MSC Divina exterior

(2:15 p.m. EDT) -- MSC Cruises has launched a new family excursion program designed to get parents and kids working together to discover all there is to see in ports around Europe.

The Family Explorer Club tours, which are available in select ports in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe, are interactive tours that gets kids acting as detectives and explorers to accomplish a unique mission in each port of call. Families are equipped with interactive explorer maps, which parents help their kids to read. For every task completed, the children get a sticker to take home as a souvenir. Tasks might include playing games and solving riddles.

Inspired by the history of the destination, the tours feature an iconic historical character as part of the storyline; they also include trained guides and an official storyteller to lend assistance as needed.

Kids pay half-price tickets in the tour groups, which are made up entirely of families. The excursions typically start later in the morning and last no longer than three to four hours, so that kids do not get too tired.

The Family Explorer Club is available on all MSC ships sailing in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

MSC Cruises was named the Best for Families in Cruise Critic UK's 2017 Editors' Picks Awards.

--By Dori Saltzman, Senior Editor