like famous singers such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Elton John, etc. If you missed any of the shows, their were about 3 carnival channels on your TV in your stateroom that played the shows, talks from Gary the cruise director, etc over and over again. They have a restaurant where the serve pizza 24 hours a day. The pizza was really good, but I felt they need more wait staff as sometimes you had to wait a while to get your pizza. They had had 24 hour self serve ice cream that was hit or miss. Sometimes the ice cream was too soft and runny and sometimes the ice cream was just right. We always ate breakfast at the Red Sail restaurant. We loved it. Lots of variety, food was good and always hot. Finding a place to sit was a bit of a challenge as it was always crowded and for some reason, I had a very hard time finding straws. Some days I would only find 2 or 3 straws and other days I didn't find any. I wanted to try the Mongolian Wok, but the only time I found it open, I wasn't hungary. We did the mini golf one day, had a good time even though we didn't know how to keep score as neither one of us ever played mini golf before. We swam in the pool and sat in the hot tub for a while. it was very relaxing. We will definitely cruise with Carnival again tn the Future. Read Less
Sail Date October 2010
This was mine & my DH's second cruise. We cruised Royal Caribbean last summer so I really only have RC to compare to Carnival. We did the 6 night cruise out of Norfolk, to the Bahamas. We were in Nassau 2 days and Freeport 1 day. ... Read More
This was mine & my DH's second cruise. We cruised Royal Caribbean last summer so I really only have RC to compare to Carnival. We did the 6 night cruise out of Norfolk, to the Bahamas. We were in Nassau 2 days and Freeport 1 day. I will try and cover everything I can think of because I know i always find these reviews helpful to me when trying to pick my vacation destination! First off, embarkation: This was a total disaster. Our cruise documents told us to arrive between 3:00-5:30pm. We arrived right after 3:00 and the line to even get into the Half Moon building was rediculous. We waited in line until about 5:00 and I think we finally boarded around 5:15. Last year we ended up getting there earlier than planned, so we had no problems. We only waited in line about 30 minutes last year, so in the future I think if it says we can board at 3:00, we will be there by 2:00 atleast! Other then the long lines, everything went smoothly. We didn't have any problems getting our sail & sign cards and getting onboard. I had read in another post that some terminals have computerized self-check ins but they did not have this in Norfolk. Now onto the actual cruise. We had a balcony room on the Lido deck (9). We were able to immediately get into our room, which was nice and clean. Compared to the interior room we had on RC, this room was huge. Atleast twice the size if not more! We never saw our room attendants at all. They did a great job at keeping everything tidy and replenishing anything we needed. The cruise ship itsself was different. They layout of the ship is not very good. Its very confusing, and not very open. We constantly were talking about how it was not easy to get around the ship. Especially in the Red Sail Restaurant. Nothing was easily accessible. The food was VERY limited. It was always cold, and the variety was very sad. Yes, like in other reviews I will agree the fish and chips tasted good, but they made me sick both times after eating them. The worst part about the trip were the other passengers. We almost immediately noticed that the "class" of people were different on this ship than the one we took the previous year. Carnivals prices were MUCH cheaper than RC and we definitely paid for that! I will never cruise Carnival again over RC because of the classless and rude people that I saw on this ship. You could just tell that because it was cheaper, the people were very low class. I even met a very nice older lady in the spa one day that told me the exact same thing! That she and her husband had been on RC the year prior and that is seemed much classier than this cruise. The food in the dining room for dinner was awesome. That was the highlight of the cruise for us! Because the food in the Red Sail was so nasty, we could not wait to get to dinner every night! Our waiter Frank was wonderful! Everything we both ordered for dinner was amazing. So that was definitely a plus up from RC because we didn't think the food was all that great there last year. The adults only Serenity area was VERY nice. But if you weren't out there by 9am , you would not get a chair. The shows were pretty decent. The comedy show we saw was fair, not great but not bad either. However, the so-called "majic" show.....was HORRIBLE. It was supposed to be for the whole ship but if I had my children in there I would have been horrified. It was wraunchy and gross. They played horrible music and carnival will definitely we hearing from me about this. It should have said 18+. The "living in america" show was spectacular! Definitely go see that if you are on board. The ports were good. We went to Atlantis, and we felt it was not worth the money at all. It was exhausting to have to walk around to get to anything and just way too crowded. Freeport was very dirty. I wish we hadn't even gotten off the ship at that port. Definitely do your shopping in Nassau! I made the mistake of only purchasing a few things in Nassua in hopes that I would find things in Freeport too but I was wrong. Overall our vacation was good, but I would just warn anyone to be careful because you really get what you pay for. I would not cruise Carnival again unless it was a newer ship, and it was probably out of FL. Read Less
Sail Date May 2010
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Category Editor Member
Cabins 5.0 4.4
Dining 4.5 3.9
Entertainment 5.0 3.8
Public Rooms 5.0 4.2
Fitness Recreation 5.0 3.9
Family 5.0 3.9
Shore Excursion 5.0 3.9
Enrichment 5.0 3.5
Service 5.0 4.3
Value For Money 5.0 4.1
Rates N/A 4.3

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