Norwegian Crown Experiences Propeller Damage

September 25, 2003
Norwegian Crown, which experienced propeller damage while en route from Quebec City to Boston, is, as a result, going to be a no-show at its own big party. The ship, slated to celebrate its "official" transformation from Orient Lines' Crown Odyssey back to parent company NCL's Norwegian Crown, was to be feted in Baltimore tomorrow, with much pomp, circumstance and speeches.
Instead, Norwegian Crown, which underwent repairs today in Boston, will now arrive in Baltimore on Saturday. Passengers, who get a "free" extra day, were offered a full shore excursion program in Boston. The ship will leave Boston tonight and sail directly to Baltimore, arriving Saturday.
Those travelers who were scheduled to board Norwegian Crown tomorrow for what originally was an 11-day voyage -- and who now will miss a day of the cruise -- will receive onboard credit. NCL says the actual amount, which essentially is a refund of the day missed, will be calculated on a sliding scale based on the fare paid by each passenger. All folks, regardless of cruise cost, will also receive a $100 per cabin credit. As a result of the (slightly) shortened itinerary, Norwegian Crown will, for this voyage, eliminate a call at the port of Sydney, Nova Scotia.