Rock Slices Celebrity Summit

July 15, 2003
Celebrity Summit experienced a bit of excitement last week when, while sailing in Yakutat Bay after a visit to Hubbard Glacier, it made contact with a rock on the water bottom. The ship at that point was under the control of an Alaska state pilot, and, according to Celebrity spokesman Michael Sheehan, the impact did not cause much of a stir. “Officers on the bridge noticed but that was about it.”

In fact, Summit continued on and arrived, on schedule, the next day at Valdez, its scheduled port-of-call. At that point, Celebrity, consulting with the U.S. Coast Guard and Lloyd’s Classification Society, sent divers down to investigate the damage. Hampered by murky water, they were able to make out minor damage to one blade of a starboard propeller. Summit was given permission to sail on to Seward, the final port on its schedule. While enroute, officers monitoring tanks noticed that a ballast was showing high water levels, so when Summit arrived in Seward, additional divers were sent down and this time found a slice in that tank that measured ten feet by five inches.

Passengers – most of whom were unaware that any kind of problem existed – debarked as normal, and Summit embarked its next round of travelers. When it was determined that the ship needed to stay put for repairs – ultimately it departed on Sunday rather than Friday as scheduled – cruisers were offered $300 per cabin credits and got to spend an extra day in Seward.

The ship set off again Sunday night, with its first call – ironically – coming at Hubbard Glacier. This time, Summit departed without incident and has continued on with a slightly-abbreviated itinerary – skipping Juneau and Skagway but still calling at Ketchikan.

Passengers on that journey also have been offered certificates worth 50 percent off their next Celebrity cruise.