NCL Announces Further Norway Delay

July 22, 2003
Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norway, which is currently parked at Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven awaiting repairs following May’s boiler explosion, will not be ready to sail October 5th as the company had announced. NCL, which has not yet chosen a shipyard for the repairs, said in a statement:  “The detailed bids from shipyards are largely in line with the preliminary indications given, but with one major and critical exception. Although all of the work around the damaged boiler can be completed within the time frame first envisaged, the delivery timeframe for the new replacement boiler itself is estimated to be between seven-to-12 months….”
The company anticipates the ship could possibly return in spring 2004 but, for obvious reasons, is hesitant to issue a new launch date. It is offering passengers who have booked a cruise on Norway a full refund and a $50 per person onboard credit if they switch to another NCL trip.