Nabbed: FBI Catches Legend's Note-Writer

April 29, 2003
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has ferreted out the passenger who, last week, left threatening notes in a restroom on Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas. The culprit? A 20-year old woman from Laguna Hills, California, who, according to various reports, was sailing with her family -- and wanted to go home to be with her boyfriend. Prosecutors say she had hoped that the notes would force the ship to turn back. Kelley Marie Ferguson admitted she wrote the notes when she was questioned by the FBI agents who had boarded the ship to investigate the matter. The first note, according to wire services, said, in all capital letters, "I HAVE BEEN SENT ON A MISSION TO KILL ALL AMERICANOS ABORD LEGEND IF WE PORT ON AMERICAN SOIL." In the second, she wrote "I MUST KILL ALL AMERICANS." In a statement, Hawaii's U.S. Attorney Ed Kubo says that "The defendant said she never wanted to go on this cruise ship with her family to begin with and that she wrote these notes hoping it would shorten her time on the cruise, allowing her to return to her boyfriend." Alas, the woman was arrested Saturday and was remanded to the federal detention center in Honolulu. She is being charged with two counts of violating terrorism laws -- each a felony and each carrying a maximum penalty of ten years.