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I was looking forward to the well earned cruise with my wife and I have the following compliments and other issues. This is a copy of the letter sent to the company minus some details. ?the rest is up to you. • We were impressed ... Read More
I was looking forward to the well earned cruise with my wife and I have the following compliments and other issues. This is a copy of the letter sent to the company minus some details. ?the rest is up to you. • We were impressed with the ship and outside cabin a nice surprise; but I think after complaining to the booking company on their services and attitude and lies about the trip advertised in the daily mail, they said was not true. I complained to the daily mail and the agency who we booked through, to no avail but think the outside cabin was a way to keep me quiet. • The staff were brilliant and the fact they all could speak several languages was remarkable and most of the staff were wonderful • I enjoyed the ease of being booked in on the ship, the trips were well organized and getting on and off the ship was well planned, we were both impressed. • The best person was Patric Maximin he was the Cabin Attendant, a wonderful guy, so were the following people: Photography shop, Ladies bags shop, Perfumery and most of the waiting staff, another one who stood out was the chap selling the Aqua product range, he was from an area of the old Russian states, very funny polite and extremely friendly • The food was as always on cruises plentiful and many people were proving to be just ignorant and greedy with as much being thrown away as was eaten by the sensible people. The food looked good however I did not have one hot meal, food on average was Luke warm with one dish I love Pasta with cheese sauce was actually very cold, complaining did nothing so gave up in the end! I am a qualified chef in my own right with hotel and 22 years in the military serving between 1 person and 5000, my food was always and had to be spot on with amount quality and appetizing • Why is it allowed to walk about the ship with drinks from the buffet area and on some occasions people were eating meals in the pool area and even by the Jacuzzi!! Not one member of staff stopped this or prevented it, I feel there is a careless attitude around the ship in general, even one polish member (waitress in one of the bars) was quite nasty, no idea why. • I found out that the locals in Italy who were on the ship paid less than half the price we did, why? I was not impressed with the cost of the flight either (£200.00 each) I could have got it cheaper • My wife and I went on a couple of excursions, apart from the price they were ok but When we went on the Rome trip the lady who was our guide was speaking in German only until we complained, her answer was I only want Germans and was very adamant about this (she was from Germany living in Rome) there were 4 or 6 English speakers, the 2 from Japan went off on their own!! We had on the full trip around Rome about 1 hour in English as I complained the rest of the time was in German. • On return to the ship I registers a complaint to the information desk, a young lady wrote the information down, If I remember on a form as asked for my money back. since then they have refused a refund • The next issue is the spending I made on the cruise well over 1400 Euros,the future cruise is supposed to be a benefit with discount cards, these have to-date not been sent. • I would have had more drinks (we would never drink the extortionate price tag offered for the drink’s package, but 25 Euros for an average wine and I think the bottled water was about 4 Euros. • A few years ago my wife and I had our first cruise it was fantastic but with another company, I am concerned over trying you again on a long haul trip around the Caribbean or else where • I held back my comments for social sites but now feel I need to voice my thoughts. I am sorry to do this and I for one hate complaining but enjoy giving compliments, however this time I have made an exception. You also need to take the agency in had selling via the Mail and Daily Mail. do not be put off with my own issues as the Italian company service thousands each year, many of whom seem satisfied Read Less
Sail Date March 2015
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Category Editor Member
Rates 3.0 3.5

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