Three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego & Acatenango, near Antigua, Guatemala, Central America

(9:55 a.m. EDT) -- Regent Seven Seas has canceled two ports of call due to concerns over unsafe environmental conditions in Guatemala and Nicaragua after the Fuego Volcano erupted on June 3.

Seven Seas Navigator, which was scheduled to visit Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala on June 10 and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua on June 11, will skip both ports of call. The ship will replace one with an extra day at sea and the other with a tender call to Golfo de Papagoyo, Costa Rica.

No other ship is scheduled to visit Puerto Quetzal until June 22; and no ships are scheduled to call on San Juan del Sur until August. 

Guatemala's Fuego Volcano erupted on June 3, the most severe eruption for the volcano in 45 years. It was the second time this year it's erupted (the last eruption was in February). Flows of ash, mud and lava are responsible for at least 100 deaths and scientists warn the volcano is still unpredictable, with future eruptions quite possible.

The volcano is located about 27 miles away from Guatemala City, it is located on the same seismically-active Pacific circle of volcanoes known colloquially as the "Ring of Fire," that also includes Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. Recent eruptions of that volcano have also caused cruise lines to cancel multiple calls to the Big Island.

--By Dori Saltzman, Senior Editor