RCI Ship Loses Power

December 18, 2000
Following a partial loss of power the night before, Royal Caribbean’s Sovereign of the Seas ended her three-night Bahamas cruise Sunday morning in Fort Lauderdale instead of the regularly scheduled Port Canaveral. The ship was carrying 2,478 guests and 920 crewmembers when an electrical transformer on the port side of the ship failed, disrupting the distribution of power to certain areas of the ship. In spite of the failure, the ship has three of its six diesel generators functioning, as well as two of its four main engines and its emergency generators. Royal Caribbean has canceled the ship’s regularly scheduled four-night cruise that would have departed Port Canaveral on Sunday. The company expects the ship to resume service on December 21, sailing from Port Canaveral. A special help desk has been established to assist any impacted guests. The toll-free phone number is 800-722-5960.