NCL’s Exciting Bermuda Exit

September 16, 2003

This being a month-of-hurricanes, an interesting – and ultimately good-news -- story has emerged out of Fabian. Remember Fabian, which was early September’s big cruise disrupter? Seems that NCL’s Norwegian Sea, which like other ships calling at pre-Fabian Bermuda was heading north early to avoid the storm, departed a day early and began navigating already-heavy seas. About 30 minutes after sailing, according to an NCL source, the captain made an announcement that the ship would have to turn around – and return to Bermuda. It turned out that a crew member was suffering from appendicitis. The ship went back, dropped off the crew member (who was taken by ambulance to a Bermuda hospital) and retraced its northerly trek. Fortunately, the rest of the return trip to New York was uneventful. “We had left Bermuda early enough in the first place to avoid bad weather conditions,” a spokeswoman says.